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Professional Resumes Receives Highest Rating

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Professional Resumes, just received a full, five star rating from the Review Place ( for it's top quality professional resume services for job seekers.

Professional Resumes are happy to have received a 5 star rating from Review Place. "With one of our certified, professional resume writers you'll have a higher chance of interviews, job offers, and increased salary, and you won't have to worry about wasting hours reading how-to books or figuring out how to use complicated software," said Ronan Kennedy, a spokesman for Professional Resumes.

Their team of certified, professional, resume writers helps people land their new job faster with their unique insider knowledge of the career industry. They have a uniquely wide range of experience writing winning resumes for a broad range of careers from accountant to actor, construction worker to CEO and mechanic to military personnel. Other benefits of Professional Resume's personal services include; reduced job search time, working with the publisher of top career books including "How to Win Interview Offers like Clockwork", and importantly Professional Resume offers complete satisfaction or a complete refund of their service fees.

"Our reviewers have thoroughly examined and checked all the services offered by Professional Resumes and are fully satisfied with their full range of products. It is the only place to go for job seekers who are looking for a resume service which consistently helps clients win interviews and build new rewarding careers," said Andy West, of Review Place.

Review Place is a leading provider of editorial and consumer based reviews on thousands of products and services. Review Place rates and reviews everything from weight loss programs to employment services to online dating sites. Review Place's goal is simple: they want to save you time and money by providing quality information on the issues that impact your life. For more information, visit

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The Importance Of Bedside Manner In Nursing

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The quality of the care you provide to your patients is important for them in so many ways. Of course you need to maintain a certain level of professionalism with patients, visitors, and the medical professionals you work with. But overlooking the importance of bedside manner in nursing reduces the quality of the care that you have taken an oath to provide to the patients under your care.

Doctors are often more focused on the conditions and symptoms that patients are suffering from and finding the appropriate course of treatment for those symptoms and conditions. Due to this situation, their genuine concern for patents is not always conveyed. This can result in patients not feeling as if they can or should discuss symptoms they are experiencing, possible questions they have, and the fears they are keeping to themselves with the doctor. Many people feel more comfortable sharing this information with a nurse who has a friendly bedside manner. Therefore it is vital that you remember the importance of having a good, friendly bedside manner. You may often be the only bridge between the doctors getting the information needed to treat the patient better, and a patient understanding that not fully disclosing these things can seriously affect the outcome of their treatment.

For patients suffering from serious illnesses or injuries, the level of bedside manner provided by the nursing professionals caring for them, often takes on a greater significance. Your beside manner is integral to the recovery process of your patients. Think about it from the standpoint of the patient. Coping with an illness or injury and the treatment they must undergo for recovery is a time filled with fear and stress. They may also be dealing with symptoms such as pain, shock, confusion, nausea, light headedness, stiffness, lessened or complete loss of mobility, and sleep and appetite changes. The level of fear and stress is often heightened when a patient is hospitalized for treatment. The unfamiliar settings of a hospital can be very distressing to patients who are stressed because they are sick, injured, or having surgery.

Treatments can be uncomfortable or even painful. Patients may perceive their conditions to be worse than they are and their prognosis dismal, and may keep these feelings to themselves. Patients can easily become overwhelmed by the fear and stress they are feeling and not hear or understand what the doctor is telling them about their condition, the recommended treatment, and the risks involved. This will increase a patient's level of fear and stress which can worsen their condition and make it harder to treat them successfully. Family and friends may also increase a patient's level of fear and stress. They are themselves confused and scared because their loved one is ill or injured. Without meaning to, they may transfer their fears, confusion, and stress onto the patient whose body is already struggling under the weight of a medical condition. In these situations, the importance of bedside manner in nursing cannot be overstated. Displaying a calm, friendly demeanor to patients and their families can reassure them and reduce their fears and stress.

Some people don't have family or friends who can visit them while they are in the hospital. This can lead to a patient feeling lonely, sad, and isolated or cut off from the people and surroundings they know and their normal lives. This can cause appetitive and sleep difficulties and even reduce the effectiveness of pain medications for the patient feeling as if they are all alone. Taking the time to talk to patients and asking them questions helps them to feel that they are not alone. This also conveys to them that you care not just about doing your job to the best of your ability: but also about them. Knowing that someone cares can very often help further the recovery process even when present treatments do not seem to be working, or working fast enough.

But even when the condition is a terminal illness or disease such as Cancer and the prognosis is not a positive one, bedside manner is important for helping those patients to be as comfortable and at peace as possible. Your bedside manner will also mean a great deal to the family members who must come to grips with seeing a loved one so seriously ill and knowing the end is drawing near. This is probably the hardest part of nursing. But there is nothing nobler than ensuring that a person is given dignity, comfort, respect, and compassionate care as they transition away from this life.

Your bedside manner is important to the patients you care for in so many ways as a nursing professional. Never underestimate the power of a good bedside manner. Take steps so you do not forsake the oath you have taken to provide quality care to your patients. Remember the importance of bedside manner in nursing.

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Telecommuting Idea Online Tutor

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There are a lot of kids from 1st grade to college that could use some help with their schoolwork. Parents are often not able to give them the help and attention they need to get them back on track on a particular subject. A tutor is the perfect solution.

While there are many people who will tutor locally, in the student's home, or their own house, the idea of an online tutor is still fairly new. If you have been tutoring kids in your neighborhood, taking your tutoring job online to attract more clients may be a great idea.

If you haven't worked as a tutor, but this sounds like an interesting idea, take a look at your skills. Are there particular subjects in school that you excelled at?

You will need a website to promote your service, as well as a way to communicate with your young clients and their parents. Let's take a look at a couple of different ways you could tutor your students online.


Your students can simply email you questions they have. You answer the email and send them exercises and practice tests this way. Even if you are not using email as your main means of communication, keep it in mind when you want to get something to your students while they are not online, or to send them exercises and other files.

Chat Program

Using a chat program will give you more one-on-one interaction with your student. You are able to respond to their questions immediately and will also get feedback from your students. You can check right away if your student understands the problem you are explaining. The students can also ask follow up questions immediately.

Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger works very similar to a regular chat program. There are quite a few instant messengers available for free download. You get the benefit of the chat software without having to install it. Most kids will already be familiar with using Instant Messenger, making it easy to get started.

Message Board

The message board is another great tool to stay in contact with your students. Just like email students will be able to ask you questions any time of the day and you can respond during your regular working hours. If you have a group of students on a similar subject, they may benefit from being able to read and discuss their questions among themselves in addition to getting help from you.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is as close as you can get to being in the same room with your students. You will be able to see your students, observe how they are doing and are also able to read their body language, which can help you determine if your student understands what you are talking about or not. Video Conferencing services have become very affordable over the past year, making this a viable option for you as an online tutor.

You could even offer a subscription-based service that would give students and their parents access to a database of tutorials, articles, FAQ's and other resources compiled by you to help the kids with their school work. If becoming an online tutor sounds like something you are interested in doing, give it a try. Get the word out and start accepting a few students.

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How To Succeed Without A Degree

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While having a formal education is certainly a good way to break into some industries, don't fret if you didn't earn a college degree. There's still hope! Let's look at three qualities you must possess in order to get the job you want without a degree.

Soft Skills: These are skills not obtained by getting a degree. Some of these skills deemed most important by employers include the following:


Friendly personality


Ability to get along well with others

Professional appearance and mannerism

Genuine interest in the job at hand

Making Connections: Great jobs are handed out every day to so-and-so's cousin or the head honcho's friend's grandson. If you want to meet with the same success, you will have to make and tap your connections effectively.

When you're trying to make connections, you have to step outside of your comfort zone and come to life when you meet others. Sometimes you simply have to strike up conversations in coffee shops or grocery store lines. Make a proactive effort to find out a little more about the people who

surround you in your daily life. You never know who might be standing next to you in line for a movie or sitting next to you on a train!

And don't neglect those contacts you already have. Take the time to analyze people you know and whom you have recently met. Who can potentially help you in your job goal search? Who have you forgotten to ask about job opportunities? If you feel at all embarrassed about networking, remember that it's never begging if you go in to speak to someone full of confidence, high energy, and optimism. In fact, you may be doing them a favor if they can put you in touch with somebody who actually ends up hiring you

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Find A Job Now

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Are you in desperate search of a new job? Don't worry; I've certainly been there myself. It can be difficult finding the right job to suit your interests and pay the bills.

I mean, we all want a career that allows us to kick back with our 1000 dollar shoes up on the desk and gaze happily out at a million dollar view each day. Oh, and from the hundredth floor of some billion dollar business. Did I leave anything out? Okay, well unfortunately most of us don't find that exact job, but we do have the ability to find a career that makes us happy. Have you researched any jobs online lately? You can definitely stumble across a job opportunity if you do some browsing. Cyberspace is practically overflowing with them.

What kind of job opportunity are you looking for? I asked my 17 year old daughter this the other days since she's about to graduate. She gave me a serious look and informed me that she would like to be the head of some large, billion dollar corporation. I was speechless. Then she said, "How can I do that right now?" I couldn't help but laugh. I honestly don't know what kids are thinking these days. I looked her square in the eye and said, you can't. First you have to go to college, get a bachelor's degree, then hopefully a master's. Following your diploma will come an entry position at some company, and you will continue to work your way up. She frowned and thought I was nuts. Well, in the real world no one enters a company after high school and becomes a CEO or president. As much as that would be ideal, it just doesn't work that way.

If a job opportunity is what you're searching for, then the perfect place to start is online. So you've got your bachelor's degree and you're seriously looking for that perfect job opportunity that suits your skills. It's time to pop open or These are easy to navigate websites that will help you discover that perfect job opportunity. You can browse positions in your immediate area or nationwide. Punch in the field you prefer and do a quick search. If this doesn't give you the desired results, you can also punch in your degree for more feedback. That job opportunity you're looking for is out there if you browse in the right place. You can even send your resume to a potential employer via the World-Wide-Web.

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Military Careers 10 Extraordinary Reasons Why People Join The Military

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It is hard to live with guns. This must have been the reason why many parents despise their son's or even daughter's decision to join the military. But those who persist in joining this institution insist the feeling is what they call "a call of duty." This is when they feel they need to protect and fight for their beloved country.

However, some researchers had found out that people who join the military have mixed emotions, mixed sentiments and various reasons. All together, they compromise what seems to be the most diversified grounds for getting into the battlefield and fight for honor.

Hence, for those who wish to know why more and more people are joining the military, here is a list of 10 amazing yet strange reasons why they wanted to join the forces.

1. Financial reasons

One of the most intriguing reasons why people join the military is due to the bonuses and compensation that they will get.

The reason for this high-paying job is that the military recruitment program is actually experiencing a downfall in their program. In spite of the many contentions of the military people, they cannot dismiss the fact that for the past 10 years or so, they have been trying to recruit as many people as possible to join the military but to no avail.

That is why they have decided to increase the benefits and "enlistment bonuses." These "enlistment bonuses" are juts the primary benefits that they and their family can obtain even just from the start of the enlistment.

Basically, the military people in the United States can obtain to as much as $70,000 as the government support in the studying of qualified service affiliates.

During the retirement, the military personnel can obtain as much as $100 in a month for the repayment of "tutorial assistance."

Because of these benefits, the main target of the military recruitment is the college students who might want to take their time off from schooling. The military recruitment also focuses in recruiting high schoolers who are studying in a home school program.

With the remarkable financial benefits given by the military, who could resist such offer?

2. To be away from their parents

Funny as it may seem but many young boys are actually enticed to join the military because they wanted to stay away from their parents. 7 out of 10 high-school- age boys stated that their parents are so strict and demanding that they wanted to steer clear from them.

Hence, when opportunities like joining in the military along with the astonishing financial benefits, they would rather join the forces than to get spank and scolded by their moms.

3. A test of one's courage

Joining the military is like a "daring" game, where people get to grab the chances of proving their courage and guts. Some say it is a man thing. It is as if when you join the military, you have somewhat proven to your neighborhood that you are brave enough to face Saddam or Bin Laden.

4. Good citizenship

Others say that the reason why they join the military is that they wanted to prove to their beloved country that they are good citizens and that they will defend the nation for as long as they can hold a gun and kill an Iraqi.

Sounds pathetic? Think again.

Some people think that joining a military is like paying tribute to the wonders that the United States was able to provide them. And yet, by the time they get into the war, they claim that the tribute is no longer present.

The problem is that there is no turning back.

5. To fight Al Qaeda and look for Osama Bin Laden

It may sound hilarious but this is actually one of the main reasons why some people join the military. In a recent survey, almost 35% out of the 100 interviewees responded that they wanted to help the American soldiers find Osama Bin Laden and bring down the forces of Al Qaeda.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why Pat Tillman, a legendary football star, has finally decided to give up his sports career and join the military.

With this reason, it is as if the military is all about the Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

6. A good career

Another reason for joining the military is that people are enticed to do so because the recruiters say it is definitely a good career joining the military.

Just hope they are not lying.

7. Full time employment

For most people who had been completely jobless for almost 4 years, joining the military is a very attractive decision to make. Many insist that one of their main reasons why they join the service is because of the full time employment that they can achieve.

This would mean a the end of their job hunting, another four years not worrying anymore what to eat and where to buy their baby's diapers, and a secured future, maybe not for them but for their family.

8. Family tradition

It is the way it is. Some people join the military because everyone in the family is doing it. Not much choice, huh?

9. To learn new skills

People who have these reasons are the adventurous type. They seek newer skills that they can master, and military seems to be the only way to gain such expertise.

10. Pride

Some people join the military because having those badges on their soldiers makes them proud of themselves. It is as if being a soldier is the most honorable job any one could ever have.

Some of these reasons may sound hilarious, while others sound so pathetic. For those who still want to join the military with reasons that are not included here, just think before you act. As they say, whoever lights a match will definitely get burn.

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The Power Of An Online Resume

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I just finished posting what has to be my 150th online resume for yet another happy customer. As a manager of a site for corporate flight attendants, I know that there are several things that are extremely important to consider when crafting an online resume no matter where or how it is listed. Please continue to read on as I share some valuable pointers with you.

Granted, not everyone wants or should have their resume posted online for all the world to see. However, if you are seeking a very public position - and I don't know too many more jobs that are much more public than that of a flight attendant - then having some information about you online is not only smart, but critical to your finding work.

Name and Contact Information - You must include your first and last name and at least an email address for contact purposes. Never include your home address and if you decide to share your phone number think long and hard about that too. A cell phone is better for anonymity purposes as a home phone number could reveal to someone where you live. Who wants to deal with that sort of hassle? Better yet, a real creep could end up stalking you!

Job Information - No, you don't have to name the companies who employed you or even the specific dates. General information is helpful; you can always indicate somewhere on your resume that additional information will be forwarded to prospective employers upon request.

Education/Training - Let them know if you are current with all of your training, who trained you, certificates awarded, etc.

References - Never list another person's name online! Even on hard copies of your resume, references should be left off and submitted separately upon request.

A Picture - Hey, if you are beautiful or handsome, why not list your picture? In Europe, including one head shot and one full body shot with your resume is a generally accepted practice. Not so in the US, but it can be useful to do. Have the webmaster crop your picture if needed and put in place as a thumbnail. When people click on your thumbnail, your full sized picture will appear.

Beautiful CSS - What makes any resume rock, besides the content and the picture, is the way it looks. Have your web person create your resume using corporate style sheets for the best looking and most highly professional copy possible. Make sure that the colors don't overpower the content. Black or navy font is acceptable; Arial, Trebuchet, and Verdana type faces are best.

Sure, no resume can guarantee that you will get a job or even secure an interview for you. At the very least, an online resume is your own marketing campaign to sell your name to as many people as possible. Name repetition in the form of your resume and picture speaks volumes and opens more doors than you can possibly imagine.

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Networking And Volunteering Is Key For Career Minded College Students And Graduates

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College students and recent graduates seeking to get a foot in the door in the working world can gain valuable experience through volunteering. The key to success is in thinking beyond traditional jobs to find volunteer opportunities and resources that will jump-start a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Volunteering experience can be a significant asset to the resumes of college students and graduates. Many recruiters now look for volunteer service on resumes as a telltale sign of strong moral character, good work ethic and proven leadership skills. Not only does volunteer experience show potential employers that a candidate is a responsible citizen of the world, but it also provides networking opportunities, a critical component of the business world that may be a new concept for those in college or recently graduated.

Kiwanis International, a global volunteer service organization, and Circle K International, a Kiwanis service leadership program for college students, created the Career Contacts program and job board with the link between volunteering and networking in mind. Designed to promote career development by encouraging college students to interact with Kiwanis members, the program offers opportunities for students and recent graduates to introduce themselves to key decision-makers across a wide variety of professional fields. Kiwanis members support the program in many ways; as career mentors, hosts for a "day at the office," participants in a campus career fair or mock job interview, or just by being listed in the business directory.

"We created this program in hopes of educating today's youth on the process of job searching and providing them with opportunities vital to success in today's working world," said Casey Keller, director of Circle K International. "Career Contacts is an excellent resource for both potential employees and employers to find prospects with similar, service-oriented interests and backgrounds."

For other ways to build a circle of professional contacts and gain valuable volunteering experience, consider the following tips:

(*) Join a service organization or start your own local club.

(*) Actively seek out volunteer opportunities, job fairs and professional networking events related to your field.

(*) Ask to job shadow a professional contact met through volunteering.

(*) Utilize volunteering and networking Web sites to meet likeminded individuals.

(*) Participate in your school's local chapter of a larger professional organization.

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Jobs Available Online

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In the past, applying for a job meant looking through the classified ads in the local paper. The advent of the internet has created various job sites online making it easier for someone to apply for work in another state and in even in another country.

It has made the world a smaller place with everything at one's fingertip and just a click away. Most job sites will require a person to open an account, fill in certain information and deposit a resume.

These sites usually ask for pertinent information such as the person's name, age, address, contact number and social security number.

Other information that will be requested are educational background. Some companies prefer someone with a degree in a certain field or a licensed professional to do the job or perhaps a person who possesses a master's degree.

Employment history is also another thing that has to be mentioned. This includes the job description and highlights that you have experienced during your career.

With the information provided, some of these sites offer a service with a fee that will match your qualifications with jobs that are available and enable you to apply for that position. Some even promise to make your resume stand out over other applicants giving that person more priority over others but even that is a not a guarantee that one will get the job.

One also has to mention the salary the person is receiving both in the current and previous jobs as this is matched with the job the individual wants and the salary one desires.

These sites offer various jobs to people. It caters to professionals and teenagers who want to work either for full time, part time or on a per project basis.

Applying online is not only done through job sites. A lot of companies have websites that have a section on careers which one can access and check what openings are available. One simply has to go through the process of also giving certain information that is asked for and uploading one's resume.

The first impression employers or headhunters look at is one's resume. Given that many people apply, this usually takes these people a short period of time to review and screen certain applicants before going to the next phase of being scheduled and called for an interview.

There are many jobs available in the market. It just takes a little effort on one's part to sit down in front of a computer and look for the right job

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