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Aspen Nightlife The Ultimate Taxi

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 452)
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This isn't your ordinary taxi ride! The Ultimate Taxi

is actually entertainment that is not to be missed.

This is a thirty to forty minute musical ride around

Aspen - but it's not like any other ride you will take

in your lifetime.

The taxi you will be riding in is a 1978 Checker cab.

It has been greatly modified and boasts four red

lasers, a laser projector, black light effects, light

washers, light orbs, mini-strobes, color changing fiber

optics, a sound system, stage lights, a mirror ball, a

fog machine, a keyboard, digital drums, a digital

camera, a DV cam, a notebook computer, a printer,

and much, much more.

Your driver will be Jon Barnes, and he has been

driving tourists around Aspen since 1984. He throws

in a pair of 3-D glasses, so you can view Aspen as

you never have before. Featured online, in radio

interviews, magazines, and newspapers, the Ultimate

Taxi has become very popular. Many famous people

have taken this cab ride as well, including Clint

Eastwood and Jerry Seinfeld.

Get ready for a wild ride! Jon plays the keyboard

and the horn while driving! With your 3-D glasses

and the other toys that are included in the ride,

combined with the psychedelic lighting effects, this

is one ride that you will never forget! In fact, Jon

makes sure of it, because there will be pictures to

help you remember the event.

Make sure you buy some souvenirs before you leave.

The Ultimate Taxi gift store is located right outside

the doors, in the trunk. You will also have a web page

memory of your ride in the Ultimate Taxi hosted on

Jon's server for all time. Take your toys and 3-D

glasses home with you as well.

The Ultimate Taxi is not a 'normal' taxi ride. You

don't call Jon Barnes to take you where you want to

go. The Ultimate Taxi is more of a musical show

and adventure. It has been called the world's

smallest recording studio.

Make sure that you get your Ultimate Taxi ride while

you are in Aspen, and join the ranks of Ivana, Kevin

Costner, George Hamilton, Jerry Jeff Walker, Dudley

Moore, the Beatles, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Seinfeld,

and even Regis Philbin! Due to the popularity of the

Ultimate Taxi, it is probably best to call in advance

for a reservation. The Ultimate Taxi is in operation

from 7pm to 10pm most nights.

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Aspen Nightlife Us Comedy Arts Festival

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 206)
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If you can visit Aspen in March, make sure that you

catch the US Comedy Arts Festival that is held in

various venues throughout Aspen. This is one of the

major events for comedians all over the country -

and it is some of the best entertainment you will

ever experience.

The US Comedy Arts Festival features every type of

comedy you can imagine, including Stand-up

comedy, film shorts, alternative comedy, and sketch

comedy. Tribute is given to some of the greatest

comedians from the past, such as Rodney

Dangerfield, Monty Python, and George Carlin. You

will also have the opportunity to enjoy many of

today's famous comedians, and hear some unknown

or up and coming comedians as well.

Make sure that you don't miss this festival - and

make sure that you make your plans and reservations

very early. The lodges and hotels will fill up fast for

this festival, and according to locals, this is the

hardest time of the year to find lodging in Aspen -

which is a good indication of how good the

entertainment is!

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Aspen Nightlife And The Altitude

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 460)
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There is more to do in Aspen than ski! The

Aspen nightlife is like nothing you will

experience elsewhere. The warmth and

camaraderie of all of the skiers, from all of the

different lodges is quite special, and remarkable.

You will have a good time in Aspen, no matter

what you choose to do, but there is one thing

that you should be very aware of before you

start your party - the altitude.

Aspen sits about 8000 feet above sea level.

Unless you live in a high altitude area, you will

need to adjust to this altitude. You may find

yourself feeling dizzy or light headed, and you

may even find it a bit difficult to breath. Altitude

Sickness is a serious problem, and if your

symptoms become extreme, you should seek

medical attention.

If you will be drinking, you need to know that the

altitude will have a large impact on the way your

body handles the alcohol. Many people who are

not used to such a high altitude find that they

become drunker on much less alcohol, in a very

short period of time. It is best that you avoid

drinking alcohol at all until you have adjusted

to the altitude.

It is also important to recognize the signs of

both Altitude sickness and Acute Mountain

Sickness (AMS). Altitude sickness can be

recognized by hyperventilation, shortness of

breath during exertion, increased urination,

changed breathing patterns at night, strange

dreams, and frequently waking from sleep

during the night. Acute Mountain Sickness, on

the other hand, is recognized by loss of appetite,

nausea, vomiting, fatigue or weakness,

dizziness, light-headedness, difficulty sleeping,

confusion, and a staggering gait.

As you can see, the symptoms of both Altitude

Sickness and Acute Mountain Sickness

somewhat resemble the symptoms of drinking

too much alcohol. The only way to rule out being

drunk is to not drink for at least 48 hours after

your arrival in the higher altitude. You should

also seek medical attention if your symptoms

last more than 48 hours, or if you show signs

of Acute Mountain Sickness. AMS can be

deadly if it is not treated.

Health care professionals suggest that you

avoid drinking alcohol because the effects are

magnified at a high altitude. Avoid strenuous

activity for the first couple of days after arriving

at the higher altitude. Drink extra fluid and visit

a doctor if you have symptoms of AMS

immediately for treatment.

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Aspen Nightlife Winterskol

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 480)
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Since Aspen is a wintertime playground for so

many people, it is only fitting that everyone in

Aspen during the month of January participates

in Winterskol. This is literally a celebration of

winter, cold, and snow - which is a great deal

of what makes Aspen, well, Aspen! Winterskol

is the ultimate Aspen party.

Winterskol is held during the month of January

each year, and it is the wildest winter

celebration you will ever experience. The

highlight of Winterskol is the Canine Fashion

Show, where pets are dressed up in crazy

clothing, such as miniature bridal gowns.

Winterskol has been an Aspen tradition for

more than fifty years - and it will continue for

at least another fifty! The first Winterskol

celebration was held in 1951.

During Winterskol, more than 40 events are

scheduled in the downtown area, Aspen

Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk

Mountain, and Snowmass Mountain. The

entire area gets involved in the activities.

Winterskol is a celebration of Aspen's Nordic

ancestry, as well as a celebration of winter.

While most events are scheduled in advance,

Winterskol also brings several surprises as

well. You just never know what you will find at

the Winterskol celebration - until you are there.

Favorite traditional activities include the Canine

Fashion Show, Winter sculpt, the Buttermilk

Uphill Race, and Snowmass Splash. Don't

miss the torchlight descent and the fireworks

display over Aspen Mountain. Don't miss the

unique competitions happening all over town.

There is constant live entertainment all around

town as well. If you are planning a ski vacation,

and you want to have the time of your life -

your destination should be Aspen, and your

arrival date should coincide with the start of


Winterskol is an ongoing week long party with

something for everyone. Amusement,

entertainment, parties, and celebration are top

priorities during the week of Winterskol. You

have to experience Winterskol at least once in

your lifetime - and after you have been once,

you will be back. Winterskol is a celebration

that is comparable with Mardi Gras in New

Orleans - but a lot safer, and in many

opinions, more enjoyable.

As they do for Mardi Gras, people come from

all over the world for Winterskol. Event

packages are available, but all of the lodges,

hotels, motels, condos, cabins, and

campgrounds sell out early. Make sure that you

book lodging for Winterskol well in advance,

and take advantage of the packages that the

various lodges offer. Packages typically

include lodging, airfare, rental cars, and

other things that you may require as well.

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Aspen Nightlife The Caribou Club

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 467)
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According to The New York Post, the Caribou

Club is the absolute best private club in

America. This is a member's only private club,

and the membership fee is quite high - but the

ambiance is top-notch!

The Caribou Club is located in Aspen,

Colorado on East Hopkins Avenue. The club

is open from 6:30pm until 2am every day, and

you can enjoy dinner and dancing, or lounge in

the Great Room before a roaring fireplace with

a fine cigar. The wine cellar houses over 5000

wines from around the world.

There is more to The Caribou Club than fine

dining and dancing, however. When you enter

the club, you are entering a world of elegance

that can only be experienced here. The walls

are covered with 19th century paintings. There

is a coat room, where your coat will be taken

from you, and you are made to feel like a very

welcome houseguest. You can then go to the

bar, the Great Room, or be seated for dinner

- the choice is yours.

The Caribou Club has only been open for about

ten years, but it has become an integral part of

Aspen nightlife for the rich and famous - and

even for those who are not famous, nor rich,

but who can afford to pay the membership

fees. When you enter the Great Room at The

Caribou Club, you will probably see faces that

you know - even if you don't know these

famous people on a personal level.

You don't even have to be in Aspen to enjoy the

cuisine offered by The Caribou Club. Your

event can be catered by the club, no matter

how large or small it is, or where it is located.

You can have your event catered anywhere

in the world! Private parties can also be held

at The Caribou Club.

Again, the cost is fairly high. Lifetime

membership for a couple is $10,000. Individual

membership for two people is $3000 for the

first year, and $1000 for each additional year,

paid annually. Family membership for up to five

people costs $4000 per year. A temporary

membership is available for one week. The cost

is $500 and covers one couple. However, during

Holidays and President's Weekend, the cost is


As you can see, The Caribou Club is quite

exclusive - but depending on the type of

nightlife you enjoy, the cost of membership is

well worth it - even if you only visit once a year.

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Aspen Nightlife

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 464)
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Finding things to do in Aspen, Colorado during the

day isn't difficult - get out on the slopes and ski or

enjoy one of the other winter sports that you love.

At night, however, Aspen really comes to life with

Aspen nightlife! No matter how old or young you are,

there is something to do in Aspen twenty-four hours

a day, seven days a week.

Music and dancing are the biggest Aspen nightlife

attractions, but there is more to do than just that -

so if you aren't quite old enough to get into the

various bars and clubs in the area, don't think that

you will be bored at night - you won't be! Start by

finding out what activities are planned for the

evening at your lodge or hotel. Most lodges and

hotels have events planned throughout the season

- and this is a good place to start finding things to

do after the slopes have closed for the day.

Shopping in Aspen is another highlight. There are

many galleries and specialty shops that you won't

find in your own hometown. Take advantage of this.

Most shops are open after the slopes have closed

for the day, and many stay open late because they

understand that you want to spend your daylight

hours out on the slopes.

If you aren't old enough for the club scene, take

advantage of the teen nights that are offered by many

of the resorts. These are safe fun nights for teens,

which parents will approve of. Teens also enjoy the

offerings at many of the spas. Spas aren't just for

adults. Enjoy the skin treatments, massages,

saunas, and hot tubs. Some resorts also have game

rooms for the teens and younger kids.

If you are old enough for the bars and clubs - finding

something to do won't be hard at all. Again, find out

what is happening in the evening at your lodge or

hotel first. If you aren't interested, hit the streets.

Almost everything is within walking distance in Aspen,

and anything that is out of walking distance is

accessible by bus or taxi. If you will be drinking,

do not drive your car to the bar or club - find

alternate transportation.

The Aspen Recreation center has many planned

events throughout the season that are appropriate for

adults and kids. However, if you are planning to bring

the kids, but you want to enjoy some adult Aspen

nightlife as well, child care may be available through

your lodge or hotel.

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Aspen Nightlife Theatre In The Park

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 212)
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Founded in 1983 by Kent Reed, Theatre in the Park

has become an Aspen tradition that adds to the

delight of Aspen nightlife. Theatre in the Park once

actually was theatre that was performed in a tent in

the park. Now, however, Theatre in the Park has

changed its name to Theatre Aspen, and a new

permanent structure is in development. This will

allow Theatre in the Park to hold year-round

performances, instead of summer-only performances.

Contemporary and classical plays are all presented

by the theatre. If you are in Aspen around Christmas

time, make sure that you see the theatre's

presentation of "Its A Wonderful Life." As a summer-

only venue, sixty shows are performed each year.

Once the company has its permanent structure, we

can expect many more each year.

The Theatre Aspen also has many training programs

for adults and children. Currently, performances are

held between June and August. The Theatre in the

Park is located in the Rio Grande Park. Heat is

provided on chilly nights, and there is an area to enjoy

cocktails during intermissions, as well as before and

after performances.

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Aspen Nightlife Art Galleries

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 203)
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Aspen is famous for more than skiing. There are

currently more than thirty art galleries in and around

the Aspen area, where art created by famous artists

around the world resides. Visiting the art galleries in

Aspen is a must, and no Aspen vacation will be

complete without this taste of culture.

Most of the art galleries are within walking distance

of each other, arranged in a three by four block area.

This area is located between Spring Street and

Monarch Street, and Hopkins Avenue and Durant


You will find everything from vintage poster art at the

Omnibus Gallery to Impressionism art at the Galerie

Du Bois. Visit the Highline Gallery for glass art and

the Pam Driscol Gallery for bronze sculpture art.

Contemporary collections can be found at the

Baldwin Gallery.

While some galleries are open after hours, many

close around 5pm. It is important to find out the

operating hours of the galleries that you want to visit

ahead of time. Many shows and events are planned

at the galleries for the evening hours as well.

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Aspen Nightlife The Wheeler Opera House

(category: Aspen-Nightlife, Word count: 465)
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The Wheeler Opera House has been an

integral part of Aspen nightlife, history, and

culture since 1889 when Mr. J.B Wheeler and

the Conried Company presented The King's

Fool. While the building started out as an

Opera House, it was only used for town

meetings and such by 1893, when the silver

mines had played out.

The Wheeler Opera House remained open until

1912 when it was gutted by not one, but two

fires in one week! The Opera House did not

open again until June of 1946 when it was

leased by the Aspen Company. The total

restoration went on until 1960. Between the

years of 1912 and 1946 the Wheeler Opera

House remained empty, and it was used as

a playground by the local children.

During the 1960's and 1970's, The Wheeler

Opera House was mainly used as a movie

theater. However, in 1979, the city decided to

restore the Opera House to its original

grandeur, and this restoration was completed

in 1984. The cost was 4.5 million dollars.

Today, the Wheeler Opera House is on the

National Registrar of Historical Places.

Many events, such as lectures, concerts, plays,

films, and musicals are held at The Wheeler

Opera House today. You can see Broadway

shows, jazz concerts, country and rock

concerts, and even children's theater here.

Any type of cultural event you can imagine

is held here - and shows are scheduled

throughout the year. Locals consider the

Wheeler Opera House the 'crown jewel of Aspen.

' Nationwide, it is considered a world class theater

- and with the detailed woodwork it is certainly a

sight to behold!

The Opera House is still in its original location

on Hyman Avenue, in the heart of downtown

Aspen. You can call to find out what events are

planned, and to purchase tickets. Remember

that this is a popular place, and shows do sell

out quickly - so purchase your tickets as early

as possible. You should also be aware that

children under the age of three years old are

not permitted for live performances, unless the

performance is for children specifically.

Cameras and recording devices are not

permitted for performances.

The Wheeler Opera House can also be rented

for a variety of special occasions and events,

such as parties, receptions, weddings,

conferences, and seminars. Events such as

these are usually held on the second floor,

where guests will enjoy a breathtaking view of

Aspen Mountain, as well as the city.

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