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Golf Swing Weight Training A New Approach

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Golf swing weight training is as specific as you can get in regards to golf training to improve power, distance and iron yardages with every club. Wouldn't you love to add 10 yards to every iron? Instead of a 150 6 iron, you're hitting a consistent 7 iron the same distance.

This alone will greatly improve your "greens in regulation" and getting more shots closer to the pin. The end result is a much lower score.

Golf swing weight training shouldn't be new to you. You've heard all the pros train for their game. So why shouldn't you? Here's one secret that can add a quick 20 yards to your driver in less than a week or so.

Swing a weighted club!

This is not revelating stuff, but I'm here to tell you it's one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase your distances with all clubs.

The benefit is developing the exact golf swing muscles from a strength and flexibility standpoint within your golf swing. You'll improve your backswing and follow through range of motion, as well as your power through the hitting zone.

In all my dvds, books and websites I preach the importance of a balanced routine of both golf stretching and strengthening exercises for all your golfing muscles. This is critical for your long term success.

I am an advocate of this approach, and strongly suggest you be too. There are many muscles swing the weighted club don't hit that can be affecting your game. Like the hamstrings, lower back and even abs.

But how about a little shortcut along the way?

Golf swing weight training is something I've personally been doing for over 10 years and I'm fortunate enough to say I can consistently drive the ball over 300 yards. I don't say that to brag, but to say this type of training and approach is effective and works!

Because I'm not a big guy like all those long drive competitors, golfers are surprised when they see me hit a drive. They all seem to ask how can I do that? Immediately I go into my golf trainer mode and precede to tell them the importance golf swing weight training and working on the "machine" to hit longer drives.

Within a couple of holes they are hitting me with a ton of questions they want answered. By the time I'm done, I wished I hadn't told them what I do for a living.

No I'm just kidding.

By doing a golf swing weight training program that incorporates strength, flexibility and weighted clubs you will see the quickest results that last long term.

Your golfing buddies might think your crazy, but you'll get the last laugh.

The winning combination is swing technique and golf swing weight training!

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Greens Equipment Update Golf Course Mowers And Tractors With A Toro Or Kohler Small Engine Rebuild Kit

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If you deal with golf course management and it is your responsibility to ensure that your greens, fairways and roughs are always in the perfect condition, then you need the right tools for the job. Toro makes excellent golf course management mowers and other vehicles, but a lot of heavy users consider their small engines to be a little light for their requirements. After a few years small engines like these also start to show wear and tear, and most golf course managers consider replacing the entire vehicle to be the only solution.

Toro golf course management equipment in the 300 range generally comes standard with a Kohler K321S 60407 or 60295 engine. While these engines are perfectly serviceable, they have a few minor drawbacks that make them unsuitable for heavy or long term use. For example, they do not have full pressure lubrication, overhead valves or hydraulic valve lifters, and these components not only contribute to greater power in small engines, but greater fuel efficiency and durability as well.

Small engine rebuild kits are available for the K series Kohler engine that are easy to install, lightweight and far more powerful than the original engine. These kits come with simple, step-by-step instructions so even if you have little technical background you can replace your Kohler engine yourself.

Of course, one of the main reasons so many golf course management professionals are turning to small engine rebuild kits is that it is far more cost-effective than replacing a Toro golf course management mower or cart. Not only is it far cheaper than replacing the vehicle, but the Triad/OHC engine is far more fuel efficient than the standard Kohler engine. Kohler Triad Repower Kit are always the cheapest way to bring new life to an ageing Toro GM-3, or any other Toro green management vehicle.

Your golf course is unlikely to be vacant at any time during the day, so having Toro golf course management equipment that can do its job without anyone noticing it is a necessity. If you were worried that installing a more powerful motor will make your Toro vehicle louder, it doesn't have to. Small engine rebuild kits can also include a brand new muffler kit - ask your rebuild kit retailer about what is included or what can be added to ensure your rebuild vehicle meets your specific requirements.

No other precision small engine can deliver this much low end torque. The Kohler engine might be the standard, but this engine was built with perfection as the goal and no other small engine turns so little fuel into so much power.

With a slightly more powerful and refined engine comes the extended lifespan you would expect. Because these engines have low emissions and are expertly constructed to withstand the beating they will be receiving you will get many more years out of your Kohler engine replacement kit than you did out of the original engine.

Take advantage of the opportunity and ease that you can get from rebuilding your Toro golf maintenance mower with a Kohler small engine rebuild kit.

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Know Your Course Tees

(category: Golf, Word count: 724)
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Since its inception, golf has been the world's most elegant sport. The rules and the discipline entailed in every golfer is the main reason why the game is considered to exude sheer combination of style and sportsmanship in the game.

However, golf will not be complete without its basic components. These things are used to facilitate the process of playing the game.

One of the main components of golf is the tee. On its basic concept, golf tees are those used as stands that holds the golf ball during the player's "first stroke" in each hole.

Tee is also used to unofficially refer to the area from which the player hit his or her primary stroke. It is formally known as the "teeing ground". Such that when a player is said to play on the golf course' ninth hole, the player is said to play from the "ninth tee" to the ninth green.

Consequently, the first shot hit by the player from a "teeing ground" is known as a tee shot. For lengthy holes, tee shots can be done using a driver; while for shorter holes, it is best to use an iron.

Typically, using tees while on the verge of hitting the ball is not allowed after the tee shot has been done. However, there are instances wherein some rules of golf allow this kind of technique known as "teeing the ball."

Too complicated? Read on.

Information on golf tees may range from the simplest to the most complex information. This is because the term "tee" is being used to refer to many things in a golf game.

Therefore, for people who wish to know more about tees, here is a list that can be used in order to understand the concept and importance of tees in golf.

1. The act of teeing is beneficial for drive shots.

Teeing, on its basic idea is considered as advantageous for players who do drive shots. In this case, teeing is allowed most of the time.

Alternatively, teeing is not allowed after the tee shot has been delivered. Any shots where tees are used will be considered illegal.

2. Tee shots can be executed without the use of tees.

As mentioned, tees are used when the first shot is played on the hole of the teeing ground. If in the event that the first shot is considered as a chip, a short "approach shot" of low flight usually strike from next to the green, the player can have his or her tee shot without using a tee.

3. Normal size of golf tee

The typical size of a golf tee is 2.125 inches in length. However, tee sizes may vary depending on their length, and on how they will be used in the game.

4. Forward tees are best for beginners

It is highly recommended by experts that forward tees should be used by beginners. Forward tees are usually used by high or middle handicap seniors and women.

5. Three different set of tees with three different functions

There are three different set of tees available in golf. These are the back tees, middle tees, and the forward tees.

Each set of tees has its special function.

In choosing which set of tees are appropriate for a certain type of player, it is best to consider the player's handicap, or the amount of strokes that he or she must subtract from his or her real score. This is usually done to initiate players who have different capabilities to contend on an equal level.

Hence, for those who are low-handicap, it is best to use back tees, also known as championship tees. For middle to high handicap men, long-hitting or low-handicap seniors, and low-handicap women, it is best to use middle tees.

On the other hand, forward tees are best for beginners and low-handicap seniors and women.

With all of these things in mind, every golfer should realize by now how important tees are in the game. Without these tees, the game cannot officially start with the first hole.

Therefore, even if it is relatively complicated to understand the basic concept of tees, still, it is important for a golf player to know its concept and the rules that surround it in order to achieve something in golf.

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How A Golf Fitness Book Can Transform Your Game

(category: Golf, Word count: 440)
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There are so many "so-called" golf fitness books on the market; but when you open them up you see dozens of pictures of golf models sitting on exercise machines in the gym.

This is NOT a golf fitness book, this is a book pertaining to "general" fitness, but with the title revised to catch the golfers eye. In my mind, this is a little deceptive and can frustrate the consumer.

When I was doing research for my golf fitness book (manual) I was extremely disappointed. Having been a certified fitness professional for over 20 years and specifically working with golfers the last 10 years I was expecting some good body's of knowledge on the subject.

I was extremely let down and even felt like I wasted my money getting them. This motivated me to put together my golf fitness book (manual) so that a golfer of any age or fitness level could apply it immediately.

What are the components of a complete golf fitness book?

The golf fitness book should cover strength specific to golf, flexibility, aerobic conditioning (endurance) and nutrition.

These components should be directed at a golfer, not a person looking to build or tone muscles or just improve their physical fitness.

It should also discuss starting points for golfers at every age and fitness level. Have a golf fitness evaluation right in the book to determine your 'current' fitness level and ultimately your starting point.

That way you are sure what you are doing is the 'right' thing that will help your game not hurt it.

I think that's the biggest concern for any golfer is not knowing where to start and making sure whatever he or she does will be right for them.

Secondly the golf fitness book should be able to discuss the direct benefits of any exercise to their golf swing. It's motivating to ready why you would do a certain exercise if you can see how it will benefit your game.

And lastly, a golf fitness book should have progressive golf fitness exercises and complete programs to take you to the 'next level'. I've seen so many books that have "general" exercises (not golf-specific) that have no sense of format or progression. This would leave your frustrated and not knowing where to start or progress.

So next time you go to a bookstore or get online and do a search for golf fitness book, make sure to thoroughly review the explanation and chapters to reassure you are doing the right thing.

You can quickly transform your game with the right golf fitness book.

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Women Golfers Set New Standards For The Lpga

(category: Golf, Word count: 315)
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It used to be unusual to turn on the television and catch coverage of an LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) tour, but that's not so anymore. Women are proving to be quite adept at golf and an exciting sport to watch, and networks and sponsors are catching on that people want to watch these talented women play. Of this season's 34 women's tournaments, only a handful won't be televised.

The hottest golfer on the LPGA circuit right now is Annika Sorenstam, currently the 2005 leader. Swedish-born Sorenstam is only 34 and began playing golf at the age of 12. In 2004 she posted 16 top-ten finishes (including eight wins) in 18 tournaments, and earned a record-tying seventh Rolex Player of the Year award, tying Kathy Whitworth for the most in LPGA history. She was the first women's player to earn more than $15 million, and halfway through 2005 has already earned nearly $1.6 million.

There are plenty of young women golfers following Sorenstam's lead, realizing that women can also excel in what used to be known as a man's sport. Players like Michelle Wie, Brittany Lang, Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel are all beginning to make a name for themselves. Creamer, a 2005 high school graduate, had already earned more than half a million dollars this year alone by the time she took her diploma.

Many of these young women are coming up through the ranks of LPGA-USGA Girls Golf, a developmental junior golf program designed to not only teach girls the game of golf, but also life values such as patience, respect, perseverance and honesty. These girls are also learning to lead a physically-fit lifestyle. More than 4,500 girls ages 7-17 participate at 181 sites nationwide.

This is an exciting time for women's golf and an opportunity for young players to make their mark in history.

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Tips For Selecting A Great Golf Gift

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Whether it's a Christmas golf gift for a serious golfer or a fun prize for the family reunion or company tournament, picking out a golf gift that is truly appreciated takes a bit of planning. Here are a few tips that will help you adjust your gift to the golfer's skill level.

The first thing to do is determine the skill level of the golfer who will receive the gift. A seasoned veteran of the game with a 4 handicap will probably place little value in instruction books or training aids that a beginner may appreciate. Similarly, the occasional golfer may not know how to use the high degree wedge you put in his stocking.

Here are a few suggestions, based on skill level:

For the beginner, a swing training video with some easy drills may provide an easy way to practice in the privacy of home or office. There are a wide variety of choices, professionally produced by professional trainers.

For the intermediate or occasional golfer, a hinged training club may be a good idea. I have found this type of device excellent not only for developing my swing, but something I reach for when my slice starts creeping back. It is designed for improvement, so it likely won't be resented as an insinuation that a swing needs improvement.

The experienced, low handicapper may be the most difficult to please. Of course, every golfer appreciates more quality balls and nice shirts. But if you want to get something special, sneak out to the garage or try to gain access to his or her locker at the club, and take an inventory of every club that is in his or her bag. Take this list to a golf shop, or access a shop online, and ask the pro there what is missing from this bag. Just about every golfer appreciates trying something new, whether it's a new high degree wedge, a new style of putter or something new in hybrid technology. Even if it's not used (you can always return it), he or she will appreciate the attention.

These are just a few ideas for something with a personal touch that will likely be appreciated. There are thousands of golf gift ideas, so perhaps you can apply the same logic, along with some creativity, and come up with your own great Christmas golf gift idea.

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Improving Your Game With A Golf Mat

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There are various types of golf mats that are worth purchasing to practice and even refine your golf game. Many avid golfers find that a golf practice mat is an ideal way to keep improving, even when they don't have the time to actually get out on the green every day. Golf is truly a game that takes quite a bit of practice, and a golf mat in your home can help you get the practice you need so that you see a difference every time you are out on the course.

There are several different golfing mats out on the market. Generally you'll see mats for indoor use, as well as golf chipping mats for the outdoors, as well as a golf driving range mat. With all of the different golf mats out there it can be difficult to know what is what and which product is right for you. Perhaps you need more than one, depending on how often you practice and where you play. A golf mat almost always comes in handy, regardless of how long you have been playing as it will help you refine your skills even more.

One of the best golf practice mat solutions on the market is the Expand-a-Green golf mat. This is a professional quality golfing mat that will allow you to practice all of your big swings, putting, and chipping in any area. The Expand-a-Green is very portable so that you can take it with you to a friend's house, on vacation, or to the park. This golf mat will only run you about $120 and for all of the versatility that it offers that is quite a steal.

If you want something that can easily be used indoors you may want to look at a chipping and driving mat. These will usually run about $90.00 and can be used in doors and they provide a place that is big enough for your full stance so that you can get all of the practice that you need chipping and driving before you actually head out to the course. This is a great way to really up the ante on your game in the privacy of your own home.

If you aren't looking for anything to help with your practice, you may be looking for a golf driving range mat that will help you eliminate the need for a tee. With one of these mats that measures roughly six inches by eight inches and eliminates the task of carrying around a tee and sticking it in the ground throughout the course. One of the better brands is the Upright Tee Mat and really will come in handy if you are not a big fan of golf tees. This type of golf mat will run you just over $20 and is a handy piece of golf gear to carry along with you in your golf caddy.

Whether you need a golf mat to practice in the comfort of your own home or your yard or you simply need something to eliminate the golf tee, you'll find that the golf mat is a great tool to better your game. You'll find that a golf mat is not necessary, no matter what type you are looking for, but golf is all about improving your personal game and every golf mat can help you do just that.

If you've considered buying a golf mat, now is the time to go for it. Your golfing mat may very well be one of the best golf investments that you ever make, even though it is not one of the most costly.

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Las Vegas Golf Tips

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Trying golf and looking for that perfect hot green spot to visit and swing that club on? Perhaps you are looking for Las Vegas; an excellent environment for beginners and professionals alike.

Las Vegas is known for its wonderful golf courses. To date, there are at least 40 golf courses offering the best golf tee time packages that everyone will surely find enjoyable.

The following tips are designed to make your booking for golf tee times as ideal and perfect as possible, while enjoying all the amenities the golf course has to give.

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End Golf Swing Confusion Forever

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End Golf Swing Confusion Forever!

We're in the information age, and when it comes to the golf swing, this often means information overload!

As new golfers, we start out believing that there is one right way to swing, only to find out that there are just about as many swing methods as there are instructors. It seems that the more we learn about the golf swing, the more our minds are filled with confusing, contradictory information.

Until now, if two respected golf professionals showed you two completely different ways to swing and both told you that their way was the right way, you would have been forced to make your best guess.

Maybe you would have chosen the information from the pro who was most well known, or the one you could play the best, or the one you listened to most recently. Regardless, with no solid way to choose one way over the other, you would be forced to go from one method to the next indefinitely.

The good news is there is now a proven way to determine which swing method is best for you. It's simple. It's easy. And, it works every time.

The secret is to start with impact!

While there are hundreds, or maybe even thousands of different swing methods, there is only one way the club needs to be at impact to hit a desired shot. If your club is in that position, you'll get the results you want. If it's not, you won't. It's that simple.

Impact is often called the moment of truth because it's the most important aspect of your golf swing. If you want to find your best swing, and end swing confusion forever, the secret is to relate every swing change to impact.

For example, if you want to know whether one set-up is better than another, figure out which one allows you to swing your club into the ideal position at impact in the easiest, most comfortable, most powerful way. If you want to know whether a flatter or a more upright backswing is best, notice which way makes it easiest for you to achieve the ideal impact position.

While there are numerous swing methods, there is only one way to swing that is the, easiest, most comfortable, and most powerful way for YOU! Trust that the swing that feels best is the right way to swing and you'll end swing confusion forever!

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