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Swimming And Back Pain

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 485)
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Swimming is considered a beneficial activity in alleviating pain. Whenever athletes experience an injury, swimming can be one way to keep active while avoiding undue stress on the swimmer's back.

However, there are instances when swimming can also result in back pain and back injuries.

Back problems and lower back injuries can be caused by certain swimming strokes. To avoid these incidences, recognizing the following factors while performing particular strokes may help:

1.) Rotating the head too far up while doing the freestyle can result in neck and back injuries. Swimmers normally roll their heads upwards to the right to breathe out of the water on the upstroke of the right arm. It is advisable rotate the head upwards only within the axis of the body, and keeping the head down the rest of the time when not going up for air.

2.) If not conditioned properly, the anterior neck muscles become subject to stress while doing the backstroke. This stroke is one that has to be performed gradually to avoid excessive muscle strain.

3.) Flip-turning can have an adverse effect on the neck and back muscles if the head is overextended from the body and not tucked in.

4.) While doing the breaststroke, the head and neck is held still, with only a minimal head raise to take in air.

There are several means of alleviating pain symptoms in a problematic back. Some conservative approaches to relief include stretching, applying ice, and taking over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. With more severe pain, other forms of treatment may involve sessions with a chiropractor or physical therapist.

A chiropractor can manipulate the affected area to relieve symptoms for most sufferers, while a physical therapist can develop a specific program of drills and exercises that can strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, and decrease pain. Wearing a back brace may limit painful movement while giving the injured muscle a chance to recover.

Constant back pain signals the need to cease all swimming activities consult a doctor for an appropriate diagnosis. Continuing to swim despite the pain is a detriment to healing and will only make the condition worse. The resulting severe pain may even require surgery to correct any back irregularities.

Surgery is only undertaken in the very rare instances of serious symptomatic conditions; however, there are cases when not even surgery can undo grave back ailments.

In general, swimming is a beneficial activity that may alleviate symptoms of back pain.

It is not unduly stressful nor does it involve motions that weigh heavily on the back. In fact, it is a preferable exercise option for people who want to avoid neck or back strain, or aggravate any symptoms of other ailments they may have. It is advised, however, to take lessons in the proper safety measures and swimming techniques to refrain from repetitive or awkward movements that may lead to back injury.

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Information On Cholesterol

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 406)
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Cholesterol is a word associated with bad health, but cholesterol is actually a natural substance, necessary for our body's healthy functioning, and cholesterol, like most everything else in our lives, is harmful only in excess.

And how is it, then, that the very name, cholesterol, has acquired such bad connotations? Why is that we are always cautioned to 'have our cholesterol level checked' and to 'know our cholesterol number'? To understand this more fully, it is important to know exactly what cholesterol is, what it does, and where it comes from.

Cholesterol is necessary for our bodies. Our bodies must have it to maintain good health, and without cholesterol, it would be impossible for our bodies to function. Not all of the functions of cholesterol are known, but some of them are:

To make cell membranes, giving them stability and durability, particularly in our nerve tissue, brain, and spinal cord.

To make bile, where it aids in the absorption and transportation of fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K, which we must have for our health.

To manufacture certain hormones.

The principal source of cholesterol is from our own bodies. It is made primarily by the liver, and it is sent through the bloodstream to where it is needed by way of special carriers called lipoprotiens.

Another source of cholesterol is from our diets. Certain foods, such as meat, eggs and whole-fat dairy products all contain cholesterol. There are other foods we eat, such as foods high in saturated fats and transfats, that cause our livers to make more cholesterol.

Cholesterol, like other fats, will not dissolve in liquid, and therefore, it must be carried through the bloodstream, by way of special carriers called lipoprotiens, to where the cholesterol is needed. If more cholesterol is circulating in the bloodstream than is needed for our bodies, it can work with other elements in the blood in the formation of plaque along artery walls.

Although cholesterol is a complex substance made up of many subcomponents, the main subcomponents as they are understood at this time, are LDL, or 'bad' cholesterol, HDL, or 'good' cholesterol, and triglycerides.

LDL cholesterol is referred to as the 'bad' cholesterol, because it is one of the main components in arterial plaque. HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, helps to reduce plaque by returning excess LDL to the liver and aiding in its excretion. Triglyceride levels correspond to LDL levels.

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How To Buy Safe Medicine Online

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Because online drugstores abound on the World Wide Web, it makes distinguishing the safe websites from the scam sites more difficult especially since more and more online pharmacies are setting up shop everyday. And recent news of drug counterfeiting does not help boost the people's trust on the Internet pharmacy business.

But how can consumers tell if they're buying from a legitimate site? And how can they tell if they were sold fake medicines? Here are some tips to help you make sure that you only buy safe medicine online:

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Please Do Check Out Steroid Profiles

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Steroids are the performance-enhancing drugs that are often illegally used by bodybuilders/sports persons/athletes. The use of steroids in any form has been banned in sports, as these drugs in sports are unethical and have serious health effects. However, a number of players continue taking steroids. Perhaps they are not well aware of the serious consequences of the steroids.

The people taking steroids should have proper info and knowledge about steroids, but there is a plethora of steroids available on the market. It becomes too difficult to get info and knowledge about all steroids.

In such situation, steroid profiles can help people to get proper info and knowledge about steroids. Steroid profiles are collection of useful info and knowledge about steroids. Steroid profiles help to get in-depth information, pictures of most commonly used anabolic steroids

Sports persons should check out steroid profiles before start using steroids. Steroid profiles offer information about the chemical composition steroids, along with the usage directions. Steroid profiles offer useful steroid info on flavor, odor, side effect, toxic level, and dosage of several steroids.

Steroid profiles can be obtained from reliable steroid dealers. Steroid profiles can also be checked out at the genuine druggists selling steroids. Steroid profiles can also be checked out online. There are a number of online sites offering constant updates on steroid profiles. is one of the best sources on steroid profiles. The site keeps constantly updating steroid profiles.

Steroid profiles presently available on include Anadrol 50

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Truth About Drugs Without Prescription

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 509)
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Online internet pharmacies are fast gaining popularity. It is just one among the millions of virtual shops that one can find over the Internet. A CNN news article says that there are now about 100 million websites in the internet with around 48 million of those sites considered as active or updated on a regular basis. These websites contain a wide range of topics and practically covers the entire spectrum of human knowledge and experience. In the United States alone, there are at least 54 million different websites that would be impossible for an average person to visit during one's lifetime. Some of the most frequently visited sites include Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, and Wikipedia - which are categorized as search engines, social networking sites, or knowledge databases.

What is now a topic of hot debate about internet pharmacies is: "Is it safe?" No doubt, this new concept of online ordering and purchase of medicines has empowered patients and other people who need health care products. These internet-based drugstores saves a lot of time, effort, and in some cases, even money compared to the traditional way of physically going to a local pharmacy. Another benefit of going to such sites is that they also offer legal drugs without prescription. Unlike the traditional style of consulting a doctor, getting a prescription for the medication, and then buying it from a local drugstore - patients can now go online and even chat with a doctor using a web camera. The consultation can be done through the Internet. After the online doctor makes his prescription, the local pharmacy would be immediately notified so that it can send the medicines you need or prepare them for pick-up. These websites that sell medicines offer services like free shipping and handling for the medications, provided that the consumer orders from them using their crdit card. This transaction is done with just a few clicks on the mouse and a few taps on the keyboard - with no hassle, no stress in working with schedules, and no other questions.

Online purchases of medicine are good in several respects. As mentioned it earlier, it saves time and effort. However, the online shopper or patient who wants to buy medicines using the Internet should also be very careful. Taking responsibility for knowing product uses, dosage, and getting prior approval from the doctor is a must for every patient who intends to get medicines from online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies also require the patient to provide personal and medical information prior to completion of the transaction. This is the safeguard against possible abuse of drugs or misinformation about the uses or effects of a drug. It is also the primary means through which the internet pharmacy assesses the need of a patient for a certain product.

The ability to purchase drugs without prescription normally applies to over-the-counter medicines or for prescription items that only need to be refilled. That means, a customer already has an existing account with an online pharmacy.

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How Daily Duties Can Help Us Meet Our Daily Exercise Requirement

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Most of us would definitely exercise if we only had the (extra) time, but since we don't. Well, according to experts your "valid" excuse is in reality a "poor" one.

Despite what you've been conditioned to believe, like the need to join a group, gym, etc and devote a designated amount of time per day to your workout routine, experts assert it's actually a lot easier than that. In fact, they note that a few minutes, a few times a day (of physical activity) adds up. And, you don't have to engage in anything "strenuous" or "fancy" as long as:

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Hospital Infections

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 344)
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According to the Center for Disease Control, the fourth leading cause of death among Americans is due to hospital based infections. Why would infections play a part in hospital care when the US leads the world in technology and antibiotic use? The overuse of antibiotics may be one cause of overwhelming infection by antibiotic resistant bacteria.

In many hospitals, it is common practice for all operating room patients to receive prophylactic antibiotic therapy prior to surgery. Pediatrians will often prescribe antibiotics to children suffering from viral symptoms at the insistence of their parent's inspite of the fact that antibiotics have no effect on viruses. It is not uncommon for patients to request an antibiotic for whatever ails them.

What causes infections in hospitals when the environment is supposed to clean and safe? Like a chapter out of Dickens, hospitals are historically filthy, regardless of the amount of cleaning and disinfecting taking place. The shear number of people present with their various diseases and aliments makes it next to impossible to keep the hard surfaces clean, let alone the soft; which includes mattresses, carpets, drapes, pillows, etc. One of the grossest things seen is carpeting in patient rooms.

Hand washing is the most important action that can be taken against nosicomial infection, yet it is the very thing lacking in many instances. Doctors going from patient to patient without washing their hands is as disgusting sounding as it is dangerous. Yet it happens continuously. Even the wearing of latex or vinyl gloves is not safe unless the wearer washes their hands in between changes.

Dust collection on shelves, stretchers, patient room furniture, etc, can be a source of disease. The operating room is a treasure trove of bacteria. Blood borne bacteria are prevalent. Quick turnover of cases can contribute to poor terminal cleaning of surfaces. Patients complained at one facility of blood from a previous case being present on the overhead spot lights.

Poor ventilation, improper cleaning, absence of hand washing and patient to patient contamination are all possible sources of bacteria infection.

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How To Lose Weight Quick

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 469)
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How to lose weight quickly is a common enough goal in today's weight obsessed world, but it must be tempered with the need to remain healthy! There is a lot of bad advice being given out by unscrupulous people, so if you really want to know how to lose weight quickly, this article will show you the right way.

How To Lose Weight Quickly Tip 1

If you are serious about trying to lose weight, one of the first steps you should take is to work out your intake of calories. Don't pay any attention to averages, as all people are different. Just work out your own average intake over a period of several days. When you have a reasonable sample of days, you can then work out how much you can cut from this per day to try to reduce your intake. If you can chop off, say, 500 calories, you will be going a long way towards attaining your ideal weight.

How To Lose Weight Quickly Tip 2

No starvation diets - there is a much better way. The human habit of eating three meals a day fits far better with the working day than with man's physiology. The body is not designed to cope with large meals being taken in infrequently. If you eat smaller meals throughout the day, you will find yourself less hungry, you will need to eat less to obtain the same nutrient, and you will lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Quickly Tip 3

Don't eat more than you need to. This all ties in with the idea of the smaller meals. One interesting, and highly relevant fact, is that it takes around twenty minutes before the stomach gives the signal to the brain that it has taken in enough food. So, you can easily be easting superfluous food for twenty minutes. This is made far less important if you eat less more often. Snacking during the day is actually a very good habit to get into, always provided you are eating the right things. Fruit, nuts and seeds make ideal snacks.

How To Lose Weight Quickly Tip 4

Balance your dietary improvements with exercise. The equation is simple enough. If your body gets more food than it needs, the excess is stored as fat. If you take regular exercise, the excess fat will be burnt off. You can, in effect, educate your body to become used to burning fat instead of storing it. Once this happens, weight loss becomes automatic, so long as you maintain your exercise program.

If you need to know how to lose weight quickly, these 4 tips will help you find the right answers. There is no mystery to it, really, so click the links below to discover more resources.

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Arimidex Liquidex A Popular Aromatase Inhibitor

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 396)
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Arimidex is a type II Aromatase Inhibitor, which is sometimes also called AI. It is medically used for the breast cancer treatment in post-menopausal women. Used both in adjuvant therapy (i.e. following surgery) and in metastatic breast cancer treatment, Anastrozole helps in decreasing the amount of estrogens.

Hence, Arimidex is often used by the AAS users often use the drug to prevent excessive estrogenic side effects. It is widely used by bodybuilders and other anabolic steroid users to prevent gynecomastia and edema, which is caused due to use of injectable testosterones and androgens that have the ability to convert into estrogen.

Arimidex's chemical name is Anastrozole. Its chemical formula is C17H19N5. The drug usually comes in 1MG tabs or in liquid form. It is available under the trade names - Arimidex .25 mg tabs (International Pharmaceuticals) and Arimidex 1mg tabs (British Dragon).

Arimidex-Liquidex suppresses the aromatase enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone and other androgens into estrogen. It blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen which can cause a watery looks of muscles and development of breast tissue in males. It inhibits the estrogenic effects that cause female pattern fat deposits, gyno, and water retention. Thus, Arimidex-Liquidex prevents or reduces estrogen production in body.

Over use of anabolic steroids often causes a layer fatty and watery growth of breast tissue called gynecomastia or bitch tits. It is commonly seen in bodybuilders and other AAS users. Arimidex-Liquidex helps to inhibit estrogenic effects of anabolic steroids. It is very popular among the people who are on steroid cycles. Arimidex-Liquidex has a 75-85% aromatization inhibition rate.

Arimidex-Liquidex is also used by the people suffering from baldness or hair loss problem. The drug helps to re-grow the hair. In an experiment carried out on the drug, Arimidex was given to a person, who was suffering from baldness. The person showed the growth on his frontal hairline after using the drug for 5 months.

However, the use of Arimidex-Liquidex is linked with various side effects. Some of the possible side effects of Arimidex-Liquidex include - dizziness, nausea, headache, bone pain, abdominal pain, sweating, rashes, weight gain, itching, fever, and breast pain. Thus, Arimidex-Liquidex is available under doctors' prescription in the United States. The US FDA has approved the drug only for medical purposes, for the treatment of Breast Cancer.

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