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Bird Flu Worst Case Scenario

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There has been a lot of buzz about bird flu or the avian influenza and how it could become a global pandemic. What would a pandemic really mean? The federal government just launched a 7 billion dollar program to help the prevention and out break of a bird flu pandemic. There have only been 83 deaths from avian flu worldwide since 2003. Health experts have not yet seen evidence of human to human transmission. So what does it mean? And why is everyone so worried about a pandemic?

This new strain of flu virus would be more resistant than other normal flu strains and if it turns into a form that passes easily from person to person, we would have little immunity to it. Millions could become ill and millions would die. Once it starts to spread it could move rapidly around the world infecting millions and affecting the lives of everyone. The World Bank, which has estimated that a bird flu pandemic lasting a year could, cost the global economy up to $800 billion. The economic toll on the world economy will be catastrophic. What is the worst-case scenario and how might it develop?

Here is how a bird flu pandemic might unfold:

Outbreaks of avian flu in birds continue in several additional countries outside of Southeast Asia including Russia, Africa and the Middle East

Human cases of bird flu increase

Health experts confirm first human-to-human transmissions

Flu screening is stepped up at airports around the world for passengers coming from infected countries

Health care workers show signs of increased exposure

Air travel spreads virus to all corners of the globe within 3 months

First confirmed human transmission cases appear in Europe Russia, and the United States

Outbreaks continue, becoming more widespread reaching epidemic status

Regional stockpiles of antivirals quickly dwindle, new high volume production and distribution is 6 months off

International flights are reduced or eliminated to help contain spread of the flu

Billions are lost on international commerce, affecting millions of jobs around the world

US imports from Asian factories halted as Asian workers fall ill, US inventories drop

International trade devastated

US economy feels effects of loss of productivity due to millions of workers out sick

Financial markets hit by panic selling, gold prices soar

Run on banks as investors convert to cash

Hospitals see surge in flu patients overwhelming staff and supplies, only those most likely to live given access to limited available ventilators

Healthcare workers and first responders out sick or stay home to care for ill family members

Public events are canceled and schools are closed

Government offices closed, non essential services shut down

Social services reduced or eliminated. Services still functioning are overwhelmed

Public transportation halted

Air traffic halted due to air traffic controllers, airport staff and flight crews out sick

Interstate commerce greatly reduced with truck drivers, warehouse and rail workers out sick

Food deliveries, gas deliveries, other essential supplies all reduced or eliminated

Grocery stores close due to shipments being eliminated

Food distribution chain from farm to stores breaks down

Travel restricted, quarantines mandatory, enforced by National Guard

Widespread looting and riots over food shortages and access to healthcare

Local, State police and National Guard overwhelmed

Social structure breaks down

Domestic violence increases as people are forced to stay home

Loss of workers affects all businesses across the economy, including finance, sanitation, utilities, internet, distribution, energy, retail, tourism and travel

Utility outages increase as coal shipments are reduced and minimum required staffs at power plants and water plants are out sick

Funeral homes are overwhelmed as bodies stack up

2nd wave of pandemic bird flu hits

Global economy will take years to recover from catastrophic losses and loss of trained employees who died

Does the above scare you? Think it won't happen? Well this is the exact scenario your local, state and federal governments are training and planning for. How would you survive? It has always been recommended to keep 3 days of supplies on hand to survive a natural disaster. We have seen how the federal government handles natural disasters. The above scenario isn

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Delta Force To New Orleans

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If you are wondering why the United States can send troops around the world, but failed to respond to a domestic emergency in a timely manner, you are not alone. Expect the lack of planning for emergency relief, in the aftermath and devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina, to be the subject of a federal investigation.

The National Guard arrived in large numbers on Friday, September 2nd, but how is it possible that the poor people of New Orleans were left four days to fend for themselves? Doesn't the United States have a rapid deployment force? Yes, we do, and many large military installations are within an hour of the Gulf Coast, when traveling by air. Many more military bases are within two hours of the devastation.

On Sunday, August 28th - one day before Hurricane Katrina landed on the Gulf Coast it was labeled a category 5 hurricane. So, what was the emergency rescue plan? Was anybody planning any rescue efforts on Sunday night?

As luck would have it, Katrina turned out to be a category 4 Hurricane. Can you imagine the devastation, if this storm had been worse? Some parts of New Orleans are 10 feet below sea level and a system of levees, normally, keeps the surrounding water out.

Referring to the Federal response for relief help, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said, "They don't have a clue what's going on down here." Mayor Nagin's remarks are an understatement. Logistically speaking, this is not as complicated as a relief effort to Somalia.

President Bush said, "A lot of people are working hard to help those who've been affected. The results are not acceptable." He is not kidding; if we can airlift food and weapons to Afghanistan, why is delivery to the Gulf Coast and New Orleans a problem?

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Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Tennessee Police Chief

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The fourth estate received a public rebuke concealed in a not so veiled threat issued by Freeman Cooper, the Chief of Police, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It could have been a bad April Fools joke but for the fact that it was a day late and not at all funny. It all happened at a hastily called news conference late morning, Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008, where Chattanooga Police Chief Freeman Cooper asked the media to stop asking questions about problem officer Chattanooga Police Captain Jeannie Snyder.

Cooper went on to issue a veiled threat to the media for doing its job by saying the investigation into the female police captain was "bordering on harassment".

He continued, "She is a police officer in good standing and that means that she can be armed at anytime with any weapon, it does not have to be the police department's gun." Snyder who had already voluntarily stepped down as an assistant police chief taking a Ten Thousand Dollar pay cut in November, 2007, also voluntarily turned in her city issued weapon last week citing public concern over her being armed. The Chattanoogan reported, however, that she was still carrying her personal firearm. That is just one of the exceptions the city appears to have made for Captain Snyder when their internal rules and regulations says each officer is issued a service weapon and must carry that weapon when on duty.

Chattanooga City Councilman Leamon Pierce is one of the few apparently not afraid to speak up and question Snyder or the Chief. Pierce opined, "You got to deal with what the perception is, she has a problem no doubt it's a medical problem. I wouldn't want to be around her, in her presence when she has another reaction."

He went on to say what some officers have intimated to the Tennessee Mountain Man - that some of her fellow police officers are leary and fearful of her.

There are those current and retired police officers who tell the Tennessee Mountain Man that they have good reason to walk lightly around Captain Snyder. They maintain that Cooper had little choice but to appoint her an assistant police chief and now has no choice but to defend and protect her to the best of his ability.

Names the Tennessee Mountain Man has not heard in legal and law enforcement circles in 20 years are popping up again. Names like Ralph Cothran, Al Coker, Johnny Wright, and others - even a former madam and drug dealer are surfacing and fueling the rumor mill.

Chief Cooper challenged the press at his news conference, "Tell me something she's done wrong? You can't because she hasn't." He continued, "She hasn't harmed anyone, threatened to harm anyone, or put anybody in any type of danger."

According to public records, it all started in January of 2007 when Snyder was found unconscious in her Red Bank (A Chattanooga Bedroom Community) home after she failed to show up for an appointment. She was "sick", i.e. "passed out" and had to be hospitalized. Drawing on his experience and career as a former intelligence operative, CID Agent, and civilian police officer the Computer Man suspects the roots of Captain Snyder's problems run much deeper and farther into the past.

In September, 2007, she did not show up for work which sparked a search in Marion County, Tennessee. When finally found after costing the city, the state and two counties untold thousands of dollars, she was "sick" and had to be hospitalized.

A few weeks ago Snyder "appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs" at the Town Center Mall, in Cobb County, Georgia at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008 according to an incident report from the Cobb County Department of Public Safety where she produced a weapon when an officer asked for some identification. A confrontation ensued. Captain Snyder was "sick" again. An ambulance had to be summoned with several Chattanooga Police Staff to escort her back to Chattanooga, and, of course, once again she required hospital care before returning to duty.

A recurring theme from police officers is that "I am a man". "I can't sleep my way to the top." Which prompted City Councilman Manny Rico to issue a counter comment to Councilman Pierce, according to Abena Williams, Reporter, WDEF-TV, Chattanooga, TN, "I've talked to others that aren't (fearful of Snyder), you hear both sides, police people are very funny I'm sure there are a lot of them that didn't get the promotion they should have got."

The former madam perused this story over a snifter of brandy, then handing it back with a slight smile, said, "new paint, new lipstick, new gloss. Nothing ever changes, baby. Between her and the sheriff there are a lot of important people shaking in their boots tonight."

Some believe it is time for a good house cleaning at the Chattanooga Police Department, and that this could be the biggest thing since Bookie Turner. Another story... Another time.

In the mean time, the question remains whether the local press will bow in fear or deference to Chief Cooper?

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Neo Containment For A Nuclear Iran

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As anyone who has opened a newspaper or watched the news over the past few years knows, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been pursuing nuclear capability. Iran's government insists its only goal is to develop nuclear power plants that would not threaten anyone. The United Nations, though, is concerned Iran might instead covet nuclear weapons. The United States is convinced that is the case. In any event, for an aggressive and fanatical theocracy such as Iran to research nuclear technology is worrisome. This is especially true in light of statements by Iran's current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, declaring he would share nuclear capability with other repressive Muslim nations and wishing for the destruction of Israel.

So, what can the United States do about the situation? To answer that question, knowledge of Iran's historical circumstances, as well as of the history of its nuclear program, is essential.

I. Historical Background

To predict how Iran will react to an American or UN stratagem, one must consider the history that will inform Iranian actions. This history is one of both foreign exploitation and increasing clerical power. The 19th century would be a good point at which to begin telling the tale.

Fath 'Ali Shah, the first sovereign of the Qajar dynasty, ruled from 1797 to 1834. His realm had suffered through decades of warfare, leaving his government's coffers unable to pay operational costs. Therefore, Fath turned to the British to help fund government activities, which gave the British Empire influence in the country. Meanwhile, after more wars that resulted in the Treaty of Golestat in 1813 and the Treaty of Turkmanchay in 1828, Iran had to cede the Caucuses to Russia. The Turkmanchay treaty also opened Iran to Russian merchants and diplomats. This development sparked nearly a century of diplomatic feuding between Britain and Russia, with the two nations vying for dominance in Iran, that would have dire consequences for Iran in the 20th century.

Even before then, though, Iran slipped more and more under the umbrella of the West, and not to Iran's benefit. As European influence expanded and transportation systems developed, tying Europe and the Middle East more closely together, Iran's economy shifted in the process. The economy became more susceptible to "global market fluctuations and... periodic famine." But the shahs of the Qajar dynasty did nothing to slow the pace of European encroachment. Instead, to raise money, they sold land to wealthy capitalists, hindering customary patterns of land usage and harming the economy even more. To raise more money, Naser al-Din Shah, who ruled from 1848 to 1896, granted "excessive concessions" to foreigners over trade issues in exchange for hard cash. This, he did not spent on his people or his country, but on his court and his luxurious vacations to Europe. The shah's behavior, in collaboration with foreigners, enraged many Iranians. [1]

The Tobacco Riots of 1890 constituted the start of backlash against the shahs. Naser al-Sin had given the British massive concessions on tobacco trading in Iran. Angry protests and a boycott of tobacco forced Naser to rescind the concession. The events of 1890 showed:

1. Iranian merchants could organize and whip up public support.

2. The Iranian people could curtail the power of the shah.

3. The Shi'a clergy, men to whom Iranians traditionally turned for guidance for hundreds of years, who had helped agitate the people against the tobacco concession, were increasing in power.[2]

With these factors at work, the Tobacco Riots would serve as a preview of future events, including the Islamic Revolution nearly a century later, as well as something much sooner...

Concurrently with Iran's increasing interaction with the West, newly arisen Iranian intellectual circles interested themselves in democratic procedures. These intellectuals found solace in the 1905 Russian Revolution[3] during which popular uprisings convinced Tsar Nicholas II to substitute Russia's absolutist state with a constitutional monarchy.[4] After the shah's government beat some Iranian merchants, the intellectuals united with the merchants and the clergy to stage colossal strikes and protests against the government. Eventually, to appease the Iranian masses, the shah allowed for the writing of a constitution in 1906. (This was the first alignment of all these forces that would prove strong in 1978-1979.)

Foreign intervention would spell the doom of the constitutional government. First, in 1907, the almost century-old squabbles between Britain and Russia culminated in the Anglo-Russian Convention. This Convention carved for the two empires "exclusive spheres of influence in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tibet." In Iran, as per the treaty, Britain controlled areas "along the Persian Gulf," and Russia regions "in northern Iran and the Caucuses." As a result of the agreement, then, both Russia and Britain had large stakes in the internal politics of Iran.[5]

Four years later, in 1911, Iran's constitutional regime paid an American consultant, William Morgan Schuster, to advise the government regarding finances. Schuster recommended aggressive means to obtain funds from all over Iran. This upset the British and the Russians, from whose spheres the Iranians would also acquire money under Schuster's plan. Russia demanded the Iranian government fire Schuster; upon said government's refusal, the Russians deployed soldiers to march on Tehran. Facing this threat, the shah sent Schuster home and terminated the constitutional regime.

Until World War I, the Russians acted as the de facto masters of the Iran outside its official sphere of influence. The Great War, however, forced the withdrawal of Russian soldiers from the country. Unfortunately for Iran, its respite did not last long. The Russians soon came back, along with the British, the Germans, and the Turks, who fought battles amongst themselves in Iranian territory.

In 1917, though, the new Soviet Union ended Russia's claims in Iran, engendering much Iranian love for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (despite the elites' dread of Communist ideas spreading to their country). A few years later, in 1921, the British also abandoned their spheres of influence in Iran, after "international pressure." Britain did not leave Iran without a parting gift: It supported an Iranian military officer, Reza Khan, who in 1920 had been crucial in suppressing a Communist revolt. Reza Khan seized control of the Iranian military and eventually overthrew the last Qajar shah, after which he anointed himself Reza Shah Pahlavi, the first shah of the Pahlavi dynasty.[6]

Reza secularized Iran somewhat through educational and judicial changes. He shifted jurisdiction over many issues from Shi'a religious tribunals to state courts or government agencies. He instituted secular schools. But the new shah was not a liberal dedicated to the welfare of his people. His government censored the media and prohibited unions and political parties. The shah also renewed trade concessions for oil, which would inflame Iranian wrath for decades.[7]

Iran's shah was not a complete stooge of the West, although he chose an unethical way to show it. In the 1930's, afraid of the Soviet Union and desperate for more commerce, Reza increased trade and enhanced relations with the Third Reich. When Reza would not renege on his deals with the Nazis, the British and the Russians invaded Iran in 1941 and deposed him. The familiar conquerors elevated Reza's son to Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Ironically, during World War II, foreign rule increased media freedom, political liberty, and economic prosperity. New political parties and trade unions arose. At the same time, the Shi'a clergy enhanced their strength, with the dissolution of the previous shah's secularization initiatives. After the war, when the foreign occupiers withdrew, moderate leftists, Iranian nationalists, and some clergymen loosely coalesced into the National Front, under the leadership of Mohammed Mosaddeq. The purpose of the National Front was to limit the shah's and the clerics' power (although the latter goal caused tensions in the political alliance). Another objective of the National Front was to achieve Iranian control of Iranian natural resources, ending "foreign exploitation" of them.[8]

Toward that end, after Mosaddeq became prime minister in 1951, he nationalized all of Iran's oil. Britain, the primary recipient of Iran's oil largesse, hated Mosaddeq's action and, ergo, placed trade sanctions on Iran. Subsequently, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and current British Prime Minister Anthony Eden advocated a combined United States-United Kingdom operation to topple Mosaddeq. Nothing quite that grandiose occurred. Despite that, August 1953 saw the end of Mosaddeq's administration. Mosaddeq's grip on the state's helm had been loosening because his social democratic programs had been alienating his clerical supporters. Following the shah's hasty departure from Iran after a political conflict with Mosaddeq, the Iranian prime minister lost his already tenuous position to a Central Intelligence Agency-sponsored coup. Mohammed Reza resumed his position within a week of his flight.

Thanks to American intervention in Iran

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Momma Always Told You Don T Play In The Street

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In the cold early morning hours of Saturday, February 16th, 2008, before the St Valentine's Day Celebrities had subsided, about Twenty (20) miles South of Washington, D.C., Eight (8) people lay dead in the street along Route 210, a four lane highway, in Accokeek, Maryland. Why? Because no one listens to momma any more.

Some Twenty (20) years ago the Tennessee Mountain Man transported telephone equipment around the southern states and up the eastern seaboard for ma bell. A prominent sign was displayed at the exit for each of ma bell's maintenance shops which read, "You Are About To Enter The Most Dangerous Place In The World... An American Highway. Buckle Up!". Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other hot spots around the world notwithstanding nothing has changed and the warning is as applicable today as it was all those years ago.

Concerning the Accokeek deaths, according to FOX News, Prince George's County Police Captain Donald Frick said "there was a speed event going on". That has to be the understatement of the year. There had been an illegal drag race that resulted not only in the high number of deaths but several injuries and an unlimited number of lives that have been changed forever because the immature must play... even if it could reasonably mean they die.

A "speed event" is the Daytona 500 which was scheduled to run the following day or Power Boat Racing... events scheduled and licensed under the appropriate authority in a relatively safe place with safety precautions and viewer protection adhered to. This was a clear criminal violation which resulted in injury and death, and yet the police do not know, they say, whether charges will be filed against anyone or not. Can you say, "duh"?

The Computer man grew up in the backwoods country atop Sand Mountan in Jackson County Alabama. Running in front of the old home place about fifty (50) feet from the front door was a dirt road which mom always told us to stay out of. There were less than Ten (10) vehicles a day that literally crawled down that road, but mom insisted "stay out of the road".

When one of the children was required to make a trip the three quarters (.75) of a mile to the country store that serviced the little community, mom always warned, "walk on the side of the highway... stay off the road". A toe stumped on the asphalt and bleeding (not to mention hurting) when arriving back home was a dead give away and earned an extra punishment which seemed pretty severe until the computerman had a teenage step daughter killed by a car while she was crossing a city street.

Many years ago, Johnny Cash recorded a song about a momma's warning. It was to her young son and entitled "Don't Take Your Guns To Town".

The first verse was:

"A young cowboy named Billy Joe grew restless on the farm

A boy filled with wonderlust who really meant no harm

He changed his clothes and shined his boots

And combed his dark hair down

And his mother cried as he walked out


Don't take your guns to town son

Leave your guns at home Bill

Don't take your guns to town".

As strange as it may be, that was the first thing that popped in the Tennessee Mountain Man's mind upon learning of this tragedy that happened on a dark unlighted stretch of suburban highway fifty-five (55) miles north of Boston. As the two racing cars sped away and the spectators stepped into the roadway to watch, an eighteen (18) wheel tractor trailer and a car appeared behind them from nowhere. Not being able to see the people standing in the middle of the roadway dressed in dark clothing against the dark of night compounded by the smoke from cars and burning tires there was little the operators of those vehicles could do to avoid the by standers.

For a little fun, a restless crowd of somewhere between fifty (50) and two hundred (200) souls had assembled on a busy roadway in the dark night and gambled their life against a little entertainment, and in only a short moment in time they lost.

Listen to your momma. She warned you, "don't play in the street".

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Solving The Immigration Problem

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Nothing President Bush said last night (5/15/06) will have any real impact on illegal immigration. I hate to criticize the President but that's my professional opinion. I have several payroll companies that prepare payroll for businesses around the country.

Immigration, legal and illegal, is driven by the opportunities offered in this country. Those opportunities exist because we have the "Three Rules of Wealth" as I use to call them when I taught High School.

"Rule of Law" You know the rules and they don't fundamentally change, and you know the consequences of your behavior if you violate them.

"Private Property" You get to own the tools of wealth creation. Tangible and intangible assets that let you create profits. ""Rule Number One" guarantees this"

"Free Enterprise" You are not restricted to what you can do as long as you follow "Rule Number One" using "Rule Number Two."

You are not going to keep people out when these rules apply to them even if they are illegal. If they did not apply employers would steal from illegal immigrants, banks would just seize their accounts, school districts would turn away their children, hospitals would refuse to treat them, etc.

So how do you keep illegal immigrants out of the country? Cut them off from the opportunities that the "Three Rules of Wealth" provide. How do you do that?

First you must have a perfect system of identifying citizens and legal aliens. Sorry, but it means a national identity system. Which, by the way, solves the big ongoing criminal problem of identity theft. Why not just make the illegal immigrants carry an ID card, because they won't.

Second, penalize businesses that hire illegal immigrants severely. Make it a felony to hire an illegal. All businessmen like an edge. Some currently get the edge by hiring cheap illegal labor and taking advantage of it. No business is wrongly hurt if the playing field is leveled. If average wages go up they go up for every company and everybody raises their price to compensate. This will also appeal to the conservatives because once illegal immigrants can't get a job many will go home.

Third cut off all benefits for illegal immigrants. No schools, no free hospitals, no food stamps, no welfare, no sanctuary, no government benefits no nothing. No prison either. Hard labor until they pay for there transportation out of country. If their country of origin wont take them hard labor till they someone does or they die.

Fourth seize their bank accounts, seize any property they own, take their cars and houses. Remember they are criminals the moment they cross the border without documents or overstay their visa. Give half to the person that identifies them as an illegal and half to the government.

My guess is in 30 days after this plan is enacted that 90% or more of all illegal immigrants will have left the country. When you take away all opportunity in this country, the opportunity however meager, in their country of origin will seem desirable.

Children of immigrants that are citizens can not be deported. That is part of the "Rule of Law". If their parents who must leave don't want to take them then set up orphanages until they are 18. Educate, feed, house, cloth, and care for them. They are fellow citizens after all.

Is this harsh, yes of course. Nothing else will stop people from seeking a better life. You must make what they have where they came from to appear to be better than what is available in the United States. Nothing less will do. Otherwise the strong, motivated, hard working people of the world that want a better life for themselves and their families will continue to come hear regardless of the current penalties that they know are not enforced.

Do I agree that this is what we should do. Absolutely Not.

This is no way to treat people. But nothing less will stop them from coming and coming and coming. Which is not necessarily bad. If people are going to come here we want strong, hard working, motivated people like our own ancestors that emigrated here or survived the imposed hardships of slavery and lived through it. How to integrate them into the "American Dream" is a whole different discussion.

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Denmark Cartoons Or Islamic Caricatures Six Of One Or Half Dozen Of The Other

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Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper issued an apology and whisked it off to the Jordanian news agency Petra for publishing cartoons that supposedly were insulting to the prophet Muhammad. The arguments about the poor taste of the cartoonist notwithstanding, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Denmark's prime minister says he and his government cannot apologize for the country since the newspaper is independent and not an agency of the government. To most people this makes sense but Islam is not most people.

It would seem that this entire tip toeing around Islam is far above absurdity and much closer to insanity. Can anyone remember an apology coming to Indonesia for the bombings there by radical Islamists? Did the British get an apology for the bombings of its subway? Who has heard one representative of any radical Islamic group apologize for the death and destruction wrought in America on 9/11?

Is the apology offered by the Danish newspaper for there lack of taste and discretion or is it for other reasons? Is it because boycotts of Danish products like milk, insulin and food stuffs? Or finally is it the fear or reprisals in the form of terrorist attacks on embassies, public places, schools and homes. Perhaps it is only a reasonable attempt at diplomacy that a free nation would employ under any circumstances in a civilized world.

Terrorism by any other name is still just terrorism, insulted prophets notwithstanding. If free nations have decided not to negotiate with terrorists on any level then we are forced to ask, why then are we making apologies for cartoons? Last time I looked, no cartoon had ever toppled a building or killed a child in the street.

The behavior of radical Islam is creating a cartoon all on its own. It is more like a caricature than a cartoon. A caricature by nature is a cartoon that depicts something by exaggerating it's most prominent or obtrusive qualities. The "would be" beauty has hips and other feminine features exaggerated to say she is voluptuous. The guy who wants his strength accentuated has the artist draw muscles way out of proportion to his body to accentuate that point.

Islam has been creating a caricature not with brush or pen for the last several years all around the globe. It has exaggerated features including the bombing of men, women and children almost always without mercy, without warning and without reason. Not one apology has ever been offered for this dreadful radical Islamic cartoon.

I have been warning Christians for over thirty years of the coming portent of the world's last dictator commonly referred to as the Antichrist. It is well known to them that the bible clearly predicts that he will exalt himself above every other world leader before him and above every kind of worship of God, be it the worship of the true God or some aberration, heresy or cult. II Thessalonians 2:4 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God."

It is barley known to the Muslim faith and certainly would not be heeded or even acknowledged but that last dictator will make no apologies to them either. He will endeavor to crush every major religion in the world. He will momentarily succeed but not with warfare of force but rather by drawing the entire world into an economic system that no one will escape.

Only a handful of westerners have ever converted to Islam in its entire history because of pictures it draws much like the Danish cartoon. Those pictures make a caricature of its ugliest components which are death, judgment and punishment, both on an unwarranted and unreasonable scale. Maybe civilized people still prefer pictures of a gentle Savior with children around him. Or a woman caught in adultery saved from stoning by a merciful Messiah who came to save the world rather than judge it. Millions of people have been converted by these pictures and will be much more until the end of time.

Rev Bresciani is the author of two popular Christian books, one on the second coming of Christ. He has hundreds of articles published both online and in print. Visit the website at

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Life Just Ain T What It Used To Be

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Over the last fifty years or so we have invented all sorts of time saving strategies that have some how managed to leave us with the greatest time deficit ever experienced by man.

Few people live on farms any more where labor is from daylight to after dark. We don't even work in factories today. No. Modern society runs on the service industry from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. How misleading!

Why is there no time to sit on the porch and just enjoy God's nature? Oh, yeah... right. Most houses have no porches and the few that do can't be enjoyed for the fear of gangs and hooligans roaming the neighborhood.

And, should one get passed those concerns who can enjoy the sound of cars literally flying up and down the highway just a few feet away, the ever present blaring of car horns, sirens screaming through the night, and the neighbors you don't know living on top of you when the ones you used to love lived a quarter of a mile away.

Back then we visited on a regular basis and got around to socializing with everyone. Now we barely speak, if we do at all, to the guy living thirty feet away. Maybe we will invite him to a backyard barbeque once a year to assuage our consience, but probably not.

Instead of helping him repair his house, we bitch about the noise he makes during the process, and resent the fact he needs to borrow a hammer rather than taking the time to prepare him a cold pitcher of lemonade made from scratch to quench the thirst he works up.

The Tennessee Mountain Man recalls that there was a time when the city was a million miles away and no one from the country went there unless they had to. In our modern world the city has moved into the country and the new reality is that the farm is now a million miles or so from the city next door. It is dirty. The people there are dirty - never mind that their conscience is clean. The place has a foul odor that assaults our sensitive metropolitan olfactory glands and we dare not venture there unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

At a time when we said grace before every meal, we ate hearty and were in little, if any, danger of being over weight. Now that we think perhaps Grace is the lady living two houses down the street in the home needing it's lawn trimmed we suffer from a national obesity epidemic though religiously practicing our yo yo diet and binge eating.

Computer Man used to get up before daylight to build a fire, do the morning chores, and cook breakfast before going off to a day of work. But that is so pass

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Katrina Questions Anyone Got Answers

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I wrote a very positive article about the responses to Katrina for

Entitled "New Orleans My Home - Katrina My Nightmare" and another article "Katrina What It Is Like To Be An Evacuee" In both articles I endeavored to stay on the upside and we aren't complaining to anyone but today was the straw that broke...etc

Everyone it seems, has an answer for who is to blame or who to call for help or how to deal with your insurance company. But I wonder if anybody is really asking the right questions! As evacuees, as victims of Katrina we have our own set of questions. They are not a product of bitterness but of pure frustration and at times exhaustion. Anyone may answer these questions since the people or agencies we are dealing with have far.

Here is just a short list of our questions. The long list would overwhelm you.

Why has my wife been dialing Red Cross for five days only to hear someone say she should keep trying but all the lines are busy. Then a recording says we are going to hang up now, and they do!

Where are the 40,000 volunteers said to be helping the Red Cross when we call them?

What does Red Cross do exactly with the billions of dollars it collects in times like these?

Has anyone of the agencies helping people in shelters considered that giving people food, water and a blow up mattress for the next few months contributes nothing to their starting a new life.

Do insurance companies that are already trying to find ways out of paying for losses have a legal right to do this? Is it decent? Is it moral?

Do the national guard soldiers that were standing by as we entered our neighborhood and assuring us that all was safe and secure realize that it is a little to late for safe and secure. Does a pile of rubble need to be secured?

Do all the warnings about those who are committing fraud when it comes to being a legitimate Red Cross site or collection point sufficiently scared away what might amount to thousands of donors. What ever happened to check it then give. Is "it might be fraudulent" the new excuse for indifference.

Is there something wrong with helping an individual or a family. Is it just as conscience soothing to dump big checks into big organizations as to actually help a real person, one with a name and not just a social security number.

Does FEMA really expect people to return from places they have gone to for refuge, some that are hundreds or thousands of miles away from the Gulf coast area to keep an appointment with them to see their house? Is there even a child in America that doesn't know that these houses have been photographed sitting in ten feet of water for the past ten days? Could one of these children please call FEMA and let them know? Oh, I forgot it took my wife over five hundred attempts to reach FEMA before she got through. The result is now the familiar "hurry up and wait."

Will America with its worldwide reputation for its short attention span and its penchant for the pop culture, hottest item, latest news mentality really carry this thing through. Will interest wane before we can begin again.

President Bush said, "New Orleans will rise again." But infrastructure and Superdomes do not a city make. A city is people. How can we help people?

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