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Home Gyms Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

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Yes you read it right, home gyms can improve your relationship with your

partner! But how?.... you must be thinking, well if you can carry on reading I

will enlighten you with this important information. Gyms at home are highly underrated, there are a wide choice available on the market, weider home gyms are one of many if you are looking to purchase quality discount home gyms.

So how can a gym improve your relationship? well that is easy. Owning a home gym has many benefits:

-You save money on gym memberships

-You can workout at home any time you wish

-Your own home gym is open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

-You get rid of that unslightly fat and put on some lean muscle

-Your health, strength and stamina increase

Voila! there it is, now your partner can have nothing to complain about ever


There are things you need to take into consideration when buying a home gym.

You need look at your budget, a quality gym thats going to last a lifetime isn't

cheap - but it is a cost you won't have to endure again. The higher end gym

equipment comes with a lot of warranty and some even go as far as giving you lifetime warranties on certain parts of the gym, which considering the price you paid is expected.

You need to think about space. Do you have the room in your home for gym

equipment? you don't want to start setting up your gym and find it is not going to fit! I suppose you could always extend your home to give your equipment room to breath.

Don't always go for the cheap equipment, money saving is admirable but

throwing it away is plain stupid. Look for the discount deals on higher end gyms and there are always discounts and special offers, a little browsing through some great sites will help you find the very best equipment. Finally you want a gym that looks good in your home and doesn't stick out like

a sore thumb compared with the rest of the decor.

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Horizon Treadmills Great Product Lousy Service

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There is a general consensus in magazine ratings of treadmills that Horizon treadmills offer a great fitness package for exercisers at any level. With a range of great workout features, including a specially cushioned running belt and easy to use interactive controls to help you get the most out of your workout, consumer reports of treadmills almost uniformly rate Horizon treadmills in a positive way. There is however one exception, something that throws a spanner in the consumer reports: treadmills are only as good as the customer service that supports them, and magazine ratings of treadmills report that this is where Horizon treadmills fall short.

While the magazine ratings of treadmills produced by fitness equipment experts might not be concerned with the customer service offered by a treadmill manufacturing company, the same is certainly not true of consumer reports. Treadmills are, like any other electronic device you might buy for your home, subject to faults, and while Horizon treadmills, for the most part, offer a reliable product and might not display many of these flaws, they are sometimes susceptible to them. While Horizon treadmills might provide a great workout when they work, an important point is raised by consumer reports: treadmills that remain broken for a protracted period do not provide the optimum workout and with poor customer service, broken treadmills don't get fixed fast.

Though they usually rate Horizon treadmills positively, magazine ratings of treadmills report that the company's customer service is not as good as the machine itself. One reviewer points out that Horizon treadmills are one of the best available in their price range - unless they break. While magazine reviews usually cite Horizon treadmills as being reliable, it seems that when they fail securing replacement parts and a repair person to fit them can be difficult.

There is little as frustrating as having to stop working out when you are on course to meet your fitness goals. While there is little doubt that Horizon treadmills offer a combination of features that add up to a great workout, but the reliability of the company's customer service is an important part of the treadmill package. If Horizon treadmills are the one for you, be sure to find all the relevant repair contact numbers before you happen to need them, and if the Horizon treadmills' service is unsatisfactory, be sure to stand your ground so that you can stay on course with your fitness goals.

A great treadmill and great service should go together, but don't always seem to.

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Do You Really Want A Horizon Treadmill

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The Horizon treadmill company are probably best known for producing a good treadmill package that is easily affordable by even those would-be exercisers on a tight budget. With a range of features that you might expect to see on higher priced fitness equipment, a Horizon treadmill offers you a great treadmill workout without breaking the bank to achieve it.

The Horizon treadmill is available in a range of models, with price tags that range from well under a thousand dollars right up to the two thousand dollar mark. Consumers who have enjoyed the budget end of the Horizon treadmill range might think about investing in a higher spec model, to try to match their treadmill workout to their ever improving fitness levels, but reviewers would advise against such a switch - the Horizon treadmill is a favorite in the budget category, but treadmill ratings suggest that if you are looking to spend a little more to achieve the treadmill workout you want then another choice might be more appropriate. Though the features offered on the lower price Horizon treadmill type are second to none for a budget treadmill, the experts say that the improvements you might expect to find on a more expensive Horizon treadmill simply aren't up to scratch.

So what do you get with a Horizon treadmill? A range of features, including an easy fold system, shock absorption technology and a fan to help keep you cool while you avail of one of the pre-programmed or customizable treadmill workouts the Horizon line have to offer. But as reviewers are quick to point out, it is not the features included in the Horizon treadmill that are under scrutiny - these are almost uniformly agreed to offer a great treadmill workout to anyone who purchases a Horizon. Rather it is the possibility of what might be sacrificed in the Horizon treadmill to offer these features at a budget price, namely the quality of the Horizon parts and the long-term durability of the treadmill as a whole.

The upside to this criticism of the reliability of the treadmill workout offered by a Horizon machine is that consumer reviews rate the customer service offered by the Horizon team as exemplary. Speedy and courteous, it seems that dealing with any flaw in the Horizon treadmill is not as fraction as painful as consumers frequently report their dealings with other treadmill manufacturers.

So if you are looking for a budget treadmill workout with all the trimmings, then a Horizon treadmill might just be the way for you to go. But if you want to upgrade down the line, choose another treadmill brand.

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Choosing The Right Treadmill For You

(category: Fitness-Equipment, Word count: 1096)
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Convenience, ease and the efficiency of Treadmills have made them a revelation in the health industry. We have gone through such a variety of fitness exercises which either break your back trying to get them right, or are too difficult to master, let alone do them every day. But with a treadmill, you can burn calories the simplest was possible, by walking or running. Which, by the way, are the two most natural exercises you can imagine! You walk when you are a 2 year old, some even before that, and yet when it comes to exercising people turn to complex gym routines and diets to stay fit!

Work schedules, personal security, weather and health status; all make us reluctant to go out doors for walks on a regular basis. So it isn't a surprise that even the world's most advanced societies are facing health dilemmas. People in general don't have time for gym workouts, and those who do are too exhausted by long work days to do them. As for recommenders of walking as an exercise, Treadmills not only make exercise easier, they cut out the obtrusive factors which hinder us in forming routines.

In addition to providing some very helpful bits of information along the way, treadmills provide a wide variety of exercise options. From walking to hill climbing, jogging to running, you can pace yourself as you like so there is something for everyone in the use of treadmills. However, with the market being so overcrowded with a wide range of treadmills, we see a need for guidance in making the best choices for you.

At the moment there are three distinct types of treadmills available on the market. So to pick out the best treadmill for you, let's have a quick look at what each one of them has to offer.

First up is the Manual Treadmill; you don't have to be a fitness guru to understand that a manual treadmill is non-motorized. It's a simple machine with a belt and rollers that you move with your effort. The simpler a machine, the fewer are the chances of things going wrong with it. So that's a positive feature; it will last longer. However, since the treadmill's belt doesn't move itself you can set your own pace, which is not so good for the lazy people who are unlikely to push themselves.

Next, there is the Motorized Treadmill with features to set the pace of your walk, jog or run. You can set your required pace and keep up with it over a period of time to get optimum exercise out of the time you spend on it. Then there are the 'incline' options in some motorized treadmills; these can help you decide the amount of incline you want for your run. The negatives go with the positives though, it's a complicated piece of equipment and when it has problems they are complicated as well. Plus a motorized treadmill is going to be more expensive, compared to a manual treadmill, but with those features, you have to decide for what you want.

Now you can't say you don't have space for a treadmill; Foldable Treadmills have made that excuse redundant. Foldable treadmills can be stored in a negligible amount of space. These are great for use in the office or at home, whenever you take a break. So, if you are facing schedule constraints, or are just too lazy to take up regular exercise, then a foldable option might just be the best treadmill for you.

Frankly speaking, there is no hard and fast rule to determine which type of treadmill is better than the other. Though a comparison of treadmill features does help you decide which one is the best for you. Keep in mind, the treadmill that suits a friend perfectly isn't certain to be even rated as 'decent' for you. So read up some treadmill reviews and choose according to your own situation.

A top factor that will affect your choice would be your personal age and weight. Though some might say that exercise is necessary for everyone, but the mode of exercise has to differ accordingly with the individual traits. A bulky person may need a wider belt or the handlebars may obstruct the usual path of the arm movement, so check the details before you buy. Age matters when you choose as well, especially for older people, the resilience of the deck and the heart rate control are very important. Safety features help every age so make sure that you don't compromise on those. Similarly, whether you opt for running or walking determines not only the top speed you need from your treadmill, but also the size of the belt as well.

You look for a treadmill when you are conscious that you need to improve on your fitness levels. However, your aspirations determine the sort of treadmill you need. If you want to burn as much as you can in good time, trying out the incline options isn't a bad idea at all. Again heart rate interactive checks are very handy to get you to your optimum fitness levels without doing damage to your body. 'Who will be using it?' is just as important as 'how will you use it?', if you buy a treadmill while targeting the fitness improvement of your whole family, then keep in mind any inhibitions that might stop a member from utilizing the treadmill to the full. Chances are if you are willing to spend enough, there will be a treadmill that will suit a diverse group of individuals like a glove!

Long or short workouts determine the quality of motor you need for your treadmill. If you use the treadmill in short bursts the 'peak duty' might not be as useless as you first thought. It can be maintained for a short period of time by the treadmill so perhaps that restriction can help keep your treadmill's price down

How much do you use it? The amount of workout that is likely to be done on your treadmill should affect your choice of equipment. The more you want to use it, the more we would recommend that you go for high quality treadmills. Repairs will even out the price difference between cheap treadmills and high-end treadmills when you compare them in the long run. Consequently, it would be advisable to go for the higher priced quality treadmill rather than a cheap treadmill that would spend more time with the repairman than it does with you!

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How Jumping On A Trampoline Leads Towards A Better Life

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Have a trampoline? Perhaps you should as there is a growing epidemic with American children, one that shows little sign of slowing: obesity. This is brought on by days spent glued to the latest program on television or trying to conquer an extremely difficult level on a computer game. Kids are spending more time indoors, and less moving about. So,what do you do? How do you pull your child's attention from fast-paced entertainment?

Consider a trampoline.

While some may deem this too old-fashioned for today's youth, studies have shown that children are more likely to spend their hours on a trampoline that the more commonly thought of sports of biking or swimming. This is mostly due to the fact that the trampoline is so simple: you go to the backyard, get on and go. There are no complicated rules to follow (don't skate here, you must be this tall to be in the end of the pool, stay off the trail, etc.). A trampoline is simple-you just start moving.

And even one hour a day of that moving can decrease health problems, and start your child toward a better life.

Obesity causes multiple health problems: diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart disease, etc. These can occur in children and, if the problem isn't taken care, they will almost certainly occur in adults. What your child is learning today will effect him or her for tomorrow. So why not teach something valuable? Exercising instead of sprawling out on the couch is the right way to live. Yes, you should allow our children t watch television; yes, they should be allowed to chat online with their friends. But they should also be made to move. Give them exercise with a trampoline.

This is a simple, but effective, way to help reduce the risks of obesity and start your child toward a healthier life. And isn't that what you want? Why take the chance that he or she will grow up to have the complications and problems that come from being overweight? Why risk that when you have the chance to curb it now? Simple exercise greatly reduces the chances for health concerns, and what could be simpler than a trampoline?

The truth is: it's very easy to let your child sit around the house, playing their video games or watching television. But, with that, it's also easy to let them become overweight and suffer in the future. Instead, get them outside and get them active. Neither of you will regret-a trampoline will let you both exercise and enjoy it.

Give your children (and yourself) the chance for a healthy future. Buy a trampoline and start them toward a path of regular exercise. You will both see the advantages-you because you've managed to get them away from the television; them because they've discovered something fun to do. It's the simple way to do what's right.

A trampoline will let you both discover how fun exercise can be, and how the television or computer isn't needed to have a good time. It's easy, fun and effective. What could be better?

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Elliptical Trainers And Burning Calories Secret Tips

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Many people ask if the use of elliptical trainers is a good way to burn calories.

One simple answer: Yes! Very much so.

Elliptical trainers are a great way to burn calories and are a fun workout at the same time. If you goal is to loose weight you do have to understand how a "calorie diet" works. To shed the unwanted weight you must burn more calories than you take in. Put simply, you must burn more calories than you eat. So if you decide to eat the slice of pizza be ready to do a ton of exercise to work that off.

Humans throughout the day will burn a certain amount of calories doing normal functions such as working at a job, walking around and doing housework. This has to be taken into account so you really do not have to workout to burn calories.

If you are physically active during the day you will not have to restrict your diet as much as someone who sits in an office chair all day.

How can an elliptical trainers use benefit someone watching calories?

The user of an elliptical trainer will help you burn a tremendous amount of calories. By burning more calories it will allow you to loose weight faster and eat a little bit more since you have worked off some calories already.

One mistake many people make is they burn off 500 calories working out then they over eat and take in 700. This isn't really helping you as you are 200 calories higher than prior to working out. Doing something like burning off 500 calories and eating 400 calories is "better" as it allows you to still have 100 calories less that what you took in.

For more information about elliptical trainers follow the resource link below.

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Gym Equipment Which Machine Works Best

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It seems like every time you go to the gym, they've got another fancy new machine. The number of ways to build exercise machines seems to be almost endless, and coming up with new ideas for them is a lucrative industry. When you look at gym equipment, though, you can pick out some of the most useful and flexible machines and tools, and separate them from the gimmicks.

The number one piece of gym equipment, without question, has to be weights. Weights are just heavy pieces of metal, and yet are a vital ingredient of almost every gym machine, as well as very useful in their own right. Lifting weights can strengthen the majority of the muscles in your body, if you use a variety of lifting techniques.

Beyond that, many classic gym machines replicate real-world sports and activities in order to exercise your muscles. Treadmills, for example, reproduce walking and running, rowing machines allow you to train your arm muscles without actually going out on the water, and exercise bikes simulate cycling. Punching bags allow you to box without an opponent. Each one of these sports simulations has a specific reason for being included, usually that it is good for a specific muscle group, as well as being useful for people who are actually training for the sport in question.

If you're thinking of buying gym equipment for your home instead of going to the gym, weights are probably the best thing to get, as they are versatile and compact. Machines like treadmills and exercise bikes can be ten times the size of a set of weights, not to mention ten times the price, yet cannot do as much for you as a simple set of weights can. Try not to get caught up in the latest 'as seen on TV' gimmick, as most advertised gym equipment will only do anything for one specific muscle group, and even then probably won't do much for that. Make sure you know exactly what you're buying and what it will do for you before you make the investment.

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Treadmill Comparison 3 Things You Must Know Before Buying

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Buying a treadmill? You'll probably be making several treadmill comparisons when doing your research.

Here are 3 things you must know when making treadmill comparisons in order to find the best one for you.

#1 Compare Apples To Apples

Don't compare prices between treadmills online and treadmills sold at a store. They are two different marketplaces, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

When I was selling a Proform treadmill many years ago, the gentleman buying it had gone online and seen the same model for less. I had to explain to him that this price was an online price only. Buying a treadmill online can sometimes be considerably cheaper, depending on the manufacturer, sales, closeouts, etc.

So when comparing treadmill prices side by side, make sure you compare online treadmills to online treadmills and store treadmills to store treadmills.

Also make sure you're comparing the same models. It sounds obvious but some treadmill brands have so many similar sounding treadmills in their line-up it's easy to get confused!

#2 Know the Key Ingredients to a Quality Treadmill

Make sure you know the top 4 key ingredients to a quality treadmill:

- Motor Power

- Stability

- Warranty

- Cushioning

Your motor is the heart of your treadmill and adequate motor power is extremely important. Most experts recommend at least a 1.5 HP motor although I prefer a 2.0 HP or higher to ensure you don't burn the motor out (and then have to pay costly repair fees).

Stability ensures that your treadmill will not shake or wobble when you start to run on it.

Your warranty will protect your investment and quality treadmills will include a warranty. (You shouldn't have to pay extra for a treadmill warranty - unless you want to, of course!)

Cushioning is the ability of the treadmill to absorb the force of your step. Higher cushioning means lower impact on your joints and ligaments. Cushioning is extremely important as poor cushioning can cause injury and muscle strain

#3) Know What YOU Need When Reviewing Treadmills

Many people get sold on all of the 'neat' features of the treadmill - but don't ever consider if they'll really use them.

For example we'd all love to own a commercial-grade, luxury treadmill - but for many people, it's MORE than they need. On the other hand, a serious runner might actually need that kind of stability and cushioning in a treadmill.

If you don't really care about 30 workout programs, why pay extra for them? If you know your 6'2? son will be running on the treadmill, remember to look for one with a longer running area and adequate user weight capacity.

By knowing what you you need before comparing treadmills, you'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

So there you have it - keep these 3 points in mind when making treadmill comparisons and you'll be well on your way to making an excellent treadmill purchase! Enjoy and have fun!

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Treadmills For Health And Life

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It's not always practical to go outside to jog or walk. Maybe you live in the big city or maybe it's winter and you can't really enjoy the outdoors. That's where exercise treadmills come in. Treadmills allow you the freedom to simulate walking and jogging without having to actually go anywhere. Simply put, exercise treadmills have a conveyor belt which moves antagonistically to the user's direction of horizontal movement. Okay, that may not have been simple. Essentially, the belt on treadmills moves in the opposite direction that you do.

Exercise treadmills have been heavily endorsed by most health experts since walking is considered one of the best cardiovascular workouts possible. We all know that combining a good workout plan with a good eating plan is the best way to lose weight and stay fit. Exercise treadmills help you do that in any weather, on your terms. The speed of the treadmills can be adjusted to suit your capabilities so you won't injure yourself.

There are two basic types of exercise treadmills: manual treadmills and electric treadmills. In manually operated treadmills, you act as the engine. The belt only moves when you're actually walking on it, so the faster you go the faster it goes. Electric exercise treadmills tend to be a little more polished. The speed of the belt can be adjusted by speed controls so you can set it to any speed you're comfortable with. These treadmills also tend to have more sophisticated displays and can usually monitor your heart rate. This is especially important for people who have heart conditions but also need to keep fit.

Of course, you have to pay for these extras and electric exercise treadmills can cost as much as ten times the amount of manual treadmills. The actual price of the treadmills depends on their level of quality and durability. Another factor is how smart the treadmills are. You read right. Today's high end treadmills actually have the ability to change their speed to match your pace, without you having to adjust anything.

Unfortunately, exercise treadmills are excessively boring since there's no change in scenery. And they take up a fair amount of space in your home. Plus, you need to make sure small children can't get on the treadmills so they don't hurt themselves. Still, exercise treadmills are growing in popularity. There's not a quality gym that doesn't boast at least three treadmills these days. Treadmills really are a great way to shed those few extra pounds or just keep in shape, especially if you've got some music on.

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