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Flowers In Purgatory Gardens In Unlikely Places

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It's not surprising that Tony Perez enjoys his time in the garden. "It's wonderful ... to watch it grow from nothing to something ... ," said Perez. "It allows you to get your mind thinking about what's next in life."

It is surprising where the garden is located - in the Purgatory Correctional Facility in Utah, where Perez is an inmate.

What used to be a guard dog training area in the prison, is now an oasis of shade tarps, vegetables, fruit trees and vines. It's all part of the inmate management program at Purgatory. With the help of inmates and volunteers, Sergeant Tim Wiegert spent two weeks tilling the soil and preparing the area. Donations from local sources included plants, irrigation, fertilizer, shade covers, concrete, and guidance from the state university.

The program teaches inmates responsibility and skills. Three inmates, including Perez, were initially assigned to the garden crew. Others have chipped in and expressed interest in joining the regular group, and Perez has already been offered a job at a local nursery.

Plans for the Fall include growing pumpkins to donate to local elementary schools for carving and decoration, an idea that came from one of the inmates. "I'm very impressed to see the inmates get involved," said Wiegert.

The prison facility in Utah is not the only one to implement such a program. As far back as World War I, gardens have been documented in prisoner of war camps, such as the P.O.W. camp at Ruhleben, Germany, where British prisoners formed their own gardening club and were accepted into Britain's Royal Horticultural Society.

Gardening and floral programs have found their way into numerous correctional institutions across the U.S., meeting with surprising success. Not only do the programs brighten up the atmosphere and provide inmates with productive work, but they often help cut food costs by producing vegetables or generate additional revenue through local sales, in some cases through a florist shop collaborating with or operated by the institution.

Today, at the state corrections facility in Elmore County Alabama, inmates are cultivating a new garden behind prison walls. They plan to send the flowers they grow to local nursing homes and services for the elderly. "I've never really started something and carried it all the way through," said William Kizziah, one of several inmates who works in the garden. Thanks to a local ministry known as the Order of St. Dismas, another garden has already sprouted up at Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka, and a third is being planned for Alabama's nearby Staton Correctional Facility.

In Ohio, the Mansfield Correctional Institution's horticultural program helps inmates grow plants and foliage for the beautification of the institution and surrounding community. The prison, local schools, and Ohio State Patrol Grounds are all decorated with the results.

In Massachusetts, nine hot houses and a farm are operated by the Barnstable County Jail, where inmates grow and sell some 40,000 annuals each year. The program was developed 12 years ago to teach flower growing and business basics. The farm grows vegetables, trees and hay. Food grown on the farm is used for inmates or donated to food pantries. According to the Barnstable Patriot, "Any profit from the sale of products is plowed into the programs for the inmates, such as hiring additional drug and alcohol counselors, buying computers and paying for educational programs."

Illinois has an especially well developed program. Since 1994, Illinois inmates have helped cultivate more than 230 flowerbeds and 300 other floral baskets and containers at the Illinois Fairgrounds. "Such programs not only benefit our communities and help inmates return to society but also serve as a valuable asset to the taxpayer," says IDOC Director Roger E. Walker Jr.

With the help of local volunteers, horticultural experts, and civic support, green prison programs are making a difference for inmates and communities. According to Sgt. Wiegert, "We want to show people what we are doing and how they can benefit." Flowers and plants brighten up our everyday lives, and in some cases they give life a whole new meaning.

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Goal Setting Basics

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Goal setting is the base of every successful planning and execution, during the last years Goal setting theories and techniques has evolved significantly, mainly because of the internet businesses that changed the traditional concepts of work.

The basics of goal setting should be practiced and maintained to ensure a successful completion of these goals, a person needs to adopt a particular technique for his or her own goal setting. Its very important that the goal setting is "clean" and personal, a person wishing to stop smoking because his wife has forced him to promise that will probably not achieve his goals. Anyone setting goals and targets should make sure that these are worth while targets and goals and that this project is going to require a lot of energy and commitment.

The process of setting goals is not complicated, but setting goals has to be done in a certain way for it to be most effective. After making sure that you want to achieve this goal and the it is in fact a part of your goal setting (and not anyone else's), you will need to write your goal setting reasons. Why are you setting this goals? What will you get from accomplishing these goals?.

Understanding the rewards of achieving a goal is very important since it makes your goal very clear, and the price you will pay to achieve it also. While writing your goals you should start thinking of how you will achieve your goals, you will need to make a detailed plan of reaching your desired goal. The "paper" plan is also very important because it should provide you with some logical resistance, you will need to find ways to reach your goals and time them, you will need to weight the plus and minuses of your plan and you the goal as you do that. The paper plan should, when finished, produce a clear, realistic and logical goal setting plan.

Make sure that your goal setting plan has a careful estimation of problems that you may encounter in the future, delays to the timeline you planned, particular challenges, a realistic plan should always set the target a little later than sooner, because life has a way of interrupting plans.

Try and create some state of mind for your goal setting. While it is always good to start working on changes in your life in a positive thinking mood, there are other mental directions you can use to help you on your way. Some people find that a challenge is what drives them most and they should set their goal setting on short distance targets, very focused on reaching every target as soon as possible, and keep the eyes on the prize at all time. If your target it too big or too complicated for this kind of technique, you can always break a bigger target into smaller ones, spacing the targets apart.

Time is critical in goal setting, you need to set yourself a time frame in which you expect to reach your goal. If you identify the obstacles on your way correctly you will have more time to recover from time loss, if you will be optimistic while setting the time frame (or non realistic) you will find yourself short of time, and of breath, as you struggle to get to the target on the set - unrealistic - time.

While working on a goal it is always good to keep that goal in mind. Goal setting is not just about writing something down and forgetting about it, you will be surprised to see how much of a difference notes and daily reminders of the goal will motivate you. Some people keep a written journal of their activities and goal setting performance so they can track their advance towards the target.

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Personal Development Goal Setting

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You must first be clear about what you want. This may sound like an obvious statement but the vast majority of people are totally unaware of what it is they really want. Their desires are not concrete. They know what they don't want but they don't know what they do want.

Ask someone if they could have anything they wanted in life and 98 out of 100 people will begin to describe everything in their life that they don't like. They will tell you what they don't want but have very little idea of what they really do want. Even those who have some idea of what they want do not have any specifics. They want more money, better relationships, a more fulfilling job etc., but they cannot describe exactly what this means to them. You need to be specific.

So the first step in getting what you want is knowing what you want!

Next you need to know why you want it. What way will having this thing, situation or type of person make you feel? Our feelings play the biggest role in goal-achievement. They are the essence of all desires. Every wish, desire or goal starts with a feeling. Think about this for awhile. If you can identify the feeling behind your desire and replicate the way you will feel if you were to have that desire you will surely receive it!

Next write down your goal. This helps you get even clearer. Describe your life as though you already have your desire right now. Ensure you include the feelings that will be evoked once you have your goal.

For example - "I feel immensely grateful for my brand new Mercedes SL Class sports car. Every morning I feel exhilarated as I open the majestic black metallic door and climb into the black nappa leather-bound driver's seat. It feels as comfortable as an armchair. The engine purrs into life when I start the ignition and I smile approvingly as I reach down to shift the gear stick set in its burl walnut wood fitting. When I speak softly the voice recognition system immediately jolts the CD player into life and my favourite tune fills the surrounding area. The drive along the street is so smooth and the engine is so quiet I feel like I could be floating on a cloud. Gratitude and joy begin to fill me as I realize that I created this."

Next visualize your goal while you repeat your written statement. See yourself performing the tasks that you have written. Feel the feelings associated with it. Do this every morning after waking and every night just before retiring.

Ensure that you stay positive and focused throughout the day. Never allow frustration to creep in or impatience. When you become impatient you are affirming that you do not have your goal. Stay focused on the feelings that you know you will experience when you reach your objective.

Next, be open to new opportunities. Allow the universe to open new channels for you. There are an infinite number of ways you can receive your desire. If you can develop a plan for attaining your desire that is even better. If not, be open for new ideas that will come to you and formulate them into a plan when you get them.

The final step is simple - take some action. Do something no matter how small that will get you closer to your goal. Arrange a test-drive, go look at houses in the neighbourhood you want, ring friends and invite them out to dinner. Do something!

When we take a small step forward the universe will take 10 steps to meet us. Follow these simple steps and your goal attainment is assured.

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I Can T Stop

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You've tried everything but that "thing" you are addicted to..... and it doesn't really matter what it is, yes I said," it doesn't matter what it is"!

The addiction is what you "do", it is not the problem!

Anyway, it just won't go away. So you start looking for external things to solve the problem. I mean things like nicotine patches, self help books, step programs or articles like this one.

Now don't get me wrong these things can all be useful. They prepare you for the "final revelation" which will help rid you forever of your addiction.

You do deals with yourself. "If I don't have (insert your personal addiction here) today, then I will be able to have one tomorrow" or "I am useless because I can't control this". "I feel so bad today I need my little helper". Maybe, your inner voice tells you no-one understands how hard it is, or you are just more sensitive than others, or it makes you interesting, or my friends wouldn't like me any other way or or or....

We can run in these circles for years, swapping addiction for addiction. Blaming everyone for our problems. "I was an unloved child" "My father was an alcoholic" "I have issues with commitment". Sound familiar? Now please, don't get me wrong. Being the child of an alcoholic is no small thing! I am not belittling it, just as I would not dream of belittling anything that someone believed was the cause of there addiction.

But, and here is the problem. If you "believe" something external caused you to set off on the road to oblivion, then you are going to need an equally powerful external tool to make you change that path. Well, it's not going to happen! There is nothing external to you that will alter your course. Sorry, but thats the truth.

You can justify, lie, blame others and spend a fortune on self-help guru's, until you realise one simple truth and that is this.

The secret to stopping your addiction is to Stop. Yes Stop! and the point is you won't until you realise the answer to your difficulty lies inside you.

Fear is stopping you contacting the part of you that can help. Whatever it is you do to allay that fear, "your addiction," stops you hearing that clever part of you.

The trick is to recognise the fear for what it is.

Understand it is standing in the way of you hearing your inner voice.

You have been tricked into believing that the fear is as deep as you can go. The fear is shallow. Make the decision to Stop, Stick with it and move on. Once the thing you are doing "your addiction" is no longer ruling you then you have a chance to work out how you got into this mess, That's if you feel you need to? Maybe just getting on with your life is an option too?

Remember! The answer to the question is you! The secret of stopping, is to stop!

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Postpone Your Procrastination Indefinitely 5 Ways To Conquer This Demon Once And For All

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We've all done it at some time or other. We put off our exercise routine until tomorrow; we continually delay finishing that project or starting that business.

Procrastination is the mother of all demons and can literally stop you in your tracks from achieving all that you desire.

Sandra Baptist provides you with 5 effective processes you can use to slay this giant.

1.Do it now

Hold your breath and jump right in! Putting things off until the last minute is a bad habit and like all habits is ingrained in our subconscious mind and hard to break. It feels like the normal thing to do and we simply continue along our path. To complete a task immediately may even feel strange or like a forced action.

When your boss gives you a task or when your clients or customers request your expertise, do it right away!

You not only look well-organized to others, the feeling that the job is done, is complete before the deadline, will be one of relief and gratitude.

How would this efficiency look to your customers when you request a referral or to your boss when salary reviews are approaching? I would think, "Great".

2.Take baby steps

Sometimes we procrastinate because the task may be intimidating to us. Perhaps we have no possible inkling on where to start.

In these cases, it is quite fine to take it one step at a time.

Say you are preparing a business plan and for the 5th time this week, you've turn on the PC and looked at the blank screen. Or you've just remembered you need to do some more research before you're still not ready.

My friend you ARE ready.

You simply need to break down the project into smaller pieces and tackle each bit separately. Make each task an individual project and after completion of each one, celebrate and acknowledge your achievement.

Soon you'll be finished and have no idea why you were putting it off in the first place!

3.Vision the perfect

Ah! I love this one. I use the Law of Attraction with my clients to have them easily and effortlessly achieve their dreams and desires and in effect, their vision.

Once you are aware that you are in fact procrastinating, creating a vision of you achieving the perfect plan is extremely helpful. When you create a vision you write in the present if you have already achieved your goal or if you are in the process of completing it.

For example, we go back to the business plan. Your vision may look something like this.

"I am so grateful that I have completed all the research I need for my business plan. I am finding the information easily using the internet. People that have written business plans are offering me advice that allows me to create an exciting plan that I resonate with. As I write, the words come to me effortlessly...."

In creating a vision and focusing on it daily, the universal laws state that things, people, processes will begin to occur in your life that will allow you to attract that vision.

4.Forget it

Why force the issue? If you have been 'dragging your feet' on something for a very long time, it may all be for the best.

Something, somewhere is trying to tell you something. That something is your intuition and it is usually right!

Think about something that you have been putting off again and again and again. What are the reasons that you need to complete this task in the first place? Does someone want you to do this? What is THEIR agenda? What are YOUR reasons for this lengthy delay?

I find it amazing that 99% of the time I put off doing something, I am thankful that I did! Disregarding a project after a long period of procrastination is however usually a last resort.

5.Support team

Do you put off tasks because you feel that there are too big and complex for you to handle alone? Or because you need assistance? Be honest with yourself. "No man is an island".

Ask for help! There are many resources out there that can provide you with all you need to carry out your job.

If you're a solo-professional and you put off answering emails, then don't answer them yourself. Hire an assistant, find some college students that want experience, get a family member to help.

Procrastinating on life changing activities could be as a result of fear of the unknown. Get a mastermind group together, find a mentor, join a support group.

You don't have to do it all by yourself. Just ensure that to kick this habit; you do what feels good to you in whatever method you choose. You'll surely postpone procrastination for a very long time.

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Add Significance To Your New Year S Resolutions

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The start of a new year is traditionally a time to reflect on the previous year. It is also a time to establish new resolutions. Popular resolutions include losing weight, getting more fit, getting out of debt, and making more money.

Giving to others tends to be forgotten when creating resolutions. However, their impact on you and others can be more significant than pursuing the more common resolutions.

What are some resolutions related to giving that you can consider as you pursue your own? Consider the following examples:

Increase your financial giving to church and charities.

Increase your time donated to important causes.

Write and send an encouraging note at least weekly.

Smile and greet the first people you meet every morning.

Perform an act of kindness at least weekly.

Search the house for unused, unneeded items and donate them for others to use.

Increase the number of people you share your faith with.

Donate your blood multiple times during the year.

Determine your life purpose.

Your list needs to be unique to you. Use the above items only as a starting point in determining your own.

Be sure to set resolutions for yourself for the upcoming year that will help make a difference in the world. It will provide a special significance throughout the new year as you fulfill these important resolutions.

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Requirements For Successful Goal Setting And Achievement

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Goal setting helps us determine our priorities, get organized, make big decisions, and realize our dreams. The act of merely setting a goal brings about positive change for many people. When you set a goal you are creating an exciting challenge for yourself. Almost all motivational experts incorporate goal setting as an important part of their programs. The effectiveness of Goal Setting can be seen in the incredible accomplishments of people such as: Henry Ford who wanted to make cars affordable for everyone, Bill Gates whose goal was to have a computer in every household, and John F. Kennedy who set out to put a man on the moon within a decade. There is a famous story about Jim Carrey who, while struggling as an actor in 1987, drove his car up on Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood hills to think about the future. While sitting there overlooking the city of Los Angeles he wrote a check made out to himself for "acting services rendered" in the amount of $10 million. He dated the check for Thanksgiving of 1995. Jim's Goal turned out to be conservative because by the time 1995 rolled around he was making $20 million a movie.

The objective of is to direct the user through the entire Goal process from definition to achievement. This Goal Achievement process entails the following requirements:

Well formed Goal Statements

Breaking goals down into manageable Steps

Motivation and Commitment

Reminders and Keeping on track

Frequent Review and Re-assessment

1. Well formed Goal Statements

The Goal Statement forms the basis for the entire process so careful attention should be placed on formulating a clear and accurate goal statement. A good way to remember how a goal statement should be defined is the old S.M.A.R.T. acronym used by many experts in goal setting. SMART stands for:






The Goal should be specific enough so that we know exactly what we are striving for, measurable so we know exactly what is to be accomplished and when it has been reached, action-oriented declaring positive activity that will produce results, realistic in that it is practical and can be achieved given the limited availability of resources, and tangible meaning concrete and not vague. The goal statement "Increase sales 25% by the end of the fiscal year without increasing advertising spending" is an example that follows these rules.

2. Breaking down Goals into manageable Steps

Once we have a well-formed Goal Statement we need some direction to follow to achieve this Goal. While the goal "Increase sales 25% by the end of the fiscal year without increasing advertising spending" is a great goal statement, this is a monumental task without being broken down into smaller detailed steps. The creation of Goal Steps gives us an "Action Plan" that when completed will lead to Goal Achievement. Steps also allow for tracking of progress towards the goal. Goal Steps should be positive and not used to list obstacles that must be overcome which focuses on the negative. Negativity can kill motivation but there is power in positive thinking.

3. Motivation and Commitment

Motivation and commitment are what make us strive to achievement. They give us the push, desire, and resolve to complete all of the other steps in the Goal process. This motivation can be obtained by developing a personal statement that creates a high level of emotion and energy that guarantees achievement. One self help expert said that as a child he was kicked out of his local country club pool because he was not a member, in response he later made a goal that he would one day have a pool that is one foot bigger than that country club's pool. The motivation of being asked to leave the pool provided the necessary fuel for him to achieve this goal. Commitment creates more accountability and is what sets us on direct course to reach our goals. It may create costly negative consequences upon failure to attain a goal. Making a commitment might be something like having invested your savings in your new business which you will lose if it fails. Motivation and commitment are specific to your situation and life and only you can form statements that will ensure you reach your goal the quickest. The more personal you make your motivation and commitment statements for each goal, the more motivated you will be to accomplish your goal.

4. Reminders and Keeping on Track

Reaching our goals requires persistence and regular attention. We need some sort of system to keep us reminded and accountable. uses a combination reminder emails, calendars, and reports to keep users organized and on track. Sharing goals with others who can give you help and support is a highly effective way to increase your chances for success. If some accountability system is not used then we are likely to lose sight and fail.

5. Frequent Review and Re-assessment

When we first sit down and start to define goals it can seem like a difficult and daunting task but over time it begins to get much easier. Patience is required. Goal Setting is definitely an ongoing process that is accomplished over time. Any goals program that defines goals and then ignores them will fail. All goals due in the next year should be reviewed at least once a week and daily if possible. The great thing about frequent review is that this forces us to make big decisions and determine priorities in our life. We should keep watch for goals that are not being achieved on time or for goals on which we keep extending the deadline.

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Advice To Help People To Attain Their Goals In Life

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It is important that we set ourselves goals in life, these can be short term, over a longer period of one to five years and also lifetime goals. It is one thing setting yourself these targets, however it is another thing to actually achieve them. In this article I give advice and tips on how to successfully attain the goals you set. These goals when achieved can help to improve our lives and also helps us to become happier and more self fulfilled.

Write down your goals

I have always wanted to be a success and to have a happy life, I am sure this is the same for most people. In the early part of my life I was unable to achieve both of these aims. In my early to mid twenties I decided to attempt to learn about ways in which I could ensure that the future would be a lot better, than what the past had been. I started to read many books about these topics and also about people who I considered to be successful.

I soon realised the importance of setting goals and targets. I thought about what I wanted to be and which course I wanted my life to take. I wrote out three different lists of my aims for the future.

The first list included what I wanted to achieve within the next twelve months. The second list contained what I wanted to achieve within five years and the third list was my lifetime goals.

I feel it is important to write down these targets as it helps you to keep a kind of focus of what you are attempting to do.

Invest time and money to reach your goals

I now had a determination to succeed and was willing to work hard to achieve my goals. To achieve anything in life takes time and dedication. One of my aims was to reduce my levels of stress. To do this I had to learn the art of relaxation, I have always been very hard on myself and had spent most of my life worrying about things that may happen in the future. I decided to ease up on myself and to even have monthly treats to keep me and my body happy. I did this by attending reflexology sessions and for a short period I tried aromatherapy.

I also made my home more of a comfort zone by buying some nice scented candles and some new furniture. These minor changes had a huge impact as it made the house more relaxing and I always work better in this type of environment.

One of my goals was to lose weight. To help me in this quest I purchased a rowing machine and decided to wake up half an hour earlier in the morning to use it. I would sit and row at various times of the day which I would try to stick to. Always in the moring and always before bed, wherever possible of course. I would also use the machine at times when I was becoming a little stressed or a bit lethargic. This really helped me as after I had rowed for around twenty minutes, I would feel really uplifted and full of confidence. I would also feel a sense of pride that I had battled against the negative side of brain and was sure that I would soon gain the benefit of a reduced weight.

Avoid negative people

There are people out there who try to bring me down. They attempt to do this by off the cuff comments they make or just by the way they seem to look down on me. They look at me as If I am worthless and some kind of loser. These type of people have caused me many sleepless nights and have had a negative affect on my self-confidence.

Quite simply the answer to this problem is to stay away from them, this is not always easy however. These people used to make me feel angry but I now feel sorry for them. I am happy despite what they may think and I have even learned to not care about their opinion of me.

There are two types of person in life, negative and positive. I now steer clear of negative people as that is what I used to be and I do not want to go back there. They try to get me back into their clan by the comments they make and try to convince me that all is not well.

Negative people tend to have negative lives where as positive people tend to have positive lives. I want to be, as already stated, happy and successful therefore I need to continue to think in a positive way.

The above advice is how I now live my life. At times I feel down like everybody does and this of course is when I use the rowing machine. I have now lost my excess weight and am very happy. I hope this article helps you to.

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5 Simple Steps To Make 2006 The Best Year Ever

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So how was your 2005? Was it by far the best year of your life? I mean over the top, you can't wait for more? If you are like most people, you probably answered no. If you had the choice of spending the same 365 days and just surviving it or having the best year of your life, which would you choose? Of course you would choose the best year of your life! You know what you would prefer, you always get the same 365 days each year, so what is getting in the way and how do we get it out of there?

First, let's start with the question, how did you do on your Top 3 goals in 2005? Most people don't even have a top one goal, let alone a history of what they did on their top 3 goals. Well, let's turn that around right now.

Step 1: (Spend only 30 seconds on this. REALLY!) Pick your number one goal in each of the following categories. Physical, Financial, and Relationship. STOP! Do it now. We are talking only 30 seconds and then write the goals down.

If you had achieved these 3 goals in 2005, do you think 2005 would have been your best year ever? If you answer is anything but YES, redo Step 1 with bigger goals.

We have done it. In only 30 seconds. Can you believe it? Finally, you are starting your new year off with actual targets that will make your 2006 the best year ever. How much better do you feel knowing you now have clear targets to go after? It kind of takes the anxiety out and allows you to get down to business. You know what you want, now let's get you there with Steps 2 through 5. Remember, you have only 4 and

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