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Finding The Perfect Boat

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Finding the perfect boat is an undertaking for an

experienced boater. For the first time boater, it

can be a very difficult task to accomplish. To

help you with your quest for the perfect boat,

there are a few things you should know.

Deciding what's important

Choosing the right boat is all about knowing what's

really important to you. You need to decide whether

you'll be using the boat for your own private use,

fishing, or cruising. You should also consider your

families feelings, as buying a boat for your own

personal needs without consulting your family will

probably lead to disappointing experiences or less

time spent on the water.

Types of boats

Typically, boats will fall into five categories -

fishing boats, power boats, sailboats, personal

watercraft, and self powered boats. To help you

find the perfect boat, we'll take a look at what

each one offers.

Fishing boats

The designs for fishing boats will vary quite a

bit, as are the places you can use them. The boats

that are meant for shallow waters of inland lakes

and rivers aren't the same boats meant for deep

seas and great lakes. There are many different

designs, even boats that serve no other purpose

besides fishing.

These types of boats normally have stowage and

holders for bait, fishing poles, tackle, and

even special tanks to hold live fish. Other types

of fishing only boats feature an open platform

where anglers can fight fish from all sides of

the boat.

Power boats

Power boats are the most popular boats sold. The

designs with power boats are as varied as their

uses. Boats with seating in the front are

called bowriders, which are mainly used for towing

skiers or rafts. Most boats can also be used for

fishing as well. If you want to do both,

there are ski and fish combinations available.


When you first learn to pilot a sailboat, it can

be very challenging, although very rewarding as

well. A sailboat requires more skill and

knowledge to operate than boats, although they

are considered more rewarding once mastered.

With all available sailboats, the single masted

sloop is the most popular design. For those who

only boat on occasion, catboats, daysailers, and

dinghys are small and easily trailerable.

When you finally decide on the perfect boat for

you, look at what each one offers and how you

plan to use it. The perfect boat for you is

out there, all you have do is find the one that

best matches your needs.

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Costs Of Owning A Boat

(category: Buying-A-Boat, Word count: 313)
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Normally, the prices for new boats will vary

depending on the size and make, although many dealers

and manufacturers will be willing to sell you

one for less than the cost of a new car payment.

Financing your boat

Financing your boat is just like financing a new

car. Similar to car and home loans, loans for

boats have became even easier and more flexible in

recent years. The terms will generally range from

two to 20 years. To get the most from financing,

you should compare rates online.


All new boats are offered with a variety of options

and accessories. When you are pricing boats, make

sure you factor in the costs of electronics,

accessories, and water toys - then buy what's

appropriate for your boat type and size.

Most modern marine electronics are very reliable,

loaded with features, and more affordable than ever

before. Today's accessories can make boat trips

more fun, safer, and easier than you ever thought


Operating costs

Boating isn't like driving, as you aren't using

gas all the time. If you fish or swim with your

boat, your actually not using the motor at all. If

you happen to own a sailboat, the motor is used


Most boats today are less than 21 feet in length.

All of these boats don't require a lot of gas, with

most using less than 50 gallons of gas per season.


Simply washing down your boat and trailer with

fresh water after each use will keep them covered

between boat trips. If you don't have the time

to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional.


The insurance for boats will vary by length and type.

Therefore, you should consult your insurance agent for

quotes, or simply shop online.

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After Your Boat Purchase

(category: Buying-A-Boat, Word count: 299)
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Once you've made the purchase on a brand new boat

you'll be very excited - as you should be! The

first thing to do is celebrate with your family and

friends, you deserve it. You shouldn't rush out

on the water immediately after the purchase, as

you have some things to take care of first.

If you are new to boating, you should take a

safety course first. There is a lot to know about

boats. Being out on the water is a lot of fun,

although there are things you should know and

things you should always be aware of.

After buying your boat, you should register it and

re-title the boat and trailer if you need to. Pay

your sales tax and apply any up to date registration

stickers if you need to. Also, make sure you buy

the proper insurance for your boat, as it will

protect you while you are on the water.

When you make your first trip on the water, you

should do so with an experienced boater. You can

have them show you turning in tight spaces, even

trailering and docking. Practice docking in

different currents and take the helm with the

boater there to help you. Get comfortable at the

helm enough to where you'll feel comfortable taking

others out for a ride.

The world of boating can be very fun, offering you

many things to do and a lot to see. Boating offers

plenty of freedom as well, especially for those who

are completely new to boating. Your first boat

purchase is very important, as it opens up new doors

in life. Your family will enjoy boating, all you

have to do is give it a chance!

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Choosing The Right Engine

(category: Buying-A-Boat, Word count: 449)
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Choosing the engine (or propulsion system) for your

boat is very important. Both the weight and the

horsepower will have a major impact on the performance

of your boat. If you have a boat that's underpowered,

the engine will work twice as hard, giving you poor


Now, we will take a look at the motors available

for boats and vessels:

Outboard motor

An outboard motor is very popular and very useful on

small boats. These motors are very light, powerful,

and extremely quiet. Normally mounted on the transom

of a boat, there are boats available that offer a

motor well or even a bracket to mount the motor to.

The entire motor will swivel about, providing easy

steering as the turning propeller pushes the stern

about. Outboard motors come in many different sizes

and the horsepower can use different types of fuel.

Stern drive

These motors are also known as I/O engines, and

normally heavier than outboard motors. Consisting

of an engine mounted inboard and a lower unit

attached to the transom, these motors offer power

and versitility. You can also tilt the motor up

and down to help provide boat trim while you cruise.


On boats that are over 26 feet in length, these

motors are very popular. Similiar to the stern drive

motor, the inboard motor is mounted inside the boat

towards the center, giving you good weight proportion.

Inboards connect directly to the transmission, then

on through the hull of the boat. Then, the shaft

is attached to a propeller which will turn and

propel the boat. The shaft is fixed and doesn't

swivel around. Therefore, a rudder is mounted

behind the shaft and propeller to help deflect the

flow of water which provides your steering direction.

Jet drive

Jet drive propulsion systems have a big advantage -

no propeller to cause damage or injury to those in

the water, including marine life. Normally, they

are inboard engines that will take in water that

flows through a pump, powered by an impeller.

Then, the water is discharged at a very high pressure

through a nozzle that will propel the boat. To

provide steering for the boat, the nozzle will

swivel. For personal watercraft, a jet drive is

the way to go.

Keep in mind that when power isn't being applied,

jet driven boats will lose steering, as the stream

of water that propels the boat won't be there.

Therefore, always keep any part of your body away

from the pump intake - and never operate these types

of boats in shallow water.

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How To Test A Boat

(category: Buying-A-Boat, Word count: 493)
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If you think you've found the boat of your dreams,

it's time to test it. Testing your boat is more

than just taking it for a test drive around the

harbor. You should look at everything closely, as

a professional boat tester would.

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell a top quality boat

from one that may have problems later on. To an

untrained eye, both can look good on the surface.

When you start to break everything down and give it

a careful inspection, you'll be able to tell a great

boat from a not-so-great boat.

By opening up all doors and access plates, you can

get great insight on the the construction of the

boat. You should also stick your head into the

anchor locker of any boat you are considering to

buy, as if they've cut any corners you'll normally

be able to see it here.

Looking into the anchor locker also lets you look

at the hull to deck joint. If there is light

coming from through, or if the fiberglass around

the joint can be seen through, it normally means

the boat has poor construction.

When you buy a boat, you should put it through a

rigorous visual inspection. It's also equally

important to conduct a vigorous test on the water

as well. A private seller or dealer will

normally want to stack the deck, ensuring that

the boat will perform well.

Normally, this involves a near empty gas tank,

no gear or extra passengers, and keeping the

boat in sheltered water. Therefore, it's up to

you to insist on a more realistic test. Think

of the test as an actual day out on the water,

and you'll find out if the boat is indeed something

you should spend your money on.

During your water testing, you should determine

if the boat performs well and meets all of your

expectations. You should determine if the boat

travels at the right speeds, and whether or not it

is capable of doing everything that you plan to

do with it after you buy it.

When test driving the boat, you should put it

through all paces in open water, cutting waves at

all angles. If you plan to test a saltwater boat,

you should bring along a 5 gallon bucket and try

throwing some water onboard. Any boat you plan

to use offshore should quickly shed water through

the scuppers. Some boats will pool water in the

bow and drain slowly - which can be very dangerous

in rough waters.

If a seller or dealer balks at the mention of any

requests you have, simply find yourself another

dealer or another boat. There are plenty of great

quality boats available, ranging in prices. Make

sure to check everything very carefully before

you make any decisions.

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Reasons To Buy A Boat

(category: Buying-A-Boat, Word count: 314)
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Many studies have shown, and many people already know

that being with friends and family, relaxing in the

outdoors and being close to nature are the best reasons

to buy a boat and spend time on the water. Your family

doesn't need to spend a forture or travel to a theme

park to have an experience that everyone will enjoy.

Boating is family

If you've ever felt that your family is going in

different directions, a boat can help to bring things

back together. When you spend time with your family

on a boat, it's all quality time. No matter if you're

fishing, tubing, swimming, or just cruising, your

doing it together - as a family.

There are no distractions on the water, so you can

focus your attention on each other. You can share

stories, laugh, have conversations, or reconnect and

create all new memories together. To put it in simple

terms, a boat will make life much better.

Boating helps you relax

Being on a boat makes it easy to relax. There are no

faxes, computers, or interruptions on a boat. You

have the open water, fresh air, the warm sun, and

adventure that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

With a boat, a great getwaway is all but a weekend

away. You may be a few miles from home in reality,

although you'll feel like your a million miles away.

Having fun

On a boat, the fun will never stop. There are always

things to do, places to see, fish to catch, and new

memories to create. Buying a boat is easy to do,

even if you are on a budget. If your ready to start a

new journey in life - a boat is something you and your

family simply must have.

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Cash Or Finance For Your Boat

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Before you go out and purchase your boat, remember

that boating is a hobby and you shouldn't go

overboard with it. Unlike your house, boating

isn't really worth going into debt for. First

time buyers who aren't sure about boating should

always make sure they spend well within their


To get the most out of your boat, it's always a

better idea to scrape up your recreational dollars,

sell a few of your belongings, and simply save up

for a while. In the meantime, you should carefully

study the boating market. When you manage to

save up 3,500 - 25,000 dollars, go ahead and buy

the boat you want.

Whatever you do, make sure you don't spend all of

your money on the just the boat itself. When you

purchase the boat, you'll need to have enough

money for taxes, registration, storage, towing

insurance, gas, equipment, and even minor repairs

if your boat requires them.

When buying a boat, used or new, cash is always

better than financing. You can save money with

cash, as there are no finance charges. Financing

charges can get high, very high in fact if you

don't know a lot about it.

If you simply must finance your purchase, it's a

smart idea to use a home equity loan instead. This

way, it'll be tax deductible. Always be on the

lookout for boat show financing, and never, ever

use it. Several boat show financing ploys will

extend the loan out over the course of 10 - 15


A new boater will either advance with boating or

get out of it all together. Most boaters don't keep

their boat for more than 10 years, which is reason

enough not to get an extended finance loan on your


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Custom Built Boats

(category: Buying-A-Boat, Word count: 296)
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Almost all boats are constructed on a production

basis, as this is the most efficient means of

production. There's only one set of molds and many

boats being built from the mold, reducing the cost

of tooling per boat. Normally, there are a limited

number of options to make assembly line production

more efficient in terms of cost.

Leaving the ranks of production boats, there are

several types of custom construction. There are

many boats built with a limited budget, which is

normally by amateurs. If you don't want to build

the boat yourself, the next level available is

what sailors call "semi custom" boats.

These semi customs are normally built by small or

mid sized shops out of one set of molds so the

hull and decks could end up being identical. The

builders will however, allow the owner to pick

out the interior and other options.

The true custom built boat, or one of a kind boat,

is specifically designed and built from scratch

for a single customer with an unlimited budget. A

true custom boat is a one on one project, and

can get very expensive before you know it.

Before you decide to go out and buy a custom boat,

you should give the used market another look. Those

who have built custom or even semi custom boats

in the past do put them on the market for sale at

some point or another.

This is a much less expensive way to go, simply

because you won't be paying a professional to design

the boat from scratch. You can find used boats that

offer one of kind features and options, all you have

to do is look around.

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Choosing The Right Boat

(category: Buying-A-Boat, Word count: 337)
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The first thing you should know when choosing a boat

is that no single boat will do everything. If your

looking for a boat that inspires confidence, don't

expect it to shine in light air. Boats that are

exciting to sail on the weekends aren't the ideal boats

for a passage through the ocean.

You shouldn't expect to find quick acceleration and

load carrying capacity together with the same boat.

You can buy a boat now to race or fish, then sail

around later - as you can only do one or the other

with a specific type of boat.

The logic to choosing the right boat is determining

how you plan to use the boat. Think about why you

want to own a boat, what you plan to do with it, and

how you plan on using it.

For some, beauty is the first consideration. For

sail boats beauty is very important, as you'll

spend a majority of time floating and sailing around,

with many people looking at your sail boat. With

people looking at your vessel, you want to make sure

that it looks nothing short of amazing.

If you are planning to race instead of cruise, then

speed is your primary consideration. There are

many cruising sailors out there who simply can't be

happy unless their boats are moving very fast. The

ideal boat for speed demons are those that can cut

through the water, creating plenty of waves.

Fishermen on the other hand, want to look towards

fishing boats. Trackers and other boats that are

designed for fishing are ideal here. Fishing is one

of the most popular boat activities, meaning that

you'll have plenty of boats to select from.

When it comes down to it, selecting the right boat

is up to you and what you plan to do with it. Take

your time, weigh your options, and you'll have the

right boat before you know it.

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