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Senior Companion Franchising Opportunities

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New medical procedures and healthier lifestyles are letting people live more years than at any time in the past, putting many people trying to find ways to adjust to the demands of old age. Now that the hippie generation is soon reaching old age the number of elderly citizens is only going to get larger and larger. Owners of senior care franchises can take advantage of the population boom and be in place to join in the number one franchise market in a very long time. Senior care franchise opportunities can also be called in home care business opportunities because they also provide personal home care for adults that may have physical or mental problems not related to age, and the very sick, that require constant attention. With the thousands requiring caretaking there has never been a better time to buy into an senior care business than right now.

Almost all senior or adult care franchise opportunities can be home based franchising opportunities because often times specialized care is given in the clients own home. Care for seniors franchise companies are one of the best home based business opportunities that can be controlled at home in a simple office while still growing fast, possibly even more quickly, than any other type of home based business. If a person likes to stay home enough to work from it will know the importance to remain at their house in sick times, this understanding makes the adult care franchise owner better.

Part of owning and running a successful senior care business is to furnish company, and to a incapacitated person having someone to talk to is priceless. Many seniors often get tired of being old and sick and that hastens their move to leave home and go to a nursing home. When a person is talking and listening to them it removes some of the stress of lonliness. Many care taking services staffs multiple people for a clients care so the time together is more rewarding for everyone involved. Something to consider when running a business like this is the home care taking business is to match personalities to avoid conflicts.

Franchise companies desire for the entrepreneur to be successful so they provide top quality franchise education programs, and senior care franchises are no exception. As with any good business owners of companion care franchises must know business operation standards including, but not limited to, serve the customer, how to run the day to day operations, and record keeping. Another very important part of running a business is hiring honest workers, employees that will be going into the homes of customers. Before purchasing a franchise check to see that the franchise opportunity offers the best franchise training that includes plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of the business, good materials to learn from and to use when you need to look up something later, and first hand interactions. Before buying a franchise make sure it meets all training needs, and if a franchise does not offer first rate training it is terrible.

Things to look at are the marketing support departments and ongoing support. Marketing can be very difficult to understand, but there is little reason for an business entrepreneur to deal with the marketing precisely because a lot of franchises takes care of the advertising for their franchise opportunity owners. Franchise businesses usually will have data on the most dependable get the word out about a business locally also. With an adult care business referrals are a great way to get new jobs and by having a senior care franchise referrals are very common. a good support department comes with good franchising opportunity, including those that are in this category of franchise. The company is there to help and wants you to do well just as much as you do, that is why the franchise comapny assists the franchisee along the way as the entrepreneur finds new issues and obstacles.

There are not many opportunities that a person can put their money into that provides the chance to help those less fortunate. If you can be successful while at the same time making the world around you a little bit nicer you get the financial benefits. The long hours called for to make a business succeed are not as bad when every day you live with the knowledge that you've made the lives of individuals and families gentler. The aged population is is expected to grow by 100 percent over the next few decades it's time to to secure your own future and purchase an in home senior care franchise.

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Top Five Reasons To Establish Business Credit

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Too Many business owners are using their personal credit to finance the launch, expansion or growth of their business. A majority of business owners have no idea what business is or how to establish it. By following a few simple steps any business owner can establishing business credit, therefore, separating their personal credit from their business credit.

When business owners use personal credit card to pay for business expenses, the debt of the business reports back to their personal credit reports which lowers their scores because their business debts hurt their personal debt to income ratio.

To help prevent business owners from damaging their personal credit, every business owner should follow the simple steps of establishing business credit. By establishing business credit the debt of the business will report to the business credit file and not the personal credit file. Establishing business credit will also help the business build a strong business credit file so loans, lines of credit wont require the business owner to sign a personal guarantee.

Here are just a few reasons why every business owner should establish business credit.

1. Establish creditability. You cant expect to walk into a bank and ask for a business loan with no business credit or business history. By establishing a good business credit profile you will be able to secure the financing your business needs.

2. If your business should fail, you would still be legally responsible if you used your personal credit to finance your business

3. Saving money. Thats right, business credit rates are typically lower than personal credit rates. A few percentage points in interest mean thousands of dollars in the long run

4. Float your business through tough times. Even though everything make be going great currently, you never know when your company will take a turn for the worse or when economic times might change. By establishing business credit you will be prepared for the down time.

5. Get the money you need. Lets face it, without the money you need to finance the launch or expansion of your business you really wont be in business at all. Dont make the mistake of using your personal finances to finance you business.

The are many, many more reasons why you should establish business credit. We have all heard the saying, "keep business expenses separate from personal expenses," right? The only way to do that is to set up your business properly in the first place by establishing business credit.

If you are interested in learning...

-What rights does a business owner have if there is incorrect information on a credit report?

-How do I obtain a business credit score?

-What do business lenders look at in order to extend business credit?

-Where do you find companies that grant credit?

-Which companies report to the business credit bureaus?

-What credit cards companies do not require personal guarantees?

Then I suggest you start the education process of learing how to establish business credit!

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Tips For Starting A Franchise

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It's estimated that a new franchise opens every eight minutes in the U.S.-and with good reason. The American franchise industry accounts for 40 percent of all retail sales in America.

What Is A Franchise?

The U.S. Small Business Administration says that generally, a franchisee sells goods or services supplied by the franchisor or that meet the franchisor's quality standards.

Starting Up

If you're thinking of starting a franchise, analysts suggest taking a look at the local market and deciding what consumer needs exist. That's one reason many people open auto-related franchises. There are millions of cars in the U.S. and one franchise company, called 1-800-Radiator, estimates that any car older than seven years and with more than 50,000 miles is a probable candidate for a radiator boil over.

The company has turned that fact into profits and it now has franchises across the U.S. The company arranges fast and inexpensive radiator delivery by providing radiators within two to three hours. Their customer base is made up of auto parts stores, mechanics and auto repair shops. In just 13 years, 1-800-Radiator grew from a $3 million company to one with over $70 million in revenues. The following can help answer questions about franchising with the company:

Q: Do I need automotive experience or knowledge about radiators?

A: To become a franchisee you do not need any automotive knowledge or experience. The company has spent millions of dollars on systems that give franchisees a competitive advantage. For instance, the franchise's Internet-based system tracks every phone call, mailing, visit and sale for every customer it reaches. That data helps franchises provide better service and helps build a market of repeat customers.

Auto-Related Industries Present A Variety Of Franchise Opportunities

Q: How do I deal with larger competitors?

A: The company has stood up to larger competitors by using its systems to fine-tune its marketing, point-of-sale product database, and inventory management to gain a competitive edge in the market and an increase in revenue, direct mailings, phone blitzes and sales promotions to gain market share.

Q: What happens at start-up?

A: When a new franchise opens, the company sends in a "blitz crew" that calls on all the existing customers and tells them that there is now a new location nearby that will deliver their radiators in the same day.

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Retirement Plans For Solo Entrepreneurs

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Saving for retirement is even more important for solo-entrepreneurs because you don't have a company sponsored pension plan or matching 401K contributions to rely on. There are many retirement plans available to self employed individuals and small businesses. Which one is right for you?

Here is just a sample of the retirement plans available to solo-preneurs and small businesses:

Roth IRA - although this is not just for solo-preneurs, this is the first place you should look to save if you are just starting to save for retirement (or resuming to save after starting a business). Roth IRAs are low-cost, very flexible, and allow you to grow money tax-free as long as you follow the distribution rules. Contributions can be made up to $4,000, and can be withdrawn at any time without tax or penalty (earnings withdrawn may be subject to penalty and tax if withdrawn before age 59

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The Most Unusual Businesses

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Since childhood I've had an interest in unusual businesses. I grew up with four brothers, and when it was time to vote for which television show we would watch, I sold my vote to the highest bidder. You could call that the business of politics. I collected the paper-wads that fell all over when my brothers had their wars, and then sold them back to them for a couple cents each. I was a war profiteer in the paper-wad wars. I also sold candy out of a hollow book in school.

My business activities were more conventional as an adult, but I still loved to hear about and read about the more unusual businesses. Sitting around a fire in an Arizona desert, I once talked to a man who sold used stuffed animals on the side of the highway. He claimed he sold $3000 worth his first month.

The Most Unusual Businesses

Then there was the guy I talked to in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who collected the bodies of dead deer. The county needed the deer carcasses off the roadsides for health reasons. They contracted with this guy for $25 per body. I'm not sure how he disposed of them, but maybe his other business was providing meat to dog food companies.

When I was living in Traverse City, Michigan, someone started a dog poop cleaning business. Want the dog without the responsibility of cleaning the yard? Call A-1 Pooper Scooper. I'm not sure if this would be better or worse than the dead deer collecting business.

Right here in Tucson, Arizona, there is a man who takes leaves from palm trees and twists and turns them into amazing animal sculptures. He sells these for anywhere from $2 to $12 in the street. The palm-leaf scorpions are the best. He just grabs leaves from the nearest palm tree and he can sell dozens of these in a day.

Unusual Online Businesses

Maybe you remember a few weird businesses from back before Ebay got all their rules. One woman made thousands per month selling used panties to fetishists. She bought new panties for her friends, who got them for free as long as they returned them to her unwashed, trading them in for the next new pair. The used and unwashed panties sold for $10 or more on Ebay auctions and they sold fast.

Perhaps you have heard about the online fantasy role-playing game called "Runescape." It has four million players now. What you might not know is that in addition to buying "virtual real estate" in the game, and earning online gold pieces, you can buy these game things for real cash. There are Runescape entrepreneurs who sell their online houses in the game for hundreds of real U.S. dollars. I think it would start to get confusing - what is real here and what isn't?

Then there was the guy in who decided last year to finance college by selling one million pixels of advertising space on his web page for a dollar per pixel. You had to buy a minimum of 100 pixels and you could have any image you wanted linking to anywhere you wanted. He succeeded in selling all one million within a few months. Maybe it's time for me to get back into unusual businesses.

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Running Your Own Business The Options

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Very few people ever got rich by working for someone else. Leaving aside pop musicians, sportsmen and similarly gifted people, the only way to acquire wealth by work is to build a business of your own. The type of business you decide upon will depend on: a) how much money you have available as start-up capital and working capital; b) your business idea; and c) your confidence level.

There are three types of business: 1) the traditional one in which you are reliant solely on your own efforts; 2) a franchise where you follow a proven idea and receive considerable training and back-up from the franchise company; and 3) network marketing.

Each business type has its pros and cons.

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New Business Trading Equity For Cash

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You awake in the middle of the night with a business idea that will change the world. The only problem, of course, is you need money to get the business moving. What do you do?

Investors and Equity

Practically every economy is built upon the backs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Every day someone comes up with an idea that will make a great business. Every day, these same people wonder how they will come up with the cash to get the business off the ground. The classic answer is to look for investors, and this is where things can go bad.

If you're seeking investors for your business, you are going to need to form a business entity. Corporations and limited liability companies are the most popular, and give you the ability to trade ownership interest in exchange for cash contributions. With a corporation, investors will buy shares in the corporation. With limited liability companies, the investors will buy membership interests. Regardless, this traditional exchange gives rise to a problem common among small business owners, to wit, giving away too much equity.

From Joy to Misery

A common mistake made by new business owners is to give away too much equity when getting initial cash contributions. This occurs because you let insecurities impact you evaluation of the business. Instead of giving away two percent of equity in exchange for $50,000, you give away ten percent. Let's look at an example.

I start a business selling digital gadgets. I prepare my business plan and realize I need $250,000 to get everything up and running. I have $50,000, but need to find the rest somewhere. I form a corporation with 1,000 shares and start approaching potential investors. I offer 100 shares for $25,000. I find five investors that give me $125,000 in exchange for 500 total shares. In summary, I now have $175,000, but have given away half the equity in the business. While I am not happy about this, I am still so enthused about the business idea that I shrug it off.

The business gets rolling and I start selling gadgets like a madman after one year. This gives rise to a serious cash problem. I am getting orders, but can't fill them because of cash flow problems. To make a proper go of the business, I need another $100,000.

Where am I going to get $100,000? My business is only one year old, so a bank won't touch it. My investors haven't seen penny one back, and are unwilling to put more money in. My only option is to sell another 400 shares for $100,000. Fortunately, I sell the shares, raise the money and stay in business. However, there is a major problem.

In raising all of this money, I have now sold off ninety percent of the equity in the business. I am left owning 100 shares and only 10 percent of the business. This is going to severely impact my physical, emotionally and overall motivational well being. Slowly but surely, I am going to become very bitter. It was my idea and I am doing all the work! It isn't fair that I only own 10 percent of the business!

On second thought, this impression may come on very quickly. Regardless, the business is destined to experience major problems because the primary motivating force is no longer motivated. Unfortunately, many people with business ideas run into this problem.

If you are starting a business, guard your equity at all costs. Selling equity should be a last resort. Try to get loans or trade profit sharing in lieu of selling equity. If you must sell equity, do so only in small percentages. You do not want to the small business person in the example above.

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Is Edc Gold A Scam Setup The Wealthfunnelsystem Works

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The EDC Gold and diamond were brought originally in the 2006 by two internet entrepreneurs Craig Garcia and Michael Corcoran. Garcia and Corcoran's EDC home based business is to assist people who join the EDC program, helping them to be a success in the field of home based business. So the question is, is it a SCAM? Does it really work like people say, it would be capable of earning thousands of dollars just by working at home in a week. In general, the Edc system does for members, was providing member instant access to thousands of software products to sell and market online that claimed these products enable to have you achieve an unbelievable income in short amount of time (3 weeks to a month).

Unfortunately, majority of people interested in EDC were most likely blind sided by these commitments presented in the EDC site, that they did not go digging for further info. The truth to the matter is thousands of EDC products offered to consumer really have no essential consumer beneficial with no actual high yield or high profit value. In addition of the low value given products, EDC does not provide to its member a proper marketing training program in terms of successful online marketing. Basically EDC hands you the stuff, letting you do the rest without a sense of knowing where to begin the marketing road. Maybe you could contact David Dubbs for direct assistant, but odds are David Dubbs most likely isn't available at anytime. So does other top internet entrepreneur like Chris Campbells, Tim Rohers, Matt Sunderland, Lance Frisbee. Why? Because these top internet entrepreneur can spend time with you due to there entire income is generated from one specific program, NOT members.

So what makes the wealthfunnelsystem differentiate itself from other thousands of internet marketing business? Simple, Derrick Harper and wealthfunnelsystem earn profit by primarily focusing on training member into pro and not the product alone. The Wealthfunnelnetwork delivers to you of 7 streams of income. First stream of revenue guides you to all the fundamental knowledge regards of how to successfully market the potential products properly. Once all of the essential skills has been adapted progressively then the wealth funnel will put you immediately onto streams of 2 3 4 5 6 where these products and services contained of high affiliate rates and sales than EDC GOLD or any other internet market product. These products possessed of quality potential market along with high market saturation and are consumer driven. So there is no need to ever worry of questioning the product if able to market online successfully. Besides of marketing the high potential product you will also given the job to develop your very own team guiding them the same way as the mentor of your have taught you so.

Besides of just earning feasible sells of 997 dollar, you'll additionally receives half of the commission of your team member for every sale being sale when mentor actually didn't contribute anything except providing specific guidelines and instruction. If you ever struggle in a problem require some help immediately, your mentor and Derrick Harper will always be reachable through phone call or leave messages which will respond as soon as possible. Bottom-line, the wealthfunnelsystem does NOT re marketing a business opportunity over and over again going nowhere, plus is MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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The Changing Pace Of Advertising

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Rapid advances in technology have changed everything from health care to communication. Now, as the latest technology becomes more accessible to a broader market, the advertising field is changing, too. Years ago, you could plan your advertising campaign around a few television commercials and print advertisements. And most companies would never have considered spending a sizeable portion of their advertising budget on the Internet. But in 2006, online ad expenditures are expected to reach over $16 billion.

Advertisers who want to reach their target audience and remain competitive in this high-tech world have to change with the times. You need to keep up with emerging technologies, what media types are most popular, and how consumers use what's available to them.

If you want to stay current and advertise your products and services in ways that reach your target audience on their turf, consider the following forms of emerging media.

1. Blogs

Blog is short for "web log," online journals that people without any HTML knowledge can create easily from any computer. They are frequently updated and usually include the owner's thoughts or musings on topics ranging from what's happening in the news to what they wear to work.

Companies or individuals can keep blogs. Company blogs usually promote products in what is known as an "adverblog." However, those blogs started by individuals without a commercial affiliation usually have more credibility.

About fifty million people keep blogs. And many different categories exist, including travel, health, and business. Blogs are popular because they provide a concise summary of news and information and give users power by providing information all in one place and on a timely basis. A blog dedicated to heart health, for example, will likely pull information from sources all over the Internet, so someone surfing for heart health information doesn't have to search several sites for the most up-to-date research about the topic; they can find everything they need on a heart health blog.

As far as advertising on blogs, ads are generally related to the blog topic. That heart health blog could be an excellent place to advertise a health food or exercise product. If you're interested in advertising on blogs, first look for help from marketing companies that measure hot blog topics and provide market research based on blog content.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts deliver digital audio and video files to a user via the Internet. The name comes from the iPod, but they aren't just for iPod users. A pod cast is an audio file in MP3 format that a consumer can download to their iPod, MP3 player, or computer. Then the person can listen to it over and over again, share it with friends, and save it on a computer's hard drive.

Six million people have downloaded podcasts, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. And of the twenty-two-million iPod owners, twenty-nine percent have downloaded podcasts.

Podcasts are an emerging media form that will continue to grow, and as this media outlet increases in popularity, the advertising possibilities will grow as well. Viacom, Disney, and Clear Channel all have radio-type podcasts, and even print media outlets use podcasts to broadcast interviews and other audio supplements to their print stories. For example, you can read an issue of a magazine and listen to an interview in its entirety on the magazine's website.

3. Gaming

Sixty-eight out of 108 million households currently play video and computer games, according to the "Digital Gaming in America" Ziff Davis report of August 2005. Advertisers can reach this market, which is mostly comprised of young males, in two ways.

First, advertisers can use gaming technology to insert their ads in popular games. For example, say you are playing a football video game on your XBOX 360. You'll see ads placed on the sidelines and on the scoreboard just like you would if you were in a real football stadium or watching a real game on television. Video games are also played online, allowing gamers to compete with opponents in other parts of the world. These games offer many opportunities to place logos and products that a huge audience will see.

Another way to advertise using games is literally to create your own game that the consumer can play online. This is commonly referred to as Advergaming. Many companies, such as Lipton and Mountain Dew, have used this advertising technique. The greatest benefit of these games is that they get people involved in the brand. Game designers create these games to interest a particular target audience, such as young children. Be aware, though, if you're marketing to kids, to closely monitor the game's content.

4. Mobile Advertising

Nearly 199 million people in the United States subscribe to mobile phone services. And every phone produced in the last year is capable of accessing the Internet. What does this mean for advertisers? It's another method for reaching the target audience. People now use mobile phones to search the Internet, play games, and instant message as well as to access sports scores, learn breaking news, and even check out horoscopes.

Mobile advertising presents a great means to reach the high school and college student markets with banner and video ads. Currently, mobile ads are simple and usually text banners. But down the road, as this technology continues to advance, cell phones may be capable of displaying television ads. However, this media outlet is not without limitations. Everything in your ad has to be cleared by the phone company, so you must consider the logistical aspects of placing mobile ads.

The High-Tech Future of Advertising

If you want to remain competitive in the future, technology will be key to your success. You should consider these four, and other new types, of digital media when putting together any advertising strategy, because traditional media outlets just aren't as effective as they once were. While it's difficult to predict exactly where the trends are headed, when you keep an eye on new technology, you and your service won't be left behind.

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