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The Good Thing Bout Digital Flyer Printing

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When you are trying to make people aware of your business, whether you're selling a new product or opening a new business, a flyer perhaps is one of the cheapest but highly effective ways to attract attention. A flyer is a great way to communicate; it is also a quick and easy tool for relaying information. It is important that your flyer should capture the attention of your target audience with it bold captions and an intriguing design.

In reality, in creating or making a single flyer it takes skill to make one that will look professional and stand out from the pack. Fortunately, thru the expansion of our technology in printing, there are now more printing companies offering services such as flyer printing. However, only some companies that are reputable enough out there that can handle the job of making flyers that look professional and will advertise your business well.

When creating a flyer a full color and digitally made perhaps a good choice. This can only be made in digital flyer printing. Making use of colors are always best when you are about to capture attention. But be careful in using colors, use colors that match the theme or products on your flyer to create a mood about the product.

Flyer printing can be difficult or an easy job, affordable or inexpensive, this is depending on the type of flyer you want. For instance, if you want a full color flyer that is double-sided this type of flyer can be more complex to print than one-sided flyers. About the cost, full color, double-sided flyers can be more expensive than one sided flyers, which is also important to keep in mind when you are about to place an order.

If you are on a strict budget, but you don't want to compromise the quality of your flyer is it a good idea that you search your printing company online. The reason is that you can never go wrong with an online printing facility. Through the use of internet, you can find more digital flyer printing services online, which can handle all the printing needs you have.

A good online printing company doesn't have this overpriced operating cost, and thus can produce top quality products at a more economical cost. Remember, that always ask for a sample first before you place a big order, as you will want to see what you are going to be paying for. A good and reputable professional printing company will be willing to give you a sample and to put your mind at ease.

However, conceptualizing the design and choosing what kind of font you will be using is not enough to make a good flyer that can surely attract your prospective customers. You might consider adding a special offer, or a discount coupon into your flyer, to drum up business. Remember, attracting clients is the difficult part, once your business starts thriving, the repeat customers will keep you going into your next financial quarter.

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How To Advertise And Build Brand Name For A Product Online

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According to the research of authors Al Ries & Laura Ries, there are 22 immutable laws of branding to build a product into world-class brand. However, one of the laws that's always right to any products is "The Law of Advertising".

Today, we know that there are a lot of ways to advertise. Advertisement can not help us to buy any thing but it makes us stronger and keeps our market share not fall into our competitors' hands. Since the information technology industry has developed, online advertising grow up rapidly. This article turns around the topic of online advertising to answer the question "How customers know about us?"

With some companies, especially software companies, they build their professional website to advertise. Then, they try to popularize this website to as many people as possible. Customers can get the information through:

-Search Engine:Use Google, Use Yahoo, Use MSN

-Link exchange

-Download store of: Affiliate,Retailer,Download sites


-AICS ( Advertising in chat rooms solution)


-Blog/Online communities

Or one of the duties of PR Online is contacting to CD-DVD mount magazine to get a space for their products.

One of the address that you should visit to have a look as the model of online advertising is Audio4fun's website at Together with the frequently improving quality of products, well online advertising, today, Audio4fun is the first name of voice changer software in the world.

So, why don't you try to speech-up your business by online advertising?

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Pixel Sites Everyone S Jumping On The Band Wagon

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Not a day goes by when I don't get an email or see a site pushing yet another pixel advertising site but are these really a good advertising venue or is everyone just jumping on the band wagon expecting to make a few quick bucks or even get rich.

A search on Google for pixel sites gives 22,7000 results. The rage started when a 21 year old from England launched an advertising site where you paid $1 per pixel of advertising and the page was divided into 1,000,000 pixels. The advertising sold out and the guy made a cool million dollars! And get this the last remaining 1000 pixels were sold on ebay for a staggering $38,100!

The original site - The Million Dollar Homepage was launched on 26th August 2005. The guy then emailed all his friends and told them to pass on details of his site to their friends and so on...and then he sold his first 400 pixels for $400. At this stage the site was getting around 100 hits a day so he started to contact the press. An IT news site picked it up and ran an article resulting in 2000 hits an hour, it got ranked by Google and the hits went up to 35,000 a day.

And as the ball started rolling the visitors to the site increased, more pixels were sold, the guy made more money and the press interest increased. The site was getting over 100,000 unique visitors in 2 days and the UK nationals ran stories on the site. Then the story found its way into US papers, TV appearances followed and so on....publicity generates publicity. The site was getting hundreds of thousands of unique visitors and advertisers were seeing a good click through rate for their adverts.

Further TV interviews and radio interviews followed, Reuters ran an article on the site, as did the Wall Street Journal. With the last few remaining pixels auctioned on eBay the guy made is million dollars on 11th January 2006 - less of course any costs he incurred.

And then of course, the site was hacked and money demanded (which the FBI are currently investigating) but even this led to more media interest.

By the end of October 2005 hundreds of copy cat sites had started to spring up. Now there are thousands of them if not more. Have you visited any of these - most have no adverts on them, no traffic and no one in their right mind would choose to advertise on them.

So why have thousands of others thought they could hop on the bandwagon and make a quick $1,000,000? This guy had an unprecedented level of media attention, driving thousands and thousands of visitors to the site.

Even the guy behind the Million Dollar Home Page pixel site acknowledges that it is not a lasting business idea but a novel one off idea. There is no long term business concept and it will only work once. How long it will take those jumping on the pixel bandwagon to realise this - who knows!

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How To Create Product Names That Sell And Tell

(category: Advertising, Word count: 678)
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What's in a Name? Does a Rose by Any Other Name Sell as Sweet?

Good product names act as advertising for your product. They differentiate you from your competitors and keep your customers coming back because they remember you and your product name. There is an art to naming products, and all great product names have the following qualities:

1. The words sound familiar even if it is a new word combination.

2. The word combination illustrates exactly what it product is.

3. The name shows how the product works/operates.

4. The name looks good on the page and on the product.

5. Words are easy to pronounce and sound pleasant.

6. The name grows on people over time.

7. The name is completely different from competitor names and is not confused with other products.

8. After hearing it once, people remember the exact name.

9. It appeals to the demographic of the product.

10. There's something unique, wacky, fun, humorous or original about the name.

11. There are no trademarks with the same name.

Tips for Creating Your Own Great Product Names

The first thing to do is to keep a list of names you love. Now next to each name write why you like the name. On another page write down competitor names and what you don't like about them. On the bottom of the page write how you could improve your competitors' names.

On a separate piece of paper, write down all the words that describe your product. Is there a saying or term that is similar to what you see? Are there any words that jump out to you from the page?

On another page write down what your product does and the needs it fulfills. Use the computer thesaurus to generate similar action verbs.

When you are in good mood and in nice relaxed place, like in a garden or someplace you like. The creative part of the brain works better when you are in a positive or meditative alpha state. When the right brain is an alpha state it ignites your imaginative and creative characteristics as well as your intuition out. In this state the ideas will flow like a river. The alpha state makes you more conductive to innovative thinking, and it creates new ideas rather than just processing old ones over and over again. Sometimes people get in the alpha state while hiking, driving, singing, swimming, dancing, or playing. Do what you love to get into a good state of mind.

Without editing write down all the names for your product that come to mind. Get really silly, see if there is a funnier way of saying what you want. How would a great comedian say it? What would an artist see? What would your crazy aunt call it? Give it an foreign accent. Say it like a teenager. Say it like a baby or little kid. Does it relate to movie name or a saying? What song would it be on the radio?

Once in a meeting room with executives who uncreative but wanted a new product name, I asked, "Bachelor Number One, if you were a hit song on the radio, what would you be? If you were a flower how would you smell? If you were a dog, what breed? What saying would you be on a T-Shirt?

In a flash he came out with the perfect name for the product. Keep asking silly and inane questions and eventually you will get an answer to your prayers.

When you get a good name, it's like you hear a cash register ring. When you say it to other people their eyes light up with joy and comprehension. It like a hit song, you want to sing over and over again.

If you don't get any good reactions it will be time to get back to the writing board or hire a professional who thinks out side the dictionary. Maybe some like Lynn Walford at Freelance Writer Now...

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What Is Advertising A Primer For Beginners

(category: Advertising, Word count: 420)
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This land is your land. This land is my land. This land was made for you and me! No truer words were ever spoken. In fact, my palms tend to get a bit sweaty with excitement whenever I hum a few bars from that great uniter that was a childhood classic for me. I'm really a big fan of sharing. That's why I'm so glad and thankful that the Native Americans that inhabited the area that is now the United States of America were so kind as to invite us to share their land, so that now it' made for you and me. I think that's great.

And in the spirit of kindness, I am excited that people who came here from other places have given the proper respect that the land and its previously sole inhabitants deserve. It's about community and connection and a land built upon altruistic generosity and selfless acts for the common good. That's what I like. To be honest with you, I feel that sometimes I don't live up to the standard that has been set by the friendly folks that came here from Western Europe. I try, but it's sometimes difficult and I forget.

When I was a child, I even thought that it was cool to litter. I don't know what got into me. Maybe I'm naturally a bad seed or maybe I was too concerned with impressing the older kids from down the street, like Kenny and Brian (who really were bad seeds). Regardless of the reasoning, I littered. I couldn't see beyond my, then, present circumstances to realize that I was but a simple part of an enormous, loving entity. That was until I watched a commercial.

When I saw the tear roll down the check of a Native American due to a passing motorist's disregard for the mutually beneficial gentleman's agreement that was made between the previous and current peoples of North America by tossing trash out the window of his/her speeding car in a 1970's television advertisement, I understood my role and I understood my misdeeds.

I now am a faithful ally of those who revere the environment as something which needs to be explicitly cared for. I view the environment as though it's not mine do with as I please, because its not mine. It's mine and yours. It all started with an ad. You want to ask me what advertising is? Twenty years of community-minded, selflessness...that's advertising.

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Not Being Advertised How The Advertising Business Has Changed Over Time

(category: Advertising, Word count: 1116)
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There are three words which often bother me. " I remember when....." When my peers and friends use them, I always feel like telling them to switch gears and think about today and tomorrow, not yesterday. They seldom comply. Now, having been invited to write about how the ad agency business has changed since I was in it on a day-to-day basis, I suppose I have to "remember when."

If you remember when Channel 10 did a live, (LIVE!) daily, (DAILY!) Network (NETWORK!) show, you're probably as old as I am.

If you remember when ad agencies relied heavily on Type Shops for fast, efficient service, you are probably in your forties.

If you remember when word processing people were called typists and when they used a thing called carbon paper, you are probably in your fifties. (Side effects from typewriters and carbon paper were messy erasures and blue-stained fingers.)

And if you think FedEx, cable TV, B101, All News All The Time, Video Conferencing,

and Satellites have always been there, I'm jealous for not being your age.

In the ad business, the only thing that's certain is that what's certain today will not be certain tomorrow.

Which brings me to the agency business and some significant changes that have taken place in my career-lifetime.

Whereas client/agency relationships changed focus from print to broadcast over many years, the changes now move with lightening speed. For example, when UHF television came along, it was big news because viewers in this market could see six stations instead of three. Now, who can keep track of all the video available with cable and internet access for movies and on and on. How will agencies have to adjust? Who knows? We do know that the media challenges that face agencies are already causing several significant changes.

First, some are not fighting the media wars. Many are farming out their media requirements. That means they are actually trusting another organization to collaborate directly with their clients. That's something that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

Second, many of the larger agencies now have very robust Media Divisions and those divisions are involved with sales promotion, sponsorship and even some creative tasks.

Many of them actually feel like full service agencies if you study them closely.

Third, agencies must take steps to become more aware of accountability as it relates to their clients' spending. Welcome, Internet Marketing. Just a few years ago, many marketing folks started thinking about one-to-one marketing. Today it's becoming an absolute necessity for agencies to understand Search Engine Marketing, Optimization

and other terms which were virtually unknown just five years ago.

Those agencies which relied on creative radio ideas no longer have a fairly simple pallet to deal with. AM radio was dominant and the change to FM dominance took many years. Now we have two major factors which already influence how radio is utilized by the consumer: Satellite and a little phenomenon called IPod. Cost per thousand is still important but specific, measurable results are more important. That factor is pushing today's agencies into thought processes which require greater strategic ability as well as a keen understanding of how to meld communications for image/brand with clients' demand to see sales figures climb as direct ways to measure ROI. Whoever succeeds in finding the best way to turn IPod users into a demographic group that's available as "media" will harvest big rewards.

Think about how Internet advertising has changed and is changing marketing strategy. That new media increased by 21% in 2004. It's projected to take seven billion dollars away from traditional ad budgets in 2005. Soon, it will be "traditional." Maybe it already is. Agencies must take a leadership role in finding optimum ways to apply those funds.

There are other important topics and terms today which might not have existed for agencies in the past but are core factors today and are likely to become even more important: Broadband, Customer Relationship Management , Video on Demand, Paid Inclusion, Latino Media, Collaboration Extranets, Streaming, High-Definition and even IMAX theaters.

More and more advertisers of all sizes are trying to save money by taking routine responsibilities away from agencies and doing them inside. Many agency executives believe that their real value for clients is their business knowledge and their strategic capability along with their creative execution. These trends in thinking drive change and challenge for agencies. Not only are there fewer employees per million dollars of billing, but there is a large gap between well paid and not-so-well-paid agency employees.

Believe it or not, there was a time when, on average there were ten employees per million dollars worth of billing. Today it's one and a half employees per million. Who knows where it's headed? One of the country's fastest growing agencies, Kalan Thaler Group reports $600,000,000 in billing with only 140 employees. Yes, they must work very hard but they also must be smart, creative and, as they say, "cutting edge."

Why the salary gap mentioned above? Because strategic support is hard for clients to find and comes in expensive packages. Therefore, the agency which probably has the best chance to retain its client is the agency whose client trusts the recommendations that come from the agency. Translated, that means smarts, strategic thinking and courage on top of the usual high expectations about effective, wonderful creative solutions. Translated further, that means expensive brains at the agency, a salary gap between those brains and the other folks as well as fairly low salaries beneath the top thinkers. In a way, the CEO of an ad agency is now responsible for managing salaries in the same way major league teams do it. They place the big dollars where the big benefits are, in star performers.

In summary, the only way to view changes in the ad business is pretty much the same as changes in other businesses. Lee Iacocco, of Chrysler fame, once said , "Change or die!" That's true of our beloved ad business. It always has been. It is now. And it always will be. Figuring out how to be ahead of the curve is the challenge of today's agency CEO. I guess I'm glad that I no longer have to live up to that title and those expectations. Instead, I'm doing my best to provide agencies with ways to get along with fewer employees and, at the same time, to give clients what they need and want: easy collaboration, accurate communications and, above all, efficient and effective use of their most valuable assets,

brains, creativity and time.

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Is Fax Advertising Still A Good Marketing Choice In Canada

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Until 2000 the Canadian laws on fax advertising were not uniform across the country. It applied to some providers but not to all. Also prior to this it was not customer friendly; it was very confusing for the average consumer to understand what the rules were. When this new generalized rule came down there was also a ruling saying what the calling hours could be for proper calling times. The decision took into account each areas time zone.

Unsolicited fax advertisements are not enforced or punished by the government. They are enforced and punished through the media carrier. The national rules that have been set up are an agreement that was reached via the commissioner of the CRTC and the various telecom service providers in the country.

If a person is wishing to not have their fax number contacted for fax advertising they may place themselves on a voluntary do-not-call list. Their number will remain on the list for a period of three years. During the time that their number is on the list the companies do not call them out of choice. If they do choose to call a person that is on the list the violation of that can not be enforced by law though. That means if a person feels that they have been violated by the company then they are not able to sue. The do-not-call list is more like a gentlemen's agreement than an actual strict law.

If a consumer is receiving these fax advertisements and they no longer wish to be, they can look on the fax advertisement for a way to contact the company to let them know that they no longer wish to be contacted.

Fax advertisements can be a wonderful tool for helping any business to get more costumers. However, customers prefer to be treated with respect. If they are not happy and feel that they are being bothered by a business in any type of way they will not be so kind as to spend their money there. Through fax advertising a solid business relationship can be either formed or destroyed depending upon how well the customer is treated through it. It is best for any business to abuse the media forms that they have at their fingertips. By following the general rules and guidelines set forth by the powers that be a company will portray the image of a responsible integrity based company that values their clients.

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7 Tips In Creating Publicity For Corporate Events

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Organising corporate events can be exciting and interesting but simultaneously stressful and nerve-racking. This is especially true when corporate event managers are faced with a dilemma in balancing the need to create an enjoyable and beneficial event, and at the same time entrusted with the responsibility to create publicity for it.

Nevertheless, if the right approach is used, creating publicity for corporate events will become an easier task to manage. The following tips will provide you with an insight on some of the best practices used in creating publicity.

1.It's always a good idea to work in a team, and delegate the task of creating publicity to a particular team member. This way, you won't be caught up in the legwork, but rather be involved from an event manager perspective. Your responsibility then is to make decisions and guide others in getting things done for you.

2.Selecting the right person to delegate this task to is also an important factor in making your event a success. It is essential for this person to possess the necessary contacts with media companies, such as television stations and newspapers, way before the event kicks off.

3.Use short copywriting for direct mailers or newspaper advertisements. Good editing and good writing go hand-in-hand to create impact for your publicity pieces. Also, thick information packs are out of the question, unless specifically requested by the recipient.

4.Try not to use copywriting that may be a tad too creative or flowery. Your audience has no time trying to figure out your message, and it is best that you send them something direct and concise.

5.Although it may be common sense to include a contact number or an email address in your publicity pieces, you may be surprised that many corporate event organisers actually overlook this. Keep this in mind so that you can be contacted for further information.

6.No one wants to read outdated information. That is why your press releases should be kept as relevant and up to date as possible.

7.Always stick with the truth when you are answering questions from the media, or holding a press conference. Many corporate event managers tend to exaggerate and end up presenting an event that falls short of expectations.

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Is Your Business Making A Good First Impression

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Job interviews, first dates, social settings - no matter the occasion, a first impression can make or break a potential relationship. Have you experienced an awkward moment yourself when you were not looking or feeling your best? Have you been introduced to someone and thought, "What were they thinking?"

Does your business have an online presence? Can customers learn about and interact with your company in cyberspace? If the answer to either of the previous questions is "NO" - I have to say, "What are you thinking?"

Just yesterday, I was working with a client who recommended her cousins' catering service. My first question was, "What's their website", to which she replied, "I don't know." A query to a few of the popular search engines revealed zilch, nada, nothing - except for other competitors in our local area. Realistically, if I was not particularly loyal to my client, I would more than likely investigate the businesses that were right at hand - right then, via their websites. As a dedicated business owner, can you afford to lose potential customers so unexpectedly, especially when websites are so easy and affordable?

A website consists of a domain name, i.e. (, and a hosting account. A domain name is purchased and points to the hosting account - much like your street address references your physical building. Then, web pages consisting of words and graphics are developed and published to the hosting account. You can create web pages or work directly with a design company.

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