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Halloween Wallpapers Getting The Best Of The Net

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Halloween is a festival of innocent joy and fun. Halloween has the spirit of enjoyment that is incomparable. Bring this spirit of Halloween on your boring desktop. Bring some joy in your life that gets hammered by deadlines, stress and relationship and financial issues all the time. Get out of the stress for sometime by downloading the best the net offers of Halloween wallpapers.

Halloween wallpapers- what to look for?

Look for real dark and threatening images. Look for images with connect with you in some way. Images that remind you of your earlier Halloween are the best bet. They will always make you feel nostalgic. Whenever you get bored banging your keyboard, watch the wallpapers and go back into time. You have aright to have fun and enjoyment. Claim it.

Halloween wallpapers- from which website

Every good website offers wallpapers on Halloween. You will have problem to decide about the website from where you should download. Here is a quick tip. Download one or two wallpapers and look at them. Are they good in design and layout? Will you feel happy keeping them on your desktop? If yes, go ahead and download more. Download as many as you want. JPG wallpapers do not weigh much. Keep on changing the wallpaper everyday and have fun.

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Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Christmas

(category: Holidays, Word count: 343)
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Are you looking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas this season?

Rather than buying a Christmas gift for your cousin, a gift for her husband and a gift for each of their three children, why not give one gift to the five of them that they can enjoy as a family? You'll be amazed how much money you can save by giving one inexpensive family gift rather than several individual gifts.

Let your friends and family know in advance that you've decided to create special gifts for families this year, so you don't have to worry about anyone feeling awkward when it comes time to exchange gifts. Hopefully everyone will like the idea of saving money and jump on the bandwagon.

Here are some ideas for inexpensive gifts for families:

* A gift card to Blockbuster or your local video store. Combine the passes with some microwave popcorn or candy. The entire family will appreciate the idea of a movie night together.

* A book of passes to the movie theater. For an added treat, throw in a homemade coupon good for a night of babysitting so Mom and Dad can enjoy a show without the kids.

* Board games make great gifts for families. Choose a few to cater to different ability levels. Don't forget classic card games like Uno and Old Maid.

* A gift certificate to a nice, family-friendly restaurant. Mom and Dad will appreciate the opportunity to avoid cooking and doing dishes.

* A donation in their family's name to a charity that's important to them. Most organizations have cards that can be mailed when gift contributions are made. Did a hospice help them in their time of need? If so, the donation on their behalf will be appreciated more than another gift under the tree.

Giving family gifts is an effective way to cut back on Christmas spending and can often be more personal than your run of the mill gift. Here's to making your holiday less stressful, inexpensive and more fun!

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Reduce Waste This Christmas

(category: Holidays, Word count: 75)
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Christmas is responsible for more waste and consumption than any other holiday. North American's trash increases by 25% over Christmas - which equates to 25 million extra tons of garbage going to the landfill. By recognizing the incredible waste that is generated the urgency to do something becomes apparent. A truly useful or environment friendly gift is a better ecological choice. Here is a brief list of ideas to inspire you.

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Unique Gifts For Men

(category: Holidays, Word count: 421)
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It is that time of year again - time to buy gifts for the holidays. Here's a list of unique gifts for men this holiday season.

Unique Gifts for Men

Instead of going with a sweater, tie or, god forbid, underwear, men will be more likely to appreciate a unique gift this year. Unique gifts for men can be funny, practical and pretty much anything so long as they aren't expecting them. You can find the following unique gifts for men by simply searching for the product name on any search engine.

1. Sky Caddie - If he plays golf, he will bow before you for giving him this gift. The Sky Caddie combines two things men love, gadgets and golf. The Sky Caddie is a GPS system about the size of a cell phone. It will tell him where he is on a particular hole, how far it is to the hole from the trees he's stuck in and so on. A very cool gift for golfers. Expect to in the range of $350 for this golf gadget.

2. Battlestar Gallactica - Season 1. Look, he likes science fiction, even if he won't admit it. This classic 70s television show was redone this year on the Sci Fi television channel and has been a big hit. Staring Edward James Almos, the season 1 DVD collection will set you back $45 at online retailers.

3. Bully Bag - Okay, this one is off the charts for unusual gifts. The Bully Bag is a bull scrotum mounted on a solid oak base. Don't worry, it's coated and sealed with polyethylene. Great conversation piece and good for keeping change and stuff in. The Bully Bag measures, on average, 6 inches by 7 inches. Hey, there bulls! Expect to pay $40 online for this hilarious gift.

4. Nomad Writing Journals - If you're buying for a person that loves the outdoors or to travel, Nomad Writing Journals make great gifts. These journals are tailored to activities such as travel, fly fishing, bird watching, backpacking, camping, rock climbing and so on. They come with or without a case and provide writing space as well as cues for writing down important information. A great keepsake to preserve their travel and outdoor experiences. The journals cost as low as $9 without waterproof case and $25 with case.

Finding unique gifts for men really isn't that hard. The above list should give you a start on your gift buying efforts.

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Top 5 Places To See In Iceland

(category: Holidays, Word count: 558)
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In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, one of my jobs is to ensure every client is well informed about the destinations that they have chosen to visit, so here are my top 5 places to make sure you include in any Holiday in Iceland...

1. Covering an area of 36.5 square km Myvatn is the fourth largest lake in Iceland. It has an abundance of small coves and over 40 small islets.

You will have to experience for yourself the stunning natural beauty of the area. Some of the most popular places are the lava formations at Dimmu Borgir a result of an active volcanic past, Mt. Hverfjall an enormous crater (The rim of the crater is only accessible by two trails, It is strictly forbidden to use other routes up or down). Krafla a 10km caldera, and the geothermal area east of Namaskarour.You will have a great opportunity to observe the abundant bird life in this bizarre landscape.

2. Geysers. No trip to Iceland would be complete without a visit to see the Geysers. The Great Geyser was the greatest natural attraction in Iceland in the past. It used to erupt a jet of boiling water and steam 80m high into the air.

Strokkur is now one of the most famous geysers in Iceland and you can judge when it will erupt as it does so every 5 to 10 minutes. The Great Geyser is located only 20 meters away from it. The spout reaches up to 20 meters' high and although it is not as high as its' great predecessor, it is still an impressive sight.

Everywhere you look you can see the boiling sulphurous landscape which has many dotted steaming vents and hot and cold springs.

Even if you are not a gardener/plant lover you will notice the rare and primitive plant life that grows in this unusual location.

3. The Blue Lagoon is a stunning natural feature in Iceland. Research tells me that the white Silica mud and blue-green algae form a light natural sediment on the bottom of the lagoon giving it its ghostly, opaque, aquamarine colour. One can not help but be drawn to this natural wonder. Purported to have curative powers this man-made lagoon has a water temperature of 40C. The Blue Lagoon is a truly magnificent and unique experience especially if you wish to bathe in it when there is snow all around you!

4. On a clear day in Reykjavik, the enigmatic Snaefellsjokull glacier can be seen across the sea in the distance even though it is over 60 miles away. People believe that it has mystical powers ever since Jules Verne wrote The Journey to the Centre of the Earth". The landscape features stunning moorlands, beautiful meadows, rivers and small ponds along with beautiful rock formations not to mention the black sand beaches. Being in Iceland was like being on another planet.

5. Thingvellir National Park is said by some to be one of the most beautiful places in Iceland, having seen so much of it I could not make such a statement as Icelands' landscape has so many unusual and truly remarkable locations.

To Icelanders Thingvellir is a place of great importance as in 930 Parliament was founded there.

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Shopping Online For The Holidays Don T Get Ripped Off

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We are quickly approaching that time of the year where the Internet pays off in spades - the holidays. Here's a primer on protecting yourself while buying online.

Avoiding the Malls

I hate going to the malls during the holidays. They are packed with people, elbows are flying and I inevitably get in line behind the person who needs a price check or lost their checkbook. Thankfully, the Internet has largely solved this problem.

Millions of people now do most or all of their holiday shopping online. Frankly, it is hard to imagine how many brick and mortar stores stay in business. While shopping from your desk is great, you need to keep in mind the following legal cautions.

Don't Buy Off An Email

In a few weeks, you are going to get bombarded by emails from businesses. Unfortunately, there is no way to be sure the email messages are actually from the business in question. Phishing scam artists have become masters at kicking out email messages that look extremely authentic. If you get an email message and want to visit a site, do not click the link in the email message. Instead, type the site domain name directly into a browser or find it through a search engine. Doing so will get you to the real site, not a fake.

Credit Cards

Most people have multiple credit cards and use them willy nilly. When shopping online, try to limit all of your charges to one credit card that doesn't have a massive credit line on it. Also, print out all receipts. If a scam artist gets a hold of your credit card information, this should limit the damage. When you receive the credit card statement, make sure to check the charges against your receipts. If you find unauthorized charges, report them immediately.

Delivery Times

Sites selling products online have to comply with "prompt delivery" rules. To this end, sites are encouraged, but not required to tell you how long it will take to deliver products. In addition, they absolutely must deliver within 30 days unless stated otherwise on the site. When ordering gifts, make sure you note how long it is going to take to receive the item. If you are going out of town, make sure you keep the departure date in mind before you leave.

The Internet is a godsend when it comes to avoiding the stress of holiday shopping. Just keep an eye on those credit card statements!

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Summertime Fun For The Entire Family

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For most people, summer brings with it warmer weather, longer days and special family activities. According to Donna Erickson, family lifestyle expert and author of the book "Fabulous Funstuff for Families," families can make the most of the season by enjoying simple outdoor fun together.

"Summer is the perfect time to disconnect from cell phones and computers and really embrace the outdoors," said Erickson. "Whether planning a camping trip in the wilderness or one in your own backyard, spending time together as a family will be entertaining and memorable."

While planning technology-free family outings might seem daunting, parents should consider the following suggestions to enjoy what the summer has to offer:

(*) While hiking through the woods or simply exploring the backyard, design a couture nature bracelet. Wrap a strip of wide masking tape inside-out on your child's wrist and let him/her attach treasures, such as a tiny leaf, twig or dandelion, for a delightful souvenir.

(*) Have your children help create a campfire. Turn the chore of searching for kindling and wood into an A-B-C game. Challenge your kids to scout around for fallen twigs and branches in the shape of letters to spell their names. For letters that they cannot find, have them create the missing shape by arranging rocks or branches.

(*) Enjoy the quintessential campfire treat-S'mores. The classic combination of marshmallow, graham cracker and Hershey's Milk Chocolate has defined outdoor adventures for nearly 80 years. With a few new ingredients and a little creativity, family members can personalize S'mores to their own tastes. For a unique twist, add peanut butter and jelly or top a cinnamon graham cracker with apricot jam and coconut sprinkles. For more delicious recipe ideas, visit

(*) Don't let a rainy day spoil your summer fun. Simply bring the magic of summertime indoors. Have your children bring their sleeping bags in the family room for an indoor campout complete with storytelling and S'mores toasted in the fireplace or over the stove. Your children can make play binoculars by gluing two bathroom tissue tubes together along the sides, painting them with poster paint and adding a string neckband. Then, hide toys and stuffed animals around the house for an indoor safari.

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The Perfect Gift Anyone Any Occasion Any Price Range

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Are you interested in finding the perfect gift for anyone, any occasion? Then you have come to the right place. Men, women, children, babies, pets, Christmas, birthdays, I love you, thank you, just because or anything else you can think of, this gift works great for them all. Want to know what it is? It's a Gift Basket. That's right a gift basket. The possibilities of gift baskets are endless.

Birthdays and holidays are not gender or age specific so you practically shop for all different types of people. Whether it is your spouse, mom, dad, sister, boss, friend, co-worker, baby, children or even your pet, you shop for them all. There are gift baskets that suit everyone's likes. Spa and gardening baskets for wife, mom or sister are very popular. Then you have the sports themed baskets for your husband, kids or brother. You can find Cookie bouquets themed for friends, children, co-workers plus much more. There are even gift baskets especially for the pets in your life. No one is left out when it comes to gift basket gift giving.

Gift Basket stores and websites sell for every occasion. Whenever a major or minor holiday comes around you can surely find a great gift basket for it. For instance holidays like Nurse's Day, Grandparent's Day and Secretary's Day are not highly celebrated days but you can most certainly find tons of great gift baskets to give as gifts. The traditional gift basket occasions include but are not limited to, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother and Father's Day, baby showers and Get Well Soon. Gift Basket themes seem to be limitless. For example, many gift basket stores carry candy and cookie bouquets, housewarming, snack baskets, cheesecakes, nut gift packs, fruit, gourmet, wine, thinking of you, thanks, congrats new baby, every holiday or just because.

Gift Baskets range in all prices ranges. The average price of a gift basket is about $50. You can find some pre-made gift baskets as low as $19.99 or as high as $400-500. There is a gift basket out there in any price range. Custom made gift baskets are great alternatives to pre-made gift baskets. A prime example would be a book themed gift basket. The price would depend on the amount of books and type of books found in the basket. Another example would be a DVD/movie gift basket. The same idea applies. Custom made gift baskets come in all price ranges as well.

To get exactly what you want and spend exactly what you want, try making your own gift basket. Discount and dollar stores carry inexpensive baskets, cellophane and bows all year round. Christmas and Easter tend to bring out the gift basket supplies in full swing. Creating your own gift basket, give the gift your special touch which you can't buy anywhere.

For the next birthday, holiday or thinking of you moment comes around, think of giving a gift basket.

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How To Find Christmas Decorations For Your Home

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Christmas is a wonderful time for everyone, and decorating your house can enhance that joy, this can be something small like a table display or you could decorate your whole house inside and out. Christmas decorations have been around a lot longer than Christmas it's self, as pagans were doing it for over two centuries.

The Christmas Table.

You can do a lot to your dinner table without spending too much money, get into the woods and find some fir cones, some gold spray paint along with some fake snow and you have a centre piece to grace any table on the special day and for a long time after. Tinsel with holly leaves and mistletoe makes a natural and cheap adornment and is a very old Celtic symbol of fertility.

A Christmas Tree.

Christmas trees have been brought into our houses for years, probably it was the Germans who started it, but now everyone has a tree for Christmas. A real tree is beautiful, but could make a mess of needles on your floor if it hasn't been treated with chemicals. If you want a real tree get one with roots, you can keep it alive and then re-plant it in the new year and it shouldn't make a mess, or get a fake tree, these can look realistic but you will not fool anyone, they are not real but will look beautiful every year when you pull it out of the cupboard.

Originally candles were used to light Christmas trees, this proved very dangerous, so now electric lights that flash and play Christmas carols are a safer option. Some people go over the top with tree decorations, keep it simple, tinsel, balls, stars and of course a fairy or an angel on the top to finish it all off.

Inside The House.

Coloured paper, silver tinsel and fake snow around the house will bring a festive feel to your home, snow on the windows, holly above the doors and you must have mistletoe to get those Christmas kisses from your guests. House decorations, like your tree should be subtle, Christmas is a happy time of the year and a time to relax with the family in a calm joyous atmosphere.

A wreath of holly on the door was all that people used to show at Christmas, now people have father Christmases climbing up their roofs, light shows and carols played from loudspeakers. Fake snow on all the windows is nice, but covering your house in it is probably going too far. So do what pleases you (and your neighbours), but have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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