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Asian Dating Respect And Honour

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Honour and respect are two of the most important elements in Asian culture, and they shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to dating. For instance, traditionally, Asian women are taught at a young age to know their place around men, treat them with respect and accommodate them, while men are taught to protect and provide for the women. Although these traditions have become a faded practice in Western culture, respect still plays an important role in the Asian dating scene.

If you are Asian and are seeking a serious relationship with a man or woman from your ethnic culture, you will need to take into consideration that every move you make could be watched carefully by your partner's family, who may very well act as the third party to your date. With this in mind, here are a few tips you will want to think about when you begin dating:

Make an Impression -Be on your best behaviour. Listen to your date, create casual conversation, and be accommodating and thoughtful.

Treat your Date with Respect - Remember the saying "treat others as you would like to be treated", well this is when it really counts. Be considerate and patient, even if you find the topic of conversation to be of little interest to you. You should acknowledge what is important to your date and respect it.

Give them space - You don't want to come on too strong in the relationship, as this could either scare off your date, or make him or her jump to wrong conclusions. Creating a comfortable dating experience is the best way for you to discover if what you have found is an acquaintance, friend or potential lover.

Every once in a while visit the planet Earth - Be careful not to be mislead into believing that your dating relationship is something more than it is. Remember, not everyone is seeking a long term commitment (which could include you) therefore, before you let your imagination run wild from misinterpretation, make sure you take a realistic look at the relationship that is developing.

Above All have fun - Let's face it, the whole point to dating is about having a good time, and enjoying the other person's company, so don't be afraid to loosen up. Let your personality shine and take pleasure in your dating experiences.

In the end all that should matter when it comes down to dating, is that you and your date enjoy one another's company, are comfortable together, and share similar interests and values. If you find that there is no chemistry forming, it's time to say goodbye, and move on, regardless of how much your family may like him or her. After all, it is you who has to make the choice when it comes to your love life, for only you can determine who truly makes you happy. Therefore, grant yourself the respect and honour of making and standing by your dating decisions.

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Good People Fun And Romance Are Just A Click Away

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One would think with all the dating and romance sites on the Internet, a person might ask "why start another singles' site and is there room for another on-line service catering to the singles' market"? Apparently the answer is yes.

A new site called One World Singles was launched recently. The mission of this service is to welcome singles of all races, ages (18+) and lifestyle. "We don't want to limit our service to just a certain niche. Our goal is to provide the best on-line place for singles from around the world" says Vivienne Neal, founder of One World Singles.

Vivienne Neal is no stranger to serving the singles' market. She has been bringing singles together since l986 through her international publication, which is distributed worldwide through snail mail. Because on-line dating is quickly replacing traditional singles' magazines and correspondence clubs, we can offer the same service on a wider scale instantly to the World Wide Web Community.

One World Singles wants to create a comfortable, fun and safe environment. It does not matter if a person is heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, a young adult or a senior citizen; there is someone for everyone. Whether one is seeking pen pals, e-pals, a long distance relationship, a long or short-term relationship, a soul mate or a marriage minded partner, a person will find what she or he is looking for right here. Our service is part of the world's largest networks of integrated on-line dating sites.

Joining One World Singles is free. The site is very easy to navigate. There are thousands of profiles to browse through. Anyone can see who's on-line, receive and reply to e-mails from other members and if interested can signal other members without sending an Email. Up to 5 photos can be uploaded or the service will scan them at no cost. There is never any pressure to become a premium member. The idea for using this service is to find people to form friendships and meaningful relationships first, and hopefully the love, romance or marriage will follow soon. Good people, fun and romance are what we're all about. Please visit One World Singles

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Getting One S Phone Number Ain T That Hard

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Most men have difficulties in asking someone's phone number for a date but how can you really get your date's phone number without scaring them away?

Different men have different approaches. Shyness makes it difficult for some to muster up the courage to get the phone number of the person they are interested in. Sometimes, men have the tendency to be too aggressive that it drives women away. The best way to get her phone number is by asking her casually in a way that she can still feel that your interested. Saying the right words at the right time may convince the person to give you her number. For example, when you have just met this person and you are about to say your goodbyes you can say casually: "I enjoyed talking to you and I'd love to be able to phone you sometime."

Some women might be uncomfortable with this scenario that they ask for your number instead. Don't take this against you. It doesn't mean that she is not interested in you. Maybe she has to work and thinks it's better for her to call you so that at least you won't be greeted by an answering machine every time you call. Wait for that call for about three days and if the call does not happen then don't expect for her to call you.

Getting someone's phone number is quite hard, so try to keep your conversation interesting so he/she would be interested. Men would want to get there phone number right away. They usually end up empty handed. Sometimes it's good not to ask her directly for her number. You can try saying that you had a great time and that you'd love to see her again. You can wait a little until she gives you the number, but if she doesn't and if you feel that she had a great time also, you can go right ahead and ask her the number.

Women love confidence. And men have to understand that confidence isn't just about getting her number. It's how you handle the situation if she doesn't give you her number. Politely ask why she didn't in that way she would feel guilty and might just give you her magical phone number.

Sometimes women would say, "Why don't you just give me your number?" This is usually there way of saying that they're not interested. You can change that by trying to talk to her and making sure that she feels that your intentions are pure. Do not be desperate in getting her number. Women hate that. Desperate men sometimes, they lead to stalking. Try to be as casual as possible in getting her phone number. If she doesn't give you the number, move on.

Another way to get her phone number is to first move up to her and start having a conversation. After 3-4 minutes, say that you have to go back to your friends and turn to leave. Then turn to her again and say, "Hey! Do you have an email?" And if she says yes give her a pen and paper and when she's writing it down say, "Can you write your phone number too?"

Getting someone's phone number is quite hard. You just need to gather up your confidence and ask her casually. Don't make a big deal out of it if she turns you down. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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Selecting An Online Dating Service

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Whether you are looking for a simple date or your future spouse, knowing where to look can make a big difference in the types of people that you meet. With that being said, the same is true of an online dating service and knowing which one will work best for you.

If you are looking to meet someone in your area, start by logging on to an online dating service website and searching for local profiles. If your area is popular on a particular online dating website, then you may receive a lot of interest if you plan to post a profile. If you are looking to respond to an ad, then you will have a better selection if you choose an online dating service that features a number of profiles for singles in your area.

In many cases, it's free to post a profile. The fees are commonly charged to those who wish to access and respond the personal ads, so consider your budget when choosing whether to post or respond to an ad. If you have the funds, it may be a good idea to try both. Before signing up, take the time to check out the online dating service's privacy terms, their number of years in business and their record with the local Better Business Bureau.

Many singles opt for using more than one online dating service, which can maximize their chances of finding a date. When selecting an online dating service, it's important to make sure that the information you provide is confidential. This is especially true if you are entering your credit card or banking information as a form of payment, which is why you will want to make sure the online dating service is reputable before handing over your private financial information. Avoid using an online dating service just because it looks professional or offers the better deal. Even though cost is an important consideration, the larger concern is making sure the company is legitimate. This is where the Better Business Bureau report will come into play, which details how long the company has been in business, whether their record is satisfactory or not and how many, if any, complaints have been lodged against the company within the last 24-36 months.

When it comes to dating and meeting new people, make sure that your online mingling spot is just as reputable as your favorite local hotspot.

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The Art Of Flirting

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Make the Right Moves

The finer points of social intercourse...........

The art of flirting is not only the preserve of the rich, beautiful and exceptionally confident, nor do you have to be a wanton women or lecherous Casanova to participate. With a little bit of practice and some sound advise, flirting is available to everyone - best of all, it can be a powerful social weapon when used for good instead of evil. Did we mention it's great fun, builds confidence, can win you lots of friends and is a playful yet sure-fire way to test the waters when it comes to romance?

But enough of this shameless teasing, come hither and we whisper some tips in your ear that will ensure you're not, in fact, flirting with disaster.

New social situations fill most people with fear and while some of us are adept at bluffing it out, the greater portion of the room will usually prefer to stick with the people they know, or hide in the shadows praying that someone will talk to them - in extreme cases, praying that they won't. Taking the dreaded first step is always a tough one, requiring great reserves of mental strength - or at least a tall glass of Dutch courage. But according to the experts it's all in the way you approach it.

When people grasp the concept that to be a great flirt you pay attention to the other

Person rather than drawing attention to yourself, it becomes more appealing, especially to people who are not particularly socially confident.

Shift your attention to making somebody else feel good, you'll be pleasantly surprised that when you make somebody else feel good, they will often return the favour.

Sounds simple, huh? Take your glass of wine, stand next to someone and smile encouragingly at him or her as they talk about themselves. Eventually they'll run out of things to say and start being nice to you instead. But without using camouflage and sidling up to someone like a Russian spy, how do you put yourself in the right position for that conversation?

Breaking the ice is undoubtedly the hardest part of meeting someone new, so what do you actually say to get the ball rolling - presumably, "Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later" is not a great opener?

"Start with hello, then go out on a limb, you should tell that story, the one that makes you look like a dodo. Once you reveal yourself as human you'll help others feel relaxed."

Good flirts make other people feel special and enjoy doing it. "Flirts love people and notice what makes them tick." They also have a great attitude, one that is relaxed, fearless and outward looking". Treat it like a game, to win you just need to get then to smile back." According to the experts, coaxing yourself into the kind of relaxed and playful state of mind you need for successful flirting needn't require a personality transplant if you're not usually the gregarious type. All you have to do is change your attitude by being conscious of your negative thoughts and changing them to positive ones. Most of us don't approach others because we fear rejection, but flirting reduces this risk, as you're simply putting out feelers to see what response you get before you put your heart on the line. Getting in the right frame of mind will definitely make it easier to get out there and say hi.

To be playful you just have to think playful. Maybe there's a song that energises you, or a memory that makes you feel good. Conjure them up in your head and you'll be surprised at that little kick of energy and enthusiasm you get. Our advise is not to use fake plastic bre3asts or a false moustache as your props - way too much room for error. But certainly having a few tunes that will build your confidence is ideal given the normal social conditions most of us operate in.

When most people think about flirting they concentrate on romantic context. However at it's heart, flirting is simply about making people feel valued, and in return for this you'll be remembered and liked; an ideal scenario for the workplace and everyday social interaction.

Flirting is useful in business, when you flirt with someone you pay them a compliment and compliments can grease the wheels of industry. Don't confuse this with browning or being overly effusive of course, but it is good noticing other people and being interested in them. Sincere, rather than saucy. As your mother probably told you ,"it does'nt hurt to say something nice."

It's important to keep in mind that you need to be careful when flirting, particularly in the workplace - signals can be misunderstood if you aren't clear. "Never cross the line or be sleazy," This is particularly true of email flirting; you must be careful not to be lewd or overtly suggestive they may come back to haunt you. Sending colleagues a digital image of you wearing just a big smile, for instance, is probably a tad too much.

Flirting is not all about achieving a romantic goal, flirting when done well is natural communication where you focus your attention on the other person. It makes people notice you - not for you're your great feats and accomplishments, but because you come across as a genuine and intelligent human being. Everyone wants someone to listen to them and to remember who they are - it's one of the greatest compliments there is.

When flirting is great for testing the water of romance or for planting yourself favourably at work, it can also help keep the fires burning in a long-term relationshop.

Flirting keeps relationships - new and old fresh and alive....

So what's the best advice for getting out there? "Nothing ventured nothing gained", it costs nothing to smile or pay someone a compliment.

Article provided by Events4Singles

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Mystery S The Pick Up Artist Synopsis

(category: Dating, Word count: 647)
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Have you seen Mystery's the Pick Up Artist aired on VH1? I've seen that episode and wanted to share with you guys my predictions.

What I liked:

1. The Students. Generally, I love the pick-up students because they're always so eager to learn, share a common interest with me, and so grateful for even the small of improvement they make. Students are hands down the #1 reason why I do what I do.

2. Ridiculous Outfits of Mystery. No one can peacock like mystery, hands down. And the shows budget really allows for some fancy stuff. I dig it. Peacocking that hard is actually quite a challenge. Don't believe me? Go to your local lair and look at all the guys who try it and get it wrong. It's a trainwreck.

3. The Challenges. It was fun, entertaining and creative. Winner of one contest gets to walk around with a cute puppy in the next. Hillarious.

What I didn't like:

Mystery is so attached to his structured method that he has not anymore aware why there some of his students fail... He got a blind spot on seeing that. "Yeah he should have used a false time constraint". How about his lame body language, complete lack of masculine vibe and messed up compliance ratios?

Isn't it tiring using a 4 year old material like a non-sensual conversation that goes NOWHERE! Yeah you bet! Sure you can get the girl to answer your question, but I don't see a PROGRESS with it. Instead of teaching the guys memorizing routines and lines, why not make them powerful, masculine and effective?

J-Dog's hair. I don't think I need to go into this. Looks like the poor dude passed out on a park bench in the middle of a graffiti contest. While there were certainly things about this show that bug the working pick up artist in me, I have to hand it to Mystery and VH1 for presenting the community in a good light to a mainstream audience.

Out of the four dudes left, here's some predictions:

Alvaro: This guy COULD become a master pua, but not in a few weeks, and not under Mystery's tuleage. He's got that "inner flame" that drives him to excel at different things, but he's going to need to really work to get consistent, and kill his approach anxiety and fear. He's still got the brakes on. The minute he gets past that, his game will explode.

Brady: Tall, good looking, fast learner. He's chill, makes steady progress. His use of corny material, and constant second guessing of himself is what's holding himself back. If he just chills out and acts NORMAL he'll be on fire. Again though, like joe, will probably become complacent at a certain level.

Joe: I think he has got the serious potential in the show. He got the attitude down, but he's the type that will get a certain level of success and become complacent. He'll get a girlfriend and develop his social circle and work off that. Not TRUE master pua material. I just don't see the kind of passion/drive that would carry him to Master PUAdom. He may do well on the show, however, just due to the lack of competition.

Pradeep: He could be a master pua, but he has to seriously increase his sexuality appeal. He's still in the friend zone. Doesn't matter if he got that chick's number on the show because that was FRIENDLY number close. He's interesting but... too interesting. It's giving the woman something to be attracted to, but those things are too exterior to get that deep physical attraction that a pua needs to do fast pulls, sensual selection switching, multiple relationship stuff, etc...

Overall, the show is super entertaining and I'll definitely be trying to catch another episode if I can.

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Let S Meet For Coffee

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Let's face it, potential dates will not jump on the hood of your car as you speed down the highway from home to work and back. You have to slow down, step out of your comfort zone and really put some effort toward meeting people in order to make the dating scene seem less like a torture chamber and more like the fun it is meant to be.

But once you have an exciting prospect there is a whole new set of dilemmas. And delights. If you are like most people when you find an interesting person to date, a billion questions tramp across your mind. Should I act as interested as I truly am? Should I try to remain aloof? Will it scare him or her away if I bare my soul in the first ten minutes? Should I pace myself and introduce my passions slowly?

Since there are plenty of dating books but no real manual out there, these will continue to be legitimate and timeless questions. Unfortunately the answer to all of them is simply this: you have to trust your instincts with most things when it comes to dating.

However there are a few questionable aspects of the dating scene that you can eliminate simply by setting a few subtle boundaries. To insure a comfortable beginning and attempt a peaceful middle while leaning toward a happily ever after to any date (especially the first date) you must have a strategy. Most people will agree the first date is the most awkward simply due to the fact you don't really know what to anticipate. That is also the great fun of first dates.

Taking the guesswork out of one part of the first date trauma (or drama depending) it is a great idea to simplify that first "date" by meeting for coffee during the early evening or mid day. Not only does that give you an opportunity to escape in as little as fifteen minutes if the experience is perfectly dreadful, it allows the date to last as long as it needs to if things are rolling along nicely. And caffeine can be as effective as alcohol when it comes to loosening tongues and inhibitions!

One certain way of enjoying your first date is by being honest and attentive. If rejection is the one thing all humans fear the most, acceptance has to be the one thing everyone longs to experience. Be kind, courteous and respectful even if you don't feel the date is going the way you wanted it to go. Sometimes the person who does not fit our instant criteria is actually a genuine compatible match for us.

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Asian Playboy Social Circle Pick Up Wing Rules

(category: Dating, Word count: 993)
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Social Circle Pick Up - Wing Rules

Author: Asian Playboy

Let's talk about Social Circle Pick Up for a second.This isn't particularly addressed in PUAdom because, for real, a lot of PUAs (Pick Up Artists) don't pursue active social lives, instead concentrating on improving their Game and occasionally hitting the fool's mate, one night stand and/or f*ck buddy.

And, of course, if one has read Neil's "The Game", you can see how f*cked up you can get without pursuits beyond the Game, having regular friends you can chill with and what not. The rules are very similar to typical wing rules, except it's your wing- the guy who knows the social circle and has intro'ed you to his friends- who's calling the shot.


How much can I f*cking STRESS this sh*t? Maybe you want to talk about it to your friends and impress them with your knowledge. Fine, good for you. But when you've been introduced to your buddy's (and hopefully your wing is just more than a wing to you, but actually a good friend who also happens to have similar goals and skill levels when it comes to women) friends, YOU DO NOT F*CKING TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.


If your buddy has told you which girl is his target (or someone he hooked up with or planning to) YOU DO NOT F*CKING TRY AND GAME HER. Instead, YOUR DUTY- as both a good friend and wing- is to TALK HIM UP to give him SOCIAL PROOF that he's the f*cking COOLEST GUY IN THE F*CKING WORLD AND YOUR BEST FRIEND. Obviously, however, this isn't a perfect world and maybe your buddy's girl isn't into him. Fine, but A) you still notify him and B) you don't Game until you have permission or C) It's SOOOOO f*cking obvious that she's into you (not your run of the mill IOI, but she's full up acting AFC on your ass and trying to Game you while ignoring your buddy) and you've exhausted options A and B. Then you can go in.


Tell your buddies which girl is off limits and which one isn't. You cannot tell them "We're just friends" and assume that she's off limits. You actually have to tell them. You know they're PUAs, respect that they're going to Game what's hot. And if you simply indicate there isn't anything serious going on, THEN DON'T GET F*CKING MAD IF THEY MAKE A PLAY FOR THAT ASS.


You cannot intro your buddies into your social circle and expect them to whack off in the corner. They will be men and Game. Let them know who's off limits and who isn't. You can't have plans on EVERY SINGLE F*CKING GIRL THERE. Why then even f*ck bother introducing your PUA friends other than to show off?


Do NOT be a f*cking leech. If he's taken the time and effort to introduce you into his social circle, give a little respect that you're stepping from a purely wing environment into an actual friendship beyond acquaintenances. Introduce him into your own social circles and follow the rest of the Rules.


Act like an actual human being for once- chill, and have fun. This is what regular people- be they cheesedicks or Naturals- do. They aren't obsessive compulsive pick up artists, they actually have a life beyond picking up chicks. Seriously. CHILLAX for a second. Enjoy the environment, the ambiance, and the people. You are not on a f*cking stage and you do not have to f*cking perform every time you see a cute chick. VIBE AND HAVE FUN.


Don't f*cking freak. Expect it. If they weren't going to hook up with your PUA buddy, they would still end up hooking up with a cheesedick or a natural. Deal with it. But at the same time, your wing/buddy better not be stepping out of bounds and Gaming your girl, unless she's definitely not into you but rather him. Then just be a MAN and step aside. You win some. You lose some. That's life.


That's what chicks do. That's not what bros do. Now maybe you wing with some Pick Up Artists but aren't actually FRIENDS with them. That can happen and they want to subtly indicate they are more "alpha" than you. But that's not what friends are about. Don't f*ck each other over.


If your buddy is interested in a girl, your job is to SOCIAL PROOF HIM. You do not f*cking cock block him. You do not TOOL him. You do not AMOG him. You show her that you consider him to be the most coolest, alpha guy in the room. It's a PRIVILEGE that you're in his circle of friends. Show some respect, appreciation and f*cking FRIENDSHIP.


This is simple SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, people. If you are the introducer, pay attention to your friends as to whether or not they're having a good time and what not. By inviting him out, you are also accepting responsbility for his enjoyment as well as actions. Don't put him in a position where he'd like to commit seppuku and slice open his abdomen from sheer boredeom while you do your sh*t. If you are the introducee, pay attention and follow your friend's lead. You are there by his invitation. Don't f*ck him over by violating Rule 9. Vibe you f*ckheads. Social circle sarging should be relatively easy because it isn't a cold approach and you don't have to be a sarge automaton.

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How To Compliment Your Date

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When you are dating someone, or even in a serious relationship, a well placed compliment will show how much you enjoy being with that special someone. Most women love being complimented, particularly by someone she might be romantically interested in.

Because giving compliments is a good way to show your date that you are paying attention to them you have to know when to use them. Don't get carried away with the compliments because you do not want to overdo it. You want them to know you are paying attention but you don't want to come off as needy or desperate. Nothing sends up the desperation flag quicker than a whole slew of cheesy compliments.

You want your compliment to put your date in the right frame of mind. You want them to be accepting of you and who you are. How you compliment should be an extension of who you are, which will help them get to know you better.

Now the question becomes, what do I compliment them on? That depends on you and your date. If you are meeting for the first time find two or three things that you are really attracted to when you first see them. Now don't just blurt these out, store them away for later on in your date. After you've spent a little time with them go ahead and compliment them on whatever you noticed first about them. It is also important that you say it like you mean it. This will show them that you are attracted to them and that you are paying attention to them.

If you have been on more than a few dates and know this person better then finding the right compliment will be easier, and sometimes harder. You can't use the same compliments over and over again; you have to notice new things about them, or something they may have changed. Say a new hair style or highlights, or how they are dressed. Let them know how good they look so they know that the time and effort they have put into whatever they have done was worth it.

Let's turn this around and look at it from the other side. When you go on a date the one thing you are really looking for is a sort of acceptance. And being complimented is something that can make you feel very good about not only yourself but also your date. It means they like what they see, and physical attraction is very important when dating. It also means that the effort you have put forth to impress them has paid off and that can be a very good feeling. That feeling is what you hope to create for the person you are going on the date with.

Remember, a good compliment can be a powerful thing if used right. Use them as needed and be sincere. A well placed compliment can be a great ice breaker and can lead to a truly wonderful date.

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