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Glens Whisky

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Glen Ord

At a glance, the fertile plains of the Black Mr Horn a pretty fine site for a distillery quality supplies of barley, some peat from illy hansons ground, pure water..

Given the fecundity of the area it Is perfectly logical that UDV, Glen Ord has one of its main makings on the market, making Glen Ord one of only three distilleries to produce all its own malt on site (the others being Tamdhu and Springbank).

Because it's uncommon to look inside a 11 dern commercial makings, this vitally important element in making malt whisky needs to be glossed over. When you walk into a vast majority of distilleries, the tour starts at 11 at the mill and the skill of the people in the malting area is forgotten.

Glen Ord, for example, makes the malt for six of UDV's plants, including Talisker, and each of the distilleries needs a slightly different specification of malt-peating level, moisture content, even variety. When you are processing 1,000 tons of barley a week and hitting those tight specifications week in, week out, that's some achievement.

So, is Glen Ord makings with a distillery attached, a distillery with a makings, or a hybrid of the two? For a few years recently it seemed that the distillery had the upper hand. It was to be UDV's trump card, and it deserved to be. Today it seems to have been quietly dropped, but don't tell that to Barbara Ogilvie, Glen Ord's ambassador.

Barbara is the latest in a long line of women to run the distillery - at one Mini' I litre were five female malt masters working in the Hour makings - and has an irrepressible lovr nl 'her' malt. The visitor's centre is more of a community museum than the usual showcase and her tales of illicit distilling, mild knowledge of modern distilling and mulling are encyclopaedic.


Glen Ord 12-year-old

Freshly turned earth, sultana and cake mix/malt on the nose. Clean and smooth on the palate, with some clootie dumpling, sugared almond and spice balancing the sherry wood

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Wine Racks Keep Your Favorite Vintages Close At Hand

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There is nothing quite like sipping on a glass of your favorite vintage after a hard day's work. Unless, you can't find it because you don't have a specific place to store your reds and whites. No kitchen is complete without a wine rack, and it is easy to find one to fit your needs and your space.

Rather than dragging yourself all over town to find 'the' wine rack; you should try shopping online. Not only will you find the best selection of wine racks, but you will also find the best prices as well. Whether you want a small rack for the corner to hold about six bottles or a veritable wine cellar with racks to hold dozens of vintages you'll find it here.

Perhaps when it comes to wine racks you would prefer one that doesn't take up any floor space. Try a hanging one to hold four or eight bottles as well as a dish towel and even some stemware. Or if you want to make a statement of elegance try a wine tower in your choice of finish. It comes with two shelves and a drawer for storing glassware, wine keys and anything else you might need while up to eighteen bottles are cradled below.

The mobility of a wine cart allows you to bring the wine to your guests in style. And a rounded wood rack allows you to keep your wines close at hand for cooking or savoring. No matter what style of wine rack you decide on you are sure to find what you are looking for online.

There are three main questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for wine racks for your home. One is how many bottles you are going to keep on hand. If you are a connoisseur of fine wine you might want one that is quite large. If you are a casual drinker you should need one that is rather small. The second question is where do you want to place your wine rack? You can hang one from the ceiling, put one on the counter or place one on the floor in the corner or in the center of the room. Third, you need to decide what type of material you want your wine rack constructed from. Choose from various woods with rich finishes, hammered steel or even wrought iron in a variety of shapes and finishes. Once you have answered these questions you will be well on your way to browsing the world of wine racks with ease.

So add a little elegance and sophistication to your home with the addition of a wine rack made of wood or metal. Whether you keep it in the kitchen, the dining room or even the living room you won't regret your purchase. Now the next time you want to sit back and relax with a glass of pinot noir, by yourself or with a special someone, you'll know exactly where to find it. It has never been easier to enjoy some sour grapes.

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A Brief Look At Coffee History

(category: Food-Beverage, Word count: 419)
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Coffee is probably one of the most popular beverages consumed by adults, yet many do not know coffee history very well. Understanding cofee history will make you appreciate that rich aroma you love so much. According to Arabic legend an Arabian goat herder was going about his daily activities when all of a sudden his flock of goats began dancing around a green leafy plant. The plant appeared to have cherries growing from it, the goat herder decided to give this fruitful plant a try. He noticed that he was experiencing a stimulating effect that allowed him to stay awake for hours. Once he let others in on his secret, they began using coffee for the same reason. It is said that once introduced to a priest, he began promoting coffee and its effects throughout the monastery for continued prayer sessions. Low and behold, we had an eye opening beverage that would soon become a frequent pick me up favorite.

Coffee History Begins in Ethiopia

Although many believe the goat herding legend as to be true in discovering coffees history, others need a more evidence than this to believe in when it came to discussing the history of coffee. Scientists have discovered botanical evidence that proves that coffee Arabica began in Ethiopia and then was somehow taken to Yemen, where it was then served up in the Mecca in one of the very first coffee houses in history since the 6th century. It became more of a personal favorite used for enjoyment, rather than putting it to use for its stimulating effects.

America Loves It

Wherever it originated, coffee is a popular choice of hot beverages. The number of coffee houses open for business now is amazing. There is one on every corner in America and is served in a variety of different ways. You can know get coffee drinks hot or cold, with or with out flavoring and it is made to order. Many prefer instant coffee when serving coffee in their homes. This shows just how far coffee has come since its history began.

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee

Now it seems as though we are obsessed with coffee, you can find it everywhere. Coffee candy, coffee ice cream, coffee syrup, coffee creamers and the list will continue to grow. With coffee being such a favorite, did you ever stop to think that we had an Arabian goat herder to think for this rich tasting drink we all enjoy so much?

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Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries At Home

(category: Food-Beverage, Word count: 514)
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It isn't hard to tell when spring has arrived officially. I agree that the signs aren't always clear when you look at the weather, but they are clear when you look at the produce section of your grocery store. For example, strawberries are always in abundant in the spring. You will find many grocery stores offering them at very affordable prices during this season.

Many of us get excited about the abundant number of red berries but not excited enough about eating only strawberries all week. You will find many irresistible buy-one-get-one-free offers. With such offers you might end up having more than enough berries to consume. If you don't know what to do with all these berries you can use them to make chocolate covered strawberries.

Sounds exciting? I bet.

Recently I saw an ad for chocolate covered strawberries from a local chocolate factory. But when I saw the price offered for it at reputable store, I was shocked. What I then did was to engage in price comparison. This made me to discover, to my greatest amazement, that average cost of chocolate covered strawberries is expensive. I then decided to find out how to save money and still get what I want.

I don't know why, but the expense of the treat made it much more appealing. Of course, this isn't to imply that I want to get into a chocolate covered strawberries buying frenzy. It simply means I want to find out if there was a way I could make them myself. If I succeeded I could then put the produce sales to good use.

My thought previously was that I would need expensive cocoa blocks for melting and dipping. But thankfully, I discovered that the best way for melting chocolate is via old-fashioned chips which can be bought right from your local grocery store. Of course this was really great news for me as I hate going to and fro looking for what I want, even though I have no problem going for chocolate covered strawberries that are not too expensive.

Another news I came across is the fact that I can use my microwave for this purpose. You see, in theory, making chocolate covered strawberries is easy. You should follow the necessary instructions carefully. By following the instructions carefully you will not scorch the chocolate.

For starters, fade the chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Don't forget the importance of using the defrost setting. Also, remember that when you dip your chocolate covered strawberries on high, it will scorch it. What to do? Wait until the dip is quite smooth. This can take two to three minutes.

Do you know the specific technique that people use to dip chocolate covered strawberries? Simply dip the berries into the mixture, and then shake the excess away as you withdraw it. Lastly, you can then give the chocolate covered strawberries a few whirls in clockwise direction, and then set it on wax paper. After this you are set to start enjoying the labor of your hard work!

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Bottled Water Tastes Better

(category: Food-Beverage, Word count: 403)
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Due to the several alarming alerts that were issued by doctors, many of which were just false, I stopped paying much attention to the results of medical studies that proclaim one thing or the other is bad for my health.

But I must admit there are some warnings I simply can't ignore, and anything that has to do with drinking water is one of them.

What could be responsible for the sudden change of heart?

It's simple. The discovery of the level of chemicals and contaminants that could be present in the water that comes out from the tap did it for me.

And on the spur of the moment, I knew it was time I check out a bottled water service.

My enquiries only led to another discovery: the assumption on my part that only businesses could afford to pay for monthly bottled water service was wrong. Though that may have been true a decade ago, it's definitely not the case today.

Most folks are realizing just how important it is to have a convenient source of pure, refreshing water at home as well as at the office. Fortunately, the bottled water service providers are in synchronization with the home owners who represents a rather large market.

This led the providers to commence tailoring their packages to fit individual and family needs. The response was instant; many families simply signed up for the home bottled water service, due largely to the fact that the cost is moderate.

However, there is more to bottled water service than the affordable price and the water content.

Make sure you know what you are paying for before you sign any contract. If you know there are certain features you won't use, ask if you can eliminate those from your bottled water service plans for a discount.

Again, scrutinize what's in the fine print carefully, there is likely to be a cancellation fee associated with opting out of the bottled water service contract.

The general rule is, if you simply want to try out the bottled water service for a while, then its best not to sign a long-term contract.

Anyone who signed up for bottled water service can't fail to notice the distinct improvement in the taste of the water they now drink. This ultimately will make them feel better knowing that the water is as clean and pure as can be.

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You Can Look Up Everything That You Need To Know About Wine Online

(category: Food-Beverage, Word count: 409)
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If you are a genuine wine lover or even if you are just slightly interested in the subject you can find everything that you need to know about wine online. Looking up wine online is simple and easy and it takes almost no time at all. No matter what you want to know about this fascinating subject you can find about wine online.

Looking up wine online has never been easier than it is today and as time passes it will only get even easier. This is because there are so many people just like you out there who love to learn as much as they can about wine. Since there is this need for information more and more people are putting the knowledge that they have about wine online. All of these wine online websites will give you all kinds of info.

Start your search of wine online by deciding what it is you are looking for exactly. The more you can narrow your search the better your search for wine online will be. So if for example you are doing a search in google about "wine cabinets"you will type this into the search box. You should then get a list of all the wine online sites that have this kind of info. Then all you have to do is click on the links and go to town. You can read about your subject matter as much or as little as you need to when you are doing a wine online search.

You can also purchase wine online. This is a great way to buy your wine whether you are a collector or even if you are just looking for that special wine to celebrate a special occasion. When you search for wine online you can compare the prices and the years and any other characteristic of your wine that you want.

Buying wine online is just as easy as looking for information about wine online is. There are thousands of wine merchants who will be willing to ship you as much wine as you want. You can find wine online from another country even. It is nice to be able to get Italian wine online without ever having to go there!

So the next time you need some info about wine or you are looking to purchase some wine online just check the internet.

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Distillation From Plants And Roots

(category: Food-Beverage, Word count: 483)
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Aniseed-flavored spirits

Some 1,500 years before Christ, these licorice-flavored spirits were valued as healing agents by the Egyptians. In the nineteenth century, absinthe, a potent aniseed aperitif distilled from wormwood, became a highly fashionable drink on both sides of the Atlantic, but intemperate enjoyment of it proved dangerous because it often led to madness or death. Consequently, early in the twentieth century, it was banned in many countries.

In the meanwhile, however, a plethora of "benign" successors developed; aniseed drinks which, in France, are known as pastis. They are based on star anise, with the essential oils being distilled and then mixed with sugar, pure alcohol, and various flavorings, such as mint, lemon balm, herbes de Provence, and licorice.

Pernod and Ricard are among the well-known brands from France (now also available as an alcohol-free drink), and anisette is a spiced liqueur. Creek ouzo and Turkish raki are also members of this big family of aniseed-flavored spirits. Ouzo is a sweet aniseed drink at 80 to 90 proof. Raki tastes dry and spicy, is not as sweet as ouzo, and is available at 80 to 100 proof.


Similar to rum, this Asian spirit is distilled from sugarcane molasses with the addition of Indonesian red rice. Arrak is aged in oak barrels before it is bottled. The most respected variety comes from Batavia, in Indonesia, but similar drinks using a variety of ingredients, such as dates, also come from Goa in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.


This is a Brazilian spirit distilled directly from the juice of the sugarcane. The best-known cachaga is the straw-colored, clear Pitu. It has a soft, mild aroma and is 82 proof.


Many people would not consider a Japanese meal complete without a bottle of this clear, usually straw-colored, fermented-rice spirit. Even though sake, which is the Japanese national drink, is often referred to as wine, its production process is more like that of beer. Sake tastes similar to sherry and has an alcohol content of only 16 to 17 percent by volume, or about 35 proof.


Mexico's number-one spirit, drunk since the time of the Aztecs, is distilled from the blue agave cactus. Clear, white tequila, also called silver tequila, is bottled immediately after distillation. Cold tequila, or tequila anejo, gets its golden-brown color from several years storage in oak barrels, during which time the flavor also mellows and becomes smoother. Most brands of tequila are about 90 proof. Mexican laws specify that only tequila produced in a specific geographical area around the town of the same name can be labeled as such.

Rum Formerly the drink of bootleggers, pirates, smugglers, and slave traders rum was for centuries the most commonly traded contraband. The home of rum is in the Caribbean islands of Jamaica,martinique, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Here, as in the past

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Indian Cookery With A British Twist

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In a traditional Indian home, the wife and mother does not go out to work. She stays at home and spends her days making sure that there is wholesome and tasty food ready for her family to eat whenever they may want it. If there are other older women in the household such as aunts or a grandmother, they will help too.

An Indian girl will start learning to cook at a very early age and will be expected to help her mother with the household catering and cleaning too. At her mother's side a daughter will learn how to grind spices, how to mix them to make various masalas and exactly when and how to add them to individual dishes. She will learn how to make various types of bread - chapattis, rotis, parathas and more. She will learn to make several dishes at the same time, no Indian meal consisting of only one dish, and she will learn the art of producing the crispest deep-fried onion bhajis and pakora. The girl's skill in the kitchen can make the difference between her finding a husband or not.

There's no getting away from it, delightful though Indian cuisine is, producing a meal is a complex and time-consuming business, even for the most experienced Indian housewife.

That's the traditional way. However, in modern-day India and in Britain, where many Indian families have made their homes, life is quite different.

These days, Indian women often do not have the luxury of staying at home all day. They want or need to go out to work. Indian girls brought up in Britain see other girls of their age going shopping, to parties, to visit friends, to school, to college and ultimately to work and they don't want to stay at home with their mothers, slaving over a hot stove. On top of that, they don't want to lose the culture and flavours of Indian cuisine.

What to do then, when Indian cookery does not provide a quick answer to providing a meal? Vicky Bhogal has found the answer. In her book, Cooking Like Mummyji, she explores the culinary problems of a modern Indian girl living in Britain and provides an interesting answer.

I suppose we would call this fusion cooking as it is a mixture of the flavours of India and the simplicity of British family food and the results are great tastes produced in the minimum of time. I particularly recommend Fishcakes with Bite and for Sunday lunch with a difference, Green Masala Roast Chicken - absolutely delicious.

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Consumer S Choice Pork Awards Winners Announced

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Today, time-crunched families know the importance of convenience in meal preparation is no longer just a matter of preference, it's a means of survival. But Americans aren't willing to abandon the comfort of their favorite slow-cooked flavors in the interest of time.

The winners of the recently announced Consumer's Choice Pork Awards provide striking examples of the marriage of convenience with traditional, satisfying "comfort" food flavors.

The National Pork Board, the producer-funded organization behind the "Pork. The Other White Meat." campaign, recently announced the winners of the second annual Consumer's Choice Pork Awards. Created to recognize the most innovative new products available to American shoppers, the entries were scored by consumers for taste, product appeal, fit to lifestyle trends and likelihood of purchase.

A panel of industry experts narrowed the pool to 10 products, and a jury of American consumers judged the finalists. The winners include:

* Pork Roast Au Jus (Hormel Foods Corp.), a moist and tender meal that "seems like homemade" but can be prepared quickly.

* Heat & Serve Brats (Johnsonville Sausage, LLC), among the favorites because of its "fresh, nicely grilled taste."

* Quick'n'Easy Gourmet Entrees Pork Roast in Bourbon Sauce (RMH Foods, LLC), chosen for its unique and flavorful bourbon sauce, and praised for being tasty, tender and convenient.

* Jimmy Dean Fresh Taste. Fast! Black Pepper Premium Precooked Bacon Slices (Sara Lee Foods U.S.), a "twist" on traditional bacon, favored for its flavor and easy, no-mess preparation.

* Maple and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham (Tyson Foods, Inc.), the sweet, pre-sliced servings offer quick-and-easy preparation and a taste close to homemade.

For busy cooks, convenience is important in food purchase decisions. No matter how Americans define it, this year's winners are a step toward more convenient - and delicious - meals. Each winner is already flavored and ready to serve, requiring little effort on the part of the cook.

Taste is what really sets the winning products apart from all others. And, according to Brooke Benschoter, director of consumer communications at the National Pork Board, "The variety of cuts, easy preparation methods and versatile flavor of pork make it a favorite with home cooks. The combination of taste and convenience in the winning products offers busy cooks the best of both worlds."

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