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Internet Marketing Predictions For 2006

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Internet marketing has been making some pretty dramatic changes over the last few years, like the growth and evolution of the search engine optimization industry, viral marketing, pay-per-click advertising and the mainstream adoption of blogging. Despite the recent changes I predict that even greater change is still yet to come, thanks in part to the growth of broadband internet access, advances in hardware and software technology, and marketers need to reach consumers through multiple mediums.

As people's lives become more busy, fragmented media will result in more opportunities for both advertisers and web site owners. Standard advertising mediums such as television, radio and newspapers have been loosing effectiveness (partially because of new technologies like TiVo and XM Satalite Radio) while online advertising has become more effective. As an advertiser, there are more opportunities available than ever before to reach highly targeted prospects with a relatively small investment by advertising online. As a web site owner, there are more opportunities to generate additional revenue by providing advertising space on your web sites. As people spend more time online, this trend will continue to grow.

RSS will become a powerful, trackable marketing tool. In it's current form, it is a great tool for reaching out to people who have the technical background to use it but it does have some limitations. Many customizable web portals (My Yahoo) let users display RSS feeds on their home page, but require users to sign in with cookies. Some email programs can display RSS feeds and several programs have even been specifically designed for displaying RSS feeds. However the user base is still fairly small. With the release of Microsoft's Windows Vista, RSS will become mainstream and be adopted by soccer moms everywhere. Once that happens you can expect to see tools developed to manage and track the traffic from RSS feeds.

The search engine optimization industry is another area that will change considerably. All of the major search engine companies have taken considerable steps to reduce web site owner's (or an SEO firm's) ability to manipulate the ranking of their web sites. As the algorithms that determine the importance of a particular web page become more comprehensive and better able to filter out spam you will see two things happen. First, the search results will become more relevant. Second, the SEO firms that are using dishonest techniques in an attempt to rank higher will collapse one by one until only honest, ethical firms exist.

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Revealed The Secrets Of The World S 1 Network Marketer

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If you are in network marketing; by now you should have understood that more than 95% of the people who work on network marketing fails. Merely 1% is making themselves rich. And the other 4% are making some kind of decent income from this form of activities. That is to say, 95% are plain struggling.

If you have not been successful by now, you are at the brink of giving up. And just not long ago when someone roped or rather "doped" you into this line of business, were telling you how good and easy this business will be.

Hyping in this business of network marketing or some called it multi-level marketing is common and wide spread.

The truth is network marketing is not easy. It can be simple though. In fact is just plain simple.

Don't worry!

You are about to receive the "secrets" of how to be the world top network marketer in the next 5 minutes!

No, you don't have to fork out your credit card and key in your XXXX numbers to pay for the $597.00 fee.

Not even $297.00, Not even $97.00.

Or even $9.90!

The "SECRETS" will be yours for FREE ........ for NOW!

Investigate the steps below and to be really successful;

must get yourself involved "whole heartedly"


Here it comes:


Go to the "Park". Not any park; "The Network Marketing Park"

Find a tree.

Shake the tree.

A Network Marketing Guru will drop out.

He will begs you to be his disciple and promise to "hold" you hand and will impart 100,000 fresh enthusiastic downlines to you.

In 12 months, you will be the top earning network marketer there is in your part of the world; and will be a dominating figure in the industry. You will be earning your first $1 million by now.

After you receive your very first $1 million check.........

Go back to the " Network Marketing Park".

Find a tree

Climb up the tree.

And wait...........


Felt coned?

Think again.

This is the type of situation we are living through and spending most of our time investing and working with. Hoping that the formula could be that simple or simpler.

Take time and think about the story above again.

Does it reflect the reality in us? To be honest, you and me thought of it haven't we?

Wouldn't it be nice if the story is true!

Is there really a "Secrets" to it all?

In short, we were and are impatient.

This perfectly captured the environment in which most network marketer faces, beginners or not.

Expectations are high.

Will you expect to get paid without working hard on this business?

In reality the network marketing industry needs more devoted network marketers.

Who are persistent and self motivated.

The one that is most likely to make things happen.

The one that will not take "NO" for an answer.

The one that will help more people successful.

Those are some of the qualities of a successful network marketer. So as to say these are the real " Secrets" of the world's #1 Network Marketer.

In a nut shell; a person who have the ambition and the will to take that into action. A person who is self motivated will succeed in network marketing. The most successful network marketers are those who will do what it takes and whatever it takes. These are the people who make things happen, not just watching things happen.

Revealed herein the "Real Truth" in success in network marketing:

TAKE ACTION in the business.

Have fun doing it.

Get involved and help as many people crossing our path, to improve their lifestyle, and ours.

As a saying goes: "Get as many people get what they want and you will get what you want".

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Flourish Your Web With E Fuzion

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Web Design Delhi Company gives to its customers the quite essential edge over its peers, in terms of cost-effectiveness, authenticity and overall package. Your offline store may be plush and swanky, but your web presence also needs to be top-notch if you have to beat the ongoing competition. Web Design Delhi company (e-Fuzion) brings your web site with new look. It does not only cover the services that you provide, or the product that you sell, but it reflects the professionalism that you may be popular for. Web Design Delhi Company (e-Fuzion) team provides very good designing components with all components.

Being in the same city it helps. Yes, it does. Your company is in Delhi, and you are looking for a website design Delhi Company, and there we are! Being website designers in Delhi, we are always available locally to you, or are just a phone call away. Any discussions and meetings can take place and the conclusions can be instantly implemented. If you are a company that is looking for worldwide presence on the web, but looking for long term partners that is there in Delhi, then you have hit the right place. We are an internationally-renowned website design firm that caters to many clients all over the world.

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Earning Multiple Streams Of Income With Simple Niche Specific Sites

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It's been said many times that the single best way to internet riches is through multiple streams of income. I personally haven't found those internet riches yet but I can see where the multiple streams of income can come from.

The average person that suddenly decides they want a website isn't going to come up with a million dollar a week wonder on the first try. In fact most people will never come up with a one thousand dollar a week web site. A couple hundred dollars a week is another story altogether, however. This is an actually attainable goal. I would even go so far as to say it's not really extremely hard.

Of course you have work to do but this type of work will continue to pay off long after you've stopped working. Your site will hopefully continue to grow and exist as long as you pay for web hosting and domain name registration. In my opinion this little side effect of having a decent web site makes the internet better than real estate. A web site that you start up for $90 and allow to grow for a couple or years could not only possibly sell for enough to buy a house if your wise but also earn you steady income during the years it remains in your possession.

I hope you can see the potential benefit of having multiple, very niche specific web sites. Google can dish out a lot of traffic to some pretty interesting search terms. As an example the term 'grasshopper' rakes in about 13,000 searches a month via Yahoo alone. If you focus on something even less competitive like 'african bull frog' you'll find yourself readily picked up by search engines and getting some search engine traffic.

The basic challenge is to pick out a niche that you can find non competitive keywords for. After that grab some hosting and put together a simple, informative site about your niche. Focus on helping the people that would be searching for what your trying to offer. When you have a site that's good for both search engines and searchers alike then throw in a way to monetize your traffic. You could do this by selling services or items, adding an affiliate link or two, or maybe adding some Google adsense ads or something.

I tend to lean toward Adsense and affiliate links because it's easier for me to take care of my web sites. It leaves nothing left to do but add new content every once in awhile and build some back links. To me it almost seems as if I am building a little machine to help me make money.

I'll conclude with a couple tips about web hosting. If you're going to oversee multiple websites I'd go with a web host that lets you host multiple domains on one account. You'll save a ton of money that way and things will be much easier to manage. My host allows me to host up to 6 web sites on one account. If I need more than that I just get multiple accounts. Don't rush yourself either. Take things one page at a time and get things working before you rush off to another project.

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Automating The Online Home Business

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For those online business owners getting through the day can be hard. You spend all kinds of time at the computer answering e-mails, fulfilling orders, and updating your customer lists. This is very important and essential for you business but it won't make it grow. This won't make more people buy or bring in new traffic. How can you manage to get all the necessary grunt work done and still improve your product or service, increase traffic, or campaign a new idea? You need to be able to market your business to make it work and generate a good profit. Automation is the key to running your business and growing it at the same time. Automating necessary tasks can get these thing accomplished with you having to lift a finger. This gives you more time to focus on growth and increasing traffic and sales. It is the key to success for online business owners.

Automation offers the solution of providing awesome customer service that frees up your time for bigger and better things. An autoresponder is an amazing tool to have that can make those pesky e-mail chores go away. They can help you to:

* Get sales on your products and/or services 24 hours per day 7 days per week that will bring in more profit.

* Have excellent credibility with your customers by having instant responses to his or her inquires for more information.

* Increase sales potential by answering questions quickly.

* Provide instant order confirmation that will keep customers coming back and telling other about you.

* Increase your sales by up-selling backend products automatically.

As you can see the faster you get your business automated the better off you will be. This will let you work on generating more growth and add more content to your site. You will be equipped to handle thousands of customers with out getting bogged down. You will be able to auto respond to confirm orders or shipping. You will also want to use theses to answer the most frequently asked questions and or provide more information about what you are selling. This will allow an instant response to come through to the potential customer so they don't have to wait. You will need look at what type and how many autoresponders will work for you. There are four main ways to get them. You hosting company may offer a few in their package. This is good if you only need a couple. You can get free ones but they will have third party ads attached to them and are limited in their usage. The paid autoresponders allow you to buy as many as you need and use them as you see fit. They don't have restriction like the free ones do. They also don't carry any ads in them. Then there is an e-mail management solution that is geared towards e-mail marketing. You would use that tool to set up your responders.

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Ways In Which You Can Earn Additional Income From Your Websites

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So you have a nice looking website, which has good content and is well optimised, however you are looking to earn some additional income from the site. What are the next steps you can take to make this happen? This article gives useful tips and advice, which I hope will answer this question for you.

I have a large number of websites and am eager to learn about the latest website promotion methods, and about ways to increase your websites page rank in google.

One way of earning money from your site is by joining one or more affiliate schemes. Commissions vary, however if you have a high traffic site then you can do very well from these schemes.

Joining a program like google adsense is something which I prefer. This is where google place targeted adverts on your website and basically you earn money when people click on one of the ads. Depending on the website subject matter, these clicks can earn quite a high rate of commission. I had one click, on one of my hair loss websites which earned over ten dollars. This is quite rare and on average you will probably earn about forty cents per click. If you have a large number of content based, useful and interesting websites this can soon add up.

How much you earn will depend on how much time and work you put into each website. In my opinion hard work pays off and even though you may hear about certain ways to cheat the search engines, such as by using hidden pages or by joining a link building scheme, this will in the long term do you more harm than good. The search engines employ some of the top people and they are likely to find you out, ban your website from their engine and you also risk being kicked off the google adsense program altogether.

The hard work I wrote about earlier, is by promoting your website the natural way. I believe the key is to build up the number of backward links your website has, that is basically the number of other websites that link to you. These links should be built gradually and I would certainly not ever purchase a hundred backward links, from for example ebay. Where possible you should try and obtain these links from sites from your own sector or industry.

The best way to increase this number of backward links is by writing articles. You are able to include a link to your website in the article and when other webmasters include your article on their website or blog, this then gives you a one-way link. One-way links are the most powerful form of backward link in the eyes of the search engine.

I have been writing articles for quite a while now and it has proven to easily be, the most useful form of website promotion I have found so far.

Yahoo have now introduced a similar scheme to adsense, which I believe is only currently available in America. I have not yet added these adverts to my websites as I am based in the UK, therefore am unable to comment anymore about them.

In conclusion you are able to earn easy cash from your website/s. The more work you put in, the more you are likely to earn. I always see things in the long term, if I work very hard for a number of years, I will eventually have a few websites with good page rank and that is when I will be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour. In the mean time I will treat any income as a form of pocket money.

I wish you all the success in earning money from your websites and hope this article has helped you on your way.

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Determining Your Target Market

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When you want to market your products or services, the first thing you need to do is to determine your target market. Once target market is determined, you can then use the four P in marketing to decide how to approach your target market. The Four P referred here is product, price, place (distribution) and promotion.

So, why is target market important? The main reason is that company exists for a reason. It needs to differentiate itself from competition in order to survive. For example if you have decided to sell bottled water to the general mass in the urban area, then good luck with that. In the US, Pepsi and Coke has widespread distribution of bottled water consumption through its Aquafina and Dasani brand. If you still insists on selling bottled water, then you need to narrow your target market.

For example, instead of selling to the general mass, your target market for the bottled water can be physically active individuals who avoids thirst quenchers such as Gatorade when they exercise. Once you identify this target market, you would then use the four P to differentiate yourself from regular bottled water. For example, in terms of place (distribution), you can avoid places such as fast food restaurants or lounges. Statistically, people who are exercising, seldom visit these places. You would then concentrate your distribution on places such as the school's sporting facility.

While choosing your target market seems trivial, it will cost you a lot of marketing dollars if done incorrectly. Let's assume that you do not decide what your target market is and you are now using the four P in marketing to market your product. You would then distribute your bottled water to places such as convenience stores, gas stations and the shopping mall. Will you capture audiences who are physically more active than the population? Yes, you will. But, the percentage of that audience is small compared to if you focus your distribution on that target market. As a result, you spend large amount of money to capture a small portion of the audience. Worse still, big companies such as Pepsi and Coke are now aware that you are invading their turf. The next thing they'll do is to bombard the mass media with advertisement and price cut to make your products invisible. If they do it long enough, your survival may be in question. Therefore, choosing your target market is really important before marketing your products.

In the online world, you need to choose your target market too. Once you choose your target market, the four P should reflect this decision. For example, if your target market is individuals who are looking for ways to invest their money, you should not advertise in general audience such as CNN. Your marketing budget will be more effective if you spend your money in financial website such as Yahoo! Finance or The Motley Fool.

Same thing with your distribution channel. If you distribute your content to the general article directory, you will get loads of visitors who may not be interested in your products or services. Furthermore, as discussed earlier, it might attract your bigger competitors thinking that you are trying to take away their lunch. If your bigger competitors are not inept, they will then react accordingly and launch offensive campaigns that will render your marketing campaign useless.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are plenty of niche article directories allowing marketers to publish articles of certain field. Thus, smaller publishers can gain more visibility as niche directories generally have less people submitting their contents. Furthermore, larger competitors are reluctant to publish their contents there. The reason is that they have a larger cost overhead. Focusing on small target market will not do them any good. It is their loss. But you, my friend, should not miss this opportunity. It is one of the most efficient way of using your marketing dollars.

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What Are Timeshares

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It worked well, and the idea spread throughout the world.1

There are two main types of timesharing plans: deeded and non-deeded. With the deeded type, you buy an ownership interest in a piece of real estate. In the non-deeded plan, you buy a lease, license, or club membership that lets you use the property for a specific amount of time each year for a stated number of years. With both types, the cost of the unit is proportionate to the season and the length of time you want to buy.2

Before You Buy

As with any major purchase, you need to understand what you are getting before you sign any papers or pay any fees. The general information should be accompanied by careful analysis and perhaps even professional advice that concerns all aspects of a particular timeshare purchase.

Before purchasing a timeshare consider the following points.3

* A major reason people buy timeshares is for the convenience of having prearranged vacation facilities. Therefore it would be wise to determine whether you will be able to use the timeshare facility regularly. When evaluating a timeshare with units in several locations, consider whether sufficient units are available at the sites you prefer at the time you want to use them.

* Question any investment claims made by the seller. The future value of a timeshare depends on many factors. Resale of timeshares is almost impossible.4 So, if you are considering buying a timeshare, do it, realizing that you will probably not be able to resell it; and, even if you are able to sell, you probably won't be able to sell it for anything close to your original purchase price. Closing costs, broker commissions, and financing charges also must be considered as part of the investment costs.

* The total cost of a timeshare includes mortgage payments and expenses, such as travel costs and annual maintenance fees. The annual maintenance fees usually rise to equal or exceed inflation and could add hundreds of dollars to the purchase price. To help evaluate the purchase, compare the total timeshare costs with rental costs for similar accommodations and amenities for the same time in the same location.

* Do not act on impulse or under pressure. Review all documents or have someone familiar with timesharing review them before you make a purchase. Do not be pressured into making a purchase without having a couple of days to think about it. Find out if the contract provides a cooling-off period during which you can cancel the contract and get a refund.

* Be sure everything the salesperson promised orally is written in the contract.

* Remember that exchange programs, which offer the opportunity to arrange trades with other resort units in different locations, cannot be guaranteed. When you trade your timeshare unit for another, expect one of approximately the same value.

* Many timeshare sellers offer gifts to potential buyers who will listen to a timeshare sales presentation. Consider the value of these gifts or prizes. Most are of little value.5 It would be to your advantage to attend a sales presentation only if you are interested in the program.

* Your timeshare will be a good place to vacation only if it is run properly. Therefore you should consider researching with local real estate agents, Better Business Bureau, and consumer protection offices, the track record of the seller, developer, and management company before you make your purchase.

* If you are considering buying a timeshare on property where the facilities have not been completed, get a written commitment from the sellers that the facilities will be finished as promised, and require that a certain amount of your money be held in escrow.6

* Find out what your rights are if the builder or management company has financial problems or in some way defaults. Make sure that your contract has both non-disturbance and nonperformance clauses. A non-disturbance clause ensures that you will continue to have use of your timeshare unit in the event of default and subsequent third party claims against the developer or management firm. A nonperformance clause allows you to keep all your ownership rights even if a third party is required to buy out your contract.

* If you have any questions or complaints regarding timeshares or a timeshare that you have purchased, contact the Real Estate Commission of the state in which the timeshare property is located, as well as the Correspondence Branch, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC 20580.

How Timeshare Resale Scams Operate

If you already own a timeshare, be cautious about people who offer to help you resell the timeshare for a fee. Because many of these types are rip-offs, be careful to deal only with legitimate sales companies. Companies that use questionable resale practices operate like many other telemarketing scams. You might be contacted by a telephone salesperson or through a postcard, asking you to call a particular telephone number about selling your timeshare. The salespeople are likely to tell you that the market for resale of timeshares is "hot" and that their company has a high success rate in reselling these units. They may even claim that they have extensive lists of sales agents and potential buyers for timeshares and for an advance fee of hundreds of dollars these salespeople promise to sell your timeshare for a price equal to or greater than the amount you originally paid.7

The market for resale is actually extremely poor, because there is no secondary market for timeshares.8 Currently American consumers own 1.5 million timeshares. Approximately 870,000 of these are presently available for resale, with 845,000 for sale far below the original purchase price. In truth, over the past 20 years, only 3 percent of owners who have wanted to sell their timeshares have been successful, and the vast majority of those have had to sell below their original purchase price. So, it is highly unlikely that a company can sell the timeshare at all, let alone for the original purchase price.

There are some precautions to consider if you decide that you want to resell your timeshare and are approached by a resale company. (1) Do not agree to anything over the telephone. (2) Ask the salesperson to send you written materials to study. (3) Ask for company references of customers who have used their services. (4) Ask where the company is located and in what states it does business. (5) Ask if the company's salespeople are licensed to sell real estate by the state where your timeshare is located, and check with the state licensing board to verify the information. (6) Be cautious of any company charging an advance "listing" fee for its service.9

Timesharing is not an investment product and is not intended as a way of making money. It is, though, a financial commitment to your leisure enjoyment. So, how much is leisure and preplanned vacation time worth to you? This is the question that must be asked before you decide to buy a timeshare. If it is not worth thousands of dollars in initial investment, plus hundreds more in maintenance fees, then you should probably stay away from timeshare promotions. But if, on the other hand, you enjoy preplanned vacations and realize that timeshare is not a money making investment, then it may be a good choice for you.

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Why Submit Articles

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Knowing what you now know about the value of incoming links, how would you like to have your links promoted by hundreds and Thousands of internet marketers, some even emailing your articles to their lists of subscribers? These would all be one-way INCOMING links to your site, and it can be totally free, but for a small amount you can send them to thousands and go completely viral overnight!

That's what we can do with articles!

An article is just a story about something you know about or are interested in. It can be as short as 300 words or as long as say 1,500 generally.

The best way I've found to write an article is to decide what I'm going to write about, and then think about how I would explain this story to a friend over the phone or in an email. I go over the conversation in my head then start writing without stopping to fix typos, spelling, grammar or even worrying about it making sense. If I head down a different path, and get off track, I keep going along with it and keep writing until I come back to the storyline.

After a few paragraphs I find I have trouble writing as quickly as my thoughts emerge, so I never have a problem with finding enough content to put in the article using this technique. I understand there are many other ways to write articles and loads of tips and tricks but just remember "the ONE thing" above "We must be able to start anything!"

After we have produced an Article we then need to get it published on the web with our signature containing a link back to our website!

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