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Pay Per Click Advertising And Marketing

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When I think of Pay Per Click, I think of a marketing strategy that has two different sides - one where you pay for published ads and one where you get paid for publishing ads. Somebody is always paying for the click, whether it is you clicking on someone's ad or another person clicking on your ad. Pay Per Click depends on how you look at who is paying.

If you use Google to search the internet then you may find that your search results include "Sponsored Links" (on the right hand side of the search results page). If you click on any of the Sponsored links, the advertiser that placed the ad you clicked must pay Google for that click. If the advertiser is you, you are the one that pays. The price that you would pay depends on how much you have bid on the keywords used to generate the ad. This marketing tactic is called Google Adwords.

In addition to the ads being displayed with the search results, Google allows owners of websites and Blogs to display the same ads as contextual ads. Contextual refers to content that relates to the subject of your web page. This system is called Google Adsense. Each time a visitor clicks on an ad Google pays the owner of the website for that click. If you have traffic going to your web site and you display the Google Adsense Ads on a page and someone clicks an ad, you make money.

Note that Google Adwords and Google Adsense compliment each other and are in fact, the inverse of each other.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click is a good way to get quick targeted traffic to your website. Because you are paying for an ad promoting your site or affiliate link, those that click your ad will be directed to your site. The efficiency of your ad (click through rate or CTR) will depend on the ad copy and the keywords. The keywords that you have in the ads that are searched for dictate when your ad is displayed. Read the article at URL to get informed on how to make the most of a Google Adwords campaign as a tool to make money.

Google Adsense is a good way to make an "automatic" recurring income. Automatic assuming your ads are getting the clicks and generating the income you expect. Some tweaking of the ad placement, colors, etc. may be neccessary for optimization. When a Google Adsense ad on your site is clicked, both you and Google make a split percentage of the total of the bid price for the keyword that the ad was displayed and clicked for. Read the article at URL to get informed on how to make the most of having Adsense ads on your site for generating an automatic income.

Another type of ad that is gaining in popularity is the Chitika eMiniMall. Chitika eMiniMalls are advertisements that display a picture and a description of the product, the best deals where the product can be purchased and a search feature. If you want to display Google Adsense ads and Chitika ads on the same web page, Google requires specific modifications to the Chitika ads. Read the article at URL to get all the tips you need to properly place your Chitika eMiniMall ad on your site for another great way towards an automatic income.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft are in beta right now with their own equivalent to Google Adsense. The Yahoo ad network is called Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) and Microsoft's network is called Adcenter. I have not tried these networks out yet, but I may find myself doing that if I find that ad clicks yield a higher amount or percentage to the web site publisher.

There are several other pay per click networks available to try as well. Some of these would be RevenuePilot, Bidclix, CBclicks, Adsclick and Bidvertiser. I am sure there are even more than this. If you are interested, search them out and see if they fit for your own website's use.

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Reciprocal Link Exchange Strategy

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A good link exchange strategy is not about how many link exchanges you can make and how quickly you can make them.

It's all about picking and choosing quality exchanges in order to.

1. Help increase traffic to your site

2. Help more of your directory pages get listed in search engines

3. Increase the Page Rank of your website.

When I'm asked what's the best affordable method to get a website noticed, I recommend Reciprocal Link Exchanges.

I compare a good Link Exchange Strategy to that of Sowing and growing seeds.

Prepare the soil, plant the seeds, provide nutrients to grow, maintain daily, and watch them grow.

- Prepare the soil.

Your website must first be ready to market, do not initiate a link exchange with your site under construction. Ensure it is ready for visitors before you begin to request link exchanges.

-Plant the seeds

Have an organized directory setup, linked from your main page, accessible to search engines and easy for your link partners to find. Remember quality link exchange is mutually beneficial, ensure you maintain the True Reciprocal Link principals in place when requesting and exchanging links.

-Water the seedlings

Surf the net, in search for quality sites to exchange links with. Quality Counts, I will exchange links with a new quality content site with PR 0 but not with a that is just loaded with unnecessary links affiliate links and a PR4. Quality Counts, in the long run that site that is maintaining their website, will increase their PR, and depending on how their rank their link exchanges, you have a good chance to be on a page with a good PR. So never prejudge the potential of a new site.

-Maintain Daily

Spend a little time each day to exchange a link or two. It's not about how many link exchanges you can make and how quickly you can build your directory. It's about selecting quality websites, holding the True Reciprocal Link principals in order to make it a valuable exchange for you.

-Watch it Grow

Slowly, over the next few weeks, and months, you'll notice more traffic, you'll notice other webmasters finding your site and requesting exchanges with you, and you'll notice an increase in your PR. All this doesn't happen overnight, consistency counts. Try to take time every day to make a few quality link exchanges and you'll see how this will benefit your site in a few months.

Slow and steady wins the race!

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Web Analytics Make A Plan And Stick To It

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When it comes to analyzing your web site statistics, what's infinitely more important than the numbers themselves is the actual trend that they portray. If you're trying to build traffic to a web site (and who isn't these days?) then your first concern should be that the numbers are increasing on a regular basis.

To properly watch those numbers, and know when you need to make adjustments, you should not depend on analyzing statistics that have been logged over time. Instead, you should make a daily, weekly and monthly schedule to look over certain statistics.

For example, you may want to watch daily trends in traffic and page views so that any trend lasting more than a couple of days can be immediately addressed.

Once a week, you might want to look at how many hits you're getting via search engines.

And, perhaps, once per month you'll want to look at how many page views per visit are being generated by search-engines versus links, versus direct traffic.

If you're running pay-per-click advertising, it's even more important to track your clicks and where they come from on a regular basis. Small changes can easily lead to large disruptions in your income flow.

In the end, you'll need to decide for yourself which stats you should analyze daily, weekly and monthly according to your own site goals. Once you've decided which are the most important statistics to track regularly, write down a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list.

Make that plan, stick to it, and you

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Do One Way Links Help My Search Engine Results

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One way links are a tool that can be quite beneficial to the webmaster. The webmaster's ultimate goal is to have many visitors coming to his website in the hopes that they will look around and even make some purchases. The problem is, though, that you have to get your visitors there. One way links may be able to help you. They help to create traffic to your website so that you will achieve a better rank in the very important search engines.

What is important to note here is; that there is no 100% perfect way to get at the top of the search engine results. But, there are many things that you can do to work your way up this ladder. One of them is using one way links. These links are quite simply a link to your website from someone else's website. Even though you have your link on their page, you do not have to put their link on your page. That's a nice benefit because it keeps the visitor at your site, rather than wandering off. Also, it is beneficial because the other website owner (the one that your link is at) is going to do his best to get traffic to his site. Some will come to yours through his website. That means increased traffic from minimal amounts of work.

Why Does A One Way Link Rank You Better?

This is the bottom question. Why do search engines think that your website should rank better when you have one way links to it? One reason for this is because if your link is there, the website owner is attesting to the quality of your website. In fact, the search engines also believe that these links are better than reciprocal links because of this fact. The search engines are even ranking those websites that use quite a few reciprocal links less highly because of this fact.

Because the other website owner is committing to you by placing your link on his page and not getting anything back in return, this is held at a higher standard than those that purchase reciprocal links.

How To Get Them

Of course, the hard part is getting the one way links in the first place. Not many webmasters are going to provide this to you if you just ask. If you have excellent quality content that is directly related to their website, they may do so. More than likely, they will want something in return.

One method that many have found that works well is to use article directories. Here, you will produce a well written, informative article (or more) about elements that may be in your website. Then, at the bottom you simply add in your link and information. Webmasters come to the directory to find solid, quality content to put on their website. To use your material, they have to use your link too. It's a win win situation because now you have a one way link on their site to yours.

One way links are a tool that will help your website rank well in the search engines.

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Make A Nice Living Auto Surfing Online Everyone Can Do It

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If you have been online for a while, most likely you have seen or heard the buzz about making money by surfing web pages, clicking on ads or reading emails.

Can you really make a nice living by surfing online? The answer is a big YES, and it is proven by hundreds and thousands of people every day. The standard return is 1-4% daily. With 1% daily and using the compounding option, you can earn up to 600% -1000% or more in a year.

Image invest $1000 and get back $6000 in a few month or a year, no other banks can beat the return on this.

But, as every thing else, you need find the right program to join and the right way to get started.

Autosurf is a form of advertisement that automatically rotates ads in viewer's Internet browser. The advertisers pay to the host for their ads or web sites to be displayed, and the host pay its members in a certain percentage or on an hourly basis.

It is normally free to join the Autosurf programs, some hosts even give free $10 or $20 bonus to simply ask you to test and get familiar with their system.

Upon joining, you will make money by watching the advertisement rotation in your browser and make commission by doing this. The pages you need surf per day varies in different programs, some requires you watch 10-20 pages while other may require 200 pages a day, it can normally be done in between 10 minutes to 1 hour.

As a matter of fact, you don't even need to sit in front of computer all the time to watch the pages, you can just open the surf page and go away, just let the page rotate itself. But you always find some interesting or helpful sites listed and want to explore further.

If you want to make more money, you can upgrade to the level you are comfortable with to gain better returns, each program has their own rules on the minimum and maximum funds allowed in the upgrade, bigger upgrade will yield bigger returns.

The payout period change from program to program too, with some you can gain profit as quick as 5-10 days, while the others will require you surf for a month or even longer to receive payment.

There are many auto surf programs and it is definitely worth the time and effort to do the in-depth research before you purchase upgrade.

Just like other investment, you need understand the program before you jump in; here are the important areas you should check at:

1. Program History

Read the web page of the program you are interested in joining, and find out how long it has been around and its vision for the future growth. Autosurf industry is relatively new and lots of them come and go quickly. You need find the stable and longevity ones to invest in.

Always remember, don't only look at the returns. If the promise is too good to be true, it is probably not true.

2. Program Forum

The reputable surf program always setup forums for their members to voice their concerns or excitement, and exchange information. The forum admin will also get involved in answering questions and issues.

There is always "I Get Paid" section for users to post their payment screenshot too.

By reading through the forum, you will get the sense of enthusiastic and support among the group of "investors", you will also develop your personal confidence about the future of the program.

3. Other Online Discussion Groups

There are a lot of other Autosurf discussion forums or discussion groups on the Internet, do a search on Google and you will find a handful of them. Read through the posts and find the best program that suits your needs or surfing habit.

Go with the flow, chances are, you won't make disastrous mistakes if hundreds or thousands people praise the program and are willing to put their hard earned money into it again and again.

User support plays a strong role in the success and longevity of Autosurf program.

4. Play safe

Play safe, start small. All Autosurf program has risk in it, the rule of thumb is: DO NOT put more than you can afford to lose, doesn't matter how enticing the program is.

Set your target high, but do not let your greedy and high expectation carry you away.

If you choose the right program and stay upgrading for a few cycles, you will see your money pilled up quickly. Keep your principle and use the profit to invest so you won't feel too much pain if the program shut down overnight.

5. Understand Terms and Conditions

If you decide to join the program, make sure you spend enough time on reading the programs terms and conditions. Some programs have strict rules on upgrading, surfing, spam, etc. If you violate the rules, you will find your account is suspended in no time.

6. Diversification

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, find a few good programs and diversify your money in them.

But don't open too many accounts that you can not manage in a day. Remember, you have to surf everyday to accumulate the profit, in Autosurf world, everyday counts.

When plan properly and invest wisely, you will earn a decent living by surfing less than 1 hour online. In fact, lots of people give up their jobs for Auto Surfing.

Don't let the opportunity passing by; you need try it to find the happiness and fulfillment the exciting programs can bring. It can literally change your life, a chance to say goodbye to the hard-dirty, long-hour and low-paid work.

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How To Beat The Google Sandbox And Make Some Cash At The Same Time

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I stumbled across this quite by accident. I knew it was there because I'd seen it before but I forgot about it until today.

So I did some checking to see if it still does work and based on my limited test it appears that it does.

What I'm about to explain to you may not only help get sandboxed sites indexed and ranking quicker, it can even make the site owner a little money.

I've been blogging for a few years now. I started it as a hobby and the blog I had was actually a blog before there were blogs. In other words I was "blogging" with a regular website.

Then a friend turned me on to Movable Type. It is a software which allows me to automate the publishing of content on my website.

I was having problems getting my website/blog indexed by Google back then - this was about 3 years ago.

It was also around this time that I heard of a new program called Google Adsense ( in which one could place code on their web pages that would display ads, and the website owner would earn money on every click.

I thought "what a cool idea" so I immediately applied for an account. 48 hours later I was placing ads on my blog.

Shortly after this while reviewing my server logs I noticed that I was getting Google referrals! That's right, within days of placing the ads on my site, it had been fully indexed by Google and it was actually ranking quite highly for terms related to the content I was posting.

I couldn't believe my luck. Here I thought all I was going to do was make a little money on the side yet I found that the Adsense may have actually helped get my site indexed.

Remember, this was before the Sandbox, but it was a time when link popularity ruled the web. But since it was only a hobby I wasn't worried about building links. Because I already had a few loyal readers, I wasn't trying to position this site.

Flash forward to December 2005 and a friend asks me to help him set up his own blog. Actually he wants two of them - each with their own topics, and both very different in nature.

I consult with him and on February 1, 2006 we register two new domains for him.

He proceeds to build out his blogs and as he's doing this I suggest placing ads on them. At the time I wasn't thinking that it would help with indexing, just another way to increase exposure of the ads to generate more revenue for me and him.

We agree to split the money and he places the ads on the two new sites.

I didn't think much of it until his visitor traffic started going up. He also placed Google Analytics code on the sites and gave me access to them so I could take a look to see where all this traffic is coming from.

Turns out, he's getting a few Google organic referrals.

Imagine that - two brand new sites, with no incoming links, but somehow they have managed to sneak out of the Google Sandbox in 3 weeks?

Imagine my surprise, considering I have another site that I started over a year ago, and have been dutifully building content and links, yet I can't get it out of the sandbox. In fact, the current Google cache is of pages that no longer exist, and haven't for months.

My explanation, however "out there" it seems to be is that somehow the Google Ads have allowed the site to bypass the sandbox and move into the index almost immediately.

The first Google organic referral came last week, just two short weeks after the site was tagged with the Google Adsense code. Since then, both sites have received a handful of Google organic referrals.

Based on this very small and somewhat limited test case, my gut is telling me that one way out of the sandbox and into the SERPs is to apply for and install Google AdSense onto your site.

At the very least you'll make some money - maybe not a lot, just a few dollars a month (Google only pays out in $100 increments mind you, so it may take a while to get that first Google check) and the best case is that you'll bypass the sandbox, get indexed quickly and even start driving organic referrals to your site.

Like I said, this isn't anything near a scientific study but it seems pretty clear to me that what has helped these two sites become indexed so quickly are the ads.

So if you're stuck in the sandbox, perhaps applying for AdSense is a good idea.

I know I'm going to be placing ads on my other site to see what effect (if any it has). My guess is that within a few days it too will start ranking.

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Coupon Codes Saving Without The Clipping

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If you do a lot of shopping online, there are a lot of savings to be had using coupon or discount codes. These are codes that you enter during the checkout process that may give you a percentage off your total purchase, discount a particular item, or reduce or eliminate your shipping costs. If you are registered with certain stores, they may send you periodic notices about discount codes, but there are websites that are devoted just to coupon codes. A search of one of these sites before your online spending spree can be the virtual equivalent of cruising the Sunday circulars before going grocery shopping. There are a couple of things you want to keep in mind, though. As with paper coupons, you only want to use coupon codes for things you were going to buy in the first place. Otherwise, you may end up spending more that you would have without the coupon. For example, you may have only needed to buy $60 worth of items from an online store, but the coupon code is for 20% off purchases totaling over $100. If you buy more stuff just to use the coupon code, using the code just cost you at least $20. You should also still compare prices of other brands and other stores. You may be able to find the item at a lower price somewhere else even after the discount.

Here are some sites to get you started in your search for coupon codes.

At, you can browse a list of featured deals, search for codes by store name or item category, and create a list of favorite merchants to save you time when you return. They also have printable coupons for brick and mortar stores, and you can sign up for a weekly email of their best deals. The site is easy to navigate, and you can get to what you are looking for quickly. also lets you search by store and category, and it lists the coupon codes for new discounts right on the home page with the description. Codes that are expiring soon appear in their featured discount section at the top of the home page and show the expiration date. has a separate tab on their home page for codes that expire soon, as well as a tab for free shipping codes. There is also a tour available for first time users, and forums where you can post your own finds or see what others have found.

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Log On For Health Creating An Online Health Resource

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How many times have you heard someone say, "Well, as long as I have my health..." Indeed, good health is of paramount importance for all the obvious reasons. It is common practice to stock our medicine cabinets; take vitamins every day; try to eat square meals; and search out a job that offers health benefits. In other words, striving to live well is a way of life.

These days, new medicines and break-through treatments are on the news all the time, and popular diets and exercise fads come and go faster than you can say "Weight Watchers." Let's face it. Despite our desire to stay healthy and in shape, it is getting harder to keep all the information straight and to make smart decisions.

Therefore, more and more people are turning to health related websites. Whether you are looking for prescription drug facts, a list of physical symptoms, directions to a hospital, or a link to a current heath article, a resourceful health website can provide answers in a quick and efficient manner.

Gone are the days when folks relied on their family doctors to keep them informed about health topics. Today, doctors are always pressed for time and it can take weeks to schedule a face-to-face meeting to talk about treatment options or any other health issue on your mind. An informative site can fill in where doctors leave off and provide instantaneous advice and facts about a wide range of health concerns.

For example, a health website may include:

- facts about prescription drugs

- details about specific surgeries and treatment options

- a list of medical specialists and health care facilities in your area

- "Ask the Expert" columns

- information about clinical trials of the past and present

- links to popular health-related articles

- interactive tools such as calorie counters; body mass calculators, quizzes

- forums, chat rooms, and message boards covering a wide range of topics

When it comes to your health or the well-being of your family, you do not want to waste time searching for information or waiting for the phone to ring to receive a nurse's diagnosis. Logging on to a helpful website-whether it covers general health subjects or is focused on a specific medical issue-can save you precious time and hours of worry. And certainly, for those who do not currently have the benefits of a health insurance plan, the computer may be the only way to gather necessary advice.

The best health websites are user-friendly and up-to-date. The goal should be to create a comfortable online environment that is helpful, interesting, and, above all, reliable. Often, visitors will log on when they have pressing questions or nagging concerns and they will expect concise answers in a matter of minutes.

If your company is part of the healthcare field, consider extending yourself beyond your office walls and providing a worthwhile service for the general public. A website created to address timely health topics will not only bring recognition to your company's name, but it will also serve your community at large.

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What Ecommerce Software Has To Offer

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Setting up a website can seem a daunting task to many of us. Not everyone is proficient at building stunning, effective and dynamic websites; but if you have a product or a service to sell, then having your own website utilizing ecommerce software is one of the most fruitful methods of making sales.

The Advantages of Ecommerce

Selling your product online means there are no geographic limitations. You can sit in your lounge in Texas and sell your home-knitted scarves to people living in Japan. The costs of setting up your business are comparatively non-existent. You don't need to purchase or rent a shop. You don't need to pay for decoration, you will undoubtedly be using less staff and the only utility bills are bills you would usually pay at your own home anyway.

About Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce software is any software used on your website to help customers easily shop and pay for their items easily, safely and quickly. In recent years, one of the many advances of the Internet has been the increase in publicity surrounding Internet security. It is absolutely imperative that as well as a good crisp and clean looking website you also offer and display high security on all of your online payments. If you don't you will undoubtedly lose customers and money.

Shopping Carts and Payments - The Essential Items

If you've done any shopping online, you will have probably come across shopping carts of varying levels of quality. When considering ecommerce software you need to pick shopping cart software for your site that is user friendly, stable and fits the design of your site. You should ensure that it can be used on any operating system and as many browsers as possible. Don't forget that not everyone uses Internet Explorer.

When a visitor is looking around your site at the items you have to offer, you are perhaps hoping that they will make a purchase. Making the buying process easy for them will encourage them to do that. An 'Add To Cart' button is virtually standard on any ecommerce site now, and clicking on this button should take you to a simple but effective looking shopping cart page. Shoppers should be able to select how many items they want and then add that to basket. Once they have selected that item, it may be a good idea to take them back to the page they were last on, encouraging them to continue shopping and spending more money.


Everybody loves a good deal, and Internet shoppers are by no means different. Try to make sure that your ecommerce software allows you to give discounts under certain circumstances. Perhaps, a 10% discount for anyone spending over $200. Recent ecommerce software offering shopping carts will give you both product level and order level discount options, so you can have sale items as well as spend dependant discounts.

The Bottom Line

If you want to set up an ecommerce website, you will have to get some shopping cart software. Most surfers will simply look for another site if you don't give them the options they expect.

A good shopping cart will give you plenty of options and the opportunity to offer discounts and sale items. A reputable ecommerce software company will, at the very least, give you detailed instructions on installing this software onto your site and how to use it. Choose wisely.

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