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Is Your Email Marketing Working

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This is a question which is on the mind of all business owners who participate in an email marketing campaign for the purposes of promoting their business. In fact questions regarding the effectiveness of any type of marketing endeavor should be asked regularly to ensure the marketing efforts are producing the desired results. Asking these questions on a regular basis and continually evaluating the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign will help to ensure the email marketing campaign is working well and remains effective whenever changes are made to the marketing strategy. This article will highlight why it is so important to evaluate your email marketing strategy often and will also provide a few tips for evaluating your email marketing strategy.

Evaluating your email marketing strategy on a regular basis is very important because failure to do so may result in your efforts being essentially a waste of time. Email marketing may be a cost effective way to advertise your business but there is some time, money and energy involved in planning and executing an email marketing campaign. If the campaign is ineffective and nothing is done to attempt to make the email marketing campaign more effective your business is wasting resources by continuing to invest in this type of marketing strategy when it is not generating profit for your business or even interest in your products or services.

It is important to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy but it is even more important to set goals before you begin the process of evaluating your marketing efforts. This is important because without these goals it can be difficult to determine whether or not the email marketing efforts are effective. For example your goal may be to increase the number of sales you make per month. Evaluating whether or not you are generating more sales each month is a fairly simple process. However, if your goal is to generate more interest in your products you would use website traffic as opposed to sales to evaluate the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.

Once you have determined how you intend to evaluate you progress you should be able to easily determine the effectiveness of your current email marketing strategy as long as this is the only marketing you are currently doing. This is because if you have more than one marketing strategy in use at once you cannot be sure which strategy is driving customers to make purchases or visit your website. When you decide to evaluate your email marketing strategy according to specific goals you should take care to ensure you are not currently running other types of marketing in conjunction with your email marketing effort. This will help to prevent confusion about which type of marketing is producing the desired effect. It will also help to prevent business owners from mistakenly believing email marketing is producing a desired effect when it is actually another marketing strategy which is helping to product the desired effect.

Customer surveys are very important for evaluating the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. Asking customers how they heard about your products or services is an excellent way to determine whether or not many of your customers are being enticed to make a purchase based on your email marketing efforts. Additionally, these surveys can be used to obtain more detailed information about the email recipient's reaction to the email marketing campaign. Customers can provide valuable feedback about topics such as the layout and appearance of the email to the ease of readability of the content included in the email. All of this information can help a business owner determine how to design future emails to achieve a desired effect. Armed with this information the business owner can design subsequent emails which incorporate many of the qualities previous customers found to be useful and avoid qualities which were viewed as useless in the past.

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Viral Marketing At Its Best

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You may have heard of this before and for those that haven't, it's where you give away something for free that someone can also give away for free. If successful, your piece of information can spread like a virus, enticing thousands to buy from you.

So what's the secret. You need to release something valuable that can compare to another course selling for at least $100, for free. It really has to be exceptional for people to pass it on to their friends. Quality not quantity, the report needs to be excellent and if it's long, that's a bonus. Ellaborate as much as you can. It's the awesome principle, "you have to give before you get", in action.

You can start with a free report or develop a complete course. Keep your competitors in mind and write your material for them. If they can send one of your articles out to their database and put their affiliate links alongside it, their chances of making a sale are increased. In the same token, if the reader likes your article and clicks on your link, you have a chance of signing them up to your mailing list.

Work alongside your competitors and see them as partners rather than competitors. They have abetter chance to earn money by promoting your products and receiving a share rather than their own product all the time. Lift up your competitors and customise your material so that it adds value to what they're doing. By keeping in mind how you can promote them, your potential partners will be more excited about partnering with you. Make sure their product adds value to your customers and vice versa. You'll make a lot more money by working alongside partners in the same industry than you will alone. Think of all competitors as potential partners, find out how to add value to them, work on your free material and watch your profits soar!

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How To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers

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Every online business provides great service to generate satisfaction among their customers. As each and every customer receives satisfaction over their products or the services they get, there is a great chance that they will become a return customer and buy again. Better yet, they will recommend you to other people that could generate more business for you and your site.

As more traffic is driven to your site, you can entice many of them to subscribe to your mailing list or opt-in list. This is a list where in website visitors agree to be sent promotional materials such as newsletters, catalogs and such that could keep them updated about your site or the niche of your site. These promotional materials are sent via e-mail to the members of the list in different time intervals.

When using e-mail as the media of your marketing and advertisements, you eliminate the need for high costs. Email is free and if you can manage to make your own promotional advertisements you can also save a bundle there. With an opt-in subscribers list, you are pretty sure that what you are sending out is received, viewed and read by the subscribers and not simply being deleted. They have signed up for service and have consented in receiving it.

This means that there are constant reminders to your subscribers about all your products, new products and services as well as any promotions and special deals you are having. There is also the chance that they can be forwarded to other potential customers as they tell their friends and families about you and your site.

Of course you should be also aware that a subscriber may unsubscribe when they feel that they are not getting what they want or expected. Make sure that they are satisfied with your opt-in marketing strategies and keep them excited in receiving your newsletters and catalogs. Here are some tips that can help you build a list of eager subscribers.

Make your promotional materials interesting and fun. Try to use a little creativity but not too over artsy. Build around what your product or service is about. For example; if you are selling car parts, put some pictures of what is new in the auto parts world, a new wing door possibly that can fit any car and make it look like a Lamborghini.

Try to research what people are looking for, these way, you stay one step ahead of them all the time and you will be their bearer of new tidings. They will be eager to receive what you are sending them because they new you always have fresh and new things to share with them.

Write good articles that can be very informational but light at the same time. If your subscribers enjoy your articles, they will go to your site by clicking the links that you will be putting on your newsletter to read some more. You can provide articles that can connect to many people. Be diverse in your articles. Put something humorous, then put something informational, then put something that has both.

Are you wary about this because you don't like writing? No problem, there are many professional and experienced article writers that can do the job for you for minimal fees. They know what they are doing and can provide the need that you have for your newsletters, the money that you pay for your articles are going to be met by the many sign-ups and the potential profit from the sales that you will get.

Create and send an E-book to your customers about anything that is related to your business or site. Use your knowledge and expertise in the field you have chosen to help other people who are similarly interested. Offer this e-book for free. You can write about anything informational and helpful to your subscribers. For example; you can do manuals and guides in so many things. This e-book could be used as a reference for many people.

Share this e-book with everyone, even other sites; just make sure that they don't change the links in the e-book that will lead people to your site. If you want, you can always get some people to write it for you just like your articles. Your investment once again will be covered by the great marketing this will generate.

Add e-coupons in your newsletters that will help them avail to special discounts. Put a control number in your e-coupon so that they can only be used once. When people get discounts that can be found in your newsletters, they will be eager to receive your newsletter in anticipation of what you are promoting next.

If your subscribers can get benefits from your newsletters, they will be very eager to receive them. Just don't flood your mailing list with mails so that you don't annoy your subscribers.

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Email Search What The

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I am writing this article with no background whatsoever in its topic. I really have no idea what an email search really is and so in the next few paragraphs I will consider what I can be as well as the utility of such a thing.

Email search... ...well I guess it could be a new computer users search for the ever elusive email account of their own. But then again this person would literally have to be senseless because everyone and their brother is bombarded with offers for free email accounts from all manner of connections including your magazine subscription, your church, your school, your favorite restaurant etc. So if it is really someone looking for an inbox of there own it is more a "weed-out" than a search because you will do more turning down of offers than searching them out.

So what else could it be? Well here maybe is a more legitimate possibility, especially as the computer age completely overtakes us. Rather than doing a snail mail address search, or a phone number search, maybe an email search is the hunt that we all do when we want to contact somebody but don't know how. I know for a fact that I find email way more convenient to use as a line of communication than the other two aforementioned modes and so if I wanted to make a connection with someone for some reason or other I may just get on the internet and look for a way to find their email address. In fact I have done this many a time when searching for a way to get a hold of a classmate or a professor on my school's web page.

An email search could also be an effort to locate talent, or a long lost or newly discovered relative, over the email. It could be the search for a lost email that wound up not getting to its intended recipient, it could be investigative work that is looking high an low for an email that contains something really incriminating. It could be a hunt for a list of potential customers for a certain product that will allow the salesman to carry out an email campaign to this list of a targeted audience so that he can increase his sales ratio. Couldn't it?

Well I am glad that this email search article is coming to a close because I am not sure that I could come up with any more possibilities for this elusive concept. And so with not really any sadness at all I will now give up and bring these sorry paragraphs to a close.

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Effectively Monitor The Progress Of Your Email Communications With Mail Tracking Tools

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The rise of Internet accessibility to the masses has revolutionized the way people work, play and communicate. Email communication has become the most popular means of information exchange in business and personal use. Personal computers, notebook, hand held devices and cellular telephones all allow you to communicate via email.

Email has rapidly grown to rival the telephone as the centerpiece of effective communication. Although email tends to be less personal than a voice conversation, it has become a preferred means of exchanging data such as quotations, invoices, literature, references, contact information, pictures, URLs, files and many other online resources. This phenomenon has given rise to the misuse and malicious use of email.

Many of us spend countless hours weeding through Spam messages. Those with tight email filters wake up in a cold sweat wondering if that one important message got sent to the Spam folder. Even though some governments have taken steps to curb Spam, most people spend about 20 minutes a day deleting messages offering better mortgage rates, free vacations or cheap Viagra. It is no wonder that many businesses are turning to email tracking services to ensure that their valuable information is being delivered to the right person and read.

I am sure you would not be surprised that not every email that you send is received or read by the intended recipient. There are many reasons for these lost communication nuggets including Spam filtering, overloaded inbox, forwarding rules or simple avoidance. The solution is email tracking!

What is email tracking?

Email tracking is a means of ensuring that your email is matched with its intended recipient. It utilizes secure, digitally time-stamped certificates to reveal the exact time and date that your e-mail was received - and read.

Additional notification options may include how long it was read for, who read it, the approximate physical location of the reader, whether or not your email was forwarded to someone else, what kind of computer was used to read it, what file formats the reader can accept (eg. PDF, MS Word, Excel), whether or not your email has been published on the Internet and countless other tracking mechanisms.

Why track your email?

Many businesses find it imperative to determine if prospective customers receive and read their messages from email promotions, request for quotations or product information. Email tracking is the most effective way of identifying whether the campaign was effective. Sales managers often wonder if their sales representatives are being thorough in their email communication. Email tracking provides a tool for accountability. Special reports can identify number of messages sent and amount of time spent by the recipient reading the message.

What if you sent a quotation with the wrong numbers? If the email has not been read, you may even be able to retract or delete the email. Some tracking services even allow you to create self-destruct or email that can be retracted after a period of time. If the email is never opened or assumed to be lost, you could retract the old message and/or send a new message.

Tagging messages and watching their progress adds to secure communications. Many medical, law enforcement and legal firms utilize this service to enhance security of sensitive information. Email tracking helps ensure information is read by the right person!

Some companies may opt to set up their own servers in order to keep control internally and others may use an online service. Both options are available from a number of providers. I recently visited to take a test drive. It was very simple to use this service.

Do you want to try email tracking yourself?

Simply get a free account at (or another free email tracking competitor) and start sending your emails with an added extension Therefore, if you want to send a tracked message to, you simply add the extension as follows As the email message travels across the world wide web, you will get notification of its various stages.

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Inside The List Building Your Business With An Opt In Email List

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Inside The List is an all in one place reference guide to building your business with an opt-in email list. More on Inside the List in a moment, but first you might be asking, what's the deal with email marketing? Do I really need to bother to build a list? Also you might be worried that email marketing may offend some people.

Well I'm going to address those questions for you in this article, and give you some email marketing tips to boot.

Email marketing is quite simply one of the most effective marketing methods today, as virtually almost all people use email. Check on those email fields or blanks required to be filled up on various forms needed in processing different transactions in the modern day.

Email marketing campaigns can offend a lot of people. The not-so secret way to surmount this dilemma is through permission-based advertising. There's no harm in providing good information (stealth marketing) after asking for permission. That's where the opt-in bit comes in, it ensures that your list member wants to be on your list and also protects you against SPAM allegations.

The key is to be very selective on who to email and who to not email. Better to look for some metrics on how to know which group of people would give you high ROI or return on investment.

The Real Deal with Building Opt-in List

Building an opt-in list is not a piece of cake particularly for the uninitiated. Here's a few ways you can benefit from employing the power of email marketing campaigns - building an opt-in list.

Here is a rundown of tips on how to succeed in this kind of marketing endeavor.

1. Strategic Collection of Data

Know which information from your audiences will help you in lowering expenses and/or make sales flourish. Devise a tactic to make people voluntarily provide you with the information necessary to create higher conversion.

Overload of data is not good. Ask only for opt-in, with their full name and email addresses. Make sure that the profiles that you gather are updated to aid in improving the relevance, timeliness and satisfaction from each deal you make.

2. Good Implementation

Old adage says it all - 'action speaks louder than words'. This easily translates to the difficulty you have to undergo during the execution of his or her email marketing efforts. It's a good thing that various methods, often low-cost, abound to hasten and facilitate the building up of your opt-in database.

Tracking your email marketing results can pose great hardship, too. Technology and relevant sources should be employed in making this aspect of your marketing a lot manageable. Your high traffic groups of opt-ins with the greatest result should be taken noted of.

The following are the most widely used methods to leverage channels without overspending:

1. Make use of websites.

It is an excellent tool for data collation and providing you with relevant info regarding your email offers. Use forms that solicit your visitor's email address and consent.

2. Make use of print ads, brochures, TV, radio and direct mail.

These are the more popular ways of marketing aiming to lead traffic to one's site. You may want to ask for signups for email services. Make your website more visible through these media. Offering free electronic newsletters and or rewards program can do well in making it easy to win the nod of your audiences, too.

3. Maximize your sales force.

Customer service associates can help a lot in making you benefit more from your email correspondence. Sales people with proper education on how to aid you in this endeavor can very well contribute to higher ROI. Techniques like offering account updates and special programs through email can easily land you those lists of valuable visitors.

4. Don't make your point of sale pointless.

Forms for signup located at cash registers and other high-traffic and highly visible spots can be very excellent venues for your business to collect email addresses. Notification of upcoming sales through their email addresses and names can coax them to supply you with the information you need.

5. Conferences or trade shows can work, too.

Giveaway offers or entries on sweepstakes are great for opt-in to volunteer their contact details.

These tactics should be applied with adequate caution and should focus on earning the trust of your opt-in list instead of simply collating data for your sole own benefit. Always make sure that the forms that you will use and other methods that you will employ will not necessitate too much fuss to subscribe. This is for people to not be annoyed during the process of data supplication.

With that bunch of information, who can ever go wrong with the feat of building an opt-in list? Well, you can, but hopefully you know agree that there is much to be gained from building an effectively targeted opt-in list. And that provided you make sure your list member has opted-in, and that your provide quality and relevant content there should be no reason to worry about giving offence, after all they can always opt-out.

What's the deal with Inside the List then?

Inside the List confirms in significant detail how an opt-in email list is the unmatched, most valuable marketing tool available on the Internet today. You probably already realize that "attacking" the internet Marketing industry using different techniques is the best way to achieve a very high level of success, to create multiple income streams and to continue to grow with the industry. Well the best technique is opt-in email marketing.

It is written in an honest narrative that both a newbie and non-technically minded beginner can understand and yet is jam-packed with unique and advanced strategies for experienced internet marketers alike. Inside The List takes you by the hand and leads you step by step, initially explaining the concept of Email Marketing, showing you in easy to follow steps how to set up an Autoresponder account and campaign correctly and efficiently to generate an income simply by sending out emails to your growing list. It also provides additional valuable resources and tips.

To give you a feel for the depth of coverage in this definitive guide, here is the book's content:

Section 1 - Introduction

Welcome to Inside The List

About the Authors

Why Our Techniques Work

Section 2 - Getting Started

Introduction to Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Intro to Autoresponders

Autoresponder Benefits

Setting up an Autoresponder

Section 3 - Leads

Capturing Leads

Short Copy Squeeze Pages

Long Copy Squeeze Pages

Short or Long Copy?

Collecting Subscribers from an Existing Webpage

Collecting Visitor Information

Section 4 - Mailing List Offers

Offering Incentives

Follow-up Messages

Broadcast Messages


Quick Promoter Technique


Section 5 - Utilizing List Potential

Utilizing List Potential

Open Rates

Case Study: Increasing Open Rates

Email Linking Strategies

Email Timing


Case Study: Free Internet Marketing Course

Section 6 Advanced List Settings

Advanced List Settings


Custom Views

Email Personalization & Dynamic Inserts

Aweber Email Parser

Section 7 - Squeeze Page Techniques

Advanced Squeeze Page Techniques

Mailing Lists and DPO

Redirecting Signups

Section 8 - Generating Traffic

Free Traffic Sources

Paid Traffic Sources

Targeting Your Traffic: Channels

Targeting Your Traffic: Audiences

Section 9 - Bonus Section

Bonus Section

10 Hottest Mailing List Markets

How to Create Incentives

Promoting Gambling & Pharmaceuticals

Adsense and Mailing Lists

Product Hype with Mailing Lists

Killer Ad Writing Techniques

Freeware & Mailing Lists

Squeeze Page Templates

Section 10 - Summary


More about Kyle & Carson

Section 11 - Resources

Useful Links


The authors of Inside The List are Email Marketing 'experts' who are have used the techniques taught to increase profits 500% and take their online income to circa $3000 per day profit. I have personally utilized the techniques taught so far by Carson & Kyle in all my online campaigns and seen a dramatic improvement in my profits.

Email Marketing has a bad name because of the word SPAM. Does "Inside The List" focus on spam? No, not in any way, shape, or form. We all hate spam with a vengeance, because it is VERY annoying. But targeted email marketing techniques using verified opt-in mailing lists where subscribers manually sign up to your list are beneficial to your subscribers, and hands down the most effective marketing tool available.

If you don't know how to get started with an autoresponder, a lead capture page and other basic mechanics then Inside the List will be very beneficial to you. It will help you to get started, but much more understand your subscribers, know their pain, know how they feel, what they want, how you can help THEM. A quality email list provides you with a direct line of communication with your target market, but importantly it enables you to develop a long-term trusting relationship with your subscribers.

The key to using an opt-in list effectively is to develop quality and quantity. You can without doubt, use opt-in mailing lists to create HUGE amounts of money online each and every month, and as an Internet Marketer they should become a VERY integral part of your success online. If you've struggled with this, this article will reveal some of the most effective methods used to build an opt-in list. If you're not using these methods, you're leaving cash on the table every single week.

If you really want to build a responsive and massive opt-in list, you MUST initially capture your potential subscribers. An effective way to do this is taught in Inside the List, that is the use of a squeeze page, which can gain achieve sign up rates as high as 80%, especially by using an incentive. Alternatively, and if you have and existing web page, you can utilise an opt-in form, using the code that your autoresponder service provides. To increase your subscriptions even further, you can also place a subscription box on each page of your website.

There are many techniques to getting people onto a targeted list, BUT put yourself in their place, ask "Why would they want to subscribe to your list ?" You MUST give your visitors a reason to subscribe. Get Inside the head of your List.


Using incentives is a highly effective method of obtaining new subscribers. Incentives can be quite different, but they ALL must provide value to your list AND be highly relevant to your target audience. Furthermore, these incentives should be free, and delivered to the visitor instantly upon signing up to you mailing list.

Examples include:

- Free e-books

- Free e-courses

- Free newsletters

- Ezines

- Product Updates

- Special reports

- Special software programs that will assist your visitors

- Member exclusives or discounts

If you're not comfortable developing your own incentive, there are many to be found online.

Once you have generated a large list of opt-ins you will need to utilize it effectively as a profit source. You will need to learn about email open rates, email linking strategies, timing and how to increase click-through and conversion rates. In short you need to learn how to work the list. You need to understand the techniques and processes taught in Inside The List!


The key to profiting from an opt-in list is maintaining quality and attentive subscribers, and over time building quantity. The rapport you build with your subscribers will determine your relative success. They subscribed for a reason. If you don't keep this front of mind and provide relevant and quality content you'll lose them.

Once you've developed an affinity with your opt-ins, you have effectively got inside their heads, and your email marketing will then be a very effective method of promotion, which should pay you handsomely time and time again. You are throwing away thousands of dollars every year if you are not using email marketing in your internet marketing arsenal, and if you need help getting started, Inside the List, an all-in-one reference and instructional guide may well best investment you have ever made in your internet marketing future.

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The Truth About Mailing List Advertising

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Are you fond of lists or not? I think that I am. It hasn't been anything that I've been explicitly fostering or anything. I can think back about some pretty about solid lists that I made in detention with friends, like "13 Ways to Squash Pete Gomash". To this day it's not unlike me to call up a friend and initially bullet a list of "important" subjects to be discussed and the order that I'd prefer they were taken up. I do the same thing with emails. And scribbling down my name on the mailing lists for CalSurf and 7th St. Entry virtually changed my life in 8th grade.

But they were the type of mailing list advertisements that necessitated self initiated action by the consumer. Mailing lists, especially online, and my unwanted participation has multiplied themselves like the rats my sister used to keep in our backyard. When I find it considerate for a company to offer me an opt-out choice in the small print, I know that something has gone awry. But what is it that is at the root of mailing list advertising's current problematic nature?

I think it all started in 1789 with a kindly chap by the name of Adam Smith. I believe Mr. Smith's ideas on human nature and utilizing those inherent urges in the form of competition in order to raise the general well-being of society, really were intended with good intentions. However, unintended consequences have resulted from the laissez-faire approach to markets that Mr. Smith proposed.

My intention here isn't to consider the economic implications of a liberalized market economy, but rather the socio-psychological. What effects are brought upon a community that has from birth the invaluable merits of competition thrust upon them? It is my contention that the results are an extreme difficulty in combining the actions of community mindedness with personal gain at any cost.

I can't blame a single person of firm for behaving in exactly the manner in which the system that they operate has taught them, but I feel that a re-examination of our system is much over due. Mailing list advertising that gives not an iota of consideration to the unwelcoming client is simply a product of its environment and I think the environment needs to change.

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Why Not Email Marketing

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If you are currently participating in other types of Internet marketing but not email marketing you should seriously consider why you are avoiding this type of advertising. This is important because email marketing can be a very important part of an Internet marketing campaign. Many business owners avoid email marketing for fear of being accused of spamming. Internet markets may not have a clear understanding of what is spam and what is not so they avoid participation in email marketing campaigns to avoid the potential for being labeled a spammer.

Why are Internet marketers so afraid of being accused of being purveyors of spam? This is a common fear for a number of reasons. First of all there may be harsh penalties associated with sending spam emails. Recipients of spam have the option of reporting the spam to their Internet service provider who will investigate the validity of the claim. If the originator of the email is determined to be a spammer there can be harsh consequences.

Internet marketers are also afraid of email marketing because they believe it will not be well received by potential customers. This is an important concept because Internet users are bombarded with spam each day. Receiving this quantity of spam each day can be frustrating and can anger some Internet users. These Internet users are not likely to be receptive to email marketing. The fear that these potential customers will view email marketing and stray to competitors keeps many Internet marketers from taking advantage of this type of marketing strategy.

However, it is important to note that despite the prevalent problem with spam, many Internet users are quite receptive to email marketing. This is especially true in situations where they specifically requested to receive more information from the business owner regarding his products and services. Potential clients are particularly receptive to email marketing which provides something of value to the recipient of the email. Emails which contain in depth articles, useful tips or product reviews may be appreciated by consumers.

Additionally, items such as e-newsletters and correspondence courses offered via email can be of particular interest to potential customers. E-newsletters are typically longer documents than traditional email marketing pieces and can provide a great deal of additional information to the email recipient. Email correspondence courses may be offered in short segments and typically amount to a significant amount of information which is likely to be greatly appreciated by the email recipients.

One final way to prevent email recipients from viewing your email marketing efforts as spam is to only send the emails to recipients who register with your website and specifically request for you to send them additional information and promotional materials. This opt in formula is ideal because it ensures you are not wasting your email marketing efforts on recipients who are not interested in your products or services. It also ensures the recipients of the email marketing campaign do not view the informative and promotional materials they are receiving as spam. This technique for compiling an email distribution list is quite effective but it is important to remember you should always include information on how recipients can opt out of receiving future emails, is a great service to help with this. This is important because the email recipients may have once been interested in receiving marketing emails but over time this may change. If they are no longer interested in these emails, they may begin to view the emails as spam if they are not given the option of being removed from the distribution list.

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Design An Email Newsletter For Viral Marketing

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The term 'viral marketing' was originally referenced in Greek Athenian histories, to be finally coined in the late 1990s by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson. The term 'viral marketing' is commonly defined as network-enhanced word-of-mouth.

Viral marketing is considered to be very similar to network marketing. It is proven that the typical Internet user is very vocal about their online experiences. So in this way, for each person you reach, you will be reaching a group of friends. Viral marketing is all based on their vocal online experiences. A typical example of viral marketing is a reputed firm sending out, say birthday greeting cards. At the bottom of the card will be the option of giving the card to the sender or to anyone else you might like. This is viral marketing in action! Or if perhaps you have a newsletter, or write articles for some newsletter, you could add a line at the bottom of the article saying," Know someone who would be interested in this? Click here to email it to them!" the prospective client is sure to click on this icon.

Viral marketing is considered to be a virus that is carried over the Internet to various web hosts or people. This virus is stealthy, patient and cunning, and is a very cost-effective way to generate awareness of a product or service to the audience. Basically, a viral campaign is said to scale easily from small to very large. This means that the campaign starts with only about ten people knowing about the product to be marketed. These ten people then in turn tell another ten people each, making it a hundred people who know about the product. This is sure a cheap means of advertisement as no money is used for advertisement. There is no need of making a new form of communication network for viral marketing as it usually utilizes the existing communication networks existing for the product and the computer. Viral marketing is indeed a great means of giving away seemingly valuable products, series or content to the general audience. Not only that, the virus takes advantage of other's resources, without having to have any resource of their own.

Now learning about viral marketing, you may feel like creating your own virus for marketing. However to create your own virus, you have to understand what exactly constitutes a successful virus. To create a successful virus, you have to have creativity and originality to make the virus authentic. Now that the virus has been created, knowledge of how viruses are spread has to be learned. The most important thing to remember sit that if the email, website, application or video of the virus being shared is not unique and informative, it will never become viral. The virus has to originate from a credible entity otherwise it will be mistaken as blatant advertising and thus be immediately discredited. Finally, if the leave-behind message on the website does not resonate with the target audience, then it will be a waste of time.

Viral campaigns usually have three stages, seed, germination and growth. Just like plants need the seed to be of quality genetic material to thrive and then successfully get germinated and receive proper nutrients to grow, online viruses too need this same treatment. Viral marketing has to start with a great campaign that grows with its advertisement through word of mouth of the people. However, there are situations wherein viral marketing too fails. The reasons for failure are usually incompatibility with the brand, irrelevance to target audience, unrealistic expectations and lack of sustainability. So remember, if the campaign is inconsistent with core brand attributes, or doesn't map to existing marketing objectives, the viral marketing is sure to fail. If the message of the product does not resonate with the target audience, then there is sure to be some failure on the campaign here.

Then of course for all this, one can design an email newsletter for the marketing if needed. The newsletter has to, like other newsletters, have a detailed description of the product to be marketed. Then there can be graphics to enhance the look of the newsletter, but in reality, black text on a white background gives terrific response from the audience. There should also be a subscription link in the newsletter so that the prospective buyer can subscribe to the newsletter if interested. The contact information too is important for you as you can then send emails telling the customers abut any new product that you may have!

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