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How To Profit From Private Label Articles

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Free content is great. I love how easy is to enrich a website in minutes republishing free articles written by real expert authors. Furthermore they give me the invaluable ability to profit from niches I really don't know nothing about.

Lately I have been thinking about how to develop my strategy, and I ended thinking about outsource my writing content creation. The only drawback is the difficulty in finding good writers delivering quality articles for let's say $5-6 each. I think this is aperfect solution from a business perspective. But in a more pragmatic sense, it is even more sophisticate than I'd really needed.

During my research for alternatives, I've found that private label content with limited distribution has exactly the right amount of quality and exclusivity I was looking for. If only hundreds of webmaster have access to the articles and they have granted the right to rewrite them as a privilege for their membership, chances are they will do (for profit and for reputation). Even better, not every article will necessarily be used from every member.

If you are wondering what the best sources of private label articles are I've reviewed some of them.

Now I'd like to give you some ideas on how to profit from such exclusive content:

Open a blog. Then, instead of publish the same free articles everyone is using or the same exact news you have just read on another blog, try to give it some real appeal. Forget everything you know about seo and traffic: build value. Use this blog like a business card. Establish relationships in your niche: add interesting comments in other blogs; link it in your forums' signature; use it to easily get into publisher networks requiring quality partners for their advertisers.

Select a few articles, edit them as needed, put yourself as the author and set an autoresponder course or build a pdf report. Use it to capture subscriptions to your list. Brand yourself like an authority and offer your prospects a good reason to remember you and your business.

While you should not submit private label articles to article directories unless you practically rewrite them fully, you can still use them to promote your website.Articles directories want unique content, and your private label articles are not "so much" unique. But there is plenty of website publishers needing for good content. You may want to contact them privately offering your rebranded articles (whether if you hardly edited them or not) and you'll eventually gain lot of benefits.

Build laser-targeted content for Adsense (or whatever). Because you can change everything in the articles, you can edit them to better target high-bid Adsense search terms or for seo purposes. Also you could note that as you don't have to publish the authors' resource box and none of the other resources he incidentally linked, you will able to keep the traffic on your site (or to drive it where you'll make more money).

Can you get it? Pratically it's like writing your own articles. Thus, you can focus on money making, not writing.

If you want to learn killer article marketing secrets, I suggest you subscribe this 50 parts course: covers every aspect of article marketing I leaved out here, and it's full of great ideas and strategies. Furthermore it's completely free.

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The Advantages Of Multimedia Marketing On The Internet

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Many marketing campaigns for products hook a potential customer in with a catchy advertisement. The hook may come in the form of a slogan or picture. While snappy text and pictorial design might make a customer take a second look, it does not always convert a customer lead into a sale. What Internet marketing tools can you utilize to convert more sales leads into actual customers?

The answer is multimedia marketing. What is multimedia marketing? Let's define "multimedia". Multimedia is media that involves an advertisement that "talks and moves". For example, multimedia contains more than just text and/or pictures. Multimedia advertisements contain audio and video elements. By adding audio and video ingredients to your marketing campaign you will see your sales conversion rates soar.

What exactly are audio and video multimedia marketing elements? Audio elements include voice-overs, sound effects, and music. For example, when a potential customer visits your web page the first thing that catches their eye is the beautiful graphics and text information. At this point your customer needs to feel an emotional connection with your company, products, and services. This is where audio elements play a role.

You can provide music that sets the tone for your product or services. Perhaps you are in the party planning business and you have an advertisement about planning children's birthday parties. You can play fun, upbeat music to mimic the atmosphere of a birthday party.

You could also add in a button that allows website visitors to listen to your actual voice. You can demonstrate your passion for your product and money back guarantee through your voice. Potential customers will feel that their experience has been more personable. This allows them to feel more comfortable with your company, services, and products. A wonderful side effect of this safe feeling is increased customer sales.

Video elements are another tool you can employ in your marketing campaign. You can create your own Internet commercial. You can demonstrate how to use your product through a video. You could even video testimonials from happy customers. A video will allow potential customers to attach a "face" to the product or services you are selling.

You are building a relationship with your customers when you make their Internet experience rich and satisfying. Plus, did you know that adding an audio element to your website can increase your response rate by 300%. Wow! That is a massive increase that you just can't ignore.

Another great benefit to creating audio and video components for your website is that you can build CDs and DVDs from these files. You could create reports on specific topics and burn them to CDs and DVDs. Then you can sell these products to customers.

The Internet is ready to handle sophisticated audio and video files. Plus, Internet technology is improving every day. You can create these audio and video components in the comfort of your own home or office. It really is that simple. The effort you put into creating your own multimedia marketing campaign on the Internet is well worth it when your sales conversion rate skyrockets.

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Revealed The Secrets Of The World S 1 Network Marketer

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If you are in network marketing; by now you should have understood that more than 95% of the people who work on network marketing fails. Merely 1% is making themselves rich. And the other 4% are making some kind of decent income from this form of activities. That is to say, 95% are plain struggling.

If you have not been successful by now, you are at the brink of giving up. And just not long ago when someone roped or rather "doped" you into this line of business, were telling you how good and easy this business will be.

Hyping in this business of network marketing or some called it multi-level marketing is common and wide spread.

The truth is network marketing is not easy. It can be simple though. In fact is just plain simple.

Don't worry!

You are about to receive the "secrets" of how to be the world top network marketer in the next 5 minutes!

No, you don't have to fork out your credit card and key in your XXXX numbers to pay for the $597.00 fee.

Not even $297.00, Not even $97.00.

Or even $9.90!

The "SECRETS" will be yours for FREE ........ for NOW!

Investigate the steps below and to be really successful;

must get yourself involved "whole heartedly"


Here it comes:


Go to the "Park". Not any park; "The Network Marketing Park"

Find a tree.

Shake the tree.

A Network Marketing Guru will drop out.

He will begs you to be his disciple and promise to "hold" you hand and will impart 100,000 fresh enthusiastic downlines to you.

In 12 months, you will be the top earning network marketer there is in your part of the world; and will be a dominating figure in the industry. You will be earning your first $1 million by now.

After you receive your very first $1 million check.........

Go back to the " Network Marketing Park".

Find a tree

Climb up the tree.

And wait...........


Felt coned?

Think again.

This is the type of situation we are living through and spending most of our time investing and working with. Hoping that the formula could be that simple or simpler.

Take time and think about the story above again.

Does it reflect the reality in us? To be honest, you and me thought of it haven't we?

Wouldn't it be nice if the story is true!

Is there really a "Secrets" to it all?

In short, we were and are impatient.

This perfectly captured the environment in which most network marketer faces, beginners or not.

Expectations are high.

Will you expect to get paid without working hard on this business?

In reality the network marketing industry needs more devoted network marketers.

Who are persistent and self motivated.

The one that is most likely to make things happen.

The one that will not take "NO" for an answer.

The one that will help more people successful.

Those are some of the qualities of a successful network marketer. So as to say these are the real " Secrets" of the world's #1 Network Marketer.

In a nut shell; a person who have the ambition and the will to take that into action. A person who is self motivated will succeed in network marketing. The most successful network marketers are those who will do what it takes and whatever it takes. These are the people who make things happen, not just watching things happen.

Revealed herein the "Real Truth" in success in network marketing:

TAKE ACTION in the business.

Have fun doing it.

Get involved and help as many people crossing our path, to improve their lifestyle, and ours.

As a saying goes: "Get as many people get what they want and you will get what you want".

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Deep Thoughts On Internet Promotion

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I have this friend Sloan. He's a real lunatic. I've never met anyone who could pole dance without a pole. But when he's not shaming himself and his entire family tree he is truly the smartest person I know. Perhaps to you that seems as if I might not be saying much. But, don't take a cue from my spaciness as indicative of the company I keep. I've got a couple razor sharps in my crew for sure.

But, about Sloan, I remember one time we were talking about the U.S. in Iraq. It's a complex subject, to be certain, but Sloan thinks that if you're going to consider it you need to put it into context, including historical. I couldn't agree more. Before I knew it, his historical context began with fractured substrata of the Persian Empire and I had three thousand years of history to listen to before we could resume our talk on the U.S. in Iraq. That's pretty impressive. Annoying, but impressive. Many times it's difficult for me to disagree with Sloan. But that time happened, indeed, and I'll never look at him the same again.

I was walking across the Washington Ave. bridge and Sloan told me that he didn't like talking in superlatives (this guy sounds like a real ball of laughs, doesn't he). Don't get me wrong, I like arguments; and I think that it's important in a discussion for people to take and support varying perspectives and it's the differences of opinion and belief that permeate our world that keeps us moving and living...but dismissing superlatives, I simply cannot accept.

I love to love things at an equally exalted level as I do to hate things. It's the best...ever. If someone can't see the ultimate value in that, I think that person is the lowest of all which disgusts and rots in this world and they most certainly couldn't be my best friend, for certain.

This is why I think Sloan is kind of an idiot. I bet he couldn't even appreciate the best internet advertising techniques if they were thrown in his face. It's not Persian history, but internet advertising can have better or worse techniques. If that's possible, it seems to me that with proper research on your targeted demographic and some strong attention given to one's methodology, it's quite possible to derive the best internet advertising for your particular site and also for your particular commodity. So, don't be sloppy, thinking that any advertising is as good as anything else. There is a method that will work the best for you. It's achievable and it's also important to you, so take your time and don't settle until you've got the best.

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Social Bookmarking As An Aggressive And Acceptable Blog Marketing Tactic

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Social bookmarking websites are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to save bookmarks online and Tag/Categorize them with keywords instead of saving them as bookmarks in the favorite's list of yourbrowser. This is particularly useful when your browser based bookmarks have become unwieldy. It's also help since you can access your bookmarks from any computer where you have an internet connection.

I have compiled a list of Social Bookmarking websites from a number of sources. You can find it here:

Once you have bookmarked them, you can view them, sort them by category/keyword as well as see links from others that have been categorized like yours.

You also establish RSS feeds for each category (tag) that you 'subscribe' to. This alerts you to new links in your areas of interest. Your bookmark collection/RSS Feed becomes viewable to others who can also copy your bookmarks to their own collection. So now you can aggressively promote your RSS feed to the RSS Directories and Search engines, syndicate them and make them available to a much wider audience.

Social bookmarking sites also help you to meet other people who are interested in the same topics you are and who may also have knowledge of web resources that you don't.

On Social Bookmarking sites, you first create an account. Then you bookmark interesting and useful things in the area of your interest or expertise. By doing so you create a useful Feed. Once you've done that you intermittently, (or aggressively), add useful and interesting items, (that could use additional exposure), from your own content. Make an honest effort to contribute USEFUL information and links. This is all about sharing and exposure. Done properly, you can be as aggressive as you want to be about sharing information. You can share your blog(s), links to your informational/resource sites etc. Think about the fact that when you share links to other's resources, you're also effectively promoting their content as well.

This is a way you can aggressively and ethically promote your content and the content of others. I personally have hundreds of gigabytes of my own information and information of others, connected to my notebook. In the final analysis, it's doing me no good what-so-ever just sitting there. But by organizing it, online, I can help myself, (getting organized, getting my content exposed, etc.) and help others at the same time.

If you spice up your feed with too much sales and marketing related or self promotional stuff, people can and will easily drop their subscription to your feed. And instead of gaining good will and doing a service to the internet community you could get labeled as a spammer and suffer the consequences.

So while being aggressive is possible and acceptable, being careful to consider the best interest of the community is certainly warranted.

Balancing being ethical and providing a useful service to others with promoting your own content enables you to be as aggressive as you like. But remember, in the final analysis, others will make the decision on whether it's ethical and useful or spam.

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How Earn Money From Untapped Affiliate Markets

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Affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative as you know, but if you are a newbie who are starting to involve in earning online through affiliate program, you may find it's hard to find a suitable affiliate products to promote with, because most of them have been promoted heavily by many other affiliate marketers; hence if you are promoting the same affiliate products, you need to complete with these experience affiliate marketers.

So how can you find untapped and therefore potentially highly profitable products to promote as an affiliate?

If you are a new affiliate marketer, the best place to start searching for your products is at Clickbank, the leading retailer of digital products and the most popular affiliate networks where many affiliate marketers are making the fortune with it. You may wonder that Clickbank products are heavily promoted by many affiliate marketers, are you standing a chance to win in this affiliate market? The fact is Clickbank sell so many products, there are still some very profitable opportunities which are overlook by other affiliate marketers.

If you do some analysis, you will find that most affiliate marketers are naturally go to promote best selling products in each category and the most popular category which love by most affiliate marketers is internet marketing / make money products. This category is facing heavy competition between affiliate marketers, some good strategies are needed to win in the competition. If you not a good competitor and have a marketing budget constraint; then try to look for other less popular products, you will often find some hidden gems that haven't yet taken off for whatever reason. You can make a good profit with these products by promoting them on PPC (pay per click) search engines, email marketing, article marketing or through your website.

Beside that, the best way to profit from Clickbank products is you must get the first hand alert on any new product launch in Clickbank. And start to heavily promote it as soon as they come available. Getting a good and new product promoted in market before others do, can be extremely lucrative. There are specialist sites that will allow you to constantly scan for any new products that have just entered the marketplace.

Other than Clickbank, there are many other affiliate networks available in the internet that has hidden gems which you can discover and make your fortune from it. Do a search for "affiliate networks" and you will find thousands of affiliate networks where you can find many companies offer affiliate program. These networks present plenty of opportunities because from these lists, there will inevitably be some companies that are under-represented by affiliates, particularly on Google Adwords and other PPC search engines.

Furthermore, if you spend some time to look for companies outside the US which have their individual affiliate program, you will find a lot untapped affiliate markets for non-English speaking countries. These markets have far fewer competitors and may be a potential an absolute goldmine where you can earn a substantial profits from them. Your problem that you will be faced if you want to tap into these non-English speaking markets, you need to translate your sales page or website into a different languages; don't try to use any of translation software because they very rarely translate perfectly into the natural language. You can many freelance sites that provide translation service; use their service to translate your sales page or website into different language and start promoting your selected products to these countries.

In Summary

Affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative and to be success in this business, you need to be creative search for untapped opportunities. The internet market is huge and there is always be good companies out there who need more affiliates in all kinds of different niches.

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Message Boards A Very Valuable Internet Marketing Tool

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Internet marketing is a very wide term which can be used to encompass a variety of marketing techniques which are used online. Banner advertisements, website promotion, search engine optimization, email marketing and affiliate marketing all fall under the umbrella of the term Internet marketing, but there is even more to Internet marketing than those concepts. Promoting your website or business on message boards can also be considered to be Internet marketing. In fact this is one of the simplest and least expensive Internet marketing options available. This article will examine how savvy business owners can use Internet message boards wisely. It will also explain how message boards can be misused and rendered ineffective as well.

Message boards are essentially online meeting places. In general most message boards are focused on a particular niche subject and encourage those who share an interest in this particular subject to get together to discuss relevant issues, ask questions, provide advice and even just socialize. Message boards can focus on any subject imaginable, they may focus on a particular baseball team or just the sport of baseball in general. Message boards can focus on subjects such as politics, television shows, bands, current events, jobs, hobbies or any subject under the sun. Savvy Internet marketers can take advantage of these message boards to reach a target audience without investing a great deal of money.

Consider a business in which the focus of the business is to assist people in finding jobs which offer telecommute options. The concept of working from home is becoming increasingly popular and there are many websites which focus on this subject. Likewise there are also many message boards devoted to the topic of working from home. On those message boards those with an interest in the subject meet to discuss issues such as finding employment where working from home is an option, working around the schedule of children, setting up a home office, dealing with friends or family members who don't respect your working hours and paying taxes on freelance assignments. A business owner who actively participates in this message board can take the opportunity to post a link to his website when it is relevant and offers something of value to the conversation. He or she may also pick up useful tips and information as well. This is worthwhile because the message board features a high concentration of your target audience members.

When using message boards to promote your business, it is important to ensure you are following the rules associated with the message boards. Message boards may have restrictions regarding the posting of links and failure to abide by these restrictions may result in you being banned from the message board. For this reason it is important for anyone who is interested in using message boards for promotion of their business to carefully read the terms of use to ensure they are not violating any of the rules. It is also important to simply use common sense when promoting your business on a message board. Just because the rules do not restrict posting links, does not mean you should spam the board with your link. Take care to only include your link when it is relevant. This will prevent message board users from assuming your link is just worthless spam.

Finally, when using message boards to promote your business it is important to be courteous to other message board users and to keep all posts professional. This is important because you and your business are much more likely to be taken seriously if you act professionally and responsibly. You should maintain this degree of professionalism even in posts which do not include your business link. This is important because other message board participants will remember you by your user name and will not be likely to take you seriously if you have previously made posts which were offensive, mean spirited or inaccurate. So always be professional and curteous at all times, and with all postings.

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How To Utilize My Space

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Once a person has set up their internet business and has had some success with it, they then need to start looking at ways to utilize their online space, which will help their business grow.

The most important thing to do when growing your online business is to utilize your space effectively. There are a number of ways to do that. First, think of your online business as a room you are trying to expand. You can either expand it by getting a bigger room, or adding on to the one you already have. Whether one chooses to expand their space by adding on or exchanging it for a larger room, the key to growth is finding out which choice will yield you the results you are looking for.

This article will try to help you figure out which choice suits you best.

How to utilize your space effectively?

Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for online businesses to earn and generate passive income. Google AdSense targets ads specifically design for online business owner's customers. However, although a lot of online business owners know this, they don't know that they can carry alternative ads also or instead of google.

If this is something that might interest you see if it would be applicable to utilizing your space effectively.


Think about opening another location for your business As mentioned in the introduction, one can either add on to their business or locate to a bigger space.

If your business is of high quality and you are thinking of expanding your customer base this is a viable option.

Remember non-online businesses move to different locations all the time, especially when they might need to attract more customers.


Another way to utilize your space is by turning your business into a franchise. By doing that your business will grow, plus it is another way to generate passive income without necessarily doing more work?

License your product

Another way to utilize your space is by licensing a product you own, assuring continued growth, and generating passive income. If you have a product that is in demand then license it and every time another business uses your product you will get money.

Hook up with another business

If you want to utilize your space effectively hook up with another business. This is usually referred to as a merger. Every business has their strengths and weaknesses. If you can merge or at least offer a partnership with another business that is strong where you are weak and vice versus then your business can grow in a number of ways.


Utilize your space by make sure your website is attractive, easy to read for visitors and offer high quality products. If necessary, hire a web designer but nothing turns off visitors then a website that look and feels cheap.


Utilize your space by making sure that your website is geared for SEO (search engine optimization). High traffic results in bigger profit. When trying to make you business grows through SEO make sure that you do it honestly. The way to do that is by making sure your site is link up with high quality sites.

A person can also hire a consultant who can help improve their business SEO, but make sure the consultant is honorable and know what is the "legal" way to do it.

Think about how to utilize your space effectively, so that your online business can grow. Whether growth comes by adding on to your business or finding a bigger space the choice is yours. The key to take your time before choosing which approach will be the most effective for you.

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Internet Marketing Secrets

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If you are developing a new website, or just want to improve the natural search results of an existing website, there are a few Internet marketing secrets you need to know - especially those that can provide a significant boost to your rankings.

Marketing Experts Start with Google

I have seen various statistics, but one thing is clear, Google is the dominant player of search - commanding approximately 60% of all search engine traffic. Ask any marketing expert where he or she would spend their search engine optimization efforts and they will undoubtedly say "Google". Do what you can to rank well on Google. As a result, you will see results on other search engines as well.

One of the simplest Internet marketing secrets you can put into effect immediately is to register your domain name for 3 years. Many individuals who begin a web-based business register for one year only. You must realize however that Google is in the business of generating quality results from legitimate businesses. If you're an established business, chances are that your web site has been up for more than a year. Google likes to see longevity and commitment. If you plan to be around for some time, register your domain for three years and show Google that you're in business to stay.

Optimize Your Home Page for a Keyword Phrase

You have to use the right keywords if you want your website to appear at the top of any search result list. This can be tricky because most single key words are very competitive. What to do? Another internet marketing secret is to use a keyword phrase, not just a single keyword. Additionally, you want to find a keyword phrase that isn't very competitive but generates a decent level of traffic on a daily and monthly basis. To do so, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the overture search tool at This tool shows you how many individuals typed in a particular search term for the previous month.

2. Type in your keyword and notice other keyword suggestions. Select a number of keyword phrases to evaluate. The higher number of people searching on a keyword phrase generally means that it will be harder for you to get top placement for that term. A good number to shoot for, in terms of monthly keyword phrase searches, is about 1000 - 2000 per month.

3. Go to and type in the keyword phrase(s) you've selected one at a time. After entering each, notice the total number of results listed in the upper right hand corner after your search. This is the number of web pages that are also associated with this keyword phrase. You want to find the keyword phrase that commands the highest number of monthly searches (step 2 above) and the least number of competitors.

On Page Optimization

If you are going to rank well for any keyword phrase, you need to effectively manage your on page optimization. Specifically, your use of H1 and H2 tags, page title, alt images, bolded text, italicized text, underlined text, and keyword proximity. The Internet marketing secret here is to copy your competition and do things slightly better. To do so, type in your keyword phrase in Google and visit the top 5 sites listed individually. Select "view source" in the Internet browser window you're using for each site and see what your toughest competition has done.

*Have they included the keyword phrase in their page title?

*Does the keyword appear in bolded text only once?

*Italicized text one? Underlined text only once?

*Does the keyword phrase appear in the first 25 words on the page? The last 25 words?

You will need to copy what the best websites for that keyword phrase have done and improve upon it. You don't need a marketing expert to show you how to do what I've just described, simply copy the best and evaluate each point noted. Shape your site to appeal to Google and other key search engines.

Off - Page Optimization

The final Internet Marketing Secret you must learn is the importance of off-page optimization. This refers to the number of links pointing to your site, the PR rank (stands for Google Page Rank) of the sites linking to you, and the Anchor text of the link.

There are some simple things you can do to begin developing an aggressive link campaign for those sites that link to your competitors - for the keyword phrase you've selected. The best advice I can give you however is to research SEO and link building software on the Internet. This will allow you to make the most of your time and target the best sites to improve your link popularity.

Building your link popularity is an arduous task and in my opinion difficult. I've certainly learned over the last few years that your effectiveness in this area is ultimately determined by the tools you use and effort you exert. Take my word for it, you don't want to build your links manually, you'll never get ahead - so research options on the Internet.

Once you begin developing links, you'll need to monitor them on an ongoing basis. Keep in mind that you will often have to provide a link on your website to the third party site. Be sure to create a links page where you maintain your link exchanges and monitor it regularly to insure that third party links to your domain still exist. If removed, you should remove your link as well.

The Internet marketing secrets shared in this article are essential for improving your search engine results. Take your time and implement each one in a controlled and disciplined manner and you will see your rankings improve.

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