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Do You Know All Of The Best Golf Tips

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If you do not yet know all of the top golf tips that there are to be found then you had better get a move on. If you want to improve your game that is. There is no better way to brush up on your playing than to make use of some great golf tips. And the best thing about golf tips is that they are so darn easy to find.

You can find hundreds of the best and most popular golf tips on the internet. In a matter of minutes you can have tons of amazing golf tips at your disposal and most of them will be so basic that you will be shocked at how quickly they will improve your game.

Your game needs to be excellent if you want to be able to rule the links at your home golf course. There is some [pretty stiff competition out there and in order to you to kick butt you need to know all of the latest and best golf tips. By doing a basic search online for some golf tips you will find all kinds from tips to help you improve your swing to tips to help you aim better. You will even find all kinds of golf tips to help you choose the best possible equipment in your price range. We cannot all afford the top of the line clubs so finding out how to make the most of your dollar is one of the best golf tips that you will ever come across.

You should spend more than on day searching for good golf tips. These should be something that you are always on the lookout for, you never know where you will come across some fantastic golf tips. You can get them from your friends who play or from watching golf shows on the TV. It does not matter who or where you get your golf tips as long as they can be put to use in order to make your golf game all that it can be and more.

If you are having some trouble in a particular aspect of your game then ask someone for some advice. Do not wait for good golf tips to fall out of the sky because this does not happen very often. You need to be brave and speak up. If you see someone doing something that you have had trouble with ask him or her how they make it look so easy. This is the best way to get the golf tips that you really need and that will really have the biggest impact on your game each time that you play golf.

You may even want to take a few lessons with your local pros. These guys are full of great golf tips and they are always willing to share. Take some lessons and really pick their brains in order to glean all that you can from them. And when the lessons are over ask if they have any more good golf tips for you to take home and mull over. They might just have some.

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Golf Tips For A Better Golf Swing

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Golfing can be an expensive past time, especially if you have to take golf lessons to boot. Taking golf lessons gives you the ability to have someone guide you and spot critical mistakes in your golf swing. There is another alternative to golf lessons even though golf lessons are the fastest and best way to a better golf game.

There is a lot of good reading material on the Internet that helps in solving your slice, hook, or whatever problem you have getting the golf ball to the hole. Taking a good golf book seriously and implementing the instructions on the course will turn your game around in no time. If your having trouble breaking 100, 90, and even 80. This article has a few tips on reaching your goals at your own pace.

Whatever book you decide to choose on the Internet or local store, read the chapters over several times before you take these instructions on the practice range. Practice at least three times a week. There are a few points to keep in mind when practicing any kind of new golf swing that amateurs tend to overlook.

Consider the slope of terrain that you are implementing your new golf swing. Take a large bucket of balls and practice the swing with different slope positions. Swing easy at first, then gradually step up to your normal swing speed. You're not always going to have a flat lie out on the golf course. It may take half dozen balls or more to get comfortable with different types of fairway slopes, but once you follow the book closely and practice, you will soon overcome any problems at first. Be persistent!

Choose the shorter clubs first and gradually work your way to the driver. Do not leave any club in the bag. Practice them all. If you're having trouble with a longer club, do not skip it and move past. Pause with the lesser club and go backwards until you gain confidence to move back to the golf club you dislike hitting. Pause at the club before and keep hitting it until you feel confident to play the golf club your having problems with.

Always shoot towards a target and always keep the distance in mind for each golf club. You will eventually have stronger wrists and arms as you progress through a full month of practicing three times a week. The distance will change as you move forward in your persistent self-golf training. The golf holes will get shorter. As you read through your golf book, look for tips on choking down on the club to take a little distance off your newfound power.

Find a nice quiet place to practice your short game. You need to be at least 100 yards out and work your way in with the putter being the last club to practice. If you are not hitting the greens, you must know how to chip and play out of bunkers. Mastering your short game will also take a bundle of golf strokes off your game.

Practicing your golf swing as much as three times a week for at least 1 month, and reading up on golf swing instructions will eventually move you towards a much lower scorecard if you are persistent with your goals.

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Golf Driving Tip That Will Add Yards Quickly

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A golf driving tip that can make the difference between being the shortest hitter in your foursome to the longest...consistently would interest you right? Well...the tip I'm going to discuss is not what you'd think, but you need to take notice and apply it...if you want to own your foursome off the tee!

When you think of a golf driving tip I'll bet you think of swing mechanics. Am I correct? If so, has it worked? I mean...have you added 10,20 or even 30 yards to your swing taking this approach?

If most of you are being honest you'll say no. For those of you who have accomplished the above with that approach...congratulations. You are a small percent of the golfing community that is successful.

So if a golf driving tip pertaining to swing mechanics isn't it...what else is left?'re looking at it if you look in a mirror. It is your physical make-up. What your body is capable of doing at this moment.

All the swing thoughts and golfing tips in the world won't help if your body can't physical perform them. And no matter how hard you won't be successful.

You see...your body needs to move with a certain level of flexibility (fluidity), strength (power) and sequence (body awareness). Most of these qualities dissipate with age. Do you feel as flexible, strong or with great body awareness as you did years ago?

If your answer is no, then you need to take the 'physical approach' to hitting your drives longer (and straighter). The more you work on your current physical abilities the easier you will be able to make a sound and repeatable golf swing.

You will look back and wish you would have taken this approach years ago...but it's NEVER too late! You can improve your physical capabilities well into your 80's if you are willing to put a little bit of effort into it.

The areas you need to focus on are rotational strength and flexibility; posture and spinal strength; and hamstring/low back muscular endurance (flexibility).

Focus on these and you will see dramatic improvements in your driving distance and accuracy.

This is my golf driving tip that will change your game forever!

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Better Golf Solutions Start With One Simple Approach

(category: Golf, Word count: 386)
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Better golf solutions is a mystery for the average golfer. Finding the magic bullet that's going to cure your game overnight isn't going to happen. In looking for better golf solutions, you've got to think about what's the main reason you're not making a sound, repeatable golf swing that generates power and accuracy?

Common approaches to better golf solutions are taking more lessons; buying new golf equipment that will hopefully make up for your swing faults (such as offset/oversized drivers and irons); purchasing training aids that promise the world, but end up in your garage gathering dust or being sold on ebay; or going to the range with a new level of practice commitment.

The six million dollar question! Did it help? Are you happy with your results?

If the answer is yes...congratulations on your success! If the answer is no, than what in the world is left? You've done everything right?

I want you to think real hard for a second.

What one thing is critical in swinging a club, hitting the ball square and long, and producing results?


You dictate your outcome!

Let me explain.

You body has a current level of physical capability. It is what it is. Whatever that level is, will be your outcome. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! You will never consistently play to what you think your potential is until you improve your "physical capabilities"!

If golfers knew this little secret, they'd save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on lessons, gimmicky training aids, equipment and range fees.

You are an athlete! A golf athlete! You've got to "prepare your body to perform".

What other athletic event do you know of where the athlete just shows up without working on his/her physical attributes?


I hate to be so blunt, but it is a fact. Only until you realize this, and take it to heart will you achieve your golfing goals. Your BODY determines your outcome. Your BODY makes your golf swing. Your BODY physically plays for 18 holes. Your BODY dictates your confidence. I hope you're getting the point here.

I can't say this strong enough!

Take the approach like an athlete and you will never have to think of better golf solutions.

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Golf Muscles Timing Golf Mechanics The Key To A Powerful Golf Swing

(category: Golf, Word count: 577)
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Golf swing power is truly sought after by many golfers short and tall. A powerful golf swing can be easily accomplished if you're standing 6ft tall over the golf ball. Knowing the right mechanics of the golf swing, along with the right timing is essential. If you take two golfers of the same height, the exact same swing, same golf club and ball, the results in distance would probably be the same. If you take the same scenario and one golfer is approximately 6ft. tall, and the other approximately 5ft. tall, the advantage would be to the taller person. You're probably saying, no kidding Sherlock. A taller person creates a longer and bigger swing span, which in turn generates more club head speed. Unleashing a huge drive can be monstrous if all golf mechanics and timing are in sync for a fairly tall person. So how does a shorter golfer stand to compete?

The answer would probably lie in the golf muscles of a shorter golfer. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to go out and bench press 400 lbs everyday. By exercising your upper and lower golf muscles two or three times a week, you can make a world of difference. The golf muscles that need to be exercised would be the legs, thighs, and whole upper portion of the body. The upper portions of the body are the main coil of the golf swing, with the arms and wrist getting the most exercise. As these same muscles are used most to guide and control the weight of the golf club through the motion of the golf swing. The lower portion of the body is strengthened to reinforce the upper portion of the golf swing. There are many books and videos on the Internet that address these exercises.

Golfers that prefer to exercise outdoors and are not sure of the appropriate exercises to use should take the exercise out on the practice range hitting golf balls. By hitting golf balls at the practice range, you will be exercising the important golf muscles naturally, and greatly improve your golf swing at the same time. Have you heard of golf muscle memory? It is a part of the brain that remembers a movement. Putting it another way, have you felt a muscle say, stop right there? This same part of the brain will tell moving parts of your body how far you can take it, so you do not injure yourself. It also signals for the timing of certain muscles to kick in and take over, if your latter part of the brain were paying attention. It would also remember good habits and bad habits in the golf swing. One must be careful in their practice routine on avoiding the bad habits. Practicing regularly will exercise these certain muscles and train them for further swing improvement in proper moves and timing. Your golf muscles will take the golf mechanics and timing to a higher level of power by exercising them over and over again.

With regular exercise and practicing the golf mechanics and timing of the golf swing, both short and tall players can compete on the same level. To out distance your taller competitors, it would help to pack a few extra pounds of golf muscle behind your golf swing. The same would apply for the taller golfer to stay ahead of the crowd.

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The Health Benefits Of Golf

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Believe it or not, golf is actually good for your health. Even the United States Golf Association thinks so; they also advise that you should walk the golf course and try to avoid - as much as possible - riding golf carts.

Although riding golf carts is the most convenient way to get yourself from one hole to the next, it will actually be good for your body if you walk your legs along the greens. Doing so pumps your heart, circulates the blood all over your body, and is a good and fun way of exercising.

David Fay from the United States Golf Association also thinks that the most pleasurable way to play golf is by walking. Riding carts, he said, should as much as possible be stopped now.

Walking is a good form of exercise. It is the most basic and easy program of getting fit which almost anyone could do. Simply put, walking is good for you.

Although some believe that walking the golf course is a very unhealthy thing to do because of the nature of the game - the start and stop process of golf playing. In actuality though, there have been scientific studies as well as evidence of people actually telling their personal experiences on the positive effects of walking through a game of golf.

In Sweden in particular, there are researchers who discovered that walking through a game of golf equals to about forty to seventy percent of intense workout in an aerobics class. This is assuming that about eighteen holes were played.

In another study by a cardiologist named Edward Palank, golfers who walked were found to be in a better state of health because the level of bad cholesterol in their body decreased. Meanwhile, the level of their good cholesterol was steady. Those golfers who settled to ride their way across the golf course on golf carts,, however, did not show these same positive health results.

Also, according to Golf Science International, four hours of golf playing was found to be comparable to attending a forty five minute fitness class.

Another golf association, specifically the Northern Ohio Golf Association, stated that when a golfer walks across a course, it is roughly equivalent to walking for three to four miles. This included walking around hills, over greens and tees.

Not convinced yet? Maybe you should try doing the following activities and see, as well as feel, the difference for yourself.

During a round of golf, try to walk along alternating holes so that by the end of your round of golf you should be able to have walked through a total of nine holes.

If you are feeling not up to it yet as fully as you should, that is okay. Maybe you could try walking on a set of nines while you can ride the other set.

If you have a golf partner and he or she insists that you ride along with him or her, make sure that you only ride on the path of the cart. You can then walk down to the fairway towards your ball and then your partner could bring the golf cart up.

Are you convinced yet? If not, try to look at it this way. If your health is not good enough for you to settle to walk those legs and pump that good old heart of yours, then at least take pity and be considerate of the damage that golf carts do to fairways.

Believe it or not, golf carts do create damage around sand traps and around the greens. Even if carts are not supposed to ride along these areas, sometimes though, depending on who is behind the golf cart's wheel, they still at times do.

For the sake of the greens, go walk! Because of advances in technology, there are now grasses that are able to grow on areas that they originally are not supposed to grow on at all. As a result of this, golf courses look as amazing as they were before. Unfortunately, these same golf courses are as subject to a lot of wear and tear as well.

Driving a golf cart along these beautiful greens subjects them to unnecessary damage. So now that you know, it would not hurt you to consider walking along, across, over, or through those greens now would it?

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How To Find The Golf Shoe That Is Right For You

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It all depends on your feet. Basically, golf shoe or not, shoes must be comfortable to wear and should fit good. Also, the shoes should fit your budget as well as your lifestyle.

Out with the old

Old golf shoes have those spikes that are made out of metal. These types of foot wear are no longer allowed on the golf greens. Throw them out and get a new pair of great golf shoes. Current makers of golf shoes use spikes that are soft and made of plastic.

Brand it or not

The brand is not as important compared to fit, comfort and style. You may have the shoes that Tiger Woods wears but that does not mean you will play like him if you wear the brand of shoes he wears. Be realistic. If you prefer the slip-on golf shoes rather than the ones that you have to tie, go and get those. It is your opinion and preference that counts more than anything else. Listen to what your feet are telling you.

Why are they on sale?

Golf shoes are different and unique. Though you could simply settle for any shoe that fits or any shoe that looks good because they fit your budget, this should not be the only consideration. Take this as an example, a golfer once bought a pair of golf shoes simply because they were on sale. Lo and behold when the golfer tried it on the actual greens, he found out that it was a pain to the feet and very difficult to keep on as well as to tie.

So please do not forget to try it out first. Your feet would know better and then let your wallet speak after your feet have decided on the shoes. Walk around the store with the shoes you are intent to purchase. Make sure though that you also try on other pairs.

Know your real golf self

However, if you do not play golf very much, it is best that you purchase the kind of shoes that just as well do not cost as much. But if you are a devoted golfer, shoes that are waterproof is the best option. These shoes are good for walking as well as sloshing along the greens. But if you are a golfer that is not so serious in playing and you enjoy the walking over the hills, around trees and tees more than playing or putting, then going waterproof may not be an option for you.

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The Magic Of The Right Forearm

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"In essence, bending and straightening the Right Elbow will raise and lower the left arm and/or cock and uncock the left wrist without bending, flattening, or cocking the right wrist. Right elbow action either powers and/or controls all three elements of the Three Dimensional Impact, (downward, outward, and forward)." Homer Kelley

But when combined with the bending backward of the right wrist the clubshaft and right forearm fall into line with one another. This is absolutely crucial in delivering a fully supported club into the ball.

"With this "inline" relationship of loading the club and Right Forearm it is mandatory that Hitting or Swinging it is the Right Forearm - not just the right hand and/or clubshaft - that must be thrown, driven, into Impact. Always, for all procedures, the Right Forearm is positioned "on Plane" - pointing at the Plane Line as the Angle of Attack." Homer Kelley

"The On Plane Right Forearm shows the precise up-and-down direction it and the Clubshaft must make throughout the Stroke. The "Angle of Approach" position of the Right Forearm show the precise Cross-Line direction the Forearm must take through Impact. So the Right Forearm must leave - and precisely return - to its own Fix Position." - Homer Kelley

For a drill, take a club in your right hand and hold it horizontal to the ground. Now lower the Right Forearm and clubshaft to a table top. You'll see that both the Right Forearm and clubshaft are in one line. Now move the Right forearm back and forth making sure that it does not leave the table. This is called Right Forearm tracing.

Now bend the right wrist backward and you'll notice that the clubshaft and Right Forearm are once again in line but this time they form a "wedge". Move this assembly back and forth on the table. You now have a precision assembly and the Right Forearm Flying Wedge.

The goal with this drill is to make you aware of what the Right Forearm and clubshaft should do during the stroke. When the clubshaft and Right Forearm are in the same alignment you have a positive force into Impact, lag pressure, and a sound that is unmistakable!

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How A Hacker Developed A Winning Golf Swing

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I'm probably erring on the side of understatement when I say that Bob was a hacker. By his own admission he was: "one of those players who've never really had a proper golf swing."

The way he told it, his main concern was to give the ball a 'good whack'. As a result of his lack of technique, Bob had spent much of the ten years that he'd been a golfer searching for his ball in woods and long grass. High scores and a high handicap seemed to be his inevitable fate.

Bob and I first met when his employer asked me to coach him to develop his business and leadership skills. When we were working on 'communication' I used a technique that I call Mind-Movies. I taught Bob how to groove pictures into his imagination which showed him making successful presentations.

Mind-Movies are a technique that I developed for empowering clients when I qualified as a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (mind-language programming).

One day when Bob had just reported making a very successful sales pitch with the aid of a new Mind-Movie, he asked me, in that slightly shy way of his, "Do you think we could develop a Mind-Movie that would help my golf swing?"

I immediately knew that we could do this. It took a while to work out how best to program the correct images into Bob's mind. And I also had to work out how to string those images together into a golf swing Mind-Movie. Then it was just a matter of finding ways that he could program himself to reproduce the correct physical and emotional feelings which are an essential part of effective Mind-Movies.

By the late spring we were ready. Bob couldn't wait to get going. He was hungry to to start winning. There were a lot of people on whom he was keen to take revenge.

He devoured the script I had written for him to study and learn.. However, he knew from his previous experience with Mind-Movies that in order for it to work he had to make sure that he installed this new program properly into his mind.

The very first round he reported 'noticeable improvements'. He was hitting the ball further and straighter. It was only the odd wayward shot that prevented him posting a really good score. He knew he was on the right track. "It was the first time that I've felt like I had a proper golf swing," he told me excitedly.

Over the next few weeks Bob improved steadily until he felt up to entering a competition. He deliberately chose a mid-week event where he knew that the field would be smaller. He finished fourth in a field of thirty seven players and his handicap was cut by two strokes. This was by far the best result he'd ever had. He was over the moon.

A month later he felt ready to challenge for one of the major championships at his golf club. He didn't win that one but three weeks later he rang me late one evening to proclaim: "I won!"

At the end of the month I was his guest at the prize-giving where he received his silver cup. From my experience with Mind-Movies I feel certain that his game will continue to improve.

After Bob's success I decided to publish The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack at And I now know from the feedback I'm receiving from other golfers that Mind-Movies are also working for them.

The fact that the search term 'golf mind-movies' is already number one on Google tells you how many golfers are seeking out this e-book. If anyone you play with shows sudden signs of improvement you may now know why.

Please do your golfing friends a favor and tell them about this book. Send them a copy of this article today.

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