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Kitchen Carpet Spill

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A spill on the kitchen carpet can be anything from

a child's cup falling off the table to muddy footprints

around the room. Properly dealing with the kitchen

spill is what seperates the professionals from everyone


With a little bit of common knowledge, many of the

spills that occur can be cleaned up and corrected fast

and easily. Knowing how to react to spills in the

kitchen are what makes things easier than ever.

The first thing to do, is use a bit of common sense.

Its important for you to take very quick action and

be smart about the first steps you take in cleaning

up your kitchen carpet spill. To put it in other

terms - don't let the spill sit.

The longer the spill or product sits on your carpet,

the deeper in it will go. A larger spill that has

time to seep into the carpet and into the padding

and reaches the floor boards is one type of spill

that will need extensive cleaning. Therefore, you'll

need to move quickly and effectively.

You can take different steps to remove spills from

your kitchen carpet. One thing that remains the

same throughout every spill you encounter is that

you shouldn't rub them. Most often, rubbing the

spill will rub them into the fibers of the carpet.

This will make them less likely to come off. Instead

of rubbing, you should consider blotting. Blotting

puts small amounts of pressure on the stain to

allow the cloth or paper towels to soak it up. This

doesn't work the stain deeper into the carpet.

As far as getting the spill out of the carpet, you

can use several methods. First, you should try

and remove as much debris from the floor as possible,

wiping as much as you can up. Then, there are

several routes that you can take.

If you own a carpet cleaner, this will be your

best option. Last, there are several products on

the market that you can use. This will help when

it comes to difficult spills. Unless you have

them on hand, waiting isn't an option. Spills in

the kitchen needs to be handled in a quick and

timely manner.

Since the kitchen spill happens in one of the most

used rooms of the home, you'll need to make sure

that you do a great job in cleaning it up. Because

spills can happen frequently, it is important

that you do a complete cleaning of the carpet on

a regular basis.

Even though kitchen carpet spills are nearly

impossible to prevent, you can protect yourself and

your carpet by knowing what to do. If you keep

your carpet clean, you'll have no problems cleaning

up spills as they occur.

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Types Of Carpet

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The carpet market is a vast market, with many types

to choose from. Below, you'll find the several

different types of carpet and what they will offer

you and your home.


Woven carpet is produced on a loom that is very

similar to woven cloth, being cut pile. There

are many different colored yarns being used and the

entire process is capable of producing very intricate

patterns from designs that are pre-determined.

Normally, woven is the highest quality of carpet

on the market.


This type of carpet is produced on a tufting machine

by using either a single colored or sometimes a

non colored yarn. If non colored is being used,

then the carpet will be dyed or printed with a

design as a separate process. Carpets that are

tufted can either be cut pile, loop pile, or a

combination of both. Machines can produce a lot

more meters of carpet than weaving, and they are

normally at the lower end of the market.


The needlefelt type of carpet is a bit more

technologically advanced. They are produced by

electrostatic attraction of individual fibers

that form a unique carpet with extremely high

durability. You can normally find needlefelt

carpet in the contract market such as in hotels

or other places where there is always going to be

a lot of traffic.


The flatweave carpet is created by interlocking

warp and weft threads. The types of oriental

flatwoven carpet include soumak, plain weave,

and tapestry weave. This type is not well known

in the North American region, although it is

very popular in the orient and Japan.

Hooked rug

This is a simple construction of rug that is

handmade by pulling strips of cloth such as

wool or cotton through the meshes of a very

sturdy fabric. Now, this type of rug is generally

known as a handicraft.

Knotted pile

With knotted pile carpets, the structural weft

threads will alternate with a supplementary

weft that will rise from the surface of the

weave at a perpendicular angle.

Cut and loop piles

The cut and loop pile combines both looped and

cut fibers. They provide a variety of

surface textures for medium durability. Cut

and loop carpets are available in either solid

or different colors. The several different layers

in this carpet can hide dirt and footprints in

formal and informal areas.


Saxony consists of tightly twisted cut piles

that are heat set straight. They consist of

two or more fibers that have been twisted

together in a yarn, and they provide a very

soft texture for informal as well as formal

areas. They will show each and every footprint

and even marks from vacuum cleaners.

Textured saxony

Textured carpet is the best selling and it

works well in informal areas due to the very

soft feel. They are tightly twisted and

texture headset for medium durability. They

also offer a multi colored look that will

hide tracks and footprints.


Both plush and velvet are lightly twisted and

offer a uniform color. They are very soft

and offer more level than textures. This type

of carpet is ideal for formal areas due to

it's luxurious appearance.


Frieze is a highly twisted cut pile type of

carpet that is suited for high traffic areas.

It has short fibers that will tend to curl

in different directions at the surface to

hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Level loop pile

The level loop pile is constructed by weaving

even loops of yarn into carpet backing at both

ends. This type of carpet is durable as

well as track resistant, due to the strong

loops. Higher loops in the carpet will create

a more luxurious look. They are also great

because they will prevent dirt from filtering

on into the carpet.

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Todays Carpet Trends

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Going beyond beige

Long ago, when the choices of carpet were limited

to basic beige, the designers tended to treat it

more often than not as a neutral background for

rooms. These days, with numerous patterns, textures,

and colors to choose from, the carpet is quickly

emerging as the focal point in many interior


Although you may think the need for neutral carpet

has faded away, it hasn't, as Berber is still an

excellent choice. Unlike the plain choices of the

early 1990s, the versions of today offer more

pattern and texture. Even the traditional types

of Berber carpet offer more visual interest with

more extreme differences in pile being cut thicker,

with deeper loop textures.

Color being sprinkled against a neutral background

will add interest and dimension while helping to

mask spots and spills. The flecks of color are

now appearing against tan, beige, and cream type

backgrounds as well as in other neutrals as well.

Colors and textures

The major shift in new products is going towards

layered color and softer texture in carpet. The

combination of pattern and texture will always

be a popular choice simply because it minimizes

soil and vacuum marks. The other advantage here

is that the color and texture offer a more

distinct styling and plenty of fashion appeal

as well.

The new products are rapidly changing the

perception of carpet as not only being a

background to showcase other furnishings to

the possibility that the carpet can become a

focus for design as well.


The new manufacturing capabilities have produced

several new looks with carpets that are constructed

with cut and loop yarns. Some examples include

bows, swirls, lattices, plaids, pin dots, and

several others.

By taking advantage of these choices, you can add

a great deal of interest to the room and in

sequence with the florals, stripes, and other

patterns on windows and furniture. The carpet

pattern and texture will also increase the

perception of quality and value in the carpet,

and will add a much broader element to the

surroundings as well.

These days, carpets can do more than just protect

your sub floor. They can add a new level of

comfort and warmth to your home, with literally

thousands of choices available. Carpet is

easier than ever to clean as well, making it

more than worth worthy of being in your home.

With several different trends and new and exciting

colors to choose from, the carpets of today

can make your house come alive. The carpets

will add new meaning to your rooms, making you

appreciate your home even more. If you have

older carpet in your home now, you shouldn't

wait another minute to upgrade. Once you take

a look at all of the choices you have, you'll

want to get that new carpet in now - as your

floor with want to thank you as well!

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Removing Pet Stains

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There are many different products available on the

market that will help you to remove almost all types

of stains. The ideal solution in minimizing or totally

removing stains is by simply cleaning the spills

and dirt the moment they crop up. Cleaning them up

won't even require you to leave your home just to

rush out and buy the expensive types of cleaning


There are several ways to clean up stains simply by

using products already available in your home which

you use on a regular basis, such as detergents,

rubbing alcohol, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Its

simply a matter of knowing how to use these common

household products and the procedures involved to

clean up stains. Below, you'll find some tips on

how to clean up pet stains and some other types of

common carpet stains.

Pet stain

For your first option you can use one teaspoon of

clear, household type ammonia to a half cup of

cold water. You can use this solution in a spray

bottle or apply it to the carpet directly. It is

very important not to wet the carpets backing when

you apply the solution. After you have applied

the solution, use paper towels to blot then allow

it to dry completely.

For a second option, you can use detergent solution

made of hand soap or dish soap. The combination

is one quarter of a teaspoon detergent to one quart

of water. You should always make sure the soap

doesn't contain bleach or lanolin.

The third and best option, is to use water, it

can re-hydrate the stain to help with removal. Most

types of pet stains can be cleaned up by using a

steam cleaner. Once you have finished, be sure

to dry the area as thoroughly as possible.

Ink stains

1. You can purchase isopropyl rubbing

alcohol at your local department or grocery store.

2. You can apply it by pouring some onto a

clean white towel or cloth. You can use paper

towels as well, as long as they are white.

3. Blot the stain as much as possible

until it is removed.

4. Make sure you be careful, because if the

stain is small, you need to blot in one direction

only so you don't spread the stain.

Beer and wine stains

1. Mix a solution with one part white

vinegar and one part water.

2. Apply the mixture to the stain using a

spray bottle to saturate.

3. You should allow the stain to sit around

ten to fifteen minutes.

4. Use a sponge and clean in a rubbing


5. Rinse the area with warm water.

6. Brush the carpet pile back into the

natural direction it has.

7. By using layers of white paper towels,

place paper towels on top of the area, then something

with weight on the paper towels. Allow everything

time to sit like this until the area has dried.

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Cheap Carpeting

(category: Carpet, Word count: 620)
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When it comes to carpet for your home, you may want

carpet that you install yourself. There are ways

that you can carpet a room very cheaply, without

having to spend a lot of money. Carpet can get very

expensive in a hurry, which is why saving money is

so very important to those on a tight budget.

One very cheap way you can carpet a room is by using

carpet samples. This is actually considered new

carpet, as samples aren't considered to be used.

You can buy samples of carpet for .25 cents a piece

at closeout sales or at your local hardware or carpet

store. Depending on the size of the room you are

looking to carpet, how many samples you'll need

will vary. You'll also need staples as well, which

cost around a dollar or so. Most of the time,

you can expect to pay a dollar or so for each square

of carpet, which is still considered to be cheap


Keep in mind that using samples or square is a very

unusual style and you have to think about the resale

value of your home. If you have a trailer or mobile

home, then the style is probably going to be unusual

and cheap to start with. If you have an expensive

or mid priced home, then you may decide to use

cheap carpeting in the basement, playroom, or in

a children's playhouse.

If you are doing a children's playroom, using

multi-colored carpet is perfect. It is very colorful

and if a spill stains one of the squares of carpet,

you can quickly and easily pull it back up and

install a new one. This is a great advantage to

doing a playroom this way.

Installing your cheap carpet

The only things you'll actually need when you

install carpet samples or squares in a room is a

carpet knife and a staple gun. The 5/8? staples

seem to work the best for squares and samples.

All you need to do is put the carpet peice in

place and staple in two or three staples along each

side. Make sure you wiggle the head of the

stapler down deep between the fibers, or between

the border and the fibers, so you can hide the

staples as much as possible.

If you are carpeting a basement floor, you can

use carpet tape instead of staples. With either

case, this is best to do when padding isn't that

important. You can use padding as well if you

don't mind the complications, although without it,

its pure simplicity.

You may also choose to lay out your pieces of

carpet first, then decide where each individual piece

will go. When you reach walls, heating sources, or

other obstacles, you can quickly and easily cut the

pieces to fit. If you happen to make a mistake, it

will cost you around a dollar, instead of costing

you a fortune. When you make a mistake, all you

have to do is start over a new piece of carpet.

Before you begin to put the carpet down, you should

always estimate how many pieces you will need,

and then call around to find a store that has

enough samples for the room.

Although the samples will range in size at different

stores, the average is 18 X 18 inches. If you

use pieces that are the same size, you'll find

things to be much easier. Even though you may be

paying a dollar a piece, it rounds out to less

than .50 cents per square foot to carpet your room

of choice - which is really cheap carpet!

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Carpet Cleaning

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Although vacuum cleaning can remove a majority of the

dry soil, it is also necessary to clean your carpet

on a frequent basis to remove the oily, sticky soil

that builds up in the pile as a result of odors and

dirt that is tracked in from outside.

If you can clean the carpet before it becomes too

bad, the cleaning chore will be easier to do and a

lot more successful. There is a myth that is totally

false, which states that cleaning the carpet before

it is necessary will get it dirtier faster. The

carpet with the typical household should be cleaned

every 12 - 18 months depending on the number of

people living there and the amount of traffic that

walks on the carpet.

The choice of the right vacuum is important as

well. There are some vacuums that will leave

residues behind, which will promote re-soiling and

basically defeat the whole purpose of household


Professional carpet cleaners

It is in your best interest to use professional

cleaners simply because their experience will enable

them to do a much better job than you can do yourself.

The equipment they use has more extraction power

than the units available to you, and the carpet

will dry faster as well. They know the cleaning

agents to use, and they know the differences in

carpet construction and fibers.

Doing it yourself

If you have made the decision to rent a steam

cleaning machine and do the job yourself, you

should check on several systems before you make a

selection. Most of the units available for rent

don't clean well enough and may end up damaging

your carpet. Therefore, you should always consider

the following:

- Several rental companies offer cleaning

equipment that is similar to what the professionals

use. The equipment should have enough vacuum

power to allow the carpet to dry within 12 hours

of cleaning. You should always avoid rental units

found in retail and grocery stores that don't

have the power to extract the cleaning solution

from the carpet fast enough, as it can actually

damage the carpet due to over wetting.

- Make sure you avoid over wetting the

carpet. Any prolonged dampness can lead to mildew

growth and bacteria in the carpet, or cause a

seperation of the backing. A wet carpet that stays

this way for longer than 24 hours can develop

problems. You can control this by using proper

equipment and the right training.

- Carpets that have stain resistant

treatments have to be cleaned with products that

are formulated for this very purpose, or the stain

resistance will be impaired and the warranty will

be voided. Never use cleaning or spotting solutions

that contain bleaches as they can mess up the color

of the carpet.

- Never use any silicone based treatments

on the carpet.

- You can help to reduce the drying time

by using several fans to move the air around the

carpet. You can use a dehumidifier as well, as

it will pull moisture from the air.

Hot water extraction

The hot water extraction system is highly recommended,

as it considered to be one of the best methods

for carpet cleaning. Also known as steam cleaning,

the process consists of spraying a mixture of water

and detergent into the pile and recovering the

water and soil with a powerful vacuum that puts it

into a holding tank. You can use a truck mounted

unit or a portable self contained unit as well. This

method is easily one of the best, and is ideal for

soiled carpets or pet stains that you have yet to

get out of the fibers.

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Installing Carpet

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A majority of how your interior looks and feels will

depend on your floors. Houses that have carpet

give off an undeniable warmth, vibrancy, and an

aesthetic appeal. There is a wide range of colors,

textures, materials, and designs available that can

transform your home and give every room a chance

to be unique. Your carpet installation has a long

term perspective, so it's important that you select

the best one for your needs and install it right the

first time.

Once you have picked out your material and design,

you'll need to it install it. Professional carpet

installers can do the job for you, or you can choose

to do it yourself. Even though doing it yourself

is cheaper than hiring a professional, it isn't

recommended if you don't have the right tools, lack

time, or have no experience.

A great way to ensure a professional installation

of your carpet is to buy from an authorized carpet

retailer or dealer. Most of the time, your carpet

retailer will have an installation staff that is

very experienced with installing carpet.

If the retailer doesn't offer an installation

service, they can still guide you to a reputable

and experienced installer. Even though installation

by a retailer is a bit more expensive, it offers

several advantages. The experience will show in

their work and you'll come out better in the long

run. You can also approach them if you aren't

satisfied with anything they have done.

However, if you are looking for low budget carpet

installation services, you'll also have the option

of hiring independent contractors, architects,

builders, or interior designers. You should

always remember to get their references and inquire

about their experience, where they received their

training, and any certification they may have.

You can also visit homes that the installer has

previously worked on, as this will give you an

idea of their work before you hire them. If it

isn't possible, you should at least make it a

point to see some pictures of their work.

Even though private contractors may offer a lower

rate for carpet installation than your retailer,

the services of post installation may be very

poor. If you encounter a problem, you'll find

that your options are limited. No matter what

happens, if you choose an independent carpet

installer, you should always make sure that the

installer follows the standard for installation

of residential carpet CRI 105.

Choosing the right installer for your carpet will

entirely depend on your specific needs. If you

like to change your carpet type every few years,

you may be better off to choose an independent

carpet installer. If you want carpet that will

last for a long time, you should get a follow up

from a retailer, as this will ensure that you

have a trouble free experience with installation.

No matter who you choose, you should ensure prior

to installation the carpet is power stretched

so wrinkling and rippling will be minimized.

It is also important that your rooms are

measured before laying any of them and the sub

floor has been cleaned.

You should also vacuum the old carpet good before

it is removed, to help eliminate dust. Once

the new carpet is down, the edges should be

trimmed and sealed with hardwood. You should

always inspect the carpet, and make sure that

nothing looks out of the ordinary and that

everything pleases you before you finish the


You should always keep in mind that no matter

how expensive or exotic your carpets may be, it

is the installation process that makes or breaks

the look of your home. Therefore, it pays off

to invest a bit of time, money, and effort when

you choose the right installer for your carpet.

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Carpet Spot Removal

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Anyone who has experience with carpet knows the types

of accidents that can happen. Carpet is very common

with most houses these days, making the risk for

accidents and spills higher than ever. No matter

what the spill may be, mud, blood, or milk - there

are ways to clean everything.

At your local department store or grocery store,

there are several products that you can pick up that

will work great. The only problem with these products

is the fact that they are normally very vague with

how you should use them.

The first thing you should know is that if you

have a red stain on your carpet, you shouldn't try

to get this out yourself, but instead leave it to

a pro. There are certain procedures and very

effective methods that your local carpet cleaning

company can do to save you from ruining your carpet.

Keep in mind that red is the toughest stain to get

out. A professional carpet cleaner is the way to

go, as he is properly trained and equipped to

handle them.

For everything else, there is always an effective

and cheap way to clean spots on both your carpet

and the upholstery. If you are only buying the

products that work for you, then you aren't paying

much attention to the label or the technique in

getting the stains out.

The first thing to do is go to your local Auto

Zone or auto parts store and pick up the auto

upholstery and carpet cleaner in the can. Tuff

Stuff is one of the best you can get. Almost

all cleaners that come in a can are foaming

cleaners, which will make your work a lot easier.

The foam in these canned cleaners will penetrate

the fibers upon contact and as it foams, it will

release and suspend the stains and soils. You

may need to lightly scrub the areas with a

towel or soft bristled brush.

To help you clean the spots, the tips below may

come in handy:

1. You should only use white rags or

towels when you clean carpet and upholstery to

reduce the risk of ruining colors or color


2. You should use foaming cleaners to

clean your entire upholstery, even though it may

state to dry clean only.

3. You should always test your product

of choice first on a hidden area to save yourself

heartache and embarrassment in case things don't

turn out the way you hope.

4. If you need the help of a professional,

you shouldn't hesitate to contact one.

As long as you don't have a red stain in the

carpet, you shouldn't have any problems getting

it out. Stains and spots are a carpet's worst

enemy, which is why you should always get them

out as soon as you can - to prevent things from

getting any worse.

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Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

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The dry foam procedure is mostly rather than dry as

the name infers, although the content of moisture

is so low that it can actually be referred to as dry

foam (90% air - 10% liquid). The dry foam machine

is equipped with a pressure tank, which you will

pour a solution of water and shampoo into.

A compressor will work to convert the solution into

foam which is then dispensed all over the carpet

using a revolving cylindrical brush. The brush will

work to comb the foam through the piles of the

carpet so that each individual fiber of the carpet

is cleaned.

To achieve success, you must make sure that the

bubbles being produced are of uniformed size so the

foam can complete the cleaning process before it

is dispersed. Once it has dried, the carpet is

then thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dried crystals

of dirt that have been left behind.

Below, are the steps to the dry foam procedure:

1. First of all, vacuum the carpet and

remove all the stains that you possibly can.

2. Mix the dry foam solution according to

the directions of the manufacturer.

3. Shampoo the carpet then once it has dried,

vacuum the carpet.

4. Depending on the type of carpet you

have, groom the pile to speed the drying process.

5. Complete the work by using a furniture

leg pad or block to eliminate furniture stains

or rust.


The process of dry foam cleaning is capable of

covering a lot of area in a very short amount of

time. There isn't really any danger involved in

saturating the carpet simply because the moisture

content is low. This will also help you to

minimize the problems that are commonly associated

with over wetting.


The dry foam method is capable of removing average

levels of soil. There is however a possibility of

excessive residue and soil build up if the machine

you are using has inadequate extraction capabilities.

Dry foam is the ideal method of choice if you have

older carpet if you want to get your carpet as clean

as possible. You can rent a machine at your local

department or carpet store if you don't think you'll

use it enough to buy it. They don't cost that

much to rent, which is great for those who just

want to give it a shot and see what happens.

Dry foam carpet cleaning isn't that hard to do,

as you'll be fine even if you have no experience

with these types of machines. The above information

will help you greatly, and if you follow it, you

shouldn't have any problems. Dry foam can make a

carpet look spectacular, as long as you follow

the manufacturers directions on mixing the dry

foam solution. Once you've finished cleaning your

carpet with dry foam, you'll probably find yourself

falling in love with the results.

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