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Is It Safe For You To Join The Ranks Of The Millions Of Online Daters

(category: Dating, Word count: 331)
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According to CBC, there are over 40 million visitors to online dating sites in the US and 7 million in Canada. Although these numbers may seem staggering, there are millions of other still who are hesitant to delve into the world of dating online. Why is this? What are the real risks of online dating? How can you keep yourself safe on and offline?

The first, and one of the most important rules is to never reveal any personal information, especially on a public profile where anyone with the internet can access it. Personal information of this nature includes real names, addresses, phone numbers, and any other sensitive information, especially banking or financial information. Contact information, like phone numbers and addresses should only be given to people once a certain level of trust and regular communication has been established. When dating online, protecting sensitive personal information that others can use to get access to money, personal files, and so on, can help protect your finances, and personal safety.

Meeting people from online dating sites face to face is also often perceived as quite risky. While there certainly are risks involved with meeting new people, certain safety precautions can, and should, be taken. For example, always meet in a public place, and keep a cell phone with you at all times. Tell a friend where you're going, and who with. It's also a good idea to designate a check in time, where you'll call a friend to tell them where you are and how things are going, and let them know you're safe.

Many people who stay away from dating online do so because of the perceived risks of meeting strangers over the internet. Though there certainly are risks to online dating, proper safety precautions and awareness of risks and strategies can help minimize these risks and make dating online a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Discount Wedding Favor

(category: Home-Family, Word count: 392)
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If you want wedding favors that are truly unique, take the time to develop your ideas and make your own. It has become increasingly popular for brides to design their own wedding favors. You will save money and it shows that you have an interest in the guests that came to share in your very special day. It is also an opportunity for the bridal party to become actively involved in the preparations of the wedding.

Search through bridal magazines to get an idea of the different types of wedding favors you can create. Remember, you do not have to exactly duplicate the item, just get an idea and then adapt it to your specific needs. Browse through local craft stores to get an idea. You can talk to the staff and work with them to help you create the perfect wedding favor. Then, you can purchase the necessary supplies and make the remainder. Make the wedding favor as simple as possible so that it is easy to assemble at the last minute.

Once you have decided on the wedding favor, you can make your favor fit the theme of your wedding. Whatever you choose, the important fact is that it was hand-crafted by you for your guests. There are a variety of inexpensive wedding favors that you can enhance by creating a decorative label. This decorative label may include your names and the date of your wedding and can be attached to your wedding favors. Items such as

Candy tins or gift bags filled with Jordan almonds, mints or chocolate kisses. Dove chocolate shaped as a long stemmed red rose. Votive candle. Personalized scrolls that have your name and wedding date with a beautiful poem relating to the bride and future groom.

If you are too busy or not inclined to take the time to make your own personalized wedding favors, there are many different wedding favors that can be purchased with a minimal budget. You can shop around to find many different types of wedding favors. The possibilities are endless. Another option is to do internet research to find discount wedding favors. Many internet sites offer a variety of items for sale. If you only need a few wedding favors, there is also the possibility of closeout items at a greatly reduced price.

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Looking Back To Some Classic Arcade Games

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A kid asks his dad. "Dad, how did arcade games look like during those times?"

The father replied, "Well son, at the moment arcade games are fantastic. But I tell you son, twenty years ago I did play Pac-man and Pong."

Isn't it great to think that even our parents also played arcade games? Imagine this, parents during their teenage days grabbed every chance to brush up with his or her joystick skills and wrestled with the arcade game for dominance.

Arcade game companies started during the midyear of 1960's and continuously grew up to the present time. They all transformed arcade games into a much more significant direction.

Arcade games since they were established, have become one of the fastest growing and profitable industry technology sectors. For the past several years, the arcade game was made simple and plain.

Now going back to the classic arcade type of game, what was the scenery like in the golden age of arcade games?

During the early times of the arcade games, the games backgrounds did not use any Macromedia Flash Software or Java Sun Plugging. The setting was only made basic and simple.

There were only few games that used web browser during those times. The most common type of games was leaning towards more on funny and humorous kinds like "Swat the Clown".

At the present times, the golden era of the arcade games is republished on some arcade websites. Most of the websites that reinvented retro arcades have captivated the mid 60's and 70's arcade period.

As a matter of fact, parents can still enjoy the classic board games like Stratego, Shoot them Up, and on to casino games and puzzles.

During the premature time of arcade games, the multiplayer game was set for one player only. On the other hand, during those times there were also multiplayer games but only for limited number of players.

A casino game is also the peak rank when it comes to classic arcade games. Nowadays, it is also updated over the net continuously. Grown-ups can enjoy the chance to gamble without the financial risks or gains. The classic arcade game is still there like poker, lucky 9, black jack and other casino games. It is very economical because the player is not going to spend a single cent.

Another game is Falling Asteroid. This game is one of the oldest invented arcade games. This game is all about trying to maneuver falling debris coming from the outer space. This game also has a new type of version. The new version follows the trend that the retro setting has. The asteroid is still falling and the player can still drive his ship away to the outer part of space.

There are also some classic games that are still alive nowadays. Games like Prince of Persia, Donkey Kong, Frogger and dozens that once invaded arcade's kingdom and barrooms are still kicking some joysticks.

Puzzle games overload the classic arcade games. With such games like Tetris, Connect 56 and Strategy War bumping the line edge of the classic board amusement.

Sports games never stop to amuse and entertain its players. Classic games like gold racing, skate boarding and sliding can still be played at a lot of places and of course online.

It is never too late to play those classic arcades games again, and believe me, it is a lot of fun!

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Parents It Is Your Job To Keep Your Child Safe Online

(category: Parenting, Word count: 713)
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We all have different ways with dealing with government. Many people think it is the government's job to take care of us in many ways and others think that the government should stay out of our private lives and let us sink or swim as we may.

In no area is this more contested than with our children. The government oversees how our children are educated. In low-income families the government sees to it the children are fed and clothed. When it comes to abusive parents the government steps in and removes the child placing the child's safety over the right of the parents to keep their child.

However, the government cannot protect your child or teenager while they surf the Internet and browse through the various websites and chatrooms available there. Why? Because the Internet is international. No one government can police the Internet.

This makes some parents unhappy because they are used to the government doing everything for them and consider it their right to do so as American Citizens and because they are used to it.

Many parents for years used the television to baby-sit their children. At least with the television they knew that pornography and other inappropriate content was not landing on their child's TV screen. Now that babysitting job has been turned over to the computer and many parents will not or cannot monitor their child's activities while on the Internet.

The NCMEC says that one in five children are solicited for sex online. While I am not sure how accurate their statistics are, I do know that their are child sex predators out there and that there is a lot of opportunity to communicate with children over the Internet.

There are spammers who send pornographic content out indiscriminately to all of the email addresses they can find which means it is not difficult to imagine this content finding its way into your child's email.

There are people who will try to trick you into giving out private information over the Internet through email and through websites. It is very easy to accidentally click into a website with inappropriate content.

At the same time, teenagers and children alike are curious and you do not always know what they choose to expose themselves to. But as a parent you need to know. it is your job to make sure that your child is safe online.

It is not the government's job. It is not the job of the owners of various websites. it is your job as a parent to be sure your child is safe online. There are plenty of ways to do this.

1. Put the computer in a common area the same as you do with your television. This makes it easy to monitor what is happening online and discourages your children or teens to participate in risky behavior. It also discourages predators from talking with your child if they know there are people around.

2. Get software that monitors your child or teenager while they are on the computer. This software will block inappropriate content from appearing on your child's monitor. It will also let you view logs that show where your child has been on the Internet. It will monitor what they say in chatrooms and email. It will let you set timers that take a picture or screen capture at those times so you can actually see what they viewed online. You can even set up alerts to notify you by cellphone or email when your child accesses inappropriate content. You can download monitoring software here at this website,

3. You can talk with your children and explain to them the dangers of giving out private information over the Internet, surfing the wrong kind of websites, or engaging in risky behavior and what to do about it if they have a problem. By communicating with your child they know they can always come to you if there is a problem.

Parents please keep in mind that it is you that has the awesome responsibility of keeping your child safe on the Internet. Do not leave it up to others to decide what is or is not appropriate for your child.

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Mortgage Calculators Confusion

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When you first start using a mortgage calculator such as Karl Jeacle's Graphing calculator, you might easily get confused, especially if you are new to the world of buying property. The sliding scales on this calculator aren't what some people are used to seeing.

Most people are used to typing their numbers into boxes with familiar features. But don't be dazzled only by the graph, boxes are still available further down the page so that you can use numbers instead of the scales. Using Karl Jeacle's mortgage calculator against one on a different website can give you different a different feel for what looks like the same set of figures.

It's all to do with the basic programming that has developed around mortgage calculator. Some mortgage calculators are very basic, they input very simple basic numbers and a few calculations take place in the program behind the scenes on your computer. They give you suggested figures that, although not perhaps 100% accurate, will give an approximate idea of what the property will cost you.

There are other factors that need to be taken into account when a mortgage is computed, such as your age and state of health for example. Many basic mortgage calculators won't take this into account, but some more sophisticated programs can. These will give a more accurate analysis of the mortgage situation you would face as it will have more information about you personally. The more the mortgage calculator knows about you, and the property, the more detailed and accurate the answers it gives will be.

This is another reason why sliding scales such as Karl Jeacle's Graphing calculator might not work for some people. Sliding scales are often better for approximation rather than specific numbers. Perhaps 48 instead of 50 is "almost" right, but it's not going to create the most accurate analysis and the hard figures you need to figure out your budget and finances. The various colors on this mortgage calculator are also a little less clear than straight forward numbers.

So why even mention Karl Jeacle's mortgage calculator? Even though it won't give you precise numbers, and no calculator does, the graphics give you a feel for just how much that mortgage is really costing you. You can see for yourself, graphically, how adding a little bit to your monthly mortgage payment makes a large difference down the road.

Using a variety of different mortgage calculators gives you a good overall feel for how a mortgage on a particular property would affect your budget.

But, make sure that you know what their figures are based on. For example, the mortgage calculator may not ask you for a mortgage term, but somewhere on the calculator site there may be a note to say that calculations are based on 30 year mortgages.

The same could be true about interest rates. While some mortgage calculators ask you to input the interest rate, others assume an "approximate" rate. Mortgage calculators linked to specific lenders could take the interest rate automatically from the lenders financial pages so they are the current default rate and not able to be altered even if you have perfect credit.

Use one calculator at first to pin down your basic options and figures. Then test those numbers out on a variety of mortgage calculators to get the best feel for how your new mortgage will affect your finances and change your life.

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Open For Business Personalized Wedding Gifts

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You don't want to be subjected to wage slavery forever. Chances are if you've been working an eight-to-five job for the longest time, you're ready to bail out and seek your fortune elsewhere. Fortunately, you don't have to look far and wide. With a little time and money and a lot of savvy, you can start your own business making personalized wedding gifts. Not only is it an enterprise that you will surely enjoy, you'll also be raking in the profits in no time.

Why Personalize?

China, toasters, juicers, duvets - these are some of the most common wedding gifts, and frankly, it's getting really tired. These days, people know they can do better, only they don't know how or are too busy to make the extra effort. They need a one-stop shop where they can get cool wedding gifts for the modern newlyweds.

This is where you and your personalized wedding gifts come in. By personalizing, the most ordinary and mundane terry cloth bath towels can be turned into something new and exciting, and you can make it happen. You can take wedding gifts to the next level - to as far as personalized wedding gifts can go.

How to Personalize

There are many ways to create personalized wedding gifts. And lucky for you, if you're not very crafty, you can get other people and even machines to do it for you.

Embroidery is very popular in the realm of personalized wedding gifts. This is often done on gifts based on cloth, such as duvets, towels, bed sets, and even dining napkins. Embroidery machines nowadays have since evolved and are now easily operable with the right software. It's often just a matter of picking a design, setting its dimensions, and positioning the item under a high-speed needle and voila! You'll be spewing personalized wedding gifts by the dozens in record time.

Another popular personalization technique is engraving. Engraving is often used in harder, more solid items made of metal alloys, wood, and some ceramics. Like embroidery, engraving requires a special machine that is also very user friendly. With the right software and the right equipment, you'll have engraved items ready in minutes. It's just a matter of making sure that the materials are compatible with the machine.

Hand painting is popular on ceramics and cloth. These often come out very beautifully and are a very elegant and tasteful choice in personalized wedding gifts. Hand painting, however, requires an artist's touch. Employ an in-house artist for your business or outsource hand painting jobs. Either way, you can produce gorgeous hand painted personalized wedding gifts to satisfy your client

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American Express A Unique Type Of Credit Card

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American Express, or AMEX, is one of the most recognisable names in the financial world. What many customers who have MasterCard or Visa credit cards in their wallet are interested in, is what is the difference between these two companies and American Express. Well the difference is quite simple.

MasterCard and Visa are both simply payment methods. They allow locations to accept payment using their system. They do not however, issue any credit cards of their own. For this they rely on their partnerships with thousands of banks worldwide who will issue credit cards, provide the credit necessary, and charge clients interest and give them rewards. None of your credit card bill goes to Visa or MasterCard. It all goes to the bank that provided the card. This bank also sets your interest rate, gives you rewards, offers you zero per cent balance transfers, the works.

Visa and MasterCard make their money by charging the retailer a fee for using their payment system, and also sometimes by charging your bank for issuing the card. None of this effects you directly however.

American Express is a very different arrangement. Not only do they have their own payment system, but they also issue their cards directly to customers. So they are running the whole show. If a card says American Express on it, you know instantly who issued it, what payments system it utilises and everything else about the card.

While Visa and MasterCard are probably far more prevalent payment methods worldwide, American Express is rapidly expanding its network. Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted at over twenty million locations worldwide and these are spread around over one hundred and fifty countries. This makes them truly global payment methods. American Express still lacks this degree of saturation. There are places in the world where Visa and MasterCard are accepted widely but American Express is more difficult to use.

However, American Express has its own advantages, particularly for customers in Europe and North America. In these countries the card is accepted widely. The company also offers very attractive credit cards. They have good rates, good reward schemes and good customer service. If you want a card guaranteed to give you a high standard of service, and that still carries a little bit of extra exclusivity now that Visa and MasterCard are so prevalent, then American Express, or AMEX, is a good safe choice.

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Dodge Those Credit Card Fees

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Credit card bills can be expensive. Sometimes they can be simply too expensive. Depending on how you use your credit cards, and how much you spend, and how disciplined and controlled you are over your own spending, you may or may not have trouble paying your credit card bills when it comes to the end of the month and the bill arrives in the mail. No matter what your situation is however, there is always one thing you will not, under any circumstances, want to see on your monthly credit card bill, and that is a credit card fee.

Keep it simple and stay on top of your bills...

There are different types of credit card fee and different reasons for incurring them, but the good news is that many of them can be avoided by simply following a few simple rules and keeping on top of your finances and bills. The most important way to minimise the fees you receive from your credit card company is to pay your bill on time and in full each month. Generally if you do this, you will be charged no interest or finance charges at all, and will be receiving all the benefits of a credit card and over a month of credit absolutely free. If you are one of the lucky customers who can manage to maintain your account in this way, you will be very lucky.

However, many people cannot pay their account in full each month, therefore, they incur the most common of all credit card fees, and this is finance charges. Credit card companies actually charge very high interest rates to their customers so if you have the option of borrowing in other ways that may be cheaper it is recommended that you use these methods if you are planning on needing the money for more than a couple of months. It is far cheaper to pay back a short-term loan than to maintain a large credit card balance.

Another credit card fee is a late fee for when you are late in making your monthly payment. Many people who have more than enough money to make their repayments simply through a lack of organisation miss payments and incur large fees. If you are late in making your repayment because you don't have enough money to make it you may need some debt counselling or other advice to help you manage your way out of this situation.

There are many other fees that your credit card company can impose upon you depending on the company, but being aware of how they are calculated and what sets them off is probably all you need to know to be able to avoid incurring them in the future.

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How To Bet On The Superbowl

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Since the SuperBowl is the last game of the season you have an advantage that you do not have during the beginning of the season.

With 2 weeks to go till the SuperBowl we know that the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears will be the ones representing their divisions in the biggest game of the year.

Many people like to bet on sports to make them more exciting, and the SuperBowl is no exception. It is common for many offices to have a SuperBowl Pool, and it is very common for friends to bet on the outcome of the game with each other, it just increases the fun of watching the game, but how do you know who to bet your money on?

There is no guaranteed way to know who will win without cheating, but comparing the states can help in making an informed decision.

There are many things to take into account:

Some teams have a great passing game; some teams are strongest on the run, so you have to look at whom are they playing and what is there defense best against. If you have a team that has a great running back, and the defense is weak against the run then that is a definite advantage to the team that likes to run the football.

The location of the game is also important the SuperBowl is always played in a Domed stadium so the weather is not usually a major factor in the SuperBowl but, if the stadium has Astroturf as apposed to real grass then that can effect a team, lets say one team has turf in their home stadium and he other team has grass, then this can be an advantage to the team who has turf.

The physical and mental state of the players must also be taken into account before placing a bet on the SuperBowl or any sporting event. Come the playoffs many teams have players on the injured list, but many players will try to come back for the playoffs to help their team, but often this backfires because they may not be playing at 100% and can re-injure themselves so that they are playing hurt during the big game. This means they will not be playing at their best, and this gives an advantage to the opposite team.

The mental state of the players can affect a players even more then an injury can. If a player is playing hurt he still has his head in the game, but a player with marriage or financial problems is not concentrating on the game, they may be thinking of their own problems. This can cause a player to drop balls or make stupid mistakes.

After researching all these issues you will start to form a picture in your head of who is the better team going into the SuperBowl, and this will allow you to make an educated guess as to who will win. Remember this guide will only help improve your odds of winning they are not a guarantee that you will pick all the winners.

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