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What To Look For In A Great Slr Digital Camera

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The technology of photography has continuously evolved and improved since the turn of the 20th century. The demand for traditional camera that used films has long been decreased. With the current technology, digital cameras have been introduced. People who love capturing every single moment are indeed amazed by the digital cameras. This is because of the ease that the camera offers for those who are not really into photography. Technology isn't only for those who are not into photography; it also offers something to those who consider photography as a profession and science. Professional photographers find their job and profession easier to manage and do and at the same time more relaxing with an SLR Digital Camera.

A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a kind of digital camera with an automatic mirror system. The automatic mirror system applies the theory of prentaprism wherein light is directed from the lens through the use of the viewfinder. Its design is completely different from an ordinary digital camera. An ordinary digital camera exposes the sensor directly to the light which is projected by the lens whereas as DSLR uses its mirror arrangement to prohibit the scene from being viewed on the LCD. Now, new models of DSLR have a live preview feature where LCD can be used as viewfinder.

If you are contemplating of buying an SLR Digital Camera, you have to take note of its features and operation system. Be aware of its differences from a standard one. Be sure to distinguish which one is good and which is not.

A good SLR Digital Camera has complete features including the unusual ones. Check if the SLR Digital Camera you are buying has the ability to record the ultraviolet spectra of light. Check if the camera has a mode dial feature. It is used to access the camera settings. A good one should also have an automatic scene-mode feature.

Check the focal length and sensor size of the camera's lens. A good SLR Digital Camera has a big sensor. This gives a bigger angle view depending on the focal length. Thus, a good SLR digital camera has a more than average focal length. This type can be more expensive but you are assured of the greater quality of the image.

A good SLR Digital Camera should have depth of field control. It is possible to limit the depth of field. It is not good if the photographer cannot adjust or limit the depth of field because he can't take pictures where the background is sharpened. A good SLR Digital Camera should have wide lens. The wider the lens, the greater the depth of field can be and it is easier for the photographer to adjust it to the limit and depth he wants.

SLR Digital Cameras are generally big in size, greater in cost and has lack of video mode. But camera manufacturers have started releasing cameras better than usual. Compared to the first releases of SLR Digital Cameras, newly released SLR Digital Cameras are now smaller, although still larger than the ordinary digital camera. A good SLR Digital Camera is a little smaller than the usual and has a better video mode than the standard SLR Digital Camera.

Due to SLR mirror mechanism, it is normal for the camera to create some noise when being used. But manufacturers have it improved by minimizing the noise produced in its operation. A good SLR Digital Camera is the one which is more quiet than the usual.

Changing of lens is possible for an SLR digital camera. Thus, contamination caused by dust particles when changing can't be avoided. It is therefore advised that you look SLR Digital Camera which has the ability to clean the dust from its camera sensor.

A good SLR Digital Camera also has a 3 Asic (application specific integrated circuit). It is a digital engine that supports the camera to perform mask generation. This is for the purpose of increasing the speed accuracy and sharpness of the photo. It is best when the camera you are buying has an auto focus system design. This is recommended for those who love taking moving images. Without the auto focus, it is very difficult to get the perfect angle. It should also have the white balance system increase and maximize the output of the photo.

What makes the SLR Digital Camera good is that it is user friendly. With all the complicated features mentioned above, one will find in the end that it's simple. With the programmed mechanism and operation, it is easy for the photographer to just find the image, snap and print it.

Indeed, technology is quite amazing. This can be proven in digital cameras. All you need to do is find one that suits your style, your profession and your budget. You'll make one good photographer with a good SLR Digital Camera on your hands.

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Tips For Using Metal Detectors On The Beach

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Metal detectors are often used in treasure hunting and in finding relics. It is a handy apparatus especially for hunters and adventurers. There are many models and forms of metal detectors and they all differ in features, quality, and reliability. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Many people do not know what type of metal detector they should purchase. White Spectrum XLT can be found in local and national dealers all over the world and has endured and surpassed the test of time. It can be easily used and is user-friendly.

Even beginners could use it. The manual is available and is easily understood. This model is used most often at the beach in Jewelry or Beach mode. It can also be used in Relic mode. When it is in relic mode, the depth is enhanced and the results can be amusing. However, using it on the beach in the relic mode is not that favorable. Because of the thick, black sand and stones, it reveals too many false targets so it is recommended that you use the metal detector in Beach mode rather than Relic Mode. Using the product is the best way to learn its features. And later on you can easily read the signals. Another plus point is that it is very easy and convenient to carry.

Another model is the White's Pro XL 6000. Most people buy it because of its fascinating look. Unlike the White Spectrum which has more buttons to use and to look over, there are less buttons to scroll through when adjusting or changing the settings. However, familiarizing yourself and getting used to it may require a little time. But once you know and become familiar with it, it will be very useful. Compared to the White Spectrum, White Pro XL 6000 has a little more depth and intensity.

It does, however, have its own downsides. Some say that the knobs of the Pro XL are quite loose and when adjusting it, you have to be careful not to hit it with your arms. It is quite sensitive and bumping it may require you to start or reset the adjustments. Some users put a rubber band around the knobs to keep them from moving or becoming loose.

You should buy a metal detector that is light weight. This is important when you are detecting things on a riverbank or body of water. Of course, it is good to know how to choose and adjust the frequencies of the metal detector especially when you are using it on the beach. It is also important that you use it at a strategic place or location. When using it on the beach, the modes should be adjusted so that the depth and intensity will be specified and clear. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the metal detector you are using to obtain the best results.

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Top 8 Christmas Gifts For Your Kids

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Christmas is round the corner! What fun! Christmas has always been associated with the wonderful tradition of giving and receiving gifts from friends and family. For kids, especially, this season translates into only one word - gifts! Every year, retailers come up with various innovative gifting solutions to entice us adults into buying new and expensive products for our kids, our grandkids, nieces, nephews"¦the list is endless! And more often than not, after we make the purchase, we wonder if we did end up buying the right gift. Well, there is no real way to know unless you see the look on their face, now, is there?

Buying the right gift

This Christmas, like every year, here you are again, wondering what to get your little angels and devils! They could have been naughty or nice; and you could be working with a budget or an idea. If you are lucky, you might not have to think too much. Your child would have written long gift lists for Santa, pleading for their heart's desire and asked you to post them to him, much before Christmas, to avoid the postal rush. Well peak into it! This is where you will find ideas guaranteed to bring a twinkle in their eye. For those who are not so lucky and have to spend time working out what to get, we have some great gifting ideas to help you through this decision making process and choose the perfect gift for your child.

4 popular gifts for girls this Christmas

Choosing the right gift for little girls is not as simple as it used to be during our times. Today, we have a lot of choices and those are likely to leave us confused. Take a look at what young girls want this Christmas.

* Glowing Graffiti Lamp

This lamp is one of the most popular gifting items for your little pre-school daughter. A perfect accessory for her room this item is both functional and creative. It is a glow in the dark lamp which also lights up when switched on. Not only that, the surface of the lamp allows your daughter to personalize the lamp with her creative talent. She can make a new graffiti on the lamp every day or every week with an easy to rub on and rub off marker.

* Cute backpacks and hold-alls for girls

Every girl loves a hold all or a back pack. Today you can give your daughter a perfect one for Christmas. While on the one hand you can personalize the hold alls and accessorize them to make them unique, you can also choose to pick some interesting and cute ones right off the shelf. Your little girl will thank you for making her stand out from the rest of her gang with a "˜totally rad' hold all!

* Hi-tech manicure set

This is a perfect gift for your girls in grade school. They, of course would prefer to be called young women. So what better gift for your young lady than hi-tech nail paint set with all the gear to make cool artistic designs with nail art? Help her get started early! She will love stepping out with new nail designs every week. A perfect activity kit for a slumber party, this will kill two birds with one stone!

* Karaoke gadgets

So your daughter is a teenager and loves the new pop icon! Does she dream of becoming the next big star? Why not get her a home karaoke? Promising hours of fun for her and the entire family, its sure to be a hit. Be warned however, it is addictive!

4 popular gifts for boys this Christmas

Buying gifts for boys is like choosing a candy from a candy store. The options are endless! Take a look at what young boys want this Christmas.

* Trampolines

Trampolines make the best Christmas gift for boys of all ages. Geared for both fitness and fun, it is sure to make your kids "˜jump up and down' with joy! Providing hours of activity, these trampolines are kid-safe with protective net covering to keep them from getting hurt.

* Video games

Boys and video games go together. With so many options in the market from PlayStation to Xbox or even the virtual plug-and-play video games, this gift is sure to be a hit with your child. With hours of entertainment, even you can sneak in to try your hand at rescue missions and car chases to unwind after a hard day's work.

* Electronic voice mutation devices

These are a hit with little boys! Available as a space-age helmet kit or as part of a mask kit, these devices will provide your kid with hours of fun as he tries out different voices while goes around pretending to be an alien or even a Star Wars hero!

Every boy wants a dog! So if you have a house that has a back yard, why not consider bringing home a pet dog? With years of growing up together, walking and playing in the park, sharing good times, your boy will worship you for it!

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Magic Tricks Black Art

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Black art is an old form of magic that is rarely used today in its original form. The effect black art produces is fantastic, it is as close to trick photography as you can get without a camera!

A magician practising black art will find a stage and dim the lights. While he and his assistants are wearing white, the audience can see them. The performers then command items to appear and move around. Versions of 'sawing a woman in half' are performed and you can see the two halves moving round the stage, only to be melted back together, or just vanish. The possibilities are endless, and all leave the audience feeling mystified.

The theory behind black art is that everything in black won't be seen against a black background. This means at the start of the performance, there can be many items on the stage covered in a black cloth and they won't be seen. The magician simply removes the cloth and voila, an item has appeared. Disembodied bodies can move around by wearing black trousers, or a black jumper. Assistants dressed completely in black can make objects, including people, fly around the stage.

This form of magic really allows the imagination to go wild. Many things are possible with a bit of creativity and a pot of black paint! Black art is truly the cleverest and easiest magic to perform.

Black art is often performed in silence as it is a mystical event to watch, however do not be afraid to talk - your voice will be very powerful coming from the darkness, heightening the illusion.

Although to you, the performer, nothing will seem like magic, to the audience, the whole performance will blow their minds away. It is highly recommended to make a video of the performance so you can see the show from the other side of the stage. From your side of the stage, everything is visible - you can see the props and assistants.

To improve the illusion, some artists have lights above, below and to the side of the stage gently shining at the audience to further reduce the amount they can see. In complete darkness, however, a very eerie performance can be achieved. Another option is to use 'black-light' (i.e. UV light), which makes white and several other colours come to life, leaving black in darkness.

To end the performance, the magician has many possibilities ranging from floating off the stage, to gradually being engulfed by darkness (to do this, use a large piece of black cloth that starts on the floor and is slowly lifted up by two assistants to block you from view).

In a nutshell, your imagination and creativity is the only limit to this fine art.

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The History Of The Buffalo Nickel Part I

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The buffalo nickel (also known as the Indian head nickel) was produced from 1913 through 1938 and was designed by James Earle Fraser. It is actually a bison, not a buffalo, on the reverse but more on that later.

Early in 1911, Treasury Secretary Franklin MacVeagh's son wrote to him suggesting that there be a new design on the five-cent piece. The son had read the law which stipulated a coin design could not be changed more often than every 25 years. The 25 year "waiting" period for the Liberty nickel has passed back in February of 1908. MacVeagh had assumed office under President William Howard Taft in March 1909, and missed all the excitement when President Theodore Roosevelt managed to get several top artists to redesign the cent and gold coins.

Fraser's artistic ability earned the undying respect of a dying Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who recommended Fraser to President Theodore Roosevelt to sculpture the official presidential bust. Roosevelt and Fraser quickly became friends. Despite the fact that William Howard Taft was president in 1912, Roosevelt recommended that Fraser be chosen to design the copper-nickel 5-cent coin.

It is interesting to note that the Philadelphia mint was kept in the dark for quite some time during the initial design change discussions. Though not proven, it is widely speculated that this was done because of previous issues with Charles E. Barber over the double eagle design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1908. Barber was still the chief engraver and believed that he should have all authority of engraving and coin design and since he designed the nickel that was still in production, he was probably not in any big hurry to change it.

The obverse design for the Indian Head 5-cent coin, commonly called a "Buffalo nickel," depicts a large, powerful portrait of an Indian, facing right. The appearance is rough looking, unlike the smooth cheeks and other facial features that typify the many versions of Lady Liberty that have been on U.S Coins. The portrait is believed to be a composite of three Indian chiefs, although the identities of the models have been disputed. A few Native Americans laid claim to be the model for the coin. The artist himself identified two of the models as Chief Iron Tail, a Sioux and Chief Two Moons, a Cheyenne. Unfortunately, Fraser had trouble remembering the names of his models. He had been asked the question so many times, that it was evident he was growing tired of the whole issue rather than set the record straight. In an undated letter to Mint Director George E. Roberts believed to be from 1913, suggests that Fraser considered the Indian design represented a type, rather than a direct portrait. He said he could recall Two Moons and Iron Tail as having served as his inspiration and possibly "one or two others". In alter years he dropped the number of possible "other" models to one.

The one Indian originally believed to be the third model was Chief Two Guns White Calf, a Blackfoot. His claim lost a great deal of validity when in 1931, Fraser denied having used him as a model. In a letter dated June 10, 1931, from Fraser to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs of the U.S. Department of Interior, and later released to the press on July 12, 1931, Fraser is quoted as saying:

"The Indian head on the Buffalo nickel is not a direct portrait of any particular Indian, but was made from several portrait busts which I did not Indians. As a matter of fact, I used three different Indian heads; I remember two of the men. One was Irontail, the best Indian head I can remember; the other one was Two Moons, and the third I cannot recall. I have never seen Two Guns Whitecalf nor used him in any way, although he has a magnificent head. I can easily understand how he was mistaken in thinking that he posed for me. A great many artists have modeled and drawn him, and it was only natural for him to believe that one of them was the designer of the nickel. I am particularly interested in Indian affairs, having as a boy lived in South Dakota before the Indians were so carefully guarded in their agencies. Later, the Crow Creek agency was formed at Chamberlain, but I always feel that I have seen the Indian in this natural habitat, with the finest costumes being worn. I hope their affairs are progressing favorably."

Through the years the search for the third model continued although many still believe it was Two Guns. Another Indian, Chief John Big Tree claimed he was the third model. There are many inconsistencies in his story/claim as well. Chief John Big Tree was also an actor.

While we may never know for sure the identity of the third person, we do know a little about the model on the reverse The American bison serves as the reverse of the coin. Yes, it is a bison on the nickel, not a buffalo. Technically, buffaloes are found mostly in India and Africa, not in the United States. When the first settlers came to America and happened upon the Bison - they did not know what they were. The only animals they could relate them to were the Asian Water Buffalo. They started calling them buffalo for lack of a correct name, and the name stuck for many, many years. So, the American Buffalo is not a true buffalo. Its closest relative is the European Bison or Wisent and the Canadian Woods Bison, not the buffalo of Asia or Africa, such as the Cape Buffalo or Water Buffalo. Scientifically, the American Buffalo is named Bison and belongs to Bovidae family of mammals, as do domestic cattle. Because our history has so ingrained in us the name "Buffalo", we still use it, although "Bison" and "Buffalo" are used interchangeably. As just stated, our American Bison and the Water Buffalos are not even related. (There are actually two types of Bison as well. The Plains Bison and the Woods Bison - one being smaller and darker than the other and having populated different regions of the US in the early years) However, since so many people are familiar with their own learned definition of a "buffalo" you'll find we still sometimes use that term when referring to a bison. As such, the term buffalo will be used when referring to the reverse of the coin. Anyway....

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Orchid Care Phaleanopsis Orchids

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-An introduction to Phalaenopsis orchids.

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the easiest orchids to grow in the home. The name "phalaenopsis" comes from the Greek phalaina, meaning "moth" and opsis, meaning "like". For this reason this orchid goes by

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Stamp Collecting Basics

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Stamp collecting is the most popular hobby in the world.Philately is a broader term for the study of stamps, and it is frequently - but wrongly - equated to stamp collecting.

Through stamp collecting, people find information about history,currency, science,politics,arts,architecture and customs of different nations and countries of the world. All stamp collectors have fun with their stamps because no collection is ever complete, and there is always a challenge.

First, decide whether you would like to collect unused (mint) or used (canceled) stamps.If starting a mint stamp collection,purchase unused stamps from the post office.And if you see interesting stamps coming in the mail - collect them.

Many collectors prefer used stamps because they are less expensive or they may cost you nothing.

Some collectors save stamps by "topic": for instance, if you are interested in ships, you may want to collect stamps of ships and boats.Car fans often collect stamps with cars on them.You can disregard the countries and only collect stamps that have pictures that you like. Some people like to collect stamps of one or several countries,but which are all of the same subject. Popular topical themes are birds,cats, butterflies,flowers, sports, space,art,chess,famous people and other.

Specialized collecting means that you can collect all the varieties of a single stamp or collect stamps used for a special purpose.

Country collecting is usually done chronologically by date of issue, sub-divided into reigns or political periods.

Some collectors specialize in collecting only the first stamps, one for each country that has ever issued a postage stamp, or collecting first-day covers,which carry a stamp on the first day it was sold with that day's postmark.

Some areas of collecting cost less than ten cents a stamp, while others can cost thousands of dollars.

A lot of people collect "Cinderellas" - stamps that are not official stamps issued by a country's postal administration.Cinderella collectors include in their collections local postage issues,telegraph stamps,tax stamps,forgeries and counterfeits.

The "hobbies" section of your local library may have basic books about stamp collecting, and the reference department may have a set of stamp-collecting catalogs.To find the value of a specific stamp, visit some good stamp-collecting web sites.

If looking for more information on stamps and stamp collecting, the local post office is the best place to start.

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Do You Know Which Color To Be Used In Your Painting

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Painting is incomplete without color one can say that color is a main element in good. Painting available in many different colors but how many of us know about the quality of color used in painting which you have purchased. Who is going to take the color guaranty of painting? As we can see that after some time is pass on the paining colors becomes dull and the painting loss its actual finishing and it wont look nice.

In most of the paintings we see common colors are used which are easily to use. But while you start your painting make sure that you are going to use a guaranteed color so that your painting color and finishing will remain as it is for a long time.

Types of paint are usually identified by the medium that the pigment is suspended or embedded in, which determines the general working characteristics of the paint, such as viscosity, miscibility, solubility, drying time, etc.

For more guidance in colors you can refer painting book that are made available with all the information related to the types of painting color and when and where which color to be used so that the original look, feelings and ideas of the painting which you want to give can be seen.

Some time we won't able to find the exact color which we are looking for our painting. This painting book guides you make a color of your choice by making a combination of different colors. Use of painting book has become very common not only the beginner but also the professional painters refer to improve their painting color schemes.

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How To Compare Digital Zoom Against Optical Zoom

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Many digital cameras offer both digital and optical zoom. These two often confuse the average camera buyer, until you know what you're looking at.

Optical zoom works much like the zoom lens on a 35 mm film camera. It changes the length of your camera's lens and draws the subject closer to you. The optical zoom keeps the quality of the picture. Digital zoom works differently. It simply takes the picture and crops it then enlarges the part that is left. It causes the quality of the photo to be reduced, sometimes greatly.

What this means in terms of output is you may have a larger view of an object with the digital zoom, but chances are your image will become unfocused. Details will become lost. It is actually best to turn off the digital zoom feature of your camera if possible. This will prevent you automatically zooming in too close as the digital zoom is often an extension of the optical.

There are a couple of things you can do if you want a closer view of a subject but want the quality of your picture to still be good. Try moving in closer when you take the picture. Often only a foot or two will do the trick. If this isn't possible, you can set your camera to take a picture at its highest file size. This will result in a photo that can be cropped to include only your desired subject, yet allow for an image that is still clear.

Digital zoom has its place. It can be used if the only destiny of your photo is the internet. Photos online can be a much lower quality in the camera and still appear acceptable when sent through e-mail or posted on a web gallery. If your goal is printing, however, seek a camera that has a greater optical zoom and turn off the digital zoom. Your pictures will be better in the end, even if they are not as close up.

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