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50 Years Of Power

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A carryover from 2004, the 2005 Ford Thunderbird was the last of its kind to be manufactured. The last time it rolled off the Ford Motor Company's manufacturing plants was also the time of the vehicle's fiftieth anniversary.

This 2005 Ford Thunderbird is a luxury convertible that has been available in three trims that ranges from the Deluxe package to the 50th anniversary package. It has the capacity to take in a maximum of two passengers, and sports two doors. Upon its introduction, this 2005 Ford Thunderbird model came equipped with a standard engine of 3.9 liters, V8, and 280 horsepower that could take in 18 mpg in the city, and 24 mpg on highway cruising. Also standard for this luxury convertible is a five-speed automatic transmission that has overdrive.

This last Thunderbird convertible to be produced still contains the cool and evocative styling that its descendants have bore. It also still holds its heritage of being a roadster with perennial style, loads of power, and great interior roominess and space. However, convertibles who have lived for fifty years also received changes so much so that the 2005 Ford Thunderbird sports an open-air driving, new colors for its interior and exterior, and a new aluminum trim for its doors and center stack.

As per the 2005 Ford Thunderbird's interior, this vehicle comes with air conditioning with dual-zone automatic climate controls, a power tilt/telescope leather-wrapped steering wheel that has radio controls mounted on it, a cruise control, leather upholstery on 6-way power bucket seats, power mirrors, window locks, door locks, a remote keyless entry system, AM/FM/CD with an in-dash 6-disc changer, a power convertible top, a universal garage door opener, and automatic headlights. On the outside, this luxury convertible could be owned with a power-folding soft top with a heated rear window or with a removable hardtop with trademark porthole windows.

As per safety and security, this luxury convertible has made sure that these features are not overlooked. The vehicle has front airbags, side airbags, and a combination of head-and-chest side airbags, thus making the 2005 Ford Thunderbird the first convertible manufactured by Ford to come equipped with this. Aside from that, the vehicle also has an anti-theft system, the Ford's Smart Locks system, the LATCH child seat system, a perimeter alarm that goes along with an LED indicator, and a glow-in-the-dark emergency trunk release handle.

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In a nutshell, the 2005 Ford Thunderbird comes with new exterior colors that include bronze and medium steel blue that has replaced merlot, vintage mint green, and light ice blue metallic. Aside from that it also sports new partial interior color packages like medium steel blue and torch red. The convertible also has a new style using aluminum trim on its doors and center stack. And lastly, the 2005 Ford Thunderbird contains seatback map pockets for owner's use.

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Will You Win A Mazda Mx 5 Roadster Coupe

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The Mazda Motor Corporation has just recently announced to the whole motoring world a new kind of contest that would send all Mazda owners and car and vehicle aficionados racing. Well, racing to get and capture the best photos, that is.

So what is the contest all about? According to Mazda, the contest is actually a photo competition. But unfortunately, not all people can just join the contest. First off, you should be from Europe. If not, you are out of it. And yes, to avoid any kind of bias and issue, you should also not be a Mazda employee.

The winner of the mentioned photo contest would not be winning just those simple Mazda giveaways or just any parts for a Mazda B2000 pickup. The person who has captured the main theme of the contest would be bringing home a new Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe.

Masahiro Moro is the vice president for the marketing arm of the Mazda Motor Corporation in Europe. He backs up the announcement with regards to this contest by saying, "The exhilaration we felt as a child shooting down a hill on our bike - this is what Zoom-Zoom means at its most basic level. And this thrill of movement is what Mazda wants to deliver with every car we design and build. The photo contest's goal is to capture this 'emotion of motion' in a single photograph."

If you are interested, what you need to do is to click away and send the pictures you captured. You should, of course, be able to show the Zoom-Zoom philosophy which the auto brand is marketing. And when you are ready to send your entry in, you just visit the website which was made especially for the contest,, and you can submit your captured moment. Those who would be visiting the site would also be able to vote for their favorite shots.

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Buying A New Car In Ohio

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Purchasing new car is hard enough without having to deal with the sales pressure from a car salesman. It's no big secret that almost every car dealer can be talked down on the initial price thay want for a car.

So if you decide to buy new car, we'll help you determine what kind of cars is right for you and how best to negotiate a car purchase. Before you head out to the car showrooms with your checkbook in hand, evaluate your reasons for buying a new car. Find out the base price of each car you are interested in. The more you know about the actual cost of, the less you will have pay for it.

Before entering the dealership

Before you step foot on a dealership lot, there are several things you need to think about, including what type of vehicle you can afford, what type of car is right for you, whether you should lease or buy, and what your credit history consists of.

Once you decide on type of car you need it is time to do your research to narrow down the choices. A number resources on this site can provide you comparison information rating the vehicles within specific categories. Compare such areas as safety, reliability, fuel economy, warranties, operating costs, theft rates, general features, and options when making you decision.

Getting ready to buy new car

Do your homework first and make much wiser decision before you buy new car. To determine ahead how much negotiating room you have on basic cars and extra options, draw up awork sheet for each type of new car you considering. Using updated price lists available from above sites, write down the dealer's cost and list price, for the particular make, model and trim line.

For each car, list the options you want, describing them with the invoice number. Also before you decided to buy new car, write down the dealer's cost and the list price. Look up the destination charges for that car, and include this in both the dealer's cost and the list price, since there is no murkup. The destination charge is the cost the dealer pays to get the new car to the dealership.

Now compare the dealer's cost and the list price for that car. The difference is your negotiating room. Do the same thing with each of the options. You may be able to negotiate on individual options before you buy new car.

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Definition Of A Sports Car

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A simple definition of a sports car is "a small low car with a high-powered engine, and generally seats two people". This is more or less a "textbook" definition but gives us an idea of what the public perceives to be a sports car.

The Houghton Mifflin dictionary defines a sports car as: "An automobile equipped for racing, especially an aerodynamically shaped one-passenger or two-passenger vehicle having a low center of gravity and steering and suspension designed for precise control at high speeds." This dictionary definition does not seem to capture the general perception of what the public sees as a sports car.

The Houghton Mifflin definition of the "two seat rule" seems out-of-date. Many sports cars today offer small back seats (sometimes referred to as 2+2 seating) and there is a current movement underway to increase the seating room in models long considered sports cars by most automotive experts.

Insurance companies use their own formula in classifying automobiles and often the presence of two doors automatically makes any car a "sports car" in their eyes. This perspective, of course, is as overly simplistic as the standard dictionary approach to defining a sports car. One can certainly think of any number of two door vehicles that fall far short of being an actual sports car. Economy cars and even larger two-door vehicles that are not built with power and performance in mind should not qualify as true sports cars.

Some car buffs will refer to high-performance muscle cars and other larger vehicles as sports cars. Others, however, draw a distinction between these vehicles and "true" sports cars. These individuals will claim that a car can be a "sporting car" or simply "sporty" but still fall short of being a true sports car. Thus, "regular" cars may be outfitted with a "sports package" and/or accessories to make the car sportier, but may not fit a strict definition of a sports car.

Not all automotive enthusiasts, however, embrace this restrictive view of sports cars. In many circles, a sports car is any car offering greater performance or power than more standard offerings. This school of thought will consider muscle cars and other larger vehicles designed with performance in mind as sports cars.

Others will maintain that the distinction between a sports car and any other type of car lies in how the car's suspension and handling are addressed. Technical debates rage over whether various suspension packages qualify as belonging to true "sports cars."

Some will argue that a sports car can be defined by its intentions. If the car is designed for performance more so than for utility, they say, it is a sports car. This intent-based definition, however, provides little guidance in determining whether a car is a sports car or not. Particularly in the modern era, the notion of designing a car of any sort without significant consideration of its feasibility and utility seems unlikely. Any commercially viable vehicle, regardless of its performance, must retain significant utility.

Road and Track, a leading automotive publication, summarizes the sports card definition debate with a simple observation: "Ask five people the exact definition of a sports car, and you'll likely get five different answers."

There is no clear-cut definition of what really is a sports car. The restrictive definitions of the past seem ill suited to categorize today's' diverse automotive offerings and common usage of the term runs contrary to most long-held definitions.

There is, however, a common thought that seems to run through almost all of the outlooks on the meaning of "sports car." If a car is designed with high performance or race-like capabilities in mind, it can probably be safely termed a sports car. Some purists may balk at such a liberal perspective, but alternative definitions fall far short of accurately distinguishing sports cars form regular production models.

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Something New For The Newest Mitsubishi Lancer

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Many car aficionados and followers may love cars and vehicles that were the very first in its batch. Classic car lovers would give an arm and a limb to own such vehicles. However, there is still quite a huge share of car lovers who would opt to purchase the most recent and the most high technology vehicles in the market.

As per the Mitsubishi Lancer, despite the fact that it has been in the market for ages already, it is still one of the most sought after vehicles. And its mother company has made sure that they restyle and refresh this vehicle. Mitsubishi makes sure that each time that they send a new model of the Mitsubishi Lancer to the streets and roads, it would be bringing with it something new and something high technology. This is most certainly why you would find quite a variety of Mitsubishi OEM parts in the market.

Mitsubishi has revealed that they are set on creating another updated model of the Mitsubishi Lancer. They claim that when it is on the streets and roads, the new vehicle would be all new. And, yes, it would now be boasting of a prowess that is very much like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution model which can speed up to high digits.

During the 61st Frankfurt International Motor show, Mitsubishi brought the curtains down and unveiled the concept vehicle that would soon become the production car known as the all new Mitsubishi Lancer. Auto lovers have found the new one to be aggressive looking and it seems to be destined to attract younger drivers and would-be buyers. Of course, those who simply adore sports cars might also take a liking to the new Lancer.

1973 was the year when production for the Mitsubishi Lancer started. It was sent out as a compact vehicle with only one body style which was the sedan that held four doors.

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Get Ready For A Compact Bmw

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Over the years, the entire definition of what is considered a small, medium, or large car has been turned on its side. Some people measure a car's entire length to determine size, others take into account its wheelbase, while still others give consideration to the vehicle's interior room. No matter, BMW is planning to import a car to the U.S. that is truly smaller than any BMW that has ever graced American highways: the 1 Series is coming to America...can you say, "Tiny BMW?"

Like Mercedes, the whole thought of a less than luxurious BMW running around is almost blasphemy. Please don't think that this hasn't been lost on Bavarian Motor Works as they study and restudy the issue and decide whether to go ahead with the planned introduction of the 1 Series. Long a producer of vehicles from compacts on up, BMW knows that the U.S. market is fickle and may reject the budget bimmer. Still, as the marketplace continues to adjust and consumer tastes change, the 1 Series is ripe for importing to the U.S. Here is why:

- A compact BMW would be the "gateway" vehicle for BMW to introduce the make to new consumers. Get them in a small bimmer and they will be hooked for life. At least they can hope so!

- Sell what we sell in Europe, in the U.S. Yes, for years BMW has been producing and selling small cars across the continent. The 1 Series is not new, but the proposed model slated for U.S. introduction will be a revamped model. Currently available as a hatchback, BMW knows about our distaste for hatchbacks and is looking at the first imported 1 Series being developed as a sedan. Look for the car to get an Inline 6 and, perhaps, an optional turbo diesel. Also look for the car to retail for about $25,000, much higher than cars in its class. Hey, we're talking BMW here, not Nissan.

- Expand the market. Yes, BMW is successful when it comes to luxury vehicles, but even the more mass produced "commoner" cars can help the automaker's bottom line. The U.S. market is very profitable so why miss out on sales by holding back on the 1 Series?

So, when will the 1 Series makes it debut? Probably not before summer 2007. If the model does arrive at that time, look for Mercedes to quickly respond and import its compact model, the B Series. Yes, German luxury is being redefined, but perhaps what American motorists are witnessing is German engineering beyond the typical luxury vehicles we are accustomed to driving. Sounds a bit like Volkswagen, doesn't it?

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Hidden Expenses Of Corvettes

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There is more to consider in terms of expense when you are thinking about purchasing a classic corvette than the price tag. As with any other major vehicle purchase, there are several other items that must be considered when analyzing if a classic car can fit into your budget. With these collector's items, it is important to remember that the traditional vehicle expenses can be a lot more on a collector item.

Insurance: Insurance on a classic corvette is going to be a lot more pricy than on a regular vehicle. The car will not come with devices considered safety standards in the industry today, and the price of the insurance will reflect that. Custom classic cars are also ripe targets for auto theft, as they are not compatible with anti-theft devices. This too will be reflected in the insurance costs. Auto insurers know that owners of classic cars are only going to insure their vehicles for driving during the good seasons, and seasonal insurance carries rates reflecting this reality.

Safety: As touched on above, there are many safety features that are taken for granted in the modern car that are not available in a classic corvette. No corvette comes with air bags, child seat anchors, reinforced structure, or impact-resistant siding material. Many corvettes do not even have seat belts in the back seats. It is not too likely that you are going to be shipping your babies or grandbabies around in your classic car, but driving without seatbelts and other standard safety features may prove an expensive prospect in the event of an accident.

Accessories: One of the big purchases for a corvette owner besides the car is a place to store the car during the winter and also in transportation. Big trailers suitable for your corvette do not come cheap, and are an expense to factor in when considering your budget.

Gas: Make no mistake, the corvette was designed in an age where materials were abundant and the horizon was limitless. These cars were built for power and speed, and anyone who suggested economy in the corvette era would have had his horn-rims shoved into his face by a fist at the end of a leather-clad arm. Times have changed, and the corvette is still designed for mid-century pump prices. Driving your classic around at today's prices is going to be a very pricy prospect.

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Mazda Cx 7 Delivers

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From the MX Crossport concept, it has now come to become known as the 2007 Mazda CX 7. This vehicle is a midsize crossover sport utility vehicle model. And the Mazda CX 7 is actually the production version of the said concept car. Built in Hiroshima in Japan, this vehicle went out to be known by the public during last January's 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Like Mazda, Same Day Car Parts never compromises satisfaction when serving customers. Dependable and long lasting Mazda replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories make up its stock that is counted to be over a million in number. The list of Mazda parts included in its collection include accessories, auto parts, body kits, body parts, engines, engine parts, performance parts, and truck parts among many others.

This vehicle has been created and mounted on an all new platform rather than the rumors that it would be having the very same platform that the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossovers would be using - the Ford/Mazda CD3 platform. However, the Mazda CX 7 would be using a new one. Alongside with that, the Mazda CX 7 will also be having a front suspension system that the Mazda MPV minivan also uses as well as a rear suspension system shared with the Mazda 5. As per most of the all wheel drive system components as well as the turbocharged engine, these would be coming from the Mazda Mazdaspeed 6. Made available for the new Mazda CX 7 is a six speed sport automatic transmission system.

As previously mentioned, the Mazda CX 7 will be using a turbocharged engine that is also used by the Mazda Mazdaspeed6. This engine will power the Mazda CX 7 machine. It actually holds 2.3 liters and it is a straight four MZR engine. It has been crafted so as to be able to produce some 244 units of horsepower at 5000 rpm and some 258 pound feet of torque at a low of 2500 rpm.

The Mazda CX 7 comes as a complete package of various features. Included in the list of all the features is a fully independent suspension system, four wheel ventilated disc brakes with standard four wheel anti lock braking system (ABS), a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, a Traction Control System (TCS), a front wheel drive, and Mazda's active torque split all wheel drive. As per the active torque split all wheel drive, there actually is computer controlled coupling that feeds up to fifty perfect of the engine's torque to the Mazda CX 7's wheels.

Jim O'Sullivan, president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations says about the Mazda CX 7, "Mazda President Hisakazu Imaki is committed to bringing new products to market and expanding our line of vehicles. The addition of the Mazda CX 7 is great news and a critical step forward for us in North America. To successfully grow our business, we have to be true to our core values and for any vehicle to wear the Winged-M logo on the grilled, it must have the soul of a sports car. I am convinced this vehicle will deliver."

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2007 Volkswagen Polo U S Debut Stalled

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Volkswagens' plans to deliver a sub-Golf sized car to the U.S. market has stalled as the German automaker considers allowing rival DaimlerChrysler [DCX] to import the car instead and sell it under the Dodge label. VW dealers are naturally unhappy about the move, but much more is at stake than what is evident. Will the Polo still show up? If not, why not?

The world of automobile marketing has changed drastically in the last generation. Gone are brands that are purely set behind national borders and localized brands. Instead, vehicles are being sold that wear one label but are actually built by another manufacturer. Globalism is here and automakers have openly embraced these changes.

Volkswagen's Polo is a likely entry into the U.S. market as a model that would fit nicely below VW's Golf in its American line up. Many manufacturers are changing their car lines to allow for smaller cars to become the new entry level vehicles in their fleets. Here are some examples of cars that recently were introduced or soon will find their way into car lines:

Chevrolet: Korean automaker Daewoo, a GM subsidiary, supplies the Aveo for Chevrolet. This bottom rung car is positioned directly below the Cobalt.

Honda: After 35 years, the Civic will no longer be the entry level model for Honda. An even smaller car, the Jazz, will be imported in about one year's time.

Mercedes: Yes, even a luxury automaker such as Mercedes is contemplating bringing in one or two lines of cars smaller than its current "baby" Mercedes line, the C Class cars.

BMW: Ditto for the another German luxury make.

Dodge: With the Neon replacement Caliber soon to appear, Dodge is still looking at offering a car smaller than the Caliber for their fleet. With DCX's Mitsubishi relationship scuttled, the Japanese automaker can no longer be relied upon to supply a steady stream of entry level cars for The Chrysler Group.

Enter Volkswagen.

Yes, an unlikely supplier for DCX is Volkswagen, a strong competitor for DCX's Mercedes division in Europe. However, VW has its own needs - a minivan - and The Chrysler Group will allow VW to market a rebadged version of its minivan in the US. In exchange for the minivan, Dodge gets to market the Polo a tiny 1.2L powered four passenger car that should see city gas mileage of around 35 mpg and highway mileage of just over 50 mpg.

The current Polo is marketed in Europe as three or five door hatchbacks which is not a popular body style in the U.S. VW may ship a specially reconfigured four door sedan instead to ensure interest in the this model within the U.S. market.

Although VW appears committed to this special arrangement with DCX, the Polo could still be sold here as a Volkswagen too. By keeping the hatchback style for VW branded cars only, the Polo might still be available through VW dealers. Include the optional 1.9L turbo diesel and fuel mileage will soar well past sixty miles per gallon. No wonder VW dealers are aching to see the car imported!

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