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Electric Gates What Are They Made Of

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Electric gates are made up of two main parts: the motor and the opener. There are also some accessories that you can use together with them. Knowing these will allow you to determine common electric gate problems.

Perhaps you've seen them, but you are just aren't sure what they are made of. Electric gates are composed of some parts that help make them work. It's very important that you know about them, so when something happens to your gate, you can easily pinpoint the problem and conduct at least the most basic repair.

Common Parts of Electric Gates

There are two main parts that make up electric gates:

1. Electric gate motor. This is considered to be the most important component in your electric gates. This allows them to move

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Better Hearing With Listening Devices

(category: Home-Security, Word count: 269)
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Of all of the ways that people can use listening devices, whether it is for fun, helping to detect problems with plumbing, pest control, covert operations, or keeping tabs on baby, one of the most important reasons for the use of listening devices is to just be able to hear with. That is hearing what the person standing across the room is saying to you. Hearing the timer go off on your stove so that your dinner or that cake you made doesn't burn. Hearing what is being said on the TV without having to turn the sound up so loud that the whole neighborhood knows what you are watching. More importantly, so that a would be intruder, listening to that blaring TV, doesn't know that you are hard of hearing and might not hear them breaking into your home until it is too late.

Let's face it, hearing aids, the type that are typically sold to people with hearing problems are expensive, very, very expensive. And if you don't have health insurance that pays for the cost of these pricy devices, you may be living in a world of partial silence unnecessarily. There are listening devices on the market today like the dynamic new slim line SuperEar. What are so great about these devices are not only their high degree of sensitivity and their mere three-ounce weight, but the price is unbelievably listed at under a hundred dollars. That's right! And these listening devices are so compact they can be easily stowed into a pocket or purse when you are not using them.

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Wireless Home Security Systems An Apt Answer To Home Security Concerns

(category: Home-Security, Word count: 715)
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People employ various ways and means of enhancing their home security and wireless home security systems are often touted as one of the best ways of implementing home security. Other ways are - use of watchdog, use of wired camera security systems, joining a neighborhood watch group, use of alarm systems, sophisticated locks and a plethora of other security systems and measures (some of which are quite weird). There is none denying the fact that all these traditional home security measures are quite effective. However, wireless home security systems seem to have an edge over these traditional home security measures.

The wireless security systems (e.g. Wireless camera security system) have 6 main advantages over their wired counterparts:

1.Easy to install: The wireless home security systems are so easy to install that you can install them all by yourself. There is no need for getting outside help for installation/ configuration of a wireless security system. This is an advantage because in such a case only you would know the location of your wireless security cameras and the security codes etc. On the other hand, most wired security systems are quite a hassle owing to their inherent 'wire-ful' nature. Managing these wires is quite a task in itself and in tackling those wires, you often tend to lose focus from the actual task i.e. proper and intelligent installation of a home security system. With wireless home security systems, you just need to concentrate on your home security plan without worrying about where you would run the wires from etc etc.

2.Install anywhere: Since wireless security systems forego the use of wires, you can install them anywhere you wish (as long as they are in the range of their controller). This really makes things very convenient. You can install the wireless home security cameras in the bushes, on the terrace or just about any point that you want to monitor. This is something that you would not be able to achieve with a wired security camera. Moreover, wireless home security also comes in camouflaged forms e.g. wireless home security cameras pre-fitted (or pre-hidden) in a lamp or a show piece etc.

3.Flexibility (in altering your home security plan): With a wireless security system, you can easily alter your home security plan whenever you want e.g. the location of outdoor wireless security cameras can be easily changed in a hassle-free manner. On the contrary, a wired home security system would have you thinking about the wiring plan and the related hassle even before you can think of altering your home security plan.

4.Cleaner look: One very distinctive advantage with wireless home security systems is that they are not at all messy. While a wired security system would have wires running all through your house (unless you want to compromise on your home security), a wireless security system (due to its inherent 'wireless' nature) would give a much cleaner look and without any compromises on the security of your home.

5.Extra safe: Wireless security can also be considered safer than the wired security. A wired security system can quickly become un-operational if the wires get severed either due to lack of maintenance or due to intentional tampering by burglars etc. However, wireless home security is difficult to tamper with in that sense (sophisticated thieves/burglars might still be able to tamper low-end wireless security systems using devices that disrupt the wireless signals).

6.Ease of maintenance: A wired security system is as such bulky (since the wires used for a wired security system also form part of the security system). Maintaining a bulky system is generally tougher and needs much more effort than a simple, less bulky one. The wires might need replacements or re-anchoring or re-routing etc. In case you go for a home improvement, your wired security systems might get affected quite a bit. However, with wireless security all these problems are non existent and hence their maintenance is quite easy


Wireless security is often treated as the most apt answer to the home security concerns. However, the best thing to do is to use a combination of traditional home security techniques together with some of the wireless home security systems.

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The Easy Method Of Recovering Your Sentry Safe Combination

(category: Home-Security, Word count: 520)
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The messages seem abundant in some forums, "I bought a business and it came with a Sentry Safe that is locked", or "I bought a used Sentry Safe at a garage sale," of course these statements are followed by some begging for someone to send the writer the combination to their safe.

I do not think there are any great number of people out in "forumlandia" that can take your Sentry Safe serial number and tell you the combination. Not only that, I certainly hope there are not a lot of people with a complete combination list!

It is really beyond me why people do not direct these inquires to place they purchased the safe, or to the Sentry Safe Company themselves! Maybe it is because they are hoping for the information for free, as Sentry requires a small payment and some paperwork.

Now before we get into the nitty gritty of how you can get help from Sentry, we might examine some other methods of opening your safe when your combination is lost.

My personal favorite is of course dynamite. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the use of dynamite, however quick, it will likely cause you a lot of trouble, damage the contents of your safe and cause severe bodily harm to you and others.

Picking the lock would be a close second and good punishment for you forgetting the combination or buying a used safe without a combination; what were you thinking? Maybe a psychic can help you and confirm or deny your belief in them at the same time! Of course you could just sell the safe at a garage sale and let someone else worry about the combination!

You can also call a local locksmith, but I suspect it will cost more than following the simple instructions from Sentry. If you want to get the lost combination for free, I suggest you start trying all the possible combinations! Good luck!

Ok, we can be serious for a moment and this is all you need to get your lost combination from the Sentry Safe Company and avoid the mystery of psychics and the danger of dynamite.

Here are the easy instructions from Sentry: First step, find the Model and Serial Number of your safe.

The Serial Number is in this packet, and is also printed on the small label beside the door hinge (outside). Send a copy of the model number and serial number of the safe, a notarized letter (last name of notary must be different than that of owner) stating you are the owner of the safe, and a check or money order for $12.00* (U.S. funds) to:

Sentry Group, Dept. 200,

882 Linden Avenue,

Rochester, NY 14625-2784 USA.

If using a credit card (Visa/Mastercard only), call 1-800-828-1438

and fax your Model and Serial number with the notarized letter

Next time make sure you record the combination and store it in a secure place such as a safety deposit box at your bank. Opening your safe could be a lot more fun, but never more simple!

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Protect Your Business With Covert Hidden Cameras

(category: Home-Security, Word count: 311)
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Did you ever think that Exit signs could protect your premises? They can if they just happen to be the type that has some covert hidden cameras hidden in them. Who would ever think that an exit sign had a camera? They come wireless, too, so that you can place them anywhere that they are needed. Of course, if wireless won't do, you can get the wired versions as well. Either way, keeping that door under surveillance without anyone else knowing it, becomes a simple matter.

Another nifty way to conceal covert hidden cameras is to use the ones that are placed inside an emergency light that actually works. These little beauties even automatically switch from color to black and white in low light situations, and their range is up to one thousand feet. So the power has gone out in your store, office or home, and some sneaky, unethical person decides to take advantage of the situation to steal something. With an emergency light covert hidden camera, they might as well smile and say cheese.

Okay, so you really aren't interested in covert operations, but you are a single woman living alone or with another woman for a roommate. It is ten o'clock at night and some one knocks on your door. Would you just answer it without knowing who was there? Not if you are smart you won't. There are covert hidden cameras that fit into a standard peep hole in your door. With an amazing 170 degree viewing angle, you no longer have to take a chance by opening the door to a perfect stranger, who might just be a thief, rapist or killer looking for easy prey. Having peep holes that are actually covert hidden cameras could give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for.

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What S The Big Push For Emergency Supply Kits

(category: Home-Security, Word count: 757)
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The NOOA is saying that 2006 could be one of the worst hurricane seasons we have ever experienced. Worse than last year with 27 named storms, 15 hurricanes with 4 of those being a Category 5? Hurricanes Cindy, Dennis, Katrina, Ophelia, Rita & Wilma as well as Tropical Storms Arlene & Tammy touched the United States in 2005.

The NOAA says (11/29/2005): With six months until the official start of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season, NOAA urges hurricane-prone residents to take proactive measures during this time. "The battle against the hurricane season is won during the off season. Winter and spring is the time to conduct hurricane preparations, such as stocking supplies, assembling a safety kit that includes a NOAA Weather Radio and preparing an evacuation plan," said Max Mayfield, director of the NOAA National Hurricane Center.

It is just not the east coast that should be preparing. There are many situations where Mother Nature will continue to show us her reign; tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, and mudslides just to name a few.

Think about this for a moment: What would you if you were told to evacuate your house within 15 minutes? What would you take with you? Some of us can't figure this out even if we were given a weeks notice! Do you have your insurance agent's name & your policy numbers memorized? Do you have proper identification for you and your family members? How about your medicines or glasses? What about basic necessities - food, water, shelter, hygiene - how will you locate important items once you leave your house? Clothes - will you need extra clothes or just take the clothes on your back? Cash? Maybe some quarters for pay phones? Out-of-state relative's addresses & phone numbers? What will you carry all your things in? How about your pets - what will you do with them? In a stressful situation, your mind races and things will be forgotten. Chances are you are not going to remember everything that you & your family will need. As with life, planning helps keep stress to a minimum.

A 72-hour kit will aid as a stress minimizer! A 72-hour kit can also be called an Emergency Supplies Kit, Disaster Kit, or Emergency Kit. How will it minimize stress? Well, if you had food, water, shelter, extra clothes, important papers, medications, in a durable, waterproof bag located in an easy-to-get-to area...grab and won't have to take those precious 15 minutes to think about what you will need for the next 3 days. Your stress would be minimized because you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have your necessities in one convenient, easy to locate, bag. Now, all you will have to focus on is your family, their safety and overall welfare.

Think about this for another moment: Floodwaters are coming up - and coming up fast! You & your family race up the attic stairs. You manage to bust your way through to the roof of your home with your bare hands or maybe with something that you have "stored" in your attic. Thankfully, the rescue helicopter picks you & your family from the roof and drops you off at the closest "safe place". Now, what do you do? What do you have with you? Yes, hopefully, you will have your family & that will be a blessing but what about the basic human needs? You will now need to seek food, water, shelter, and maybe some hygiene items - not to mention any specific medicinal needs.

Why 72 hours? It is recommended by Red Cross, FEMA, as well as many state governments to have a 3-day supply. It takes about 3 days before relief makes its way to disaster-stricken citizens. This was witnessed during last year's hurricane season.

It is our responsibility to take care of our families & ourselves. No one on this earth can assume that responsibility for us. With a little planning before the time of need arises, we can help ourselves and be better prepared to help others around us.

I've researched quite a few 72-hour kits for my family & I. These are some of the things that kept me from purchasing them:

** The bags were not waterproof - everything could get wet. Most natural disasters involve water.

** The bags were not strong enough to sustain a major beating.

** There wasn't enough water (some had none or

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Covert Hidden Cameras Put The Sneak In Sneaking

(category: Home-Security, Word count: 280)
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Do you need the services of covert hidden cameras? Air purifiers, boom boxes, books, clock radios and coffee mugs are just a few devices that can contain covert hidden cameras. Computer speakers, counter signs, day planners, even desk lamps can all contain covert hidden cameras and no one would be aware they are on film.

With a computer speaker, the covert hidden camera is hidden inside the working speaker and virtually undetectable. Does your office, home or store have an acoustic drop ceiling? There is a speaker video camera that is perfect for use in them. They contain a pinhole camera that looks straight down, and that give you a seventy degree field of vision, and is great for use in low light.

Another way to hide your covert hidden camera is by purchasing one that looks like a DVD player. Once again it contains a pinhole camera and has a range of up to three hundred feet. Who would ever guess that the DVD player in your home or office is actually recording the people and movements that are happening in that room?

Maybe you want a covert hidden camera to use strictly as a security measure for your home. There is a flood light camera available that not only is great day or night but is as easy to install as changing a light bulb.

Don't let your security needs tick away like the seconds on a clock. You can get a covert hidden camera disguised as a beautiful mantel clock or a clock radio. You have heard of clock watchers, well, now the clock can actually watch you.

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Electrical Safety Is No Accident

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You can help avoid electrical shock, burns and fires by beginning your year-round electrical safety awareness efforts now. This is the word being put out by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI).

"Despite the fact that improved product safety engineering, standards and electrical codes have reduced electrical hazards, thousands suffer from electrical shock and fires each year," said ESFI President Brett Brenner.

To increase electrical safety awareness and protect those at home and in the workplace, ESFI has developed an electrical safety tool kit that includes statistics on electrical hazards and recommendations to avoid electrical shock, burns and fires.

An average of 400 people are electrocuted each year and thousands more are injured because of electrical hazards. To curb the leading cause of electrocutions each year, note locations of power lines at home and on the job. Power line contact with construction equipment and items such as ladders and gardening tools are among the leading causes of electrocutions.

Greater use of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), which protect both those in your home and workplace against lethal electrical currents, can further reduce the number of electrocutions.

Estimates indicate electricity causes 140,000 fires each year, which kill hundreds of people, injure thousands more, and cause $1.6 billion in property damage. Aging electrical systems, combined with the growing power demands, contribute to electrical fire hazards. Overloaded circuits, flickering lights, and discolored electrical outlets and light switch faceplates point to the need for electrical upgrades. Addressing these hazards can save lives, reduce injuries and cut economic losses caused by electrical fires.

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Mistakes In Home Safety

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We all want to feel more secure in our homes, especially in terms of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from harm and in preventing the loss or damage to our personal property. There are several areas in which people invest to make themselves feel more secure in their homes, but in doing so there are also several glaring mistakes that are made. Here are some of the areas in which home owners frequently trip up win the effort to feel secure.

The worst mistake that any home owner can make in protecting their homes is to feel overconfident in the measures they have put into place. Most of us cannot afford the time or the money it takes to install a foolproof security system, and only commercial properties with a vested interest would want to attempt this anyway. Therefore, any measures undertaken to secure a home will come with their limitations. Many security measures can act as prevention only in the deterrence of the entry of an unwanted person onto your property. Home security cameras are a good example here; if a potential thief sees a camera scanning your property, the odds are very good that he will not attempt foul play. However, in the case of a very determined or professional criminal, a camera may do nothing to dissuade him from entry. In this event, the camera will serve no better purpose than to record events as they happen in order to allow for the authorities to better track the criminal down after the event, they will do nothing to actually protect your property. So do not be too secure in your electronic installments; even home alarm systems may not always deter thieves (actually, if you go for a home alarm it is better to use the silent variety, as the criminal will not realize that help is on the way).

In the event that a criminal enters your property while you are still there, do not remind them that you have cameras or that you have seen their faces. It could lead to far worse circumstances. It is best not to act belligerent, but instead remember that once the person leaves you will be in control and the odds are good that they will be caught. The best method is co-operation.

One of the biggest mistakes in home security that people make is purchasing a gun for that purpose. More people are hurt or wounded because of guns in the home for security than are hurt while attempting to carry out a crime in the home of a firearms owner. Safe storage of your firearm dictates that it be stored unloaded and far away from any ammunition, especially if there are children in the home. Such a measure will render the fact that you have a firearm in your nightstand drawer useless in the event that someone breaks in. In addition, many criminals are familiar with firearms, much more so than the average home owner. Threatening a criminal with a firearm will likely worsen the situation, and not help you out.

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