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Bicycle Rims And Wheels Your Bike Cant Go Anywhere Without Them

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The first bicycle wheels were from a horse drawn cart, made of wood with a metal band round the bicycle rim, very hard and very uncomfortable to ride. Then a man called Dunlop (Scottish) invented the pneumatic tire, this along with Macadam (another Scot) inventing the tar road surface made cycling a lot more comfortable.

The bicycle rim, like the bicycle frame hasn't changed much in design, its still round and always will be. From the first wooden rims the next were made of steel, then alloy and now if you can afford it, carbon. Of all bicycle parts the bicycle rim can make a big difference to how your bike handles. First the weight of your rim affects your sprinting and climbing as the weight will low you down, for a long, flat effort the weight isn't so important as when you get the wheels rolling the weight can help to keep them going. The shape of the rim can be important also, a flat rim is best for climbing as aerodynamics are not so important on a hill, a deep section, aero, rim will help you cut through the air, but in a cross wind could cause you handling problems.

Bicycle Rims Materials

The different materials used for rims are very important also, steel is heavy and if damaged can be difficult to pull back into shape, but because its so strong it is quite difficult to bend in the first place and steel is cheaper than all the other materials. Alloy is probably the most popular rim, it can be made in any shape and profile, flat or aero, but not too deep as it would then weigh too much, most deep section rims are of a alloy braking section nearest the tire which is then mounted to a carbon deep section for lightness and aerodynamics and a very beautiful looking bicycle rim. As with most things if money is no problem you can go for the best, this would be an all carbon rim, strong and very light, but there are a few problems with these rims, first they don't brake so well in wet conditions and you must use special brake blocks for carbon and they can be expensive, also the rim has to be perfectly round and not have any bulges in the rim wall as this will make braking quite erratic, carbon is a difficult material to work with and must be well looked after.

Types Of Rim To Consider

There are also two types of rim to consider and this depends on which kind of tire you want to use, first there are tubular tires these are glued on to the bicycle rim, cost more and are difficult to repair after a puncture, but for racing they feel and ride wonderfully. Clincher tires have improved a lot recently and are nearly as good as tubulars for performance and are easily repairable and more reasonably priced. Most manufacturers make all styles in both systems.

So which should I buy? Not an easy answer, as there is so much to choose from, years ago you went to your local bike shop, picked out which hubs, spokes and rims you wanted and he would build your wheels, but now most rim makers also manufacture there own wheel sets, Mavic, Shimano and Campagnolo are probably the best known, check out there web-sites for all there new goodies, there are other brands and if you go to your local cycle shop or look in the bike magazines you'll find them. There is a lot to choose form, but they are all round.

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Mountain Bike Frames

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Your very first ride down the steep slopes of a bona fide mountain on a rock strewn trail on an old bike will undoubtedly leave you convinced to the necessity of purchasing a strong and resilient mountain bike frame! It, as your body will attest, is going to absorb a lot of shock. If you invest in a good mountain bike frame, it will do even more: it will actually absorb, into its metal and components, much of the shock that would otherwise move readily into your own components!

Design and construction of mountain bike frames has advanced centuries in the last couple of decades, really. What is available today only remotely resembles the first so-called mountain bikes some of us rode in the early nineteen-eighties. Today, mountain bike frames are available in geometries and materials unimagined two decades ago. What you need is going to be a combination of your own body and your individual intentions. If you like the thrill of high speed downhill rides, you will need a vastly different bike than if you ride on level trails. If your preference is to avoid going over rocks, you will need a different bike than someone whose eyes light up at the sight of a boulder strewn pathway. Think about what you enjoy before you go shopping for a mountain bike.

Mountain bike frames spend a lot of time on roads these days, too. Most of the bikes seen around town seem to be mountain bikes or some hybrid of the mountain bike. Fact is, mountain bikes are made for comfort. What they add to genuine off-road riding (shock absorption, easy gearing, and responsive handling) may be essential but what they add to street riding (shock absorption, easy gearing, and responsive handling) is no less appreciated by the casual rider. You will even find mountain bike riders on most any of the long, multi-day road tours so increasingly popular. You will not, probably, find these riders among the front pack though: a mountain bike frame is not made for efficient road usage, even if it does add comfort.

Getting a mountain bike frame that's right for you is possible either in person at a good bike store or online if you know your size and usage requirements, but the vastly different frame geometries make riding a bike before buying it more important than ever. The traditional triangular structure of a road bike frame is frequently drastically skewed on today's mountain bike frames, rendering the triangle almost unrecognizable. Shopping at a good bike store will put you in touch with bike professionals who will be able to recommend the right geometry for your unique physique and your own unique preferences and strengths as a rider.

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Road Bikes Reviews The Giro D Italia Is The Italy S Answer To The Tour De France

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The Giro d'Italia has a fine history behind it, like the Tour de France it was started to publicise a newspaper, just like the Tour de France the organisers made the leaders jersey the same colour as the paper, yellow in France from the L'Auto newspaper and pink in Italy from the La Gazzetta dello Sport. The first Giro was in 1909 and was 2448 kilometres long (the shortest), split into 8 stages and was won by the Italian rider Luigi Ganna, 127 riders started in Milan, but by the finish, also in Milan, there was only 49 left, this was not the worst edition, in 1914 only 8 out of the 81 starters managed the full distance.

The winners.

Just like the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espa

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Why Is My Bike So Slow How To Rev It Back Up

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One of the attractive things about owning a pocket bike is the adrenaline rush that speed can bring on, feeling the wind whip around you whether it is alone on a private track or in the middle of a race. Pocket bikes were built to race, they were built for speed. A pocket bike is a miniature version of a Grand Prix moter bike, so this makes sense. These bikes can be customized to go 50, 60, or even 70 miles per hour!! The current world record, in fact, is at 72 mph. So what happens if you start your bike, and it just won't hit those speeds you know it should be? What if your pocket bike is going too slow?

There are a few basic steps you can take to try and locate the problem yourself, and a brief explanation of how to go through each one.

1.((It is important to note that you do this ONLY AFTER the bike has been turned on and warmed up already for a minimum of a few minutes)) Turn the air-intake on to open. You can find this behind the front wheel, close to the engine. This will give the bike more power.

2.Follow all the fuel tubes, and make sure none of them are pinched off anywhere. One single tube that is even slightly pinched can affect your entire performance.

3.Check the throttle cables. If they are too loose, the engine doesn't get enough gas when you turn the throttle.

4.If this is your first bike, don't push it. Pocket bikes need to be broken in. Don't turn the throttle all the way for at least the first two gas tanks, if not three. In the long run, this will lead to better performance and more top notch speed.

5.Note: be very careful if you attempt the following. There is a gold screw, with a spring behind it, near the carburetor. This is the idle control. If you unscrew it by only half of a turn, it can also give you more power. If this screw is tightened too much, the bike will start then immediately switch off. If you make it too loose, the bike will jump and go as soon as you start it. Finding the balance is critical, and this is not recommended for beginners.

If none of these things help, make sure to take your bike to a professional to get it running again at its optimal performance.

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How Useful A Bike Rack Can Be

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What do you do if you want to take your bikes on holiday? You can't exactly cycle there in most cases, but you'd like to cycle around once you get there. The answer is to simply attach your bikes to your car using a bike rack, and then drive them there. It's a lot easier than taking them on public transport, and cheaper than renting bikes once you get there.

Bike racks sit on top of your car, and can hold a surprising number of bikes - sometimes as many as five on one rack. They are very useful, yet generally inexpensive, and you can buy them at any good garage or DIY store. Don't worry too much about which model you get: as long as it can hold the number of bikes you need it to, it'll generally be just fine.

If you're going to fit a bike rack to your car, however, it is important to realise that it could potentially be a hazard not only to you and your car, but also to the other drivers on the road. For this reason, you need to make sure that the rack is secured to your car exactly as the instructions say and follow all the relevant safety regulations. If your rack seems unstable, you should take it to be fitted by a professional - don't take any risks.

By the same token, you should also realise that bikes that are badly secured to bike racks are very often stolen in car parks, as they are easy to take without people noticing. You should lock the bikes to the rack using a secure bike lock, such as a solid metal D-lock, and never leave them unattended without the lock on. This applies especially if you are taking valuable mountain bikes, as losing five of those at a time could be a real disaster.

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Bike Buying Tips

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The Right Bike for You

Want to buy a bike but don't know where to begin? Maybe a friend of yours recommends getting a certain bike, while another biking buddy insists that his bike is the best choice for you. Who do you listen to? How about neither? What you need to do is sit down, relax and figure out what your priorities and preferences are to determine what bike is going to work best for you. Here are some points you will definitely want to consider before you pick out your new set of wheels.

What's Your Riding Style?

Start by asking yourself why you want to ride to begin with. Is it for exercise? Do you want to fly through the air for the thrill or the sport of it? Where are you going to ride? Through city streets or back road trails? Once you define your style of riding, it will be easier for you to choose the kind of bike you need.

There Are a Variety of Bike Options Available

Although there is a multitude of bike styles, the following are some of the most popular:

Mountain Bikes: These are durable bikes you can take off the road. Mountain bikes have fat tires, comfortably wide handlebars, and low gears for easier navigation of hills.

Road Bikes: If you plan on doing long rides, pavement riding, this is the bike for you. Road bikes are built for speed, have thinner tires and handlebars, and are overall, much lighter in weight.

Hybrid Bikes: This type of bike combines the features of mountain bikes and road bikes. Hybrid bikes are perfect for those who want to experiment with all styles of riding.

Cruisers: These bikes are generally one speed and are constructed for literally just that

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Mountain Biking Capital Usa Winter Park Colorado

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With 600 miles of trails, it's no wonder why Winter Park has gained the title of "Mountain Bike Capital USA". At the resort alone you will find 50 miles of single-track trails accessible via chair lifts and marked with signs identifying skill level. Once at the top of the lifts you may want to stop into the Sunspot for a quick bite to eat while enjoying the 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. From there you can choose runs like the Upper Arapahoe, the resort's downhill race course, or wind down The Long Trail for a 7-mile novice ride.

In the Fraser Valley you can enjoy the trails of the Rocky Mountain wilderness while cradled by spectacular mountain views all around. The trails follow babbling brooks, glide through wildflower meadows and trek up rugged mountains.

All throughout the summer, there are races that are open to public and are available to many different skill levels. A majority of the races either start or end at Winter Park Resort, including the finale... The King of the Rockies.

Repairs, rentals and shops are easy to find, whether you are at the resort, or downtown Winter Park. You can also find a wide variety of restaurants and bars, with food that is just as good as it is diverse.

Music sounds better with a backdrop like the Continental Divide, and you just may find out for yourself, as there are music festivals and concerts happening almost every weekend during the Summer. Events like the Jazz Festival and the Food, Wine & Beer Festival may require advance planning for stays in Winter Park.

It would be impossible to cover all of the mountain bike trails of Winter Park and the Fraser Valley in one short article. However, once you get to here, there are a number of free mountain bike trail guides that can be found at most establishments.

Stay just a five minute walk from the base of Winter Park Resort. Slope View Bed and Breakfast offers views of the Continental Divide, unique amenities and a knowledgeable staff. 970-531-2386

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Optimal Performance From Super Pocket Bikes

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Any racer is likely to tell you that there is performance, and then there is Performance. Optimal performance is the end goal, especially from super pocket bikes. You want the best possible performance out of super pocket bikes, and doing so is not all that difficult. There are a few basic tips that can help to ensure your bike stays in top notch shape.

One of the most basic rules to keep your super pocket bike running smoothly is the same rule that you need to keep any vehicle running smoothly, from mini bike to a car or van: choose your gas carefully. For super pocket bikes, most pros will tell you not to use racing fuel. Not only does it not help, it might cause problems that other fuels would not. High octane unleaded gasoline works best. As with any gas station, look at the condition of the pumps and ground. If they look bad and there is standing water around where the gas in put into the tank, try the next one down the road. Make sure to mix the oil right, too. The mixtures are fairly easy to figure out, and do not use the same oil as cars. It is not designed for pocket bikes. Buy motorcycle oil.

Break the super pocket bike in right. This mainly involves using common sense. Don't run your bike at the maximum RPM's during the break in period. That puts undue stress on the motor. On average it will take about four tanks of gasoline, five to be safe, to break your super pocket bike in. During this period, don't push the bike too hard - baby it a bit. Slow and steady quite literally will lead to winning the race. Going along with treating your bike right, don't run it cold. Allow your super pocket bike to warm up for about five minutes after starting it. This allows the motor and the fluids to heat up to their optimal running temperatures. You would never just start your car when its winter outside and take off, so don't so the same with your bike. It's not meant to run cold!

Finally, get to know your super pocket bike. Learn what is normal, and what isn't. When it isn't running normally, or if anything at all sounds different than usual, turn it off and find out what the problem is. Make all repairs as soon as possible, and park the bike until the repairs are made. Caution will save you a lot of money in the long run. Follow these tips, and you will be able to enjoy a super pocket bike that lives up to every ounce of its potential.

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Bicycle Clothing What Cycling Gear To Wear And When

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Avid cyclists know there is a wide-range of cycling gear available to choose from. Determining what you will need means asking yourself some key questions.

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