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Online Personals Dating Services Today

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Online personals dating services now replace the classified ads. Compared to a classified ad, the online personals dating services provides a complete profile " of someone looking for romance on its site. The popularity of internet made online dating popular too. Before, the most popular ways to meet someone included blind dates, setups, meeting through friends and colleagues, and of course bar and club hopping. By 2000, online dating was on the scene and growing rapidly. Today, online personals dating services are a $300 million industry in the US alone and rapidly expanding worldwide. In 2002, subscriptions hit 653,000, and the online-personals industry as a whole generated more than $53 million in the first three months of this year. By the end of 2002, about 15 million Americans will have visited a dating Web site. Online personals dating services thing is not hard to do. In fact, 26% of all Internet users

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How Do I Ask Someone Out On A Date

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Mike really likes Denise and has been wanting to ask her out for a long time. He first noticed Denise at his local gym two months ago and was attracted to her from the start. Mike has been wanting to ask Denise out on a date, but just doesn't know how to. He'd really like to get to know Denise if he could.

Mike's situation is like a lot of people who are interested in asking out someone special, but just don't know how. Here are some tips to help you ask someone out on a date:

1) Get past your fear of being rejected by someone you may ask out on a date. If you fear that you may be rejected by someone you ask on a date, then you'll never make it to first base! You've got to start somewhere. So, go ahead ask the person you're interested in on a date. Do it now! If you get an answer of yes for the date, that's great! If they say no by rejecting your request for a date, move on to your next potential date. Just because someone rejects you for a date, does not mean that the next person will! So pick your head up, and you'll get that date with someone special that deserves you!

2) When you ask for a first date, try to avoid setting up your first date on a Friday or Saturday. These two nights are usually reserved for more serious dating. In other words, if you're just starting out don't start on a Friday or Saturday night until you get more serious about the person you're dating. You might want to consider going out on a Wednesday or Thursday. These days seem to be more flexible for people during the week. Try to avoid dates on Monday's if possible. Most people don't care for Monday's!

3) After approaching someone for a date, be specific when asking that person out for a date. For example, you could ask the person the following question: I'm interested in seeing a play at our local theater on either a Wednesday or Thursday would you be interested in attending? This question is able to provide the opportunity for your prospective date to have options on deciding if they want to go on the date with you and if so, they can choose the day they want to go on the date and other options such as meeting you at the theater, etc...

4) Consider when asking out someone for a date that you give them a sufficient amount of time for the date to take place. You may want to schedule the date a week in advance. However, you can always go with your gut feeling at the time if you think your prospective date will want to set that date sooner!

5) The best way to ask a person out is in person. You have the opportunity to see the person you're wanting to date face to face and observe their body language and facial expressions.

Using some or all of these tips to assist you in asking for a date may help you from having no dates to having dates. Mike decided to ask Denise out by using these tips and they've been a couple every since their first date! They found they have a lot in common and enjoy each other's company. Mike was glad he finally found the nerve by using these tips to ask Denise out on a date. Denise was glad he did too!

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Times Have Changed The Automobile Social Values And Dating

(category: Dating, Word count: 449)
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Have you ever looked closely at historic images of cities, say from the 1930's? The social atmosphere is very different. The fronts of buildings were positioned close to the sidewalk, families lived close to the center of town with a place to sit outside to greet the passersby, and the traffic was chiefly pedestrian. As a result, dating has drastically been affected by modern changes in the past 50 years.

The pedestrian and social enemy, the automobile: Since the invention of the automobile, designers and builders had to make space for parking. Well, this was a challenge at best as each automobile requires around one hundred square feet. A person requires approximately four square feet of space. Vehicular lanes had to be accommodated, restricting space for pedestrians, and adding vehicular and pedestrian conflict. Moreover, the vehicle is now regarded as the most important component of our transportation infrastructure with regard to safety and efficiency. What does this do to our social space? After the engineers design a street, and the builders accommodate the parking at the front of the buildings, the once social space turns into dead, vehicular only, depressing places. Imagine walking next to the parking lot of a shopping mall, next to a six lane arterial highway. Not much chance that you will find another pedestrian with which to rub shoulders. Conversely, a historic place such as Boston, is packed with life, and very little suburbs. In suburbia, the place to find your next date, the Circle K convenience store.

Prior to the proliferation of the automobile, people met on the streets. Pedestrians filled the streets with life that we can easily imagine, and is demonstrated in most historic cities around the world. In the historic town of Ybor City in Tampa, an old Cuban cigar manufacturing city, the workers had little houses called "casitas" which exhibited high ceilings, raised floor for air convection, and a quaint and approachable front porch. Every Saturday, the family would walk to the center of town to meet the neighbors, rub shoulders with others, and do the weekly shopping. Vehicles were not necessary, neither were large houses. The outside public spaces served as an extension of the interior space of their homes. This experience is still shared in many towns in Europe.

How are we easily able to meet new people during these modern times of suburbs, proliferation of the automobile, and a new understanding of an internal world. Computers and cell phones have been the crutch for the absence of social places. It would be nice to revive the values we once had, on the safe pedestrian filled streets and plazas.

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Looking For Mrs Right

(category: Dating, Word count: 566)
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We all know that every man would like to say that

he met his Mrs. Right. That special, perfect

woman that every man dreams to have. But does

this really exist? Or it's just in the

imagination of many men on how she should be.

This is the key subject for many men, hoping that

in one day they will find her.

But isn't Mrs. Right looking for Mr. Right also?

A young man, well educated, smart, good looking

and in good shape is what she's dreaming of. So,

you should become Mr. Right to attract her. You

should start by making a list with all your flaws

because we all know that nobody is perfect. Take

a long hard look to your list and ask yourself

how flexible you are.

If you're currently not attracting the kind of

person you want in your life, perhaps it's

because you're not the kind of person they're

attracted to? So if you want to attract your

perfect match, become someone who is desirable.

Many of us are waiting that some day this special

woman will come to us. But this is really wrong

because someday you can find out that the woman

you really like gets married. So you end up alone

just because you're looking for perfection.

If you meeting someone who is almost like the Mrs.

Right you dream of, start building an ideal

relationship with her. You must consider that she'

s the one because maybe such a perfect woman as

you wish doesn't really exist.

To not fail into your relationships you must pay

attention to two aspects: get clear on who she is

and get clear on who you need to be. Don't start

pushing her to be exactly how you like your Mrs.

Right to be. This will make her feel hurt. You

know well that she's not exactly the girl in your

dreams, probably has some flaws, but keep in mind

that nobody is perfect.

Most men have a long list of the things they are

expecting from a woman. But, in this world it is

getting harder and harder to meet Mrs. Right. So,

if you meet somebody you feel attracted to, you

can try and see that you can find happiness with


It is true that all men would like to have the

perfect woman that will trigger the envy of his

friends but you can be proud with your woman even

if she's not Mrs. Right. She can be very

interesting, a wonderful woman which if you don't

know to appreciate you might lose her. She will

be Mrs. Right for another guy.

To have an ideal relationship it is not enough

your partner knows you very well and she makes

only what she knows you'd like. It is very

important to learn to love yourself. Giving and

receiving love is the key of all the

relationships. If you're happy, and you love life

then you will have so much more to give to others.

You'll become an exceptional person. Your life

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Why Women From Russia In Search Of A Husband Abroad

(category: Dating, Word count: 1169)
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A Google search for a "Russian marriage agency " yields more than 250000 results. Let us be frank: these are the surprising results of a country FSU. Russia was locked away from the rest of the world over a long period of time and has finally achieved its independence 16 years ago, opening up broad prospects for cooperation with foreign countries. Russia is still a young country, so any way this effect is unexpected. What is the reason for this business to prosper in the countries of the former Soviet Union over the past few years? Are women in these countries rich hunting husbands? Will get around an unforgettable romance short term? Or do they just want something deeper as true love and relationships somebody to be happy?

Fortunately for me, when he began a swarm these questions in my head, a good friend of mine, who has lived in Italy for several years, was in the city to visit her family. So, instead of looking through stacks of statistics and wracking my brain to get the information so interesting to me, I got in touch with her and her brain loaded with all the questions.

Before going, I want to make it clear: does this article are the motivations and desires of every woman in Russia, introducing his profile to a marriage agency. In addition I will be the one to inspire foreigners: Do be careful once they chose the path of the search for a marriage agency. In the past, some ladies of Russia from the former Soviet Union countries have provided more than enough negative publicity (read my article on fraud in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine), but don 't let miss and the timing of the gift to someone Pleasure of communication and the possibility of finding love. With this in mind, I proceed.

When I started questioning the motives of the Russian women who take the opportunity of matrimonial agencies, my first discovery is very worrying. One of the main reasons why the FSU women prefer foreigners is that the men in their country of origin are 't good enough. There are a lot of bad stories about the lives of girls from Russia abroad. Why not admit that the reason is for men in the home, which, in my opinion, don 't know what is a family? "- Said Natasha comments on the article in one of the main documents of Russia, which blamed marriages Foreigners. "Unfortunately, the 'Russian ' men have a long way to go to keep up with the men from abroad. "Some agencies bridal give the same information. An American journalist, who had a "Romance of tourism from Russia to find a bride 'trip to Russia as part of his research for a story, says in his online journal, which the instructor on the tour explained: Ukrainian and Russian males' drinking, philander, Alternatively beat women and neglect. "

Obviously, not all FSU man treats women in this way. However, a general conception that most brides Russian / Ukrainian women by men in their home countries is reduced to a few common words: irresponsible, hard heart, too demanding and was not willing to provide their children, and much less than his mother. Throughout the history of Russian women have been famous for the way they treat their families. They are loving, dedicated and caring, and to arrive at a marriage agency that dream to find someone like them, the creation of a strong family happy.

Otherwise by Natasha observed during its three years of marriage to a foreigner: To tell you the truth, I did not marry him 't think about life in Italy ... But the Italians in the family is very, very important, and put a great emphasis on family values. This means a lot to me. Foreigners in general, seem to be more serious about the family and children, unlike the men in the home. "

Consistent with the lack of quality men from the former Soviet Union, there is also a lack of quantity. Statistics show that during the year 2002, the male-female ratio was 46% to 54%, and hasn 't changed much since then. Given that a large part of these 46% are people who can 't be counted for the love, care and support, which leaves the ladies of Russia and Ukraine, very little to choose from. Of course, the solution to the problem is broading their horizons.

"All the good have been snatched away long ago, your chances of finding someone in this country after they turn 25 are close to zero, " Natasha mused over a cup coffee (he married his beloved Italy at the age of 29). "Apparently, the boys (in Ukraine) disappear when they turn 30. "

On top of all said, the recognition of their own femininity sets the FSU women apart from the United States or Europe ladies. Most foreigners in mind that the FSU women, different from the latter two, and I don 't mean just outside her beauty, which has been mentioned by many and admired. These ladies like to be painted rather, it is not uncommon for them to wear a dress and pumps on a regular basis, who are concerned about their body and taste to be attractive. In short, they want to be feminine, not feminist.

The FSU women love to be a 'weaker sex', which for them means the care of his family first, in addition to being careful and appreciated. Promises that seems to be in abundance by the Americans and Europeans, many of whom share a view that has been too long since Western women have shown no desire to appreciate the softer side of the 'more weak gender. " Compared with the constant bustle of women in the house to make the race and to achieve equality with men, the feminine side of the FSU ladies is an advantage to the men from abroad. Even some FSU men admit that 'their' women are attractive to foreigners because exactly "women are still not emancipated some feminists, as in the West."

Natasha dreamily recalls his first visitings Italy: 'When I was in Italy I was treated like a princess surrounded with care, so I lost a lot of our men. I think there is so much beauty (Russia), which our men are just used to it, it is mundane to them, they forget about simple compliments? Italians value of beauty. "

After all this, what can I say to men in search of their destiny? It all comes down to what you are looking for. Undoubtedly, there will be some money-hungry vamps, eager to trap. If you want exotic night, you can find that in Ukraine, Russia or anywhere in the world for that matter. But there is no better place than Russia and Ukraine if you want to find a respectful, caring and loving women who love their families.

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Kissing Tips Make A Kiss More Passionate

(category: Dating, Word count: 279)
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Kissing is something that most couples do. Kissing well and with passion, however, is far less common. All too often, people fall into boring ruts and monotonous techniques that make kissing an undesirable prelude of more exciting activities to come. This is especially true for couples who have been together for awhile. To keep kissing fun or to rekindle the flame that was once there, observe the guidelines below.

1) What you do right before a kiss will set the mood. Gaze into their eyes and pay your sweetie a romantic compliment.

2) Hold your partner firmly, but gently in your arms. Put one arm around their back and put the other around the base of their head.

3) Occasionally, put both of your hands on your partner's cheeks to intensify the moment.

4) Kiss other places than the mouth. Add variety and intimacy by breaking away to kiss the cheek, forehead, neck, or anywhere else you feel is appropriate.

5) While maintaining a slow rhythm is essential to establishing intimacy, occasional bursts of intensified and quick movements (with tongue and hands) lasting several seconds will increase the passion.

6) Break the lip lock every few minutes to make a compliment about your partner's kissing ability, passion, or how sexy they are.

7) Location will determine the intimacy of the moment. Don Juan, himself, would have trouble creating a sensual moment in a busy school hallway with people walking by. Isolated areas are the best place to unleash your passion.

8) Use your hands to freely caress your partner's body. You can caress the hair, stroke their back, etc.

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7 Signs That She Is A Fraud

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If you are looking for love and marriage abroad, it is very simple to get it right, believe me! There are thousands of honest, sincere women who will be genuinely interested in YOU!

But after you are meeting a nice girl that seems to be right for you make sure the person you are talking to is FOR REAL.

Frankly, looking for a partner abroad is not any different than any other search - search for a house, a second-hand car, or whatsoever, in one simple yet important detail: there will always be people that will try to take advantage of you.

The perception that you have built about dating scams can make you be cautious and suspicious all the time! That is even worse. Chances are you will make the same mistakes as other guys and destroy what was a really good and honest relationship - just because of being paranoid about scammers.

But what if I tell you that there are some specific signs that can make you solve the enigma of sincerity in your relationship and find out that the person you were corresponding with is not who she said she is?

1. Money is a key object to know a scam. At some point she begins to ask for money, frequently asking that it be transferred through wire services. She commonly states that the money is needed to help resolve a family tragedy or arrange for a trip to the United States. A copy of a fraudulent U.S. visa is sometimes attached to prove good intentions.

Beside this, there are other subtle signs that can make you be suspicious from the first e-mails she is sending you.

2. The most prominent is the fact that scammers don't really read your letters. They don't remember what you have written - actually, they don't relate to the content of your letters at all. They don't answer your questions.

3. Things move very fast, and she falls in love with you within 1-5 letters. Those letters she send to you could be sent to anybody: "her" letters are pure monologue that becomes more and more obsessed with "her love" to you and her desire to be together with you despite of everything that separates you.

4. She doesn't want to provide you with her phone number pretending that she doesn't have a phone or that she didn't speak English. Paper can bear anything, you know that. But even phone conversation can give you more clues of what's really going on (though men usually tend to misinterpret subtle signs excusing them by the language barrier).

5. Your name usually appears only once, or does not appear at all in the correspondence she is sending to you. She uses "darling", "sweetheart", "my love" and so on instead, because she is probably afraid not to mix the names of her victims or is sending the same messages to all of them only changing the names.

6. She lets you know from the very beginning that she is a student or how little she earns, including the size of her salary even though you never asked about it. But she never asks about the state of your finances - neither uses the word "financially secure" in her description of the prospective partner.

7. She writes you almost every day (keeps sending you photos even if you did not ask for) and in her letters she talks a lot about trust, honesty and sincerity.

So of course you must be aware of the fact that there are some individuals out there who may try to extract from you some amounts in cash, but remember that not all pretty girls you are meeting online are swindlers. Many men who were looking for a foreign wife, and met a wonderful girl without problems, are very surprised to find information about scams - they did not know that such a thing exists!

It is you who takes the choice and the risk.

Enjoy but don't get fooled.

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Why Women Test Men They Are Dating

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Dear friend,

No doubt dating online or off, you have been and are been tested by women.

Why? Well that's a long winded answer, and I gave up physco analyzing women a long time ago. Even women will admit they can't understand themselves! So what chance do us humble males have?

Zip! None! Zilch!

So best to just ACCEPT that they do and will test us. Be aware of it when it happens and deal with it in a way that gains us the authority and understanding in the relationship. Below are some examples of how women test us.

Why the testing?

1. They test us to see how strong emotionally we are.

2. They test us to see how smart we are.

3. They test us because they crave drama in their lives.

4. Some test because they enjoy making us uncomfortable.

5. They test us because they can. :-]

The following examples are tests from the type of women you do not want to get involved with. So be aware of, and try to avoid these types of women.

Let's look at the tests.

1) The old 'outrageously flirting with another man in front of you' test.

2) The old 'yelling at you for checking out another girl to see what you do' test.

3) The horrible and dreaded 'canceling a date at the last moment for no reason' test.

4) The worst one of all, 'getting you really turned on while making out and then saying no to see if you really respect me' test.

[I really don't like this one.]

There are many, many more tests but this is enough for the purpose of this article. Now let's look at ways to RESPOND to these nasty little tests as opposed to REACTING.

1) The old 'outrageously flirting with another man in front of you' test.

a.This one was really tough to take with a woman I was in love with for a long time. I thought she would grow out of it. But she didn't. What I learnt to do however was to ignore her when it happened and enjoy my evening by chatting to other women or friends of hers. The best thing you can do is to NOT make a mention of it or big deal of it. If possible strike up a conversation with either her good looking friends or other women at the venue you are in. This will cool her off and if it doesn't, you may have an unsuitable partner who will flirt every time you go out. You can only change yourself and your emotions so it's unlikely she will change this habit. If she flirts, ignore it and enjoy your night. If she is always a flirt, you need to move on from her, she is trouble.

2) The old 'yelling at you for checking out another girl's arse to see what you do' test.

a. To start with, try to avoid checking out other girls in her presence. This gives you integrity and a style above others. If she does lose it without reason for doing so, she is likely insecure and looking for drama. Don't yell back at her and calmly tell her to settle down. Smiling, tell her you are going to spank her when you get home if she doesn't behave. This should defuse it, by getting a laugh and she may just want you to spank her! :-]

3) The horrible and dreaded 'canceling a date at the last moment for no reason' test.

a. This is really disappointing isn't it? You are about to walk out the door and she sends a sms

Canceling. The most effective way to avoid this is to mention that one of the worst things women can do is to not show up and cancel dates. If you state this when you arrange for a meeting, it does help

prevent it from happening. We are all busy and need to plan ahead to be effective. However be careful not to write her off as she may have a legit reason for it happening. If it happens twice in a row, she's gone...don't put up with it!

4) The worst one of all, 'getting you really turned on while making out but then saying no to see if you really respect me' test.

The toughest one of all. Best to back off a little and be calm about it. Don't sulk or push it. Just relax and have a bit of fun somehow. If you are cool about it and she can see that you aren't stressed, she'll likely relax and you have passed the test. Then just gently start making out again.

Chances are you have proven that you respect her by remaining calm and playful.

There you have it. You will be tested, that's life,

How we respond to it is the key...

All the best,

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7 Tips For Dating Older Woman

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Men are interested in dating older women because

they are more experienced and more capable of

handling relationships smoothly. Older women are

more mature, financially independent, and good


Younger men have been attracted to older women

for a long time. This happens because older women

are mature, know what expect from life, and do

not care about what 'neighbors say'. If in the

past this was a big shame, today these couples

are not keeping in secret anymore their


Dating older woman can be a nice and exciting

experience. If you are a person interested in

dating older woman, you must think before because

there are good parts and bad parts.

Some of the bad parts are that she has passed

over in life and has many worries. She has ex-

boyfriends, husbands, children's, pending

divorces, financial obligations, debts. Maybe

your friends will consider you a hero, but your

friends will talk about you, frown upon you.

Remember that she is older than you are, has life

experience, so she is often in control, and would

like to manipulate you.

The good part is that she knows a lot about

female- male relationships. She knows very well

what she wants and from whom and they usually

looking for a man that consider like them that

compatibility and open communication are more

important than age. They do not need a man to

take care of them. Older women are forthright and

honest and they will tell you right off, what she

thinks about you so you do not have to wonder

where you stand with her.

It is necessary that you find an older woman who

is interested in a younger man. You will have

bigger chances of success to win her heart .If

you already have a date with her, do not blow up.

Here are some helpful tips for attracting her.

Be yourself. She is dating you because she likes

you; you offer her spontaneity and fun. So, do

not even think about impersonating someone that

you are not.

Take her somewhere she has never been before;

show her that you are different from other men

your age. Invite her at a jazz club, concert or

an exotic restaurant.

You must change the topic of your discussions.

Ask about her job, hobbies, what type of music

she likes... Lady is smart, confident and mature,

so do not discuss about age. You should be

confident too.

Be spontaneous. Offer her something that people

her age cannot, like excitement in and out of the

bed. She is usually not looking for a serious

relationship - she just wants to have fun.

However, it is true that older women can do a lot

for a younger man - besides sex.

Do not compare her to your ex. This would not

make her feel better with you. The older woman

can feel comfortable being with you even if you

are younger and it will be at ease with your

presence. Make her feel important and show her

that you are interested in her.

You have to have the same intensity about life

like her. You must know that an older woman will

never wake you in the middle of the night to ask

what you are thinking, and this should not bother

to you.

Do not move too fast. You know that she is not

looking to make fast a family, because she

already had one and that one failed. Maybe she

already has children's and this will complicate

things. You should always be willing to accept

the complications that come with dating an older

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