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Auto Parts Train S The Auto Blog Offering The Latest Auto News And Most Relevant Auto Info

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Auto Parts Train is recognized in the industry as one of the leading suppliers of high quality aftermarket, replacement, collision parts. For more than a quarter-century, the company has provided car owners access to the best-quality automotive parts and accessories. Powered by U.S. Auto Parts, one of the most successful online parts suppliers in the country, Parts Train is not a company that will simply rest in its laurels. Thus, Auto Parts Train continues to upgrade its services and improve on its already high-quality products to be able to serve people all over the country better.

One of Auto Parts Train's newest ventures is to provide the latest and most relevant automotive information not only to its loyal consumers who sign up for the monthly newsletters but also for every visitor to Parts Train's high-ranking website. The Auto Blog is the newest project by Parts Train, which aims to provide informative articles, news, reviews, and commentaries on everything auto-related. The Auto Blog has been online for a few months now and it has successfully provided relevant and significant auto information in a selection of topics organized into categories.

These categories include Automotive News, Car Reviews, Aftermarket Parts and Accessories, Car Care and Maintenance, Auto Parts Train News, Automotive Events, Auto Parts, Automotive Trends and Innovations, and Automotive Technology. The Auto Blog regularly reports on news from the leading automakers as well as the most prominent automotive events such as international auto show. Visitors will be updated regarding the new and upcoming models by accessing the Car Reviews category which features reviews of new car models and of concept vehicles.

Now, visitors to Parts Train will not only have access to high quality parts but also to the most relevant and significant information straight from the automotive industry through the Auto Blog.

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Those Expensive Luxury Cars

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Luxury cars have become very popular over the last ten years. More and more people are looking to show others around them how much money they have. They are interested in showing people that they are high class, and that they can drive one of the best looking and most expensive cars available. Luxury car makers have been cashing in on this trend as well. They have been producing as many different models that they can in order to accommodate the needs of anybody who may want to buy a luxury car.

Entry level luxury cars are also popular nowadays. Instead of completely splurging for the top of the line car, more and more people are buying the entry level model that offers just as much comfort and convenience but for a lot less money. Almost every luxury car manufacturer offers an entry level car, and it has been helping them cash in as of late.

But there will always be the market for people who want the top of the line car. This is the car that is better than any other car on the road. These cars can cost upwards of $50,000 and are only driven by the most elite people. These cars are also the favorites of celebrities and athletes. This is one reason that so many people want luxury cars. They want to be just like the athlete or celebrity that they look up to. In a way the entry level luxury class cars give that taste of success while quietly padding the pockets of the vehicle manufacturing company.

If you are in the market for a luxury car be sure to do your homework first. There are tons of offerings and you want to make sure you get things right if you are going to be spending that much money on a new car. Research can be done via the internet in a relatively quick amount of time. Never make a decision on a new car without first researching its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the deals being offered at the time of the purchase by other companies.

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Facts You Need To Know About The Hybrid Car

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The term "hybrid" means that something is mixed with its original form. The hybrid is a car that has both an electric and a gas motor to run it. But, unlike electric cars of yesteryear, the hybrid will recharge itself, hence no need to plug it into an outlet.

The gasoline engines in these cars are smaller than in standard vehicles and where they leave off the electric engine takes over. The hybrid can work on just one of these engines, but hybrid owners will use both to conserve on fuel.

What's Under The Hood?

Most hybrids use the gasoline engine primarily. But when more power is needed, the electric motor kicks in.

In the gasoline motor, there is energy conservation, for example, it instantly shuts off when the vehicle stops. When you hit the pedal again, the engine smoothly turns back on. Meanwhile, the battery keeps all of your appliances on - lights, radio and other needed features.

Because the gasoline engine cuts off and on, it is usually virtually silent. This can confuse the driver and parking attendants, who may think the car is off, but it is actually on. Fortunately, an indicator light has been added, showing the status of the engine.


One huge benefit of the hybrid is the fuel savings - it offers up to 60 miles per gallon. Because of the high cost of gasoline, this makes the hybrid a very popular choice.

Not only do they use less gas, though, they also emit fewer pollutants into the air. In fact, they are up to 90% cleaner than other vehicles. Because the engines are small and efficient, they reduce their total exhaust emissions. This makes them environmentally friendly.

There are many corporations offering incentives such as free parking to those who drive hybrids.

Plus, the US government in offering attractive tax incentives to lure new buyers who are on the fence.


There are many differences between the hybrid and conventional cars. One is the construction of hybrids. Made of aluminum and plastic, they are lightweight in their design, which in turn makes them able to be powered by smaller, lighter engines.

Many would fear that this offers less protection than other cars, but the fact is they are just as safe. Additional strength is created by manufacturers using panels in specialized shapes to reinforce the strength of the material to resist impact.

Who Makes Them?

The 2 major manufacturers are Honda Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation. They brought hybrid vehicles to the US in 2000. The first were the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. Both had great success.

There are now plans for a sport utility vehicle to be made as well as full size trucks through hybrid mechanics. This will be quite popular to many drivers. The hybrids that are on the market are well liked. With all of the environmental issues today as well as the high cost of gas, there is no wonder why this is so.

The bottom line is that hybrid cars are effectively lowering the cost of powering a vehicle and keeping the Earth clean. Hybrid technology offers a highly effective way of moving from place to place.

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Solar Will It Ever Power Our Vehicles

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As solar power has matured as a technology, companies have started applying it to more than just houses. Acting as an energy platform for our transport was an obvious application.

Solar: Will It Ever Power Our Vehicles

As an active technology, one of the first uses for solar power was on NASA spacecraft. Although not used for propelling the crafts, interested parties immediately started thinking about using solar power for getting us around in our daily lives. Alas, there were so many problems with the technology, including efficiency issues, that the idea never really gained much footing. With the massive popularity of hybrid vehicles, companies and research institutes are revisiting the idea.

Vehicles getting all of their energy from the sun are not a viable option at this time or for the near future. The problem is you simply can't produce enough energy to meet the power needs. Until technology is developed to make the sunlight conversion process much more efficient, there really is not an answer to the problem. This technological advance, however, may not be far away.

Quantum dots are a form of nanotechnology that is being developed by numerous companies for solar power applications. This technology essentially tries to create tiny solar robots to convert the sunlight to energy. Millions fit within small areas and the hope is the efficiency conversion rate will go through the roof. The companies are looking to create a platform where the robots would exist in paint. Yep, the paint on your home and car may eventually produce all the energy needed.

In the meantime, solar power applications are being developed with a focus on hybrids. The basic idea is to use solar power to provide energy to the batteries powering the hybrid cars. Put another way, it is a step towards the ultimate goal. Honda does not discuss its research, but is believed to have built a facility solely for this purpose and is dumping money into it hand over foot.

The creation of viable solar vehicles is dependent on the advances of the underlying technology. Solar hybrids should be on the market relatively quickly. The big breakthrough, however, will be when viable commercial applications are developed using nanotechnology.

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When All You Need Is Space

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Made available in three trims, the 2006 Volkswagen Golf is a vehicle that has the capacity of five passengers maximum. This vehicle sports four doors and is a family sedan. Its trims range from the GL 2.0 sedan to the GLS 1.9 TDI. When this vehicle was first introduced, the GL 2.0 sedan came equipped with a standard 2.0 liter, I4 engine that could produce 115 horsepower, thus taking 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. Standard is a five-speed manual transmission with overdrive, and given as an option is a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. On the other hand, the GLS 1.9 TDI comes with the standard engine that is 1.9 liter, I4 with a production of 100 horsepower. It is a turbo diesel engine with overdrive as standard. It can take 37 mpg in the city while 44 mpg max for highway driving and cruising.

The 2006 Volkswagen Golf has been made available with a hatchback version of the Volkswagen Jettan sedan. Both of these vehicles have the same design generation. The sporty GTI is a hatchback with two doors. The Volkswagen Golf offers GL and GLS trims with a 115 horsepower and 4 cylinder engine. These vehicles come with standard anti lock four wheel disc brakes, front torso side airbags, head-protecting curtain side airbags, traction control, and an anti skid system.

In truth, the 2006 Volkswagen Golf has already been on sale in Europe for eighteen months before it was introduced in United States showroom. In comparison, the Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Jetta essentially is the same car from its parts like the front bumper up to the third roof pillar. What differs is that the Jetta's rear window drops down to the trunk lid while as in the case of the Golf, its roof continues further towards the back of the vehicle, with hatchback access made from the rear. This vehicle carries more cargo volume, and better access to storage space. And, yes, the Volkswagen Golf costs much less than the Volkswagen Jetta.

As per the Volkswagen Golf's predecessors, this new one is 2.3 inches longer, one inch wider, and 1.5 inches taller that has paved the way for more space in its interior. This new vehicle also carries with it crash protection that highlights front, side impact, and head protection airbags that are standards for this model. There are also redundant controls for the stereo and climate adjustments on the steering wheel hub. The gauges are also trimmed with chrome rings as well as the cabin which is trimmed with aluminum. As per the Volkswagen's seats, they are made to be hefty and well bolstered.

Volkswagen Golf parts and Volkswagen parts can be found at Auto Parts Online's online store.

In a nutshell, although the Volkswagen Golf has its low points like a low acceleration, and less automatic-transmission performance, this vehicle still outshines because of its spacious cargo room, great build quality, excellent fuel economy, comfortable ride, excellent visibility and quality interior materials.

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Extended Auto Warranty Facts

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Extended service contracts are typically referred to as an extended auto warranty. They are most typically a promise to pay the repair facility to replace or repair a covered part and/or component that has failed or worn beyond the manufacturer's tolerances.

There are many differences in extended service contracts (extended warranties). Be sure that you are doing business with a reputable company with a long history of paying claims. Call the warranty company to learn of the services and available coverage. Price is always important but also consider the service at the time that you need it most, during a breakdown or repair. It is at this time that the true value of the company is demonstrated.

Most vehicles in today's marketplace come with only a 3 or 4-year warranty from the manufacturer. Cars would become too expensive if manufacturers placed longer warranties on them. And the local dealerships would lose some very important "service business".

Today's vehicles can be very complex and costly to repair. Protecting yourself with an extended warranty from a reputable company can help to avoid a potential budget-destroying repair. No cost, interest free payment plans are available from some warranty providers making the plans very affordable. Purchase from an extended warranty company that offers no-interest payment plans.

Most people believe that extended warranties are only offered at their local dealerships and don't realize that they can purchase better coverage at substantial savings directly from a warranty company. Local dealerships use extended warranties as "additional profit." These warranties are typically restricted to being valid only at the location where the warranty was purchased. Warranties purchased through a local car dealership are typically financed in with the vehicle purchase. This traps the consumer into paying finance charges on their warranty purchase and eliminates the ability for them to cancel the warranty for a proper refund.

Buying directly from a warranty company can provide substantial overall savings and freedom from the traditional, high pressure and expensive traps of automobile dealerships. Buy from a company whose primary business is that of providing quality extended warranties at competitive pricing. Do not purchase from companies or dealerships that offer these products as secondary or additional items as you will usually wind up paying too much for substandard products.

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Buying The Right Spare Parts For Your Car

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All car owners want the best for their automobiles. Therefore, they are providing it utmost care through regular maintenance checks. The engine must be tuned-up and checked from time to time, the oil has to be changed, and spark plugs need to be replaced or repaired. This is only some of the ways you can ensure that your car is ready at all times and won't present any problems when you need it the most.

Providing your car the necessary spare parts is very important in regular maintenance check-up. Despite the limited budget for it, you are still entitled to a cheap but good quality car parts.

Brand-New Car Parts

Of course, if you own a new sports utility vehicle, you also need to provide it with a new set of car parts once it needs repair.

Before buying brand new car parts, consider some important points. First is what parts do you need to purchase? You can refer to the catalogue or instruction manual of your car and list down the right model number of those car parts.

Next is where will you buy those parts? First option you can go to is your authorized car dealer where you have purchased the automobile. They can offer the right car parts plus discounts and guarantee for it. Aside from those, make sure that the parts they are offering are new and can last longer.

Second option is the assorted car parts center. There you will find different brands of car parts. You can ask their sales staff to help you find the right parts that your automobile needs. If you are in doubt that they are selling new spare parts, you can also ask them and let them assure you that they are selling such kind.

Second-Hand Car Parts

You can also opt to purchase second-hand or used car parts. Before venturing into such options, the following should be taken into consideration:

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Guide To Buy A Cheap Used Car

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Are you hunting for used car? Buying a used car is not a headache like previously it was. Now-a-days one can easily find a used car for which he is looking for. Let us see some pint which one should keep in mind before purchasing a use car.

What do you look out for?

A good car is never old. First make your mind that which model are you looking for and is it in your budget and from where you want to buy from auto dealer or online. All this will definitely help you to make a proper decision.

Selecting your car

One way to select your dream car is to first identify the car which you are indent to buy. Make sure are you looking for a family car or not. You can get used car of your choice in a very attractive price from any auto dealer.

Appearance of your selected car

Make sure that the car appearance is good and no where hidden rusting is there. Sometimes many auto dealers apply a fresh coat of paint to get hide all the rust. Check whether any major accident marks are there or not.


You have selected your car. Now for your facility check all the legal paperwork Number of previous owners, their antecedents, registration details, one-time tax entry and insurance papers - all need to be cross-checked. Once the above is done and your apprehensions are solved, get ready for the most important aspect of the buying process.

Test Drive

For a good deal never buy a second-hand car without first driving it. Sometimes old engines need to be warm up. A low battery and bald tyres gives you opportunity to bargain more.

Finalizing the deal

As now all the things have be done, ask auto dealer to transform all the legal car document on your name, legally. Remember to get all the legal formalities you complete before you take the car key in your hand.

All this guidelines will help you to make a good and healthy deal and to get your dream car in your hand.

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Tips On Preparing Your Car For Resale

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As new vehicle models make their way out of the factories and into dealerships, many customers will look to trade in or resell their current cars.

There are numerous factors that determine a vehicle's resale value, such as the make and model of the vehicle as well as its age, mileage and overall condition. Although a large portion of the resale value is predetermined, car owners can increase the value by taking proper care of the vehicle to keep it in its optimum condition.

The service specialists at Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge provide the following tips to help car owners prepare their vehicles for resale or trade-in:

* Have all ownership materials. The documentation that accompanied the vehicle when first purchased is a key component in resale value. Ownership materials include the warranty manual and owner's manual. It also is important to have the spare key and, when applicable, the convertible top boot cover.

* Look under the hood and fill all fluids. These include brake fluid, power steering fluid and wiper fluid, along with oil, coolant and antifreeze.

* Do basic operational checks. First, check the dashboard to see if any warning lights are lit and address any indicated problems. Second, make sure all lights, locks, windows, wipers, turn signals, the trunk release, mirrors, seat belts, defrosters, the horn, air conditioning and heat systems and seat adjusters work. Accessories that were purchased with the vehicle, such as heated seats or a sunroof, should also be in working order.

* Conduct your own road test. Make sure the vehicle easily starts and the gear selector functions properly. Also, check steering performance and make sure that the cruise control, overdrive, gauges and sound system are in tip-top shape. Finally, check to see if the acceleration and brakes are operating effectively.

* Check for leaks. Inspect under the hood for any dramatic decreases in fluid levels.

* Evaluate overall appearance. Externally, check for dents and scratches, ensure all the wheels match and are filled, and remove any decals and stickers. Internally, clean the floors, mats and seats, along with the panels and dashboard. Remove all personal items from the glove compartment and trunk. Finally, have your vehicle professionally washed and detailed prior to having the resale value evaluation.

And lastly, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge specialists recommend regular service and maintenance checkups by certified automotive experts throughout your vehicle's life. Although your dealership should keep a detailed history of your vehicle on file, keep your own record of all checkups and maintenance performed on your vehicle in a logbook to demonstrate that proper care was provided. - NU

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