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Shopping For Carpet

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Shopping for carpet is something that has never been

an easy task. To most people, it is more of a chore

than fun. For most people, shopping for carpet is

a dreaded experience that should be avoided at all

possible costs - although they aren't in this alone.

Once you realize that others feel the same way, its

time to go shopping. Frieze is an excellent choice

of carpet, one of the most popular types that you

can purchase even today. Frieze offers you a lot

of benefits without having to compromise anything.

The following are points that you'll want to consider

when you evaluate the durability of the carpet:

1. 75% twist

2. 15% fiber type

3. 10% density


The twist type of carpet has a spiral shape. It

is used via heat method that twists the yarn into

its permanent shape. The fibers can have up to

seven twists per yarn, as the more twists you have

the better. The result in the end is a rustic

knotted look that is very appealing.

Fiber type

Frieze carpets are normally made with high quality

nylon yarn. Nylon is one of the most popular

and most widely used fiber types for wall to wall



It is very interesting that several people use the

density of carpet as their primary factor in

judging quality.

As you may know, carpet can be too dense. The

denser a carpet is, the harder it will feel, as

the fibers are compacted. The fibers were meant

to wear on their sides rather than on the tops,

as they need their room to move.

To help you get a better idea of carpets and the

types that stand out, we'll take a look at several

of them below.


Gulistan is actually one of the top manufacturing

companies of frieze carpets. The company was a

trendsetter early on with innovate styles and a

very impressive selection of colors and easy

care. Even though the company is one of the

smallest in the world, it has proven it has what

it takes to compete, with it's high quality nylon

frieze that is popular even today.

Laura Ashley

The Laura Ashley company is a name that sports an

elegant English country look that continues to

grow and inspire. The company brings a lot to

the table, from impressive carpets to bed linens,

paint, and upholstery fabrics.

Beaulieu industries

This company licensed the Laura Ashley name and

premiered close to two dozen products, which

included a cool frieze carpet. The company has

been very successful with their carpets, managing

to compete for several years.

The bottom line

Anytime you shop for carpet, no matter what the

style may be, you should always know what you want

and how it will fit in with your home. Along with

frieze carpet, there are many other types such as

Berber, loops, high pile, and others that will add

quite a bit to your home. Your carpet is very

important, and therefore you shouldn't rush buying


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get

assistance from a professional, friend, or a member

of your family. Those that have experience with

carpet can be a great help when you purchase your

own, especially if you don't have a lot of


By getting help when you need it, researching, and

just taking your time, you'll have no problems at

all shopping for a carpet. Carpets can make or

break a home, which is why it is very important that

you know what you are buying before you make that

critical purchase.

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Carpet Choices

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When you select carpet for your home, you have many

things to consider and many different options to

weigh as well. Carpets come in many different colors

and styles, textures and fibers, and there are many

different qualities to choose from as well.

The two most popular choices of carpet today are the

loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile has individual

strands of yarn pulled through the backing of the

carpet twice, which creates a small loop.

The cut pile has the loop cut at the top, leaving

tufts of yarn that stand straight up. Cut pile is

normally more durable than looped pile. Cut piles

come in many styles, such as shag, textured, saxony,

and velvet. Loop pile choices include berber,

cable, or sisal. For high traffic areas, loop pile

is an excellent choice.

One of the factors with choosing your carpet is the

cost. Even though there is nothing more luxurious

than having wool carpeting in your home, most of us

can't afford wool. If you are able to afford wool

carpeting you'll find that even though it costs more

to install, it will prove to be far more superior

than any other type of carpeting. There is no man

made carpet fiber that come close to the durability,

rich look, or even the feel of wool - which can also

last for 30 years or more.

Acrylic carpeting is very similar to wool, and

sometimes referred to as man made wool. It is

resistant to moisture, fading, mildew, crushing, and

staining, although it isn't recommended for high

traffic areas.

Nylon carpeting is also popular, as it is recommended

for high traffic areas. Nylon is one of the most

expensive types of synthetic fibers, although it

is still cheaper than wool.

Olefin is a low cost carpet material, often used for

indoor or outdoor carpeting. Olefin is colorfast

and strong, very easy to clean. One of the draw

backs to olefin is that it can easily be crushed.

Another consideration you'll have is the color and

patterns of the carpet. Light carpeting colors

help to create a spacious effect, making the room

appear to be larger. Light color carpets will of

course, show much more soil than dark colors.

If you have pets around the house or little kids,

dark colors may be your best bet. There are many

different varieties of dark colors, which is great

for those interested in style. Dark colors are

ideal for stains or pets, as they don't show soiled

areas near as much as light colored carpets.

If you end up selecting light colors around pets or

little kids, you'll find yourself having to work

twice as hard to make stains less noticeable. It

would be easier and also smarter to select a dark

color and make it easier on yourself.

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Kitchen Carpet Spill

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A spill on the kitchen carpet can be anything from

a child's cup falling off the table to muddy footprints

around the room. Properly dealing with the kitchen

spill is what seperates the professionals from everyone


With a little bit of common knowledge, many of the

spills that occur can be cleaned up and corrected fast

and easily. Knowing how to react to spills in the

kitchen are what makes things easier than ever.

The first thing to do, is use a bit of common sense.

Its important for you to take very quick action and

be smart about the first steps you take in cleaning

up your kitchen carpet spill. To put it in other

terms - don't let the spill sit.

The longer the spill or product sits on your carpet,

the deeper in it will go. A larger spill that has

time to seep into the carpet and into the padding

and reaches the floor boards is one type of spill

that will need extensive cleaning. Therefore, you'll

need to move quickly and effectively.

You can take different steps to remove spills from

your kitchen carpet. One thing that remains the

same throughout every spill you encounter is that

you shouldn't rub them. Most often, rubbing the

spill will rub them into the fibers of the carpet.

This will make them less likely to come off. Instead

of rubbing, you should consider blotting. Blotting

puts small amounts of pressure on the stain to

allow the cloth or paper towels to soak it up. This

doesn't work the stain deeper into the carpet.

As far as getting the spill out of the carpet, you

can use several methods. First, you should try

and remove as much debris from the floor as possible,

wiping as much as you can up. Then, there are

several routes that you can take.

If you own a carpet cleaner, this will be your

best option. Last, there are several products on

the market that you can use. This will help when

it comes to difficult spills. Unless you have

them on hand, waiting isn't an option. Spills in

the kitchen needs to be handled in a quick and

timely manner.

Since the kitchen spill happens in one of the most

used rooms of the home, you'll need to make sure

that you do a great job in cleaning it up. Because

spills can happen frequently, it is important

that you do a complete cleaning of the carpet on

a regular basis.

Even though kitchen carpet spills are nearly

impossible to prevent, you can protect yourself and

your carpet by knowing what to do. If you keep

your carpet clean, you'll have no problems cleaning

up spills as they occur.

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Types Of Carpet

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The carpet market is a vast market, with many types

to choose from. Below, you'll find the several

different types of carpet and what they will offer

you and your home.


Woven carpet is produced on a loom that is very

similar to woven cloth, being cut pile. There

are many different colored yarns being used and the

entire process is capable of producing very intricate

patterns from designs that are pre-determined.

Normally, woven is the highest quality of carpet

on the market.


This type of carpet is produced on a tufting machine

by using either a single colored or sometimes a

non colored yarn. If non colored is being used,

then the carpet will be dyed or printed with a

design as a separate process. Carpets that are

tufted can either be cut pile, loop pile, or a

combination of both. Machines can produce a lot

more meters of carpet than weaving, and they are

normally at the lower end of the market.


The needlefelt type of carpet is a bit more

technologically advanced. They are produced by

electrostatic attraction of individual fibers

that form a unique carpet with extremely high

durability. You can normally find needlefelt

carpet in the contract market such as in hotels

or other places where there is always going to be

a lot of traffic.


The flatweave carpet is created by interlocking

warp and weft threads. The types of oriental

flatwoven carpet include soumak, plain weave,

and tapestry weave. This type is not well known

in the North American region, although it is

very popular in the orient and Japan.

Hooked rug

This is a simple construction of rug that is

handmade by pulling strips of cloth such as

wool or cotton through the meshes of a very

sturdy fabric. Now, this type of rug is generally

known as a handicraft.

Knotted pile

With knotted pile carpets, the structural weft

threads will alternate with a supplementary

weft that will rise from the surface of the

weave at a perpendicular angle.

Cut and loop piles

The cut and loop pile combines both looped and

cut fibers. They provide a variety of

surface textures for medium durability. Cut

and loop carpets are available in either solid

or different colors. The several different layers

in this carpet can hide dirt and footprints in

formal and informal areas.


Saxony consists of tightly twisted cut piles

that are heat set straight. They consist of

two or more fibers that have been twisted

together in a yarn, and they provide a very

soft texture for informal as well as formal

areas. They will show each and every footprint

and even marks from vacuum cleaners.

Textured saxony

Textured carpet is the best selling and it

works well in informal areas due to the very

soft feel. They are tightly twisted and

texture headset for medium durability. They

also offer a multi colored look that will

hide tracks and footprints.


Both plush and velvet are lightly twisted and

offer a uniform color. They are very soft

and offer more level than textures. This type

of carpet is ideal for formal areas due to

it's luxurious appearance.


Frieze is a highly twisted cut pile type of

carpet that is suited for high traffic areas.

It has short fibers that will tend to curl

in different directions at the surface to

hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Level loop pile

The level loop pile is constructed by weaving

even loops of yarn into carpet backing at both

ends. This type of carpet is durable as

well as track resistant, due to the strong

loops. Higher loops in the carpet will create

a more luxurious look. They are also great

because they will prevent dirt from filtering

on into the carpet.

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Removing Pet Stains

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There are many different products available on the

market that will help you to remove almost all types

of stains. The ideal solution in minimizing or totally

removing stains is by simply cleaning the spills

and dirt the moment they crop up. Cleaning them up

won't even require you to leave your home just to

rush out and buy the expensive types of cleaning


There are several ways to clean up stains simply by

using products already available in your home which

you use on a regular basis, such as detergents,

rubbing alcohol, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Its

simply a matter of knowing how to use these common

household products and the procedures involved to

clean up stains. Below, you'll find some tips on

how to clean up pet stains and some other types of

common carpet stains.

Pet stain

For your first option you can use one teaspoon of

clear, household type ammonia to a half cup of

cold water. You can use this solution in a spray

bottle or apply it to the carpet directly. It is

very important not to wet the carpets backing when

you apply the solution. After you have applied

the solution, use paper towels to blot then allow

it to dry completely.

For a second option, you can use detergent solution

made of hand soap or dish soap. The combination

is one quarter of a teaspoon detergent to one quart

of water. You should always make sure the soap

doesn't contain bleach or lanolin.

The third and best option, is to use water, it

can re-hydrate the stain to help with removal. Most

types of pet stains can be cleaned up by using a

steam cleaner. Once you have finished, be sure

to dry the area as thoroughly as possible.

Ink stains

1. You can purchase isopropyl rubbing

alcohol at your local department or grocery store.

2. You can apply it by pouring some onto a

clean white towel or cloth. You can use paper

towels as well, as long as they are white.

3. Blot the stain as much as possible

until it is removed.

4. Make sure you be careful, because if the

stain is small, you need to blot in one direction

only so you don't spread the stain.

Beer and wine stains

1. Mix a solution with one part white

vinegar and one part water.

2. Apply the mixture to the stain using a

spray bottle to saturate.

3. You should allow the stain to sit around

ten to fifteen minutes.

4. Use a sponge and clean in a rubbing


5. Rinse the area with warm water.

6. Brush the carpet pile back into the

natural direction it has.

7. By using layers of white paper towels,

place paper towels on top of the area, then something

with weight on the paper towels. Allow everything

time to sit like this until the area has dried.

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Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

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The dry foam procedure is mostly rather than dry as

the name infers, although the content of moisture

is so low that it can actually be referred to as dry

foam (90% air - 10% liquid). The dry foam machine

is equipped with a pressure tank, which you will

pour a solution of water and shampoo into.

A compressor will work to convert the solution into

foam which is then dispensed all over the carpet

using a revolving cylindrical brush. The brush will

work to comb the foam through the piles of the

carpet so that each individual fiber of the carpet

is cleaned.

To achieve success, you must make sure that the

bubbles being produced are of uniformed size so the

foam can complete the cleaning process before it

is dispersed. Once it has dried, the carpet is

then thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dried crystals

of dirt that have been left behind.

Below, are the steps to the dry foam procedure:

1. First of all, vacuum the carpet and

remove all the stains that you possibly can.

2. Mix the dry foam solution according to

the directions of the manufacturer.

3. Shampoo the carpet then once it has dried,

vacuum the carpet.

4. Depending on the type of carpet you

have, groom the pile to speed the drying process.

5. Complete the work by using a furniture

leg pad or block to eliminate furniture stains

or rust.


The process of dry foam cleaning is capable of

covering a lot of area in a very short amount of

time. There isn't really any danger involved in

saturating the carpet simply because the moisture

content is low. This will also help you to

minimize the problems that are commonly associated

with over wetting.


The dry foam method is capable of removing average

levels of soil. There is however a possibility of

excessive residue and soil build up if the machine

you are using has inadequate extraction capabilities.

Dry foam is the ideal method of choice if you have

older carpet if you want to get your carpet as clean

as possible. You can rent a machine at your local

department or carpet store if you don't think you'll

use it enough to buy it. They don't cost that

much to rent, which is great for those who just

want to give it a shot and see what happens.

Dry foam carpet cleaning isn't that hard to do,

as you'll be fine even if you have no experience

with these types of machines. The above information

will help you greatly, and if you follow it, you

shouldn't have any problems. Dry foam can make a

carpet look spectacular, as long as you follow

the manufacturers directions on mixing the dry

foam solution. Once you've finished cleaning your

carpet with dry foam, you'll probably find yourself

falling in love with the results.

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Synthetic Fiber Carpet

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The fiber nylon was introduced first by the DuPont

Chemical Company in 1938. Several years later, after

a great deal of development, nylon became the first

synthetic fiber to be used in the entire carpeting


The first 3 generations of fiber experienced many

problems with the worst being staining. The 4th

generation fiber of nylon had a mill applied coating

that solved a majority of the staining problems. The

ability of the fiber to repel water and oil based

spills as well as soil helped to propel nylon into

the top selling carpet fibers out there.

After several other changes, the DuPont company

introduced the fifth generation nylon fiber. This

stain resistant fiber would repel most dye stains

if treated in a reasonable time. This fiber is

more accurately called an acid dye blocker in that

it doesn't allow acid dyes to penetrate and stain

the fiber.

The protective coating mill is applied and fills the

dye sites with anionic molecules.


An easy way to test fiber for the presence of a

fluorochemical is to cut a couple of fibers from a

non traffic area and apply a few drops of oil and

water mixture. If it beads up, then there is an

active fluorochemical present.

Whenever testing for the presence of the acid dye

blocker, you should again cut a couple of fibers

from a non traffic area, then immerse the fibers

in a red kool-aid mixture and wait for 5 minutes

or so. Remove the fiber from the liquid and

flush with neutral detergent solution. If the

acid blockers are present and active, there will

be no discoloration.


The fiber of polyester was first introduced into

the garment industry around in the 1950s. By the

late 1960s, polyester was introduced into the

carpet industry as a face yarn. In hand, feel,

and appearance it is similar to nylon, although

it doesn't possess that same resiliency.

Polyester doesn't absorb water based spills, isn't

affected by urine or kool-aid, but it will

absorb oil based spills. Polyester is non allergenic

and mildew resistant.


Both of these fibers were first used as carpet

yarns around the late 1940s. They disappeared

around 1988 due to the competition from other fibers.

In was reintroduced to the market around 1990

in Berber styling.

This was done so that people could take advantage

of the wool like appearance, hand feel, and the

fact that its more spot resistant, much easier to

clean, and not damaged in the ways that wool is.


Olefin is the latest of the synthetic fibers to

be adopted to carpets. Once only available in

continous filament, it is now produced in staple

form as well. Olefin has a wide variety of uses

that include primary and secondary backing of

tufted carpets, warp yarns, and other uses as well.

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How Carpet Is Made

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The carpet that is made today is a mix of old world

craftsmanship and a touch of 21st century innovation.

By combining the two, carpet is able to become the

household feature that we all know and love - and

get tired of cleaning.

Carpet can be manufactured in one of two ways;

weaving or tufting. Carpets that are woven are

primarily wool and are very durable, and very

expensive as well. The woven carpet types can be

hand produced, as it has been for centuries, or by

machine. No matter what method is chosen, the same

procedures are followed.

The yarn for the carpet is woven through or around

vertical fibers known as warps, and then locked

into place with horizontal strands known as wefts.

The woven carpets can utilize a variety of colors

as well to create intricate patterns in the

highest quality of carpets.

Tufting machines can also be utilized as well, as

they use computers to determine the patterns, styles,

construction, and density. No longer does someone

have to do everything by hand or mentally, as the

tufting machines will take all of the guesswork out

and make things easy on the operator.

Once the fibers have been locked into place, the

carpet is dyed using a variety of methods that

will create patterns or effects. For cut pile

carpets, the final stage is stretched,

cutting the pile loops. This is an important

stage, as it will determine the softness and

feel of the carpet.

The carpet will also receive a secondary stretch

backing as well to give it stability and allow

it to be stretched during the installation

process. Most of the carpets of this day and

age will receive stain protection as well, which

happens during the manufacturing phase.

The way that a carpet is made will greatly affect

how the carpet is installed. In the past, the

creation of carpet was a very complicated

process, as there were no computers or technology

to do most of the work. Back then, it was all

done by hand. The carpets were great, although

there wasn't any colors or textures that we

have to choose from today.

The carpet manufacturers of today have a lot of

technology at their disposal, which makes life

at the plants easy. Operators can watch and

operate machines to do a lot of the work, which

makes their job a lot easier.

The continuous fibers found with carpet are heat

set and twisted at the mill to give a tightly

twisted product that is commonly found with

frieze carpets. This type of yarn is less

bulky although it will hold its shape for a long

period of time, which is great for those who

don't like to replace their carpet every couple

of years.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Tip 1

Make sure that you get a deep cleaning of the carpet

as often as it is needed. To achieve a clean carpet,

you'll need to have it cleaned by a professional or

you'll need to use a deep cleaning machine. There

are advantages and disadvantages to this method,

although a thorough cleaning is needed every six

months or so.

Tip 2

Keep your eye out for spills and take care of them

in a quick manner to keep your carpet clean. Simply

using water on a spill will help most of them. If

that doesn't work, simply expand your search. You'll

find several products out there on the market that

can help you get rid of spills quick.

The products range in use and can be helpful when

matching them with the different types of spills.

You can also use a mixture of water and vinegar to

help you keep stains out. By taking immediate action

you can prevent spills from becoming stains that

leave you with a dirty and messy carpet.

Tip 3

A clean carpet is a carpet that has been taken care

of very well. You should always take the time to

vacuum your carpet often and make sure you do a good

job. This means going over the floor in several

directions to allow the vaccum time to pick up all

it can. High quality vacuums are the best choice,

as they get up the most debris.

Tip 4

The proper use of entrance will greatly help to

clean off people's shoes and keep most of the

tracked soils off the surface of the carpet. You

should always use entrance mats outside of your

doors and make sure that anyone who enters your

home use the mats to help get debris and dirt off

of their shoes before they enter. You can also

take off your shoes and request that guests do the

same, prior to entering your home.

Around 80% of the soils that enter a building or

home are dry. The remaining 20% are greases, oils,

and starches. The dry soil types are easily

removed by vacuuming. As long as they are removed

on a daily basis, it will help to minimize the

damage to the carpet.

Maintaining and keeping a clean carpet is more than

just healthy, as it can also help to prolong the

life of the carpet. If you have just laid the

carpet, you are already aware of the expenses

involved with doing so.

Even if you haven't had this done, you probably

know the benefits of keeping a clean carpet. A

clean carpet will add value to the home if it is

maintained well. It will also help to keep the

home free from odors as well. Also, it will help

to make a comfortable living area for your friends

and your family.

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