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Campus Stress How Students Can Overcome The Pressure Cooker Of College

(category: Weather, Word count: 251)
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Studies show that college students learn less, and retain less, when they're under stress. With ever-mounting pressure on today's collegians to perform well academically, while signing on to a full slate of activities socially, stress has become a raging campus epidemic. The resulting anxiety can cause students to develop learning deficiencies, miss assignments, cut classes, underachieve, or drop out altogether.

And it hurts everyone: students, parents, faculty members, and universities. To help stressed out campus dwellers get their lives back under control, here are several student-centric stress-reducing strategies, excerpted from my new book "400 Ways to Stop Stress Now...and Forever!"

Work before play.

Leisure is better enjoyed when it follows a period of good hard work. But putting off work to have your fun first is another story. Rather than relieving stress, it can be a source of it. Because now you made a conscious decision to fall behind. And the prospect of neglected work to make up can erode your fun. Don't let others lure you away from your appointed tasks, either. (Dereliction loves company.) Students are especially vulnerable to this. In the work/play cycle the effort should always come first, before the reward. Why make yourself crazy?

Study in shorter, more frequent intervals.

Whether it's schoolwork or a career training program...overnight cramming and marathon study sessions are less productive and the material more easily forgotten. Never let it get to that point. Study as you go along

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The Purpose Of The Salvage Car Auction

(category: Trucks-Suvs, Word count: 410)
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Salvage car auctions are becoming big business in America today. In todays more ecologically considerate world where Reduce, Re-use, Recycle has become a catch phrase, recycling of salvage vehicles has become a major player in saving our ecology. The salvage car auction offers a great way for salvage yards to buy damaged vehicles for their recycling purposes. Most generally these salvaged vehicles are taken back to salvage yard and parted out before the left over husk of the vehicle is crushed and generally sent off to be melted down to make new metal products. Thus the lawn chairs sitting on your patio, in another life, could have been your first car that you wrecked on prom night.

What Is A Salvage Car Auction?

So what is a salvage car auction? Basically most of the vehicles brought up for sale at a salvage car auction are from insurance claims. When a car is involved in an accident, the insurance company takes a look at the damage to the vehicle and other factors such as the age of the car and the Kelly Blue Book value. If the estimated cost of repairs to the vehicle is more than the value the insurance company assigns to it, then the vehicle is considered totaled and the insurance company buys the vehicle and salvages it.

The interesting point to all this is that insurance companies then sell these cars at a salvage car auction and these cars can be bought very inexpensively. What makes this such a great deal is that, while most of the cars that come thru a salvage car auction are destroyed beyond repair, some vehicles with very minor damage are considered totaled due to the age of the vehicle or the expense of a particular repair. Many times a summer hailstorm near a new car lot will result in a huge loss for the insurance company and a large number of cars that are mechanically sound but suffer from cosmetic damages. What does this mean for you?

What it means is that you can buy a new or nearly new vehicle for a very low investment at a salvage car auction so long as you can deal with the minor cosmetic flaws such as dinged paint or chipped windshields. So it is quite easy to see that salvage car auctions serve a purpose in our society and can make for some wonderful savings.

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Know Your Muscle Building Exercises The Back

(category: Muscle-Building, Word count: 265)
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Every bodybuilder and weight trainer will have his or her favorite exercises for each body part. That's how it should be - as you progress through the various stages of learning you'll understand what works best for you. It is useful, however, to take stock of your progress every so often and carry out an analysis of where you are and what changes, if any, are needed to move onwards and upwards.

Part of this analysis should include an assessment of the core exercises that make up your bodybuilding training program. In this article we'll look at the back exercises that have proven their worth to serious bodybuilders for many years. Where appropriate a series of exercises suitable for achieving pre-exhaustion will be presented. All exercises should be performed to failure with one set of six to eight reps.

1. Lat machine pulldowns - this exercise has been chosen because it allows you to isolate the lats and rest the biceps for the compound exercise to follow.

- Take a shoulder width grip.

- Pull arms towards the thighs keeping the arms straight.

- Pause.

- Return the bar slowly to the starting position.

2. Pulldowns - you can move straight on to this exercise if you are sufficiently experienced. Using the same machine, take an under hand grip because this will make better use of biceps strength thus maximizing the effects of the workout.

- Take a shoulder width grip.

- Pull bar to the chest area.

- Return the bar slowly to the starting position.

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Term Insurance

(category: Insurance, Word count: 239)
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Term insurance is a level term life insurance product that pays out a lump sum when the insurance policyholder dies or becomes terminally ill. It provides peace of mind to the insurance policyholder that loved ones left behind after their death will be financially secure. Term life insurance can be configured to pay off all existing loans - including the mortgage - and leave a cash sum in the bank to support your spouse and children. If you don't want your family to have to cope with financial pressures during their bereavement, or struggle to find the funds to pay for your funeral then term insurance is the life product to have.

Term insurance is different to mortgage insurance

It is important to realise that term insurance is a different life product to mortgage insurance. Term insurance is a long-term insurance product that can be taken out over a lifetime of 50 years. During this time the insurance premium remains the same as does the amount paid out in the event of death or terminal illness.

Mortgage insurance on the other hand mirrors the life of your outstanding mortgage loan. The insurance premiums remain the same throughout the life of the product, but unlike term insurance the amount paid out upon death or terminal illness reduces in line with the outstanding mortgage loan. So, if you were to die at the point that you owe only

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Online Business Strategies Part 2 Successful Customer Maintenance

(category: Web-Hosting, Word count: 320)
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You successfully marketed your online business, and now you have a growing pool of customers. Now is the perfect time to ratchet up your client maintenance program!

Wait... you don't have one? Then you need to consider implementing the following customer maintenance strategies that are easy-to-employ, even for work at home entrepreneurs without a sales background.

1. Special Offers

You want your clients to feel special, so why not offer them coupons, gifts, and reduced rates periodically (or with a certain number of orders)? That way, they'll be enticed to come back to your online business rather than trying to "shop around" for another deal.

2. Newsletter

In our cyber age, there's nothing wrong with gathering customers' email addresses (with their permission, of course) and regularly sending them information about your online business in e-newsletter formats. Just be certain that the text is actually something that they'll care about; you can even include coupons or coupon codes in your newsletters as an "extra something" for your home business clients.

3. Call or Email Them

The personal touch goes a long way, especially if a client doesn't expect it. Even if you're just a fledgling online business, you can make a huge splash by randomly calling a few customers a week. You can email them too, but calling on the phone makes a bigger impression. You don't have to launch into a diatribe about how thankful you are that they shopped at your home business, but do let them know you appreciate their patronage. They'll be impressed by your candor and likely to come back... and refer your online business to friends.

Whether you have been a work at home enthusiast for many years or just a few weeks, it will always benefit you to "take care" of your customers. Then, they'll take care of you by keeping your home business afloat.

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Working With Your Home Not Against It

(category: Home-Improvement, Word count: 494)
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The importance of an organized, well-run home can not be over-stressed. Your home, and thus your family, will run more efficiently, and with efficiency comes less stress and more joy. More time to enjoy the pleasures of life. The little time it takes to put the system into place will be given back to you many, many times over - you will reap what you sow.

There are a few things to consider when formulating your individual plan of attack. Where do you see the problem areas in your home and life? Are the keys always missing? The sports equipment strewn about? Bills going unpaid, perhaps piling up with junk mail? Have you tripped over that pile of shoes for the last time - again?

Sometimes the best way to "fix" these problems is to stop fighting them. At this point, you are inevitably saying to yourself "What in the world.." Stay with me, and I believe you will see the sense here. If your family continues to leave their shoes like landmines in the hallway or by the door instead of taking them to their rooms or the hall closet, perhaps you should consider placing an attractive basket there for people to kick their shoes into. Work with your family's tendencies, and you will see more positive results with less headaches.

Some things require a bit more willpower, but once you incorporate them into your routine, you will wonder why you ever did otherwise. If you need a place to keep your keys or your badge for work, think of a bowl or hook by the door. Maybe a tray on your dresser, if you find yourself coming home and rushing to change into something comfortable. Work with what feels natural, then enforce it. If you sort the mail each day and promptly get rid of the ads and junk mail, you will save yourself a great deal of grief. No more desks or kitchen tables or catch-all baskets swimming in useless papers - you can see the few things that do need attending to with ease.

Consider storage solutions and shelving for every room of your house. Use baskets and bins to further corral items, and your solution can be as attractive as it is smart. In the kitchen and pantry you can contain plastic storage containers, spices, sauce packets, anything you see causing clutter. In the bathroom cabinet, sassy baskets can hold hair products, lotions, makeup - whatever you see jumbled there. In the den, look to rein in toys, blankets, books, music, etc, with a beautiful trunk or basket matched to your decor - a storage ottoman answers many needs at once!

If you set your mind to making your home function as easily as possible, every little step you take will get you closer. Soon you will be able to enjoy it and your family, and they will thank you for it.

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Stair Lifts Your Key To Freedom

(category: Home-Family, Word count: 392)
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Stair lifts have been around for close to 90 years. First developed in the 1920's they have evolved into a very reliable and valuable product. For many thousands of Americans stair lifts provide an essential link between the different levels of their houses. It used to be that when you started to get older the first thing you did was sell your home and move into a single story home. This is no longer necessary because stair lifts can be safely installed in hours at a very affordable rate.

In almost all instances it is very easy to install stair lifts in your home. The exception to this is when your stairs are incredibly narrow or curved. It can be very hard to watch someone you love struggle to get up or down the stairs. Even worse is the worry you can feel when you think about them doing it by their self when there is no one there to give them a helping hand.

Stair lifts can allow the user to easily go up and down the stairs at the push of a button. While the installation is usually very simple and straightforward it is necessary to get an accurate measurement of your stairs. This can be done in several easy steps:

-Using a measuring tape, measure the distance from the top landing to the floor at the bottom of the steps. Measure in a straight line and make sure the measuring tape is tight and does not sag between steps.

-Next, using the same method as before, measure the distance from the landing to the bottom step.

-You will now need to measure the width of the stairs. Measure long ways across the bottom step.

-Next measure the distance from the bottom step to the nearest obstruction, such as a wall or door.

-You are almost done now. All you need to do is measure the height and length of one of your steps.

After you have an accurate measurement of your steps the installation will be simple and straight forward. Stair lifts can restore your confidence and make you feel safe again when you traverse the stairs in your home. Do not hesitate another moment, purchase a stair lift and make a decision that could very well save your life.

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Your No Gym Workout

(category: K12-Education, Word count: 487)
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A no gym workout is ideal for those people who aren't members of a gym, and don't have any equipment of their own. There have been fascinating methods devised whereby people can use their own body weight as a tool to build muscles. Here we show you the secrets of the no gym workout.

Step 1

We are going right back to basics here, so if you already know this, bear with us. The first part of a workout should involve cardio as a warm up, to get the blood pumping. A no gym workout needs to abide by this as well. There are many different ways of achieving a solid warm up, so pick the one which suits you. Jogging, running, cycling, any of these will do to get you into the prepared state. One possible routine which will definitely warm you up is to alternate a couple of minutes of jogging with a minute of sit ups. This will certainly warm you up!

Step 2

The arms are so often the main feature of a bodybuilding workout, whether in the gym, or at home. There is plenty you can do for the arms as part of a no gym workout. You will need some kind of weight, and obviously professional measured weights are the best. If you don't have these, you can always improvise. Bags can contain just about anything, and you can do bicep curls with them. If you use something like tins of food or books, you can always alter the weight ass necessary. Press ups are good for the rest of the arms.

Step 3

The chest is much more difficult to work at home, because the most effective exercises normally involve professional training equipment. A weight bench is ideal if you have one, but if you don't there are still exercises you can perform. In a no gym workout, you will need to do some tough press ups (one handers or declined). You can also dip yourself if you can find the right facility, maybe in the garage or the kitchen. Work surfaces have been successfully used by some people.

Step 4

Legs are another area where it is often difficult to find the right circumstances to exercise with your no gym workout, but there are ways of getting round most of the problems. Squats are your first port of call, as these put a lot of pressure on the legs. You can do these without any weights, and still get good results, or else you can improvise some weights as we did for the arms. Calves can be built up by performing heel raises on a step, or similar structure. They can also be a side beneficiary of your cardio, especially if that involves skipping.

Now you know how to perform a full no gym workout. Keep at it, apply consistency, and you should see results.

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Travel Right When Vacationing In Mexico

(category: Travel-Tips, Word count: 400)
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Vacationing in exotic locations all over the world can be enjoyable, but the best way to guarantee that you get the most out of your vacation is to plan properly and to make sure that you bring everything you need and are prepared for a number of situations. Are you planning a vacation to Mexico? Here are five things that you need to keep in mind to guarantee that your vacation is enjoyable and safe.

1. Choose a list of the destinations that interest you beforehand, so that you can plan accordingly. Once you have planned out your ideal destinations, you can map them out for the efficiency of your trip. If you do some planning beforehand, you will be better prepared to enjoy your vacation from beginning to end.

2. Do your research beforehand. There's enough information on the internet that you can get any of the resources and answers that you need to plan a great vacation to Mexico. Plan ahead in order to decide how you will travel, where you will stay, how you will get around within the country, where you will eat, and what attractions you will visit during your vacation. Your vacation does not have to follow a strict regimen, but if you are prepared, you can worry less during your vacation when you should be enjoying yourself.

3. Pack as early as you can. Before you take off on your vacation, you should plan what you are bringing with you. Unless there is laundry service, you should plan to have a set of clothing for each day that you will be on vacation. There are three main things that you need to plan for when packing: Clothing, valuable legal documents like your passport, and any medicines that you need. By packing ahead of time, you can make sure that you do not leave anything out at the last minute.

5. Plan to bring back souvenirs. If you want to bring anything back from your vacation trip to Mexico, you need to make sure you've packed to accommodate any souvenirs that you may want to bring home. Do not pack your bags too full of stuff, but rather make sure that at least one piece of carry-on luggage has space for smaller souvenirs, and that there is some space in larger luggage to accommodate larger souvenir items.

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