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I Wonder Where The Wonder Went

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I was a fifth grader the first time I flew on a commercial flight. I remember being amazed that I could get all the soft drinks I wanted for free. I remember the wonder of looking out at the clouds and the topography far below. I remember watching us land. The entire thing was a great adventure and I was full of wonder.

In college, as I flew once in awhile, I always got a window seat - I wanted to be able to watch the ground pass below me. The wonderment of it all - the patterns and beauty of looking out the window was overwhelming. Yes, I would sometimes read or do something else, but much of the flight I would sit... and stare... and be in wonder of it all.

Soon after I started working, I found myself flying a bit more, and it became clear that during my business life that I would fly. I mentioned once to my Mom, who loves to fly, that I'd never lose that great feeling that an airplane flight brings - and that I would always get window seats.

Somewhere along the way from flying once every couple months to flying 100,000 miles per year I moved to the aisle. I lost the wonder of it all. Last week, I had a window seat and stopped working or reading long enough to spend some time looking out the window. Today, as I write this, I have just finished 20 minutes of window gazing. Some of the wonder is back!

There are many things in our lives that we once considered wonderful (full of wonder). Many of those things we now take for granted. All of this makes me wonder, where the wonder has gone.

Where's the Wonder?

I believe seeing the wonder in things around us is one of the ways we make our lives more meaningful and enjoyable. This is one of the reasons we go on vacations. Yes, some people's vacations consist of little more than a beach (which can be wonderful in many ways!). But many more people take time to learn new things on vacations, by going to museums and art galleries. Many of us travel to exotic places to marvel at sites, and cultures and foods. Wonder plays a big part in the allure of these trips and the satisfaction gained from the experiences.

You may be thinking, is wonder really such a big deal? I would say a resounding yes! Why? Think about it, the absence of wonder, is often called boredom, or worse, cynicism. These are not things that people aspire to!

While we can all certainly experience wonder in new things - new locations, new experiences, new books, new ideas, I believe I found an important key to a more enjoyable life outside the plane window. That key is to add more wonder to life by re-capturing past wonder, and finding new wonder in the things I do each day.

Re-discovering Wonder

There are several things we can do to add to the wonder in our lives - to make our lives more wonder-full.

1.Look at things with fresh eyes. Think about things that have become habit for you. The next time you do them, do them as if you were a beginner again. Start with your drive or commute to work. Make it an exercise in finding wonder. For example, perhaps you go by a school on your way. Spend some time thinking about things from your kidhood days in school. Then try this "fresh-eyed" approach to other routine tasks.

2.Make a list of things you found wonderful at different stages in your life. If you write a journal do it there. If not, make these lists instead of watching TV one evening. Once you have the list, spend some time reveling in those wonders. Think too about how you could re-experience those things again.

3.Make a list of wonders you find each day or week. Again, a great journaling task, or a great routine to add to your planning for a new week.

4.Plan a mini-vacation or a day trip to someplace wonderful for you. I grew up on a farm, so a drive in the country in spring or fall is particularly helpful in restoring my sense of wonder in the growing process. Others might find your mini day to be boring - help them see your wonder - and in turn you will experience your own at a deeper level. Then go with them when they try to recapture their own.

5.Go to an old event, focused on different things. The next time you go to a ball game, focus less on the action, and more on the spectators, or vice versa. Go shopping and shop for something entirely different than you usually would. You get the idea.

These are just a few ideas to help you re-infuse your life with wonder. This idea is really taking hold in my life, in small ways each day is more wonder-full and more meaningful as well.

I believe when you choose to rediscover your wonder, you'll benefit in the same ways.

You know, the Mississippi River is an awesome sight from 31,000 feet.

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Take Back Your Personal Power Stop Being Blamed And Start Creating An Incredible Life

(category: Inspirational, Word count: 395)
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Have you ever had a person in your life who literally thrived on playing the blame game? You know the ones that are constantly belly aching that it's your fault? Then you actually believe them, so you play the game of fixing all of their problems! You become the rescuer? I did! I didn't realize it at the time of course because that is a life lesson that I was working on mastering and boy did we play a good game together! We danced in victim consciousness together creating disaster after disaster for ten years! He created, I rescued! He created, I rescued! Then one day he got himself in another situation (and of course this was all my fault!) I was so sick and tired of continually putting forth all my energy into fixing his problems that I threw in the towel. I quit. That's the day the light bulb came on! I realized that I was not allowing him to take responsibility for his own life. I was doing him the worst service possible. I was dis-empowering him! I was taking his power away by fixing all his problems not to mention dis-empowering myself! That's the day I gladly, and I mean gladly, handed him his life back on a gold lined platter! Ahh to peace once again!

Blamers are people that refuse to take any kind of responsibility for their own lives. When things go wrong in their life they tend to blame other people. Whether something goes wrong at home, work or school they try to find someone else to blame. I have found they tend to blame those that love them the most. Why? Because these will be the first people to 'fix' their problems and become their rescuers. Blamers will rarely admit to their own problems. Typically the statements you will hear from them are "It wasn't my fault." "How was I suppose to know?" "It's your fault." etc. Their dialogue usually goes something like this. "If only you had done something differently, then I wouldn't be in the predicament that I'm in. It's your fault."

By blaming other people for the problems in their life, they become powerless to change anything. Their thoughts hold them in victim consciousness. They believe and hold thoughts of:

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Living Profoundly

(category: Inspirational, Word count: 234)
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When you realize that you really want to have an impact in this world, to make a difference, remember that it is in each moment that you are alive and in the present. When you are too busy worrying about what you don't have, what you have to do, where you've been, and what you don't have, you're not in the present; you're consumed by the past you can't change and the future that has yet to happen. There is no impact in either place.

The impact is here and now. Stop, check in, and connect in relationship with those around you. Be present, make the impact with those you see in your life today. Your future will unfold more powerfully and profoundly than you could ever imagine when you focus on the right things; relationships, people, love and community.

Being present will engage you in ways that will offer you greater insights into who you are; what others see in you; what gets you excited; and where you are going with your life. Giving time to others in the moment will enrich your experience of living as the energy of two create new possibilities. It's never about what you get; it's always about what you give! With greater awareness, that can only come through the being present, you will experience better decision-making and a much more profoundly lived life.

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Rose Desrochers Thoughts On Taking Responsibility For Our Actions

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When do we start taking responsibility for our own actions? It appears that we no longer own our actions. Owning our actions, involves taking personal responsibility for what we do. Why is it that when something goes wrong, we need some place to lay the blame? Part of being a mature, responsible adult is to know that when we make a decision in life we are responsible for the outcome, not someone else.

Let's look at the following examples:

A married man goes out and has an affair. He blames the wife for not satisfying his needs in bed. Did he ever stop to think that maybe his problem lies with him and not with his wife?

Your electricity gets turned off because you didn't pay the bill. Do you blame the mail man for not bringing the bill? Do you blame the electrical company, because you didn't receive the bill? You knew the bill was due. You pay it every month, don't you? It comes down to responsibility.

You join a website and the administrator bans you for breaking the terms of service. You blame the administrator? Why? You knew the rules of the website upon joining and had you not known the rules, you should have prepared yourself better by reading them.

Your daughter gets pregnant at 15. Let me guess you blame Britney Spears for influencing her to dress sexy. Yet you purchased the clothes for her and allowed her to wear them.

Your son gets suspended from school for fighting, drinking and drugs. You don't take responsibility as the parent. You blame the child. Well don't family values start at home? It is the rules that you set down and enforce that count.

When do we start taking responsibilities for our lives? We all have a responsibility to pay our bills, go to work, follow the rules and bring up our families within societal norms.

It is really unfortunate that we seem to be raising a generation of children that don't take responsibility for their actions either. They blame their friends, they blame their teachers, and they blame everyone around them, but never themselves.

When you feel you are mistreated, why is it that you just can't seem to let go of it, get over it and move on with your life? If you feel someone has wrong you and doesn't want to own up to the fact that they have mistreated you then there isn't much that you can do about it.You need to accept that the person isn't going to see no wrong doing on their part, pick up your bruised ego and move on.

When do we learn as adults to be responsible for our own actions? When do we start living with the consequences of our decisions? Let go of blaming and being a victim. It serves no one. It sure doesn't help you. Has not excepting responsibility for your actions made you happy? It is time to admit your mistakes rather than blame someone else.

Being a responsible adult means that you accept credit when you do the right thing and accept correction when someone tells you that you have made a wrong choice in your life.

We're adults here and we want to be treated as such unless it's not in our favor and then we want to blame someone else, anyone but ourselves.

I think it is time each of us assumed responsibility in life, by being liable for our actions and taking ownership of them. Please for goodness sake, stop making excuses for your life. When you have done wrong, admit to your mistakes and then move on.

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Gain Confidence And Boost Self Esteem In 5 Simple Steps

(category: Inspirational, Word count: 542)
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We all want to become more confident and feel good about ourselves so we can live our very best life. Here are some ways to gain confidence and raise self-esteem:

1. Do something that requires a decision and a follow-through.

Have you been putting off writing that letter to aunt Martha? Is there a friend you've been meaning to call? Wash the car, tidy the garden or clean the house. You'll gain confidence by setting goals (even small ones) and following through on them.

2. Enjoy something you do well.

Do you have any hobbies or sports that you enjoy playing? Some things like going swimming, painting or writing can hold your attention and get you into a state of 'flow'. While you are in the flow you forget about everything else.

Afterwards, you'll feel competent and capable. It's a great way to boost your self-esteem. If you don't have any particular hobbies or pastimes that you enjoy make an effort to try something you've always wanted to try.

Picture yourself doing it, and then give it a try! It doesn't have to be something big - it can be as simple as joining a walking club.

You'll find that you are more centered and happier if you do something that puts you in that flow at least once a week.

3. Shift the focus.

It's been shown that low self-esteem develops hand-in-hand with individuals who put too much focus on themselves. You can gain confidence by doing something that focuses on someone else or even something else.

You'll find that when you are in a situation where you are meeting new people, you immediately become less nervous when you focus on the person you are meeting.

At the end of the day, you've interacted with others and will notice that you feel much lighter.

4. Relax, already!

Learning to become more relaxed is a great life enhancer. People who are more relaxed have fewer problems with their memories and are more likely to take the bumps in the road of life in stride.

The practice of meditation has gained popularity for this reason. You might want to look into Tai Chi, which involves physical relaxation techniques.

Whatever method you decide on, take relaxation seriously. The benefits are just too great to ignore. If you've never considered relaxation important, think of it this way: if you can attend to something that results in feeling good, how can you not gain confidence in your personal abilities?

5. Make a list of everything you've ever accomplished.

Think small. An accomplishment is an accomplishment! Some things you could put on your list: passed my driver's test and got my license, scored a goal when I played hockey, managed to save enough money to go on a trip and so on.

These are just a few ideas you can use to gain confidence and boost your self-esteem. Use these ideas as a base point and add these things permanently in your life.

Keep in mind, people are not born with good self-esteem, most of us have to work at it. It develops from your thinking and the things you do daily to make yourself feel good.

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Skilled Migration To Australia

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As part of the Australian government's initiative to encourage economic growth and manage shortages in skilled labour supply issues in the Australian economy, over 45,000 places have been made available under the General Skilled Migration Stream this year.

**Basic Requirements**

To gain entry under the skilled migration programme, applicants should meet the basic requirements listed below :

Age - You must be under 45 years of age when you apply

Qualifications - You should have either a university degree, diploma or trade certificate and your qualifications must be assessed by the relevant assessing authority prior to your migration visa application.

English Language - Ability to speak / write the english language to at least vocational level.

Occupation - Your nominated occupation must be one of those identified as being in demand and listed on either the SOL ( Skilled Occupation List ) or the MODL ( Migration Occupations in Demand List ).

Recent Work Experience - Generally, applicants need to show that they have at least 12 months appropriate work experience in the past 18 months or 24 months experience in the past 36 months. However if you have recently completed a course of study in Australia then you will be exempt from this requirement.

Character - You have to be judged as being of good character. If you have a substantial or serious criminal record then it is likely that you will be refused.

**General Skilled Visa Categories**

Skilled Independent - This visa is aimed at applicants who do not have a sponsor or choose not to be sponsored. Applicants must meet the basic requirements and also pass the points test.

Skilled Independent Regional ( Provisional ) - This visa is aimed at applicants who do not pass the normal skilled independent points test but are willing to settle in a designated regional or low population area for up to 3 years. The visa is temporary and valid for 3 years. Applicants can apply for permanent residency after 2 years.

Skilled State Territory Nominated Independent - This category is for people who are highly skilled and have education, skills and employability which will contribute to the Australian economy, and are willing to settle in States and Territories where their skills are in demand. To apply for this category you must meet the basic requirements and meet the pool mark for the Skilled-Independent category; and be nominated by a participating State or Territory.

Skill Matching - This category is not points tested however applicants must meet the basic requirements listed above. Applicants details are held in a database and made available to Australian employeers who may then nominate an applicant for migration. Applicants details are held on the database for 2 years.

Skilled Designated Area Sponsored - This category is for people who have skills and have a relative living in a designated area of Australia who is willing to sponsor them. You must also have an financial assurer, who can be the same person as a your sponsor. There is no points test for this visa category but applicants must meet the basic requirements listed above.

Skilled Australian Sponsored - This visa is suitable for skilled applicants who have a close relative that is either a permanent resident or citizen. Either you or your spouse must be related to the sponsor. Applicants must meet the basic requirements and also pass the points test. You must also have an financial assurer, who can be the same person as a your sponsor. Applicants must nominate a skilled occupation from the Skilled Occupations List or the Sydney and Selected Areas Skilled Shortage List ( if your sponsor lives in Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle or Wollongong );

**Get your application right first time!**

Australian migration regulations are complex and providing the necessary documentation and meeting the requirements can be very demanding. For these reasons we recommend that you consult a registered migration agent who can help you get your application right the first time and help you avoid additional time and money in reapplying.

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Beauty Gratitude And The Open Heart

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" on your earth is a shadow of the beauty of our heaven, and it's a bitter thing to have a blindness for beauty on earth, for it makes a longer teaching to see the beauties of heaven." Spoken by an Irish spirit in the book The Boy who Saw True (anonymous author).

I have been counseling individuals, couples, families and business partners for the last 35 years, and am the author of eight published books. Since my work is spiritually based, I have developed many ways of helping people open their hearts to love. Opening to beauty is one of those ways.

I have always appreciated beauty. Since I've been a small child, I've collect beautiful things - shells, rocks, wood, as well as works of art, and there are always lots of plants around. There is nowhere in my environment where there is not something beautiful to look at, both inside and outside in nature. When I walk through my home and the land around it, my heart fills with awe and love as I appreciate the beauty around me. I've done this so automatically throughout my life that it never occurred to me that many people do not open to beauty nor create beauty around them.

In working with some of my clients struggling to keep their heart open, I've mentioned focusing on an object of beauty, and have been surprised to find that many of them have no beauty around them - no plants, flowers, works of art or objects of nature. When they look around they see walls, appliances, computers and other buildings. Their left brain functions just fine in this environment, but what about the right - the creative, intuitive, spiritually-connected aspect?

I want to encourage everyone who reads this to consider feeding your soul with beauty. There is nothing like awe and gratitude for something beautiful to open the heart to gratitude in general. If you can love the intricate design in the bark of a tree, or the vibrancy of a flower, or the balance of a beautifully thrown piece of pottery - that might lead you into loving and appreciating the beauty of you and your own soul. It might open you to feeling gratitude for your life and the sacred privilege of experiencing your journey on this planet.

How much of your thinking time is spent being upset or unhappy about something? What if all that time was spent in gratitude for what you have and for the beauty around you? What if you were present enough in this moment to revel in the fact that you can turn on a faucet and have hot water come out? That you have food to eat and a bed to sleep on? If you are reading this, it is likely that you have a computer, which means you have more than most of the people on this planet.

Try this little experiment: find something of beauty - it can be as simple as a leaf, a flower, a photograph, a small work of art or the top of a tree out your window. Now let yourself completely open to the thing of beauty. Let yourself feel the beauty in your body - in your heart, your solar plexus, in your stomach, arms and legs, in your forehead. Let the beauty enliven your body and fill it with vitality. Breathe in the beauty and feel your body's reaction to it. Open to gratitude, thanking God for this experience of beauty.

Notice the peace and joy it gives you to be in this moment with this simple object of beauty. What would life be like if you spent more moments like this, in the present with beauty and with all you have? How much of your waking time is spent in this way?

Beauty and gratitude are soul foods. When you choose to open to them, you extend an invitation to love, peace and joy. This raises your frequency and opens the door to your spiritual Guidance. Your Guidance is always here for you, helping you on your soul's journey. Opening to beauty and gratitude, with a deep intent to learn about what is loving to you and others, will open you to your spiritual Guidance.

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Act Your Way Into A New Way Of Thinking

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Are you working at a job you can't stand? Would you like to quit, but are afraid you'll attract more of the same? Often people write to me with questions like: I want out of my present job so badly. How can I speed things up so I can quit?

The best way to shorten the time spent in a negative situation is to focus on all the positives you can. If you can find something to appreciate-even if its appreciating a regular paycheck which DOES cover some of your essentials-you will begin to feel better. As you feel better, you'll find it easier to notice another thing you appreciate about your job.

What if you can't find a single positive aspect of your present job? If you don't change the way you feel about your current job, you will simply attract another miserable job.

"Sometimes it's easier to act your self into a new way of thinking,

than it is to think your self into a new way of acting."

-Jo Berry, author

Years ago, in Los Angeles, California, I heard Jo Berry speak about how to get rid of a bad habit. Jo asked her audience, "How long have you thought about giving up this habit? Has it done any good to just think about it?"

At the time, I had thought and thought about quiting smoking. No matter how much I thought about quitting, I had not made it through one day in over ten years without a cigarette. (Now, through understanding how the Law of Attraction works, I can see that by "pushing against" a habit, I was reinforcing it.)

Jo told us that if we started to ACT LIKE what we wanted to be or do, then our thoughts and feelings would follow. In the flash of a moment, I understood that I could quit smoking by acting like a non-smoker. Of course the next question was, "How does a non-smoker act?" Quickly followed by, "What does a non-smoker do with their hands?" The answer came ever so gently: "They fold their hands." I figured that folding my hands when I wanted a cigarette was symbolic as well as appropriate! And it worked. I haven't had or wanted a cigarette since Sept. 13th, 1976.

Instead of trying to change the way you think about your job, begin to get a picture of yourself acting like you enjoy THIS job. What would you say or do differently? Try ACTING in a new way then notice how much better you feel.

Soon you'll find yourself in a more positive feeling place, offering a new vibration which will either attract different situations in your current job or you'll find yourself working in a new place that feels great! Who knows-you may end up LOVING your current job!

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Build Confidence With Strategies That Really Work

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Wouldn't it be grand if we could just wake up in the morning, brush our teeth and put on our confidence for the day?

Well, for those of us who don't have a drawer full, here are 4 simple strategies that will help you build confidence.

1. Accentuate the positive.

Be your own best friend. What do you tell a friend who's tried something new, whether or not it turned out well? At least you tried something new- good for you!

Accentuate the effort it took in doing something, rather than the final outcome. (You'd do it for your best friend, wouldn't you?) We all have limitations. The key is to accept that you have them without dwelling on them.

2. Don't be afraid to take some risks.

When you are about to embark on a new experience, do you spend your time worrying so much about the outcome you aren't enjoying the moment? If you look at new things in your life as a chance to learn something, it opens up the possibility of you becoming good at that something.

If you spend your time dreading the outcome, you'll turn any opportunity there might have been into a failure. What's more, we can't grow when we are frozen with fear. Don't set yourself up to fail. If you do, look at number one, again!

3. Use self-talk to keep assumptions away.

We all use self-talk. The key is to use it in a way that we don't form bad thoughts that can lead to permanent doubts. Catch yourself using negative self-talk and cancel it with something positive and not based on assumptions!

Build confidence by not expecting perfection from yourself at all times. You can only do your very best at something. Nobody can do everything perfectly, so why do you assume that you should be able to?

4. Learn to rely on your self-evaluation.

If you always rely on the opinion of others, you'll always be wondering what they think! That does nothing to build confidence - it tears it down, by giving away your personal power to others.

Focus on the real you, inside, to find out how you feel about your own actions, how you've been doing your job, etc. You'll be developing a strong sense of who you are.

It's important to remember that no one can be self-confident all of the time. In fact, you'll build confidence faster and easier once your realize that.

Most people with low self-esteem or who lack in confidence are that way because of unrealistic expectations. They expect more from themselves than they do others.

A person with low self-esteem will think nothing about calling him or herself a 'stupid idiot.' They wouldn't dream of saying that to someone else. To build confidence it's a good idea to be your own best friend.

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