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Cd Mastering Engineers

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If a recording artist or inspiring musician has

any hopes of having their songs played on the

radio, they'll need to have their rough mix

mastered very well. The best way to do this, is

to hire a CD mastering engineer.

Professional mastering engineers can make a

decent audio mix sound great and a good mix

sound completely amazing. There are many different

things that CD mastering engineers can do. They

will work with the artist to decide what order

the songs appear on the CD, and also equalize

the volume of the different instruments in each

song and across the entire CD.

They can also help to add more definition and

clarity to the instruments in a song. Then,

they will adjust the introductions and ends of

the songs, choosing the length of time between

the songs and adding crossfades or other nice

effects if they need to.

The order in which the songs on a CD appear

can greatly affect the way the CD progresses

when it's played. If similar sounding songs

are placed side by side on a CD, it can lead

listeners into thinking the artist has a very

limited range. It's ultimately up to the

CD mastering engineer to work with the recording

artist and choose the order of songs on the CD.

It's very important that the instruments in a

song and the songs on the CD be at an appropriate

volume level. Within a song, the different

elements must be mixed appropriately in order

for the song to sound like it should.

The CD engineer can also give clarity and

definition to the different instruments in a

song. The engineer will also have the task of

assuring that the volume levels across all

of the songs are the same, in order to help

the CD sound more cohesive while still leaving

room for dynamics.

The CD mastering engineer will also determine

how much time there should be between the songs

on the CD. They will also fade and crossfasde

the intros and endings of the songs to make

them have a better flow.

For an interesting career, CD mastering engineers

is a great choice. They make excellent money,

get to work with top artists, and enjoy what

they do. If you like music, this career may be

what you've always wanted. For those who are

already in the profession - it's a job unlike

any other out there in the world.

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Copy Like A Professional

(category: Cd-Duplication, Word count: 310)
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Anyone who has burned CDs in the past has had to

have encountered this problem - your CD doesn't

want to play in certain CD players. You've probably

tried switching to a different brand of disks,

switching the writing speed of your CD burning

software, and yet nothing seems to work.

Most professional CDs that are purchased from a

retail outlet such as Circuit City or Best Buy

works in any type of CD player, which probably makes

you wonder what they are doing that your not. All

of us wonder this, especially when out duplicated

CDs don't want to play back like they should.

Much to the contrary, it's because the music

industry burns their CDs differently. Instead

of simply duplicating CDs, the music industry

chooses to replicate CDs. Even though the

terminology may seem synonymous, the process is

actually totally different.

CD replication is used for the mass production of

CDs, which is normally more than 500. Instead

of writing the data to a CD using a laser as

with duplication, CD replication uses a glass

master to stamp (or press) the data onto the

disc. This helps to eliminate almost all of the

issues associated with playability that are

encountered when burning CDs at home. CD

replication is a far superior process of burning


Important to note, is the superior quality of

CDs that are pressed using replication doesn't

come cheap. Even when using independant CD

duplication companies such as Absolute Disc or

Oasis, there is still going to be a very high

cost associated with the replication of disks.

For your next project, try having your CDs

replicated rather than duplicated. This will

ensure your project is very high quality, even

though you'll need to order more than 500 CDs

to recive this process.

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Cd Ripper Software

(category: Cd-Duplication, Word count: 443)
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CD ripper software will open up an entirely new

way of how you listen to music. With the use of

CD ripping software, you can take audio tracks

from a CD and them into audio files for use on

your computer. You can save them as WAV, MP3, OGG,

or WMA audio files. The term "ripping" is the

term used to describe this very process.

There are advanced CD ripper software as well,

which allows you to convert back and forth between

these formats. You can also get software that

can record vinyl LPs and cassettes to create those

same audio files for your computer.

You can get a variety of ripper software programs

online by searching the internet. Most software

is user friendly and offers you a variety of

options. You should however, do some searching

and comparing before you decide which CD ripper

program is best for your needs.

Each type of CD ripper software will offer it's

own style and interface. You should always make

sure the CD ripper software you choose is easy

to use and easy to understand. It doesn't matter

how good the software is - if you can't use it.

When you explore the options of CD ripper software,

make sure you also check the software's editing

abilities. With most programs, you can select

the output format for the music. This will

include the bitrate, channels, and even the


Quality ripper programs will also tag the

encoded audio files with medadata, which will

contain information about the artist, song title,

track number, and even the album title. This

will automatically be input for the file.

Another great feature with some ripper programs

is the ability to delete the silence at the

beginning or end of song tracks. Some programs

will even give you the ability to edit the

songs themselves, giving you full control of

the sound provided by your files.

For those who enjoy to listen to their music

from a CD, a CD ripper can aso be used to

select your favorite songs and create a mixed

CD. Some rippers will even let you rip audio

tracks directly from a CD then burn them to a

new CD - without having to save them as a new

audio file.

With millions of people ripping CDs these days,

CD ripping is the wave of the future. You no

longer have to keep your music on your computer,

as you can rip them to a CD or even put them

in your favorite MP3 player and take the music

with you - wherever you go.

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Duplication 101

(category: Cd-Duplication, Word count: 435)
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If you've been shopping for blank CDs or blank DVDs

recently, you may have found yourself a bit

confused by all of the choices - CD-R, CD-RW,

DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. Trying to

figure out the abbreviations between them can be

a bit mind racking indeed.

To make matters worse for those who aren't up on

the lastest marvels of technology is the rate at

which the industry of technology is evolving.

Just when you think you've caught on to the

concepts of MP3s and burning CD and DVD media,

new twists on blank media hits the market and

you found yourself confused more than you were to

start with.

The "R" found in CD-R and DVD+/-R media stands for

recordable. It will tell consumers that these

disks are blank recordable media. You can record

movies, data, music, and photos on the disc, but

the discs cannot be erased.

The "RW" on CD-RW and DVD+/-RW media stands for

rewritable. This lets you know that media with

RW on them can be recorded and erased several

times. Even though the prices for blank CD and

DVD media is inexpensive, you can expect to pay

a bit more for RW type media.

The biggest source of confusion stems from DVD-R

and DVD-RW and how they are different from DVD+R

and DVD+RW media. In order to avoid a long

technical speech on the differences, you simply

need to know that each DVD types can record

movies just like the next type.

DVD+R and DVD+RW are a newer more expensive

technology that offers a few technical advantages

over DVD-R and DVD-RW. None the less, DVD-R has

greater compatibility with more DVD players than

any other format of blank DVDs.

If you have a newer DVD player or if you use your

computer to play back media, you should have no

problems with DVD+R/DVD+RW media. Some say that

they provide a better range of quality, although

the quality is indeed similar.

Keep in mind that all recordable CD and DVD media

do the same thing regardless of their particular

brand or extension. Because there is not an

industry standard that involves DVD technology,

not every DVD player is compatible with each and

every format you see on retail store shelves.

For this very reason, you should always check with

DVD player manual to see which type of recordable

media it will play back. This way, you'll know

what to buy the next time you go shopping for

blank CD or DVD media.

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Cdr Brilliance

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Several years ago, CD-R media and CD burners were

never imagined. Computers were just reached the

GHz speed, with Pentium 1 just starting to reach

the horizons. Floppy disks were the ideal way to

store data, even though it took several of them to

store most types of information. Looking at things

today, you can see at a glance just how far technology

has come over the years.

These days, computers are in 2 out of 3 homes

across the world, with almost everyone owning one.

CD burners and CD-RW drives are just as popular,

with everyone realizing just how much money they

can save by burning their own disks and copying

their own media.

There are so many benefits to CD duplication and

CD-R disks that it's mind boggling. If you've

never owned a CD-RW drive or dealt with CD-R media,

you'd be amazed with everything you can do. CD

media helps to simply life as we know it and make

things easier than ever before.

The theory of CD-R duplication is priceless. Writers,

those that are self employed, musicians, small

businesses, hobbyists, and even fortune 500

companies can all benefit from the brilliance

behind CD-R technology. Not only to do they

save you quite a bit of time, but they are

also very affordable while providing you many

different services.

CD-R media is used to store files and important

security documentation. The media disks are

widely used in the computer field to conveniently

backup software and data on disc. Musicians

as well choose to use CD-R duplication as an

affordable marketing and promotion tool to get

their music out to those who want it.

Even the corporate world as well, uses CD-Rs as

a cost effective way of mass producing training

videos and as an aid in converting to the

ideal paperless office. You can also use CD-Rs

as a business card, as they are smaller than

a credit card and store all of your memorable

business card information.

With everything they offer you, CD media is

truly something you can't live without. The

disks are small and easy to store, yet they

will hold an impressive amount of information.

For all of your audio, storage, or backup needs,

rest assured that CD-R media can help you meet

your demands. The disks will last a lifetime,

making them perfect for special memories. If

you have the need for storage or saving data

and pictures, CD media is the way to go to

ensure that your precious files will be there

each and every time you need them.

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Cd Duplication Information

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It's important to realize from the start that the

duplication and replication process is the same,

regardless of content, as well as the differences

between the CD duplication and replication process.

The duplication of CDs refers to burned CDs, such

as the CD burner with a personal computer. The

burned audio CDs have playability issues in some CD

players, normally car stereos, portable CD players,

and even older types of CD players.

The duplication of CDs has much faster turn times,

simply because a stamp doesn't need to be made.

The process of duplication can start as soon as the

master is received, where the replication process

doesn't start for 5 - 7 days, during which time a

glass master and stamper must be made.

When done locally with a personal computer, you

can duplicate an audio or data CD in just a couple

of minutes. To duplicate a CD, you must have a

computer with a CD-RW drive. This drive copies

the CD disks, and without one - you simply cannot

copy disks.

If you have a DVD-RW drive, you can copy both DVD

and CD disks. These drives are normally the way

to go, as they can copy virtually anything you

stick in the drive. Once you have your drive,

you'll also need software to copy the disks, which

there are many out there for you to choose from.

With a CD-RW drive, you can copy audio CDs, data

CDs, even make SVCD copies. The disks used for

CD will hold up to 700 MB (MegaBytes) of data, or

up to a little over an hour of music.

With everything CD duplication has to offer you,

its no wonder why it's so popular. If you've

never tried duplication before, you should rush

and get you a CD-RW drive for your computer right

now - as the many uses will simply amaze you.

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Tips For Cd Duplication Side Business

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The process of CD duplication has arrived in a very

big way. Teenagers these days are using their CD

burners to rip MP3s from their favorite artists and

bands. Companies choose to use CD duplication to

make backups of their software and important


Federal agencies on the other hand, are scrambling

to define and interpret intellectual piracy and

copyright laws as they relate to CD duplication and

the industry of music as a whole. The movie industry

is also seeking how they can profit from using CD

duplication. With so much attention being focused

on CD duplication, now is the ideal time to turn

your home CD duplication hardware into a very

profitable side business.

Believe it or not, you may already have everything

you need to get your CD duplication process going

in the right direction. All you need to get your

business started is a computer, CD burner, CD

duplication software, and a few blank CD-R disks.

Contrary to what you may think, its that easy to

get going.

If you don't have a computer or a CD burner, you

really shouldn't worry, as purchasing a CD duplication

device is actually very affordable. The cost of

stand alone CD duplication software has reduced

quite a bit over the years.

Almost all home computers come with internal CD

duplication hardware (CD burners) and some sort

of duplication software as well. CD duplication

media, such as blank CD-R and CD-RW are very

low in price and can be purchased at almost all

retail stores.

The market for your CD duplication service or

company is going to local bands and musicians as

well as small businesses. Local up and coming

bands are often too busy perfecting their sound

to deal with the tedious and time consuming task

of duplicating CDs for their gigs. They also lack

the money to order CDs from the big time CD

duplication companies as well.

The smaller businesses are pretty much the same, as

they are almost always unable to financially

justify having a technical or computer staff to

handle the backup and data storage aspects of their

company. Many times, they will end up forgoing

needed data backups simply because they forget all

about it.

You can however, solve these common gaps, provide

needed service, and earn some nice side money by

starting your own duplication service that caters

to these types of clients. By offering a reasonable

price, fast rate of delivery, and a quality product,

you'll get many repeat customers and a side

business that will keep busy for as long as you

want it.

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Storing Your Cds

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There are many different storage alternatives for

your CD collection. The factors for storage include

how many CDs you own and how long you plan to keep


Below, you will find several alternatives for

storing your CDs:

1. CD jewel cases

You have probably owned these before, as they are

the most common. They can hold your CD cover art and

are very easy to line up on a shelf. Keep in mind

that they do break rather easily and they take up

quite a bit of space.

2. Plastic CD sleeves

Plastic sleeves are cheap and thin, so they are

easy to afford and easy on shelf space. Since they

are so thin, they obviously don't offer a lot in

terms of protection. For long term storage, they

generally aren't recommended.

3. Paper sleeves

For short term storage needs, paper is very cheap

and doesn't use much space. Simliar to plastic

sleeves, paper is thin and doesn't offer very

much protection.

4. Paperboard sleeves

Paperboard sleeves are much thicker than paper so

they will protect your discs. They are also

inexpensive, although they can be hard to seal.

5. Tyvek CD sleeves

Tyvek sleeves are cheap and they don't take up

a lot of space. For long term storage, Tyvek is

normally recommended.

6. CD-ROM disc cases

These types of cases can hold a lot of CDs in a

small space and they may even help to keep out

dust. They do however, make reading labels a bit

hard, they keep CDs out of site, and they will

take up a lot of space.

7. CD spindles

Spindles are cheap and they hold several hundred

CDs in a small stack. Sorting through them is

hard if you need one specific disk, which makes

it something that isn't normally recommended.

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Essentials Of Cdr

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The simple rule of thumb is that whatever you have

stored as a file on any other storage medium can

also be stored as a file on a CD-ROM. To the

recorder, a file is a file, and an ISO doesn't

care whether or not the file contains pictures, text,

or even audio sound.

There are a few special cases, as to where you

would want to record a file to a CD in a special

type of format. The most obvious here is CD-DA

audio. If you wanted to record an audio file to

a CD so that you could play it back on your home

stereo, you would need to write a CD-DA (or Digital

Audio) disk.

When you copy data to a CD, you need to ensure that

your data doesn't exceed the capacity of the CD

that you will be recording to. Due to the audio

requirements of CDs, the amount of information a

CD can hold is measured in minutes/seconds/sectors.

Each second can contain 75 sectors, each of which

are capable of holding 2,048 bytes of Mode 1 user


By using the CD Size command in the edit menu, you

can set the capacity of the set you wish to

produce, which will help you to prevent exceeding

it. The status bar will show you how much space

you have used, how much remains free, and the

percentage of each one.

Even though this may sound a bit confusing at

first, keep in mind that it may take some time if

you are new to computers. Even though copying a

CD is quite easy, knowing the limits and how things

work is a bit more complex. Give it some time,

and you'll be copying files to CD like the pros

do it.

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