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Ultimateweb Hosting Aimed For Seo

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Do you ever think of why your website can't ranked top in search engines, or never been listed in search engine? Think again... you might choose the wrong web hosting plan!

Yes, a lousy hosting provider with slow server and bad uptime, tons of downtime... will google get this site listed on top 1 of the search result (SERP) ??? Definitely this is not going to happened. Poor quality site will never ranked, poor quality host will never ranked either.

Over the pass 5 years in using web hosting, and late 1 year in hosting reviews writing, I had come across few hosting provider that I blacklisted as 'seo failure host'. Those hosting either have search engine bots blocked or having a bad server. Some hosting does block the google bots, just to save on server usage and internet bandwidth. Regardless shared hosting or reseller hosting, they will blocked it. We have seen this at dreamhost and godaddy. After the server is off loaded with SE bots, they can sell more hosting plan. This is bad news!

I come across few hosting provider that helps my websites and blog to get listed in top 5 of google search engines. And the hosting is hostgator. Hostgator is offering discounts sign up by the use of proper hostgator coupons code. My websites will have tons of hostgator coupons for you to choose from.

Conclusion is that, A good hosting will permit your website to get listed in search engines! My sites listed!

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Google Wallet V Ebay S Paypal

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A new online payment processor is in the works to compete against Ebay's Paypal system. Tentatively called Google Wallet, the new system is being developed by the Mountain View, CA, search engine giant and is expected to have an official launch date by early 2006. Choice is good and soon consumers may have a viable alternative to quirky Paypal.

Rumors of the new payment processing system from Google surfaced online in June 2005. Speculation has been rampant as to when or even if the new system would be released, but now it appears that a beta version of the program will soon be made available.

Google Wallet, if successful, may become a great alternative to eBay's Paypal system. In October 2004, the entire Paypal system collapsed for five days, although Paypal insisted that they were only "intermittent issues" that "would soon be addressed." This outage coupled with what many have long considered to be terrible customer service issues, e.g., unauthorized charge backs to members' accounts, onerous fees, and "customer-no-service", has made Google's timing especially sweet.

Related to Google Wallet, is a recent rumor that Google may take direct aim at the likes of eBay and Craig's List and start an online auction/classified listing site.

All of this is good news for you, the consumer, as competition heats up in the payment processor wars. Stay tuned...these are exciting times in which we live!

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How To Create And Add A Shopping Cart To A Site

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There are many solutions to adding a shopping cart to an online merchant site. You may want a very personalized shopping cart for your portal and so will have to hire the expert services of a software programmer.

There are many online merchant solution service providers out there and can have your shopping cart software and payment gateway set up and running in a matter of days, but it is bound to cost you.

Then there are free online merchant solutions available such as the many online payment services. PayPal is one such solution and a very trusted one.

With the free online merchant solutions available you do not have to make a payment up front. These services charge you a percentage of the payments you receive online.

They have ready made software that is easy to install on your site. You just have to fill in an online form that requires some details of your business and payment procedures.

They will then provide you with software code that is generated instantly. You have to just copy and paste this code in the html code of you site.

The online payment processor will guide you how to do this as well. When you are done, you will be able to accept payments from customers through credit cards and debit cards. The difference with the free payment processors and customized online merchant software is that the money will not be deposited into your bank directly.

The payment will go to the online free payment processors account and you will have to withdraw it from there to your bank account for which there will invariably be a charge.

These are good solutions for small online businesses as it beats paying huge software development costs.

The Benefits Of An Online Merchant Account

The internet has emerged as the largest marketplace and source for information. It is estimated that about a million people are being introduced to the internet every 100 days.

This included emails and search engine services. In fact, surveys have shown that 80% of all online sales begin as a search on some major search engine.

It is possible for a business establishment to advertise, sell and collect payments online without ever having to meet the customer personally.

Technology has advanced with such a rapid pace in the past ten years that electronic payments have become the norm of the day. More than 40% of payments are transacted electronically through credit and debit cards, apart from the usual wire transfers and online payment portals.

One of the emerging payment methods is through mobile phones. It is fast catching on and experts in the field feel that this is going to be the preferred payment method worldwide. Paying through your mobile handset will be as easy as sending an SMS.

With these advancements and most businesses adapting their payment procedures and policies to suit customer's conveniences, it is only advisable in the interest of business that any business set up an online merchant account with a payment processor in order to cash in on the business that is being transacted on the Internet.

There are many online merchant solution providers out there and have established themselves in the field setting up and maintaining online merchant software and products that fraud, though exists, is very difficult to perpetuate.

So get yourself an online merchant account and get a piece of the action that your competitors will otherwise get.

What Are Transaction Processing Solutions?

Transaction processing, as the name suggests, is a process of carrying through a transaction from making a payment for a service or product to the actual delivery of the same.

Most businesses are carrying out these transactions online with the help of sophisticated software. This transaction processing software records every step of the transaction for future reference.

A good transaction processing solution will not only record all transactions but will be able to tabulate and reproduce any or all of them at any given time. This aids in rectifying any problem or error by recalling a particular transaction and tracing each step right down to the point where the mistake was made and rectifying the same.

Online transaction processing is a very crucial part of any online business. It is an electronic ledger of all the business transactions carried out by the online merchant account.

There are many online merchant transaction processing solutions available. A merchant may choose to get a ready-to-use transaction processing software or may choose to have a customized one made for his online merchant account. Of course, there are vast cost implications involved, however there is almost no difference in the security levels of the two.

It is imperative for an online merchant account to have a transaction processing solution in order to transact business online. From accepting an order, processing payments and getting the cash in the bank, transaction software is what will get the job done.

Internet Payment Gateways - Should You Make Your Own In-house

An internet payment gateway is crucial for any online merchant account to facilitate selling goods and accepting payment for the same. This is known as e-commerce.

This process is like any sale made in a physical store, where someone buys a product and passes his or her card to the check out clerk for payment. Only with an Internet payment gateway, the customer does not have to pass his card over but just enter the card data into a secure online form.

This data will include the card number, name of the holder and the CVV number on the rear of the card. The payment will be debited from the card and in a matter of days, will be credited to the merchant's bank account.

From a security aspect, online payment gateways are quite secure, though the customer should be certain that he or she is using a reputed site. Look for the 's' after the 'http' in the URL of the site.

This is a start but not a guarantee to prevent the site from using your card information for illicit purposes. So does it make a difference if you make your own Internet payment gateway in-house? Perhaps yes.

This will give the net savvy customer a feel that you have taken the trouble of developing your own secure software instead of just getting one off the net. It will also merge with your site design instead of displaying other third party ads and logos on your site.

It may cost you a little more, but you will be offering your online customers a sense of security and will have full control of the software. So you will not have to wait for the third party to wake up to rectify any fault in the online processing solution they have set up for you.

How To Open An Online Merchant Account

An online merchant account is an account that is known as a "Payment Gateway". It is not a very difficult task to open an online merchant account.

A payment gateway is a software that your web developer or engineer will have to incorporate into your web site.

This is software that may or may not include a shopping cart, a system that allows visitors to your online merchant site to browse through your products and add them to a virtual cart, much like a shopping cart at a super mall.

The visitor will ultimately keep or remove items from the cart and pay for the remaining items through the payment gateway.

A payment gateway may or may not be linked to your merchant bank account. This depends on the type of online merchant solution you have chosen. You may have had the software created especially for your site; in this case the software will naturally accept all credit cards and will be linked to the major credit card processing companies such as VISA or MasterCard.

The software will also be linked to your merchant bank account. Customers can use this software to pay for services and products using credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.

When someone uses a card or online banking to make a payment the user is connected to the bank that issues the card and the money is transferred to the bank within a matter of days. Nevertheless, you may go ahead and complete the transaction by delivering the product to the customer as the payment will definitely come through.

Online merchant solutions are a way of taking your business to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. The online payment systems are an added advantage as anyone will like to have convenience at their fingertips.

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Are You Ready To Own Your Own E Commerce Business

(category: Ecommerce, Word count: 234)
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Starting a business is exciting and nerve-wracking. It will be one of the biggest investments you'll make during your lifetime. Not just financially, but emotionally as well. Doing it right will mean taking on a lot of responsibilities and making a lot of sacrifices. It will also mean working harder than you ever have before.

For these reasons, business ownership is not for everyone. If you don't have the right skills, personality, and commitment to operate a business, you'll be in trouble before you make your first sale. So before you begin planning your E-Commerce business, you need to take a hard look at yourself, your family, and your finances, and give honest answers to some very important questions.

The following questions wiH help you weigh your personal characteristics and beliefs against the realities of business ownership. Don't worry if you find that a few of the questions reveal doubts or weaknesses. Nobody's a perfect match for any profession. But if you find many of the questions troubling, you may want to rethink your decision to go into business.

1) Are you willing to accept the responsibility of operating your own business ?

Forget the tidy little set of responsibilities that came with a position in corporate life. When you run a business, you're in charge of everything

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How To Install And Run Phpadsnew

(category: Ecommerce, Word count: 539)
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What is phpAdsNew? It is great script written in PHP which can be used to manage different ad campaigns on your website. PhpAdsNew supports banners of any size (including flash banners), pop-ups, text ads and many different types of rich media ads. Using this script you can manage third party ads, e.g. ads from banner exchanges. And the good message is that this script is free.

How to install phpAdsNew?

First, ensure that your web hosting provider offers PHP support (PHP 4.0.4 or higher) and MySQL database (3.23.3 or higher). Then download the zip or tgz package and unzip it to your hard drive. You can use WinZip or Total Commander to do this. Now upload the files to your web host. Change the permissions of the file using "chmod a+w". Create new MySQL database with any name, e.g. phpadsnew (or use existing database). Now you are able to run the installer. Point your browser to (or another folder where you copied the files). Follow the instruction on the screen and finish the installation process.

Another and easier solution how to install this PHP script is to sign up for a quality web hosting service which offers pre-installed PHP scripts. Then easily go to your control panel, find the section with pre-installed scripts and select phpAdsNew. The installer will do all the job for you. All you need to do is to choose the script you want to install.

How to run phpAdsNew?

Go to admin interface and create at least one zone. Zone is the place on your website where the ads will be displayed (e.g. top banner on the home page can be zone 1, bottom banner on the section page zone 2 etc.). Then create a new client. When you're done, create new campaign for this client. You can set up the zone(s), limit of banner / text ads / rich media... impressions, when the campaign will start and finish, the frequency at which the ad will be shown and many other options.

Ok, we have some campaigns now and they are sucessfully running. But every advertiser wants to check the results of his campaign. From this reason phpAdsNew has very detailed stats section. Your advertisers (or you if you use this script to manage your own ads) will be able to see how many times was particular ad viewed by the website visitors and click through rate (how many % of visitors clicked the ads). In addition, you can watch weekly and daily stats. Stats can be exported to *.csv file (data from *.csv files can be opened by software like MS Excel on your computer).

I hope you will find these information helpful when you will start using phpAdsNew. If you will need some advanced functions I suggest to open phpAdsNew/misc/documentation folder where are stored three *.pdf files with very detailed description of this script. The first one, administrator-guide.pdf, will help you with the installation process and configuration. Developer-guide.pdf is for advanced users with PHP knowledge. The most important file is user-guide.pdf which will provide you by all the functions. Btw. this file has 109 pages. Good luck!

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Outsourcing Email Management Companies Are Getting The Message

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Email is a company's lifeblood. Everyone from the corner office on down depends on it and expects 100 percent availability. They schedule meetings, assign tasks, answer questions, receive product orders, check progress and exchange friendly greetings - all with the click of a mouse. Communication among customers, employees and business partners has never been easier...Until something goes wrong.

An employee inadvertently opens the door to a virus that downs the entire system ... A heavy day of email volume overwhelms the allocated storage, impeding performance of other mission-critical IT functions ... Corporate counsel has asked that you turn over all emails from July of last year to settle a patent dispute, and you're not even sure if you have them. All the while several of your staff members are spending hours trying to solve these problems, while the more strategic and forward-thinking projects get put on hold ... again.

Managing corporate email systems has become a nightmare for companies and an expense that seemingly knows few bounds. Email systems grow so fast that what should be one of the most strategic tools at our disposal can quickly become an out-of-control beast that refuses to be tamed.

In fact, according to the Radicati Group, the number of mailboxes is expected to increase by 20 percent or more, and volume per user has grown by 53 percent over last year. No wonder system management is such a daunting task.

There's more at stake than convenience. Vulnerabilities are exposed as email volume grows, new viruses attack and CAN-SPAM-like government regulations become more convoluted. A downed email system interrupts business, slows productivity and disrupts potentially critical communication. And companies can be held financially liable for viruses that are inadvertently spread by an employee, or for questionable or inappropriate content transmitted from their systems.

Who's managing the Email Store?

Most larger companies still place the responsibility of managing their email systems on already overburdened and under-budgeted IT departments, expecting them to expand systems, prevent virus attacks, filter spam and develop archiving solutions - all with shrinking budgets and dwindling staffs. Most of the smaller companies don't even have that luxury; it's strictly do-it-yourself.

Some companies have never investigated how much maintaining their email systems internally is costing them - in actual dollars, hardware costs, IT resources, personnel time and lost revenues and/or productivity when the system is not available. The costs are high - it seems there's no end to the complexity involved in maintaining a corporate email system.

Most are increasingly heterogeneous, with end users across an organization using different versions and various email platforms - making management and maintenance time-consuming and more complicated than necessary. IT experts are forced to spend enormous amounts of time maintaining a non-strategic - albeit crucial - function while critical business objectives are set aside to meet the urgent email needs.

Meanwhile, system managers are constantly fending off attacks from new viruses and worms, and trying to beat back the influx of spam on already overloaded email inboxes. According to a study** conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 25 percent of Internet users have had their computer infected by a virus, most likely from an email message. They are coming fast and furious, and most companies are ill-prepared. Spam and virus filters are not very good, catching a lot of false positives and dumping potentially important email.

Free Up Your Personnel

A full 60 percent of the costs involved in maintaining a corporate email system come down to personnel, so it makes sense for midsize companies to consider outsourcing. Concerns that made companies hesitant in the past - worries about the consistency of an external data center, and fears that service providers wouldn't be able to support a globally hosted infrastructure - are non-issues today.

A study* by The Radicati Group, released in November, finds that corporations of all sizes are increasingly deploying hosted email solutions as opposed to in-house solutions. The analysts estimate that hosted email currently accounts for about 67 percent of all email accounts worldwide. This trend is attributed to complex in-house messaging solutions, spam and virus problems, storage pressures, compliance requirements and other driving factors.

Outsourcing management of a corporate email system is where another company hosts your system and is responsible for complete reliability and security - can be a wise decision for companies of any size that want to streamline their email operations and relieve their internal IT staffs of the burden. With the right email management services partner, outsourcing will save time, money and lost productivity by:

Freeing up your company's IT experts to focus on more strategic initiatives, furthering the company's core business objectives

Standardizing the email platform across an organization, bringing everything in sync and making the entire system more streamlined and efficient

Ensuring that your company will stay on top of virus and worm protection upgrades and complicated government compliance issues

Getting Started - If you are considering outsourcing your company's email management, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Scalability- Look for an IT services provider that can manage all the complexity behind implementing, securing, managing and scaling your email system. Make sure the company provides a wide range of services from which you can customize your relationship to meet your specific email needs - from a simple, low-cost shared MS Exchange server all the way to a multi-data center, load balanced service for larger companies with global offices.

Migration - Ask about the migration process and make sure it will be seamless, with minimal effort on the part of your internal IT department. To truly get an understanding of what to expect, you might want to get feedback from some of the company's existing and previous clients.

Uptime - While the goal obviously is 100 percent up-time, ask potential service providers what plans they have in place to deal with the unexpected. Find out about a disaster recovery plan - a procedure put into place from the beginning to help you save, store and recover data in case of an emergency.

Support Services - Also make sure the company provides fixed monthly costs, single sign-on capabilities, spam and virus filtering, integration with other services (fax, voicemail, etc.) and help-desk services.

Email will only continue to grow, with new complications at every turn. But with an outsourcing partner, you'll secure a complex messaging environment that will allow you to keep up with minimal effort, along with access to technology and expertise usually on a fixed-cost basis, while reducing thedemands on your IT staff.

*The Radicati Group study, "Hosted Email Market, 2004-2008," includes Market Trends, Forecasts, Corporate Attitudes, and in-depth analysis of both Corporate and Consumer Hosted Email Providers.

**The "Fear of Online Crime" study

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The Stress Of Car Boot Sales

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Spend the whole day before the event organising your clutter. In and out of the loft, back and forth to the shed. All those arguments about what can and can't go.

Clean your clutter. Well you do want a good price for it at the car boot sale!

Check that your car can carry the huge weight of the clutter to your local car boot ...

Check your cars tyres, check the petrol gauge. Complete all the rudimentary checks would normally undertake before going on a journey with half a ton of extra weight in the back.

Pack your car with the newly identified clutter.

Repack your car several times with the newly identified clutter until it actually fits.

Unpack your clutter when you realise your partner will not be able to get in the car.

Optional - Repack your car but leave several items out so your partner can get in the car. Or, buy a bigger car (or van, or lorry).

Plan your route. Take into consideration the extra time needed to travel this distance. There will be several thousand other cars doing the same journey.

Congratulations! - So, you're ready for the off in the morning. It's only taken you all day to sort the clutter and the car out.

Set your alarm clock for 5 o'clock in the morning - this is the very latest time you should look at getting out of bed.

Car boot sale day ...

It is morning and you now ache from all the hard work you accomplished the day before. Well, the day has just begun (although it may still be dark).

Be sure to make yourself a hearty breakfast. If you're going on your own you won't be able to leave the rear of your vehicle to get some food as someone might steal your clutter and your car (or parts of the car to sell on their stall).

Panic - you suddenly remember that you will need a table to set out your clutter on. The pasting table you used to decorate the bedroom. The rails you used to hang your clothes on whilst you decorated your bedroom. These are the perfect car boot sale accessories!

The journey to the car boot sale ...

You now set off on your journey to the car boot sale. A few hours later and a few miles up the road you realise that it's a bit foggy. It is not foggy. It is the fumes from all the cars on the road in front of you.

Eventually, you make it into the field where the car boot sale is being held. It is muddy. Did you bring an old pair of boots? Have a quick look round to see if anyone is selling some.

The car boot sale ...

You pay your pitch fee and you park your car. It's not so bad. The grass will grow again - some day.

Time to set up and wait for the first customer. But before you can get anything out, herds of strange folk come up to you and ask very forward questions. Like, "do you have any toys?". These people are dealers, they prey on the unsuspecting, looking for the ultimate bargain.

Now the following is more than likely to happen, considering this is Britain and here comes the rain. Did you bring the brolly? Remember, people pay less for soggy goods.

The customers flock by and some even stop to have a look. You feel uncomfortable. These people are looking at your personal belongings. They may be old but they are part of your history. Are they judging you? All you want is to get rid of the stuff and maybe earn enough money to recoup all you have laid out for the day.

Counting the cost of the car boot sale ...

The sale of your clutter goes quite well - not always the case. The average booter will take between

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Ssl Certificates Offer Website Security

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What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)? Basically, it is the standard security technology used to encrypt online data. SSL offers encrypted communication between the web server (server-side) and the customer's web browser (client-side) when transmitting personal information such as credit card number, name and address. The SSL protocol uses Certificate Authority (CA) to issue 'digital certificates' to the authenticated company.

The whole SSL process involves authenticating the server's identity, the website's identity and once the authentication is verified, the message will be sent in the form of encrypted information to the one who asked for a certificate. Usually, a browser requests a SSL certificate and in turn the web server supplies its public key with the requested certificate. Then, the browser has to verify whether the certificate issued is valid (certified by the authorized parties) and also should verify whether the SSL certificate issued comes from the particular website for which the request has been made.

An SSL certificate contains important details of the owner like his e-mail address, validity period, Distinguished Name along with the Common Name and also the certificate identification of the person who issues this information. The Certification Authority (CA) maintains an extensive list in which we can find names of the signed certificates and also more information about the revoked SSL certificates. Additionally, SSL increases the accountability and visibility of the company and creates goodwill and positive image among the customers. The certification maintains the integrity of the data passed to and fro between the browsers and web server (this is private and confidential). Thus, it's a good tool to meet the security, privacy, safety standards required to protect sensitive and personal data.

SSL is especially important when we give our credit card, personal information to e-commerce websites. SSL certification cannot easily be accessed by hackers because the certificates have the proper key to encrypt the data. Therefore, the security of the certificate is taken care off in all aspects so one can really rely on the Certificate Authority (CA).

The internet has undoubtedly created new opportunities for e-commerce. However, that development is also attracting an ever-increasing number of cyber criminals. A fraudulent web site made to look very alike to a legitimate website may try to entice innocent customers into revealing personal information unknowingly. The only solution to this problem is to take advantage of the Secure Sockets Layer technology and implement it on your website. On the bottom line, every website that deals with sensitive information like credit card numbers or any other critical person information should have proper SSL certifications in place to protect them and their customers.

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Kretek Clove Cigarettes From Indonesian

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The meaning of Clove cigarettes is "Kretek cigarettes" processed by famous Madura Tobacco from East Java and mixed of Indonesian nature clove or spices then produce sensational exotic fragrance from typical of Indonesia tropical island.

Kretek cigarettes sound more and more familiar for everyone then some people start to find out.. what the secret and contains of kretek cigarettes. Through the hygienic and quality processing make clove cigarettes lover sure and believe the kretek cigarettes have not matched from the other cigarettes product.

The popularity of clove cigarettes have almost spread World widely and also become one of the significant broadcasting sports sponsorship in Indonesian like FIFA World Cup 2006, League Calcio and League Premiership which is sponsored by official Djarum Super Soccer, KOBATAMA Basketball Competition by Sampoerna A Mild also Boxing Super Cup and La liga Soccer from Spain by Gudang Garam International. The clove cigarettes sponsorship Not only on sports program but also supporting the charity humanity program and musics entertainment.

The Clove Cigarettes lover keep faith of taste and quality never substitute to the other one and it is easy to find kretek cigarettes, in fact has many cigarettes on-line store emerge on latest which offer the various brands and discount prices. The various quotation with same quality and excellent services with priority of speed, safety and free for express delivery services is guaranteed.

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