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Distraction At Disneyland

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There is always something to see or do at Disneyland, but Disneyland adds to this with nightly amusement while the summit time, and weekend entertainment during the off time. There is also special entertainment during particular occasions, such as the Fourth of July and Christmas.

Fantasmic is held doubled each night-time during the pinnacle season, and on weekends during the off season. The exhibit takes place on Tom Sawyer's Island, and features many characters, music, and fireworks. For the best room possible, purchase tickets for Fantasmic in advance, but note that free seating is also convenient, and is included in your Disneyland woodland entry cost.

The Parade of Dreams features great colorful floats accompanied by many Characters. This parade takes place doubled each day. During the parade, the entire parade will stop three times to do a choreographed show, and most of the Disney Characters are portrayed in the Parade of Dreams.

In the Fantasyland Theater, you can see a tuneful of Snow White. This show is held several times all through the day. This show should not be missed especially if you love Snow White. Since the show is held several times each day, reservations are not necessary.

These are just a few of the shows that are available at Disneyland. Again, entertainment is an continuous object at the park, with each day bringing something new. One thing that you can indubitably count on, of line, is the fireworks! The fireworks show is held late each night-time once the park closes for the day.

Even if you can't stay for the fireworks, you can probably see them out of your hotel window! Try to get a view of the Fireworks from in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle for the greatest effect. The fireworks on the Fourth of July are out of this world.

To find out if there are any special shows or events during the time that you will be at Disneyland, visit the website, call the park, or ask your travelling agent to find this information out for you. You may also want to inquire about special events during definite months, so that you can method your stay at Disneyland for those days.

Most entertainment is provided free of charge, and is portion of your admission cost. However, special seating, or priority seating usually requires a fee, as well as a reservation. Some events require an admission price that is part from your park admission. Again, check the website, call the park, or consult on events and fees with your travel agent when planning your Disneyland vacation.

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Ethnicity And Regionalism In Voice Over Is Your Race Or Culture A Burden

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This article has been on the shelves in the back of my mind for a while. I was waiting for the time to write it as much as I was waiting for the right words and phraseology to come to the forefront. This is and always will be a sensitive subject so I will attempt to treat it as such. I was further inspired to get it on paper now, by the recent departure of Isaac Hayes from the hit comedy cartoon South Park. Though the story of his departure includes religion and politics, neither one applies to this article. Isaac Hayes was the voice of the character Chef on Comedy Central's animated series because of who he was and what he sounded like when he spoke. Why he left the show has nothing to do with this article, but his situation while working for the show may have some correlation. It seemed now was just as good a time to write it as any other, with a little national attention being given to a topic in the same family.

So ok already, enough with the justification for writing it. Get on with it...

In several years of learning the ins and outs of the voice over business, I have always wondered if voice over might someday become a great pillar of equality. Something that leveled the playing field for the diverse multicultural society we call America; a business with open doors for all, regardless of where we came from or what color our skin happened to be. As I continue to ponder the possibilities of such a level playing field, the answer to the overall question is a resounding no. It will not be a playing field of equality anytime soon, but maybe not for all of the same old reasons you might suspect.

In no other business would it be acceptable, or for that matter legal, to post a job opportunity or listing with criteria or parameters such as "Wanted, African American male or female." or "looking for north American Caucasian male for this job."; job postings that in their limits not so subtly say, "No others need apply."

But in the voice over industry, the ability to pick and choose between male or female, black, white or Hispanic is not only an every day occurrence, it is the way business is done. Producers and casting directors are at liberty to be as finite as they like in their pursuit of the perfect match for their part. Does this make them evil, horrible people? No. But there is no shortage of talking points when it comes to how equally opportunities are spread among performers in the movie and television industry. Imagine the front doors of a large American corporation covered in posters to this effect: "wanted, computer programmer must be black female with a slight urban tinge to her voice." The idea should be so far from the realm of possibility as to be laughable, at least in this day and age. But in the voice over industry there are daily postings that don't imply or infer this. They come right out and say it.

No one will ever be able to tell the true intentions behind the people hiring for the project, and for our own sanity we might as well assume their intentions are good and with merit. With all of the attention and criticism Mel Gibson received for his hand in The Passion of the Christ, I don't think the thought of a black male lead ever crossed the minds of the people in the casting department, and oh what a ruckus there would have been had that been the direction they decided to take that movie in. Did they cast a white male lead actor for the part of Jesus in order to preserve the accuracy of the story? If so, there are many in this country and the rest of the world that question that accuracy.

Wait a minute... I can feel this article spiraling... Apply breaks, return to original intention, and get back to the topic...

Ok, I think I got it.

Suffice it to say, that people's true intent is generally buried so deep it is pointless to begin looking for it. If we want to move beyond the possibilities of prejudice and exception in this business, we will have to find a way to fool the directors and casting people. A way to beat the system that may or may not be in place. A way to overcome, so to speak, an obstacle that to this point remains faceless and so illusive it may never be tackled. We wont know what we are fighting, or if we are fighting anything at all. Not a very bright prospect.

Breaking Down Barriers.

When I have the opportunity to coach voice over talent with ethnic backgrounds different from my own, my mind opens to the fascination of the unknown. I am peering into a crevasse so deep and different from my own, that my receptors are on high alert. Inside that crevasse are many things I haven't ever seen, culture I may have never witnessed, beliefs and experiences that I may have never considered. Many are portions of human existence that I have never encountered, and as they have shaped this person, might shape me a little as well. I must witness them, learn from them, feel them and hear them in order to better mold my approach to teaching this craft. That is usually much easier said than done. Many times I encounter actors or broadcast talent who have fought so hard to suppress their regionalism, ethnicity or nationality that getting them to lower the wall they have been at times forced to create, is not an easy task.

Much of my ability to break down these barriers is simply a developmental approach to building trust. You may ask why I would try to break these walls down at all; why not just leave them be and skim over them? Probably for the same reason when I speak to someone I want them to look me in the eye. As a coach, it is my job to dig as deep as I can to find the raw talent. Then I need to bring that talent to the surface where it can breathe, grow and flourish. This is a performance art, a human business, an art form that requires people be their true selves. I am trying to teach voice actors how to create characters, not teach one character how to become another. I need to be able to see the real person. It is there I will find the voice I am trying to coach. I cannot coach the person adorned with a shallow fa

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What Is Abstract Art One Artists Point Of View

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So many people must be asking this question all the time ... and not getting satifactory answers because I keep seeing articles on the subject.

So, to add to the mix, I thought that, because I am an Abstract Artist, I would give my answer.

First lets see what the official version has to say. The second definition of "abstract" in the Concise Oxford Dictionary says "Idealistic, not practical; abstruse; (Art etc.) free from representational qualities" And it is this last description I want to look at.

That which is free from representational qualities is a picture (or other type of art discipline) that does not depict any recognisable image such as a figure, building, or sky. There is no purposeful reference to anything physically particular. Jackson Pollock, for instance, was one of the first abstract artists and produced the finest of examples... take a look at this:

If you study this image closely it will soon become apparent that he randomly dripped paint onto a board laying flat on the floor. And if you read up a bit about him you will find that he even suspended paint-filled cans above a board, punched holes in the bottom of the can, and allowed the cans to swing, or be nudged, the paint slowly dripping to give a totally no-representative image. The important thing to remember here is that he had no intention of producing any kind likeness to anything physical whatsoever. So this style of art is truly an abstract work.

The difficulty comes when a piece of art is produced in a very loose and, even, child like way. Some might regard it as abstract. Here is an example of what I believe is NOT abstract art: go to then on the left side click on "Artisti Ceris" then click "D" go to the fourth name from the bottom "Jean Dubuffet" and click "Art Brut" there you will find three images of his work ... each one depicts roughly painted figures and faces, and although the left hand image looks like imageless lines I do believe there are faces to be seen there (Don't get me wrong - Jean Dubuffet produced many abstract works ... in fact that is what he was most famous for ... it's just that these examples are not).

Some might call these Dubuffet paintings semi-abstract - but I do not. For me there is no such thing - either the picture does not represent anything ... or it does - no matter how basic.

Another puzzle might be the later works of Mark Rothko. Look here: Some might argue that a basic rectangular shape could be regarded as a representational image. But you need to read about his life and philosophy to understand that he was not painting rectangles but what has become known as colour fields. The scale of his massive works and the fact that he gave up even titling his pieces should dispell any possibility of his work being anything other than the purer form of abstract art.

I would like to finish with one of my own enigmatic examples: in which I have sort to "portray" the idea of deep or spiritual movement. Such an explanation is, of course, dangerous in that I have used words like "portray", "spiritual" and "movement" - all of these have associations ... but not necessarily physical ones! It is my belief that there is a relationship to be had with my spirit ... and it is the purist form of abstraction. You can find out more about that in my blog on my website.

The only other thing to say here is that the abstract artist is seeking to put on canvas such non-figurative "imagery" as emotion, thought, the greater self, anarchy, and total randomness ... to name but a few. And I intend to examine these "non-figures" in a bit more detail in my articles starting with "How to produce an abstract image - Part 2? You will be very welcome to come along and read it!

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Useful Tips For Selling Art Online

(category: Arts-Entertainment, Word count: 690)
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There are many things that are the same as selling offline. But many are different. Unlike the offline world, a potential buyer does not get to see your work in person. They do not see you in person. But that doesn't mean that selling art online is harder. In some ways it is easier. This is a very broad subject to cover in one sitting. But if you remember to use the following tips you are guaranteed a leg up.

Be completely honest about the work that you are presenting for online sales. An art purchase is a very emotional buy. It is almost at the same level as buying a house or a car. Of course the potential buyer has to feel an emotional attachment to the piece if they are going to purchase it- this is not the place to create that. If a buyer is emotionally attached enough to the piece to buy it and then receives something that was not exactly as expected- your buyer will be unhappy and probably ask for their money back. If not I guarantee they will not be buying any additional art pieces from you. You can't risk this because someone who collects art is just that- a collector. Future purchases are highly probable. Make sure they know exactly what to expect. Be honest about condition, provenance, and artist background.

Be completely descriptive about your art for sale. Make sure that you have stated all of the important information about the piece. Give the art buyer as much information as possible about the piece. This will reduce the amount of questions and help qualify the potential buyer. These small but important facts will do a lot of the selling for you. Make sure to include price, medium, size, type of paper/ canvas, framed/ unframed, subject matter, and date. Don't forget to include; your motivation for choosing this subject matter, what it means to you, challenges when working on your art, and why you have chosen to express these ideas in this manner. This is where you create an emotional attachment. An art buyer becomes attached as they begin to feel they understand the piece and the artist behind it.

Make sure that you are able to accept credit cards for the purchase. If a potential art buyer has to take the time log off their computer, pick up the phone, write a check, and then reach for an envelope you reduce your chances of finalizing the sale. Although they may still want the piece it is not hard for consumers to procrastinate as other things in their life need to be tended to also. The sale is lost. It is in your best interest to make the sale as easy as possible. The only job the art buyer should complete is deciding which piece they cannot live with out. Believe me that is hard enough. Once they have decided on the purchase they must be allowed to pay for it immediately. If you do not know how to do this you can easily accept credit cards through it is free to sign up.

Don't forget to include all documentation that goes with the purchased piece. Art documents have value and they also increase the value of the piece. On some level the buyer will view them as valuable as the piece itself. These papers will be passed on with the piece and guarded the same as their insurance policies and bank statements. If possible be sure to include an artist statement, artist bio, press releases, promotional materials for you as an artist (post cards or brochures), history of the piece, and an appraisal statement for starters. Provide these to your customers in a folder so that they can easily be kept together and nicely displayed. Be sure to include contact information perhaps in the form of several business cards.

Retain the contact information of the buyer so that you may contact them again in the future. If the buyer liked you once, there are strong chances that they will buy from you again.

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What Features Would You Like To See On Myspace Layouts

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Myspace is the most popular online community, with more than five million users registered. The number is growing every day. What makes this site so special that it has the largest number of users? They probably offer the best options in terms of profile settings and various others. With this community, there are many Myspace layouts that the users can choose from.

The Myspace layouts are available for free, and the themes vary, as they will have to cater to the needs of various types of people. The layouts will basically give the profile a very unique look, and will thus allow many visitors to take an interest in that. With the layout, the navigation is easy. At the left hand corner you have the photo gallery.

You can put pictures of yourself and create an album too at this point. Right below that are the contact details, and there is the interest column. No other community has such features, as they are plenty as well as innovative to keep the user occupied all the time. On the right side you would have blogs and also a column to write about yourself.

The right side bottom is dedicated to friends, and a column where friends can leave messages. The user can keep exploring a lot, as there is no way that he should be bored. Layouts are of various types too, and they can be chosen from various web sites. Many of the features are available so that people may get more creative.

The most exciting feature one can access through the Myspace layouts is the forums. This is the place you can meet and discuss with as many people as you want. The layouts provide opportunities for the users to express themselves in many ways with the features. Since they can choose a theme of their choice, they will begin taking more interest in developing the profile through these features.

The features will include everything that is needed for a community site. Since it is all about communication with people, forums and blogs are extremely popular. Through this people can express their thoughts to a great extent. By taking some time to check through the types of layouts available, the presentation of the profile could be more interesting.

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American Rock In Its Purest Form Melissa Etheridge On Stage

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Melissa Etheridge has long been known as an artist who produces music that fits the core of what many consider "American Rock and Roll." Her style combines folk, blues, rock and roll and searing guitar melodies that cut to the soul. Her wide-ranging style has captured the hearts and ears of millions of fans, and Etheridge is returning to the stage in the summer of 2006. A look at her life will at least partially explain how her style came to be.

Early Life

Etheridge was born in Leavenworth, Kansas on May 29, 1961. She almost immediately became involved with music, as she learned to play the guitar at the age of eight and began writing music shortly thereafter. She played in a series of local bands through her teen-age years and was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston after high school.

Etheridge stayed at Berklee for only one year, and she dropped out to play in and around Boston for a time before making her way to Southern California in the early 1980's. She spent her time producing demo tapes, and was discovered by Bill Leopold, who got her steady work at a series of gigs in the Los Angeles area.

Career Highlights

Etheridge's regular performances at the Executive Suite in Long Beach got her noticed by record companies, and her talent led to a bidding war between A&M, Capitol, EMI, and Warner Bros. Etheridge ultimately decided to sign with Island Records, and she immediately began producing albums.

Her first studio work, entitled Melissa Etheridge, went multi-platinum, and four singles released from this work climbed into the Billboard charts. Her second release, Brave and Crazy, got as high as number 22 on the album charts and had three singles earn spots in the Billboard charts.

Since then, Etheridge has released seven subsequent albums, with two more, Yes I Am in 1993 and Your Little Secret in 1995 going multi-platinum. In all, Etheridge's albums have sold over 27 million copies worldwide, and her music is as recognizable as any artist in her era.

Personal Causes

Etheridge is only slightly-less known for her personal causes as she is for her music. Perhaps her most famous "cause" was her courageous decision to reveal her homosexuality during President Clinton's inauguration ceremonies in 1993. Since then, she has been an avid supporter for gay rights, and is as recognizable as any star for this cause in the world.

Etheridge has also performed for countless benefits, including such causes as Hurricane Katrina relief, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Etheridge is widely known for giving her time, money, talents and platform as a star to bring attention to the causes in which she believes, no matter how controversial.

This bravery has only enhanced her standing with her fans and music lovers alike, and it speaks to the nature of her musical style - honest, open, heartfelt and sincere. She will no doubt continue to perform for her causes, and she is sure to bring a crowd wherever she appears.

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Unique Wholesale Wedding Gifts

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As more couples live together before walking down the aisle, outfitting an entire home is becoming something of the past for wedding guests. Many couples don't need the blenders, knives, bedding, or other home gifts. The opportunity to give a unique wedding gift has never been more welcome, and most can be found at a local wholesale retailer. For a true deviation from the registry list, try these unique wholesale wedding gifts this wedding season.

Sporting Equipment

The war on obesity is on! Dietitians and nutrition experts recommend couples engage in exercise activity together. Wholesale sporting equipment is a wedding gift that not only encourages more quality time as a couple, but is also an investment into the happy couple's health. Both indoor and outdoor wholesale sporting equipment fit the bill. The best wedding gifts will consist of wholesale sporting equipment the bride and groom are interested in, or have expressed a previous interest in attempting.

Home Security

Wholesale home security products can give a newly wedded couple peace of mind. Home security products are wide and varied, from wholesale keypad door locks to overstock outdoor flood lights. Another aspect of home security frequently overlooked is the emergency preparedness kit. Items like wholesale batteries, liquidated flashlights, and shelf-pulled dry goods are true lifesavers during inclement weather or a home accident such as fire.

Wall Art

One area new couples struggle with is setting aside resources for decor. Nothing makes a house feel like a home than inviting images and artwork on the bare walls. Wholesale artwork and liquidated prints are perfect ways to provide impressive wall art without the impressive wall art price. If selecting a specific print or wholesale artwork, opt for a liquidated wall mirror instead. Smaller apartments and rooms are opened up by the strategic use of wholesale mirrors, and can operate as a window imitator.

As with any wedding gift, intimate knowledge of the couple increase the likelihood the gift will be well received. Unique wholesale wedding gifts allow a guest's gift to stand out, and also bring a new dimension to the newly wedded life of the bride and groom. Wholesale sporting equipment will keep the happy couple active long after the honeymoon. If the home is a fortress, help the new husband and wife keep it protected with wholesale home security products. Finally, bring an aspect of warmth to even the smallest of homes with a wholesale piece of wall art or a liquidated wall mirror.

All things considered, close friends of the new family should really take some time before choosing a present for their happily married friends because a gift is a very intimate gesture that expresses feelings in a subtle manner so it is highly advisable to pick the right one because there is only one chance of getting it right, you know what they say, better safe than sorry. Many wholesale wedding gifts companies have a site on the Internet so it is recommended to start looking there first. Good luck !

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Don T Look Past Graffiti Art

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Ever since I was little I have loved going to different cities and countries to learn from people and places that were different than what I was familiar with. My love for travel and for learning about different cultures only grew as I got older and eventually I went to university to study Urban and International Development. I chose this major simply because it would teach me about two of my favorite things: cities and other countries. I will never forget entering my first urban studies class and looking at the chalk board that said "Don't Look Past Graffiti Art." on it.

I rolled my eyes and wondered what kind of crazy situation I had gotten myself into with this class. I was intrigued that any real professor whose expertise is in urban studies would encourage let alone mandate that his students pay attention to the graffiti art that practically ruined the look and feel of many major cities in our country and around the world.

After a brief introduction of himself, the professor of that class began the semester by showing us a slide show of graffiti art from around the world. He played the entire show without saying a word of explanation. When it was finished he simply walked over to the chalk board and wrote another line underneath what he had already written about paying attention to graffiti art. He wrote: "Because it reveals the major issues of that culture's youth."

I got out my notebook for the first time that semester and wrote those two phrases onto the top of the first page. I was still hesitant about where the professor could possibly be taking an introduction like this, but I was more intrigued than before after watching the slide show of graffiti art and realizing just how artistic it truly was.

Our first assignment for that urban studies class was to find a photograph of graffiti art that was from a major U.S. city and to write a two page reflection on what we thought the graffiti art revealed about that particular city's youth. I had no idea when I chose a picture from Chicago and wrote about it just what I was doing to shape the rest of my life.

To make a long story short, that urban studies class and specifically our discussion of graffiti art revolutionized my thinking about the peoples of the world. I learned that a culture is revealed by small things like graffiti art that we usually take as annoying when we visit somewhere. All that to say, the next time you travel don't discount a city's graffiti art as something ugly or offensive. Instead, see what you can learn about the youth of that city through the graffiti art because I guarentee there is much to be learned.

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Why Hamlet Still Disturbs Us

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Many students face different and sometimes difficult tasks during their period of study. Some of them have to research new trends and gain new knowledge on different subjects, some of them should analyze new texts and new theories but almost every student studies to do this by analyzing some well-known, old and universally accepted theories or facts. For those students who are enrolled at Humanities, Hamlet essay represents one of the most common and popular writing assignments. Yet, despite the fact that this tragedy is several centuries old and has already become one of the most popular works in the literature, students nevertheless are baffled and sometimes perplexed by this assignment. Let us examine how it should be written. I would like to start with some obvious fact- you should read Hamlet before you start working on your essay. Do not succumb to the common mistakes of many students who compose their essays, based on the critical works of others. Undoubtedly there is a plethora of comments on this work as well as published critical analysis. However, your tutor would like to see your understanding of this work. You should impartially evaluate the character of Hamlet, his inclinations, motives and his thoughts.

Try to answer several questions - why for instance the death of the farther has not been avenged immediately? What prompted Hamlet to delay it? What guided Hamlet? Many commentators hold the opinion that Hamlet was guided by some indecision or procrastination, or juts he was of high moral principles. However, there is a large group of critics who are inclined to contend that Hamlet's deeds should be explained by external factors rather than internal psychological ones. According to this point of view Hamlet gave Claudius benefit of doubt and wanted to make sure that charges brought against him by ghost were true. What is your point of view and your contention on the theories mentioned? Why? Undoubtedly analysis of Hamlet, his thoughts and his deeds is one of the most common topics that can be assigned by your tutor. However, you may be assigned with various topics, ranging from similarities and differences between the heroes of the drama, relationship between four sons and four women, and other topics. In order to complete this type of an essay, one should read some critical work on Hamlet, yet only after you have read the book, you might borrow some ideas but only when you indicate the source.

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