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You Re Considering Plastic Surgery But Do You Really Need To Go Under The Knife

(category: Medicine, Word count: 174)
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With plenty of shows like Extreme Makeover, Nip/Tuck and the advent of the Discovery Health Channel, the idea of plastic surgery has been gaining a lot of ground. But just because you can get plastic surgery, it doesn't always mean that you should! As a matter of fact, a lot of the things that women want to repair with plastic surgery can be remedied without the costs or risks that surgery entails. When it comes down to it, how sure are you that plastic surgery is your best (or only) option? You're just about to find out!

Should You or Shouldn't You?

Wondering if plastic surgery is the only way to fix your flaws? Honestly, it probably isn't. You'd be surprised at the number of different maladies which don't require plastic surgery to treat or correct. Instead, they can be treated with less invasive options like Botox, acidic peels, microdermabrasion or even over-the-counter remedies.

Which ailments don't require surgery?

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You Must Use The Right Keywords To Attain High Page Rank

(category: Internet-Marketing, Word count: 399)
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Know what words your customers will use when searching.

You might know what your customers search for. If not, find out. Is it a description of "pants" or "jeans?" One may be searched more often than the other, but why not target both? How about "executive gifts?" Maybe "desk accessories" will broaden your web site marketing strategy.

Ask all kinds of people. Get advice from people in all walks of life including management, employees, customers, vendors, friends and family on how they would search for effective search engine positioning keywords. Ask them how they would search for different products and services. It's really not about what you think they would search for, its about what they think. Believe me, they can many times be two totally different things.

Once you have successfully harvested a meaningful keyword list, remove any keywords that are too targeted or not to specific. Also remember that keyword placement is important. Try to put as many keywords as possible in the beginning paragraphs, and of course the title line.

The higher the value of the keyword the more competition you will have. Every SEO utilizes tools similar to the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool and also know the value of a keyword. The lower the value of the keyword the less competition we will have.

We don't want to aim to low but we also don't want to aim to high. We need to find a middle ground. For you that may be a keyword with a value of no less than 1000 and no more than 10,000. It will be up to you to determine what you deem reasonable.

Also, the keywords should appear regularly throughout the opening Web page. It is especially important that they appear frequently in the opening paragraphs.

However, resist the temptation to overuse keywords. The search engines can spot it and will reduce your page rankings. Tools are available to help with optimal keyword density. However, avoid software that writes the site's pages. Search engines can sniff these out, too.

A good rule of thumb is: Never sacrifice quality of content for keyword placement. This will affect your page ranking. Most importantly, your site won't appeal to visitors. For a FREE EBOOK detailing the fastest way to the top of the search engine, visit: and

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Obesity Is An Increasing Health Risk

(category: Weight-Loss, Word count: 388)
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High blood pressure, joint pains, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart ailments, palsy, liver ailments, menstrual abnormalities, breast cancer, female infertility, decline in libido, endometrial cancer, mental stress, blood circulation diseases like arteriosclerosis, cholelithiasis etc. These are some of the diseases which might come up with obesity. This list seems endless. But before knowing how to end obesity one must know "what is obesity?"

Whom would you consider a person to be obese? A person who has BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30 is considered to be an obese individual. But how does one become obese? In theory causes of obesity are gene, intake of fatty foods, lacking of physical activity, food habits, laziness and endocrine problems.

What are the available remedies for getting out of obesity?

Liposuction: It is a surgical process where the fat is removed by sucking out the fat from the body by inserting a needle.

Surgery: Commonly this procedure involves surgery of stomach and intestine to lower the intake of food.

Diet Pills: Majority of the diet pills are for short-term use only. These diet pills are effective only if they are used in combination with exercises and a controlled diet.

Fat burning pills: These are short-term quick fat burning pills. But the main problem with this medication is that the results are short lived. Once the medication is stopped the fats again show up.

Exercises: It is an age old technique of obesity reduction. It is a natural process so side effects are not there.

Controlled diet program: Like exercises this too is a natural process. Here a limited amount of food is taken which controls the formation of fat in the body.

Acupressure and acupuncture: Age old technique but nothing concrete has been proved yet.

Whatever be the method of getting over obesity there is no better method than natural methods like exercises and controlled diet program. And if a diet pill like Phentermine, Adipex, Acomplia is introduced the effects would be visible within a short time period.

Apart from physical aspects obesity may also let you feel dejected, out of the world and may make an individual abstain from social gatherings. If you are obese it is time to act. Whatever remedy you choose you should always consult your doctor for his view on that remedy.

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Rotation Rotation And More Rotation In Your Golf Swing

(category: Golf, Word count: 955)
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In real estate, it's location, location and location.

In golf, it's all about rotation. More power requires better rotation. To keep your body healthier, it's about better rotation. For consistency, you'd better be able to rotate.

The body rotates around a spine angle that should be fixed or stable, keeping your club on the proper swing path. Are you able to do this with your swing?

This may be the idea that separates the high handicapper and low handicapper: the ability to rotate your body, keeping the club on a consistent swing plane.

Admittedly, some of the pros like Jim Furyk make some interesting movements in the swing, but if you dissect it a little further, you will notice they keep the club in a certain slot on the backswing and on the downswing. Every tour player is able to rotate around a fixed or stable spine angle, make a linear weight transfer, and successfully hit the golf ball.

This is the goal of the golf swing: keep the golf club in a slot, essentially dissecting the shoulder on the back swing and follow through.

How many of us do that?

Fewer than we would probably like to admit. So how do we rotate the body and keep the club in this slot? The answer is probably not the one we would like to hear. It requires developing a "feel" for the golf swing and knowing what the body is doing at every step of the golf swing.

Essentially, you must develop a feel for both the club and your body. Some of us are better at it than others. At this point, it is ingrained into the body and you will know when the swing is off and what to correct. Keep in mind, we are not going to make a perfect swing every time, but that is our goal.

How do we go about keeping the swing on the correct plane and developing "feel?"

I know of two possibilities. One of the answers is probably quite obvious.

The first answer to this question has to do with your golf swing mechanics. Yes, probably not a surprise to many of you.

The golf swing is an intricate, biomechanical movement requiring you to perform a large number of movements with the correct timing and no room for error.

Understanding the correct biomechanical sequence of the golf swing and the ability to execute it take great instruction, a good amount of practice, patience and time.

The body can learn either the correct or incorrect way to swing a golf club. As a result, it is imperative to receive quality instruction on the proper way to swing a club.

Secondly, the mind and body learn new movements through repetition. The only way to learn the correct golf swing is through consistent practice. Practice ingrains into your brain, nerves, and muscles how to properly execute the movements of the golf swing, the correct sequence of the golf swing, and the correct timing of the golf swing.

Finally, to learn the golf swing correctly it takes time. It is not an overnight process but requires consistent time spent practicing and playing. Don't let anyone fool you that there is a quick-fix patch that will drop your handicap 25 strokes while you're sleeping.

Over a certain time period the body will learn the swing. It's different for each of us. Once the body learns the swing, the "feel" begins to develop. Once you get that feel, you will begin know exactly where your clubhead is at all times during the golf swing.

I can't feel a thing!

Most of us understand that the golf swing is a rotational movement and requires learning the proper biomechanics of the golf swing. However, the second part of the answer of developing "feel" may be less understood.

Now think about this for a second. What if your body is not able to rotate around a fixed spine angle? If you can't rotate, it will be very, and I mean very, hard to keep your club in a slot.

I see it all the time with amateurs. They want to develop a good swing desperately, but are unable to do so because of a weak, inflexible, and powerless body.

If you are inflexible in the hips, how are you going to rotate in a manner that places the club in the correct slot for the downswing? It's not going to happen!

If you have poor balance, how are you going to develop "feel" in the golf swing? You're not!

It comes down to this notion about the golf swing.

Your body is performing the mechanics of the golf swing. In order to do this properly, your body must have certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power.

The only, and I mean only, way to develop a good swing and "feel" within your swing requires a body that can support your swing.

The swing is a very complex movement requiring a synergy between your body and the mechanics of the swing. If you attempt to develop a swing without a body to support it, you are on your way to a very frustrating experience and lowering your handicap will be a trying time.

I would strongly suggest implementing a program that develops your swing mechanics in conjunction with your body. The exercises in Your Body & Your Swing will take your body to where it needs to be.

If you are looking for help learning the correct golf swing mechanics, take a look at our golf swing instructional videos. Putting both the body and the swing together will give you the results you're looking for.

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Muscle Relaxants The Best Method To Relieve Muscle Pains

(category: Health-Fitness, Word count: 418)
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You might have been forced to suffer muscle pain several times in your life. Using a muscle relaxant is the best method to relieve from muscle pains of all kinds. These are drugs which will affect the functioning of muscle and thereby decreases the tone of muscles. All kinds of muscle pains are reduced with the help of relaxants.

When you find symptoms of muscle problems like spasm and pain, try to go for a muscle relaxant. This will alleviate the pain and will help in problems concerning hyperreflexia. There are mainly two kinds of muscle relaxants used in helping to deal with muscle pain.

Neuromuscular blockers are kind of muscle relaxants that will interfere with the transmissions and thereby will not have CNS activity. Such relaxants are used in surgical procedures and will be of great use in cases that require intensive care or emergency attention. Such kind of relaxants is used normally in cases of paralysis.

Another class of muscle relaxants is used as centrally acting medicines. They will alleviate pains such as musculoskeletal problems and will reduce the pain due to spasms. This is the most commonly used relaxants generally used in cases of muscle pains. Treating muscle pain with muscle relaxants is the best method for lessening discomforts due to improper functioning of muscles.

The muscle relaxants will help to regulate the aches in the back and in the spine. When chronic muscle pain affect our normal health conditions and causes severe pain, we will be troubled and this will even interfere with our sleep. In such cases, a relaxant will help us to deal with chronic pain of spasm and will help to improve sleep.

Medications like Skelaxin, Felxeril, Tramadol, Soma etc will help you to avoid all pain due to muscle problems. Skelaxin is normally preferred since they are free of problems like drowsiness in case of day time use. Flexeril can be used on a regular basis and can be used to increase sleep slowly. This will help patients suffering from sleeplessness to wake up freshly in the morning.

The muscle relaxants are prescribed by doctors in the treatment of acute muscle pain. The mechanism of these medicines might differ slightly, though all have common effect. Problems in connection with mobility and that will affect the mood of people can be wiped off completely with the help of these medications. They can also help people to get rid of fatigue health conditions.

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Credit Repair Scams And How To Avoid Them

(category: Credit, Word count: 659)
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Everyone by now has probably gotten at least one email, junk mail, or other type of solicitation concerning Credit Repair. The truth is that around 80% of Americans have credit issues they need to deal with so there is a huge market for credit repair services.

But with every large market there is one thing you can be sure of. It will also draw out the unethical people and the scammers and thieves as well. In this article I will tell you about some of the scams and offer you a little free advice on how to avoid credit repair scams and rip-offs.

The first thing that should be discussed is that anytime something sounds too good to be true it most likely is. When you hear or read the words, "Free", you should beware. My own website has the word free in it because I actually provide free information. However, if you were to want me to do all that is necessary to repair your credit, you can bet you'd have to pay me for the service.

So, when you see someone offering to fix your credit for free, ask yourself, "How can anyone work for me for free?" Some claim to be a nonprofit organization only there because they are interested in helping people fix their credit.

There may actually be one out there that does this and if you ever dig them up email me a link. For the most part I would be even more leery of those that claim to be a nonprofit. Even the federal government is now looking into credit repair organizations that claim to be nonprofit.

What these companies or credit repair clinics do is something you can do for yourself. They dispute claims by creditors. You can do this by going to the big three, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion Corporation. If the creditors fail to respond within 30 days, then the item is removed from your credit report.

Sounds great right? Well, not exactly. Even if the creditor fails to respond in the 30 day time period, they can still add the item back onto your credit report. That means that the money you paid for someone to do that for you was wasted. You can get a free credit report from each of these companies once per year. So that is three times per year that you can check up on your credit report.

According to the Federal Trade Commission Website, "A federal judge has ruled that a bogus credit repair company and its owner violated the law by making false and misleading claims, and billing in advance for its services, and has ordered them to pay more than $322,000. This action was a result of "Project Credit Despair," a crackdown on 20 operations that deceptively claimed they could remove negative information from consumers' credit reports - even if that information was accurate and timely."

If the information on your credit report is accurate and timely, there is no one that can get that removed for you. The best thing you can do in that case is to contact the company and make some type of arrangements to pay off the debt. Offer a cash settlement that is less than the total amount owed and sometimes they will help you and take the offer. You have nothing to lose by making that offer and everything to gain.

I hope this article has helped you to understand about credit repair. There are some legitimate companies out there. Just beware of any that tell you that they can remove items from your credit report that are legitimate debts. If they offer to negotiate directly with creditors or help you consolidate your debt, then you may benefit from using professionals. However, on the debt consolidation part, watch that you do not end up paying a higher percentage for interest than you are currently.

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The Olive History And Production

(category: Gourmet, Word count: 221)
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The Olive tree dates back to early ancient times in both biblical and classical writings. In these early writings, the olive oil is referenced as a symbol of both goodness and purity, and the tree represents peace and happiness. In ancient times, the oil was also burnt in sacred lamps at temples during the Olympic Games, and the victor was crowned with its leaves.

Olives have been cultivated since prehistoric times in Asia Minor. Today olives are commercially produced in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Portugal, China, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Angola, South Africa, Uruguay, Afghanistan, Australia, New Zealand, and California. The Mediterranean area produces 93% of the olive production. Currently there are some 800 million olive trees being cultivated. California is the only state where olives are grown commercially. Over 90% of the olive production is used to make olive oil.

The Olive tree is considered an evergreen tree. These trees can live to be over 2,000 years old. They grow 20-40 feet high and begin to bear fruit between 4 and 8 years old. The tree blooms with small whitish flowers and have a wonderful fragrant.

A Franciscan missionary planted the first olive tree in California in 1769 at a Franciscan mission in San Diego. The olives grown in California are called

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Starting The Path To A Spiritual Journey

(category: Time-Management, Word count: 1366)
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A spiritual path is easy to miss because it is subtle. It is a path to your higher consciousness with fuller awareness. Upon entering the spiritual path, you will begin to change your perceptions and see new interpretations of reality. You will learn to heal yourself from the conditioning of childhood, societal mores and traditional thinking. You move from being unaware to becoming an empowered, conscious, loving, holistic, and fully functioning person. You will start to understand the mysteries of life.

As your awareness expands, you will realize there is only one of you. Who you are expands to include all the parts of your life. Knowing and feeling connected to this full-self unfolds in stages, as there are degrees of truth along the way to full truth. It is a continual process of exploring yourself and others, participating in relationships and groups, and learning from experiences of your inner-self.

How do you start your spiritual journey?

Often it begins with a personal crisis that starts an inner desire to look beneath the surface of what is happening to find richer meaning and purpose.

These questions could include such things as.

Who am I outside of my roles and conditioning?

Why am I here?

What would give my life more meaning and purpose?

Why do these things happen to me?

How can I help myself?

Why do I worry about what my family and friends think?

How can I heal my dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviors?

How can I change my life so that I like my life?"

These questions and many others need answering; this will then cause you to move into a deeper quest for life. Life is always answering your inner questions by bringing you answers and new experiences. These experiences may come to you through books or religious teachings, or by listening and learning as you grow. However, you have to be ready to see, feel and hear the insights.

Sometimes it is not even a conscious thought that begins the journey. It might be that you are having problems or you have a habit that needs changing, or a relationship that is not working. At what point would you want to enter a therapy group, a counseling group, or a family therapy group to help improve your situation. Many of these types of groups can open the doors to a deeper search.

You may respond because you have had too much pain and suffering after a catastrophic event like an illness, divorce, loss of a job or a death of a family member. These experiences force you often to look for answers. This is because you become confused, hurt or angry. When you are in this frame of mind, you can open yourself to new ideas.

Another way you can move on to a spiritual path is if you have a partner who is willing to join you on your journey, especially if they are constantly changing and growing, helping to introduce new ideas and catalyzing the relationship. When you stay in a relationship, you can evolve together.

When you decide to make you journey, some mystical experiences can bring you change that will last forever. This is an expansion of consciousness, greater than everyday life. This is where you can lift the veil of non-understanding. Once you have made the changes you will make an instant change in your life. You will release all your fears and start to understand that love is the underlying principal of the universe. You can change you life forever.

The circle and the spiral of life.

Let us now look at two different people. One is living a normal life and one is starting their spiritual journey. For clarity let us call her Susan and let us say that Susan lives her life in a line that goes from point A to point B, eventually this makes a circle from birth to death. Susan is born into a family that would expect her to follow the family's example. This includes family values and beliefs that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Therefore, Susan stays within the comfort of her conditioning.

If Susan decides to move out from the family footsteps, it would probably be in reaction to extreme situations. Susan jumps to another point and has the tendency to over-correct and therefore, act out the opposite side of the coin. Susan may look like she is thinking for herself and acting differently; however, she is still dealing with the same coin. Susan will still condition and will still stay within the boundaries of the family circle.

Time will tell if Susan returns to the traditions or truly moves into higher consciousness. I would like to point out at this point that many who find their spiritual path do go back to traditional ways; they just experience it with a newer and deeper understanding.

So now, let us look at person number two, we will call this person Peter. Peter looks at the boundaries in the circle and is not satisfied, wanting more from his life than following the line from point A to point B. This calls forth a deeper process in a number of ways (some that we mentioned earlier) so, Peter moves out of the circle. The circle now becomes a new configuration, a spiral. The circle represents a closed system, repeating what has been modeled and taught. It is very difficult for new information to get into this system. When Peter enters the spiral, he makes a shift upwards and moves into a new dimension, an open system, which is full of information not known within the circle.

Another way to explain this is to use a mountain. Susan lives at the bottom of the mountain and everything is familiar. Is this where you are? If you are, then you may have learned for example, that you are an extension of your parents or family. You need to conform to the roles and rules of these groups. You may respond to them telling you what to do. However, you should remember your body is of physical beauty, strength and youth, and this is what counts in your life.

Alternatively, you may believe that your possessions make you who you are. Others around you may think that it is great that you have a high IQ and you did well at school. You have plenty of money and you seem to have it all. That is all very well except that true happiness and having a connection to your inner self, are missing.

If this makes you think about what your role is, and what is missing in your life, that is a good thing. This is the point that you may actually move away from the bottom of the mountain onto the spiral where you will find your true self. Are you ready to walk up the mountain and find your hidden path to your higher realizations? It may be uncomfortable at first and your rational mind might try to talk you into going back down the mountain for safety and familiarity. As you climb, you will start to find others who want to share ideas with you and who can answer a few of your questions. You may find the life you really want.

You now have some ideas to ponder over. What journey do you want to take?

We have looked at the difference between Susan who is not willing to walk away from the circle to start her journey; therefore, she will stay this way forever. We have also looked at Peter, who wants to change his circle; therefore, he will have a happier and fuller life.

Many experiences and thinking patterns can initiate your spiritual journey. The decision is up to you.

Do you want a higher awareness or do you want to live a life where you are blind to what you can really become?

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Find People On The Internet Getting Started

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I am sure there are times when you have wondered what your buddy from high school is doing these days. Or perhaps that cute girl or guy you liked in your junior year? Well, in recent times there are easy ways to find out. For sure in the past, you had to deal with that whole phonebook thing, and if they weren't listed, you were just out of luck. Clearly that's a thing of the past. The internet has revolutionized the whole system of things. With the ease and help of your home PC or Mac, you can find people on the Internet with the push of a button, or a click of a mouse! Now whichever catchphrase your prefer, simply hop online and check it out today!

About a week ago, I stumbled across my high school yearbook, while searching for some old photo albums. I couldn't help but flip back through it as my eyes lit up with intrigue. Suddenly I got the idea to open up my laptop. In fact I never considered cyberspace as a way to reminisce. Who knows, I could probably find people on the Internet from my graduating class. Now isn't this a great idea. I began punching in names. Though a number of them didn't pop up, several did. Whether it listed the college they attended, their current law or medical practice, or just an award or certificate they had won, it was all too bizarre. I was soon hit with the ultimate way to find people on the Internet. There are simply websites that do this for you. Sure, it may cost you a fee, but if it's worth it to trace them; then why not? These websites can locate any person that's listed just about anywhere. Now, doesn't this sound cool? Today you can hop online and look for that certain someone you've always wanted to know about. Though I have to admit I was astonished at how many people stayed in our home town or state.

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