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Increase Profits On Ebay By Using Drop Shippers

(category: Auctions, Word count: 431)
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You might already be one of the many eBay business owners earning a living online with eBay. While most people are working that nine to five job everyday, you're living the dream of self employment and running your own business.

But, if the long hours and hard work just isn't adding up to the profits you dreamed of, you may want to consider using drop shippers to increase your profits.

Drop shipping is a great way to offer many different products to your customers without having to keep an inventory of products in your garage.

Basically, you sell a product for a company or warehouse using online auctions or your own website. Once a sale is completed you pass the order information and money owed for the product to the drop shipper. They process the order, package and ship the product to your customer using your company information on the logo.

The customer never knows that the item was drop shipped, and you get to keep the difference between your cost and the price you charge the customer.

Drop shipping and eBay can work hand in hand. The high traffic rate of eBay makes it a great place to offer drop shipped products. Without a drop shipper, an eBay business owner would have to stock, pack and ship the items on their own. Additionally, the task of product research and purchasing a stock pile of products.

Drop shippers take care of everything except actually selling the product. This frees you up for creating your auctions and finding more products to sell using your eBay store.

Also, using a drop shipper creates almost no financial risk on your part because you don't need to invest a lot of money on something you're not sure about. You have no inventory and pay the drop shippers only after you have an order and the buyer has paid you!

A few drop shippers do ask members to pay a small fee for selling their products. This is to keep the products cheap and to make sure that members are getting a really good deal.

If you want to guarantee a profit, just set a minimum bid amount. There is really no downside.

With drop shipping, anyone has the chance to make great profits using eBay auctions, and at the same time not having to worry about getting the product to the customer. Since your customers never know that you're using drop shipping, you gain credibility and look very professional in the process.

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Ebay Millionaire Reveals His Secrets To Derek Gehl A Review

(category: Auctions, Word count: 720)
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"The Insiders Secrets of an eBay Millionaire" is a complete study of the techniques to make a reasonable living on eBay. Derek Gehl and Brandon Dupsky have teamed up to develop a detailed system on how to navigate eBay, find the right products, enjoy profitable online auctions and strive to become a Power Seller. Every tip and trick that Brandon has used on eBay to generate his 8 million dollars in sales last year, were apparently told to Derek Gehl.

The only part that was difficult for me is the time it took to study and digest the material included. There is so much information you will probably have to return to the books until they become second nature. The author's claim that you will be up and running on eBay in 24 hours, is a little ambitious. Take your time and really let the information sink in.

The following background was supplied by the authors: "You may have heard of Derek Gehl CEO of The Internet Marketing Center, a company with over 40 million dollars in internet sales. Brandon Dupsky on the other hand tends to fly under the radar. He is a regular guy from Nebraska that started selling a few odds and ends from his garage. Brandon then turned the internet business into one with sales last year of 8 million dollars. Derek convinced Brandon to reveal his secrets on how to become an eBay entrepreneur".

Their study is full of details that anyone interested in eBay auctions as a hobby or a home business should try. It demonstrated to me how you can start from nothing and move forward into a profitable eBay business. I spent years learning what works and what doesn't work for me on eBay. The authors have drastically reduced the time it will take you to become an eBay success.

The course materials are considerable. Their base is a 237 page manual and 4 audio-CD's, all filled with tips on building an eBay business from scratch. Each audio-CD has a read along transcript with margin notes. These notes are excellent since they highlight the most important topics that were addressed on each page. There are also 4 bonus CD-ROMs with instructions on more advanced eBay buying selling techniques. The CD-ROMs answered my questions about how to attract more bids on my products, how to create better listings that brought more bidders to my auctions, and how to set up a simple payment and shipping system. These steps are very important in establishing yourself on eBay. If you already have an internet business like I do, the authors have some good ideas on how to tap into some of the 2,000,000 visitors who come to eBay daily.

"The Insiders Secrets of an eBay Millionaire" delivered on its pledge to me and will teach you the fundamentals needed in order to grow into an eBay authority. It logically takes you through the steps, from finding a product to completing an auction. This package will be something that you refer to time after time and I suggest you take notes as you go along.

If anything, you may have to read all of the material again before you will be able to absorb all of the information about eBay auctions. The authors go into a lot of detail and I was pleased with what they revealed to me, a successful eBay Power Seller.

In Derek's Gehl's introduction, he tells you that you can't afford not to have this information and I agree with him. For me, this was a good source to learn more about eBay and I am making the most of it.

Some people have asked me if there was some way to improve on this product and I can honestly say not much. I was pleased about the information that I learned from the authors because I have been selling on eBay since 1999.

The only unanswered question I have is how Brandon Dupsky manages his various weekly auctions. I would have preferred an in-depth study on how he accomplishes this very involved task.

If you are interested in growing an eBay business, this is a comprehensive course that will be very helpful. I give it a high rating.

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Ebay Selling 101 Things A Seller Should Know Before Selling On Ebay

(category: Auctions, Word count: 471)
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Nowadays, eBay is becoming a fast increasing market for online shoppers. It gives them the convenience and feasibility of shopping online.

However, it is the seller that benefits most of the time as they find selling things on eBay a lucrative way of earning additional wages. But before a seller logs in and sell his or her items on eBay, there are some things that needs to be done first, here's how:

1. Sellers must know the rules.

It is extremely important for sellers to know first the rules and regulations of eBay concerning items to be sold and the transaction method. This is one way of protecting themselves so as to avoid fraudulent activities.

2. They should know their market.

Before selling, a seller should first contemplate on what type of market is she or he aiming at. If the sellers know who their target market is, it would be easier for them to think of effective words to use on their descriptive title and the details of their items.

3. They should know the selling fees.

It's a must for them to know how much the selling fees of eBay are so that they may include this on the initial price of their item.

4. They should know the available payment scheme.

The sellers should know these first so that they can assess which type of payment mode are they comfortable with. After all, they should stress this out when posting their items on sale.

5. They should know how to make an account.

It is, indeed, important for the seller to know first the basic procedures of creating an account on eBay before selling an item. No one can go start selling an item right away without having an account on eBay.

They should know how to register first. They can do this by going to the eBay website and set up a seller's account by entering some pertinent information like a valid credit/debit card account or bank account. Though, they may opt for an alternative if they are not comfortable doing this. They may opt to become ID verified as a substitute.

For payment purposes, they should also know how to open a PayPal account.

Also, they should know first what kind of format to use, the category of the item, how to write the title and the specifications of the sale, item description, how to increase the item's visibility, and how to contact the winning bidder before starting to post an item on eBay.

If all of these things are already clear on the seller, then posting an item on eBay will never be a problem. It's that easy!

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What You Need To Know Before You Get Started On Ebay

(category: Auctions, Word count: 514)
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So you've decided that you want to get started as a seller on eBay. There are a few things that you really need to know before you go and throw yourself in at the deep end.

What to Sell.

First off, you need to know what it is you're going to sell: what's your speciality? You'll do far better on eBay if you become a great source for certain kind of products, as people who are interested in those products will come back to you again and again. You won't get any loyalty or real reputation if you just sell rubbish at random.

When you think about what to sell, there are a few things to consider. The most important of these is to always sell what you know. If you try to sell something that you just don't know anything about then you'll never write a good description and sell it for a good price.

You might think you're not especially interested in anything, but if you think about what kind of things you usually buy and which websites you go to most often, I'm sure you'll discover some kind of interest. If all else fails mention it to your friends and family: they'll almost certainly say "Oh, well why don't you sell...", and you'll slap your forehead.

Out of the things you know enough about, you should then consider which things you could actually get for a good enough price to resell, and how suitable they would be for posting. If you can think of something of that you're knowledgeable about and it's small and light enough for postage to be relatively cheap, then that's great!

Don't worry if you think the thing you're selling is too obscure - it isn't. There's a market for almost everything on eBay, even things that wouldn't sell once in a year if you stocked them in a shop. You'll probably do even better if you fill a niche than if you sell something common.

Tax and Legal Matters.

If you earn enough money, you should be aware that you're going to have to start paying tax - this won't be done for you. If you decide to sell on eBay on a full-time basis, you should probably register as a business.

Prepare Yourself.

There are going to be ups and downs when you sell on eBay. Don't pack it in if something goes a little wrong in your first few sales: the sellers who are successful on eBay are the ones who enjoy it, and stick at it whatever happens.

Anyone can sell on eBay, if they believe in themselves - and if you do decide it's not for you, then the start-up costs are so low that you won't really have lost anything.

If you're ready to start selling, then the next thing you need to know is the different auction types, so you can decide which ones you will use to sell your items. Our next email will give you a guide.

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7 Tips For Selling Expensive Collectibles On Ebay

(category: Auctions, Word count: 853)
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Recently, a friend asked me to help her brother sell his collection on Lladro glass figurines on eBay. These are expensive glass collectibles and I knew nothing about them - but I don't have to. The principles for selling expensive collectibles on eBay are the same, regardless of what is being sold.

Obviously, like any eBay auction, the seller must have a powerful listing with great pictures. This is always true regardless of what the merchandise is. Expensive collectibles offer splendid opportunities, but also need special precautions.

1. Price: decide the lowest amount you will accept for each figurine and set that price as a reserve. Then make your opening bid absurdly low - yes, absurdly.

Example: if you will accept $1,000 - make your opening bid $25. There is no risk in this, because you don't have to sell unless the bidding reaches $1000, but the low price attracts buyers, (assuming there is demand, of course).

Looking at completed eBay auctions allows us to track prices, Again and again we learn that starting the price where the seller hopes it will end is not a wise tactic.

For instance, a seller wants to get $750 for his figurine. An opening bid of $750 won't attract nearly as many buyers as an opening bid of $25 and - surprisingly - the lower bid almost always gets higher prices. There is some psychology at work with the cheap price. It may not make logical sense, but it's the reality of life on eBay.

2. Devote space in your auction listing explaining how you will pack your item to ensure safe transit. This is critically important because in the back of every buyer's mind is the dread of receiving a package that rattles. A collectibles buyer will inevitably be thinking of the hassle she will have to go through - and the possible loss of purchase price - if her item is broken. She needs to know that the seller has carefully considered this issue and has a solution.

3. For the protection of both of you, insist that the buyer pay for appropriate insurance. Don't allow this to be an option. You definitely do not want the liability of a broken collectible that costs hundreds of dollars. In fact, if a customer objects to paying for insurance, this might possibly be a red flag. A genuine collector is very eager to add to her collection and wants her figurine to be protected.

4. We can safely assume that every Internet buyer has heard stories of fraud on eBay and elsewhere on the Net. Therefore, anything you can do to prove the authenticity of your collectible is well worth your time. Is there a marking on the bottom? Do you have the original box or other container? Does it have a label? Is there a certificate of authenticity or an appraisal by a respected organization? If the answer to any of these is "yes", then be certain to emphasize your authenticity in your auction. Taking pictures of your proof is especially effective.

5. I don't suggest offering a guarantee except in the most general way - that is, you, the seller, are telling the truth about the product. Anyone bidding on a collectible is knowledgeable and therefore they know what they're buying so there should be no reason for a return. If someone expresses dissatisfaction and mails your merchandise back, there is every likelihood of it being broken. You do not want the hassle of trying to collect on broken merchandise or putting yourself into a litigious situation with someone who refuses to believe that the collectible was broken via return shipping.

Also, you don't want to take a loss on your eBay fees, which might be substantial if the price is high.

6. With a really expensive item, always offer the option of an escrow service - at the buyer's expense, of course. They may not take want this service, but make certain they have the option. You, of course, know that your merchandise is legitimate, but the buyer isn't so certain. eBay recommends an escrow service that is available to all members.

7. If you're willing to ship worldwide, you need to take special steps to protect yourself. In the US we have AVS (Address Verification System) which offers some protection. A very large portion of the fraud suffered by buyers occurs outside the United States and you are justified in protecting yourself. Losing the purchase price on a $5 item isn't such a big deal - but a $1,000 collectible absolutely does matter.

Your bank can advise you on the time it will take to verify foreign funds. Be certain to let any prospective buyer know in your auction that there will be a delay if they are outside of your country. Do not let your merchandise out of your hands until you are sure!

If you follow these 'rules', the chances of selling your expensive collectibles at the highest possible prices will be greatly increased.

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When It Pays To Be A Smart Buyer

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When buying things from E-bay, it's the responsibility of the shopper to protect his or her identity and well being. That's why it's a must for every online shopper to keep in mind some rules on how to buy safely from E-bay so as to avoid frauds, scams, and cheaters.

Here are 15 tips on how to buy safely from E-Bay:

1. The buyer should analyze the item list extensively. It's a must that the buyer understands every word written on the item list. Buyers should contemplate on the item and its description over and over again before hitting that bid button.

2. It's a must for every buyers to know the seller's demographic profile, selling history, and the feedbacks tendered by the other shoppers.

3. Buyers should choose payment schemes that provide utmost protection.

4. Buyers should know how much they will pay for the shipping.

5. It's a given fact: If it's too good to be true, chances are the transaction is not worth the buyer's trust...and money!

6. Even without the intention of selling, it's a must for every buyer to know the concept behind e-bay's listing procedures.

7. The "Ask seller a question" link is not there just for the heck of it. The buyer should use it in any way possible. It's only one way of analyzing if the seller is trustworthy enough.

8. When sending payment, buyers should first confirm the contact information of the seller.

9. Buyers should be extra careful when dealing with foreign sellers. They should take note of the payment scheme required by the seller. If it's not trustworthy, then it's best not to proceed with the transaction.

10. When dealing with valuable and expensive items, buyers should use a payment scheme accepted by Escrow.

11. Buyers should insure their items. This will provide protection in the event that the transaction slipped off.

12. By all means, buyers should avoid transaction involving wire money transfers. If a seller insists on this method, chances are, it's a scam.

13. Buyers should steer clear of sellers that only accept cash-based transactions. This means that the seller has not yet established a reputation in E-bay because he or she is not capable of establishing an account with Escrow.

14. Buyers should be hesitant when considering offers like off-the-E-bay transactions. This kind of transaction is not being protected by E-bay.

15. Buyers should take note of security signs when visiting secured domains. This applies to payment-related web sites.

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On Ebay Aida Is More Than An Opera By Verdi

(category: Auctions, Word count: 187)
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Ask most people what Aida is and they will tell you it is an opera set in Egypt. Ask a marketing person and they will tell you that it is the sales formula that all advertising must incorporate if it is to succeed.The letters stand for:

A Attention

I Interest

D Desire

A Action

It is a formula that can also help you write better ebay auction listings.

It does not matter how well your description is written, how good your product is or what terrific value it represents if no one knows about it. So how do you grab people's attention

and get them to read your listing?

We know that the majority of potential bidders will start by going to eBay's search engine.

So the important thing is to get as many key words or phrases that they might use into your title. If I am looking for a Rolex Oyster wristwatch I might type in Rolex, Oyster or wristwatch

into the search engine. If you have a Rolex Oyster Wrist Watch for sale at

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The 5 Mistakes That Can Lose You Money On Ebay

(category: Auctions, Word count: 571)
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I am often asked by subscribers to UK Auctionline web site to have a look at their eBay listings. This is usually because they are not doing as well selling their items as they had hoped. When I go and look at the listing I will often find that they have made one or more of the common mistakes that deter bidders.

1. Too many negatives. Some people, especially newcomers to eBay have a very real fear of being cheated or ripped off. Because of this they apply negatives in their listing. This can be in the form of a long list of types of payments they wont accept or conditions that they apply. Something else I have seen is the warning that thee seller will not be responsible for any item lost in the post. Even worse are threats such as negative feedback if payment is not made within a certain time after the auction ended. These sorts of restrictions and threats are a great big turnover to any potential bidder.

2. High shipping charges. Most reasonable people are happy to pay something over the cost of postage to cover packing materials. But as I saw the other day someone who charging $10 to ship a $4.99CD, that is pushing it a bit. If you doubt how the average bikdder views hyped up shipping costs just go and read the commentgs on any eBay forum and see what buyers feel about it.

3. Not using a Gallery Photograph. I assume that no one who is serious about selling on eBay would consider putting up any listing without a picture. I cannot think of any item that would not benefit from a photograph. But there are still a great number of sellers who do not use the gallery feature to have a photograph next to their listing in the search results. Ebay's own figures show that the use of a gallery photograph can increase the final bid figure by as much as 12%.

4. Setting you opening bid price too high. If you want to attract the most bids and therefore a higher final price for your item you should not set too high an opening bid price. A low opening price attracts casual browsers who place a bid just on the off chance of getting a bargain. Once a few bids have been entered other people start noticing and come to your listing to see what it is all about. Then before you know it, the price is shooting up. However, if you start with too high a price you could end up as one of the many listings that attract no bids at all.

5. Not communicating. I know some eBay sellers who really resent having to answer e-mails. In fact I know some who just do not answer any questions from sellers. How stupid is this? A question from a seller is a great opportunity for you to build up rapport with a potential buyer. A quick and pleasant response will almost certainly encourage bids whilst a curt or a non-reply will not.

The bottom line is that eBay is a numbers game, the more people you can get to bid on your items the higher the price they will achieve. Therefore it is important to do everything you can to encourage bidding not trying to deter it.

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When Payment Matters

(category: Auctions, Word count: 439)
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When everything's settled after the seller has posted a product in eBay, there's only one thing that needs to be accomplished: payment mode.

When selling something, the most important thing a seller must consider is how he or she shall be paid. This is a very risky decision since a lot of fraudulent activities in eBay involve payment.


This is the most common way of paying a seller on eBay.

PayPal is an online business that facilitates the transaction of transferring a monetary amount between a merchant account and an online buyer. Because it is electronic, it is basically a paperless transaction.

It was in October 2002 when PayPal was purchased by eBay. Before, PayPal was just a choice of most eBay users, whether it's a buyer or a seller. The other choices that time involves eBay's subordinate, BillPoint.

However, due to a relative percentage of PayPal, being the most widely used mode of payment by almost fifty percent of eBay buyers and sellers, eBay had eventually phased out BillPoint and concentrate more on PayPal.

Right now, there is another company that is in the same line of business like PayPal. This competitor is known as BidPay. There had been reports that a number of eBay buyers and sellers resort to this kind of payment scheme.


For high-priced items, eBay recommends that the method of payment should be with an eBay approved escrow service like the one that can be found at

Buyers and sellers should take note that there are fake escrow companies lurking in eBay. Hence, it's important to detect if the escrow company that the buyer and the seller deals with is approved by eBay.

EBay recommends that sellers, as well as buyers, should only contact eBay approved escrow companies like for Canada, U'.S., and U.K. eBay users; for eBay users in Australia; for eBay users in Spain and Italy; for German eBay users; and for eBay users in France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

EBay strongly warns its buyers and sellers not to do transaction concerning wire transfers like the Western Union. This is a very unsafe mode of payment because it does not guarantee the concerned person that the process will be smooth.

So, it's best for every seller and buyer on eBay to opt for the mentioned payment methods so as to be sure of an honest and reliable business transaction. Besides, eBay will protect the sellers and buyers if the transactions were made under these approved eBay mode of payment.

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