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Don T Be Afraid Of Your Topic

(category: Article-Writing, Word count: 359)
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Have you ever thought why another college term papers causes your distress? You just saw its confusing title and it seems to make no sense to you. Or you can't decide what topic to choose from a countless number of options spinning in your mind. Yes, I will agree with you that sometimes the choice and misunderstanding of the topic are the main hindrances in producing a good writing. But we should overcome this barrier. We will see how to get the meaning of the assigned topic and to choose a winning topic. Your paper suggests a complete exposure of the topic. Sometimes you need just to understand it and that is all.

Try reading the topic several times and find key word in it, that is the nucleus of your topic. Relate the key word to a specific academic discipline. As you see, careful thinking over the topic helps you to understand that it is not that difficult. Before the main stage of the writing process you should memorize the title of your topic. While working on your paper repeat it constantly and that way you will not get off the point. In many cases teachers give you an opportunity to select the topic on your own. It is difficult to say what is better: to work on the assigned topic or to hesitate which to choose? It depends. We are sure you will determine which variant suits you best. Our aim is to provide you with information that will facilitate your writing procedure.

It is impossible to cover a general topic in your paper. Extract more specific and particular issue from a general topic. That way you will have an opportunity to give a deeper and more detailed discussion of the question. 4) Your topic should give opportunities for doing your independent research, in which you will demonstrate your skills and abilities to collect, assemble, generalize and analyze facts and documents. We want to wish you inspiration, concentration and not so much perspiration with your term paper. Remember, when you make a choice it must be the best!

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High Iq So What

(category: Self-Improvement, Word count: 418)
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Does a high IQ (intelligence quotient) mean better grades in school? Does it mean a better life? Is your IQ score even a valid measurement of your intelligence? Let's take a look at these questions one-by-one.

High IQ - Intelligence

There is almost certainly a correlation between a high IQ score and being more intelligent. These test are imperfect, though, and you can find examples of cultural biases on many IQ tests. Also, there are specific test-taking skills that have been proven to raise scores on many tests, including IQ tests.

The last point makes sense, doesn't it? When you know how to efficiently "work" a test, you are likely to score higher. For that matter, even a cup of coffee may boost your score. Even the fact that your score can vary from test to test shows there are factors which can be manipulated to raise your score. There may be a general correlation between IQ score and intelligence, but certainly it's an imperfect one.

High IQ - Better Life

What evidence is there that people with higher intelligence have better lives or are happier? None that I am aware of, and how do you scientifically measure "better life?" How about a negative correlation? Many with a high IQ have committed suicide, such as Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and Sylvia Plath, but this is just anecdotal. Various studies have shown that people with a high IQ AND a low IQ are slightly more likely to commit suicide, but even if these studies prove true, this doesn't prove causation, only correlation.

High IQ - Academic Performance

A study reported in the journal 'Psychological Science' found that IQ level correlated with academic performance, but there was a much stronger correlation with self discipline. Students with high self-discipline have better grades than high-IQ students. They found no correlation between IQ and discipline, meaning they are traits that vary independently.

High IQ - What Does It Mean?

Intelligence is an important tool, but it is just one of the tools we have to shape our lives with. As are money or power or abilities, it is beneficial in the abstract, but it only becomes beneficial in reality if applied in ways that better our lives. Raw computing capacity doesn't make a computer or a human more effective if they don't have the other necessary components.

Consider what people of average intelligence, like Henry Ford, have accomplished, before you place too much emphasis on a high IQ.

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Producing Quality Beans For Our Coffee Makers

(category: Food-Beverage, Word count: 502)
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Coffee requires very special climatic conditions to thrive, and it only grows in tropical areas with a steady supply of rain and sunshine. Even so, from its origins in Ethiopia, where most of the beans are still harvested from wild plants, coffee production has spread around the globe. The main producing areas are centered on the equator, in a slim band twenty five degrees to the north and south. Over seventy nations produce the beans, and the commercial value of coffee today is astonishing.

Almost a third of global production occurs in Brazil. Columbia is the second largest producer, although it is perhaps the better known for producing fine roasts. Coming in third is Indonesia, followed closely by Mexico, where a smaller bean produces a very distinctive taste. Although coffee beans can thrive at any altitude, the best quality beans are often produced in higher areas.

Brazilian coffee production is characterized by large, highly ordered plantations that provide work for thousands of workers. Coffee growing in Columbia, on the other hand, tends to be done at higher altitude, in smaller areas located in rugged mountainous terrain. Poor economic conditions mean that getting the beans from their point of origin to the processing plants often makes use of mules, or possibly jeeps for richer coffee farmers.

Although only a small amount of coffee is produced there, Hawaii has ideal conditions for coffee production. The plants flourish in the dark volcanic ash of the Mauna Loa volcano, where hot sun and regular showers ensure the perfect environment for producing high quality coffee.

Colonization of Indonesia by the Dutch in the seventeenth century introduced coffee plants to the country that is really a collection of thousands of small islands. The humid, balmy micro-climates of this area more than make up for the lack of high tech coffee producing equipment, and farms on three of the largest islands Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi produce most of the country's exported coffee.

A challenge to Indonesia's supremacy in that part of the world is Vietnam, who are beginning to produce a large volume of quality coffee after years of standing still economically. Initially Arabica trees were introduced to Vietnam by missionaries from France, but the main plant grown there now is Robusta.

Robusta is also produced in large quantities in Africa, particularly the Ivory Coast area. Africa is a relatively small coffee producer in terms of volume, but the quality of certain roasts, particularly a fruity blend from Kenya, cannot be rivaled. The overall flavor of African coffee comes from the large, dark beans produced there and makes these coffees stand out from South American or Asian brews.

So next time you go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee, take a moment to consider the origins of the coffee grinds in your espresso machines or coffee makers, and the sort of conditions that were necessary to bring you the perfect cup.

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Download Movies For Free

(category: Sports-Recreation, Word count: 87)
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With, all you have to do in order to download all your favorite movies without coughing up money is to browse the large choice of movies provided by this website. Afterwards, go and pick the movie you like. Then, download it, put it on a DVD (optional,) and finally watch it! It's that simple. The best part is - all of these movies are free.

Through, everyone is able to get the best new releases such as "Ghost Rider", "D

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Top 6 Facts You Should Know About Your New Motorcycle

(category: Hobbies, Word count: 846)
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Often experienced motorcycle riders who trade in an old bike for a brand new set of wheels find that they fall prey to an unfortunate set of statistics that occur along with new machines-more motorcycle accidents happen on new equipment than on old faithful rides. Don't assume that 100,000 miles on your old bike means equally capable handling of your new set of wheels. Instead, take the time to learn some facts about your new motorcycle.

Low Speed Handling

If possible, find a deserted level parking lot that has a relatively clean surface. You don't need bumps, slippery stuff, inclines, potholes or other defects or obstacles in order to learn more about your new motorcycle. You need to plan on spending time having fun and getting to know the quirks of the new wheels. Start by doing low speed circles with your eyes on the horizon and practice until you can do a 360 without putting your foot down and with the steering in full lock. This may require some adjustment in the position of the handlebar or the throttle cable in order to smooth the acceleration action. Follow tight circles with tight figure eights, again without touching your feet to the ground until the bike has come to a full stop. Force yourself to be consistent and precise. This will provide even more understanding of the throttle response in your new motorcycle.


Repeat the previous exercise at higher speeds-both the circles and the figure eights. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your feet off the ground so you learn the feel of the equipment as it corners correctly and consistently. Varying the speed of the engine while you practice these maneuvers will allow you to ride comfortably at highway speeds as well as in city traffic.


Follow this with learning about the bike's cornering limits. Learn to accept the grinding noise without flinching when a floorboard scrapes the pavement. A reflex jerk to avoid the sound of metal on pavement can cause you to steer right off the curve. If you feel more cornering ability is needed, you may need to change the suspension components.

Calling a halt

Practice stopping at low speed with a hard stop in order to learn the traction on the new tires, the sensitivity of the brakes and how the bike handles with the rear wheel locked. You need to know precisely what to expect in a real life panic situation and the best way to do that is to practice a hard, locked wheel stop especially in a sideways skid. Once you've practiced the rear action, learn about the power of the front brake. Be careful not to overdue front brake activity until you have a clear understanding of how much pressure the crucial front brake will take. Again, you may need to do some adjustments to the brake controls engagement points or positions to better suit your riding and stopping style.

Road Work

Now is the time to move your practice skills to the open road. Try to pick a relatively lightly traveled section or road that has some open corners so that you can practice cornering at highway speeds. Continuing to practice leaning techniques will help you to know the limits of the bike in every situation. Use a straight road with painted dotted lines and practice swerving the bike between the gaps on the road. If you can find safe stretches with raised dots for lane markers, you will be able feel immediately if you miss the swerve. Once again, in a safe mode, practice your hard stops at highway speeds. Be aware of following traffic before hitting the brakes suddenly and be sure to allow plenty of room in case you overrun your target point.

Double Up

Each of the exercises above should be repeated while carrying a passenger. Even if you do not carry anyone else regularly, knowing how your bike responds with a passenger is critical in any emergency situation-even in every day riding. Your motorcycle will respond differently, and you should know what will happen before getting on the open road. It's important that your passenger understand what is going to happen so that they don't panic and throw the motorcycle off balance, thereby causing a serious accident.

Another advantage of going through these exercises in low or moderate speed and varying the load on the engine is that they serve as a good break-in regimen for the engine.

Now that you have your new motorcycle and have practiced the various maneuvers above, you will want to remember that in adverse weather or road conditions, the new motorcycle may not handle the same as did your old set of wheels. Take things really easy the first few times you ride in the rain or in icy situations. If you have the opportunity to practice in different weather experiences, you will have an even better feel for your motorcycle's handling capabilities.

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Why Become A Waiora Distributor

(category: Web-Hosting, Word count: 547)
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Many people have heard about Waiora and its nutritional supplemental benefits. The great news is that through a quick search on the internet, you can become a Waiora distributor. There are several advantages to becoming a Waiora distributor that you should consider. There is a nice supplemental income for your current earnings and ways to make money while you sleep.

In order to become a Waiora distributor, you must first sign up at their website. As a member, you will receive Waiora products at a discount rate. They even provide you with a ready-made storefront to distribute their products. Through Waiora distributorship, it is possible to earn a reasonable residual income over many months and even over many years. With the wellness industry rapidly growing, becoming a Waiora member at this time is a great investment of time and energy.

Some of the products that you will be able to distribute through your Waiora website shop are: Natural Cellular Defense - Liquid Zeolite, Vision Defense, Skincents Moisturizing Body Lotion, and other products. Through becoming a Waiora distributor, you are able to take advantage of their well-trained and highly professional support team. The Waiora Company has been an active part of Rexall Showcase International for nearly seventy years and this experience in customer service, wellness industry, commissions, web design, and other business aspects is shared with you as a distributor for Waiora products.

In today's society, there is an increasing population of people that have reached the middle age years. As this generation of people begins to see the signs of aging, more and more are turning to nutritional supplements and wellness products to reduce the signs of aging and to restore their vitality and vigor for life. These types of products that you will sell as a Waiora distributor are specifically geared toward this group of people who have both the desire and the incomes to invest in these types of products.

Now is the time to take advantage of the wellness industry's rapid growth and participate as a Waiora distributor. You can receive Waiora product information and even distributor training to increase the residual earning potential from being a Waiora distributor. Many Waiora distributors have left their traditional, fulltime jobs because their earnings were high as Waiora distributors. However, if you just want to get your feet wet and earn a steady, reliable residual income, you do not have to quit your traditional job to become a Waiora distributor. You can work a few hours each week as you build your storefront and your devoted buyer's base.

The biggest advantage to Waiora products is that they are consumable. This means that once a buyer has used the products and seen the marvelous results, they will use up the product. Instead of buyers that purchase a one-time item, you will find that as a Waiora distributor, you have buyers returning to you for replacement Waiora products. The results are visible and it will not be long before buyers are sharing their satisfaction with friends and relatives. This means that you will naturally receive more and more customers who already have seen the benefits of your products first-hand. These are a few of the terrific reasons to become a Waiora distributor today.

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Internet Business Idea Selling Internet Tutorials On The Web

(category: Web-Hosting, Word count: 450)
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An internet business that focuses on supplying quality tutorials on the web could be lucrative. Imagine being able to offer courses ranging from how to run a small business, learning to play the guitar and how to pass the physics exam. The range of courses on offer could be huge and could cover every aspect of life ranging from hobbies, education, sports, business, languages and much more.

The great thing about this idea is that your target audience could become international. It would be a good idea to probably focus on English courses and the English speaking world as your marketplace.

This is not a short term business idea but rather one that will keep someone busy for the next ten years at least. Over time it will be possible to amass a huge number of tutorials and simple courses and categorize them neatly into their respective folders.

The aim would be to have only decent and quality tutorials so that new clients would come back and give you repeat business. Long term you can even add video and audio to your site to make it easier for your customers to learn quickly.

Video tutorials will be huge in the future! If a picture speaks a thousand words imagine the power of teaching by video. Unlike normal teachers internet tutorials never get angry or lose their patience. Bright pupils can go at a faster pace whilst others might have to replay a course several times before they master it.

You would need to offer various forms of payment whether it is by cheque or credit cards. People no longer mind paying money on the internet as long as they are sure that their supplier has taken all the steps to safeguard their security.

There are many sites on the internet that do offer free courses but I haven't found one yet that has all the courses laid out neatly on a decent website. You would have to build a custom designed website from scratch and improve on it year on year. It is important that the website is designed by a professional so that when new surfers come online they can easily find the course they are looking for.

This business could initially be run from home as there are no stock requirements and your courses are all downloaded from the internet. Longer term if the business grows you might have to move to dedicated offices.

So if you have plenty of capital, love education and are willing to commit for the long term then setting up an internet tutorial website could be both enjoyable and lucrative in the long term.

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Construction Going Green Green Architecture

(category: Arts-Entertainment, Word count: 305)
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Our planet is really feeling the heat of Global Warming. Humans are consuming resources like never before. A new coal-fired power plant is built in China EVERY WEEK!

This all signifies that consumption of raw materials will keep on increasing. And it doesn't seem to be sustainable. We are loosing natural resources fast, and if nothing is done to stop this drain, we will be hit hard. We already see the effects of Global Warming, like the El Nino effect. These tornadoes and Cyclones keep increasing in intensity and frequency every year.

Can fixing energy-wasting buildings stave off global instability? Former president Bill Clinton thinks so. In the biggest project his foundation has taken on since securing a supply of cheap generic AIDS drugs for third world countries, Clinton has brokered a $5 billion effort to finance the retrofit of old buildings in 16 cities around the world.

The project, which Clinton announced at a climate conference in Manhattan yesterday, creates a financing and labor pool to replace energy-hogging light fixtures, as well as install better building insulation and more efficient HVAC systems. ABN Amro, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and UBS will offer loans, which landlords will repay with the savings gained on their utility bills. Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Siemens, and Trane will manage and audit the work while three trade associations, including the U.S. Green Building Council, will train minority contractors and "long-term unemployed" laborers in the construction techniques. "This will create a system to make it easier for building owners to make improvements," Clinton said.

Sounding a bit like his former vice president, environment guru Al Gore, Clinton added that cities emit three-quarters of the world's greenhouse gases and that buildings account for between 50 and 80 percent of this toll. The program's first wave of cities

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The Psychology Of Weight Loss

(category: Weight-Loss, Word count: 296)
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You see the razor-thin models gracing the covers of watch actors and actresses on the big screen who seem to never gain a pound. And you wonder: How do I differ from them? You may be surprised to learn that a number of famous people at one time had difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. But they were able to conquer their problem, thanks to a new-and-improved, healthy view of eating.

You may not realize it, but there is a certain psychology at work in successful weight loss. It is no surprise, then, that the magazine Psychology Today has explored the issue in-depth. In October of 2004, the magazine posted an article on its website detailing the experiences of Diane Berry, a nurse practitioner who studied women who had shed at least 15 pounds and had maintained their weight loss for an average of seven years.

The women shared some important things in common. For instance, they all achieved their weight loss through either Weight Watchers or TOPS, which meant that they had a firm support network as they tried to maintain their weight. The group meetings were highly important, because they learned to recognize that they were certainly not alone in their struggles with weight. The women were also quite unusual because up to 90 percent of individuals who have lost weight end up putting it back on within five years.

Another common trait of these women is that they appeared to undergo a profound mood shift as they made the transition from fat to thin. From all indications, they appeared to be depressed when they were heavy but, as they attempted to lose weight, their mood brightened.

For these women, healthy eating became a habit

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