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The Secret When You Walk Can On Water Take The Boat Part 1 Contd

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He smiled."Beautiful weather we're having," he said. I nodded indifferently. I couldn't have cared less about the weather at that moment. "How do you know my name?" I quickly snapped.

"Oh, I guessed. Most everyone is Jim or John or Ron or Tom." He said it matter-of-factly, but there was something in his voice that seemed to suggest that he really knew my name. Maybe this was one of those set-ups I'd heard so much about recently.Perhaps he wasintent on doingme harm

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Give One Get One Christmas Cards

(category: Arts-Entertainment, Word count: 516)
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Christmas is one of the best times of the year. It is anticipated greatly and loved by all. Some people begin planning for the next year's Christmas at the beginning of January. They think about the parties they will host, the people they will see, and the relatives and friends they will reconnect with. Those who love shopping hunt for the perfect gifts all throughout the year. There are many special traditions that people celebrate around Christmastime. One of the best traditions for many people is the exchange of Christmas cards.

Exchanging Christmas cards is an important part of many peoples' holiday. Because gifts can be really expensive, most people choose to send many people in their life the simple gift of a card. And what a gift a Christmas card can be. A thoughtfully chosen card with a personalized note inside makes anyone feel special around the holidays. If there are way too many people on your gift list this year considering giving unique Christmas cards instead.

If you are looking for something different or a way to put even more personal touch into your cards, try making your own Christmas cards this year. This way you can choose the papers you like, the colors your friends and family enjoy most, and you can design a card uniquely for each family on your list. Another great benefit of making your own Christmas cards is including your children in the process. Allow them to roll up their sleeves and get creative. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family friends will love whatever creation they come up with. Making cards yourself will allow you to save money that we all know is valuable around the expensive holiday season.

Exchanging Christmas cards can be a great way to keep in touch with friends all over the country and the world. As you have opportunities to travel and meet new friends, committing to exchange Christmas cards can be a great way to stay connected even after your travels end. It is a special thing to stay in relationship with people who all come together to celebrate Christmas each year. Rather than sending packages all around the world, you can save money, time and still be thoughtful by sending a card.

And perhaps the best thing about exchanging Christmas cards is just that: you exchange them. Not only to do you take the time and energy to prepare cards for family and friends, but you also can anticipate receiving cards from people near and far. Getting the mail each afternoon can quickly become the highlight of a families' day during the holiday season. You feel loved and valued each time you open an envelope and get to discover the unique and beautiful card that is inside. You can experience the joy and care that your friends and family experienced as they created the perfect Christmas cards for you and yours.

As Christmastime rolls around this year, take time to cherish each important person in your life by creating unique Christmas cards for each of them.

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English Intonation The Noun And Verb

(category: Reference-Education, Word count: 793)
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Listen and Learn: The Different Intonation of the Noun and the Verb

Intonation, the "music" of a language, is perhaps the most important element of a correct accent. Many people think that pronunciation is what makes up an accent. It may be that pronunciation is very important for an understandable accent. But it is intonation that gives the final touch that makes an accent correct or native. Often we hear someone speaking with perfect grammar, and perfect formation of the sounds of English but with a little something that gives her away as not being a native speaker.

Therefore, it is necessary to realize that there are three components to an accent, pronunciation, intonation, and linking. In other places we will examine pronunciation, the proper formation of vowels and consonants, and linking, the way that syllables within a word, and the beginning and ending of words come together.

But what interests us now is the issue of intonation, and in particular the difference in intonation in saying the same word (same spelling) when it is used as a noun and when it is used as a verb. It is a perfect example of how meaning affects intonation.

We will try to hear clearly the difference that intonation makes in the daily use of a proper North American English accent. The practice with the following examples will help you to notice, practice, and master the different intonation patterns that you will discover as you concentrate more on your use of North American English.

Intonation: Noun or Verb

Knowing when and where to stress the words you use is very important for understanding, and is part of a good accent. A clear example is that of the different stress in nouns and verbs.

It will be useful for you to be aware of the stress in both cases. Here is a list of a few that will get you thinking and give you some practice in identifying them and using them correctly. Underline the syllable that is stressed, and write a brief explanation to indicate that you understand the difference. I start the exercise with two examples, the words "suspect" and "present". You do the rest. And make sure you pronounce the words OUT LOUD.

Usually (although there are some exceptions), the stress of a verb is on the last syllable, and that of a noun is on the first syllable.

It will be useful for you to be aware of the stress in both cases. Here is a list of a few that will get you thinking and give you some practice in identifying them and using them correctly. I start the exercise with two examples. I have indicated the stress with CAPITAL LETTERS. You underline the syllable that is stressed, and write a brief explanation to indicate that you understand the difference. You do the rest of the table. And make sure you pronounce the words OUT LOUD.

to susPECT: meaning, to have an opinion

a SUSpect: meaning, a person under suspicion

to preSENT: meaning, to give, to introduce

a PREsent: meaning, a gift, now

Now, you do the rest of the table, underlining the accented syllable and defining the word to emphasize your understanding that the accent goes with the meaning.

to conflict, a conflict

to contest, a contest

to contract, a contract

to convert, a convert

to convict, a convict

to incline, an incline

to insult, an insult

to object, an object

to permit, a permit

to present, a present

to produce, a produce

to project, a project

to protest, a protest

to rebel, a rebel

to recall, a recall

to reject, a reject

to research, a research

Practice on the following sentences that contain some of the words of the list used buth as noun and as verb. Underline the accent and read the sentences out loud

You need to insert a paragraph here on this newspaper insert.

How can you object to this object?

I'd like to present you with this present.

The manufacturer couldn't recall if there'd been a recall.

The religious convert wanted to convert the world.

The political rebels wanted to rebel against the world.

The mogul wanted to record a new record for his latest artist.

If you perfect your intonation, your accent will be perfect.

Due to the drought, the fields didn't produce much produce this year.

Unfortunately, City Hall wouldn't permit them to get a permit.

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One From American Express Promises Savings For The Hardworking American

(category: Wealth-Building, Word count: 465)
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The year 2005 was a witness to the introduction of ONE from American Express. This was a card equipped with a 'Savings Accelerator Plan', depositing 1% of the eligible purchases into your high yielding FDIC insured savings account.

Advantages of ONE from American Express

If you are a compulsive shopper, but love to save, then the American Express ONE Card will help you to save for your future. When making a purchase with this card, you can avail of the 'Savings Accelerator Plan', which will automatically open/assign a FDIC-insured High-Yielding Savings Account in your name and remit 1% cash back of the eligible purchases in the account.

The One card offers a special feature known as the Interest Protection, which does not require you to pay interest on the new purchases, irrespective of whether you make full payment of your bill at a time or make payments overtime.

There is no set expenditure limit, and thus you can spend a bit more if you wish. This leaves you free for carrying a balance for the last month's vacation. The purchases are approved depending on the cardholder's credit rating. A Spend Tracking Alert will notify you when you have reached the monthly spending amount.

If you are an impulsive buyer, then the ONE from American Express is the right choice for you. The savings accelerator of the card deposits 1% of each buy into your savings account and on the other hand gains an annual percentage yield of 4.25% (the rate is variable). Furthermore, the account has no maintenance fees, no penalties for withdrawals and no minimum balance. The money is all yours and you may save it or use it.

Other Benefits

The cardholders of ONE from American Express are facilitated by its purchase protection program, buyer protection program, travel bonuses, global assist hotline, car rental insurance, emergency card replacement and return protection program.

The card does not have any introductory period, but the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the card is quite reasonable. It is a great option for you, if you do not much bother about frequent flyer miles and discounts available at the hotels.

The other features include a cash back offer $50 after your first purchase. The first year fee-free option lets you have a $35 savings. The cash back rebate program is the best feature of the One card. You will definitely benefit from Card One from American Express, if you want to use this card at participation merchants and retailers and if you are making full payments at the end of a month. The bonus advantage is that all the new card members will receive a $25 bonus added to their savings account, on their first purchase.

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Set Your Mind To Win

(category: Goal-Setting, Word count: 1620)
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Have you ever heard someone say, I could do it if I could just set my mind to it. Have you ever uttered these words, even just to yourself?

You can you know. And me too. I really can achieve what I set my mind to. This belief has pulled me out many times from difficult situations, and for anyone discovering this feeling, you cannot describe the power inside. No bragging, just quiet confidence.

Have you heard about the story of mothers pulling great weights off their sons or daughters in order to save their lives. And then find out that the weight they lifted was virtually impossible! Tell that to a mother who is trying to save her children. There is no impossible in her mind. There is no other acceptable alternative other than total and complete success.

You can use this principle! We will move heaven and earth when we feel it is important to do so. You really can get anything you want in life if you set your mind to it. The timing and strategy may change, but the result is in the bank, 'if you set your mind to it.'

OK. You have my curiosity stoked, you say. Now you ask, how do you set your mind to it? Ahhhh. There's the rub. The question of the ages rears it ugly head once again.

I have written a success story of mine below. I am not proud of where I was, I am proud of how I handled it and came back.

1987 - This period of my life was both the worst time of my life and the best time of my life. Anyone hitting rock bottom can relate.

That year 1987, my life was in the "crapper". I was in a downward spiral, and couldn't seem to stop myself from ruining not only my life but my family's too. I was drifting away from the very people who were most important to me.

It's funny that even when you know that you are screwing up, you sometimes can't seem to make change. That's when you sometimes get lucky. At least I was.

I was drinking heavily, an alcoholic by definition, not by belief. I was up late drinking myself into a stupor and fell asleep with a lit cigarette in the ash tray. When I woke up the next morning, the cigarette had burned down, fell out of the ash tray onto the coffee table and burned a thin streak into the wood.

Now you would think that this would shake anybody up, but, this wasn't the catalyst! No.

When our little girl Sheri came down this particular morning, she remarked, horrified, that I could have burned the house down! I could have died just from the look on her face. Well, I would move mountains for my family so it was enough of a picture that I gave up smoking right then and there. March 5, 1987 My focus was laser concentrated, quitting smoking was the most important thing to do in my life at this time.

If you notice, I never said that I gave up drinking there. No. Not enough leverage for that one yet.

Later that year we were at a friend's wedding, and I still was drinking heavily. Probably more heavily if that could be possible. It's a wonder that I didn't get alcohol poisoning, I had no problem downing whole cases of beer, and requesting more. (24 packs in Ontario, where we were living at the time.)

When we came home that night, my wife and I got into an argument, and after verbally abusing her, the argument elevated. I HIT HER.

I struck my wife, a little more than 115-120 lbs soaking wet! What a big man I was. The argument continued for another few minutes, but she picked up the kids and left the house for her mothers.

At that instant, I realized even through my drunkenness that I had crossed the line.

When the next morning came, and I had sobered up a little, I could have cut my right arm off. In my life, I had swore that I would never become one who would beat on their wife. And I had hit her physically.

I have never had another alcoholic drink since that time. July 18, 1987. Quit cold turkey, with leverage that few people get to feel. Thank God for that. And of course I never hit her again. She is absolutely the most important person in my life, and I try to demonstrate that daily.

Change took on a whole new importance to me. I had tremendous leverage on myself. I had crossed a line in my mind, a threshold, that gave me absolute power over my actions. That is where we have to be when we expect change to last.

The results? That year, I quit smoking in the spring, and I quit drinking that summer. I started jogging at this same time and started out going around a little park behind our house, probably a 5 minute run but took me 11 minutes, pumping and puffing. During the next 3 months I worked up to 5 miles a day, and dropped weight from 245 to 185. My focus was concentrated solely on the fact that I knew I was better than this and I must change my life now. For myself and for my family.

I felt tremendous urgency. I felt better then than at any other time in my life. My mind was clear on the objective. Sure there were distractions, but my purpose was enough to get me through and manage them.

In 1988, I led my team at work to a company wide contest win, great recognition for me. And I took my wife Anne on her dream trip, a trip for 2 weeks to Hawaii. We took everything in we could, and took 33 rolls of film to sit together and look at later.

I journalled my thoughts and feelings at that time, but alas, I did not journal in a hard bound book, just a three ring binder. The pages tossed away sometime ago. Therefore, I have only my memory to serve me. (Journalling regularly is a great way to measure how much one has grown. I recommend it heartily.)

What really pulled me out was the realization that, not only was I completely fouling up my life and my family's, but that I was not creating anything for them or myself. I was not being who I was supposed to me. My idea of who I am, was completely in direct contradiction to what I was acting out.

Now. Back to the Present.

So, how do you set your mind to it? How do you make what you want, the most important thing in your life for the time period needed to achieve?

How do you give it importance over those things you most value already?

Connect them up. Use what is already important in your life and connect it to what you want to have, with stronger, more powerful reasons associating the fact that one gets stronger and more potent with the other.

How do you take something you have doing for years and stop 'cold turkey', and turn it around to give you terrific momentum for the positive?

How do you take something that you have been trying to do for years, and failing, and turn it around so that you are successful at it immediately?

You must make it the most important thing to do in your life for the time period necessary to ingrain it into your life. And you must make it a MUST! Just like in the story of the mother saving her child. There is no other acceptable alternative other than total and complete success.

Connect it to something you feel is already critically important and merge them. Make one depend on the other and you will be pulled to success. Look forward to your new future!

My guess is that at some time in your life you have 'set your mind' to something and cruised to victory. This is the feeling you want to remember and practice.

Think back, pull the memories of successful changes you have already made and you will have your own personal strategy that you know works for you. You just have to consciously remember and practice it.

There are many ways to change. You probably already know these but are you using them? I have found them absolutely critical to habit development and change. The degree of success you have will be directly proportionate to the degree you apply these principles.

They create a 'pull' instead of you having to 'push'. Logical reasons will help, but emotional reasons have the most power. Here are 5 strategies that I feel are critical.

1. Decision to Commit - Pure resolve that I am doing it. No matter what, whatever it takes. There is no option acceptable other than to do it.

2. Great Reasons that move me to ACTION! Strong Empowering Emotional Reasons WHY I must do this.

3. Connection to what's already important. Anchoring positive thoughts over negative to control focus. Look forward to your new future.

4. Associating with people who have done it or are doing it. Immerse myself.

5. Change My Identity, to a Self Image that is consistent with what I want.

I use these strategies in conjunction with each other. It does however depend on the habit you want to create or replace.

More later at another time, this will give you a great place to start. Go for it!

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Make Money On The Internet The Easy Way

(category: Web-Hosting, Word count: 501)
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It's every person's dream to begin working from home. The flexible work hours and the ability to be your own boss - all make it a great choice. Today this dream can become a reality because almost anyone can make money on the Internet.

A host of options

Today you can choose from a wide variety of options to start work from home. You could be an affiliate marketer, get paid to write blogs and articles for other companies, you could set up your own website and attract traffic within a week! You could also participate in link exchange opportunities - where you exchange links or URLs with other websites, to attract more traffic. In these ways you can start to make money on the Internet.

Anyone can do it

Unlike a regular job there's really no age group to start making money online. Almost anyone from a teenager to a senior citizen can explore unlimited opportunities to make money on the Internet. The Internet has certainly opened up several possibilities for online money-making opportunities. The best part is all of these opportunities can be easily learnt and mastered.

No groundwork

One of the amazing things of starting to make money on the Internet is the fact that you hardly need any investment or initial groundwork. Most companies these days offer services that help you set up your own website. Best of all you don't even need to be a computer geek proficient with backend programming or coding. This makes it great for average persons to start a business from home. It's never been easier to make money on the Internet.

It's very easy to start to make money on the Internet these days. One of the first things you'd need to do is set up your own website. These days you can find a host of service providers who will provide you a domain name free of cost. You can develop your own site with the help of any agency that specializes in creating websites. Then the next step is to figure out which money-making option you'd like to go for. For example if you wish to become an affiliate marketer you need to research which business offers you the most commission percentages. You'll also need to find products which are durable and reputed. This will help you make money on the Internet in the most profitable manner. If you're planning to start contributing articles on behalf of other companies, you want to check the pay they're offering. This is one of the least risk high profit careers you can hope for. It's because it costs you nothing to get started - all you need to do is write! Besides, the pay is usually good in this opportunity. Also with article marketing becoming a big thing among Internet marketers, writers are in big demand these days! It's easy to make money on the Internet if you're a writer working from home.

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Use A Mortgage Calculator To Guide Your Home Equity Loan Decision

(category: Mortgage, Word count: 573)
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The difference between a home loan and a home equity loan lies mainly in that the home equity loan, also known as a second or even third mortgage, is issued at a higher interest rate. This interest rate is lower than you could expect to pay on a credit card, but it will be still higher than the original interest rate.

Use a home equity mortgage calculator to see what releasing different percentages of your equity makes to the payments required. The mortgage calculator then allows you to compare whether this is the best course of action open to you.

The alternative which may be more attractive financially is refinancing your home completely. This is where the mortgage calculator can really work for you. There are a number of options when refinancing, especially if you have a substantial amount of equity in the home. By inputting these, one at a time, into a mortgage calculator you can create a list which will allow you to clearly see which option benefits you best.

Home equity loans often seem far more attractive to the home owner than they actually are. This is because the lender is hoping to seduce you into signing your property into his hands. Find out all the details and use your mortgage calculator. See if what you calculates matches what they want you to sign for. Later you may find that it wasn't such a good idea as your home suddenly becomes under threat of foreclosure because of some contractual obligation that you hadn't fully understood.

Only in extreme circumstances should you even consider a home equity loan that completely strips your property of any value over mortgage total. Keep your payments affordable by using the mortgage calculator and always factor in an additional percent or two on the interest rate.

Refinancing your home is a major step, but as with a first mortgage this is the only claim on your property. If you take out a home equity loan instead, then you will have an additional lender who has a financial stake in your home. If you decide that you much prefer the terms on the home equity loan, and the mortgage calculator seems to bring it well within your budget, then make sure you read the small print carefully.

You need to know what the payments are for: are they just interest which will leave a large capital balance payable at a later date, for example? Make sure you can afford these additional monthly payments.

Here are a few don'ts that will help you in the long run:

* Don't lie to yourself or your mortgage calculator.

* Don't over-estimate your income under any circumstances; treat overtime money as "extra" if possible, and not part of your usual salary.

*Don't over-estimate the equity in your home in the mortgage calculator. This can lead to false hopes which your property appraiser will quickly dispel.

If you are hoping to use the released capital to make home improvements, these should add value to your property. Look into this carefully to find out approximately how much you'll be increasing your property's value before committing to either the loan or having the work carried out. Failure to carry out the work means you are still responsible for the loan, but that you have not created any new equity.

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Foreclosed Property In Real Estate

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Buying a property through an auction i.e. buying a foreclosed property is the most profitable and common way to make fortune in the field of real estate. But if you do not know how to buy a foreclosed property, it can also turn to be the easiest way to loose a fortune. Most disasters occur due to over bidding on the property without assessing the real market value properly and fix up costs of the property in the bidding. Fortune on a foreclosed property can make or break that depends on the research you did.

Auctions of foreclosed property are held at public auctions, these auctions are conducted under the supervision of the country or state court where the property is situated. This works in favor of the buyer as the transfer of title is immediately executed upon winning the bid. In most of the cases the winning bidder is the lender who has requested the foreclosure of the property in the first place.

Let us look into the pros and cons of buying a foreclosed property.

If we go for the advantages, the main advantage of buying a foreclosed property through an auction is the profitability, i.e. the difference between the highly discounted price and the estimated value you can sell it at. A normal foreclosure property auction has six-week notice enabling the interested buyer to inspect the property and assess its total cost including the fix ups and other issues and research the market price at which it can be disposed of. One must always remember that bidding at a foreclosed property auction need not be competitive but based on what you assess.

For the disadvantages, the main disadvantage in buying a foreclosed property from a court auction is that it requires a lot of capital investment. The payment period is very short and one should be ready even before bidding to successfully buy a foreclosed property. A major disadvantage would be transfer of title as it involves a great risk. If your research is not correct or incomplete it could lead to major losses. If the risk is high the profit will also be better provided you be careful and do a significant research before buying one.

Buying a foreclosed property involves a lot of learning. Smart businesspersons have been known to experience the darker side of buying and selling the foreclosed properties. If one is careful he can make the most out of it, but if one is careless they can also turn into bankrupts in matter of weeks.

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Corporate Bureaucracy Dealing With And Surviving Catch 22 At Work

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 705)
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Corporate life can take a serious toll on the mind, particularly if you happen to be the one caught amidst the company's hustle and bustle. There are a thousand things that need to be done any given shift, and you'd need at least a shift just to get one of those tasks to be done properly. There are also the occasional added duties of the typical employee, such as the meeting with the boss, rant sessions with fellow employees, and the pressures and responsibilities that the typical worker adds to his already overwhelming set of problems. The need for stress relief is most commonly seen among people who are doing the dry grunt-work of a company, the ones working the trenches at the front lines of the "corporate war."

Of course, a company employee may not necessarily be fighting a "war" against the company's enemies, or business rivals, as the case may be. For anyone who has ever read the novel "Catch-22," the rather daunting concept of a soldier fighting the rigid bureaucracy of his own army is a humorous, unpleasant yet all too realistic storyline. Unfortunately, for some corporate employees, the Catch-22 is an everyday ordeal. They find themselves willing to fight even their own corporate bosses. Even worse is when there is no convenient or regular source of stress relief, which tends to wear down a person's mind and makes the situation much worse. Once a person thinks the situation is getting worse, it inevitably really does become worse, through some dismiss it as a mere quirk of fate. Yes, this sounds terribly pessimistic, but there are several people who go to their jobs day after day - resigned to go through the daily drudgery.

The fact is, there are always a few disgruntled, disenfranchised, and disillusioned employees who will look at the corporate power structure and only see the Catch-22 bureaucracy. They literally see policies leading them around in circles, with stress relief being just a pipe dream - with each step leading to the path of madness. Of course, madness is not included as a job skill requirement although in some lines of work that involve creativity, being somewhat "looney" is an unwritten prerequisite.

Dealing with a Catch-22 bureaucracy can be taxing on your mental health, whether you're fighting it or you're trying to work with it. There is ample anecdotal evidence to show that attempting to work within a bureaucracy that keeps on going around in circles can drive employees to develop frequent bouts of nausea. Besides the nausea, chronic fatigue also seems to be a growing problem among employees that attempt to survive in a Catch-22 environment. Mental fatigue is also a problem, as some people tend to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how to get out of the mess that the company's policies have gotten them into, all the while realizing that any attempt to get out is likely just going to get them deeper into the problem.

Naturally, from a realistic point of view, the above situation is hardly feasible, but if work-related stress and anxiety are not dealt with in a timely and effective manner, it can lead to some unpleasant situations. For the most part, the common reaction when the situations get extreme is to simply try and find a way to escape, or at least get into a position where the bureaucracy is less constrained. In a corporate environment, the former is little more than just removing yourself from the company's employ, and the latter means working within the constraints to get into a position of power. Of course, working twice as hard just to get away from the bureaucracy means the company will be getting more work out of an employee, but not have to pay more. Why does that sound like exactly what your typical corporate slave driver actually wants? If it does start sounding that way, then it is a safe assumption that your stress and anxiety at work has gone past being an anxiety disorder and developed into a full-blown paranoia. Next thing you know, you'll start thinking they're all out to get rid of you.

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