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Baby Shower Food What And How To Serve

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A baby shower is a traditional way of celebrating the coming (or the birth) of a new baby and welcoming him or her as a new member of the family. They can be hosted and organized by anybody, usually the close friends/group of friends or relatives of the expectant parents. It was once considered improper for family members to host baby showers (because they usually center on the gift giving), but nowadays it is fine for family members to help (and plan) them.

Baby showers are usually held a month or two before the mother's expected due date (some cultures, however, consider it bad luck to hold baby showers before the baby is born). They are intended not only to welcome the baby but also to help the expectant parents by giving them gifts that they will need for the baby.

Planning for a baby shower can be an enormous task. Everything requires a great deal of planning - from the guest list, to handing out invitations, to the decorations, to the games, to baby shower favors - and, most especially, to the food.

Every party cannot be without food, as they are considered as one of the best parts or the highlight of a party. This applies to baby showers as well.

There are numerous types of food that you can serve during baby showers. Some of them are the following:

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Finding Reasonably Priced Clothing For Your Baby Visiting Overstock Sites On The Net

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If you have spent any time in the brick and mortar world shopping around for clothing for your baby, you may feel discouraged. The costs associated with clothing for babies is running higher each and every month. Nevertheless, you obviously do need to find appropriate clothing for your little one.

If you have found yourself frustrated with shopping for baby clothes in the brick and mortar world, you might want to spend some time on the Internet and the World Wide Web. In regard to seeking baby clothes on the Internet you will want to pay a visit to one or another of the overstock sites that are in operation on the World Wide Web at this point in time. These sites can offer you a number of benefits in your own search for baby clothing.

Of course, one of the most significant benefits to be had by shopping for clothes for your baby at an overstock site is found in price. Generally speaking, you can save a good deal of money when shopping for baby clothes at an overstock site on the Internet. Indeed, many parents maintain that they have saved hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars by shopping for baby clothes at overstock sites on the Net over time.

In addition to price, another of the benefits to be found by shopping for baby clothes at an Internet based overstock website merchant is convenience. By shopping at these types of websites, you can make your purchases of baby clothes any time of the day or night. If you are like most parents, you simply do not have time to run out and shop around in the brick and mortar world looking for reasonably priced clothes for your baby. By using an overstock site on the Net, you need only spend a few minutes to find what you are looking for in the way of baby clothes.

Another benefit to be had by shopping at an overstock site for baby clothes is selection. In this day and age, the selection to be had at one or another of these Internet website that specialize in overstocked products is significant. Long gone are the days when an overstock site had only a measly selection.

Again, as you look for the perfect outfits for your baby, take the time to surf by and visit one or another of the overstock sites in operation on the World Wide Web.

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Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Selecting what to bring for a baby shower party can be a tricky task. Any guest would like to give a gift that can be useful to the baby or the parents. Nobody would like to have his or her gift stashed in a closet or to given away to charity without being used first by the recipient.

Therefore, one has to make sure that he or she has chosen the baby shower gift properly so it will not be wasted. As much as possible, never select a baby shower gift that the parents may already have. Sometimes, the baby shower invitation says what the parents would like to receive.

If it is not on the invitation, you can also call the mom to ask what she would like to receive or what else she would need.

At times when the parents seem to have prepared well for the baby, you can select unique baby shower gifts that would serve as decorative items and remembrance.

Here are some exclusive baby shower gift suggestions.

* Personalized Ornaments

These ornaments are made from ceramic tiles that can be displayed on cabinet or shelves. These can be personalized to contain the baby's name or picture. You may also give a poem to the engraving company so it will be included in the ornament.

* Birth Announcement Plates

These are decorative plates that come in pastel colors and different designs. These can also be personalized with the baby's name. Some companies also offer printing the baby's picture on the plates.

The plates may be used to contain food. However, many chooses to have these plates displayed somewhere in the house.

* Personalized Baby Blankets

These blankets come in pastel colors with different designs. These can be personalized to include the baby's name. Before deciding to give one, make sure that the parents hadn't bought or will not be receiving several blankets during the baby shower party.

* Personalized Name Frame

If the baby's name was already chosen, you can choose a personalized name frame. This will contain the baby's name with it's meaning, usually the biblical or historic association of the name. It may also have a poem dedicating the gift to the baby or wishing the baby and the parents well.

* Piggy Bank

The parents can start the baby's savings with a personalized piggy bank. The parents may drop coins each day after the baby is born. When the child is older, he or she can continue saving money with this decorative piggy bank.

* Music CD

Music has been proven to enhance the creativity and eliminate stress. For babies, music can help them have quality sleep and boost their creativity and intelligence. This is a perfect gift for the baby and the parents.

Regardless of the gift that you have chosen, always include a card to express your thoughts and your joys in sharing the celebration with the baby' parents.

* Baby Naming Book

If the parents still hadn't decided what name to give to the baby or if they are not yet sure of the baby's gender, the baby-naming book is a great gift for the baby shower. The book contains name selections from the bible and historical figures. The meanings of the names are also given as well as the variations and origins in different countries and cultures.

Pillows can also be personalized with the baby's name. These come in several colors and designs.

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Unique Baby Names

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What's in a name? Er...well, everything, really! Of course your little bundle of joy is the sweetest, most beautiful thing you have ever seen and you want to choose a name that reflects his/her individuality, spirituality, uniqueness and all-round special-ness.

But wait a minute!

Remember that the unique baby name you choose will help define junior's life - how they are viewed and accepted - for many, many years. What sounds cute and original for a 5-year-old, may not sound so funky for a 15-year-old...and what about a 55-year old?

Time was when only celebrities could get away with unique baby names (Zowie Bowie, Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa, etc), but in the modern world, individuality is more prized than ever before, and increasingly, this starts with our names. Great idea - but don't allow a flash of a self-indulgence to condemn your child to a lifetime of problems; it's reported that a Chinese couple named their child "Saddam Sars" to mark the current world events at the time of the birth! I just hope it means something nice in Mandarin, or Cantonese!

This probably wouldn't have happened in Germany, where names can only be registered if they recognizable, do not ridicule the child and are gender specific. Perhaps there is at least one Chinese child in the world, who will grow up wishing he/she were German!

So - assuming you are not German - what should you do if you want to create a unique baby name, without creating too many problems? Here are some tips and some warnings to make the process less painful:

1.Anagrams: try creating an anagram of an existing name.

2.Father and Mother: try using derivatives of one of the parents' names, or a combination of both. Alternatively, how does the mother's maiden name sound as a first name?

3.Telescoping: try dropping letters from another name or a word, until you get a nice-sounding unique baby name.

4.Spelling: an unusual spelling of a common name creates uniqueness. However, remember that your child will be condemned to a lifetime of "...that's David spelt D..A..Y..V..I..D..." conversations.

5.Pronunciation: another trick is to pronounce a common name in an unusual way. But this can also lead to a lifetime of corrections and explanations - as well as teasing and accusations of pretentiousness.

6.History: do some research into names that were popular in previous eras, but have become less so.

7.Family History: are there any unusual baby names that can be used to honor family members or ancestors? But beware family politics...

8.Nature: many names come from the natural world, particularly flowers (e.g. Rose) and it's a great source for unique baby names (e.g. Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple).

9.Geography: another useful source of great names - grab an atlas and start searching. David and Victoria Beckham called their first son Brooklyn, which many people think is a cool-sounding name. However, it's reported that the choice was made because that's where conception took place. Hmmm, imagine a lifetime in which your name is a constant reminder of your parents having sex! Eeeuuuuww!!!

10.Celebrities: famous people with slightly unusual names are a common source of inspiration. There are lots of teenage "Kylie"s running around the UK since Kylie Minogue's arrival on the music scene at end of the '80's, and her recent resurgence, will have created a second wave of them. And I'm sure many little "Be'yonce"s have been popping up over the last few years. The only problem is that names like these very soon begin to sound a little silly and "wannabe".

11.Foreign Names: consider using a foreign version of a name, e.g., Pedro, instead of Peter. Or try using a name from a completely different culture.

12.Nicknames: try using a nickname e.g. Angie, instead of Angela or Angelina. However, make sure the name is will pass the "age test" - see number 17 below.

13.Middle Names: a great way to accommodate individuality when naming your baby, is to combine a common first name with a unique second/middle name. The benefit of this is that your child can avoid embarrassment throughout his/her life by ignoring it of keeping it hidden.

14.Initials: when you have settled on some baby names, check that the initials aren't embarrassing. This is an easy trap to fall into and can lead to a lifetime of misery. "Zina Indigo" are may be nice sounding names for your lovely daughter, but make sure your surname doesn't begin with "T"!

15.First Name-Surname: check how the selected first name combines with the surname. Make sure the two names do not create some something recognizable, to prevent a lifetime of teasing. Also, check the rhythm of the two names; a different number of syllables in each name usually flows much better. Avoid rhyming the 2 names at all costs or your child will hate you forever!

16.The loudness test: try saying the name softly, at normal pitch and shouting it very loudly. You may be surprised at the results.

17.The age test: try to visualize your child with the name as a baby, as a teenager, as a young adult, a mature adult and as a senior citizen. A name can create completely different perceptions of the individual at separate stages of life.

18.The meaning: the final test of the baby name that you choose should be to check its meaning (if any). Don't leave your child open to getting a nasty surprise later in life.

Whatever unique baby name you decide, don't fall into the trap of self-indulgence. Remember, it's not about you, it's all about your child. Your grand design to celebrate the uniqueness of this new human being, may eventually lead to a lifelong, desperate desire for conformity and anonymity. Even Zowie Bowie eventually changed his name to "Joey"...

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Parties Are For Fun Not Fights Planning Tips For A Baby Shower

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We are having a baby are those precious words uttered which excites just as many other people besides the future parents and we all know the reason why. This is where we get the chance to put on our glad rags and celebrate the happy news with a baby shower party. It is at these celebrations where we are given the opportunity to express our feelings personally.

You get to say what you feel and give a gift at a baby shower normally about the time of seven months into the mothers pregnancy. Time flies by so start organizing your self now for the big occasion that lies ahead.

Gather tips on how to plan a successful baby shower party. The host will go to the ends of the earth to search for tips and ideas to make the event a memorable one and most important will plan accordingly so not to come against last minute hitches.

There are no set rules to adhere too when planning a baby shower but a little guidance and a few tips on prepaperation will surely help the occasion to run smooth.

Deciding on a location is one of the first matters to be dealt with besides the sending of invitations. Normally as a rule baby showers were held at the future parents home but this could be a problem if the size of your guest list is the length of the china wall. If this being the case then larger premises will have to be sought after. It is known that guests are more comfortable with the smaller intimate surroundings where they mingle with the happy couples friends and family members. However this is catch 22 situation because you have those who love the big venue - all action packed and full of fun. Ask the parents about the guest invites and try to make judgment from there this can also save unnecessary embarrassment.

If the love of an outdoor celebration excites you then so be it. A garden barbecue can mark the event.

To lighten the load of all the hassle in arranging an outside baby shower party the host has other options to choose from like reserving a private area in a restaurant. This may incur more expense but at least you have a guarantee of tasty food which makes it all worth while. An added bonus is no Cinderella chores to attend to after.

If you intend on having a theme then channel it in the direction of the expectant parents favourite films, activities or hobbies. Another fabulous tip is to adorn the party place with mementos of their honeymoon or other little things relating to the couple - keep these mementos happy ones - this is a party for fun not for fights

Baby showers are jolly and festive events that you can cherish memories of for ever.

Tips on planning a baby shower and the success of it boils down to the edibles. Hosts would normally serve up tasty convenient foods. When I say convenient it means easy to clear away making more time for fun games and announcements. The food menu can be a cold running buffet consisting of pastries, chicken legs and cheese straws. A sit down meal is sometimes served by the host organizing the baby shower

Activities like the games programme at a baby shower can change the whole atmosphere and mood. So if you are game and up for having a good time then go knock them dead with your ideas. The guest will show their gratitude when they raise their glass to TOAST TO THE HOST

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Preparing For Baby Birth Announcements

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Pregnancy and birth is such an exciting time, for expectant mothers and fathers, and grandparents too. It is a time in the parents life when everything is about to change forever. Many parents choose to welcome this time with announcing to friends and family of the newest addition to their lives.

Birth announcements are the best way for new parents to share their baby's arrival. Depending on the couple, the birth announcement can be any type of style. Some choose gender specific announcements if the sex of the baby is known. Others choose to send a more generic baby birth announcement.

The baby birth announcement should reflect the personality of the parents as well. If it is a family just about to start out, the announcement should reflect this. If the family is welcoming another child, this can also be incorporated into the announcement.

The couple may also choose to have a baby shower in anticipation of the new addition. A shower is a great time to get together before the baby's arrival to provide all the essential gifts for caring for baby. Baby showers can have number of themes. It can be a boy or girl themed baby shower, or can be themed around a favorite animal or story book character. This is a great time to prepare the nursery.

However the parents decide to welcome their new child into the world, it is a very special time. As the family grows, so does the love and care of those closest.

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Maternity Celeb Baby Names

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Naming their babies seems to have become a growing trend (and some might even call it a sport) among celebrities, actors, actresses, pop musicians and the likes. The ultimate goal is to give the kid the coolest and rarest name in town (ShowbizVille).

Ten years ago or even five years ago the task was easy but since then it has become harder and harder to come up with something unique that would make headlines. And then you're also competing with your fellow showbiz colleagues' babies named Alaia, Amandine, Rebel etc.

So when reading the stories in magazines and newspapers what do we ordinary people do when hearing these maternity celeb baby names? Surely we're not able to create the same headlines or make it the 7 o'clock news but we can at least feel inspired.

The fact is that the showbiz world influences us in a lot of ways. It can be the way we cut our hair, the clothes we chose to buy, the make-up and the cars that we drive. So in reality it isn't that strange to see ordinary people giving their children names just like the celebrities.

Some examples of celeb baby names are: Alaia (Stephen Baldwin), Amandine (John Malkovich), Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin), Assisi Jade (Jagger), Atticus (Isabella Hoffman and Daniel Baldwin)...

The list is long and every week a new celeb baby name is making headlines. There has actually been published a book called "Cool Names for Babies" that has tons of celebrity baby names along with lots of other unique (some might call them strange) baby names.

To be honest I think that it is great that people are naming their kids are old Greek philosophers, Roman gods, extinct animals and the likes. It provides us with a great, colorful landscape of names and it sends out positive energy.

However I do feel that you need to give it some thought before giving your child some crazy names just to make it special. It might be unique to be names "Ass" but I'm sure that it'll give the kid a hard time growing up. So be careful what you end up naming your baby.

To end I'll give you a few more maternity celeb baby names for inspiration: Cosima (Nigella Lawson), Daisy Boo (Jamie Oliver), Dexter (Diane Keaton), Dixie Dot and Bibi Belle (Anna Ryder Richardson), Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q (Bono), Gulliver (Gary Oldman)...

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International Adoption Is It Possible To Triumph From Tragedy

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In the early hours of Dec 26th 2004 the Western world awoke to the unfolding horror that we came to know as the Asian Tsunami. Those of us still recovering from obscenely large amounts of food and drink from the previous day sat transfixed as we watched a horror story of biblical proportions unfold before our very eyes.

The United Nations estimated that the Asian Tsunami left more than five million people homeless, including about 1.5 million children most of whom became orphaned. The outpouring of emotion from around the world was of mixed benefit as far as the region was concerned in that yes we all dug deep into our pockets and yes we all lobbied our Politicians to something about it and yes bizarrely this tragedy may have had some knock on effect in the movement to alleviate Third World debt and poverty but the blessings were mixed as far as the people on the ground were concerned.

Since the disaster, adoption agencies around the world have been fielding phone calls from well-meaning families wanting to adopt a child from one of the countries hit.

Adoption experts say the best thing people can do is to donate money to causes that directly help the children. They say it's wrong to take a traumatized child away from the environment that they have grown up in.

"Adoptions, especially inter-country ones, are inappropriate during the emergency phase as children are better placed being cared for by their wider families and the communities they know," said the charity Save the Children in a statement released Jan. 6, 2005.

International Adoption needs to be well planned

"The last thing they need to do is be rushed away to some foreign land," said Cory Barron of Children's Hope International, an American adoption agency. "We have to think of the child first."

Adoption by some well meaning couple in the west flying half way round the world bearing large sums of money to whisk the child away to a life totally alien to everything it has known isn't always what is in the best interests of the child.

It is worth bearing in mind the following facts after any tragedy like this:

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Teething Babies

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Cutting new teeth, or teething, can be a very frustrating experience for babies and their parents. Parents hate to know their baby is in pain. In this article we hope to help you so you know what to do when your baby is teething.

Your baby can begin teething as early as 3 months old and the process can continue up to a child's third birthday or beyond. In most cases, when your baby is between the ages of 4 and 7 months, you will notice your child's first tooth pushing through the gum line.

Typically, the first teeth to appear are the two bottom front teeth. These are the central incisors. Within 4 to 8 weeks, your baby's four front upper teeth will begin to push through the gums. These are the central and lateral incisors.

In another month, your baby's lower lateral incisors will begin to come in. That is the two teeth on each side of the bottom front teeth. Next will be molars. Your baby's back teeth used for grinding food. Last but not least, your baby's eyeteeth will start to come in. That's the pointy teeth in the upper jaw. By your baby's third birthday, they will usually have all 20 primary teeth.

Only in very rare cases does a baby get born with one or two teeth or begin teething within the first few weeks after birth. There is no reason for concern if this happens, unless the teeth are loose and pose a choking hazard.

When your baby begins teething you might notice they begin to drool more and constantly want to chew on things. Some babies experience no pain while teething, others may be irritable or cranky for weeks. Some babies experience crying episodes, not wanting to eat, and sleep disruption. If your child is too irritable, call your doctor to see if there is a problem.

Tender and swollen gums can cause your baby's temperature to rise, but generally teething does not cause high temperature in babies. You should call your doctor if high temperatures do occur, because there is probably another cause for it.

If your baby drools excessively, wipe their mouth often or it could cause rashes. While sleeping, place a clean cloth under the baby's head to catch excess drooling.

Give your baby something to chew on that is large enough that they cannot swallow it and something that won't break or cannot be chewed into small pieces. Place a wet washcloth in the freezer for thirty minutes and let them chew on that. Rubber teething rings are another good choice. Don't use the ones that have liquid in them just to be safe. They could break.

Rub your baby's gums with your finger. This can help relieve the pain. Never tie a teething ring around your baby's neck.. Acetaminophen may also help relieve your baby's pain. Always consult your doctor before giving them any medication and remember, never give a baby aspirin.

Another important tip for preventing tooth decay: don't let your baby fall asleep with a bottle. The milk or juice can pool in her mouth and cause tooth decay and plaque.

Good dental hygiene for your baby is extremely important. These teeth are not permanent and will eventually fall out, however, lack of proper care can cause them to drop out prematurely, leaving gaps. If that happens the other teeth may try to fill the gap, causing bad alignment in the baby's permanent teeth.

You should start caring for the baby's gums even before the teeth come in. Wipe their gums off with a washcloth or gauze or use a baby-sized toothbrush, but no toothpaste. When the first tooth appears, brush it with plain water.

The American Dental Association recommends that children see a dentist by age 1, when six to eight teeth are in place, to spot any potential problems and advise parents about preventive care.

Around age three, when your child is old enough to spit it out, toothpaste is okay to use. Make sure the toothpaste contains fluoride but use very little for small children. Do not let them swallow it. Overdoses of fluoride are dangerous for children.

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