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Buying A Car Can Turn You Upside Down

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It's expensive buying a car and it only gets more so as time goes on. Over time, the price of new cars has increased faster than the rate of inflation. This isn't entirely due to greed on the part of automakers; cars are also more complicated and useful than they used to be. Sure, they were cheaper in the 1960's, but they didn't include air conditioning, air bags and video systems. Convenience and safety comes at a price.

With the increase in price comes an increase in the length of time people are taking to pay off their cars. Few people pay cash; most people take out loans and pay over time. The average car loan, which used to be repaid over a period of three years, now averages about six years in duration. That's a long time to pay for a car, especially if you have no plans to own it for that long.

Taking six years to pay for a car has its advantages, as the payments are lower than they would be over a shorter loan term. Such a long loan does have a significant disadvantage, though - you can find yourself in a negative equity, or "upside down", situation. This can be a serious problem - if you should total the car in an accident, your insurance company will only pay you the value of the car, and not the amount you still owe.

A buyer is described as being upside down when he or she owes more on a car loan than the car is worth. It's easy to find yourself in an upside situation, and it can occur under any of the following circumstances:

Insufficient down payment - Cars depreciate as much as 25% the minute you drive them off of the lot. If you haven't provided enough of a down payment to cover that depreciation, you may find yourself upside down immediately.

Trading in too often - Buyers like to trade cars in and roll their outstanding balance into a new loan. These unpaid debts can contribute to negative equity.

Too long a loan - Five and six year loans often lead to negative equity. You can often avoid it by keeping the length of loans to three years or less.

In order to avoid a potential problem in the event of an accident, you should contact your insurance provider to make sure that you have "gap insurance." Gap insurance will make sure that you are protected should you have an accident while in an upside down situation. Without gap insurance, you may find yourself still making car payments even though you no longer have a car. That is the last thing any car owner wants.

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Chrysler Firepower A Vette Fighter Extraordinaire

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Chrysler is toying around with the idea of building a vehicle that will go where no Chrysler moniker has gone before it: on the raceway. Sure, there have been stock Newports and Cordobas that have been raced, but nothing that was "pure race material" has ever worn a Chrysler label. Dodge yes, but Chrysler no. That may all change if the Firepower is built. Read on and let's see what this hot looking car is all about.

The U.S. auto shows throughout 2005 featured a number of great looking concepts. One of the vehicles, a Chrysler Firepower, drew strong interest from visitors. Based on this consumer interest, the Firepower may go from concept to developing project if several DaimlerChrysler officials have their way.

Borrowing heavily from the Dodge Viper sport car, the Firepower concept has the Corvette in its crosshairs. In fact, the Firepower is likely to be a more luxurious version of the Viper, borrowing its engine, transmission, and entire platform. As you know, the Viper also competes with the Corvette.

Depending on which schematics Chrysler decides to go with, the body itself may only be slightly different from the Viper. However, the concept car clearly shows that the Firepower has its own skin, so it remains to be seen what the final mock up of the production version will look like.

Like the Viper, V10 power with 500+ horsepower will likely be standard with the Firepower. Beyond that, look for leather everything, a sophisticated navigation and sound system, and real wood trim. Hey, for $80,000 you better get the real stuff!

We won't know until this Spring whether the Firepower will see the light of day. DCX may decide that the Firepower could steal more sales from the Viper than the Vette, resulting in the project being cancelled. Still, if the right design is chosen the Firepower would hold its own in a competitive market and complement the Viper not compete against it.

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Audi Floor Mats Floor Protection At Its Finest

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They have been described as uncompromising, luxurious, unique, assertive, designed well, and dynamic. That's what Audi cars are meant to be. These have been words to illustrate what Audi cars are. And your Audi car is no different. For Audi manufacturers certainly put that in mind upon building and developing each and every vehicle. To add distinctiveness and individuality to your Audi car, there are also many Audi body parts available so as to suit not only your preferences but also your Audi's as well.

Take the Audi floor mats for example. Manufacturers of Audi floor mats have also put those descriptions in mind upon creation of such. Each mat is backed with molded high-technology flexible plastic, and in addition to that, the top layer is made of heavy duty carpet fabric which actually cleans easily compared than others. The thick protective driver heel pad is bonded to the surface to ensure further long life protection.

Audi floor mats also have elevated side walls and the driver and passenger mats have a side extension that sits up high on the transmission tunnel. If you are quite unsure about how it works, just keep in mind that these are also manufactured to be completely waterproof, and will not allow salt or road grime to stain your Audi's carpet. In short, these Audi floor mats, keep your carpets clean and dry.

Aside from those mentioned, Audi floor mats have style, a true sense of functionality, and is totally durable. They have a great interior upgrade utilizing different colors as per your preference. The outer edges of these Audi floor mats are coil-stitched and are not banded to provide endurance. They provide maximum protection of the interior footwell. They also are exactly the same size and shape as the original carpeted mats. They have a perfect fit and ample coverage. A deep-ribbed channel design is another feature of Audi floor mats and this is for your carpet's protection.

Unlike any other, Audi floor mats could be customized so you could be sure that they would actually match the color of your Audi's interior. Other customization options would include embroidered emblems, personalized embroidery, or you can select to have your initials "branded" into the leather insets.

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The Factory Produced Vehicle

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You are planning on buying a new vehicle. In fact, you already have your pocket ready for any expenses. You also have set your sights on a particular vehicle. Now, all you need to do is purchase one along with the factory-installed options that you would your new vehicle to have.

The problem now is that the dealer does not quite have that kind of vehicle you want in stock. So, all you need to do now is to actually order from the factory itself. The important thing for you right now is that soon enough, you would be having a car that you have dreamed of and saved for.

Buying a factory produced vehicle has its own share of advantages. Aside from getting the right options in a vehicle, you also are treated to a lower price compared to dealers' prices. Although the downside when it comes to this is that the wait for that car takes as long as 12 weeks. That is some 3 months of waiting.

To purchase a factory produced vehicle, you first have to find a reputable dealership. You would need them so that you can order that car you want. You see, you cannot quite order the vehicle directly yourself. This is why you need a dealer. And when you have found that dealer you trust, negotiate. Do this the same way you would do when you are purchasing a vehicle anywhere else. Also, it is important for you to know the invoice price and the cost of all the options that you want your vehicle to have. You can check out these prices online. There are lots of websites that offer such pieces of information. Also be sure that you know the dealer's policy on rebates and incentives.

You may want to consider having option packages that the manufacturers offer. After all, these packages could save you a lot of cash. Also, compare prices. Check the price of an upgraded model to that that does not have quite yet the options you want. Then, balance your options.

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How To Rent A Car

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Traveling to places far could be part of your job description. However, transportation could be a problem for you once you do find yourself somewhere far away from your beloved vehicle. Of course, we all know that you simply cannot drive nor have your car shipped to your next location just because you would like to. Sometimes the distance could be just too much trouble for you.

One easy way of having transportation in a new place would be to rent a car instead. That way, you could have a car at your disposal and which you could use any time you would need it. Also, this would have you from traveling through public transportation which could be very troublesome if you are used to traveling with your own car.

To find an agency that rents cars, you can try searching through the Internet or even through the yellow pages. Then, try narrowing down your choices to at least three car rental agencies. Contact each one of them and ask them about the specifics of their office. Ask them about their location, the car available, special deals, rates, rates for large groups, and possible partnerships that they may have established with airlines or hotels. Then from the information you have collected, choose the rental agency that would best suit your needs and your wants.

Then, you should choose the destination where you would like to pick up and drop off the car. It is best that you are familiar about the policies of these agencies. You see, there are some companies that would charge you great amounts in fees if the car you rented is dropped off in a different place from where it actually was picked up. Then, inform them also about the car size that you would like to rent. You can most probably reserve it with one of your major credit cards.

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Car Scratches Go Away

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Much as you do take extra care so that your car's paint would not get marred by dents, scratches could happen. Scratches on your car can small and would not even be noticeable. However, if these accumulate, you can say goodbye to a car that looks like it was just purchased from the dealership.

These small scratches on your vehicle can be easily fixed using touch-up paint. However, if the scratch seems to be deep and large enough, then these may then need some professional assistance. If your car's paint is enameled, then you can actually have to ask for professional help before you do anything or you just might mess up your car's paint. However, if it is now, then you can go ahead and do the repairing yourself.

Body compound and primer paint should help you do the job well. If you are going to purchase primer paint, find a primer paint that holds a light color. The very reason behind this is that when you use touch-up paint, you can cover it up easily. Before you do anything, it is important that you have the area around the scratch clean. You can wash the area using a mild laundry detergent so that any kind of coatings or wax would be removed. If there are coatings or wax on it, you might have trouble when you apply the new paint.

When the area is clean, sand the scratch. You can use a fine grained sandpaper to do this. And if you notice any rust on it, sand it away. After this is done, remember to remove all the dust. Then start isolating the scratch using some masking tape and newspapers. Leave around a half inch around the scratch. This would be the space to work on the scratch.

Apply the body compound to the scratch. Make sure you use a plastic tool to do this so that there would not be any additional scratches on your car's paint. After applying, let it harden. And when it is already hard, sand the compound until it is level and blow away any of the dust. The primer paint would come in handy now as you spray it to the scratch. Let it dry through the night.

Apply the right touch-up paint on it the following morning. If you are not sure what color it would be, you can check your vehicle's vehicle identification number. After applying the touch-up paint, let it dry overnight and come morning, your vehicle looks like the scratch has never been there.

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Automobile Dealer Services In Your Town

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Are you planning for buying an auto from automobile dealer? its good to buy from auto dealer as they provide us with all the services, thing is that you need to check out whether your automobile dealer provides you with all the services involved or not, it will help you to save your money or else you may have to pay an extra charges.

You can easily get the list of all the automobile dealer services in your near by your place or else you can get it online where many sites has list of automobile dealer according to city and where more searches are done. It's easy and gives you fast result and saves your time.

Number online sites are like guide for the new buyers where they get all the information related to buying, selling and maintaining your automobiles. These websites pride products according to the need of the model, which is a great thing

Buying auto is a very easy job but to maintain it is very hard. Many automobile dealers provides services like servicing air conditioning, brakes to stereos, radiators etc. its important to see that your vehicle is working properly and if any problem then choose a good technician.

You need to take care of your auto it will help you to maintain your automobile in a good condition and saves your time, as servicing auto is an headache and on one likes to do every time servicing and no one can afford every time.

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To Purchase A Full Size Sedan

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In the United States, this vehicle is known as the sedan. However, if you travel to those areas where British English is spoken, you would come to know that it is not known as the sedan there but as a saloon. The sedan is known as one of the most common body styles of an automobile. The most basic parts of a sedan comprise of a hood that covers the engine in the front, the passenger car itself, and a separate trunk for luggage which is typically found at the rear of the vehicle.

If you are opting to purchase a sedan for yourself, the first thing to do would be to find out just how much are you willing to spend on this type of car. The price for full size sedans range from around $16,000 to $30,000. Also, it is very much recommended that you also try to think just what features do you want your vehicle to hold. You can decide which one is the most important among safety, performance, value, handling, comfort, reliability, dealer service, appearance, interior room and space, amount of cargo, and gas mileage.

Take out a pen and a piece of paper and start listing down the makes and models of vehicles that you would want to consider. You can do some research on these sedans you have listed. To assist you, there are automobile magazines that provide reviews and vehicle specifications. Also, you can just log in to the Internet and there are plenty of pieces of information on vehicles. If you are concerned about safety, you can check out crash test data from various organizations who do them like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) which holds and publishes vehicle ratings at their website at

You may also want to consider the resale value of your vehicle. You see, the value of full size sedans dwindle down for each year. So you may want to put that into perspective. Also try talking to insurance companies about your choices for your full size vehicle. Remember that any piece of information regarding costs and other vehicle specification would help you out a lot in deciding which full size sedan could fit your lifestyle, your needs, your wants, as well as your budget.

In addition, Car Parts Rush makes sure it has a superior stock of Jeep parts and other vehicle parts to assist vehicle owners in preserving the quality, agility, and performance of their vehicles. The parts are made from high quality materials and are offered at low discount prices.

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Safety During Car Maintenance

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Keeping your Mercedes Benz in tiptop shape assures you that when you are driving, the chances of encountering any kind of vehicle mishap or problem are lesser. This has proven to be true and it also assists in keeping and having a great fuel mileage for extra miles.

However, doing car maintenance yourself also means being subjected to risks. This is most certainly because a vehicle is a machine and if you are not knowledgeable about how its parts work, it could mean disaster or harm for you. That is why experts do not recommend vehicle owners to do their own tinkering and fixing if they are not aware of the processes and mechanisms of a vehicle. Aside from that, vehicles also contain various types of fluids and gasses that could also be harmful to the health of a person.

Knowledge is the best weapon when it comes to battling car maintenance. After all, once you know how each part works and what are the components of the vehicle, you could certainly be on your way to keeping not only your vehicle in tiptop shape but also keeping yourself in good condition. Also, being careful is a good tip that automobile experts have for owners. And while you are at it, try having a fire extinguisher nearby in case anything sparks up.

When handling car batteries, make sure that there are no ignition sources like lighters or cigarettes nearby. It could create an explosion for these car batteries have acid and they also emit hydrogen gas. Both of these elements are dangerous to your health. Gloves are mandatory. And yes, make sure that the cables are disconnected before you handle the battery.

Tinkering with a vehicle's cables and electrical system could be dangerous if you do not know how to properly connect them. If you are unsure, do not touch these cables. Ask for advice or assistance from an expert.

Now, while you are doing car maintenance and you find damaged parts, these can be easily replaced. One of the leading Mercedes Benz suppliers is Auto Parts Go and they offer high quality Mercedes Benz parts and other auto parts at low prices.

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