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Gift Basket A Great Way To Give That Perfect Gift

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Its party time for birthdays, functions and other occasions such as Christmas and you find it hard to find that perfect gift for your loved ones. In today's world, when there is very little or no time to spend on deciding and making gift purchases, gift baskets really help you with a single gift that includes all fine things. Gift baskets are really awesome presents for anyone.

Gift baskets are usually based on themes such as traditional fruit baskets, baskets containing bath products or any other products tailored as per the taste of the recipient. Here, gift basket doesn't means that there should be a basket but any container can be used as a gift basket with many small items.

Types of gift baskets

1. Pre made gift baskets that you can easily find on the shelf of the gift stores and are the easiest way to gift someone.

2. Created in store gift baskets whereby you can shop or select the gift items of your choice from the store or online websites to be included in the gift basket. Later, these are arranged and wrapped by the employees for you.

3. Home made gift baskets could be prepared by you where you can collect the entire gift items you want to give and wrap them as per your choice and manner.

Gift baskets help you when you are far off from your dear ones and wish to send them a token of your love and feelings for them. You can give a gift basket not only on special occasions but also whenever you feel to gift a symbol of your feelings. Whether you are husband looking out to gift your wife with a special gift on the eve of your anniversary or one who wish to gift your special friend on your first date. Even if you wish to gift your kids, relatives, friends, colleagues you can manage well with customized gift baskets.

If you are gifting to someone who loves music you can easily wrap a collection of music CD's or else if it is one who loves games you can include game CD's, puzzles and much more as per your choice. You can also give gift basket according to seasons for example, if it is winter season you can gift skin care and moisturizing products along with warm clothes and accessories that will surely make a great gift. A gift basket indeed adds to your gift if it is beautifully decorated and designed.

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Treatment For Pediculosis

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Pediculosis is a condition in which a human is infested with some form of lice; this includes body lice, head lice and pubic lice. The most common pediculosis condition is head lice. Lice are tiny parasite insects that can be found in the hair and on the scalp of an infested human. These insects need human blood to survive; they will also stay close to the skin for warmth and moisture.

Head lice move very quickly, thus the reason for how easily they move from one person to another. Anyone can have a pediculosis condition; it is not an indication of poor hygiene, and head lice do not limit themselves only to those on the lower economic level.

The main symptom of pediculosis is itching, and at times the itching can be very irritating causing excessive scratching, that in turn, leads to sores and possibly infection. Though itching of the head is a sign of head lice, be aware that it may not always show up right away, and in fact, may take weeks before the lice are irritating the scalp to the point of causing excessive itching.

If you should discover someone in the family has head lice, all members of the household should be checked for pediculosis. By doing this you can stop the infestation then, instead of family members giving the lice back and forth between treatments.

The usual way in which pediculosis is treated is with shampoos and creams, containing chemicals that kill the head lice, but not the nits. With these treatments, it is important to treat the hair again within 10 days, as well as vacuuming all carpets and washing all clothes. You will also want to replace brushes, combs and other hair accessories, or soak them in very hot water for at least an hour.

There are some home remedies for pediculosis that may work better without exposing your family to the toxins in the medicated shampoos. In addition to being safer, some evidence now points to the possibility that the over the counter and prescription cures for head lice are no longer 100% effective and may require several applications to produce the desired results.

If you find that someone in your family has a persistent case of pediculosis, you may want to consult your healthcare provider about alternative options for treating the infestation. This is especially true if the person with head lice is a child or a pregnant woman.

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Take Control Of Your Home Heating Oil Costs This Winter

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Now is not too soon to be thinking about this years home heating oil costs. If your home uses heating or fuel oil as a primary heating energy source, you will no doubt be struggling with the huge increases in costs that are heading your way. Heating oil, like gasoline, are tied very closely together in price and we all know what the price of gas has done over the last few years.

The absolute best way to help insulate yourself from fnancial ruin due to rediculously high home heating bills this winter is to insulate your home instead. Imagine leaving a window open all winter long. The heat loss, cold drafts, and wasted energy would drive everyone crazy. If however you add up all the places where drafts and energy leaks occur in your home, it would probably be equal to leaving a window open all winter long. The reason why you don't feel it so much is that instead of a big hole like an open window, you have a large number of very small leaks. This is analagous to having every faucent in your home dripping in relation to simply running the bathtub all the time. The result is the same. Water loss.

So back to the issue of energy and heat loss leakage from your home. Often overlooked, there are several major potential areas where you should check for heated air loss.

1. Fireplaces. These are a chimney or hole to the outside. Check and see if the damper is tight. Use glass window fireplace covers. And if you decide not to use the fireplace, consider getting some 2 inch rigid foam insulation from the hardware store and making a plug to close off the fireplace even better. To make a fireplace plug, measure the fireplace opening below the damper, cut a piece of foam insulation to fit and wedge it into place. A good safety idea is to attach a short piece of rope to the plug to not only help remove it when you are ready to use the fireplace but also as a safety device to make certain it's remembered before the fireplcae is used. Make certain the short piece of rope or even ribbon is long enough to easily be seen. Mine touches the fireplace logs and acts as a reminder the plug is in place.

2. Air leaks are the largest source of heating and cooling loss in the home. Air leaks occur through the small cracks around doors, windows, pipes, and outside electrical outlets. A good way to seal the electric plugs is to pick up some plug gaskets and install on all outside electrica outlets. These are simply a thin rubber about the shape of the outlet cover that fits over the plug and seals around the outlet and the cover.

3. Doors are a special problem because you can't simply seal it up. They need to opena and close regularly and seal. Weatherstripping around the perimeter of the door is a good way to seal out the leaks around ouside doors. Another suggestion is to take fabric material, cut 2 pieces about 3 inches wide and make it 6 inches longer than your door opening. So if the door is 46 inches, you want 2 pieces of fabric 3 inches by 42 inches. Sew the fabric together along the long sides and one small side. This will give you a pocket similar to a pillow case. Next turn the pocket inside out so the finished seams look good, and fill with any small material. Any cooking beans, rice, popcorn, even sand is a good material. You now have a bottom door seal that can be placed against the door sill at the bottom, keeping the cold air out but can also be removed during the day. This is also a great idea for rooms that have been closed off for the winter. Have a guest room that isn't being heated? Make another bottom door seal and save energy. You can even purchase similar door seals from many stores because they're so popular and every efficient.

While there's nothing we can do about the high enrgy prices next winter, by being prepared, the bills can be dramatically lowered. The key is to keep the leaks down and the warmth inside your home.

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Healthy Bathrooms Healthy Families

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If you think the bathroom is the busiest room in your house, you may be more right than you know. According to the experts at the health Web site WebMD, the average bathroom contains thousands of germs and viruses-ranging from E. coli bacteria to the rhinovirus linked to colds and flu.

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to lock your family out of the bathroom, even when it's unoccupied. Just follow a few tips:

Healthy Smiles

First off, store your toothbrush properly to ensure you keep it-and its user-as germ-free as possible. Be sure to keep it up on a countertop, away from the sink and toilet to prevent airborne contamination from splashing water. Also, don't store toothbrushes together in close quarters (a toothbrush cup in a cabinet, for example). Doing so can increase the odds of germs spreading from brush to brush. Be sure to regularly change your toothbrush, too. For example, there is a toothbrush called Oral-B Pulsar that can make remembering easy. It looks like a normal toothbrush, but it uses a battery to power its pulsating bristles that clean deep between teeth. The battery dies after three or four months of use-roughly the same amount of time dentists say you should keep a toothbrush. When the battery goes, the toothbrush should go, too.

Raising The Bar

Experts also say there is some evidence that liquid soap may be more sanitary than bar soap. Bar soap can hold residue from soap dishes and bacteria from the person who used it last. Liquid soaps, such as Ivory Liquid Hand Cleanser, come in self-contained pumps that keep soap fresh and pure. Also, gentle liquid soaps are ideal for teaching kids proper hand washing techniques. Children should know to wash their hands for about 20 seconds (or as long as it takes them to sing their ABC's) at least four times a day, and always after using the bathroom.

Throw In The Towel

Bathroom towels should be hung up to dry immediately after use and regularly washed in hot water with detergent. Tide liquid detergent, for example, can help prevent germs from building up and towels from smelling musty. You may also want to limit the amount of towel sharing that goes on in your house. Encourage each family member to use his or her own towel.

Brush Up On Health-Changing your toothbrush regularly could help protect you from germs.

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The Quick And Easy Formula For Hammock Buying

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Here's really simple way to buy your next hammock and make sure that you don't get ripped off in the process. Hammocks bring back memories of lazy days spent in beach nations where time seems to stand still. This is our memory too- don't worry- we've clearly been to the same destinations (and boy, we can't wait to get back to Jamaica!). We are going to run through a three point system we use to make sure you get the best deal you can when shopping for a new hammock. Let's start with a few places for you to check out when you are shopping that you might not think would carry an exotic item like a Hammock.

1)Check out camping stores. You might not think a place like REI would have hammocks, but they do. Nice ones. Lots of them. I do not work for REI nor am I associated with them in any way. However, I've shopped there a few times over the last 10 years. I've been overwhelmingly impressed with their selection of camping items and general supplies. They always have new stuff at decent prices. What I didn't know is that a hammock must be a fairly popular camping item because REI (at least the one I went into) stocks them. I suppose some campers must like to use them after a hard day of mountaineering. This is great for you if you only need one for your home. Check out camping stores near you.

2)Compare prices and use Ebay. I love Ebay for more reasons than I can count. One of the best features of Ebay is the fact that I can readily compare prices of hammocks (and everything else from used fuzzy dice to camera phones) and then make my decision. If nothing else, use Ebay as the first stop in your research process to get a feel for what is selling for how much and what general range of prices you should be looking for when you finally do make a purchasing decision. Just take a look through their listings tonight, there are people from all over the world selling hammocks at good prices. If you are going to actually buy a hammock, just make sure the seller has plenty of positive feedback. It's a great insurance policy.

3)This is the most important part of the hammock buying process. Without knowing the quality of the hammock you are investing in, there is not way of knowing whether not its going to last or whether its going to be comfortable. Not all hammocks are created equally to say the least. In fact, this is an understatement. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is equally as valid today as it was at the turn of the (20th) century.

To give you an idea, we recently went on a trip to the Caribbean. There were $20 hammocks available at very low prices everywhere we looked. However, a quick quality check of these revealed them to be of a lower quality (and therefore wouldn't be the most comfortable of thing to use in a few years after they wore out).

Hammocks vary in quality from the superb to the dismal. Ask anyone who has ever bought substandard hammock what the difference is and you really will get an earful. You must know what to look for to get the most comfortable hammock available at the best price.

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Party Time Choosing Party Invitations

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Parties are thrown all the time. They are a great excuse to get together with friends and have a good time. There are also a great way to show admiration and respect for great people and their accomplishments. No matter what the occasion, a beautiful party invitation is the perfect way to set of any event with style.

There are so many different types of parties. The types of party invitations that are ordered depend on the type of party being held. There are many wonderful party invitations for birthday, graduation, business gatherings, holiday parties, and any other type of party. Choosing the right type of party invitation is the first step in ordering the right invitation.

Any type of party can have any number of themes. If it is a birthday party, how old is the guest of honor? Is it a milestone birthday? Whether it's over the hill, or sweet sixteen, choose the right theme in the party invitation to create a unique feeling for the party.

Choosing how many invitations to order is an important decision. Invitation companies typically require a minimum order of about 50. If there are less than 50 invitees having extra invitations will come in handy for last minute invites or for mistakes. If there are more guests than the minimum order number of invitations, it is a good idea to order extras for anything that might occur.

Party favors are a great idea and can be incorporated right into the invitations. Choose from napkins, matchbooks, or scratch pads with the name of the guest of honor and the date printed right on them. Collectible glasses with commemorative phrases are also a great favor idea.

Whether it's a grand milestone birthday or a simple holiday gathering, start the party off right with great party invitations and tie it all together with personalized party favors that guests can cherish and use to remember the event for a lifetime.

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Interior Design Made Easy

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When you are designing you house you need to take into account many factors. A great looking house needs to have many aspects covered. Everyone wants to have a great looking home, but not all of us know what actually works, read on to discover what important principles you need to take into account when you are designing your house.

Balance is very important when designing the inside of your house. A lack of balance can show excitement and spontaneity in a room, you need to take into account colour, texture, layout, patterns and many more aspects. Formal balance creastes a mirror image effect and it is also called symmetrical balance. Informal balance uses different objects to create equilibrium in a room. This is much more subtle yet spontaneous and gives a much more casual feeling to the room.

The focus of the room is another important aspect to consider. It is the focal point of the room. Whatever should be the feature of the room needs to have enough emphasis on it so that is does become the focal point of the room. As you walk into the room what you initially take in is the focus. People's eyes shift to the focus immediately and it is the first thing they take in. The focus is generally affected by proximity, colour and the layout of the area.

Subtlety must also be taken into account, how restrained you are has a large effect on the design. Rhythm is another principle that is often looked over, the continuity of the design affects the rhythm. It controls how the eye will move over a room. Repetition is governed by line, colour, texture or form. Progressive rhythm is when the elements gradually increase or decrease in size.

Proportion is another important principle. This includes size, weight and colour. This has a direct affect on the balance of the design as well. Similarly scale is very important. You must effectively measure dimensions of the room and the pieces. The size relationships in a room are defined by these two principles.

You need to consider the harmony of the room. Though closely related to balance harmony is also important. It is essentially how each element of the room works together to be pleasing visually. Harmony encompasses all the other principles and is essentially created or destroyed by successfully juggling all the other elements and getting the right mix.

So if you are looking to design you own house, you must be careful to consider all these principles of interior design. If you are not confident you can always hire an interior designer to help you out, you know you will get professional quality then! However, this can get expensive, and if you want to tackle it yourself, then you now have the right tools! Good luck!

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Making A Game Of Moving

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Just over a week ago I was told I had to pack up and move yet again to another apartment. This brings the number to 3 times in only a year and a half. Needless to say I was not too happy. It became evident to me that the more I resisted the idea, the worse I felt about it, so I decided to go with the flow and make my move into an exciting game. I started looking forward to the move, was excited to see my new apartment, used the opportunity to get rid of clutter and was able to support a charity in the process. My move truly turned out to be quite an adventure and a great learning experience.

When the movers knocked at my door it had started snowing heavily and there was not a single sole who could speak English. However this did not dampen my spirits and we managed very well. It turned out that I found some very willing translators, all the administrators were very understanding and the movers were extremely speedy and efficient despite the weather.

Four days later I was completely moved, unpacked and settled in. My phone was reconnected, I had high-speed Internet access, the TV cable guys arrived a day early and I was once again part of the "real world". I can honestly say that it could not have gone more smoothly had I been in my home country.

On reflection I noted that life is life wherever we are. We could be in Korea, South Africa or the USA, but life situations happen on a daily basis. In essence this is the very nature of life. There is no escaping it. But, what we often fail to recognize is that it is during these life situations that we are presented with the opportunities that help us to grow and become better people. When obstacles present themselves, ease and facilitate an easy transition or find a solution by asking "How can I make this work?" and not "Why is this happening to me?"

One of the things that disempowers us in life is when we take ourselves too seriously. We could lighten up a bit, have more fun and enjoy things more. Treat life like a game. This does mean to undermine the seriousness of certain events, but when we view life as a game, we are able to be more effective in finding solutions and enjoying the process.

When I decided to treat my move as a game and adventure, miracles happened. People went out of their way to help me, I moved into a dream apartment and I now wake up in the morning with a view second to none.

Quote of the week

"Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it! Life is Love, enjoy it!" Sri Sathya Sai Baba

This weeks challenge

How would you feel about "playing the game"? Use this tool with a life situation this week and if you have difficulties in taking this approach, ask yourself this one question: "What is the worst thing that could happen?"

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Gift Baskets For Those Special Occasions

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While gift baskets can be a great way to give presents, they lose some of their charm if you overuse them. However, there are many other basket-like containers that you can use instead, to save the baskets for the really special occasions.

For wine, you can put the wine in a special wine bag, decorated with wine patterns and sealed at the top, although this has the disadvantage of instantly giving away what your present is (although you could always surprise the person by putting some other nice drink in a wine bag!). Wine can also be given in a special presentation box or case, and many expensive ones come with one for this purpose, as do sets of 12 bottles.

Chocolates can be very well presented in a chocolate box, wrapped in wrapping paper with a bow delicately tied on the top - gold wrapping is lovely on chocolates, because of the way it complements the browns. If you are buying chocolate from a confectioner's, you may be able to get them to wrap it this way for you.

Although it can seem a little clich

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