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Eagle Seachamp Big Screen Big Color Gps Fish Finder

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You get big screen, big color performance with a WAAS GPS-Chartplotter with Dual Frequency Sounder

The Eagle Sea Champ 1000C is a great tool. Yes, we can not say it any simpler! It offers you some of the best features in fish finding gear. You will be impressed with its precision and its high quality as well. Here, let's take a look at some of the features that makes this fishfinder something similar to the perfect tool. Here are some of the Sea Champ's features.

You can start by checking out the Eagle Sea Champ's awesome display. It is six inches big, just about the right size for easy viewing as you relax on your boat. It also has other features on the display that make it a good one including ultra bright for easy viewing in almost any type of light, 256 colors active matrix TFT LCD, high definition resolution and fluorescent cold cathode backlit screen and keypad. So, what does all of that give you? It delivers a clear picture that is easy to read. It gives you a picture that you can react to, meaning that you can see what type of fish are down there, the type of structure and even the size of the fish so that you can react and do what you need to, to get the big catch on board! It can be used in just about any light including at night!

Still, there is more. The Eagle Sea Champ also features some of the best in sonar. It has the capability of going 1500 feet down making it a great distance fishfinding unit. It's technology separates fish from nearby structures or the bottom which will help you determine not just that something is there but what is there. This helps you decide if it's something you should go after or not.

Still, there is much more. The GPS + WASS reception uses satellite technology to pinpoint your location to a few yards. This will help you to know where you are and where you need to go. You won't get lost if you turn around too many times. All in all, this Sea Champ will deliver for you all of the features that you need to capture the fish that you need and want!

Go home with a full cooler thanks to this awesome tool!

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Striped Bass Fishing Tips And Tricks

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Almost everyone likes to go on fishing trips, whether you do it just for fun, or for sport is entirely up to you. Many people fish for leisure, but also let it become a little bit more competitive around family and friends. Here is some advice about striped bass fishing, and to offer some tips that you might not have known, but can help you excel on the family fishing trip.

If you are planning on going on a trip for striped bass, take this striped bass fishing tip with you; there are some things that you should carry with you when you go, and we're not talking tampons or toothbrushes. You should carry a fishing rod that is at least twelve to eighteen feet in length according to the circumstances of your striped bass fishing trip.

Your rod should also have at least two hundred to three hundred feet of fishing line. You want to make sure that your rod and reel can support the fish that you catch, you don't want to be drug into the water. The best place to go striped bass fishing is in the quietest place you can find at full neap tide.

Striped bass are members of the temperate bass family, which includes white perch and white bass species. Striped bass breed in freshwater and spend their lives in saltwater. However, they like to be in a quiet environment so that they are not disturbed. The four major bodies of water that you can find striped bass in are:

1) Chesapeake Bay

2) Massachusetts Bay

3) Hudson River

4) Delaware River

Stripped bass can be caught by a number of baits and this striped bass fishing tip should help you to decipher which type of bait to bring with you on your trip. Bass like these following foods: clams, eels, anchovies, bloodworms, night crawlers, chicken livers, and sand worms.

The best time to fish for stripped bass is during the winter or spring. In the winter the stay in their haunts in shallow water. In the spring, you can find stripped bass in the rivers to freshwater and spawn until late fall when they then seek shelter.

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Canada Bass Fishing Experience The Magic

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"Fishing, an act of catching fish. Fishing for sport, leisure, and relaxation is called sport fishing, or angling, derived from the Old English word angel, meaning "fishhook"."

Bass fishing represents one of the most popular fishing sports experienced today. The bass family, together with Striped, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Black, and White, serve to start countless numbers of latest anglers every season. This fame has yielded a multi-million dollar industry unto itself, aside from the businesses of other modes of sport fishing. To illustrate this point further, there are boats on the market intended specifically for bass fishing.

Canada provides a quantity of the world's most excellent fishing grounds. The summer season opens in March and ends late in July. Many anglers head for Vancouver Island to fish for Feeder Chinooks, Halibut, Ucelet, and King Salmon aside from Bass. The variety of fish found within Canada's borders help to preserve it as a popular destination for the sport fisherman. The fame of Canada's fishing and tourism industry can grant many great opportunities, but it also serves as a problem for protection of the country's resources.

Northwestern Ontario is world-famous for the constantly giving good supply of bass fishes. But you will also get pleasure from the adventure and experience of hooking into the fighting Muskie and Northern Pike, the tasty walleye and Yellow Perch. The gorgeous, dirt free lakes offer up good fishing spring, summer, and fall. You will grasp your limit most days, but even when the fishing slows down, the loveliness of our Canadian wilderness is an remarkable experience in itself.

Fish for bass, walleye, muskie, northern pike, lake trout and yellow perch in Northwest Ontario Canada at one of Canada's most outstanding fishing resorts, Ranked #28 in the world for overall fishing and #1 in the world for combined walleye and muskie (musky) fishing.

Bass (fish), ordinary name for many food fishes, but not equivalent to any particular scientific classification. A variety of bass are known by such local names as black, white, or rock bass. Bass or "Smallies" are known as the little fighters and are enjoyable to catch!

In the United States there are 9 general and 30 type of fish in the family containing bass and sunfish. The calico bass, also called black crappie, is originate from the Great Lakes and upper Mississippi Valley to New Jersey and southward to Florida, Louisiana, and Texas; it reaches a length up to 36 cm (14 in), but rarely weighs more than 0.2 kg (0.5 lb). The rock bass seldom exceeds that weight and is a poor food fish. It is abundant west of the Allegheny Mountains, south to Louisiana, and north into Manitoba, Canada.

The most essential basses in this family are the black basses. The largemouth black bass is also called bayou, lake, or straw bass, and sometimes, in the southern United States, trout. The smallmouth black bass resembles the largemouth bass, and the dotted bass is found in the Mississippi basin. Largemouth bass are found throughout the central United States and may achieve a weight of 9 kg (20 lb). Smallmouth bass are found from Lake Champlain southwest to the Appalachian region; they reach a maximum weight of about 2.3 kg (about 5 lb).

Small mouth bass are the feistiest fish in Northwest Ontario, pound for pound. In the sunset country lakes teem with these fighters waiting to take hold of your bait and provide you with plenty of action. The sheer numbers of smallies in this area make Sunset Country one of Canada's first bass fishing locations. In addition, numerous lakes offer tremendous largemouth bass populations as well, making this area a must visit destination for any serious angler. With over 70,000 lakes, they've got some great fishing holes for you to choose from.

Spawning usually occurs over a period of 6-10 days in the late spring and early summer. Growth is rapid at first. Ask around for tips on the great time to Bass fish in Canada with your local tourist.

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Fishing Boat Docks

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Fishing Boat Docks

When I was young, a way long time ago, there was this old man who fished Buckeye Lake in Ohio and caught more bass than anyone I knew at the time. He was fishing boat docks. His lures were all beat up, most of them missing paint and some were even bare wood from hitting them on the docks so many times.

Boat docks produce shade and bass feel secure in low light areas. Docks also provide a place for bass to ambush their prey. Sometimes when you see rod holders and lights at a dock there's a chance there's some kind of structure there too. Maybe a brushpile or rocks that the owner has produced. Use your trolling motor to get close to the dock or just drift up to it and flip or pitch your lure.

Some good lures for fishing docks are a jig, worm, crankbait and spinnerbait. Of course, you want to throw as far back under the dock as you can but make sure on the retrieve that the lure bumps the dock's post as it goes by them. The erratic behavior of the lure sometimes products a strike. If you're using a crankbait, you can bend the eye and make it run under the dock. While the lure doesn't run true it does get farther under the dock where the fish are.

Now they have a lure called a _coffin bill lure that is ideal for fishing docks. Docks are one of my most favorite places to fish and apparently the bass like them too.

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The Fun Of Deep Sea Fishing

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Deep sea fishing has become a sport for many fisherman; people competing on who will catch the heaviest fish, or, who will catch that certain fish that everyone wants.

More often than not, what you catch could just be down to the luck of the draw. However, experienced fisherman knows how to encourage the right fish to come along and take their bait.

Fishing isn't just about competing; fishing is also about having fun.

There are many different ways to fish, including, fishing on a riverside bank, crab fishing, fishing from a beach, but deep sea fishing offers a totally different experience.

The fish you are likely to catch from a boat is very different from the fish you would catch in a river. There is a rush of excitement when you travel out on a boat which brings you closer to the underwater world.

More often than not, when you decide to go out on a deep sea fishing trip, the crew of the boat will have everything you need to equip you for the day ahead. They will provide the rods, bait and tackle as well as their experience to ensure you get the best out of the day.

Deep sea fishing is not only relaxing, it is fun! If you decide to go with friends or family, there is an air of anticipation of who might catch the first fish, how big will the fish be, will they manage to reel the fish in, or will they have a battle on their hands.

The same excitement that comes when you caught your first ever fish, maybe sitting on that river bank, comes back and once again, you have a memory that can stay with you for the rest of your days.

One of the great reasons of going on a Deep sea fishing trip with a crew, is that although it may be a new experience for you, the crew have all the knowledge that is needed to help you catch some fish so that you don't go away disappointed.

They know the spots to go to at certain times of year, because fish are creatures of habit to. They know which bait to use to catch the best fish, and just as important, they know what to do when you get a bite, especially if you have caught one that doesn't want to come out of the water without a fight.

You don't have to take the fish away with you if you don't want to; you can unhook the fish, throw it back into the water and let it go on its merry way. The day is about you enjoying yourself in whatever way suits you best.

Generally, on a fishing trip, food and drinks would be made available, but it is always handy to take a snack and drinks with you just in case. You generally wouldn't need to take any kind of fishing equipment with you, as this should all be provided, but it is always wise to clarify this first.

So the next time you are on holiday wondering what to do, or perhaps thinking about doing something with a group of friends, consider a day out on a deep sea fishing boat, where you can spend the day relaxing as well as having a few laughs as the day unfolds.

Don't forget, kids love to fish too, so arrange a trip for them which will be a memory that will stay with them for years to come.

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Tips On Finding A Fishing Guide

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1. Open Communication matters. It is important that you provide the guide all the information they need so that they will figure out what kind of fishing trip is best for you. Be sure to be honest in telling the guide how much experience you have regarding fishing. This will help them to know what advice and tips to give you so that you can make the most out of your time.

2. Seek the help of friends and relatives. Ask your friends and relatives who have fished and if not they may be able to provide you with some referrals. It is better to ask them about their experiences, the things that you need to do and things that you have to look for in a guide. They may be also to provide you referrals of the guides they have tried and found effective for them. This will be a chance for you to ask if the guide they are referring you to has enough knowledge or is accommodating to clients.

3. Browse the Internet. The Internet can provide a lot of websites where you can find the best guides in a certain location. You can also post messages and questions regarding the website and they may be able to find the information you need.

4. Determine if your prospective guide is licensed. It is better that you know that the person you are working with is working according to the law. A licensed guide is also sure to be relied on especially with the matters of integrity and trust. Ask the guide of their name and phone numbers including the state-licensing bureau. A guide who is not willing to provide you the information you are asking for is not worth your time.

5. Find out exactly what you are paying for and how long the amount would cover. You need to know this information for you to be able to manage your schedule before the fishing trip and plan the things that you need to bring which are not covered by the payment you made. Some include the price for lodging in the package while other guides may charge extra for that. Asking the coverage of your fees will also help you assess if the services you will get is worth the money you will be spending.

6. Get to know the guide. Evaluate if the guide that you will be working with can get along with you. If not, you will just be wasting your time and money. Fishing is a time to learn and enjoy but if the two of you will not get along well, the whole trip might just be ruined. Get to know the guide first before you set foot on the boat. Exert a little effort to call the guide and make a small chat to break the ice and make the two of you comfortable on the day of the actual fishing.

7. Also make time to find out how long the prospective guide has been on his job. This will make it easier for you to assess the level of experience the guide has earned in that field. It is better that you choose a guide that has been in fishing for many years. They are the ones who usually have the skills and teaching techniques that will be of great help to you.

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Fishing For Freshwater Trout

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People been fishing for sport for in around fifty generations now. What started as a means of survival has become a favourite pastime in North America and beyond, creating a hunger for fishing tips and aspects of fishing to be revealed in many different contexts. Learning about fishing and learning about different types of fish can be very exciting and interesting to many people.

Trout is the most common freshwater fish. They are equal to any other of the sport fish and they stand at the top of the food chain in most rivers and streams where they live. Years ago, a successful angler was judged by how many of these popular fish he could catch at one time, but now the wise angler practises catch-and-release tactics so the numbers of trout will always be plentiful. Part of what makes an angler a responsible one is caring for the sport of fishing and fish populations for generations to come.

The most popular trout fish that anglers enjoy trying to lure in is known as the "brown trout". The brown trout provides plenty of excitement for anglers and tests fishing skills. Because it often feeds on the surface, the brown trout is considered a fish designed for the angler. It is a cold-water fish that lives in lakes and streams and jumps around the most when the water temperature is just right The brown trout got its reputation from rich English gentleman who enjoyed the trout's fight. The world record brown trout weighed around forty pounds and was taken in Arkansas in 1992.

One of the most the most glamorized fish of the trout family actually is not a trout at all. Surprisingly, scientists have recently discovered the rainbow trout is actually a smaller cousin of the Pacific Salmon. Rainbow trout are considered a peaceful fish despite their family heritage. They coexist with any other fish in the stream. While the brown trout prefers slower water and calmer pools, the rainbow trout likes the more oxygen-rich fast running water. That enthusiasm makes the rainbow a favourite of the angler.

There is yet another trout that is not actually a trout. The Brooke trout or "brookie" lives in the cooler streams of the north-eastern US and is related to the char. This makes it a relative of the lake trout rather than a member of the family. Because the fish is only found in wilderness areas, the Brooke trout is a special favourite with anglers. Wherever they're found, fisherman can be sure the water is pure and the ecology unspoiled. The "brookie" is often criticized for being pretty but not necessarily smart. Although anglers praise them for their beauty, it's well known that there are harder fish to catch. The world record for the biggest Brooke trout takes place in Canada in 1918. A fourteen-pound "brookie" was caught in the Nipigon River in Ontario, Canada.

Other trout species include the red trout, a species that enjoys hiding in bracken and branches, and the deeper-water lake trout. Current population control laws protect the lake trout, requiring anglers to release catches that measure certain sizes. The size of the lake trout indicates its potential to spawn and release fertilized eggs. With continued programs of trout population protection and responsible fishing, the trout will certainly continue to survive for generations to come.

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Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods

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Beyond a doubt the best fly fishing rod material is good bamboo properly selected, cured, split, glued, and correctly proportioned. It possesses strength combined with lightness, resiliency, pliancy, power and balance in greater degree than either steel or solid woods.

Formerly anglers and rod makers could draw fine distinctions between male and female Calcutta and Tonkin " canes," but under present conditions good Calcutta is very rare and the word " Calcutta " is be

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Humminbird Fishfinder 565 Essential Every Time You Head To The Lake River Or Ocean

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The Humminbird Fishfinder 565 offers many great, high quality features that are essential for finding a load of fish every time that you head out onto the lake, river, or even the ocean! Any fisherman who is serious about finding the best fish needs to have a fishfinder like this one. Simply consider the features that it offers. Let's take a look at them.

The Fishfinder 565 has a high definition, 240V by 240H five inch screen. Sounds great, but what does it actually do? This high definition screen allows for a very good picture. In fact, the grayscale is very precise and you will not miss the color. It is a big screen so you get a good sized picture for easy viewing. But, what does the 565 put on this screen? The 20 degree single beam sonar is optimized for coverage and precision bottom detail. With this amount of sonar, you can see very clearly what is lurking below whether it be a structure or the fish you are searching for. And, you don't just see directly below your boat but in the area next to it as well. This gives you the best opportunities to see the fish you want.

Other features offered by the 565 include Sonar Echo Enhancement so sensitive that it will see your jig up to 40 feet away which allows you to watch the fish become lured towards it! Imagine seeing the fish latch on to it! It also allows for separate targets within 2

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