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A Guide To Recliner Slip Covers

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Your recliner has been a faithful and loyal friend. You've spent many hours sitting in it, reclining in it, resting in it. You can't even count the number of times you've fallen asleep in your recliner while watching television. It has been part of the family. When you were down, it silently offered a bit of comfort. Now, you fear you'll have to part with it. It has gotten old and out-of-date. Its fabric is no longer bright and beautiful. Plus, you've redecorated the living room and the recliner sticks out like a sore thumb! Oh sure, it still feels good, but its looks leave a lot to be desired. Don't worry; you do not have to get rid of your old friend. Just renovate it. Make the old new again. Buy a new recliner slipcover.

Recliner slipcovers are fabrics specially cut and sewn to fit over reclining chairs. They simply fit snugly over your existing material to give you a whole new look. It's like an instant facelift for the entire room. Visitors will not even know you've covered your chair

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Fireplaces And The Magic Touch To Buying Onlne

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If you are mostly shopping for see thru gas fireplaces or three sided gas fireplaces, undoubtedly these types of items may not turn out to be commonly available on a large number of portals, be sure that you use your browser favorites function as you carry out this variety of fireplace targeted search, your precious information ought to be treated with the utmost of care.

For anyone purchasing products like wholesale fireplace mantels or wood burning fireplace inserts, it would be smart to speak to a selection of heating experts prior to your search, you may very well be hunting for a special product such as a gas fireplace key or a bellow yet because of a lack of details take the wrong merchandise.

Most online heating research can uncover a vast number of products, although good fireplace portals will often contain a ton of oak fireplace mantels, this could often be remarkably overwhelming, reproduction georgian fireplaces, vented gas fireplaces, so many items to choose from, it might then be difficult to choose which product to order.

A great deal of fireplace associated tips you will find online are focused on assisting folk to find chosen fireplace merchandise including outdoor fireplace kits and pellet fireplace inserts, coming across this type of fireplace info can often come to be very arduous indeed.

Keep in mind that fireplace specialists and other people who often deal with or have some connections with fireplaces can easily be located via the local telephone listings, there will be numerous of individuals who are connected with the topic of fireplaces and these people may save you a massive amount of your valuable time by aiding you with your fireplace connected issues.

It has to be said that the town book shop can often be an obvious place to get guidance about fireplace products, advances such as the internet can make us neglect the many different interior design resources that are currently freely available to us, you should certainly make use of these kinds of havens of great fireplace data, suitable fireplace product info may very often be hard to find.

Keep in mind that fireplace experts and other people who often deal with or have some connections with fireplaces can easily be located via the local telephone listings, there will be numerous of people who are connected with the topic of fireplaces and these people may save you a huge amount of your valuable time by aiding you with your fireplace connected issues.

It might very well be you purchase a antique fire baskets and later on discover the fireplace site you sourced it from didn't supply it at the lowest price, to be confident that this kind of thing never comes about on a different occasion make an effort to proceed with an online price tag review or check a decent range of fireplace directories prior to purchasing, it could happen that a contemporary fireplace is selling for a set price on one site but is being marketed for twenty percent less on another one, you can find some great deals if you look in the right places.

One thig worth thinking about whilst you search this area of heat installation that you will certainly be overloaded with a considerable number of truly varied search results, such results as outdoor masonry fireplaces or regency fireplaces might still be particularly relevant to your requirements.

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Silk Bedding The Healthier Back To Basics Alternative

(category: Interior-Design, Word count: 474)
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Over the past several years there has been a drive for us all to become healthier, eat better more natural food, exercise more and even improve the way we rest. Consumers have been demanding more natural goods, and we are witnessing a swing of "back to nature" in many retail fields. It is with no surprise then that we are seeing companies supplying healthier goods to meet with customers' demands.

The world of bedding and linens has not been exempt from this trend and one can now find many natural fibres replacing the more conventional synthetic beddings. Coverings such as polyester and other synthetically made linens are not as sympathetic to our bodies needs as natural products are. Down, wool, cotton and silk are all examples of natural products seeing resurgence in the bedding market. As manufacturing techniques become increasingly sophisticated the prices of production decreases, making once prohibitively expensive bedding products more accessible to a mass market.

Silk bedding has seen a huge increase in both trade and expansion of products recently. The silk filled duvet market in particular has grown tenfold from five years ago. Take a look at silksleep (dot) com who have been trading for several years now exclusively selling silk bedding products. Silk as a bedding product is both natural and healthier than using a synthetic product. Silk bedding by nature is inhospitable to bed bugs as the natural protein in silk repels the bugs and mites, making for a healthier sleeping environment. Some silk duvets are layered using mulberry silk, working enough silk together in a grid pattern to be able to be stitched into a duvet. This layering effect has a beneficial result as the silk allows our body heat to regulate itself, which in turn gives a better more relaxed nights sleep.

Silk linen and pillow slips have also seen remarkable growth in the past few years. This is again because of sophisticated production techniques but also because there is a renewed demand for natural products. There is now a wide range of silk linen on the shelves in many good retailers and online stores. Many sell mulberry silk products which are far superior to other kinds of silk. Mulberry silks have been specifically harvested for a targeted production process. Be it for clothing, bedding or decorating, the durability of mulberry silk over other silks is noticeable and should be favoured if at all possible.

Healthier living is making an impact round the world and bringing new and exciting products to our shores. Silk bedding is just one example of a return to basics trend - thankfully we now live in a world that allows us to go back to basics in style! Next time you are out and about, give natural a second look.

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A Sampler Of Faux Finish Techniques

(category: Interior-Design, Word count: 231)
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There are so many options available to today's homeowner when it comes to choosing alternatives to traditional flat paint. There's absolutely no reason to hang onto that boring tried-and-true white (or taupe, taupe, taupe) painted in every room throughout your home.

Explore the alternatives. Look in magazines for rooms that appeal to you. Architectural Digest, Southern Accents, Veranda and others all regularly feature homes that have faux finishes on everything from walls to furniture. Designers love to change the feel of a space with color and textures, painted faux finishes are an easy first step in that direction. You can do the same thing, too.

Faux finishes can be applied to almost any surface. From walls, ceilings, cabinetry in the kitchen and bath, floors, to all types of solid furniture as well. Styles of finishes can be extremely simple and subtle, to way, way over-the-top fantasy finishes, depending on your personal taste and pocketbook.

For your walls, here's something to think about - a faux wall finish can provide a striking and seamless alternative to wallpaper. Seamless. No peeling or splitting. Just a beautiful hand-painted unique finish individually crafted for you alone.

A skilled faux finish artist can create a look just for you that the wallpaper manufacturers would love to copy and mass-market. Some of the more popular looks for walls include:

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Budget Decorating Ideas Include Fun And Style

(category: Interior-Design, Word count: 347)
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Budget decorating ideas are among the most creative decorating that anyone can come up with. After all, it's easy to create a design with limitless funds, however, when we must come up with low budget decorating ideas, we really need to use our imaginations. It is also important to stay organized when decorating on a shoestring budget. Therefore, you may want to follow these steps for decorating on a budget, and making sure that you stay within the amount that you can afford, while still living in style.

* Your first budget decorating tips are to decide on your budget, and to pace your decorating to allow yourself to come up with the money you need as the decorating happens. Don't forget to include the money for accessories in your budget.

* Decorating on a budget happens one room at a time, so give each room a priority on a numbered list, and then start with room number one.

* In your chosen room, have a plan for the room, including its style, color scheme, and overall atmosphere. Try to come up with a completion date that you'll be able to stick to.

* Home decorating on a budget can be trying at times, so make sure that you alternate big projects and little projects so that you don't get too tired, or frustrated because you can't see the difference you're making. This will do wonders for your confidence and motivation.

* Budget decorating includes careful measurements. Try drawing a plan of the room that is to scale. Include all windows and doors, and choose a focal point in the room. Measure all of your furniture and create furniture cut-outs that are to scale, so that you can move them around your room drawing until you find an arrangement that appeals to you the most. Don't forget to take ceiling height and traffic flow into consideration.

The key is to remind yourself that just because you're using budget decorating ideas, it doesn't mean that you can't live in good taste!

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Choose A Theme With Baby Room Decorating Ideas

(category: Interior-Design, Word count: 362)
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These days, the number of baby room decorating ideas are practically limitless due to the many different items available to expecting parents. Therefore, decorating a baby room has more to do with narrowing down your options than coming up with them in the first place. Among the best ways to come up with the right baby room ideas for decorating is to begin with a theme, and then expand from there.

To choose a theme for baby room decorating, start by brainstorming those ideas for decorating baby room that you find most pleasing. Remember that you'll want it to be something that your baby will find enjoying to first learn and recognize. It should be interesting and fun to look at for the baby, to provide the right amount of stimulation.

Decorating a baby room can be as simple as choosing a teddy bear theme and then going from there. For example, your steps for the teddy bear theme when decorating a baby room may be as follows:

* Furniture - among the most appealing baby room furniture is that made out of solid wood because of its classic elegance and reliable quality. The furniture may include a crib, dresser, changing table, and rocking chair, depending on your budget and the amount of space you have in the nursery.

* Walls - baby room decorating with teddy bears can mean the standard classic brown bears, or bears of different colors. You can either stencil them, paint a mural, or add some wallpaper.

* Floors - many people don't even think about the floors as a part of decorating a baby room. However, the floors really do finish the look, with hardwood, soft carpeting, or pleasant throw rugs.

* Bedding - it is extremely simple to find adorable teddy bear baby room decorating ideas for bedding. There will be ample sets to choose from in every store you visit. Just make sure that they are of good quality, are machine washable (and dryable), hypoallergenic, and, of course, are very soft.

Besides that, all you need to finish your baby room decorating is a teddy bear!

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A Guide To Platform Bed Plans

(category: Interior-Design, Word count: 331)
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Do you want to try your hand at building a platform bed? For those of you who don't yet know what a platform bed is, it's an exciting, old way of sleeping that incorporates a simple, elegant frame and a single mattress. Its lines have been used in Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Platform beds can be made of wood or metal. If you're looking to build a platform bed, you're probably thinking about wood.

Platform beds can be extremely simple. The extremely simple platform beds have no headboard or footboard, and certainly no canopy. They incorporate slats, which, in effect, replace the need for a box spring, since, because they are sturdy yet somehow slightly flexible, support the single mattress on top. The result is that you get a good night's sleep, are very comfortable, and yet don't end up with back pains or numb muscles in the morning.

It's ever better for your back than sleeping on the floor. And now, with the rapid proliferation of memory foam, your platform bed can be even more comfortable and healthy. Memory foam is a gel-like polymer that accepts your shapes and bones, but supports it fully. (It was first used in hospitals, and is now a popular mattress and pillow material.)

Platform bed plans can be more complex too; you can add headboards, footboards, canopies, even extra flourishes and storage units. You can build the storage units as one with the bed frame, or you can create rolling drawers supported by castors, so that the drawers are modifiable and easily maneuverable throughout your bedroom.

It's not the most difficult job in the world for a handyperson. If you want to build a platform bed, you can order platform bed plans from any of a number of plans retailers. Woodworking clubs, furniture enthusiast groups, and other organizations can give or sell you plans. You can also buy plans online.

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Blinds For Beginners Every Thing You Will Ever Need To Know About Buying Window Blinds

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Confused by all the different products and prices?

Plantation Blinds or Wood and Faux Wood Blinds, Value Blinds or Mini Blinds, the options can seem endless. We can help make some sense of your window blind decisions. Window Blinds can have varying degrees of quality and it is important to understand the difference. It is also important to understand the different effects window blinds have on lighting and mood.

2? Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds.

Express or Value Blinds vs. Custom Built Blinds - Express, Cut-Down and Value Blinds are simply a name given to partially pre-constructed Window Coverings. They are made in 2? increments in width and are pulled from inventory, trimmed down on each side to fit your specific window. The length is also adjusted for your specific Height. These are typically the same quality material used in Premium Blind or Custom Blind production... but the cost savings come from lower cost of partial assembly in China. Since these are partially pre constructed, you don't get to choose the location for the tilt mechanism or raise and lower control. Typically, these are offered in a more limited color selection and come with tilt cord controls on the Left and Raise and lower cords on the right. At My Beautiful Blinds, we offer American blinds to go with any decore. We strive for 3 day blinds shipping but that varies depending on the production queue. My Beautiful Blinds offers quality blinds at Cheap Factory Direct Discount Prices.

Beware the cheap imitations.

Some large discount stores offer standard sized blinds for the most common size of windows. Not only are the materials generally inferior, but the fit of the blind rarely looks good in the room. For the same cost as a Value Blind, you can have a perfect fit... And you don't even have to leave the house. Because all windows are not exactly the same dimensions and shelf stock blinds have to fit windows in certain size ranges, shelf window coverings do not fit as well as a custom made blind or shade. The widths of a Stock window blind must be shorter to accommodate as many windows as possible resulting in light gaps at the sides of the blind, shade, or shutter. The blind's length also has to fit several different sizes and should be shortened so you don't have a pile of slats sitting on the window sill. Shelf Stock blinds are one of the lowest priced blinds or coverings on the market. The lower price often means lighter weight cheaper materials, lower quality hardware, fewer sizes, colors and lack of a warranty. A Stock blinds have a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years. Advise.. Consider Using a Quality Value Faux Wood Blind from We use Quality Name Brand manufacturers like Timber, Royal and Prestige.

Custom made blinds are built from the ground up from your measurements. Each window is measured for it's width and height to the nearest 1/8? and the blind is built to fit the opening. The Standard for most Blinds or Shades factories is to allow about 1/4? on each side for proper operation, while the bottom rail (bottom blind piece) sits right on the window sill. Custom blinds are made with the best materials and hardware. They come from well known companies such as Timber Blinds, Hunter Douglas, Levelor, Royal Windows, Graber, Prestige and Bali. They are usually warranted for as long as you own the home. The color choices range from many shades of white 20+ stained wood tones. The material choices are Faux "PVC" blinds, Basswood blinds, other Asian Hard Wood blinds and even some composite products. You can get these through many design centers, local retailers and most affordably through online discount blind businesses.

Types of Window Blinds to Consider

Mini Blinds:

Most Mini blinds come in several slat widths, 1/2?, 1?, 2?. The slats are made from several different gauges (thickness) of aluminum. Some of the Shelf Stock mini blinds use plastic slats to further lower their cost. The higher the gauge the thicker the slat and the better the quality. Mini blinds were very popular in homes about 10 years ago and are still used extensively in commercial building. Color choices for mini blinds are unlimited. For affordable mini blinds visit and click on Mini Blinds.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are just another way of saying Horizontal slat Blinds and encompass almost all the products in the market which meet the criteria of a Blind. We catagorize blinds into 4 basic types, PVC blinds, Composite blinds, Roman Blinds/Shades and wood blinds.

Faux Wood "PVC" Blinds

Faux or PVC blinds are made of a solid or foamed poly vinyl chloride plastic. PVC blinds have really become popular over the past 15 years. Slat widths are generally 2?, 2 1/2?, and sometimes 3?. The blind slat's surface can be smooth or embossed with a wood grain. Color selection used to only include whites but there are several manufacturers making wood tone colors available. Faux Wood Blinds are very durable, UV resistant, waterproof (so they don't flake, peal or yellow) and easy to clean. That durability makes them an excellent choice for kids rooms. The one main draw back to Faux Blinds is the weight of the slats. PVC slats are heavier than wood or composite slats. So large windows can be a little difficult to raise.

PVC blinds have many names.. but typically start with one of two sources. Familiar Names include Woodmates, Doverwood, Envirowood, Wood Like, Wood Look, Wood Plus, Infusion, Faux Wood, PVC Blinds... and many, many more. Be sure to confirm with your blinds dealer if their product is a solid foam PVC blind and as always, consider their warranty.

Composite Blinds

Composite blinds are made from a combination of wood by products, glues and Plastics. Composite Slats are a newer material being used for the window covering. Slat widths are generally 2?, 2 1/2?, and sometimes 3? and come in flat or elliptical shapes. The blind slat's surface is a smooth poly-coating or a solid composite material. Like PVC, the color selection is limited most often to whites but there are a few wood tone and stain colors available. Composite blinds are priced in the low mid range. They are very durable, UV resistant, water resistant, less likely to warp than wood and easy to clean. The one main draw back to composite blinds is the weight of the slats. Composite blinds slats are lighter than PVC blinds but heavier than wood and therefore a good choice for large windows coverings.

Wood Blinds

Both value & premium wood blinds are made from real woods. The value wood blind slats are made from assorted Oriental hardwoods. The premium wood blind slats are made from American Basswood. Basswood Is a unique cross grained wood which has rich detail and resists warping. Slat widths are generally 1?,2?, 2 1/2?, and sometimes 3?. The blind slat's surface is either painted or stained. There is a huge color selection with several different whites and the most popular hardwood stain colors. You can even add Cloth tape ladders for a truly custom look. Need to match a cabinet or trim stain? Wood blinds are your best bet. Wood blinds are the most expensive blinds in this category. All wood slats can warp and may color fade over long periods of time. Wood blind slats are the lightest material and work well for large windows.

Wood Blind- Synonyms

Here a brief list of some of the trade names blind companies give to blinds made with wood slats. Many of these are trade marked names. We carry Timber view Value Wood Blinds, Timber View Premium Wood Blinds, Royal Wood, Royal Budget Wood and several other Discount Factory Direct Blinds. Visit us at

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Home Lighting Use Glass Block To Decorate And Reflect Light

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Have you ever considered using Glass block draw light into your home? Many years ago, glass block was used in factory buildings and basements to allow light flowing into the area but still provided some security and privacy.

Glass block has been used in showers and windows for bathrooms in higher priced housing. Home owners are only limited by their imagination when considering this durable material.

I've seen glass block used to create furniture such as desks and tables. Other suggestions for its use are for kitchen counters and divider walls. Since the blocks are not opaque, they blur and dim images while still allowing the flow of light.

Glass has many additional benefits - durability and resistance to weather.

Glass block is sealed with mortar on the exterior of your home. Since it is sealed this way, you eliminate leaks that allow outside air to enter your home. This in itself will help reduce your utilities. Glass block reflects light by refracting rays around the room. Glass alone allows light to pour into a room and perhaps fade carpets and furniture.

If you are interested in using this material, check out the material with a professional. Installing this product requires knowledge and experience. I'm planning to use glass block to enhance my home design and interior lighting.

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