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Building A Solid Foundation For Your Website

(category: Advertising, Word count: 307)
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Developing a "Master List" of what your daily chores for your website can be daunting and time consuming. You then are faced with budgeting questions such as, "How much can I afford?" and "Will this really work, or am I wasting my time?"

One of the best steps any Internet Marketer can take is implementing a free program (or at the least very low cost) that is easy to use, drives results, and is not laborious. There are fantastic ways to do all of this; it's just a matter of rolling up the sleeves and implementing it.

Some of the best ways to do this are article submissions, blogging/forums, ezines, and press releases. These are all free, or at the very least, low cost solutions to begin building the foundation of your website.

Internet Marketers need to be leery of traffic generation websites and SEO's. Traffic generation sites often promise the world to you (of course), but rarely can effectively drive quality traffic to your site. If you are selling sporting equipment, why would you want to pay for a visitor who is in the market for vitamins? Perhaps a bad analogy, but you get the point.

SEO's are fantastic, if you can budget thousands of dollars a month. Most Internet Marketers are small businesses looking to create a supplemental income monthly, not change the world.

Start small and have patience. Focus on boosting your backlinks and page ranks. Put in that elbow grease and blog about what you have. Don't oversell yourself; you don't want to get booted out of a good forum, but educate people.

Most importantly, have fun. Internet Marketing in one of the few ways a person can invest little money and time, and create a nice little income at the end of the day.

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A Fold That S Worth A Thousand Gain

(category: Advertising, Word count: 358)
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How much are you charged for an online ad? How much will you be paying for an advertisement space in a magazine or newspaper? Advertising and marketing can be a very extravagant business. Every second, space and word is paid accordingly.

If you have invested a large sum in your ads and promotions, how sure are you that you will get it back more than you expect it to be? How will you profit from it?

Some businessmen are having qualm about spending high on ads and promotions. This is because they are not sure that they will profit from it. Some perceive it as just throwing away of money. This may not be a serious bother to multinationals or big corporations and business. Nonetheless, to the point of starting entrepreneurs, spending high may mean 'make or break' endeavor or worst may result to future bankruptcy.

When talking about your business, everything matters - even the minutest details. One detail that must not be overlooked is effective communication. Therefore, promotions and advertisements are indispensable.

If you are this point worrying about expenses, worry no more. There are affordable alternatives in connection with marketing your business. Tiny pieces of paper can do you a great favor. Brochures for one are effective marketing materials.

Brochure may come in a fold or several of them. These folds can give you the edge in the marketing world. In fact, they may return as several folds of bucks. Imagine, you are hitting two birds at the same time. Brochures printing are affordable plus the aftermath of its distribution can be financially rewarding to business enthusiasts.

Brochures printing can be had in an easy and practicable manner. In fact, you can transact online. Brochures printing companies are rampant. All you have to do is select the best - the printer with outstanding reputation and credibility can do your printing job superbly.

Your friend's personal recommendation is a good recommendation. You can also rely on reviews and goodwill. Just be sure that your printer will bring life to your folds of communication.

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Golf Advertising Taking It On The Green

(category: Advertising, Word count: 452)
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I'm not too much of a bourgeoisie kind of a guy, in fact, I probably relate more with the serfs (I know I just mixed socio-economic systems, bear with me). This particular fact about me is the result not only of a static social hierarchy (although social fluidity is touted like its simple matter of signing up for your preferred lot), but also as a little bit of personal taste. For one, I'm not real big on the uniform that seems to permeate the elite. Pastels don't sit well with me and pleated white and khaki shorts just above the knee make me feel uncomfortable. I'd rather sew up the rip in my jeans, put my feet on the table and curse a little with my friends. There is one thing

Wow, getting a group of friends together, totting along a course regulation breaking cooler and swinging some we're talking. The thing about golf is that there isn't a thing about golf. I like to be outside. I like the tranquility. I like the sound when your driver connects just right with the ball. I like walking up my ball and quietly thinking about my next shot. I like that I could measure out 150 yards for you with a golf ball and my 8 iron. I like that on some days the cup looks really big and on others I fear it. I really like the sound made when the ball finally drops. And I even like that I'm not very good at golf and probably never will be, it's a big outdoor chessboard. These are the things about golf to me.

Recently, though, the sanctity of my church has been infiltrated by heretics and plunderers. By far the most unnerving area on the course for me is on the tee box. I have a slice, sometimes I miss the ball all together, I can usually feel the group behind me creeping up, it's just an all around difficult spot for me. So what I'd like is for anything that can be not unnerving to be so. That's why when I started to see golf advertisements placed on the tee box I felt wholly unhappy.

I'm not sure if the tee box should be designated as an advertising free zone, or not, but I really can swing better with a mind free of the heaviness that bears upon it when confronted with issues such as freedom of speech, product branding and commodity fetishism. So, golf've got us. We're hooked, we like your game, we use your product, we'll read your magazine, but please, please leave the tee box alone.

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The Upside Of Online Advertising

(category: Advertising, Word count: 315)
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Being a method through which many companies promote their products, online advertising has taken off quite a lot with the increase in popularity of the Internet. More and more people frequent the Internet on a regular basis and in doing so notice a plethora of advertisements for some product or another. It is a great method through which both small businesses and multinational corporations alike can market their products and as such, an abundance of these businesses integrate online advertising into their marketing tactics.

Though there is a wealth of techniques through which online advertising can be carried out, the most popular form at the present is through rich media sources. To elaborate, rich media sources include such things as Macromedia Flash and these are used to advertise a company's product. Sometimes they may be quite simple whereas other times these ads can be a little more complex, utilizing such things as streaming video and audio to convey the message in a manner similar to a television commercial. They may appear in a variety of ways while you are browsing the Internet also. Frequently these online advertisements will materialize before the requested content on the website while other times they will scroll across the screen. Some of these online advertisements are, in fact, scaled-down adaptations of actual television commercials. These also appear frequently when you are attempting to view some media source for the Internet.

The infrastructure that is necessary for online advertising can become quite pricy if one wishes to develop an elaborate set of advertisements and as such many small businesses shy away from online aspect of marketing. However for those that can incorporate online advertising into their marketing scheme, it can become a rather beneficial tool. Not only does it permit the expansion of markets but it also allows a company the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

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How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website

(category: Advertising, Word count: 424)
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There are many options out there. Paid traffic and Free traffic. Now, here's one thing to consider. Even people who are good at the pay-per-click and expert converters still include other traffic methods into their marketing way. Why? Because it's a the way to do. First of all, they'll make more money because all these methods work well altogether. (And if they have a good design that has a high conversion with cold leads, conversion rates should be that much higher when the leads are warm.) And, it's also never good idea to put all your methods in one basket. You should extend your traffic methods everytime. After all, you never know when one place is going to disappear, and if all your traffic is based on that one method, then you're entire business is at risk.

What is the targeted market and in which ration visitors can search such website. Is there international market for such product? All things are very necessary before starting to design any website for business. Audience is the key step in the website designing and planning process.

Those that are different are often the ones who come out winning in the competition. When you want to be on top of your industry, it's time for you to start planning on ways for your business to be distinctive from the rest.

Now, consider this scenario. If you have people coming to your site who already have some idea who you are, like what they hear and are interested in finding out more, then your job to turn them into paying customers just got a whole lot easier. Warm visitors, or a warm list of prospects, will respond much more favorably to your sales messages. They're also more forgiving. The sales letters may not have to be absolutely perfect for you to get a decent conversion rate. That's because they already know, like and trust you (and people buy from those they know, like and trust) so all you have to do is match what you're selling to their needs.

That said, I don't want any of you to panic because you don't have a variety of traffic strategies in place yet. Instead, pick one traffic tactic to focus on (use the above questions to get some idea on what that should be). Once you get that one down, pick a second one. And so on. Before you know it, you'll have lots of traffic swarming to your site.

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How To Promote Your Website With Free Leads

(category: Advertising, Word count: 486)
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If you are trying to promote your online business on a shoe string budget you are in luck.

If you are creative there are many opportunities to get real traffic to your website with free leads.

One way is through ffa leads or free for all links free leads.

Ffa free leads are leads of those who have posted free ads on free for all links network pages and have agreed to receive a one time email advertisement in return.

In exchange for being able to post their ads on thousands of free for all links pages the advertiser agrees to receive a confirmation email for each posting from the owners of the free for all links page. In the confirmation email is an advertisement from the owner of the free for all links page.

This is called reverse advertising. One advertiser posts free ads and another advertiser sends an advertisement to the person who just advertised for free. This is how the free leads are generated.

Sounds crazy but it works. There are ffa network sites such as Lead Club Pro FFA Free Leads where you can join and get your own free for all links page immediately.

This free for all links page will collect your free leads daily for you. The network generates usually between 2-3000 posts free leads daily to your free for all links page.

The management of the free for all links network is responsible for keeping your free inks page submitted to the major submission services. This gives you a constant flow of new free leads.

You then have the option of sending your advertisement to those who place their ad on your page through an online interface or with your own bulk email program.

Generally ffa leads are very inexpensive. You can expect to get from 10,000-60,000 eads per month for as little as $20. per month.

Some sites such as Lead Club Pro FFA Free Leads will allow you to join free for 7 days. You can download 10,000 free leads immediately without paying.

Some people say that ffa free leads are just junk email leads. This used to be true but now most ffa free leads networks require posters to confirm their email addresses in order to send out their free ads. This means that the email addresses must be valid and belong to the poster. Posters must look in this email box to confirm their advertisements. When they look for the confirmation they see your ad.

Now, if you are selling real estate in Montanta ffa free leads are really not targeted specifically to your market. However, if you are selling a product which is useful to other marketers these leads are highly targeted free leads!

All ffa leads are marketers. If you have a product which helps them market their websites you have a potential prospect.

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It Jobs How To Increase Your Return On Investment With Online Advertising

(category: Advertising, Word count: 545)
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With predictions that the UK will be the first economy to spend more money on the Internet than on TV advertising, writing effective copy for your IT job positions is something that will separate you from your competition.

With over 60,000 IT jobs advertised daily, online job advertising has now become the main technique for recruiting new employees. Nearly every candidate looking for IT positions look on the Internet first, so getting it right has never been more important.

To ensure you get a return on your investment, there are four main areas of concentration: understanding how sites offering IT jobs work, understanding your audience, effective copy writing for IT positions and effectively monitoring/tracking your IT jobs positions.

1. Understanding how IT jobs boards work:

It's fair to say that technically most sites offering IT jobs function in the same way. A candidate inserts their search criteria into a search box and retrieves a list of results ordered by keyword relevance.

This doesn't necessarily mean that an advert with the most instances of a keyword will come top. The calculation is likely to be based on keyword 'density'; the number of times a keyword appears in comparison to the length of the advert. This is why you will often see recruitment consultancies writing particularly short but keyword heavy adverts.

2. Understanding your IT audience

There are certain trends that all job seekers display regardless of the sector they are interested in but the online IT job market is practically fully developed now. It is important to understand their needs and to attempt to think like a job seeker sifting through masses of IT positions when composing your IT adverts.

3. Effective copy writing for IT positions

Getting the right balance of information when writing the adverts for your IT job positions are a key element to consider when writing an advert. Too little information will not give the candidate the confidence to apply for the role whereas too much information will swamp the candidate or potentially intimidate them.

Splitting your advert into 4 distinct sections provides a brilliant structure for any advert:

 Company description: candidates want to know whom they are sending their CV to. This is also your opportunity to sell your company as a great place to work.

 Job description: The three most important facts to include are overall responsibilities, day to day activities, working environment - this should include the size and experience level of the team.

 Skills & experience required: ideally this should be in bullet point or in a list detailing the key functions and skills that are essential for the role.

 Benefits offered: you want the best candidates so use this to sell to them. Remember, always think back to what would interest you in you were looking for IT jobs.

4. Effectively monitoring/tracking your IT job positions

The main advantage that online recruitment has given to employers are; speed and measurability. You are now able to get your IT jobs published and receive response quicker than any other media and edit and change the content of your IT adverts if they are not generating enough or the right response.

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Advertising In Newspapers

(category: Advertising, Word count: 686)
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Newspaper advertisements are as old as advertisement itself. Although, it's an age-old method of advertisement, it still receives the same response and is highly successful. Both small and large businesses still choose this method to promote their products and services. Ask them and nearly hundred percent advertisers would select newspapers as their primary advertise medium.

In spite of registered decline in newspaper circulation numbers and advertisements featured in a newspaper, they are read by millions of people at their breakfast table. The rate of increase in price to place advertisements in newspapers is climbing rapidly when compared to radio, television and billboards. The main aim should be to get the desired attention from the advertisement and out do the competitor. Various factors should be considered and measures should be taken to ensure success, while keeping the cost low.

Many advertisers, who advertise through newspapers, design their own advertisements without any prior training. This has lead to the rise of larger number of retailers who think that making an ad by them is the only way to get it right. This approach saves a lot of money and is good for small businesses, only if they reach to correct customers. The one time cost of placing a small advertisement is $150, so the measures should be taken to place them effectively. It isn't necessary to have a full-page advertisement posted in the newspaper. If smartly designed, even half page advertisement can do wonders; the money saved can be used to advertise concurrently in other mediums like radio, websites, etc.

Using colorful font can multiply the cost to many times and is not worth the return. If the budget is low and the matter is confident enough, black font will be fine. Regular readers read the newspapers daily; therefore, there is no sense in placing the same ad in the same paper everyday. The advertisement can be placed in different papers everyday. The frequency can be three times a week for a particular newspaper. But there is an increase in the number of readers on weekends, so more money can be invested on placing advertisement in the weekend edition. Don't be disappointed if all the advertisement space is sold on weekend. Insert fliers in between the pages of the newspaper.

As many advertisers will be posting their ads on weekends in the local newspaper and the chances of your ad getting lost in the muddle, the conventions can be twisted a little to beat the competition. Place an offer coupon in the mid-week editorial and pay the local station to advertise and talk about the offer on their famous program. Ask them to specifically mention about the coupon placed in the newspaper. Out of the daily readers, only few of them go through the entire newspapers. Most of them view the first and last page. So instead of posting an ad thrice weekly in the middle pages, invest on placing the ad on the first or last page of the newspaper, once a week. Majority of the newspapers don't give competitive protection, that is, an advertisement of a firm can be placed next to the advertisement of its competitor. Specify about this condition to the sales person and take the guarantee from them.

There is a decrease in the number of local newspapers every year. In United States, only about a thousand newspapers function on a daily basis. Local people are now relying on weekly papers or newspapers with the local section. Sometimes only one publisher controls many of the local newspapers. Newspapers for all the localities are printed at one place with only the front page being changed. When advertising in such publications, care should be taken on recognizing the audience that is being reached. All the effort and money is wasted if the wrong customer is reached and the result can go in loss. Mixing different medias instead one for advertising is a smart approach. One can take care of the shortcomings of the other and work in tandem to make the overall advertising campaign a huge success.

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How To Lower Your Minimum Bids With Google Adwords

(category: Advertising, Word count: 446)
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Why does Google Adwords Want $10 Minimum Bid? This is a question I hear all of the time.

You've spent time and money researching a market, more time and money putting a website together for that market and

your ready to go live. You decide to give Adwords a shot because you've heard so many great things about it. You

sign up and begin creating your account, getting excited with anticipation off all that high quality traffic your

about to get. You put in the keywords and Boom! Google adwords gives you this message "Increase quality or bid to

$10.00 to activate" What is going on here!!?? What a scam.

The thing about Google is they reward relevancy and penalize websites that are irrelevant. Who decides whats

relevant and what's not? Google does based on it's algorithm from Google Bot. I have used $10 minimum bid as an

example, it could be $5 or a $1 minimum bid. Your minimum bid should be cents not dollars.

How do you make Google Bot your friend? Make your website relevant in Google's eyes. This is done by a 3 pronged

attack. First make sure your ad groups are "themed" around 1 keyword with variations.

For instance adgroup name -


Discount Laptops



discount laptops

cheap laptops

affordable laptops

really cheap laptops

By doing this your account is organized into a tightly knit group of keywords that makes it easy for you to write

ads for. When you write your ad Google loves it when you use the keywords in your ad and so do searchers. This is

an essential step in lowering your minimum bids.

Cheap Laptops

Discount laptops to fit

your budget. Free shipping will consider this ad highly relevant to your ad group's keywords. Google will also bold any keyword that

the searcher typed, in your ad. Which will catch your prospect's eye. In the above example if a

searcher typed the keywords 'cheap laptops' all instances of the words cheap and laptops in your ad would appear in


Using the keywords on your landing page

Google and searchers love this also because you are focusing your landing page around the keywords that have been

searched both Google Bot and the searcher will consider this very relevant, provided your supporting content stays

on topic. This technique will increase your Quality Score which in turn will lower your minimum bids.

Lets recap the three pronged attack for lowering your minimum bids.

1. Tightly "themed" ad groups

3. Keywords used on landing page

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