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Autoresponders And Shopping Cart Integration

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 464)
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When people place orders through your website, it

is always a good idea to immediately acknowledge

the purchase. One way to do this is with the use of

an autoresponder that can be integrated with your

shopping cart. In fact, many shopping carts that are

available today have their own autoresponders built

into the system.

When you set up your autoresponder to send a

message to someone that has placed an order,

there are several things that should be included in the

message. This is an opportunity to 'speak' to your

customer, and to let them know about other deals

that you have or special items that you have available.

You should not miss this opportunity.

Do not try to get your 'thank you' sales message on

the same autoresponder as the customers email

receipt. Putting the sales message on an email that

is automatically sent to grant the customer access

to their purchase is also a bad idea - that would go

better with the receipt. Make sure your 'thank you'

sales message is a message that is sent out all by

itself, so your customer can focus solely on that!

Thank the customer for their recent purchase. Tell

them how much their purchase will help them, and

then tell them about other available products that

work well with the one that they just purchased, or

that are similar to the one that they just purchased

in some way. For instance hair conditioner works

with hair shampoo. Vacuum cleaner bags or carpet

powder works well with vacuum cleaners. Just let

them know about the various products that you offer

that will compliment their purchase in some way.

The important thing is to not let your customer get

away without further contact! Think about being in a

brick and mortar store. When you go up to the

counter to pay, there are many items there for sale.

These items are meant to be picked up as last

minute purchases, or impulsive purchases. Your

'thank you' sales letter serves the same purpose.

Don't make the mistake of bombarding your

customer! You can usually send them periodic

information about your specials after they have made

a purchase through you, but emailing them on a

daily basis with your offers is not good business!

Use your autoresponder responsibly! Make sure that

your autoresponder is set up to handle automatic

remove requests, and make sure that the information

that you are sending your customers is of value to


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Getting Your Autoresponder Messages Through The

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 228)
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Spam Filters

In light of the spam problem, most email clients now

have spam filters installed. These filters catch spam

email and either move it to a 'spam folder' or

automatically delete it. After spending a great deal

of time laboring over your series of autoresponder

messages, it would be a shame to find out that the

majority of the messages that are sent out end up

in the spam folder, or are automatically deleted as


You can avoid this in two ways. First, when anyone

signs up to receive information from your

autoresponder, have them automatically redirected

to a page that gives them instructions for 'white

listing' you. Email clients have an actual white list

where the owner of the email client can add specific

addresses that should never be considered spam.

The other way to make sure that your autoresponder

messages get through the spam filters is to check

them using one of the various spam checkers that

are available online. These programs are often web

based, and free to use. They check your message

for words or phrases that commonly trigger spam

filters in email clients. Don't send out any

autoresponder messages without doing a spam

check first!

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Using Your Autoresponder To Generate Leads

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 447)
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Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online. In fact, the

only thing more important that the autoresponder is your opt-in list! But all autoresponders start out without a list - the list doesn't

exist until your autoresponder mailing list starts filling up with names and email addresses!

The easiest and fastest way to build up an email list is to give things away for free. Some marketers will tell you that this is a

waste of time - and if you already have a list of one hundred thousand people that you can market to, then it probably is. But for

those who do not already have a list, this is the way that it gets built! You simply pay for advertisement to promote your freebie.

Don't think of this as lost money, think of it as an investment in future earnings.

Give away an ezine, free reports, free ebooks, free access to private websites, or anything else that you can think of. The object is

to get people to sign up to receive that freebie, and to agree to receive email from you in the future! It is a win-win situation for

everyone, but you get more than anyone else in the deal. The person gets a freebie. You get their name and email address, and

permission to email them in the future.

But if you do it right, you get even more than that. The freebie that you give away should also be used to promote your products or

services. Even if it just has affiliate links for products or services that are related to the topic of the freebie, it is a way to generate

extra revenue. Then, when you send email in the future, you can again promote your products or services. Just be sure to include

valuable information in the email as well, or you will have people dropping off of your autoresponder mailing list like flies!

Using every opportunity that is presented to you in the world of Internet Marketing is vital to your success. You have the opportunity

to earn money in the freebie that you create, you have the opportunity to earn money when you send the 'thank you' email after a

person has requested your freebie, and you have the opportunity to earn money every time an autoresponder message is sent out

to that list in the future! Don't waste those opportunities, and put it all in automatic mode with the use of an autoresponder.

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(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 234)
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The More You Know, The More Effective They Are

If you have signed up with an autoresponder service,

you need to take the time to read the instructions to

learn how to use the service - before you load the

first word of your first message! Not knowing how to

use the service will lead to many mistakes, and

your customers and potential customers will most

likely see every mistake you make!

As soon as you have complete the sign up process,

load one email address into the autoresponders

mailing list - yours. If there is a manual or help file

for your autoresponder, read every word of it, and

really learn how to use all of the features of the


Work with it, sending messages to your own address,

until you know your autoresponder service inside and

out! This may take a little time, but after a few hours

or so, you should know all that there is to know, and

you will be able to set your autoresponders up much

more effectively in the future. Taking the time to learn

now, will not only save time in the future, it may also

help you tweak and tune your autoresponder

messages and tracking in a way that increases your


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Using Free Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 476)
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If you've looked at the prices of autoresponders that

are available online, you may have decided to search

for and use a free autoresponder for your marketing

needs. Using free autoresponders is acceptable in

certain situations, and in the world of Internet

marketing, any autoresponder is better than not

using an autoresponder at all!

Your first option for a free autoresponder should be

the one that comes with your webhosting account -

if you have a webhosting account. These

autoresponders can easily be set up through the

control panel of your website, and they do not

contain advertisements from the autoresponder

company or webhosting service. If you do not have

a hosting account, or your hosting

account does not include autoresponders, there are

other options that you can pursue.

There are many free autoresponder services to

choose from. These services are free, because the

company makes their money by placing a small

advertisement in each message that your

autoresponder sends out. These advertisements

may appear at the top of your auto responses, or at

the bottom, depending on which company you use.

Many paid autoresponder services offer a free version

as well. These free versions may or may not include

advertisements in the outgoing messages. These

lighter versions of the paid autoresponders typically

do not include many of the powerful features of the

paid versions. But if you don't need the more

advanced features, this is a great choice.

Most free autoresponders have a limit on the number

of subscribers you can have. Many people start out

with the limited free versions, and then upgrade to

the paid versions once their lists are large enough

to exceed those limits. Many marketers don't feel

that the expense of the autoresponder is warranted

until the list that they are building is turning a profit.

From a business standpoint, this makes sense.

As the owner of a business, you are the only one

who can decide whether you need a paid

autoresponder service, or if a free one will do the job.

If your list is small, a free autoresponder should do

everything that you need it to do, but as your list

grows, you should definitely consider upgrading.

However, having the small advertisements that the

free services place in the outgoing

messages may present a problem if the ads

compete with what you are trying to sell. They may

even pose a problem if they do not directly compete

with your product or business. Again, this depends

on what you are trying to accomplish with your


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Formatting Autoresponder Messages

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 241)
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Have you received emails that were all broken up?

These emails have one or two words on one line,

then eight or ten words on the next line. In some

cases, one word begins on one line and ends on the

next. These emails are very hard to read, and they

appear to be very unprofessional. Is this what you

want your autoresponder email messages to look


If not, you need to learn how to format your

messages. Start by reading the instructions for your

specific autoresponder. Each one operates a bit

differently in the way that it handles text. For

instance, some autoresponder messages will be

messed up if you do put a 'hard line break' at the

end of each line, while others will be messed up if

you don't! Find out what the right option is for your


Because each email client is different, you should

not allow any line in your message to exceed 65

characters. This will help prevent lines from breaking

up, and it is achieved by hitting the 'enter' key at

the end of each sixty-five character line. The best

way to be sure that your autoresponder messages

are delivered in the correct format is to send them

to yourself, before you send them to your list!

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The Difference Between Autoresponder Programs And Autoresponder Services

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 467)
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Many newcomers to the Internet marketing arena are not aware that there is a vast difference between an autoresponder program

and an autoresponder service. Not knowing the difference, they often purchase the wrong type of autoresponder, and find out too

late that they have wasted money on a program that is useless to them.

An autoresponder program is a program that is set up on your web server. This is usually a free autoresponder that comes with

your web hosting account. Many people don't like to use autoresponder services; so instead, they use an autoresponder program

that they have more control over. Some of those people don't like the autoresponder programs that come with their hosting

accounts either and purchase autoresponder programs or scripts that must be installed on their web server.

Other people are quite happy with using an autoresponder service. This is a service that is usually paid for on a monthly or yearly

basis. The fees are ongoing, and everything is browser based. In other words, you can set up your autoresponder messages and

manage your opt-in list through your web browser - just as you can with an autoresponder program that is installed through your

web hosting account. The difference is that the service runs on the autoresponder service's web server - not yours or your web


Beginners are usually better off using an autoresponder service. These services are very easy to understand and to use, and no

technical knowledge is needed to set things up. As a newcomer to the field, however, you might be concerned about the costs of

an autoresponder service. If this is the case, you have the option of signing up with a free autoresponder service.

Free services make their money by placing advertisements in each autoresponder message that you send out. Sometimes these

ads appear at the top of your messages, and sometimes they appear at the bottom. Some of the free services are simply an

enticement to purchase the professional version, and have many of the more advanced features, such as tracking, disabled.

More advanced users often choose to use autoresponder programs, simply because they have more control over the autoresponder,

and they don't have to follow some of the stiffer rules imposed by autoresponder services, such as sending confirmation to each and

every person who is entered into the autoresponders list.

The autoresponder that you choose is strictly up to you, but in most cases, an autoresponder service should suit your needs. If

you are unsure, look for a service that offers free signups, with the option of upgrading to the professional paid version at a later


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Business Automation With Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 248)
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Automation is important to all businesses. The less

time we have to spend doing small tasks, the more

time we have to make more money - or we could

spend that time doing something besides working.

Putting an online business on auto pilot isn't difficult

at all - and it is all done with the use of


Autoresponders can be used to get people to your

website, or to promote products and services.

Simply plug your sales message into the

autoresponder, along with some valuable

information that your potential may want or need,

and advertise that autoresponders address.

Once the person arrives at your site, and goes

through your ordering process, another

autoresponder kicks in. This autoresponder

should send out a receipt, as well as information

that will grant the customer access to whatever it

is that they have purchased. Another autoresponder

message should be sent out after this, thanking the

customer for their business, and letting them know

about similar or related products or services that they

may be interested in.

The beauty of this is that while all of this ordering is

going on, and these important customer service

emails are being sent, you can be off doing

something else! The more automation you can

integrate into your online business, the better off

you will be.

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Customer Service With Autoresponders

(category: Autoresponders, Word count: 484)
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Ideally, when you perform customer service, it is

done on a one-on-one basis with each of your

customers. That works quite well in the offline world

- but on the Internet, that simply will not do. Your

customers are literally all over the world, and there is

no way that you can really deal with each one of

them personally. That is where an autoresponder

comes in.

Customer service with autoresponders is quite

simple. When an order is place, an autoresponder

can send out the receipt for the sale, the information

for accessing the product, and a 'thank you' email.

This happens whether you are logged in to your

computer or on vacation in an exotic location! But

customer service doesn't always end right there, and

if you are away from your computer, you may be

letting your customers down!

For instance, an elderly gentleman sees your

product advertised and places an order. Everything

goes through just fine, and he receives the receipt,

the download information, and your 'thank you' email.

Your product is an ebook, compiled into a PDF file.

This particular gentleman doesn't understand what

a PDF file is, and he has no idea what you mean by

'right click to download.' He needs additional

customer service for the product that he has

purchased, and there is nobody available to help

him - nobody but an autoresponder.

Set up an additional autoresponder that will send out

a list of frequently asked questions or problems that

deal with customer service or how to access the

product. Also set up a support autoresponder. If he

sends a message to support, he should get an

instant message back letting him know that his

message has been received, and how soon it will be

addressed. This will give him some measure of

comfort, and in most cases, he will wait that

specified period of time for assistance.

However, if he doesn't know how to download the

product, and he sends a message to support, and

nothing happens, he will most likely become very

dissatisfied in a very short period of time. The

difference between a patient customer and an irate

customer is one simple autoresponder message

that can and should be set up in under five minutes.

Really think your ordering process through, and

consider the potential problems that may occur for

your customers. Get an autoresponder set up to

address those problems, and you will find that your

customers are more satisfied with your products,

and extremely satisfied with your customer service -

all because your autoresponders handle their

problems right away!

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