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It S Time To Think About Comforters

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If you're thinking about buying a comforter for your bedroom, don't shop without this information! Knowing what to look for in a quality comforter can save you money in the long run by making your purchase the best quality for the money.

By saving yourself from some of the common mistakes made by bedding buyers, you will be much happier with the selection you purchase.

When choosing comforters, it is important to understand the materials used to construct the bedding as well as the construction methods used. Let's take a look at some of the factors you need to be aware of before making your purchase.

Feathers or down are commonly used as filling material. There's a really big difference between the two, however. Down is the inner plumage of ducks or geese. It has a great many tiny, very fluffy "miniature feathers" and no long feathers or quills.

Check the product information carefully to be certain of what the contents of the bedding you are considering really is. Both feathers and down are effective insulators against the cold, but down is the more efficient of the two. Down is much softer and warmer than feathers.

However, people with allergies can have problems with either filler and may need to resort to allergy-proof bedding. Some down products are created to be hypoallergenic and may be used by any except the most severe allergy sufferers. Quality bedding will be made of down rather than feathers, but is very expensive when used as the only fill. So comforter manufacturers compromise abit by adding some feathers into the mix as well to add to your comforter's insulating ability.

Another fill that may be found in bedding is polyester fiber. This filling is not as luxurious feeling as down but can make an effective insulator nonetheless. Preferred by allergy sufferers, a very good quality selection using polyester fiber fill can make a great bedding choice.

An important factor to consider when purchasing your bed covering is fill weight. Fill weight is the amount of filling used between the top and bottom covering of your bedding.

The greater the fill weight, the more filling is contained in the bedding and therefore the more body heat will be held in through the insulating factor of the bedding.

If you live in a cold climate and reduce your home's thermostat at night, you'll want to purchase products with a high fill weight.

If you live in a more temperate climate or want bedding for summer use, you will probably want to choose a lower fill weight or remove the top bedding from the bed at night to sleep in cool comfort.

Fill power refers to the amount of space which 1 ounce of down or fill material covers. Because top quality down expands, this number is generated by taking 1 once of fill and compressing it. Once it is freed again, it will expand to cover a specific area.

The fill number 575 fill power means that 1 ounce of the filler covers 575 cubic inches of space. 650 is a very high fill power. The loft of the bedding is directly related to the fill power, as is the insulating properties.

If you live in a warm climate, you'll be happy with a much lower fill power. A fill power of 575 or below would be great for winters in the Mid-South. Lower numbers would be best for Southern California and Florida while the cold northern state will enjoy a fill power of 650.

Thread count is a factor to consider as well. Especially with down/feather bedding, low thread count fabric can result in filling materials working their way through the fabric and escaping.

Higher thread counts of 330 or more provide a more dense fabric with a close weave that will prevent filling materials from working their way out of the bedding. Higher thread count also provides a silkier, luxurious feel to the bedding. Thread count is much more important when buying bedding that contains filling than if you are buying sheets.

The actual construction method of the shell of the bedding is also very important. Inexpensive bedding that contains filling will be constructed with the "sewn-through" method.

This means that the bedding is divided into sections by sewing through the top and bottom and coming back through the fabric, much like the way a quilt is constructed.

Top quality bedding, which is more expensive but will last much longer, uses baffle box construction.

Fabric is used to create walls inside the bedding in which the fill is placed. This provides the fluffiness of true luxury bedding. The bedding fill product is allowed to expand to the maximum fluffiness and you will find no cold spots when sleeping under this type of bedding.

For the very best bedding, be sure to look for the "closed baffle box" or "true baffle box" construction. Closed box construction means the filling can not move from section to section. An open box construction or partially open box construction means the filling can move and create bunches and lumpiness.

Care of your bedding investment is important too! Even if a luxury bedding item that contains fill material says it may be machine washed, you will not want to wash it in your home laundry equipment.

When large pieces of filled bedding get wet, they are simply too heavy for the home machine. Washing and drying can cause lumping even in good quality products. Dry cleaning is the best method to preserve your quality bedding that contains fill.

For only a little more cost, you can insure that your bedding will last longer so you can enjoy it for years and years to come.

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Picnic Benches Supporting Delight

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There are some things that are cherished by people of all ages. Just the mention of it brings happiness along with it. Of many such things picnic certainly deserves a foremost position. Picnic refers to a pleasure trip where a meal is had in a predominantly outdoor area having a scenic landscape mostly among family members. Picnics often provide the best way to escape the monotony and constantly rising performance related pressures in work environment.

Eating forms a major part of picnics; it could range anything from a simple meal to a banquet, of the highest culinary delight. But ironically, picnics if ill planned end up in a sordid mess, making it to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. For example how many times you find people carrying their finest pastries and mouth watering dishes, only to find that they don't have a proper place to sit and have them.

To make your picnic hassle free and have a perfect meal in a picnic spot, you need to have a picnic bench or table with you. Picnic benches/tables are simple tables that are modified a bit with benches and trusses exclusively for the purpose of having an outdoor meal. Picnic benches come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are priced somewhere between US$250 to US$700, depending on its portability and material used to manufacture it.

There are various advantages offered by picnic tables. Of which the prime gain is its portability, for a picnic table can be easily folded and put comfortably in your car bonnet, to accompany on your picnic trips. The unfolding process too is very quick and easy. A picnic table on an average, seats 5-7 adults comfortably.

Further unlike a traditional mat or rug, picnic tables offer the best way to have a light interaction or a romantic banter. Also they don't need a flat surface to place them, so that you can enjoy your picnic rather than pondering over the slope of the terrain. While the older models were made entirely of wood, the newer versions are made of wood reinforced with steel to prevent sagging and coated with thermoplastic resin to support easy cleaning and impart a glossy sheen to the surface. The resin also imparts moisture resistant properties to the table, preventing it from corrosion and warping. These tables also dry out quickly when cleaned. Also eco friendly models made of recycled plastic are available. These are light in weight and can be part of your picnic backpack without any unnecessary effort. After all what is a picnic without fun and games? Picnic tables don't let this go unnoticed, as they are also available with gaming boards carved on them. These tables have become a runaway success particularly with young minds craving for fun games. To escape from the capricious climate, they are provided with a center stand to accommodate beach umbrellas.

Though named so, picnic tables do not restrict themselves to picnic trips alone. They could also be uses in parks and even in offices and residential places having outdoor recreational facilities. So if you really wish your picnic trip to be remembered for all its fun and frolic rather than an eternal quest for the right, clean place to squat in awkward positions to have your meal, do remember to pop in a picnic table up your car bonnet.

Have a memorable picnic!

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What Are Gift Baskets

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Gift Baskets are a popular gift option especially during the holiday season. The basic purpose of a gift basket is to give your fellow friend number of small gifts instead of giving a larger one. Every item in the gift basket is arranged in a container and the entire package is attractively wrapped in cellophane. Each gift basket is designed to create a complete and personal moment for the recipient. The small gifts present in the gift basket are carefully chosen and blended to make a cohesive whole.

Gift Baskets are available in different themes. For instance, if you want to gift a gift basket to writer then you can tailor the basket as per the recipient's interest. You can fill the basket with books, paper, pens, pencils, and dictionary and so on. Similarly if you want to gift the basket to a beautician you can arrange the basket with nail polishes, lipsticks, combs and shampoos, dryer and so on.

Gift baskets are not just good ideas for Christmas but also for any other occasion. They create a personalized feeling that anyone would enjoy receiving them. There are three main types of gift basket mainly

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Tips On Seeing Stars In Your Backyard

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There's an easy, fun and educational activity the whole family can enjoy and it can be as close as your backyard: stargazing. People have been fascinated by the night sky since humankind's first days. Now, in the 21st century, more and more people are turning this fascination into an exciting hobby-not only professionals but also serious amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts, young and old.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your viewings:

(*) Observe outside, on the ground. Window glass distorts the view in ways that you barely notice normally, but can make a big difference in what you see. If you're in a building, vibrations from people walking can affect accuracy.

(*) Try to observe away from city lights, which will drown out all but the brightest astronomical objects.

(*) Check the weather before you start. A clear sky is obviously important-although it doesn't have to be cloudless-but so is still air.

(*) If you can, try to go out with more experienced observers at first. They can help show you where to look-not all patches of sky are created equal-and explain what you're seeing. Science museums and planetariums often have programs for beginners.

(*) A star atlas can be helpful in finding planets and other celestial objects, and identifying what you've found. A less cumbersome option is a portable, handheld, personal planetarium, celestial-viewing device called the SkyScout that can instantly identify and locate over 6,000 celestial objects viewable to the naked eye. It combines GPS technology, software that calculates the position of the objects for that moment and three axis sensors that measure gravitational and magnetic fields to determine their true orientation to the earth.

The SkyScout also lets you connect to a computer to record your findings and download additional educational lessons and sky tours.

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Dumbwaiters For The Home

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Over the past few years more and more people have discovered the wonders of a residential dumbwaiter. Dumbwaiters are similar to elevators except that they are much smaller and are made to carry materials rather than people. Dumbwaiters have been in use for many hundreds of years and have countless commercial applications. They are commonly found in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. Up until recently they were usually found only in larger homes because of their cost. The price has dropped dramatically, however, and many Americans have taken advantage of this price drop in order to take advantage of the many practical uses associated with dumbwaiters.

Dumbwaiters have many uses, but they are most commonly used to transport groceries to the kitchen, send the dinner upstairs, and to transport laundry and bedding to and from the laundry room. Typically residential dumbwaiters can support 50 to 150 pounds, but it is better to go with a model that will carry at least 100 pounds. 50 pounds may sound like a lot, but it is not as heavy as it sounds.

While it is easier to build the dumbwaiter into a house when it is being constructed, most units are made to easily be installed in existing homes. If you decide to install a dumbwaiter it is important to consider the buildings existing structure. It usually does not present a problem, but it is important to ensure that there is room for a straight shaft between floors. The motor used in most residential dumbwaiters is small enough that it is rarely necessary to cut into the attic to install the dumbwaiter. People often install the dumbwaiters in closets or at the end of a hallway because there is usually enough space for the shaft in these locations and it can be installed rather painlessly. Dumbwaiters can be configured with a variety of door arrangements, so it is possible to have the dumbwaiter open on different sides on each floor.

It is possible for a competent handyman to install a dumbwaiter system, but it takes a good deal of technical know-how. Most dealers have certified installers that can quickly and inexpensively install your dumbwaiter, which for many is the best way to do it. If you do decide to install the dumbwaiter yourself, than ensure that you have completely read and understand the instructions that come with your dumbwaiter. Do not feel rushed either, because it is much better to take your time and do it right the first time. Electric dumbwaiters travel along a track which will need to be secured to the studs and must not be secured to only drywall. A good set of tools will be needed that includes a power drill, circular saw, drywall saw, socket set, and measuring tape.

Once you have installed your dumbwaiter it will provide many years of service, but ensure that you follow all manufacturers' service and maintenance recommendations. Dumbwaiters provide a very valuable service in millions of homes across the United States. They are responsible for reducing the workload and strain that can come from lugging clothes, food, and household materials between floors and are responsible for adding resell value to your home.

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The Most Addicting Games On The Planet

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If you're an avid gamer, you' probably enjoy most genres of games and puzzles. Someone asks if you'd like to play, and you immediately say, "I'm in!" In an admittedly informal survey of avid gamers (and after some very heated discussions), here are the games that they claimed were among the most addicting games on the planet.

Video Games

When it came to addicting video games, many of my gamer friends voted for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (for the GameCube) and WarioWare: Smooth Moves (for the Wii). The guys in the crowd were partial to the Burnout Series and the Gran Turismo series (for the Playstation). And those who were into role-playing games were vocal in their support of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (on the Xbox 360).

Board Games

All of my gamer friends love to play board games, and most named Monopoly as one of the most addicting games on the planet. Other traditional board games that ranked high included Scrabble and Risk. Some mentioned unique board games, such as Axis & Allies and Starfarers of Catan, while others stuck with Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit.

Card Games

When it came to card games, more than a few of my gamer friends admitted to having stayed up all night playing poker. Several owned high-end poker chip sets and planned their activities around their monthly poker games. There weren't any bridge players in the group, but several mentioned learning old-time card games from their parents and grandparents. The fondly reminisced about playing card games of canasta, rummy, hearts, and spades as they were growing up.

Kid's Games

All of my gamer friends said that they came from game-playing families, and that they started playing games when they were very young. Aside from card games like Old Maid and Crazy Eights, most ranked Chutes and Ladders, Sorry!, and checkers as all-time favorites. Those with kids said that some of the newer games for kids, like Cranium Cadoo and Pictionary Junior, were big hits at home, although one said that her daughter loved jigsaw puzzles more than any particular game - and had over 50 in her collection!

Strategy Games

When the subject of strategy games came up, there was an intense discussion of the merits of checkers, chess, and backgammon. The chess players in the group dismissed checkers as too simple, while the checkers players argued that the chess players were just brainiacs. Everyone did agree, though, that backgammon was one of the most addicting games on the planet.

Party Games

Naturally, all of my gamer friends often attended "game night" parties, and all agreed that 25 Words or Less and Taboo were two of the most addicting games on the planet. For more organized fun, many voted for Bunco, a mindless dice game played by 12 or more players. Everyone vouched for the fact that Bunco allows you to visit with friends while rolling the dice, accumulating points, and periodically screaming "Bunco!"

Obviously, every gamer is unique and has his or her own personal list of the most addicting games on the planet. But if you haven't dabble in those that my gamer friends recommend, give them a try - you might find them addicting as well!

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The Essentials Of Event Planning Easy Steps That Secure Success

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If you've ever planned or hosted an event you know how overwhelming it can be. Attending to every small detail can leave you wishing the party was over before it even began. This is even more magnified if you are overseeing a large event such as a wedding or a dinner party for business associates. Something always seems to go wrong and it leaves the person in charge of event planning carrying the burden of the blame.

There are steps you can take to guarantee that the party will be a roaring success. One of those steps is to hire an event planner. If you really do feel as though all the small details are too much for you, you might consider hiring someone who specializes in event planning. There are many reputable companies who can offer you their services for a fee. All you do is explain the event to them, including your preferences when you wish to have the event, the theme of it and the menu and they handle the rest. The onus of the work is on them, and with their experience they can create exactly the type of gathering that you envision.

If finances are a concern and you can't afford the luxury of a professional event planning service, there are things that you can do that will help your event run as smoothly as possible. Here are a few ideas:

Keep an ongoing list. Plan your event by writing down everything you need to do. As you complete those tasks, stroke them off the list and add new ones as needed.

Choose a theme that is appropriate for all guests. It might be difficult for some people to rent or purchase special outfits for a theme party, so try and make it something that is accesible and affordable for every guest.

Send out invitations or call with your invitation well in advance. Life is busy for many people and giving them sufficient notice will enable them to handle any arrangements they need to make, such as child care.

Choose a menu that isn't too exotic. Although many people welcome new tastes, it's often more appropriate to offer menu items that all guests are familiar with, this way they won't be concerned about possible food allergies or digestive conflicts, if they know exactly what they are eating consists of.

Enjoy the event. Often the host becomes so overburdened with party details that he or she neglects their own enjoyment. Plan the event so you will have free time during it to mingle with your guests.

Event planning can be a tedious task, but with proper organization the work involved in planning the party or event can be well worth it. Getting together with family, friends or business associates in a social setting, is a great way to connect and communicate. With some attention to details before, the party can be a huge and often very fun success.

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The Kitchen Tv

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The kitchen space has undergone a revolution. Gone are the days when the kitchen was a place for work and everyone was entertained separately in the living room. Now kitchens are open planned and guests are being entertained on barstools at breakfast bars and half tables. The preparation of the meal has now become the entertainment with guests being asked to help out with simple tasks while refreshments and nibbles are consumed. Gone too are the days of spending solitary confinement in the kitchen. Kitchens have now become more communal with all the electronic entertainment making its transition from the living areas of the home. One of the most important pieces of entertainment has been the television set or commonly known as the kitchen tv. The kitchen tv has now become more common place in the kitchen. Just think there is nothing worse than trying to cook a meal and missing out on the evening news or even worse, a cooking demonstration by Jamie. This is where a kitchen tv has found a place.

The kitchen tv has also evolved beyond a budget 14 inch box perched on top of the refrigerator with funny rabbit ears. With the cost of LCD and plasma tv's coming down in price, the smaller ones are becoming highly favoured for use in the kitchen. The new technology screens are so flat that they can easily be mounted anywhere, where there is a vacant space. There are also water proof versions available. The kitchen tv can be mounted directly onto the wall in a fixed position or onto a hinged bracket that can be swivelled for optimum viewing. If available wall space is a problem, then there are kitchen tv models that can unfold from the ceiling and swivel.

Technology has also solved the overall size issue and extra stuff is packed into a small package. You can now get a kitchen tv that has a built in dvd player. Optional extras can be hard drive storage to USB connections for mp3 players or ipods. Because of the kitchen tv there is no longer a need for a hifi system. The sound quality on most kitchen tvs has enough volume and quality for even the discerning ear.

Safety is always an important consideration with all electrical equipment. To avoid electric shock be sure to mount a kitchen tv far enough away from any wet areas such as sink benches or dishwashers. The rule is that you should not be able to touch both wet area and kitchen tv at the same time. Even if the kitchen tv is not faulty it is possible to build up a reasonable static charge on the plastic surface, which will discharge thru you to any earthed objects such as a kitchen sink bench. Water proof models are a good choice if you are considering installing a kitchen tv close to a wet area.

A useful tip is to always use a remote control for your kitchen tv. Cover the remote control in plastic wrap or put it into a plastic bag. This will keep the remote control clean and protect it from water and oil spills. When installing your kitchen tv, remember to position it where you can see it clearly in the part of the kitchen that you work the most. This is because you can watch pre recorded or live kitchen tv shows of cooking demonstrations to help you along the way. You can follow the demonstration as you cook. Have fun in the kitchen.

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Personalized Wedding Favors Plus A Centerpiece For Your Wedding Tables

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You have your heart set on personalized wedding favor for your guests. But before you place your order, consider an alternative favor idea which will not doubt wow your guests - personalized magazine covers.

Options abound for how to incorporate personalized magazine covers into your ceremony and party. You can make up a bunch of specialized covers (featuring in jokes, memorable pictures, and clever/sentimental thoughts) for your bridesmaids or groomsmen and present these along with the traditional initialized flasks or purses. Alternatively, you could create a fun fake magazine cover of you and your fiance and put these keepsakes on every table, perhaps raffling them off at some point during the ceremony.

If you want to get super fancy and involved, you can further tailor the magazine covers at your tables by incorporating pictures of the people sitting at your tables into the design layout. For instance, let's say that at table 12, you've seated Grandma Estelle and Uncle Ernie. Your magazine centerpiece could feature a picture of you and your fiance on the front and then have fun pictures of you with your Grandma Estelle and Uncle Ernie on the back along with some cute quotations and captions.

Of course, this kind of detail work can be exhausting - particularly if you're in the rough and tumble of planning your own wedding. That said, this unique centerpiece idea is fun to put together and, most importantly, very cost effective. You can put together your personalized wedding favors and centerpieces online over the course of an hour or two, place your order, and get top quality results delivered quickly.

Best of all, unlike other seemingly personalized wedding favors (such as home-burned CDs of the special couple's favorite songs), your personalized magazine cover can distill the essence of your relationship in a fun, warm, and really humorous way. Include "headlines" teasing the greatest romantic moments in your relationship, or create a top-20 list cataloging your and your fiance's idiosyncrasies. No doubt everyone at the wedding party will love it, and you'll have a keepsake to last a lifetime.

Ease the burden of planning out your favors and centerpieces today - visit for details on how to get started with your magazine cover adventure.

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