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Test Your Communication Style

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Communication is one of the most important qualities for success. To communicate is not simple. We think that to speak and to hear is communication. But it is much more than that. When you listen to somebody, ask yourself these questions - are you totally attentive to him/her? Are you attentive to the tone of voice? Are you keeping eye contact? Do you observe the body language? Are you giving responses in between so that the speaker knows that you rare listening? Are you getting the hidden meaning behind the communication? In brief, are you getting precisely what the other person is saying?

What about your speech? What kind of tone do you adopt? What is the speed of your speech? Are you using the correct words? How are you coordinating your body language with your words? Are you getting the attention of your listener? Are you able to convey what you want to? Are you sure that the listener is getting your message?

Many of us are poor communicators. We don't know how to talk and listen effectively. We fail to draw the listener's attention towards our self. We fail to listen fully. There lies our failure in many business and personal situations.

Please test your communication style. Talk to few of your friends and ask them questions about your style. Note what they say very carefully and bring changes. Talk to them again after few days and reassess yourself. Keep improving. Notice the best speakers on television. Watch their body movements and tonality of voice. Observe them carefully. Good communication will bring unbelievable success to you.

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Learn French The Easy Way

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It is easier than ever to learn basic French. There are so many options available that you might find it difficult to know where to start. Don't worry, I have got four great tips that will help get you started. Ready? Then lets go...

You're going to have to start by looking at your life. How much spare time to have each day and how much of that time are you willing to dedicate to French learning? It's a great idea to start by working out a learning routine. If you've got half a hour free each evening, then use that time each and every night and stick to it. The sooner learning French becomes part of you everyday routine the easier it will be to learn. There are many courses available on the market that only require 15-20 minutes learning time each day, so be sure to check these out.

Don't underestimate the amount of French you already know. You be amazed by just how much French you have picked over the years, just by watching films and TV. Why not try and build upon this existing knowledge in the simplest way possible. Watch some more French films and TV. Check out the TV guide, there is bound to be a French film or documentary on. If not you could always head to your local library. Libraries don't just carry books, they now offer excellent audio and video sections. I bet you'll find some DVDs that will entertain you whilst you learn.

You don't have to spend hundreds of buck on expensive French tuition. You could start buy buying a simple phrase book. They only cost a couple of dollars but they include everything you'll will ever need to get you started. Not only do they contain everyday words and phrases that will have you speaking and understand French in no time at all, but they will also teach you basic grammar, pronunciation and numbers. You'll literally be amazed just how much information there is in these tiny books. They're usually pocket sized so, you can take them with you everywhere. If you get bored, check out your book and learn another useful phrase.

Starting to learn French is easy - but staying motivated to learn isn't. Make sure you set yourself realistic goals. No one ever learned to speak French in a week! It takes time - so don't worry if you don't pick it up straight away. I know its hard, but you must try and stick to your learning routine. Don't give up - it'll all be worth it in the end. If you do start to loose motivation then don't just stop. You could always approach learning in a different way - join a class, get some one 2 one tuition or purchase a course. If you really feel like you want to give up then maybe you should take a trip to France. Nothing will rejuvenate you more than a holiday. Not only will your French instantly improve , but your motivation to learn will be doubled when you get back.

I hope my learn basic French ideas have helped you realise just how easy it is to learn a new language. If you stick to this simple advice, you'll be speaking French in no time at all.

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History Of Gps Global Positioning System

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GPS, or Global Positioning System has been operational since December 1993, but its history lies much further back to the 1940s when ground based navigation systems such as Decca Navigator began. This, while it planted the seed of inspiration would not take another step forward until the 1957 launch of the first Sputnik by the Soviet union showed that satellites were a possibility.

In the beginning the system was only intended for military use, but that changed in 1983 when a Soviet interceptor plane shot down a civilian aircraft in restricted Soviet space killing all on board, after the craft had mistakenly wandered off course. This was something that GPS could have prevented, and so President Reagan soon announced that GPS would be available for all once it was complete.

GPS is a satellite controlled navigation system that is used by the military and general public alike. For the general public it is a useful tool, a step forward from the one dimensional and none interactive maps that some people find difficult to read and follow. There are many different brands of GPS receivers, and they each offer different features, some of which may not even be related to GPS.

Prices for GPS devices start at around $100 for a basic device that is monochrome and hand held, and increase to more than $2000 for a larger, colour device with a greater number of features. At it's most basic however, GPS is not a stand alone, or navigation aid.

The lower level devices would be a hand-held GPS navigation tool, such that might include preloaded maps of the country of purchase, be waterproof and have a backlit LCD screen. Or for similar pricing a basic GPS device with colour screen, voice guidance to tell you when to take what turns and onto what streets, the power to add new maps, and may have a choice of languages and choice of the voice that the GPS uses.

At around $200 you add in features such as a touch screen to your GPS device for inputting addresses and accessing menus as well as blue tooth capability. Another step up and you see features such as AAA tour books added in and automatic redirect; and important feature for a GPS navigator because you can never be sure when you will miss a turn and need to get back on track via an alternative route.

At the top end, GPS devices include such things as voice recognition, allowing you to speak your start and end points, and any points of interest in best. They might also include non-GPS features like DVD players, iPod docks and even give you traffic updates.

Though many people do not realise it, GPS receivers have been present for some time in many cell phones, and allow the phone to be traced precisely, when the police request such information. In this way GPS has been used to help find missing people, and attempts have been made to use it to help the victims of kidnapping.

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Download Free Iphone Theme

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The popularity of the Iphone means that you can download themes for it from many different sites-and also you can even download Iphone themes for other kinds of cellphones, and even websites if you are a wordpress user.

Your Iphone is one of the most advanced media devices the world has yet seen, with the ability to watch movies, listen to music, surf the web and of course make phone calls, it seems like Apple's research and design department put in some overtime on this one.

Even if you aren't an Apple or iPod fan, the Iphone is very hard not to like. Why wouldn't anyone want to have their entire music collection and full internet access on their cellphone? Sadly though, stocks of the Iphone are low due to the sheer popularity of it, so it means many of us will have to wait a while before we can own one. All is not lost though, as you are still able to download Iphone themes for your average Nokia and Motorola phones.

If you are lucky enough to obtain an Iphone, you can download something known as a "hack toolkit" which allows you to get into the firmware etc of the Iphone, and change it's theme around etc. You'll find that the themes are available at many different places around the net.

When you are looking for places to download themes from, the biggest problem is finding a site you can trust. While it can be dangerous to your computer and your Iphone, due to the nature of the files downloading a theme is generally much safer than downloading a new game or movie etc, especially if you are using a shady P2P site, as P2P sites are known for their lack of safety for users.

Having said that, it's very important to be careful and keep your antivirus updated, as shady hackers and users of torrent sites can use fake downloads as a way to make you download trojan software or other things that will open the backdoor of your computer system. This can cause endless problems, it can even ill your computer so it's really worth making sure your antivirus software can keep you safe.

If you are smart and use your common sense about what you download and where you download it from, downloading Iphone themes can safe and fun.

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Conversation Starters

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Conversation Starters

In my many charisma courses that I teach, I am constantly amazed at the high quality of person that shows up to take the classes. The people are usually attractive, articulate and professional. I've had many doctors, lawyers, accountants, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the classes. The reasons they come are usually to feel more comfortable in something that some of us take for granted: The dreaded SMALL TALK.

I usually ask for a show of hands to find out who LIKES small talk. Two or three hands go up but usually, the people are shrinking away under a table when they are facing the very thought of it.

It always surprises me even still that there are all of these articulate, confident and knowledgeable people out there, who really just don't know what to say to start a conversation. The majority of them are extremely comfortable in their job or talking about their work, but when it comes to the getting to know people part, outside of work, they just freeze up.

There are some really good things to remember about small talk. First of all: it's necessary. Second, MANY people don't like it so it's worth YOU getting comfortable with it. And third, it really doesn't matter WHAT you talk about, it just has to remain SMALL. I'll explain later.

The small talk part of the conversation is really just to warm each other up. It's an opportunity to feel the person's mood out, their status, or your compatibility. You get a "feel" for a person and that's what small talk is mostly about. You start thinking... "are they all about themselves? Or, do they care about me, the listener".

I usually get a few different types that come to class:

1.The conversation hog - who eats up all the time chatting about him or herself.

2.The interrogator - Who drills others but never volunteers any information about themselves.

3.The "Let's pretend I'm not even here" person - who fades into the background and lets everyone ELSE do the talking

4.And, the warm, delightful conversationalist who just doesn't have the confidence in themselves.

The last item, happens to be the bulk of the people. And it's something so important to know: That nearly EVERYONE feels uncomfortable even if they LOOK comfortable.

Social situations are nerve wracking for MANY people so the most important thing is that you TAKE CONTROL of the situation and be the one who LOOKS comfortable.

Your job is to make OTHERS comfortable. I like to say, to pretend it's a party that you're giving, and you're the host. So your job is to find out about others and make them glad they came to your party.

Start by asking people questions about the OBVIOUS. What is obvious at that minute? How about .... "so how do you know our host?" Or, "have you taken these classes before?" If you are at a networking event, you could state the obvious, "so you work in Human Resources? How long have you been at your present company?"

It really doesn't matter what you ask them. But, make sure if you lead in with a comment about the weather or something that you follow up with a question that they can answer.

Remember: WWWHW - Who, What, Where, When, How, and lastly Why? (Asking WHY questions can sound like you might be challenging the person so it's best to avoid if at all possible.)

Next, an easy formula to remember is FORM: Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message. ( aka; their passion). You can ask about any of these things and people will light up because they are now talking about themselves.. their favorite topic!!!

Lastly, small talk is SMALL. Many people go off on tangents and start talking about something more in depth than they should in a small talk environment. This is the time for BULLET POINTS.. not the whole story. For instance, if someone asks HOW you injured your leg, just give them the brief story, "I hurt it in kickboxing"; rather than a long winded story that will bore everyone to tears!

Conversation starters are really easy if you focus on getting to know the other person. If you focus on engaging them and making THEM feel comfortable, rather than worry about how you are appearing, you're bound to make a new contact, a new friend, and hopefully, have a good time in the process!

For more information contact: or visit Mary at

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Why Go Prepaid Benefits Of Using Prepaid Cards For International Calls

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People connect and converge lives through several means and ways. The fast-paced technology and the people rolling with the times have made "connecting" and keeping in touch a lot easier and convenient. With ease and convenience in mind, phone calls are even among, if not the top of the list.

Phone calls, which are known for magnifying personal touch, have been made to be of practical use through the use of prepaid phone cards. With telephone companies realizing the phone service needs, they provided prepaid cards that are geared to cut the usual call costs into reasonable amounts. Prepaid cards are card systems that are used by callers to pay for the calling services a telephone company provides. They come in different denominations, reproduced in varied designs and are made available to very accessible buying centers like 24-hour stores and the general market, to name a few. True to its name, prepaid phone cards allow a caller to pay for the cost of the call time prior to placing the call.

Prepaid phone cards are made to cater to the pressing needs of people who want convenient means of handling their calls. Since these phone cards allow for international calls, it has become very apt and useful for traveling people, tourists or even relatives trying to cross the distance. Prepaid cards have appeared to be advantageous also as far as call rates are concerned, as most prepaid cards offer the lowest rates most especially with international calls.

Prepaid international phone cards are said to be way cheaper than the standard international rates that are billed and charged on a regular telephone bill that is on a monthly subscription. This is possibly true because of the surcharge rates such as tax, monthly fee and others that are billed together with the phone call made using a regular monthly-billed telephone.

Moreover, prepaid cards can vouch for both mobility and flexibility. Prepaid cards can be used basically at any part of the globe and is especially helpful to people who transport from one place to another. These cards come handy and portable and are as flexible as using any phone medium available and still charging the call to yourself.

The best thing about prepaid services is that it helps callers avoid the huge long distance telephone services come billing time at the end of the month. It is because with prepaid phone cards, a particular prepaid phone card denomination allows for a specified call time that corresponds to the prepaid phone card value or amount. Callers pay as they go with phone cards and therefore eliminate the hassle of uncontrolled telephone bills.

Lastly, prepaid phone cards has become an immediate response to telephony needs but it is important to note that the will to max out the benefits of prepaid phone cards will be dependent on the choice of prepaid phone card to use, as there are a wide array of telephone service providers competing for the best service.

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Define Msdtc

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MSDTC, an abbreviation for Microsoft's Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC), is a service component implanted in recently marketed Microsoft Windows systems (operating systems Windows 2000 and after, and Windows NT 4.0 has the MSDTC). Its job is coordinating the various transactions among multiple resource managers, including but not limited to databases, file systems, and message queues.

Installing and Configuring MSDTC on a Windows 2003 Server Cluster

There are two main ways on installing the MSDTC in Windows Server 2003, one of the more widely, if not the most used server system today. Before anything else, the MSDTC resource must be created by enabling the Network DTC access.

Method 1: Cluster Administrator

Cluster Administrator can be used to install MSDTC on all nodes in a cluster, as you only need to install the MSDTC once to have an effect on all.

1.Start the Cluster Administrator by:

A.Click Start, and then All Programs

B.Go to Administrative Tools, and click Cluster Administrator

2.Create a Group called "MSDTC Group" containing a Network Name, IP Address, and a Physical Disk, by:

A.Click File Menu, New, and then Group

B.Go through the New Group Wizard which will help you create the MSDTC Group

3.Create an IP address resource by:

A.Right click on the MSDTC Group, and click NewResource

B.Create a name (eg. MSDTC IP Address)

C.Go to Resource Type, click IP Address, and check MSDTC Group, and then Next

D.Go to Possible Owners and click Next

E.Go to Dependencies and click Next as you do not want to add any dependencies

F.Go to TCP/IP Address Parameters and choose the public network

G.Type in the static IP address for the MSDTC Group and click Next

H.Click Finish and Ok

4.Create a Network Name resource by:

A.Right click on the MSDTC Group, and click NewResource

B.Create a name (eg. MSDTC Network Name)

C.Go to Resource Type, click Network Name, and check MSDTC Group, and then Next

D.Go to Possible Owners and click Next

E.Go to Dependencies, add the MSDTC IP Address as a dependency, and click Next

F.Go to Name, and type in the name of the MSDTC resource and click Next

G.Click Finish and Ok

5.Create a Physical Disk resource by:

A.Right click on the MSDTC Group, and click NewResource

B.Create a name (eg. MSDTC Physical Disk)

C.Go to Resource Type, click Physical Disk, and check MSDTC Group, and then Next

D.Go to Possible Owners and click Next

E.Go to Dependencies and click Next as you do not want to add any dependencies

F.Go to Disk Paramters and select a physical disk for the MSDTC

G.Click Finish and Ok

6.Right click on the MSDTC group and click NewResource

7.Type in a name

8.Go to Resource Type and select the Distributed Transaction Coordinator in the MSDTC Group and click Next

9.Go to Possible Owners and click Next

10.Go to Dependencies, hold on to your Ctrl key, select the Network Name and Physical Disk that you created, and click Add

11.Click Finish and Ok to complete the creation of the resource

12.Enable the network DTC access

13.Right click the MSDTC Resource and click Bring Online

Method 2: Cluster.exe

Cluster.exe is powerful for installing and configuring the MSDTC on multiple clusters.

1.Enable the network DTC access unless the cluster is dedicated to Exchange Server, which would make the enabling unecessary

2.Using the command prompt (cmd.exe), create a Group called MSDTC Group (make sure that the group contains an IP Address, Network Name, and a Physical Disk)

3.Create the MSDTC Resource by typing the following into the command prompt:

cluster clustername res "MSDTC Resource" /CREATE /GROUP:"MSDTC Group" /TYPE:"Distributed Transaction Coordinator"

4.Run the following command in the command prompt:

cluster clustername res "MSDTC Resource" /ADDDEP:"Network Name"

cluster clustername res "MSDTC Resource" /ADDDEP:"Disk X:"

A.Network Name is the Network Name resource and Disk X is MSDTC's physical disk

5.Run the following command in the command prompt to bring online the MSDTC:

cluster clustername res "MSDTC Resource" /ON

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Rim Blackberry Pearl 8130

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Global Positioning System or GPS is a key addition to the Blackberry which puts the phone among a select few having the feature as well. The addition of a two mega pixel camera which is also capable of recording video has been a welcome addition as well giving it significant improvement over its predecessor. The Pearl 8130 also comes with 3G support thus enhancing its internet experience.

The phone sports a sleek and compact build with dimension of 4.2 x 1.9 x 0.5 (in inches) and can snugly fit in your pockets or in your palm while talking. 65536 colors can be displayed by the 2.2 inch screen which is not a touch screen and at a resolution of about 260 x 240. The display whose technology enables the backlight to adjust to its surrounding automatically according to the environment uses light sensor to do so. As with any other mobile a number of themes, screen savers, backgrounds and other utilities are available to customize your mobile. An LED at the top-right edge gives away different colors which correspond to various alerts such as low battery or when you get a new text message for example.

The keypad which is characteristic of most blackberry phones has not changed much, with the usual navigation keys as well as the Sure Type keyboard. The revolutionary small ball like trackball navigator, first introduced in the Pearl can be seen here as well. The sensitivity with which this navigator works can be adjusted accordingly to suit one's comfort. Apart from this, the usual talk and end call keys as well as a key which acts as a shortcut for the main menu and a button which helps the user to go back in a menu are also present.

A differentiating feature between the GSM and the CDMA variants are the addition of a jack for a 3.5mm headphone to give you decent sound quality as well as the relocation of the memory card slot to the exterior of the mobile from the difficult-to-access position near the battery. A quick launch button which can be customized as per preference can also be found. There is also a mini USB port. The top of the camera features the lens of the camera along with flash and the mute button.

The phone has a number of firsts to its credit. It's the first CDMA Pearl, and it's the first Pearl to incorporate GPS. It is the first RIM phone to have video recording capability and many more. Speeds on the Pearl 8130 are an average 300Kbps-600Kbps and have the potential to go up as much as 2Mbps, thus making it an enjoyable experience while surfing the net. The speed is due to the network (Verizon's EV-DO) on which the Pearl 8130 works.


+ An awesome 2 mega pixel camera

+ Addition of GPS puts it at a cut above the rest

+ An improved web browser coupled with 3G support makes internet browsing a pleasant experience.

+ The design of the original pearl has been retained for the most part and is thus still an elegant and sturdy phone to use


Nothing much to write here as the good outweighs the negatives but still certain small nagging points have been noted including:

- The SureType keyboard which takes a while to get accustomed to, as it is not your usual keypad with three letters in alphabetical order and rather has two letters and gives you various combinations based on what you type.

- The quality which is experienced during a call can at times be lower than expected standards for a RIM phone.

The phone has made an improvement over its already popular GSM predecessor and these new additions and improvements far outweigh the few negatives that the phone still has.

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What Is 192 168 1 1

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Share this article on: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp is the default IP (internet protocol) address for many home broadband routers. It was originally used by Linksys but has since been found in use in a variety of other home networking devices such as those produced by Netgear and Westell to name a few.

Although is the default IP address for many broadband routers and modems, it does not necessarily have to be. Many factories set the default address to in order to promote a more standardized computing environment and to make it easier for first time users to set up their networks quickly and easily.

Can only Linksys (and other) routers use the address?

No, because is a private IPv4 address, any computer, router, modem, or other internet device can be configured to use this IP address. However, it is not usually recommended as there are so many devices that default to that connectivity problems may arise later from multiple devices using the same network address. It is also important to remember that only one network device can have any one IP address, so if you have multiple devices using, all but one of them must be changed to a different setting.

How can I access

All you have to do is type into the address bar on your favorite web browser and press enter. It may be in your best interest to use a web browser with full support for web standards (like Firefox) for the best results. You will be taken to what is essentially the software that powers your network device. Here you can make changes to settings, set a password, and configure your network device as you see fit.

As is the case with any computer configuration, it is always in your best interest to either make a complete backup of your settings before you edit them or write down the defaults for every setting that you change. A few incorrect settings when configuring your network device and you could lose your connection to the internet.

If something does go irreparably wrong when editing your network device via, there is usually a hard reset button on the back of the device which will restore all of the settings to their factory defaults.

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