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Domains Their Extensions

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A domain name is the text name that is corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer on the Web. The web users access your website using your unique domain name. Domains can be registered through a number of registrars under various extensions such as .com, .org, and .net. You must check out various registrars, they may offer a wide variety of plans and prices.

Often, there have been scams and rip-offs in the domain registration, so you need to be very careful. You should try to find a legitimate registrar. The legitimate web providers will charge a small surcharge for covering the labor to get the domain registered and set up on their server.

".com" is short form of 'commercial'. '.Com' is the most famous extension, and is an unrestricted global domain name. Most of the businesses prefer '.com' mainly because it is a well recognized business presence on the Web. The availability of '.com' names have reduced, so you can also consider the other extensions.

'.Net' is short form of 'network'. This is an unrestricted global domain name that is commonly used by the internet service providers and businesses, which are directly involved in the infrastructure of the Web. You can select a '.net' extension for internet websites.

'.Org' is another global popularity winning domain name extension that is used mostly by the non-commercial web sites or non-profit organizations. '.Biz' is a fairly new extension, and is short form of 'business.' It is mostly used by the business related websites. .Biz offers a good chance for the businesses that are unwilling for compromising their URL, when the '.com' extension is already taken.

'.Info' is short form of "information," and it is an unrestricted domain name. '.Info' can be used for resource-based websites and brochure sites designed for reaching a customer base with the information about the business. There are other extensions such as .us, .uk, .in, .aus, etc. These types of extensions are restricted use country codes that are used by an individual or organization within their particular country.

Domain name registration is important, easy, and strategically significant first step in establishing an online presence, whether it is for business or otherwise. A well-chosen domain name can set you successfully in many ways, and can increase the search engine traffic.

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Domain Names Still Paying Too Much

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Are you still paying $25, $35, or more for a new domain name? If so, you are paying too much as domain name prices continue to drop. You can save money on new domain names; please read on to learn how you can find big savings.

Avoid the Big Registrars - The priciest domain names are sold through the legendary and established domain name registries. Many have been charging their customers $25 or more for years, but you don't have to pay that much! They want you to think they are "it" when it comes to registering your domain names; quite frankly, they aren't "it!"

Shop the Domain Specialists - Today, there are several well known companies charging just $10, $8, even $5 for new domain names. I cannot name the companies, but one noted provider has a popular Super Bowl ad to its credit.

Free, Via Your Web Host - A big "come on" for some web hosting providers is to offer a domain name free for one year to all new customers. Simply commit to hosting your site with them for one year and a domain name is included for free.

Of course, some sites will charge you more for a .com name vs. a .net or .biz account. Others will discount their prices even further if you commit to longer terms, lasting as long as ten years. Select the plan that works best for you.

So, quit paying too much for your domain names; you have a choice. Shop around today and save money for all of your sites.

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Dreaming To Sell Your Domain For Millions

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Each and everyday you hear stories about some name getting thousands of dollars from the buyer. You also jump right into the game of domaining and hope for that lucky day to arrive when someone might get interested in your domain name. Right?

The main problem with newbies over here is that they do very less research and start spending their money on useless names. After 6 months or a year their moral goes down the drain and they are back where they were but with lighter pockets then before.

Some people get into the trademark mess. They get sued by trademark holding company and then they show their temper openly on forums and other message boards.

Some can't even monetize their domains to get the renewal fees for the upcoming period.

If you have 4 or 5 domains then you can surely shed the amount from your own pocket. But when the figure goes around 100's and 1000's it is very hard to renew the domains for the future.

My advice to newbies would be to stick at 25 to 50 domains. They can earn for 10 or 20 renewals per year if your names are below average. Some domain might get you more revenue and it can fill the gap for you. Ultimately the main thing is to not lose a domain for nothing. You should at least get its registration fees from it. This will not start downfall of your domain empire which you want to build. 1 dollar loss is also a big loss if you have more then 100 or 500 domains in your domain portfolio.

So what kind of domains you should buy?

Choose wisely on which name you are putting your money. Three characters .com's are creating a lot of chaos right now in the market. Their prices goes sky high in domain name aftermarkets. Generic dictionary words are also long gone. New TLD's are not so stable right now, dot-com still rules the internet. You might get lucky in some other TLD's but I wouldn't advice you if you are new in the game.

4 letters have 456976 combinations from AAAA to ZZZZ. Of them only around 5000 are left. Which is of course the garbage.

What do we do now if we still want to get out feets wet in this?

Look for some guy who is willing to sell his domain for less. There are plenty of places to find this kind of domains available for sale at lower prices. You can go to forums specially created for this kind of discussions. If you don't know any then here is the one Go there look for some domains which might fall under our category and then approach the seller. Here also lookout for trademark issues and blacklisting for that particular domain. You can generally get this info from doing a whois search for that domain here

Keep your eyes and ears open for latest news. It might shed some light and you might be the lucky one who grabs that name for just registration fees and sell it for 1000's. Work on them and get every cent out of them. This will keep you in the game. The main thing over here is not to win the game but to be in it and be till the last.

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Choosing A Domain Name For Your Domain Hosting

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Your domain hosting name is not something to be chosen lightly. Your domain hosting name is your front line in your branding campaign for your online business (or your offline business's online presence). Careful consideration needs to go into choosing just the right domain hosting name to represent your business. The following are some key points to consider:

The Right Extension for the Right Site

Each type of site you want domain hosting for may serve a different market. Make sure the extension you use - .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc. - is the right extension for your market. If you are a business and there is no reason you cannot do it, get domain hosting for a .com. If you are a non-profit organization, consider .org. If you are building a personal website and are on a budget, consider .us or some of the other lesser-known extensions. When in doubt, however, go for .com. The part of a URL people most often first forget is the extension. And when they're in doubt, .com's what they type in: .biz and .net should only be considered if you're completely attached to a particular domain hosting name and the .com variant isn't available. But our best suggestion for that scenario is to vary the domain hosting name and get the .com extension.

The Shorter the Better

When picking domain hosting names for your website consider that people have to remember it to visit it. Not everyone is going to get to your website by clicking on a listing or an ad or a reciprocal link. Word of mouth leads increase when your domain hosting site's name is short and sweet. And people make less spelling mistakes and typos when trying to type in your URL directly.

Stay Away from What Doesn't Belong to You

Big companies with trademarked names seem like tempting targets for domain hosting names that generate loads of free (albeit unintentional) traffic. Heck, you could even sell the domain hosting name back to them for a hefty sum. More than likely, however, you'll just get sued. And chances are, if you're reading this article, they have better lawyers than you.

The More the Merrier

Admittedly this catchy tag line is a little misleading. Considering registering a group of domain hosting names in order to cover yourself for the inevitably of interested visitors typing in the wrong URL is an excellent idea. Try, if possible, to get the .com and .net variant of your domain hosting name, or a variant with hyphens as well as the one without (always go for without hyphens first). But don't buy more than you can afford or more than you need. Once you own the domain hosting names, whatever they are and of whatever number, you still have to get people to visit them.

U R a *, but Your Domain Name Can't Be

You can use neither symbols nor spaces in your domain hosting name (our apologies to "the artist formerly known as Prince"). And URLs are not case sensitive. So don't waste your time.

Have you ever heard the concept that if you have an idea then at least one other someone else somewhere else in the world is having or has had the same idea? Well that's certainly the case with domain hosting names, which is why you need to make all due haste in nabbing your ideal domain hosting name. Otherwise, you may wind up compromising with an alternate far inferior.

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Expired Domains Targeted Website Traffic

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An average of 19,260 domain names expire every day. This number has increased tremendously since the same time last year when expired domain name figures were more like 1,200 daily. The expired domain name market is becoming increasingly popular with webmasters, who are locked in a fierce competition to stay one step ahead and get all the best domain names. The question is why do webmasters find someone else's old domain name so interesting?

What happens a lot of the time is people register a domain name, or purchase it for a year, they develop a web site and advertise it, to get targeted traffic. This takes a lot of time, money and effort, then due to unfortunate circumstances they may forget to re-register their domain, either they have lost interest, over looked a reminder that domain renewal was due or changed their e-mail address during the year that they used to register. Then just like that the domain name is up for sale.

Because of this, the domain, or address that they have created and all targeted traffic with the domain name becomes available for purchase. Thousands of these expired domain names are available every day. There are several tricks to knowing how to find these domain names, and how to know which domain names are valuable and which are not, and, most importantly, how to get to them first.

There are many benefits for picking up an expired domain name, unlike a new domain name, the expired name already has traffic that can come from search engine promotion, directories, forums, back links and a whole host of other promotion methods. Webmasters are using this to their advantage, either selling the domains for a profit, selling a web site with traffic already entering the site, or use as valuable sub domains for their own enterprise, thus increasing traffic to their own sites.

Quite often webmasters will register with an online service that notifies them daily of pending expiry of domain names, that will soon be up for purchase. This can keep a web master that desired extra step ahead of competitors. Competition for expired domain names, especially one word, catchy .com names is fierce, as they are in high demand and easy to remember, having most likely been around for a long time. So it is not surprising that some of them can be very valuable, for instance, a domain name could sell for $1M, yet it only costs $10 to re-register.

Benefits for acquiring an expired domain name are numerous, depending on what you want to do with it. For a small sum of around $10-$15 you have the potential of increasing traffic to your web site instantly, saving you a considerable amount of time, money and bother. It could be the cheapest targeted web site traffic around.

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Uk Domain Names Alternatives

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If you've tried to register a domain name recently, you've noticed; all the really good .com names are gone. Try it. Choose any animal, any generic medication, any sport, any mode of transportation, even emotions or silly names. You have very little chance of finding any of them free in the .com listings.

Fortunately, for businesses that do business primarily within the United Kingdom, Central Nic offers the alternative of the domain extension. You might think that this isn't an alternative for you, that no one looks at the names.

But the truth is, the name is starting to be accepted by the British public as an alternative to .com. Better yet, more people who are looking to do business primarily with British businesses are using the name to find British businesses. This is really good news for you.

Some of the advantages of getting just the right domain name are:

Search Engine Placement

Search engine listings today frequently have millions of hits per search. The higher you are in this listing, the better your chances of drawing the right customers to your site. Most people who've done anything with search engine optimization know that careful use of your keyword and inbound links to your page affect your placement. But did you know that if you have your primary keyword in your domain name, it can improve your rankings?

Your Business Name as Your Domain Name

With the benefits of instant recognition and a bump in the search engines for anyone searching for your business specifically, using your business name as your domain name has a remarkably positive effect. Your business name should be the first domain name you look for.

With both this and the simple keyword, though, you should act quickly; the competition is increasing as businesses and other customers realize the value of these names. If you're a professional - a doctor, lawyer, writer, or anyone with aspirations to celebrity - you should register your own name as well, both to preserve your rights to the domain name and to protect yourself from what someone else might put on the site with your name. Cyber squatting, or taking someone's name or business name to resell back to them at a handsome profit, is an increasing problem.

If at all possible, buy both your business name and your keyword for domain names, and talk to your host about having both URLs point to the same business website.

People Remember You

One of the best advantages to using a simple but memorable domain name for your website is that people remember you. What good does it do to advertise on the radio if no one remembers the URL listed on the site? Same for billboards, television, newspaper, and often even direct mail.

If you're fortunate enough to find your keyword open, register it as quickly as you can. If you wait, someone else is likely to register it before you get a chance.

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How Do I Register A Domain Name Properly

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How do I register a domain name? We oftentimes hear this question every time we deal with domain name registration. Well, the answer to this question is not that hard though. You just need to know some of the rules or the ways which will help everyone to know the answer on the hottest question "How do I register a domain name?"

So how do I register a domain name?

According to some domain name experts, the only way to find answer to the question "How do I register a domain name?" is to begin utilizing the services of a domain name registrar. It is in the domain name registrar that the process begins.

Speaking of the domain name registrar, it is interesting understand that the domain name industry is regulated and overseen by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN, which is a group of people who are responsible for certifying firms as domain name registrars. As such, the domain name registrars, which play a vital role in answering the question "How do I register a domain name?" is therefore accredited firms of the ICANN.

To answer the problem "How do I register a domain name?" one should know that it is only the domain name registrars who can access and modify the master database of domain names which is now maintained by the InterNIC, one of the biggest centers for domain name solutions. And in terms of the master database of domain names, one who is serious to help solve the problem on "How do I register a domain name?" should note that it contains the documentation on all of the domain names that are registered to date. In fact, finding a domain name registrar so to help you answer the question "How do I register a domain name?" is not that at all tough since the InterNIC now provides certain lists of the accredited domain name registrars.

To answer the problem on "How do I register a domain name?" is to understand that if someone comes across a said domain name registrar which is in fact not listed as such, there is a great probability that such domain name registrar offering to help you solve the problem "How do I register a domain name?" is an organization that is just acting as a reseller for one of the official registrars as only those accredited registrars has the overall control or ability to modify the domain names' master database.

Also considerable in finding a solution to the hottest question "How do I register a domain name?" is to know that after finding a domain name registrar, the registrar will then take hold of everything. In fact, the registrar will determine the cost for finding an answer on "How do I register a domain name?" and that is to actually register a domain name, but in general, it is noted that the domain name registrars expect to pay a yearly fee, but some of them offered some discounts for registering a domain name. And so for you to really find the right solution for the problem on "How do I register a domain name?" you should then provide the registrar with the appropriate and correct contact information for an easy and smooth processing.

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Domain Name Registration And Web Hosting Tips

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If you are not really serious about making money online, then this would be the right time to hit back button without wasting a single moment her on this article. If you are serious, then we would be privileged to share some great online money making secrets with you. Let's get into the issue and explore the answers to some of the widely asked questions.

What is your online identity?

You might have seen at least one stranger asking a traffic police about someone's address in your life. If such identity doesn't exit then how would you expect the traffic police to explain the directions! So your address is your existence in a certain locality. So if you want others inquiry about you online, then you should have an online address. Though there are several other ways to obtain an online identity, but the most secured and profitable way is; owning a website. You can specify details about yourself, your business or profession and you can add the contact details so that others can contact you.

How Can I Own a Website?

This is one of the significant steps. There are several factors involve before launching a website of your own. Domain name registration is the very step in launching your own website. This is the sole identity of your online business and your business brand. People prefer various ways before choosing a domain name. Let me add some marketing sense to this particular discussion. Though there are several other ways to access World Wide Web. Search Engines are one of the widely used resources that most of the internet users use to access and retrieve information online. Almost 80% internet users use search engines. Search engines are specifically developed to store online information (in various forms like webpage, video, image, PDF, Doc and so on) and also produce relevant information after processing the user searched keywords. There are several factors involve while synchronizing web document for a searched query. The search engine algorithm considers the URL, Meta Elements, Content and number of relevant back links to s webpage. So you should do some research before select the most popular term for your domain. Because this enables you to get your website exposed easily and quickly. The better and more relevant domain name you choose the more business you will get out of your website.

Selecting the Right Extension

There are various types of extension and this defines what type of website is yours. For example, ".com" is the extension for commercial websites; ".org" is for non-commercial organizations; ".edu" is for education institutions. There are country specific extensions too, like .in, .ie,, .us and so on. Recently there are some other new extensions are used, like, .travel and .mobi. So now you can select the appropriate extension for your website.

Once you are done with right domain name with appropriate extension, now it's the time for selecting the right web hosting company. There are millions of web hosting companies are operating online. They promise a lot, but your negligence and ignorance can cost you heavier. So ensure everything before registering and hosting your website.

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Cheap Domain Transfers

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You may decide to transfer your domain for not getting adequate services for the money you are spending. A domain transfer is in effect a domain registrar transfer as it means the transfer of the name from one registrar to another. Nowadays you have got more than a hundred registrars to choose from.

For transfer of domain, you should apply to the gaining registrar, as it is responsible for the operation. It is the duty of the gaining registrar to ensure that the application for transfer by the domain owner is a valid one. The validation usually is in the form of an email sent to the admin contact that requires a reply. In some cases, however, signed faxes are used. Losing registrars these days may resort to 'double-checking.' In this case, they will perform additional security checks if you seek transfer from them. The losing registrars may ask you to reply to an email, or dispatch a notarized letter.

There are a large number of registrars that provide cheap rates for transfer of domain names. Most of them charge less than $10 for the first year and adds another additional year to your present registration term. Moreover, many of them have special prices for bulk domain transfers if you have more than one name to transfer.

Some of the registrars offer complete email for all new domain registrations, transfers and renewals. Get your own personalized email address and 25MB total storage. They are absolutely free. If the transfer fails for one reason or the other, they will refund your fee. The rate of discount sometimes depends on the domain you want to register because some domain extensions are costlier than others.

GoDaddy, TopBusinessDomains, LuckyRegister, IndiaInternets, Domain Names help4u, 2CreateAWebsite, Namecheap, and RegisterFly are some of the places where you can look for cheap domain transfer.

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