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Appreciate Yourself And What You Have

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A better life has been achieved when we are no longer trying to achieve a better life. It means that we are content, as we should be, with ourselves and what we have. To be anxious for more or to envy someone else's life or possessions is self-defeating. We are then in a constant state of frustration, always hoping and waiting for more happiness.

So what is important? Enough, not more.

"Think of what you have rather than of what you lack. Of the things you have, select the best and then reflect how eagerly you would have sought them if you did not have them." - Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

There is, here and now, much to appreciate. There is life itself with friends, family, and everything that is naturally before us. We just have to look around and take it in. Perhaps it is time to make a list of all the good things we have to grateful for.

Are there people in your life that you would miss dearly if they were not here? When you go for a walk don't you see, hear, and smell, many things to appreciate and feel nice about? Like the flowers, trees, birds, and the clouds in the sky. A caterpillar crossing the sidewalk or your neighbor waving. A cute pup or child enthusiastically enjoying that moment in life.

"Whether in favor or in humiliation, be not dismayed. Let your eyes leisurely look at the flowers blooming and falling in your courtyard. Whether you leave or retain your position, take no care. Let your mind wander with the clouds folding and unfolding beyond the horizon." - Hung Tzu-ch'eng (1593-1665)

It just makes good sense to be satisfied and at peace with yourself and others, and to enjoy life now.

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Using The Language Of Self Hypnosis

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Words are just a part of our lives aren't they? Why do we need to think about them? When I teach people self-hypnosis, the language they use in self-hypnosis sessions is very important. What's more, the kind of language used in self-hypnosis can be used outside of formal self-hypnosis too, to enhance your communication with yourself at all times.

The words that you use in and out of self-hypnosis carry a lot of connotation and a lot of deeper meanings for you as they do for everyone. What one word means to one person can mean something completely different to another.

Think about an occasion in your life that was a wonderful occasion; maybe a happy birthday, the birth of a child, a wedding or a celebration, maybe a time when you achieved something, when you succeeded or maybe a time when you felt the full force of joy or love. Really think about that experience. Remember what you saw, remember and think about the sounds that you heard and think about how you know and how you knew you felt so good then. Whereabouts in your body were those good feelings? Now, as you really think about that memory and immerse yourself in it, think about the words that you would use to describe that experience.

These are the words that are going to elicit the most powerful response from within you when you use them in self-hypnosis sessions and when you communicate with yourself at any time.

Have a think about these questions; what words make you feel good? Which words give you good feelings? Make a list of the words that appeal to you. You can use a thesaurus to help.

Ask yourself; how would I like to feel? Here are some good words you may like to use in your self-hypnosis or just to frequent the internal workings of your mind with: Healthy, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Relaxed, Confident, Good, Happy, Powerful, Joyful, Calm, Unison, Assured, Vibrant, Loving, Progressive, Better, Beautiful.

All a bit obvious, I know you get the idea. It is really important though that you do actually use words that have a good meaning to you and make you feel

good within your self-hypnosis or just your internal dialogue.

Now, I am going to add a couple of words here for you to think about. Think about the words "more and more" and "increasingly." These words are going to be important to create growth, power and fluidity in your mind. Let me explain how.

Consider the sentence "as a result of achieving my ideal weight I am happy." This is a nice way to remind yourself that achieving this particular goal whatever it might be for you)you are happy. Great. However, we can make that more powerful by changing a rather static "happy" to "more and more happy." I don't know about you, but I would never want to think that I ever reached the pinnacle of happiness and could not go any further.

"Happy" is static. In order to supercharge your programmes and the way you utilise language in and out of self-hypnosis, you can mobilise the words and get them moving onwards and upwards for you. You can change "Happy" to "Happier and happier" or "more and more happy" or "increasingly happy" or "progressively more happy" or "more and more appropriately happy. " Use whatever feels right for you, just use other words to develop and power it up.

Words to avoid:

Some of these words may seem fine and feel fine to use for you. I am just giving you ideas and considerations when using these words in and out of self-hypnosis.

When communicating with yourself , my recommendation is that you consider avoiding the following words and types of words;

Words that elicit bad feelings. Words that are ambiguous.

Words that are limiting, restrictive or disempower you. Words that you are uncomfortable with.

When communicating with yourself, ask yourself these questions: Is there another phrase or word that is better? Is there a word or phrase I find more pleasing? Is there a way in which you can put your energy and power into this suggestion in a better way?

So, firstly, I want to point out some words that can elicit bad feelings:

Try, can't, won't, don't, should, shouldn't, must, mustn't,

jealousy, temper, no, lose, will, sad, difficult, but.

I want to point out a couple of these words in particular.

The word "try" sends a shudder down my back. I use this word in therapy often to ensure that people won't do what I am asking them, for example I might say "try to resist the urge to relax."

When you are trying to do something, you are not doing it. You build in failure by using the word try. So just remove it from your internal communication.

You will have heard that expression "if at first you don't succeed, try and try again." Yuck. Awful stuff. It really should read "if at first you don't succeed, try and try, and try and try and try and try and try... etc, etc." You want to do the things you want to do, you want to achieve the things you want to achieve; you don't want to try and do them or try and achieve them.

The word "Will" is another one to avoid if you can. Will is not actually happening, it is something you will do rather than actually are doing. It never occurs. You know, you can put almost any sentence together with the word will in and simply remove that word to make it more progressive and positive for your self-hypnosis requirements. Have go at doing that. (I realise that there is likely to be at least one wiseguy who now uses the word as in "last will and testament" yes, very clever. I have not heard that one before.)

Here are a couple of examples;

"As a result of stopping smoking I will be healthier." Now

becomes; "As a result of stopping smoking I am healthier."

"I will successfully achieve my goals" is transformed into "I

successfully achieve my goals." Here we have just removed it to make it more progressive. You see, it is those finer distinctions that I refer to often that can really make a difference to the way you use language, and you may as well really use it more and more powerfully while you are in the state of self-hypnosis.

Lots of people tell me that they want to "Lose" weight. I always tell them that no one loses when they come to see me. Think about what else you lose in life. Generally, it is things that you would rather have kept like your keys or your wallet. You generally lose things that you want to find again. Lose has many negative connotations. Instead of losing weight, reframe it with the words "achieving and maintaining the size, shape and weight that pleases me." This is much more progressive.

Finally for this section, I want to mention the word "But." This word can often be seen to be negating what has come before it; I would really like to come out tonight, but I have to wash my hair. Of course I really love you, but I need to pursue my career. I had a great time, but that guy sitting next to me was rude.

This might not always be the case for you; however, it is for you to be aware of when addressing your own unconscious mind in and out of self-hypnosis.

Secondly, I recommend that you really do avoid using words that are putdowns.

They don't really have a place in self-hypnosis or your mind at all. Avoid the following words and words like them:

Untidy, Dirty, Smelly, Ugly, Stupid, Lazy, Hopeless, Disliked, Unkempt, Smelly, Idiot, Embarrass, Ridiculous. I know you know lots more. I don't really like even having to write these in this article. Your internal dialogue and self-hypnosis sessions are better without these words.

This next set of words is for you to keep aware of and avoid if you feel they limit you or your programme in any way. I am referring to words that are absolutes. These are words that have no flexibility, that are final. For example:

Always, totally, closed, never, finish, impossible, definitely, completely, death, cancelled. You may for example, state in a self-hypnosis session or tell yourself that you never smoke again. Which is fine and good for some people. However, you may have one too many glasses of sherry at Christmas and have a sneaky puff on your friend's cigar. Now this does not make you a regular smoker again, however, it has negated the sentiments that you told yourself. It has made yourinternal communication to yourself less credible to you because you wrote that you would never smoke again and you just did, albeit only one puff, by writing that you would never do it, you leave no flexibility and you leave no room for interpretation of particular circumstances that may arise.

That may be fine with some, just bear it in mind. I mentioned the subject earlier within the guidelines for writing programmes and that is the notion of ambiguity. With self-hypnosis and when communicating with yourself in your own mind in other ways, it is best to avoid words that are ambiguous. Words such as;

Maybe, Desire, Growth, Positive, Negative, Normal, Whole.

You might well use the expression that your desire to stop smoking is increasing. Again, this sounds fine on the surface. However, do you want your desire to stop smoking to increase or your actual ability to stop smoking to increase? If you only increased your desire to stop smoking, it might become a very frustrating experience. Also, you might want to consider referring to your

personal growth increasing. It could be referring to something growing on your body somewhere!

Think about the word normal. Who is to say what that is? Do you know specifically what you mean when you refer to anything as being normal? If you are going to use the word normal, I would recommend that you define what that means to you also, be specific about it or just substitute it for the word usual if you can.

Finally, on the topic of words, I would like to point out to you the use of the "Able." It is one thing being able to do something; it is another to actually do it. If you are going to increase your ability with something, then also ensure you do it.

I realise that this article has offered up many considerations so far with self-hypnosis use of language and internal dialogue. These are just that; considerations.

You can allow yourself to find the right solutions and methods for you. As you get more and more used to being in self-hypnosis or just communicating with yourself more prgressively and discovering the kind of suggestions and words that have the most powerful effect for you, then you can fine tune your use of them.

Adam Eason's best selling book "The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Power of Your Unconscious Mind" can be found at amazon or any good online book store.

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Improve Self Confidence By Being More Care Free

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Many people in life feel that they have a lack of confidence or that they have a low self esteem. In this article, I give free tips on how to imporove your self-confidence and how to increase your self-esteem. I myself have managed to change my whole life by using the information below which I am going to share with you. I hope it also proves beneficial for you.

I am Stephen Hill from Birmingham in England. I was always somebody who had many confidence issues as I grew up, from a child, through to adulthood. I would feel very sorry for myself and would often be down and depressed. The issues that I had in my life were:

A bald patch the size of a ten pence piece on my head

A problem with my speech known as a stutter

A weight problem, I was quite fat for my height

I am quite short for a male at five-foot-four

Certain people would take the mickey out of me, and their comments would hurt. I would always make sure they did not see my anger but inside I was crying.

These people were making my life a misery and by the age of twenty-two I had had enough. I decided I needed a big change in attitude and started to read books about life and about positive thinking etc.

These were the things I had to take on board:

It is not important what other people think of you, it is what you think that counts

You need to start to like yourself

There are various things about your person, you do not like but which you can not change. You therefore have to start accepting these things and realising that maybe there are other people in life who are more unfortunate than you.

You need to have respect for yourself

Do not accept second best in life

Be happy

Learn to relax

Treat yourself to some pleasures. Like a regular massage or reflexology

The above tips helped me to become more positive and happier in life.

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The Embarrassment Of Self Development

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For a long time I yearned to improve myself; my true inner self, but something was holding me back. I made a lot of excuses back then; I didn't have time; I was too tired; I wasn't sure what direction my search should take. However, the truth was I felt embarrassed about opening myself up, especially to those close to me. All that changed when I went for a stroll along a Danish beach.

I went to Denmark for a short camping holiday. I stayed on a small island in the North Sea. It was beautiful, very peaceful; just what I was looking for. On about the third or fourth morning I went for a stroll along the beach. The beach stretched the entire length of the island, about 20km and it was about 2km wide!

After about an hour or so, I came across a young woman who was doing some type of oriental martial art. She was all by herself and seemed totally absorbed in what she was doing. Maybe this is not so strange, but what really seemed incongruous (and darn right silly to me) was that she was wielding a Samurai sword. I really did find myself thinking how silly she looked and actually became a little annoyed. My first thought was: "What a poser". Did she really love herself so much she thought other people would want to see her performance with a sword? I found myself wishing she would lose her footing and fall down, and then I could say: "that's what happens when you think so highly of yourself". But she didn't fall over; she kept moving, slowly and gracefully.

I continued walking along the beach. I tried to enjoy the remainder of my stroll but I kept thinking about the young woman and her sword! "Why are some people such exhibitionists?" I kept muttering to myself. I was no longer casually strolling along the beach, looking out to sea; I was marching, hunched over, looking at the sand beneath my shoes. I had become self-absorbed; lost in my not-too-pleasant thoughts. I was brought back to this world when I almost walked into an elderly couple. I apologised profusely. They smiled back and said not to worry; they hadn't been looking where they were going either. They were a sweet old couple, with weather beaten but healthy looking faces with open smiles. It was clear that they were very much in love with one another; they each had a hand resting on the other's waist. I don't see too many elderly couples who still walk together with their arms about each and so they appeared a little odd. But what was really strange was that neither of them was wearing any clothes!

I was embarrassed, naturally. But the elderly couple weren't. They were in no hurry to move on and they began to talk to me. They told me they were Danish and came often to the island. They asked where I was from and had I been before. They went on to tell me that they had been together 42 years and had 2 children. They also told me many things about themselves and asked many questions about myself. And soon, I forgot about their nakedness and felt at ease, and enjoyed our little conversation.

After a time, the old man said that they must be getting on their way and so we said our goodbyes and continued our separate walks; not once did they make any attempt to explain why they were naked. As I thought about the old couple I couldn't help but smile. They were so gentle and at ease with the world. I knew that they were what I wanted to be; free. Totally free from what others may think of them, totally free of any inhibitions to live the life they wanted. My mind then turned toward the young woman I had seen earlier. I knew, of course, that she was not an exhibitionist seeking attention. She was also free. She was doing what she wanted because it made her content. In truth, the annoyance I felt when I first saw her was not for her but for me. Annoyed because I was embarrassed, about what others might think, to do what I really wanted in life.

I came to a stop and stared out to the grey North Sea. I knew that I must break free, not from the world or people around me, but from me; myself. Without the thought crossing my mind I began to undress. I can honestly say I felt no shyness that day when I removed my last garment. I felt no different than when I undress to take a shower. I left my clothes behind and walked into the sea. I didn't stay long, less than a minute, the water was freezing. But the dip had felt like a baptism. I walked back out and picked up my clothes. I did not dress but made my way back down the beach from where I had come from.

A while later I passed the young woman. She was sitting crossed legged with the sword across her lap, looking out to sea. When I stepped across her line of vision she looked at me and smiled.

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Knowing When I M Not 4 Suggestions For Developing A Strong Center

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The more I practice centering, the more I realize that as important as it is to be able to identify and access the centered state, it is equally important to be able to know when I'm NOT centered. Otherwise, how do I choose?

When I'm centered I'm in control of my behavior. Centered action is on purpose and by choice. Uncentered action is reactive and out of control, and I end up looking back with regret.

I've spent a lot of time figuring out my personal symptoms of uncenteredness. Physically, my legs tense and knees lock; my jaw locks, my throat closes, and I stop breathing.

Mental and emotional symptoms vary, but I can become self-righteous, depressed, and very self-critical. Without warning, these reactive responses combine into a mind/body state that is powerful enough to overcome all my good intentions and noble purposes.

When something happens that triggers these physical and emotional states, I increasingly notice them at earlier stages. I can then ask myself if I want to go where they will carry me. Sometimes it's a difficult choice. These reactions are "practiced" and seductive. To choose to be centered means to integrate that energy in some new and more useful way in which I'm not as practiced.

This kind of awareness is learned and developed. And, speaking from experience, it can be done. Here's my path, and I urge you to add to it:

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The Beauty Within

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It's not easy in today's society to truly feel beautiful. We as women are bombarded everywhere we turn by images and voices telling us we are imperfect creatures. Millions of dollars are made by various companies and advertisers telling us WE can achieve perfection via the purchase of some "beauty" product; eating or NOT eating certain foods, exercising with this piece of equipment or that one, camouflaging or uncovering certain body parts...Lord, it never ends.

Unfortunately, for a vast number of women we 'buy' into it, literally. We spend dollar after dollar on cosmetic products that one by one pile up in our "make-up" drawer, exercise videos and exercise equipment by one 'perfect' physical specimen after another (who because of our hard-earned money can now afford liposuction), chemical processes and extensions in our hair to achieve the most "flattering' styles, we offer bodies up to the sacrificial alter of beauty to be plucked, waxed, shaved , exfoliated, nipped, tucked and for what? So we can continue to chase the always unattainable beauty ideal?

Don't get me wrong, I prefer to shave my legs, I wear nail polish and lipstick and make-up (when I know I'm going somewhere groovier than the grocery store), and I don't wear socks with sandals. But I'd like to think that if one day I awoke and couldn't wear one cosmetic product, relax my ethnic hair or lose that extra 5 lbs; I would know that I was still a beautiful woman. And extraneous physical accouterment's aside, I would not cease to be a lovely unique human being.

This is what concerns me now that I have a daughter. I look into the future and dread the day when she will come home crying (as many kids do) because someone at school told her she was ugly. As we all know kids can be cruel and most times they are repeating the things they hear and learn at home.

I would like to be able to not just tell her with my loving words but also show her by my life example that she is a beautiful girl. I want her to see that she is beautiful; not because of what she wears on her body, applies to her face or hair or by how much she weighs. I want my daughter to grow up with the knowledge that true beauty is what comes from inside and radiates outside in the acts of kindness and consideration you give to others, the way you love and respect yourself, the joy you take in sharing time with family and friends, and the sacrifices you make so that others can be happy. True beauty is loving yourself no matter what your shade, size, financial or educational situation. I hope as she grows up in this increasingly appearance obsessed world, that she can pass every reflection of herself with a smile of security and peace. I am only just reaching that place myself.

It has taken me many years of spending and self-doubt to finally realize that you cannot find in a bottle that which can only come from within.

Written by Felica D. DLP

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No Gps For Lindbergh

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Although flying from New York to Paris is no big deal today, Charles Lindbergh flew his 3,600 mile, 33 1/2 hour flight in 1927 without a telegraph, radio or Global Positioning System (GPS). In his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh packed a few sandwiches, a couple canteens of water, 451 gallons of gas and a few maps. Several men had attempted to fly the same distance as Lindbergh, but failed only weeks before he made his record-setting flight. Lindbergh made a seemingly impossible journey come true.

In order to maximize gas mileage, Lindbergh traveled as lightly as he could. He wore a light jacket compared to a traditional leather pilot's jacket, which made him more vulnerable to the elements. He used a thinner seat in which to pilot the aircraft, which compromised his comfort. Since he opted to travel solo, he had The Spirit of St. Louis built as a one seat airplane. If he fell asleep, he could crash in the Atlantic. Lindbergh also excluded night flying equipment and a parachute, which sacrificed his safety. Some could argue that Lindbergh literally bet his life on flying from NY to Paris.

Charles Lindbergh proved to the world that someone can succeed without needing to use luxuries. Lindbergh did not use luxuries in 1927 or electronic navigational devices.

How many times have we complained that our desktop or laptop is running slowly? How many of us have said that our office equipment is not the greatest? After what Lindbergh endured with his record flight, just how big do your problems really seem?

Here are some of the great things that Lindbergh taught us:

1. The Spirit of St. Louis was designed and built in 60 days

Many of us complain that we don't have enough time to do things. A single-engine airplane that was going to be flown across the Atlantic Ocean, which was never done before, was built in two months. Lindbergh, Donald Hall and a crew of 35 other men worked on the airplane. Hall worked an average of 90 hours per week. At one point, Hall worked on the plane for 36 and 20 consecutive hours. Many of us think that life was so much easier in yesteryear. History provides the contrary.

Lindbergh knew his time was limited. A $25,000 prize was offered to the first one who could fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Others had perished attempting to set Lindbergh's record. A few weeks prior to Lindbergh's start of his flight from New York, a couple of Frenchmen had died attempting to fly from Paris to New York. Charles Lindbergh was determined enough to have a plane built in two months and fly the plane over the Atlantic Ocean. How determined are we in a time crunch? Although we may not feel the same pressure as Lindbergh did when he attempted to set a flying record, we still have situations where more time would be needed.

Are we asking for help like Lindbergh did? Lindbergh's dream may have been impossible without the help of Donald Hall and the 35 men that built the Spirit of St. Louis. Asking for help is no disgrace. If asking for help was good enough for Lindbergh, it can be good enough for us.

2. "Why shouldn't I fly from New York to Paris?"

Lindbergh was quoted as saying, "Why shouldn't I fly from New York to Paris? ...I have more than four years of aviation behind me, and close to two thousand hours in the air. I've barnstormed over half of the forty-eight states. ...Why am I not qualified for such a flight?" Lindbergh put possibility out there for himself and did it!!

What is keeping us from thinking the same way? There is no reason why we cannot make a trip of our own.

3. Lindbergh did not compromise his goals

Initially, a company offered Lindbergh a plane for $15,000, but the company's president wanted to choose the pilot and Lindbergh was not the president's choice to fly it. Another company offered to build Lindbergh a plane for $6,000. Ultimately, Lindbergh accepted the deal and within 60 days, the plane was completed.

How often have we compromised our goals? Many of us have always wanted to write a book, an article, a poem, prose, fiction or nonfiction. Unfortunately for many of us, we have settled for what we are doing instead of making our dream of what we could be doing happen. What is stopping us from making that dream happen? We give all kinds of reasons as to why we cannot devote a few minutes a day to obtaining our goals. Fortunately, goals do not have to happen overnight. Only three percent of the population writes down their career dreams, goals and aspirations. How many of us are writing down our dreams?

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it." - Goethe

What goals do you have and how determined are you to attain them? What goals have you accomplished that initially seemed impossible? Although the magnitude of your goals may not seem as impossible as Lindbergh's transatlantic flight, they are still your goals. How many of your goals have you compromised and how many goals have you achieved? Lindbergh did not settle for anything less than his goal of flying across the Atlantic. Although some of your goals may initially seem impossible, you also should not settle for anything less than achieving what is important to you.

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Mid Life Crisis Mlc Fact Or Fiction This Too Will Pass

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I turned 40 this year in January and thought not too much about it, however as the year has progressed I've felt like a frustrated 13 year old. What used to work for me as far as the opportunities that would fly my way have stopped. What in the hell is going on I asked myself. So as is my nature I did some research and found out I was going through a mid-life-crisis (MLC).

The changes that generally a lot of MLC people go through and which are misunderstood, can lead to some big choices that can be mistakes.

The cravings for change and a sense of "the grass is greener" can to varying degrees lead one to really shake up the boat and maybe lose a few shipmates along the way. Even little shipmates.

So its change we MLC passengers sometimes pine for, dreaming up illusions of change that may not really be in our best interests and not in our budget.

The challenge then is there are many choices of change. Black and White'ly speaking there's positive and negative, ying and yang, good and bad, even non action and Action. 'All is in action with or without your permission in the larger consciousness of Universal Law.'

I can only share that I have been led to a place in my MLC that I believe is the most challenging I've had to face in my whole life.

Do I resist the changes because they are challenging therefore causing much pain? Or do I receive the challenge which is really 'ONLY WHAT I THINK' will be painful and uncomfortable.

I commit to the challenges and yes they are all for the benefit of greater growth and evolution of being an "authentic me".

MLC has the opportunity for the passenger to realise their most heartfelt dreams and take the positive steps to claiming them. Answer the age old questions of "what am I doing here" and "what my true purpose is here in (mysteriously) the years I have to live on earth?

Alls well to share this revelation yet I still would love to escape and be backpacking around the world instead, sometimes!

The changes need to happen within me, not to create them from the outside. Then I'm only escaping the truth and the gift of the MLC.

A couple of things I've had to change to cope with the incessant feeling of inner anxiety and inner restlessness are as follows.

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Aim High

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Change is difficult for many people. Often times our whole identity is wrapped up in what we've learned as children will work for us when dealing with people, allowing us to survive, thrive and fit in. While some people have had to learn to thrive in the midst of change and learned to be adaptable by being open to new ideas and embracing change, many others have had to fight for survival and every table-scrap that came their way. Behavior is learned and it takes work to unlearn and dismantle these old beliefs.

The truth of the matter is that win-win is always possible. When you are able to see beyond the ego and recognize the abundance that is available, people, minds, and ideas come together and can create amazing changes that improve the current scenarios for many, many people. When you work with people who have this abundant and generous attitude, you are uplifted, the team soars, and amazing energy and creativity is unleashed. This is much harder to do, to sustain, and to elevate within others when you encounter individuals driven by the thought of scarcity and competition.

People like Steve Jobs are visionaries that have sought to bring about such shifts in society and in business. One thing I've learned along the way is that it is often better to take the high road. This isn't about judging others as wrong or seeing yourself as better than others. This is about recognizing your truth as to how you wish to BE in the world. Don't compromise your integrity. Don't get caught up in the competition. See the vision, see the outcome, feel the purpose and passion you're driven to offer the world, and give it freely. We all die. You can't take anything from this life with you. So give what you have to offer the world. What is not given is lost forever.

If your goal is to truly bring about a positive change and serve others, how it is accomplished becomes less important and seeing it accomplished becomes more important. While it may be a blow to your ego when others criticize your inspiration, or someone takes the credit for something you've introduced, holding fast to the benefits for everyone will often soften the sting. You do need to pick and choose those places where you'll offer yourself, the key is to evaluate whether it is serving a common good. When you're getting compensated for your contributions, gratitude would serve you spirit of peace. If you continually feel abused and stomped on, maybe it is time to move on to a more collaborative team, as well as a more receptive and appreciative audience.

Knowing that you are accomplishing your purpose and living your passion will be reward. In time, it will be recognized. Imposters will eventually be seen and heart & soul will always outlast the mind & ego. Along the way, through the journey that is your life and career, you will need to hold fast to the true inner qualities and nature of the brilliance that is you. Don't allow these negative experiences to become something that undermines your value. You are not the negative experience. Often times, the negativity we experience from others, is more a reflection of them and less about who you are.

We all have different lenses, different gifts, different wiring, and different experiences. Difference is not something to be judged, it is a gift of diversity that brings the pieces of the puzzle of life together and creates a society, a solution, a technology, etc., together for the benefit of us all. Don't doubt yourself when others cannot see the vision you see. Keep true, keep your intentions, and you will attract the right support, the right people, and the right opportunities. Lower the ego and aim high the vision.

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