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Finding The Cheapest Service

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You've done it, I have done it. At some point we have all combed the Internet trying to dig up the cheapest service rates we can find. Some of us look for discounts in the form of bundled services, while others seek out that holy grail of low rates.

When looking for the cheapest service rates, new technology is worth looking into more often than not. Instead of just searching for low rates, try looking for new ways of getting that service first, then compare rates on those services.

Thanks to modern technology, elective utilities can be much less expensive than ever before. You might try voip service, or satellite tv rather than cable, both of which can save one a significant amount of loot each month.

Another way to pinch a penny is to keep an eye out for promotional offers and special incentives. People sometimes have a habit of thinking this is just another way to get you to "buy something". Maybe so, but is sure is nice to get that rebate a few weeks later.

Sometimes finding the cheapest service is a matter of taste. My grandfather for example wouldn't touch voip service with a ten foot pole for fear the "new fangled" monster might do him in. We all know this type, and pardon me if this is you

In closing, when sticking with traditional services, be sure to read the fine print. It isn't always the advertised rate that gets you. 0.02 cents a minute is great for long distance, but not if it's only that rate for 2 hours on Friday afternoon.

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Ethos Fr Ingredient For Success

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In all my years networking I've been told that in order to spot the right opportunity you have to take 2 things into consideration:




Every where you turn you can see the frustration in the American Publics eye when it comes to the subject of ever rising fuel cost.

While oil companies boast multi-billion dollar profits, the people are left looking for relief.


Ethos FR in my opinion is the best ingredient for success that I've ever seen.

Not only can you use this product in your fuel tank to increase your vehicles gas mileage, and clean out your entire fuel system, it can also be used in your crank case and cleans put your entire engine resulting in a smoother running, longer lasting vehicle and lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Ethos fr has been featured in several news stories from top dogs like Fox, NBC, ABC...

and is also backed by china to the tune of around $7million a month. Our own Government even uses this Ethos FR in military and secret service vehicles.

Credibility like this is envied in the network marketing industry. Already over 56,000 people have enrolled in the pre-launch of 4-E Corp.

With that said, I recommend everyone try Ethos FR. The worst thing that can happen is you could save money on gas.

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Combining Subscribe Button With A Help Button

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Most sites, especially blogs have feeds associated with them, but Internet users do not know what a feed is or how to use it. You've probably seen the little orange button with white writing (XML,RSS, Feeds, Syndicate This Site) on a web page or blog post. If you are a non-techie, you must have wondered what this little button is for. To ensure that Internet users know what a feed is, Dave Winer, RSS creator, advocates the use of one simple and universal button Subscribe, which leads to feeds rather than using XML, RSS, Feeds, etc. Some web developers even combines the Subcribe button with a Help button that will lead web users to an explanatory page about subscribing and RSS.

About RSS, XML, Syndicate This Site Link

A button or a link that says Syndicate This Site, RSS, XML simply means that the article title, a link and a brief description for each new page or post are available for you to use on your site or to access through a newsfeed reader program.

RSS is a text-based format specified in XML (Extensible Markup Language). XML is useful in describing, sharing and transmitting data across the Internet. XML defines data and HTML displays that data. The RSS abbreviation is used to refer to the following standards - Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, RDF (Resource Description Framework) Site Summary.

RSS feeds provide a list of items. Usually each item contains a title, summary, a link to the full version of the content and a link to a URL of the site. For the internet user, the ability to subscribe to content using RSS means that he gets content without having to browse from site to site and also of not having to worry about spam. The content goes to a newsfeed reader. He can choose whatever content he wants to subscribe to. For the content providers, RSS can help drive traffic to their sites by making it easy for users to be updated with new pages or blog posts.

A lot of sites include any one of the RSS, Syndicate This Site buttons. Clicking one of these buttons will take you to a broken page full of codes. Just copy the URL that appears in the address bar of the page or blog and use that URL to subscribe to the site in your newsfeed reader. The newsfeed reader will inform you when there is new content from a site you subscribed to.

When a site has an RSS feed, it is said to be syndicated. Syndication is a method through which web publishers and bloggers make their content available in a format that software can read. A newsfeed reader or news aggregator is software designed to subscribe to sites through syndication. A newsfeed reader automatically compiles latest contents of your sites that are RSS enabled. You can now view the sites' updates in your newsfeed reader.

For example, you have several favorite travel websites. Rather than logging on to each one of these travel sites for fresh updates, you can just subscribe to their new contents (feeds) in your newsfeed reader software. A click of the RSS button will display a list of the headlines of all new entries from all the travel sites you subscribe to. Clicking the headline link will show a brief description for the entry and a link to the full version. You get to only read the entries that interest you.

You can install a newsfeed reader on your computer and have easy access to it on your desktop. You can also use an online newsfeed reader. Some of the more popular ones are FeedDemon for Windows, NetNewsWire for Mac OS X and Bloglines (web-based, free).

Once you've installed a newsfeed reader, you can then subscribe to feeds. Feeds are names given to sources of information utilized by newsfeed readers to obtain new contents and updates they display. Feeds are technically similar to web pages. However, web pages are written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language, standard language with which all web pages are built) readable by humans. Conversely, feeds are intended to be read or processed by software. Feeds are based on XML technology. Newsfeed readers allow you to subscribe to feeds in different methods. Most web pages or blog posts have a little orange button that says XML,RSS, Syndicate This Site.

Feeds are very useful. They notify Internet users of updates from favorite sites without visiting them one by one. Feeds also allow users to read fresh contents from one convenient location.

Subscribe Button with Help Button - User Friendly

If you have RSS feeds, you definitely would like visitors to your site to subscribe to them. This way your site doesn't get buried in oblivion. You also want to make it easy for them to subscribe to your feeds. A Subscribe button together with a Help button will be very beneficial and at the same time user friendly to your visitors.

Instead of the terms XML, RSS, Syndicate This Site, you can just use Subscribe. It is a very simple word that visitors understand compared to XML, RSS, etc. The Subscribe button is a universal RSS subscription button that lets your visitors add your RSS feeds to the newsfeed reader easily. Visitors will just click the Subscribe button on your site and they are given the go signal to select the newsfeed reader where they want to add your RSS feed. A Subscribe button makes subscription to RSS feeds easy. You can also monitor how many visitors subscribe to your feeds. Visitors will have a satisfactory online experience and thus increase visitor loyalty. However, some visitors may not understand what the Subscribe button means. This is where the Help button comes in handy.

Vis a vis the Subscribe button, clicking the Help button will display links to pages with in-depth information about feeds and subscribing. The pages include basic information on feeds, newsfeed readers, links to further readings and tutorials.

Make it a point that the Subscribe and Help Button are displayed prominently on your site to draw visitors' attention to your RSS feeds and give them convenient access to websites and blogs (the media sources).

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Three Reasons Why Online Directories Could Work For You

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Online directories are typically places you can list your business and website for others to see. These directories are broken into different categories for easier navigation. If someone is looking for a stereo site for example, they can simply go to the electronic section and see a list of every site that deals with stereos listed. After choosing which site to proceed to, the viewer then simply clicks on the link provided and is lead right to that particular site. Online directories offer areas for any type of business you could imagine. They are a place where people can quickly come to get names of businesses and websites. Thousands of web users utilize online directories each day, making them a popular option for website operators and business owners. If you are considering placing your site on an online directory, consider these three reasons why online directories could work for you.


Website success has many elements involved. One of the most important elements however is exposure. If your website never gets any type of exposure, then it is unlikely that it will ever become successful. For people to visit your website, they must be informed that it exists. This is an easy task for a large corporation who can advertise on television or large billboards. It can be extremely difficult for the smaller business however. Online directories do however offer great exposure for your website and business. They allow you to post your information, such as your business name and website link, in places where people can actually look for you. Instead of you looking for people to invite to your site, they are basically searching you out. Just by placing your information in an online directory, your website traffic will increase dramatically. When you are putting your name and website out there, people are certainly more likely to find you.

Online directories usually offer different levels of exposure as well. You can usually choose between different levels of advertising. For example, one choice might be to simply add your name and website link to the main directory. Another choice however might be to add your name and website link to the main page of the appropriate area of the directory or to add "bold" text to your ad. These options are all beneficial and can help you get even more exposure.


One reason online directories might be the perfect solution for you is that they are relatively inexpensive. If you are a small business owner, chances are there is not a lot of room in your budget for advertising. Advertising however is one of the key elements to the success of a business. Many online directories will offer a basic listing for free. This is a great opportunity to allow businesses with no advertising budget to advertise. These listings are usually very simple and contain "no frills", but they are useful indeed. You can always get your information added to several online directories for free and cover more ground than you thought possible. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to advertise online, online directories are a great option.


If you want your business and website to look as professional as possible, online directories can help. By simply placing your information in an online directory, you can look very professional in the eyes on consumers. Basically, when a consumer looks through an online directory, they consider every listing to be one of a professional business. Although this is not always the case, it certainly does not harm valid professional businesses to any degree. If you take the time to list your information, you are taking another step toward a higher level of professionalism. Therefore, online directories can help you develop or maintain the professionalism you seek.

Choosing to post your information in an online directory should not be a difficult decision. As you can see, there are many reasons why online directories could work for you. No matter if you are looking for more exposure, an inexpensive option, or for a higher level of professionalism, online directories can help you achieve your goals. Just be sure to do a little research and find online directories that will offer you what you need. The more you can post within, the more traffic your website is likely to have. So, go ahead and post in as many as possible!

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Tips To Improve An Online Business

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If you have your online business up and running you may want to look at your bottom line and ask yourself if you're making as much as you can. Think about where you want to be. Are you comfortable at your current level or do you want it to be more?

If you think you should be doing more, then you may want to consider making some of the following changes. First, take a look at your website and sales letter. Is there anything that you can improve? You may want to consider investigating some sites that offer free content targeted at attracting customers and establishing your credibility. Some sites are merely one sales letter. There are many ways to set up a site. You need to think about what works for you.

Some people like to have many smaller sites to generate business. They like that because they have no other content and it will focus concentration on the message. If necessary, hire someone to do the writing for you. A well written sales letter will pay for itself many times over. If you decide to change your sales letter, be sure to keep copies for reference along the way. This way you can compare against older letters to see what gets better results.

If you want to reach potential customers, try a direct mailing. You can do this by sending postcards. Many people like to be contacted by way of mail. If you send anything by way of email it runs the risk of being overlooked. Although going online is a popular way to reach people, it isn't the only way. There is a big world outside of the internet. If used effectively, you can get many people to read your message.

Look at who you attract online. Are they repeat customers? Think of ways to compliment your products. If you have product additions, it's always good to let your customers know. If they're happy with one product, maybe they'll be happy with another product that ties in with the first one. Perhaps you offer a service that might be of interest to someone. Let your customers know if you are available for work and other services. Offer them a discount or incentive to use you again. Repeat customers can make great referrals to others about your online business.

With the wealth of information available, there's always something new to learn. There might be something new out there that can significantly change your business for the better. Study some manuals that offer advice. Of course you wouldn't have time to read all that are available, but you can focus on one or two of them. Study them then put the ideas to work and track their success.

Widen your income opportunities. If you sell a home repair book for example, you may want to then sell blueprints or project plans for things like a deck or a utility shed. The idea is to find a natural connection.

As with any business, forging alliances is key for success. Think about a new market to become jointly involved with. For instance, take a home repair book and then become a home loan or construction loan affiliate. Find another great target group that can benefit from your service or product.

In order to grow your business, you'll need to constantly scout for new ones while keeping the business you have. Sometimes slight changes or adjustments are needed to increase your income from your online business.

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Why Translating Your Website In Hindi Makes Better Sense

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Why Translating Your Website in Hindi Makes Better Sense

Did you know that in 2002, an estimated 32% of Internet users were non-English speakers? With the phenomenal growth of computer usage and the spread of the net fever, especially in the third world countries, the figure would have multiplied manifold in the past 4 years.

In fact, the Internet is fast becoming the basic and fundamental source and dissemination of information, purchases of goods and services worldwide. In addition, those computer and Internet users are increasingly from non-English speaking countries. This figure is constantly rising. In response, businesses have quickly become aware of the benefits of making their websites relevant to the native languages of the target audience.

Marketing is all about speaking the customers' language

There is no denying that the rest of the world outside of English-speaking countries is coming online faster than never before. What is the state of affairs, and how does that impact businesses worldwide? How serious is the impact of everyone "going global"? And, more importantly, what needs to be done with our Websites to fully take advantage of this wave of non-English-speaking people coming online?

Whether or not a person speaks English has really nothing to do with the responsibility of a Website to communicate in the language of the target markets. Indians read English just fine, and yet they feel comfortable to surf in their own language. They live their life in their own language, not in English. If you want to attract their attention, your site has to go where they are, and speak to them in their own language.

Outside the seven countries where English is native, and India too, there is no form of marketing in any country that happens in English. If someone doesn't believe this, they should visit Europe, Asia or South America. People live their life in their own language, and your marketing better follow, whether the media is newspaper/magazine ads/articles, radio/TV, billboards... or Websites.

Enter Website Translation

Translating a Website is a viable answer because you then make an existing website accessible, usable and culturally suitable to your specific target audience. This requires both programming expertise and linguistic/cultural knowledge.

In the majority of cases it is the lack of linguistic and cultural input that lets a website localization project down. In order to give an insight into the impact culture has on website localization the following examples depict areas in which a solid understanding of the target culture is necessary.

Some very good reasons to translate your website into Hindi

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Secret To Seo And Top Google Placement A Boring Title

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When does this Google madness end? Nobody knows. Everybody is on board though trying to grab whatever piece of return they can from Google Organic results. Hey, it's free, what else do you want? If you are a business owner who has jumped into the online waters, I'm sure that you are frustrated as hell hearing a million ideas and million methods from a million people. And you also know that there's no such thing as "free advertising" in our world, at least not yet. So until then, you might want to keep on reading.

"The secret to SEO" This is a boring title basically because of the fact that it sounds like a generic get rich theme that we, Americans are subject to on a daily basis. So all you business owners and work from homers must listen to me. THERE'S NO SECRET TO SEO. It's very basic and I'm sure you have read this in a lot of places; it's content. But many sources fail to mention that it has to be relevant content. I tell each of my clients the same thing and it has 3 major clauses;

1-Original Fresh Content

2-Popularity of your site



Original and Fresh Content is not as easy as it sounds. We are talking about unique information that will move people to your site. See, the problem with many companies showing up on the top page today is that their pages are optimized for Google with a combination of nonsense sentences and keywords. So, my approach is, why not build a website that actually is optimized for humans? When you do this, you are automatically taking care of the optimization for Google. Come on people, we all know that Google has game and they're increasing their technology every day finding ways to get rid of this "optimization" deal. Google is always on the side of the users and never the advertisers keep that in mind.

Guess what, once you have original and fresh content, people are going to want to visit your site and link to your site. Hey, we just took care of Popularity as well. I'm not saying you do not have to work on the link exchange thing but I promise that it will be minimal. Also you want to stay away from link farms, link exchange offers and paying for links. So I hear that question, how else am I going to bring links to my site? The answer is content. Write articles, submit it to article sites. Prepare a PR, submit it to Believe me; all these will bring links to your site. All you have to do is, mention your website at the end of these articles and make sure you link to your site with your advertised link text.

Now you are thinking, "That's it; I have the content and the links, I'm the king of Google". That would be wrong. Always remember that while you are doing content and popularity, there are a million competitors doing that and more. So you want to Maintain your content. You want to update it every week so every time Google spiders come to visit your site, they find new useful information. Keep up with daily life and updated news. For example, if you sell farming supplies and the price of grain goes up, you should write an article and put it in your site. Also publish those articles on other articles sites. You can find these sites easily with a "article submit" search on Google.

And the last but not least would be Existence. I don't want to get all philosophical on you but you have to have some type of existence online. Try to search for your company name on Google and see how many results you get; that's your existence. You could also name this one "Brand Recognition". You want to increase that so when somebody searches for farming supplies, they must see your name. You can do this easily by writing articles and Press Releases on a weekly basis. The more you write, the more circulation you will get. If you have a great piece of article or information, acquire a list of media outlets such as local and national newspapers, and fax it to them. They just might bite pick it up. Always remember to include your website at the end as a source and you might have yourself a million dollar makin', traffic gettin' website, Google top rankin' website !!!

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Adsense Template Tips To Income And Sucess Asap

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What does small and big websites have in common? Two words. Adsense templates.

From the time adsense and adsense templates had been introduced, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways of generating more money over the Internet. You can never see a site without one of these ads plastered in some part of their pages. It does not matter what your site is catering to. The only thing important is the presence of these adsense templates.

Although a lot of site owners have used these ads to their advantage, there are still those who have not. If you are just one of those wanting to have one of these adsense templates into your site, you surely would want to know how to make the most of the templates.

How do you use adsense templates to generate you more advantage and income?

1. Simple website layout.

Try to maintain the simplicity in your site. Not only will your visitors find it easy to search on the things they need, but your ads will clearly be visible. Putting on too much graphics, pictures or flashes can definitely divert your visitors from clicking on your ads.

If the primary purpose of your site is to generate more adsense income, then focus more on getting people to click on the ads. Give your adsense the space they deserve where people can see them the instant they come into your site.

2. Adsense template design.

Put your adsense in the place where you think they will be more profitable. You would also want to make sure that they go well with the colors you are using on your site. You would not want them to be overridden by the background colors you are using.

Try to keep them as visible and as complementary to your site as possible. Check out other sites that are using adsense. See how they position their ads and how you react to them.

3. Articles.

Put articles that are very much related to your target market and what your site is about. It is best to write out original articles with contents that people do not get to read everyday.

You can also make use of ghostwriters to supply you with original contents if you think that writing is way beyond you. Just make sure that the contents are original to avoid being accused of duplicating other articles.

4. Keeping track of who comes in and out of your site.

Having a close watch over the people that are visiting your site is necessary if you want to keep track of the income your site is generating. Get to know what ads people are clicking more on. You may want to pattern those that are being ignored to those that are being clicked often.

If you find that none of your adsense or pages are being visited much, then maybe the other aspects of your sites are causing these problems. Check out your keywords or your topics.

5. Generating traffic.

Even if your site is the best looking site over the Internet, it would not matter one bit if traffic is not coming your way. No visitors simply means no income.

And even if you are using the best adsense template around, if you have not planned your strategy correctly, then all your efforts will result to nothing in the end.

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Death Records And The Internet

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If you are looking to locate death records and do not know where to start, the internet is probably your best bet. There are tons of websites that will allow you to gain access to the information that you are looking for. The best way to find these sites is by typing "death records" into your favorite search engine. This will give you several different options on where to locate what you are looking for.

The first thing that you will notice when getting your results back will be that you can get access to death records through the health departments of most states. This is information that can be had by the public. In order to gain access to this information you will need to supply the site with some information. First off you are probably going to have to register with the site. Many times you can also only gain access if you have a valid reason on why you need to search death records (newspaper, news story, etc.) Next, many of the state health departments charge the user a small fee in order to access these records. The fee is not usually more that a few dollars and can be easily paid by credit card.

There are also several independent companies that keep death records on file. These companies gain access to this information the same way that you would through the state health departments. They contact all of the state health departments and get all of the records in order to have a one stop shop for anyone that may need this information. Some of these companies can include private and public hospitals, various businesses that require the withholding of health records.

Death records can be found on the internet with relative ease. Just get started with a simple search and you will be well on your way to obtaining all of the information that you could possibly want.

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