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Error 1721

(category: Communications, Word count: 310)
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Error 1721 is a Microsoft error that is sometimes generated when you attempt to use an executable file called Cluster Administrator. The general text of Error 1721 is the following: "not enough resources are available to complete this operation."

How Did The Problem Occur?

When you use the Cluster Administrator to connect to a cluster, an error will occur if the proper parameters are not specified. One possible reason for the error is that you did not enter the parameter with quotation marks, so the command could not be read as a complete phrase for the search. This creates a problem with the available IP ports that would be used to establish a communication through the remote procedure call, especially if there are less than a hundred ports available to process the communication flow. Along with the failure to issue the request using quotation marks, there may also be some restriction on the available port ranges when the program was originally installed.

How Do I Fix the Problem?

One place to check for restrictions on the available ports is in the MSMQ, or Microsoft Message Queuing. There may also be a need to consider that other services make use of DCOM ports that may inhibit the ability to make use of the minimum number of ports. In order to correct the situation, there will be the need to modify the registry. Microsoft provides step by step procedures to accomplish the modifications.

One thing to keep in mind is that reconfiguring a registry can be a tricky task. Ideally, persons who are well versed in computer configuration should take care of modifying the registry. Making a mistake in the modifications could create other issues that would require a professional to resolve. Save the time and trouble, and get an expert to perform the necessary changes to the registry.

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Save A Bundle When You Self Bundle

(category: Communications, Word count: 388)
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Cable and telephone companies, both large and small have been offering discounted bundled services for years. Bundled local and long distance, or cable TV and Internet have saved consumers thousands on elective utilities.

With the outbreak of new broadband Internet technologies, emerges a new market for bundled services. You may have noticed your local cable company offering telephone service, and your telephone company offering satellite TV services in their bundled packages.

These bundled services do in fact provide consumers a reduction in monthly service cost, and the big pitch is you get it all on one bill, and all from the same company. To the average consumer this looks to be the "beat all to end all" deal in bundled services.

The frugal know better. Satellite TV and VoIP are both Independent services one can find and use outside the restrictions of your local cable or telephone companies bundled prices. When you start to figure in your own choice of broadband Internet it takes on a different light.

There are many satellite TV, VoIP, and broadband Internet companies to choose from and you do not have to be bound by the rates of your local providers anymore. Do the research and you'll find you could be saving a pretty good chunk each month by bundling your own services.

Sure, you won't get it all on one bill, but if that's what you want, you are likely over paying for those services. You're really paying for the convenience of having everything on one bill. Shave ten or fifteen dollars off each service, and it really starts to add up.

Saving twenty five or thirty dollars a month might not sound like much, but try multiplying that figure by twelve months. What you'll save in a year paints a whole new picture and is probably worth taking 5 extra minutes each month to pay a couple bills separately. That's an hour a year for those with their calculators out.

Why let the local cable or telephone companies decide what features you get with your bundle ? You're paying for it. You should choose exactly what you want, and what works best for you. When you self bundle your elective utilities you'll not only save a few dollars, but get what you want too.

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How To Convert Millimeters Mm To Inches In

(category: Communications, Word count: 261)
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To convert a unit from millimeters to inches, multiple steps are necessary as the two units are in a different system of units. Millimeters is in a number form, 1 x 10-3 meters (the standard unit of length), and is one of the metric unit systems and a part of the International System of Units (SI). On the other hand, an inch is a unit of length in a few systems such as in the English units, Imperial units, and the United States customary units. It is basically 1/36th of a yard or 1/12th of a foot.

Direct Rates

1 millimeters = 0.0393700787 inch

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters

Using the Factor-Label Method of Conversion

So, to convert millimeters to inches, method known as the factor-label method of conversion must be done.

1.Firstly, we know that 25.4 x 10-3 meters equals 1 inch. But before that, meters must be converted to millimeters. 1 meter = 1,000 millimeters

2.Considering how 25.4 x 10-3 meters equals an inch, and 1,000 millimeters equals a meter, we can find the relationship between an inch and a millimeter by finding the product of: 25.4 x 10-3 x 1,000

3.This equals to 25.4 millimeters equaling an inch. This basically means that 1 millimeter equals 1/25.4 of an inch.

Work Shown

1 mm / 1 x 10-3 m = 1 m / 100 cm = 1 cm / (1/2.54) in.

Crossing out the meters (m) and centimeters (cm) gives us a relationship between the millimeter (mm) and the inch (in.).

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No Audio Device Error

(category: Communications, Word count: 219)
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If you have experienced a Windows "No Audio Device" error, it most likely means that your sound card is not installed properly. Even though other problems can cause this error, an improperly installed sound card is the most common reason. If the audio card isn't properly connected in the motherboard or you do not have an audio controller connected, you will get this error. Also, it is possible that the device you are trying to use is not compatible to the motherboard you are using.

Troubleshooting the most common error

Here are a few steps to take to solve the most common error, an improperly installed card:

You will first need to find your audio controlling device or controller. This controller is what gives you the ability to adjust the sound for everything. From your start menu, go to your control panel. Then, go to add hardware and search for the hardware yourself. Don't let the computer search for it automatically, because if it is improperly installed it may not be seen. Then, scroll down to sound devices and search for your audio controller. Check the properties of the device, and see if it is installed properly. If it isn't installed properly you will see a yellow highlighted question mark beside the device's name

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What Is A Proxy Site

(category: Communications, Word count: 495)
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Proxy sites are web pages that provide Internet users with the ability to browse web sites that may be blocked by a content filter of some type. By making use of the proxy site as the portal to the blocked site, it is possible to circumvent the work of whatever filter is in place. At the same time, the proxy site also helps to mask the visit to the site, so that there is less evidence that the content filter was not successful in preventing the visit.

How Does A Proxy Site Work?

Essentially, the proxy site will provide the same ability to browse the Internet as any other browser. What is a little different is that instead of being able to conduct general searches for content, a proxy site allows the user to key in a specific web address and be directed to that specific page in a window that resides on the proxy site. This accomplishes two things. First, the window is coded as part of the proxy site address and not the actual web site the user is visiting. Second, any information cached on in the temporary Internet files will appear to be information related to the proxy site, and not the blocked web site.

Why Use A Proxy Site?

One of the legitimate uses of a proxy site is to get around blocked content that may contain one or two words that the filter has identified as inappropriate for viewing. Many companies make use of filters to limit the ability of employees to spend time looking at web pages that are not related to job functions in some manner. This is usually accomplished with the use of key words that programmed into the filter, which in turn blocks any page or site with those words present. While this does block access to a number of sites that have nothing to do with work, they can also inhibit access to pages and glossaries that are designed to be helpful in many job positions.

When this is the case, an employee may choose to use a proxy site to get around the block and be able to get to a page that he or she legitimately needs to view in order to accomplish a work related task. Since using a proxy site does not take much longer than using a browser window, it is much faster than calling technical support and trying to get authorization to remove a given word from the filter list.

Another advantage of using the proxy site is that the IP address of the user is not logged. This can be a great way to get around the proliferation of adware and spyware that is all too often connected to a given web site. Using the proxy site means less cleanup for the virus protection software to handle, and thus less resources required to keep the workstation clear of problems.

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Gold Mobile Phone Numbers Not Just For Stars And Celebrities

(category: Communications, Word count: 542)
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Often thought of as the preserve of the rich and famous, exclusive, gold mobile numbers are now available to us, more 'down to earth' folk! Your first reaction might be that you're not an image conscious Trust Fund Babe, so why bother?; but you'd be surprised at the reasons and benefits

of owning a gold number.

So what exactly is a Gold Mobile Number?

A gold mobile number, gold number, platinum mobile number or diamond number - all terms that refer to a numerically easy, memorable mobile phone number. They can have repetative digit combinations, like 777, 888, or a simple sequence - examples being 123 123 or 10 20 30. Often the sequences can be part of the prefix also, making them even more desirable.

Gold platinum mobile numbers are easily transferred to any UK network - Orange, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Virgin etc.,

either on a Pay As You Go or monthly contract phone, and once purchased your gold platinum mobile SIM card number is yours for life.

The benefits of owning a Gold Mobile Number

How often have you been in a situation when someone asks for your number, and you reply "Hang on while I find my phone / card / bit of till receipt I can scribble it on". It's an

embarrasing event the majority of us can relate to in one way or another. Wouldn't it be great to swiftly reply with a super number that rolls off the tongue?

When others hear your gold mobile number, it's not only easy for them to remember it's a conversation talking point and ice breaker. Both guys and girls are equally impressed when

given or told a super number when out socialising. It makes both the number, and the owner, memorable. When you're angling for a date, having a memorable number is far more

appealing than a scribbled note on a scruffy scrap of paper!

Another consideration to owning a gold mobile number is more practical. Lost numbers are a real pain. How many times have we lost contact with a friend or family member for a period of time because we've either lost, or left behind, our

mobile phone? Not all of us transfer our phone address book into a real world paper version. What is in the actual phone memory or stored on the SIM card is often the only copy we carry when away from home.

Now imagine your boyfriend/girlfriend/mate/Mum or Dad losing their mobile phone and you're waiting to meet them - or waiting to be picked up from some event. At best, this sort of situation can be an inconvenience, at worst, a dangerous situation to be in. If you had an easy memorable mobile phone number, they could easily reach you and situations like these can be readily overcome. The difficulty and stress such times can create can be greatly eased.

So, gold mobile numbers are not only for the image conscious celebrities or the 'wanabees', there are some really strong practical reasons to consider owning a Gold Number, and as the demand for rare numbers becomes greater, the opportunity

to aquire a really unforgettable number at affordable prices will become tougher.

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Antenna Mobile Cb Antennas

(category: Communications, Word count: 530)
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If you were around in the mid 70s in the United States you'd have to have been living under a rock not to know about the great citizen band radio craze made popular by the smash hit "Convoy" by C.W. McCall. If you were into citizen band radio at all you knew that there was a certain prestige to having certain kinds of antennas, especially if you had a CB setup in your home.

For the mobile units, the ones that were installed in your motor vehicle, the antennas were rather simple and relatively weak. They could only send and receive a short distance depending on the time of day. In the afternoon, mobile CB antennas were lucky to reach a few miles, especially during sun spot time. At night, if you were lucky you could reach about 10 to 20 miles, maybe sometimes a little more.

Mobile antennas came in several types. One of the most popular antennas was the fiberglass model that hooked on the back bumper. These antennas were very good transmitters and receivers. Most were about 3/8 of an inch in diameter and about 2 feet tall. Some could handle up to 1000 watts of transmission power.

Another popular type of Mobile Antenna was the magnetic roof top antenna. These were not very powerful but they were real easy to hook up. Just pop the cable into your CB, which was installed usually under the dashboard in your car, and then just take the antenna, stick it out your window and pop it on your roof top. The magnet was strong enough that there would have to be a hurricane for that thing to blow off. These antennas could handle about 300 watts of power which made them a pretty low end antenna for CB use, but they were also very cheap.

Then we have the center load mirror mount antennas. The most popular of these were the Cobras. Don't let these small things fool you. They could handle up to 3000 watts of power, usually made of 24 carat gold-plated 8-gauge copper coil. These antennas were also very expensive and today go for as much as $60 or more.

Of course one of the most common mobile antennas were the trunk mount CB antennas. These were very good antennas mostly because of the center placement on the vehicle towards the front of the trunk just before the back window. These antennas were not very expensive but usually were able to handle about 500 watts and because of their good ground, were very good for sending and receiving, even with a mobile unit that wasn't that powerful. A good trunk mount antenna wouldn't cost you more than $35.

There were some other odd brands of antennas but for the most part, these were the most common. They were relatively easy to hook up. In some cases, some drilling was required through parts of the vehicle to run antenna wire but for the most part anybody could put one of these things together.

Next, we'll take a look at the most popular and powerful base antennas.

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A Quick Guide To Spy Phone Software

(category: Communications, Word count: 383)
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Spyphone is a 100% software based solution which users can download and convert any latest Nokia phone into a sophisticated spy device within a minute. Such device may have several spy features.

If you call a spy phone from a predefined number, it makes no visible or audible indication that it is in operation, and you can listen to any conversations or discussions in progress around the spy phone. Conversations within 5 to 10 metres of the spy phone are completely audible. The software can be activated or deactivated by sending a silent sms to the converted phone and works on GSM networks only.

Yet another interesting spy feature is called sms forwarding. Upon installation of the spy software on the target phone, it enables to receive duplicate copies of all incoming and outgoing text messages that will be forwarded directly to the predefined number.

The spyphone software controls the basic functions of the cell phone such as incoming call handling, backlight, log engine and installation logs. No hardware tweaking of any kind has to be made and that there are no special steps for customising the cell phone. The software is also invisible to the end user. Moreover, no parts of the software can be traced to be installed on the phone or logs of incoming calls.

What could you use the spy phone for? In truth, the list is endless. You might want to check up on someone periodically, listening out for out-of-place sounds, and even intercepting real time calls between 2 parties. It can be used for listening to conversations in the office whilst away on travel. You might also use it monitor your children, wife or husband.

You may come up with a question, how to protect myself from such spy? Here is the answer. At present such spy software can be installed on Symbian based smartphones only. Never leave your smartphone unattended. Do not give the phone to someone you do not know. If you suspect that spy software is installed on your phone, bring the phone immediately to the nearest service centre. The most popular spy phone models are: 3250, 5500, E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, N73, N76, N77, N80, N91, N95, 7610, 6600, 6670, 6110, 6120, 6121.

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Phone Cards Be Certain What You Re Buying

(category: Communications, Word count: 441)
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Phone cards are an excellent way to stay in touch with family and friends without ending up with an astronomical phone bill at the end of the month. But before you choose the phone card that seems to be the cheapest available, be sure you know all the details of how that particular phone card works.

Some phone card companies have a service charge for each call you make using the card. That means that you'll lose several minutes each time you use the card - typically anywhere from four minutes to eight or even ten. If you have a phone card company touting their "three-cent a minute" rates, be sure of their service charges. If you're also losing an additional ten minutes for every connection you make, the rates go up considerably.

One gimmick used by phone card companies is that they give you a price "per unit" instead of "per minute." The significance is that there are different costs for different phone calls. You may pay only a penny or two per unit, but you may find that you're being charged several units per minute. For example, if you pay two cents per unit and you're phone call costs ten units per minute, you're paying twenty cents a minute - significantly higher than the many reputable phone cards. Per unit cards may very well be a good deal, but find out how many units you can expect to pay for phone calls before you shell out the money for one of these cards.

Rechargeable phone cards are sometimes an excellent deal because the additional minutes you purchase are often cheaper than the original cost of the card. If you think about it, it's fairly easy to see why. Instead of buying another pieces of plastic, you're simply buying the service - less cost to the company.

Buying larger amounts is also typically a good way to get the best deal on a phone card. Companies typically offer a better price per minute if you purchase a card with two or more hours of calling time than for a card with only a half hour. Again, it's a simple matter of marketing and you can see that the cost of producing the plastic card is a factor in that cost.

There's no doubt that phone cards are a good way to stay in touch, especially in some situations. Taking time to choose a reliable company for your phone card purchase is an important step in being sure you make the best selection for your phone card company provider.

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