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Be Afraid Be Very Afraid Matey The Origin Of Pirate Flags

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Although the origin of the pirate flag is unknown, it is generally thought that it was invented to strike fear in the hearts and minds of their enemies. The pirate flag, or "Jolly Roger" as it often called, was likely intended to scare their potential victims into a speedy surrender.

The origins of the name "Jolly Roger" are difficult to establish. It is likely derived from the fact that devil was often referred to as "Old Roger", and so the flag suggested the wrath of the devil. The classic skull and bones design was also often used in the Captain's log to indicate the death of a sailor. This flag was an important part of the pirate's armory, and is considered one of the earliest forms of psychological warfare.

In popular legend, it seems that every pirate flag consisted of a skull above two crossed bones. This was generally not the case, as the Captain and his crew often wanted their own flag. While it is true that most pirate flags had the skull and crossbones on them, they often had other images such as skeletons, swords, hourglasses, goblets, and hearts.

One of the most famous pirates was "Black Bart", otherwise known as Bartholomew Roberts. He was originally from Wales, and in his 4 year career captured well over 400 ships and accumulated incredible wealth. It is said that he was a brilliant, fearless, and innovative seaman. His fleet scoured the seas looking for treasure, and he inspired fear and dread in governments and citizens alike.

The governments of the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Martinique were keen to see an end to his seafaring activities. In 1720, "Black Bart" captured the governor of Martinique and hung him from the mast of his ship. The flag he would fly represented the personal vendetta he had against the islands and its inhabitants. His flag consisted of an image of a man (presumably Bart) with a flaming sword in hand, standing with a skull under each foot. The letters "ABH" and "AMH" were inscribed under the skulls, and stood for "A Bahamian's Head" and "A Martinicans Head".

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Take A Caribbean Cruise

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Of all the great vacations I have been on in my life, none have compared to the Caribbean cruise I got to enjoy with my parents, siblings, husband and children just a few years ago. I'll admit that I wasn't too excited about the idea of going on a Caribbean cruise when my parents first bought all of us tickets for Christmas that year. The idea of being confined on a huge boat for ten days just didn't excite me. I naively expected to be seasick and board for the entire trip and find myself wishing I were anywhere but on that Caribbean cruise.

Fortunately, my preconceptions were totally wrong. While it did take a few hours to get used to the constant motion of the boat, I no one actually got seasick during the entire trip. And I was the furthest from bored that I have perhaps ever been. The Caribbean cruise was filled with more activities than a person or family could enjoy during the ten days. Each person in our party of nineteen people was more than satisfied with the activites and options for enjoying the Caribbean cruise.

One of the greatest things about the Caribbean cruise was that it offered activites, foods and entertainment for literally all ages of guests. My elementary school aged children loved it just as much as my parents who were in their late sixties. The children enjoyed the many swimming pools and organized activities that happened throughout each day. The Caribbean cruise offered miniature golf, sports competitions of all kinds, art classes, and great kids movies at night. For the adults, the Caribbean cruise offered a workout center, many fitness classes, dancing lessons of all kinds, gambling and live entertainment in the evenings.

My fears of being trapped on the boat for ten days straight were relieved each of the four times our Caribbean cruise ported at a different island or beach in the Caribbean. We were able to get off the ship each day and enjoy a full day of exploring the area or doing fun activities like snorkeling or scuba diving in the ocean near where we ported. Of course, there was always the option of staying on the ship during these port days as well. I was simply amazed at the variety that the Caribbean cruise offered. I felt like a family could return on a Caribbean cruise several times before enjoying everything that was made available to them.

A final thing that blew my mind about our Caribbean cruise was the service we received. Our rooms were kept immaculately and we were served the most amazing food I have ever eaten. We were well taken care of from morning to night.

I'd encourage almost anyone I know to enjoy a Caribbean cruise for their next vacation. It was one of the most surprising and fulfilling trips I have ever taken.

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Norwegian Cruise Line S Newest Vessel Pride Of Hawaii

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The newest, and grandest, Norwegian Cruise Line ship is now in service! The Pride of Hawaii completes Norwegian's plans to bring three new vessels to its fleet by 2006. With fabulous seven-day itineraries that sail throughout the Hawaiian islands, Pride of Hawaii will depart Honolulu on Mondays and call on ports on Hawaii's four most popular islands: Hawaii, Oahu, Maui & Kauai.

Cruise in Style

What would a grand, new ship be without sterling accommodations? Norwegian Cruise Line opted to repeat its highly popular and luxurious new category of staterooms - deemed Courtyard Villas - onboard Pride of Hawaii. Ten cabins share one private courtyard featuring a lap pool, Jacuzzi, his and hers steam rooms and exercise equipment. Guests staying in the courtyard also enjoy a private sundeck with sun beds and hammocks. From high above the ship, passengers with courtyard suites will also enjoy breathtaking views.

Norwegian Cruise Line also offers impressive accommodations on two other levels: Garden Villas and an Owner's Suite. Garden Villas are extravagant 4,000 square foot suites complete with spacious living room, dining room, three separate bedrooms each with a private bath, steam room, individual butler and concierge and - of course - your own private garden.

The Owner's Suite - at the pinnacle of the ship - offers the most luxurious accommodations Norwegian Cruise Line offers. With unmatched views from high atop Deck 15, guests in the Owner's Suite enjoy a master bedroom with bath, separate living room and dining room, and two private sun terraces outside the living room and bedroom. Relish in the best amenities while cruising to the most popular Hawaiian destinations.

Pride of Hawaii Visits Most Popular Attractions

Norwegian Cruise Line wanted the itineraries of Pride of Hawaii to rival the onboard experience - and they do! On Oahu, guests can visit Pearl Harbor and see the remains of the USS Arizona Memorial. Or, if surfing is preferred over sightseeing, rent a board and surf the famed North Shore. Visit pineapple plantations or just relax on the white sand beaches.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, Volcanoes National Park provides incredible sights of 230,000 acres including the world's most active volcano. Boasting some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches on the island, it's easy to find a private spot to splash in the waves... just follow any unmarked trail.

Kauai delivers breathtaking scenic views and a world of phenomenal sights. Visit Haena State Park and tour some of Kauai's rugged coastline. Explore sea caves or hike its popular 11-mile trail. The majestic Waimea Canyon sprays a rainbow of vibrant colors across what Mark Twain deemed the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific."

A stop in Maui completes your Norwegian Cruise Line voyage. With a very diverse landscape, Maui offers everything from underwater cave exploration to mountain getaways. Discover snorkeling, whale watching, hiking, aquariums (including the Maui Ocean Center), the Hawaii Humpback Whale Sanctuary and more.

Once back onboard, relax and enjoy Norwegian's Freestyle Dining. Choose the restaurant (or restaurants) where you wish to dine then make reservations so you know precisely when to arrive. A succulent meal in one of the 10 restaurants aboard the Pride of Hawaii will be freshly prepared just for you.

Truly a wonder in its style and destination options, Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of Hawaii is sure to raise the bar to a higher level for luxury cruising.

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Plan Your Cruise For Convenience And Fun

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In order to ensure that you have fun and relax on your cruise, it is essential that you plan your cruise meticulously. You go on a cruise to have fun on water. The cool sea breeze and the spectacular view of the vast expanse of water in front of you can really intoxicate you with pleasure. Since you spend so much on a cruise, you should ensure that you enjoy every minute of it. Planning is the first thing you should focus on if you are going on a cruise.

Pick the Best Cruise Liner

The first step in planning a cruise is to choose the best cruise line and the destination. Study the offerings of the various cruise lines and base your decision on what you really want from the cruise. It is also important to decide the duration of your cruise.

You can choose from any of the world famous cruises such as the panama cruise, Mediterranean cruise, carnival cruise, Caribbean cruise, Europe cruise, Alaska cruise, and Norwegian cruise.

Check with People Who Have Gone On Cruise

Check out with other people who have experience in such cruises and then decide on the cruise line. You should also check the facilities being offered by them and whether these are in consonance with your aspirations. The next step is to check if the cruise that you select operates to the destination that you want to visit.

Booking the Cruise

Having selected the cruise line and the cruise, you should make the booking for the cruise either through a travel agent, or through online sources. You should also select the type of room that you would like to have and book the same with the cruise booking. If you want to avail of shore excursions or other off-ship activities you should also book these early.

A good planning will really stand you in good stead and you can have all the fun in the world on your cruise. A good planning will ensure that you come rejuvenated from the cruise and ready to face the realities of life once again.

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Travel Information

(category: Cruises, Word count: 472)
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Human beings are always curious to acquire new information by reading books, newspapers and magazines, watching television, browsing through Internet, traveling to various parts of the world and socializing with other people. But, making extensive travels to different locations has its own attraction and is a popular mean of acquiring new information as well as relaxation. Spending some memorable moments with your near and dear ones at picturesque locations far away from your busy life is a burning desire for every human being.

But, before embarking upon your journey, you must have some important travel information and guidelines about the place of your visit so that you and your companions can enjoy the travel to the fullest. In the era of World Wide Web, getting useful travel information is just few mouse clicks away. Websites like is providing detailed information to tourists around the world about popular holiday destinations across the continents. It not only guides you about the tourist spots, but also provides an easy and affordable solution of getting there such as travel on a cruise.

Europe is the hub of world economy. But, it is equally famous for its tourist centers. Located in the Central Europe, Germany occupies a special place in the world travel map. It has a perfect mix of rich cultural heritage and modern architectures. It has left its past political, social and financial turbulences far behind to induce a new lease of life. Berlin, the capital of Germany, has everything you look for in a particular tourist spot. It has nicely transformed itself from an ancient city to a modern city full of clubs, bars, restaurants and art galleries. The best time to visit Germany is between May and September.

The rich diversity of Greece makes it one of the most popular places to visit in Europe. Greece is famous for its ancient Greek civilization and mythology. Greek Gods and Goddess like Zeus, Nike and Athena are very popular worldwide. Athens, the capital of Greece is the birthplace of Olympic Games. It is a favorite holiday destination for young travelers due to its diverse culture, clean and beautiful beaches and resorts.

Like Greece, Italy is well-known for its cities full of hustle and bustle like Rome, Milan and Florence and its world famous cuisines containing lots of chicken, vegetables, seafood and of course, pasta. The friendly and colorful nature of Italian people makes outside tourists feel like at home.

Tourists have now started thinking beyond European countries. Of late, continents like Asia and Africa are drawing the attention of people. Many multi national companies have their operations in countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and China. As their economy is growing, they are now more aggressively marketing their unique cultures, historical monuments and structures, food, dance and scenic locations.

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Caribbean Cruise Choosing The Line That Fits You

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A longed for retreat is shared in the bright days of Caribbean. The beaches, the foods and all! What more would you ask?

The Caribbean is among the most in demand tourist spots in the world. So it is not surprising to see millions of vacationers flocking the Caribbean Islands.

Caribbean cruises are very popular as well. Cruising along the islands give vacationers the rare chance of exploring the entire wonders of this top class destination. Added to it are the fun that cruising entails; leisure at ones fingertips and luxury on the other.

Planning to go aboard a Caribbean Cruise is much easier compared to the hassles back then. Most Caribbean cruises have online portals, which make them easier to reach. Tour planners are sure to help you in your schemes with just a click of the button. They provide help that would be more than welcome especially on vacation periods when tourists abound.

While there may be a number of Caribbean cruises available at any time of the year, vacation periods are expected to be booked much earlier than normal. This then can make accommodations a challenge. You can access their web portals online and book instantly. However, you also must be choosy in the Caribbean cruise that you would want to book into.

The competition for taking the most number of passengers seems to be the ultimate motto for all cruise liners. In here, don't get trapped with the confusion of the game. Evaluate your purpose.

First, are you traveling with the family? Then it wise that you take a Caribbean cruise that will accommodate the youngest member up to the oldest of your party.

Check the facilities available. There are cruises that have equipments for childcare while there are those that does not have any.

Check also their programs for young adults and elders. With this, it would be a great idea to go on deck a Disney Cruise line where especially designed activities are made for both toddlers and teenagers. There are also themed presentations that focus on family.

Traveling on a budget? Caribbean cruises can also accommodate you with lines of medium-priced ships. However for those traveling without their minds on spending money, you will be amazed by the selections of cruises that will give you the best of everything, except only the entire sea! Take note of liners, which give high-end accommodations like the Queen Mary II or the Silversea.

Yet, prior to any decision it is wise to get as much information as you would prefer to really know the differences of each cruise.

Each one in the lines of Caribbean cruises are made to cater individual needs while providing you options for ideal combinations of activities and prices and destination stops. Whether you are traveling on extravagance, touring with your family or simply would want to get away with the one you love, Caribbean cruises are sure to provide you with whatever you require.

There are basically two types of Caribbean cruises: the contemporary or value class and the Supreme or Luxury class.

The most popular among the contemporary class are the Royal Caribbean and Carnival, which cover almost the full section of the industry. These are especially created for the vacationers who are on the budget and for famous holidays.

Premium cruise lines on the other hand, offer superiority of service that is incomparable elsewhere however, they are considerably smaller in size. These include cruise lines such as Cunard and Seabourn that are among the most well known members of the industry.

For people who have the idea of making a Caribbean trip unique, there are cruises that cover especial tours in spots that are not normally reached by other cruise lines.

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Cruise The Caribbean For Fun And Relaxation

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Ask someone to picture their perfect vacation, and you will usually get an answer that involves the words sun, sand and water. The perfect way to relax is to get far away from your daily routine and relax in the warm sun. If this sounds like the vacation for you, what you need is a Caribbean cruise.

If you truly want to experience the feeling of living on a boat, or, if you are looking for a cost-efficient way to see the Caribbean, you'll find this aboard a mid-size cruise ship. Mid-size ships offer most of the luxuries of a large ship, but for a more economical price.

If you are nervous at the thought of sailing on the ocean, or, if you want to be pampered, a large cruise ship should be your choice. These ships contain their own swimming pools, spas, restaurants, dance floors, and much more.

No matter which size of cruise ship you choose, you will be sure to have the time of your life! No cruise would be complete without a few stops along the way, and your cruise ship would be stopping at some of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean ocean. You can shop for local hand-made crafts, explore the islands, or go sailing or snorkeling in the tropical waters. Some islands will host a feast or traditional performance - something you don't want to miss!

If you only have a few days, or are travelling on a small budget, three and four-day cruises are available. Even though you may be away for less than a week, you'll still come back feeling as refreshed and reenergized as if you'd been gone for a month! Often, all we need is a change of scenery and time to relax, no matter how long or short it is. If you want to get away from it all, splurge on a two-week Caribbean cruise; you'll see more of the tropics and have time to get used to being waited on hand and foot!

There are numerous cruise lines to choose from, with ships sailing from several different ports at all times of the year. With a bit of research on the Internet or at a local bookstore or travel agent, you can find the Caribbean cruise that is perfect for you!

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Cruise Ships A Romantic Getaway For Couples

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With large workloads, hectic schedules, and children, many couples need a break from their daily routines. This break often comes in the form of a romantic getaway. If you and your partner are searching your next romantic adventure, you may want to examine the possibility of taking a cruise.

When it comes to romantic getaways, there are many who don't even consider a cruise ship as an option. However, there are others who literally live for cruises. These couples are likely to take two or more cruises each year. Whether you've been on a cruise ship before or not, it is possible for you and your partner to have a romantic cruise ship getaway.

Before booking a cruise ship getaway, you are encouraged to consider a number of factors. These factors are important when planning a romantic getaway aboard a cruise ship. There are a number of different cruises ships and cruises lines. You may be unable to enjoy a romantic vacation if you are on a cruise ship that is overrun with children.

If you are interested in having an intimate, relaxing, and romantic cruise, you are encouraged to search for a cruise ship that has an age limit for its passengers. These cruise ships often restrict children from coming aboard. Many times, cruise ships with a passenger age limit target their voyages specifically to couples looking for romance.

While it is possible to find a cruise ship with an age limit for their passengers, you may find it a bit difficult. If you are unable to find one, inquire as to where couples with children will be placed. A number of popular cruise ships work to keep families and individual couples separated. If this policy is in place, a cruise line is likely to state the policy on their website. The same information can be obtained by directly contacting a cruise ship representative.

The size of the cruise ship you are interested in vacationing on is also likely to determine the level of intimacy onboard. If it is intimacy that you want, a smaller cruise ship may be your best bet. Larger cruises ships have more passages and more passengers often make it difficult to have onboard, private moments. A number of romantic cruise lines target their smaller cruise ships to couples looking to vacation alone.

In addition to the size of the ship, the ships style and d

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How To Live On A Cruise Ship Part Time

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There has been a lot of buzz lately about living on a Cruise Ship full time as an alternative to living in a retirement home.

However, I don't think it would be very exciting after about 6 months or so.

Ships, even Cruise Ships, are noisy for at least 2 reasons:

1. Engine Noise.

No matter how new the ship, no matter what new turbine engines the ship may have, the 24 hour engine noise may get to people.

2. Parties, bars and restaurants.

There is always a kind of party atmosphere on a Cruise Ship, people eat and drink too much, nobody tells them when to go to bed, they don't have to get up the next morning, so, parties make noise.

It gets boring staring at the ocean 2 out of 3 days.

Although ship's activities are very many these days, after a while you'll get bored with them.

Cabins in general are very small, so after a while you're going to miss your large living room on the mainland with its 75? TV.

However, if 6 months are too long, there are other alternatives; Cruise maybe a couple of months a year.

If you follow that action things become interesting.

Here are some options:

The Monthly $18,000 route:

Residensea, the world's only floating Condo, a 47,000 ton cruise ship which sails the oceans,

reportedly offers staterooms for rent for as low as $18,000 per month.

This Cruise Ship has designer apartments with original art.

I mean, this is luxury personified.

Great if you can get it.

Around the world in 102 Days.

By small Luxury Cruise Ship

In 2005 a trip around the world lasting 110 days could be had for as low as $15,600 per person.

That is $150 per person per day including food and all facilities. That is $9000 per couple per month.

This same couple would spend a minimum of $4000 a month in an old folks home.

So going on this 3 1/2 month World Cruise would cost them $9000 - $4000 = $5000 per month.

Now let me tell you what this $5000 for 2 people gets them:

The Itinerary:

Southampton ,Tenerife - Canary Islands St Vincent - Cape Verde Islands Fortaleza - Brazil Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Montevideo - Uruguay Buenos Aires - Argentina Puerto Madryn - Argentina Port Stanley - Falkland Islands Cruise around Cape Horn Ushuaia - Argentina Transit Beagle Channel Punta Arenas - Chile Chacabuco - Chile Puerto Montt - Chile Santiago - Chile Cruise by Easter Island Cruise by Pitcairn Island Papeete - Tahiti Bora Bora - Society Islands Pago Pago - American Samoa Lautoka - Fiji Islands Noumea - New Caledonia Brisbane - Australia Sydney - Australia Eden - Australia Philip Island - Australia Melbourne - Australia Hobart -Australia Transit Milford Sound Dunedin - New Zealand Christchurch - New Zealand Transit Marlborough Sound Wellington - New Zealand Auckland - New Zealand Nuku 'Alofa - Tonga Apia - Western Samoa Christmas Island Honolulu - Oahu, Hawaii Kahalui - Maui, Hawaii Los Angeles - USA Acapulco - Mexico Huatulco - Mexico Transit Panama Canal Curacao - Dutch Antilles Margherita Island - Venezuela Barbados Ponta Delgada

The Luxury:

This is on a very luxurious Cruise Ship that has only outside or balcony cabins.

By Freighter

In 2005 a trip around the world lasting 102 days by various freighting companies could be had for $11,750 per person.

That is $117 per person per day including food and all facilities. That is $7000 per couple per month.

This same couple would spend a minimum of $4000 a month in an old folks home.

So going on this 3 1/2 month World Cruise would cost them $7000 - $4000 = $3000 per month.

For this you get a double suite with double occupancy.

Port Times range from 1 to 2 days.

The advantage seems to be that there is lots of space in four double suites.

The double suites all consist of two rooms, a bedroom with twin beds and a living room.

The cabins have showers.

Each cabin also has its own VCR and TV monitor and refrigerator.

On board facilities are a private passenger lounge and the sharing of the officers' table

There is also an indoor swimming pool.

Cruise Hopping

This is cheaper yet.

There are lots of 7 day cruises for about $100 per day per passenger.

So you could conceivably take 7 day cruises continuously in the same area, say, the Caribbean, on the same ship, or on different ships until you get sick and tired of the area.

You can then do the same thing from the West Coast.

Logistics would be more difficult because you may need a place to stay every 7th night.

Discount Cruising

Effective in 2005 there is now a discount European Cruise Line operating in the Caribbean that charges $46 per person per night but you have to get your own food.

Maximum time they allow you to cruise is 2 weeks.

Still, can't get any cheaper than this.

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