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A Safer Way To Recover Damaged Partitions

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Repairing damaged partitions on is a risky business. Even if you use the best toolkit and are absolutely sure in what you are doing, you are still risking your files shall something go wrong. Changes made to the damaged partition are irreversible; it is just too easy to overwrite an important system structure that holds vital information about your disk, files and data. Bottom line: it's good to backup before performing data recovery. But is this really the best way to do it?

There is a different approach to do data recovery that is even safer. No need to backup and restore during the recovery. Instead of making a backup copy of corrupted data, you can simply take a binary snapshot of the partition being repaired, and attempt the recovery with different settings as many times as you need on this snapshot instead of the actual disk.

SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor by is one of a few data recovery tools that allow recovering a virtual image of a damaged hard drive instead of repairing the hard drive directly. The data recovery tool lets you create a binary image of the damaged hard drive, and works with the binary image instead of the real thing. The binary image is a big file stored on another hard disk, CD, DVD or other media. The technology is similar to making an .iso image of a CD or DVD disc, only SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor extends it to partitions or even entire disks.

The hard drive copy may be virtual, but any data you save from it is for real. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor can recover your files, documents and other data from the binary image and put it on a healthy media. After that, you can attempt fixing the damaged system structures of the corrupted hard drivewithout taking any risk at all. Any modifications will be performed on the virtual image.

Don't rush the recovery. Don't take the risk of losing or corrupting your data. Create a virtual snapshot of the hard drive being repaired, and work on that snapshot instead of accessing the corrupted hard drive. This procedure keeps your original data safe, and ensures the highest level of safety during the recovery process.

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Remote Backup

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Preservation of computer files is essential for the proper functioning of businesses, and therefore, remote backup is becoming a more popular option for many businesses and individuals. One crash can destroy essential files, which, if not recovered, can damage your company's reputation and its ability to function. Remote backup is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to make sure that your files never get lost. Although the best remote backup programs require an investment, in the long run, it is much cheaper and more efficient than hiring an individual to back up your files regularly. Unlike computers, individuals can forget.

The best remote backup programs are internet based, have a high level of security and a good support service. Remote backup usually works on the internet, LAN or ICP/IP network. The remote backup program sends the data to your offsite server. These files can be sent according to a schedule you set, or can be backed up automatically. If you have automatic remote backup, the job is done when the computer is not in use, perhaps in the evenings when there is no one in the office.

Your remote backup program should have version control system, which will make sure your list of file is being continually updated. If you have different versions of a file, you can select which one you want to keep or choose to backup all of them, since a good remote backup program has a lot of memory.

Security is an important concern when considering which remote backup system to chose. The highest quality systems have up to 8 cryptographic methods to conceal your information from hackers. This feature is essential if you have valuable financial information about your customers. In spite of the codes used to disguise your data, you will be able to access the information easily without confusion.

Remote backup works in two parts called the client and the server. The client chooses files to be backed up and compresses them so they can be stored more easily. The server delivers the information to the client through the internet and can use several modems at the same time while handling myriad internet connections. The client marks selected files and stores them in the proper places. These transfers occur quite quickly and the clients are mapped to certain drives, meaning that they know exactly where to send the information. It is possible to exclude some files from remote backup that are not needed, and the user can always pick and choose which files to save.

Many remote backup programs provide bigger backup for little extra cost, if needed. As you company grows, so should your backup, so it is good to know that expansion will not mean a larger priced tag. Disaster recovery systems are also commonly available with remote backup programs, and they will help your computer get up and running again after a crash.

It is a good idea to research on remote backup to decide which program is the right one for you. Perhaps you and your spouse run a small travel agency from your home; you will need smaller backup, but as your company grows, you will need to expand the amount of backup you use. The highest level of security is recommended for small businesses and banks alike, because the average computer user might be more vulnerable to hackers than larger organizations which hire technical staff who are well versed in this area.

Many remote backup programs offer free trials and demos, and it is a good idea to take full advantage of these offers before investing in the right remote backup for your home or office.

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Hdd Recovery Pro Partition Recovery Software V 2 4 8 New Version Release

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HDD Recovery Pro - Partition Recovery Software v.2.4.8 New Version Release

Recent Changes:

1) Preview deleted files BEFORE BUY

2) Support NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS+EFS, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT file systems.

3) Supports Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Server 2003/ Vista Operating Systems

4) Easy NTFS and FAT Partitions Recovery Wizard

Info Page:

Download Url: Page:

Completely recover files and data from damaged hard drives with HDD Recovery Pro.If you have lost information due to a hard drive failure, you may still be able to recover all your files and documents without knowing anything about file systems, partitions, FAT or NTFS volumes.

There are services out there that will take your hard drive and guarantee data recovery. But did you consider the drawbacks? If you have sensitive information on the corrupted hard drive, such information will fall in hands of a third party. It takes time to mail the hard disk and get your data mailed back to you.

Finally, these services may cost you an arm and a leg depending on the complexity of the data recovery job.You can do yourself exactly what these services do to recover lost data from your damaged hard drive. HDD Recovery Pro automates entire process of data recovery after your hard drive fails, or if you accidentally format it, or even if you simply delete a file or a folder.

Accidentally formatted a hard drive? No problem! HDD Recovery Pro will look for formatted partitions, scan and re-create their file structure, and let you choose files you want to salvage.Even if your disk is completely inaccessible after a crash, HDD Recovery Pro scans your hard drive for damaged partitions to find and correct corrupted or damaged partition tables.

You don't have to be a computer technician or know anything at all about FAT or NTFS structures. HDD Recovery Pro does its job completely automatically, re-creating all necessary file system and directory structures. All you have to do is select files and folder you want to restore from a simple dialog box, and HDD Recovery Pro will do the rest.

HDD Recovery Pro recovers lost data in most common hard drive failures, including damaged or corrupted drives, inaccessible disks, damaged or corrupted partition tables and file systems. It restores deleted files and recovers data from formatted hdd, flash cards and cameras.

HDD Recovery is available at for free evaluation.

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Microsoft Outlook Pst Repair Tool

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Are you interested in mail recovery process? Many users ask this question, now it is possible with Recovery Toolbox for Outlook and repair pst. Microsoft Outlook is not a simple messaging, this program usually stores user contacts, meetings, tasks and journals. The loss of this data may affect your business, so, you may need to perform some actions that can ensure the integrity of your personal information.

We suggest trying Recovery Toolbox for Outlook, this program represents an intelligent solution, that permits to avoid losses. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook can repair all items, stored in Microsoft Outlook, in several easy steps, just follow the instructions and all emails will be successfully repaired. It does not matter, what was the reason that led to mailbox corruption, there are a lot of them.

Your mailbox may be affected due to power failures, file system corruptions, viruses or hacker attacks. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook repairs your email regardless of its corruption. It is very easy, you can save a lot of time for preventive measures, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook will never replace your firewall or antivirus client, but this program will be a good addition to other programs, that helps, when other ways of pst recovery and repair Outlook are useless. Please download free demo version of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Outlook repair tool for pst repair now and make sure, that it helps. For your convenience, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook pst repair tool can save retrieved files as separate emails or as a single file of PST format. Feel free to ask questions about repair pst file, our support department will be glad to respond all requests with regard to Microsoft Outlook repair and Outlook pst repair in a reasonable time.

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Data Recovery What To Do When Your Hard Drive Fails

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How many times have you experienced that sickening feeling when your hard drive suddenly fails? How many times have you experienced that your hard disk just does not boot and all the data may be gone forever? A hard drive failure is one of the most common problems and worst nightmares faced by computer operators all over the world. Precious data is lost either at home or in big corporate environments. What can be done in these situations? Well, there are certain solutions that can be performed by you in order to revive your hard drive. We will talk about the solution later. First, let us discuss why a hard drive fails.

Whether the data on the hard drive can be recovered or not depends on the extent of the problem. A hard drive can be damaged due to firmware corruption, electronic failure, mechanical failure or a logical failure. Many times your hard drive may lose data due to the combination of the above mentioned factors. A hard drive may also develop bad sectors due to which the data on those sectors is lost or becomes unreadable.

Firmware refers to the information used by the computer to interact correctly with the hard drive. If the firmware fails or becomes corrupted, then important data on the hard drive is lost. In case of an electronic failure there maybe occur an electrical surge that can knock out the controller board on the hard drive and make it unusable. However data can be recovered by data recovery experts who use special data recovery software. Swapping the controller board with another one can prove to be dangerous as the information on the controller board is unique to the hard drive on which it is fitted. In comparison to electronic failure a mechanical failure can turn out to be worst as data recovery can almost become impossible. Mechanical failure includes head crash and also read/write head failure. Head crash can occur due to physical shock, power surges and movement of the computer. Next come the logical errors. Logical errors have nothing to do with the hardware part. Logical errors can occur due to corruption of the file system on the hard drive or improper entries in the file allocation table.

In case of hard drive failure it is vital to call the data recovery experts. In most cases, the information on the hard drive is important and you cannot bear to lose it. The experts enhance the possibilities of hard drive recovery in the case of failure of hard drive due to software malfunction, virus attacks and other reasons mentioned above. Data can be recovered on any type of operating system including all versions of Windows as well as Apple Macintosh, Novell, Linux, Unix and also on all types of file systems like FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, NWFS, EXT2 and EXT3. The experts may take the hard drive to their workshop in order to recover the lost data and then return it to you in a few days. Most of the data recovery experts have their own laboratories that are involved in testing the hard drives and repairing them.

Loss of data is the last thing that you as the customer would ever want. This is where the data recovery experts come into the picture. They cannot extract only data from hard drives, but recover data also from tape drives, cds, dvds and other important storage media. You as the consumer can take up some preventive measures like backing up all your important data at least once a week. Windows has its own feature rich backup program. There are other backup software programs available in the market that can avert a possible disaster.

Besides the concern of recovering your data, another problem is the time it may take for an expert to help. This can be a slow and tedious process. I recommend having a second complete computer source such as a laptop (for portability) that you can continue your work. This way you are never completely down and you can share important data between the two.

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Fast And Reliable Recovery Of Microsoft Office Documents

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What would you value most in a data recovery solution should you lose an important document? Would it be speed, convenience, or ease of use? These things surely matter for all kinds of computer software, but data recovery has one specific demand that outweighs everything else by a huge margin. This factor is reliability of the recovery.

Microsoft Office documents store results of many hours, days or even years of work of practically all office employees and most people who use their computers at home. Microsoft Word dominates the market of word processors, and most if not all documents are stored in RTF and its proprietary DOC formats. Microsoft Excel and its XLS file format dominate spreadsheet market. Most presentations are created in Microsoft PowerPoint and stored in PPT files, and most charts and drawings are drawn in Microsoft Visio and saved as VSD files. Combined, files in these formats occupy significant space on the users' hard drives, and represent hours and hours of work, much more than any other file format.

In an unfortunate case of hard disk crash or file system failure, what would you try to recover the hardest? Would it be a set of software products such as Windows or Office itself, which you can easily re-install from the original CD or DVD, or would it be files and documents you spent your personal time working on? Unless you have a fresh backup of your documents somewhere, the documents are impossible to simply re-install. If you have a recent copy of your Office documents, that's great! But what if your backup is several days old, and you've put a lot of work into these documents? Or even worse, what if you don't have a backup at all?

Recover latest versions of your deleted documents even after a hard drive failure with DiskInternals Office Recovery securely and reliably. Unlike general-use undelete and data recovery tools, DiskInternals Office Recovery strongly benefits from being designed specifically to handle documents stored in Microsoft Office format.

General-use recovery products scan the computer's file system in order to locate files that were deleted or corrupt because of a hard drive failure. However, they frequently fail to work properly if the file system itself is damaged, which happens a lot after hard drive failures.

DiskInternals Office Recovery scans entire surface of your hard drive in order to locate all Microsoft Office documents that are still there. In order to find the documents, it uses a set of signatures that are characteristic for the Office file types. The file system is also scanned in order to retrieve the names of the files. The results of disk scan are matched against information contained in the file system, and you are presented with a complete list of all Microsoft Office documents that are on the disk and that are still possible to recover.

Quite often you don't want to see the list of all Microsoft Office documents that were ever saved on your computer. There's no point in spending time scrolling through an endless list of files if you just need the latest revision of a PPT presentation or an XLS spreadsheet, but you need that document right away. DiskInternals Office Recovery offers an extensive set of filters allowing you to display only the files that you need with just a few mouse clicks. If you need a DOC file that you know you worked with today, you simply activate the File Format and Date filters, and only the Word documents that were modified on this day will be displayed. If you don't remember the name of the file, but know its title or the person who created the document, the Title and Author filters will show you those files. Similarly, if you only remember a line or even a few words of text from the document, you can instantly locate that particular file by activating the Text filter.

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Data Disaster Recovery

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Data can be restored immediately to either the original server or an alternate server. Restores can also be redirected to an alternate physical location if the original office is no longer available. The server disaster recovery solution lies in having devices and technologies available which allow us to restart the vital information systems in a shorter time period than the estimated critical. These mechanisms, and all the associated plans of actions, are known as data disaster recovery.

Why should I have a data back up and recovery system!

By not having a data center disaster recovery plan, you are quite simply, putting your business at risk; don't take chance with your vital data. Would you leave any other aspect of your business to chance? Not really. Always be prepared for a natural calamity or any disaster, don't leave any if's and but's, leave no stone unturned when it comes to backing up your important data.

Care should be taken while selecting a data disaster recovery services. The reason being your computer backup systems are the core piece of every data center disaster recovery plan. That is why your computer backup system must posses the ability to accommodate online computer backups for the most efficient protection.

Have a back up of your important programs, files, and applications as your priority. For the best protection it is imperative that your computer is backed up. Back up your data to an online server. What will your software systems do to automatically and quickly get your users back online? Data disaster recovery plays its vital role here.

How do I find the best data recovery services?

You can begin the work of finding the best data recovery expert by asking people around. Check with your colleagues to find who their data recovery services provider is. If you have already short-listed some experts, the next step is to check their experience in the field. Prefer to choose a service provider who has a minimum five years experience in the line. Also, find out his record of accomplishment for performance.

Always identify the risks to critical business information that may not be addressed by current disaster recovery plans; Optimize the value of the current backup and recovery infrastructure. New or improved processes to enhance overall disaster recovery capability are advisable. Resort to a reliable online Data Disaster Recovery. Bank on cost-effective remote backup and data disaster recovery solutions.

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Offsite Data Backup Exposes Potential Threats Of Traditional Tape Backup

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Tape backup is notorious for its inadequacy. It is unreliable, as its properties are dependable on human errors and technologically failures. Tapes are prone to mechanical, thermal and other kind of physical intervention, which can reduce their quality. The data recovery from tapes is only 60% true, as most information is lost due to the technical disadvantages. Tape backups can have slower recovery time than any other off-site backup driver. The potential threats that tapes can bring to the extraction of data is stronger than in any types of information containers. So, the next logical question to be posed here is why should rational businessmen or data admins depend on the inadequate tape systems? Offsite backup is much more reliable, faster and efficient, in comparison to the slow and old-fashioned tape backup.

Tapes have a technical annual failure in score of 1 to 12 percent. Due to this technical drawback, you should provide more tapes for containing information, as you can never be sure if they would work or would crack down. The multiple tapes that you will need for storing all the information will gradually ruin your budget, that's why tape backup is often more expensive than offside backup, but it resumes its inadequate and slow working features nevertheless. The number of tapes that fail from either technical or administrative mistakes is estimated around 60 %. Just imagine the total budget for restoring the lost information: it will be enough to make your bankrupt!

But even more astonishingly, tape backups are still used today in many organizations, which are storing all their valuable files on mere tapes. The span that tapes are reliable is about a year: they tend to gradually decay and lose the stored information. Literally every user has experienced a tape deterioration when storing some files. Many end users are seriously disappointed when this happens to them , and start searching for other ways to protect their data. Some companies acquire daily backup regime, which is time and money consuming. Although it serves the requirements put by tape backups, it is highly stressing and can impede the daily regime of the enterprise. Tape backups are likely to have drawbacks, the same as disk . Using both methods is probably the best way to have your data protected.

Recovery procedures in the organizations cost a lot of time and money. You should think of all the things that can cause a disaster, and try to prevent them. You should either hire a security specialist, or make sure your network is protected, or even do both. A disaster recovery planning of a company can be a nerve racking experience for the new employees. The larger you organization is, the more data are likely to vanish into thin air (or network gaps). That's' why you should protect the system mainly from hackers , as well as from your own mistakes in file storage.

Offsite backup helps you eliminate the threats posed by ordinary tape backup. You eliminate manual intervention, thus reducing any possible human mistakes that can occur. You make everything works in an automatic and simple way, thus saving a lot of precious time for dealing with other tasks. By automating the entire process, you save installation failures, technical breaks, or property loss. Tape needs physical handling, which surely means MISTAKES: people often make mistakes when dealing with important data. By computizing the whole storing, you can easily reach the expected results, rather than shout at your managers and employers for making something wrong. This whole operation reduces the risks of malfunction up to 20 %: more than a double off the risky percent in tape backup.

Maybe the one and only advantage that tape backup has over digital stores, is that it is removable: it can be moved everywhere, and read everywhere, if you have the proper technology. This is a plus, though, it may soon become a minus: the mobility of the tape backups can also lead to someone taking over your information files. Perhaps it is better if you make an offsite backup.

To find out more information about secure offsite data backup solutions, please visit

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Repairing A Damaged Cd

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Why compact discs get damaged. Compact discs are all plastic. Compact discs are even not sensitive to magnetic fields as in case floppy disks, which never used to retain data when even a slight magnetic field is crossed with floppies. Then what is the reason why CDs get corrupted?

CDs work on the principle of reflection of light. CD drives have a built in laser that is used to read data. When laser is focused on to the CD the beam get reflected to a point when there is some data on that are i.e. 0 or 1 the points where light beam lands back is different which symbolizes the bit value.

When something on the CD breaks the path of the laser light, something like dust particle or something else like a FINGER PRINT!!!. Finger prints are nothing but natural oil from skin that sticks to the surface in contact with the skin in a pattern of skin cells. This oil or say fingerprint helps in refraction of light and loss of data to the reading source i.e. laser.

When CDs don't run the reason is because something is interrupting the laser to read the shinny side of the CD. But I have important data what should I do now?

Most of the times it is because of dust or fingerprints, you need to clean the CD.

You can clean your CDs with plain water or a bit soapy water. And it is better to clean the CDs after some time. But this doesn't mean you should start putting your CDs in dishwasher or washing machine every week.

All you need to do is to wipe the shinny side of the CD with a clean moist cloth and try running it again make sure the CD is dry before you run it.

People say about using all different sorts of things to clean CDs like toothpastes, wax polish etc. but I would recommend you to buy some CD cleaning kit. But if you still want to go try, do let me know the results.

And one thing I must add is that DVD work on the same principle and are bit more sensitive to dust and fingerprints. You can also use the above mentioned procedure for DVDs. But you need to be careful with DVDs

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