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Good Copywriting Broken Down To Steps

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It may be the most lucrative job and business right now - trying to write ads from scratch that would make your audience to sit up and take attention. And it is actually not impossible. But it sure feels like it most of the time.

So what's the big secret from those who can do it? It's all in the steps you make. To write effective copy, whether it's for your full color brochures and marketing brochures and color postcards, the big secret is to do it one step at a time.

Step 1: Questions first; answers later when you're writing your sales copy.

You need to ask yourself four questions before you could go on with your sales ad copy: who are your target audience? How can you confirm your information? What will make them ignore your call? What is your call to action and your promise?

When you're ready with your answers, then start writing your ad.

Step 2: Make a list of all your product's features and check them twice. The more features you have, the better you can describe fully your product's best qualities.

Step 3: Also make a list of the benefits - for every feature try to come up with as many benefits as you can.

Step 4: It's all in the formula.

For every success there's always a formula. Two of the popular formulas in copy writing are AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution). If you can create your own, the better.

Step 5: Develop a headline with a punch.

You can always get inspiration from other full color brochures and marketing brochures and color postcards. Every time you read something you like, write it down. When you're in front of your sales ad copy, try to put your own details in place of what's already written. Then you can use that for your headline to impress your target audience.

Step 6: Just write it!

The best strategy I believe is to just write it. Anything that comes to your mind, just fire away! If you let your imagination flow, you'll most likely get a lot of inspiration for your sales copy. In fact, the more you let your emotions flow, the less likely that you'll sound like anybody but yourself. The best thing is that you'll be able to come up with your sales copy while customizing it to your own needs and requirements.

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Marketing Your Web Site Part 3 Using Email E Books Letterhead And Magazines

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Using Email to market your web site

This is a very touchy subject. One that needs to be addressed and that you need to understand. Email marketing falls into three categories. First is simple, you place a signature line in your email program that automatically adds your signature block to each out going email. This signature line identifies your web site and a brief tag line or catch phase. Every time you respond or send an email, your signature advertises your business. No problems with that. However, the next two types of email marketing are very touchy.

By now, everyone has heard of SPAM. Your definition may be different from mine and from the governments. However, you look at it, SPAM is unwanted email. Now email marketing requires that we send emails to our potential customers. This can be done either with or without their permission. Sending email without the permission of the recipient put us in a bad light. Often resulting is negative feelings and responses from the recipient. This is bad for business. If you piss off the potential customer, well.... they are no longer a potential customer as they have deleted you email and won't be visiting your site. You have wasted valuable time and money. So, the only people you will be sending any marketing emails to will be those that have requested information from you or have agreed to receive information from you. This is called permission based email.

Where can you find people who are willing to receive your emails? First provide a place on your web site to gather the names and addresses of your visitors. Offer them something in exchange, such as a free publication, or your newsletter, or something else of potential value to them. Let them know when they sign up that you will from time to time be sending them information. Include in the email a means to unsubscribe at any time. As people sign up you are building your email list which you can market to as often as you like. I wouldn't recommend more than twice a month.

There are other web sites that maintain a list of people who want to hear from your. This permission based method is usually based on a particular subject matter. Such as hobbies, business ideas, child care etc. You can find them on the web by searching for mailing list.

Emails are an inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. If you have a brick and motor store, try to get the email addresses of your current customers and add them to the list as well. You will be surprised at how much extra business can come from a personalize email about a special you are offering for their support over the last year etc.

Using E-books to market your web site

What can your own E-zine or E-book do for your business or web site? How about:

Sell more products or services. An e-zine/e-book can increase your credibility, making it easier to sell your product or service as well as those of others in which you have a stake.

Attract more affiliates to help sell your products or services. This form of advertising is viral in it approach. E-zines and e-books get passed from person to person. Creating more interest which makes people want to jump on board and become part of that success.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field, creating more 'believability' and trust.

People don't buy from strangers. With you e-zine or e-book you become better known to them. When the time comes they need or want your products or services, there's no question who they'll buy them from - YOU!

Show your visitors and clients everything you can really do for them, maximizing your sales efforts.

Build a base of customers who are ready to hire you, buy from you, evangelize for you and create more fans for you.

Effortlessly spread the word about your business via "viral marketing."

Create new revenue streams from selling ad space and recommending other products that you're an affiliate of. See our affiliate page for more information.

Become a recognized publisher. Have others writing your articles, advertisers paying for exposure in your publication.

Here is an IMPORTANT point, capture the email addresses of your Web site visitors, gaining permission to market to them over and over again and multiple chances closing the sale. Not to mention the sales of other products or services.

Keep in touch with all of your customers, prospects, and associates

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Best Internet Marketing Solutions Without Overspending

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The Internet has made this world an open enterprise. It has become important for companies to further expand their market and their consumer targets. Engaging to Internet Marketing maybe a risk for people who wish to be involved with this type of business.

Ensure that most of your target consumers will surely acquire your product. Consider the best products which will definitely capture their interests and needs. This means that you need to identify specifically who these people are, their location and financial level in the society. Have a marketing knowledge and skill to achieve your goal in the field of Internet marketing.

At the present, you can use varied Internet Marketing Solutions that is being offered by companies which can be your tool for support to your consumers. This solution maybe email marketing, search engine optimization or creating web pages or sites. Since you need to maximize your return profit, you need to choose Internet Marketing Solutions that will help you achieve this. These marketing techniques will not cost much since they are very self-explanatory, thus, learned easily.

Email marketing is a common Internet marketing Solution. This is a cost effective way of communicating and interacting to your consumers, driving them to visit your website and check out your products. It may be in a way of marketing articles, leading them to forums or newsletters. A newsletter has an advantage of expanding your consumers as more and more sign up on it until you can have a bulk list of emails.

Another great Internet marketing solution is through websites. This is a good promotion strategy to employ since you can display all the necessary information for your target consumers. The website should capture their interest and be complete since every transaction, from inquiry to payments may take place. All correspondence that will be done online must be well-facilitated by the features of your website.

Another Internet marketing solution is search engine optimization. This is a type of service for your website that you can make use of in order to raise the number of visitors to your site. Once a consumer uses a search engine, your website will rank high in the list of searches which in return will increase your site's traffic.

Considering these Internet Marketing Solution, there are different companies offering software products containing one or all of these solutions. It would be a great opportunity to try one of these which will match your financial capability and expected return profit.

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Business Website Tips

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The design industry in general is very sensitive to outside influences all the time, usually termed as "modern", "innovative" or "trend-setting" etc. However, thankfully these influences affect the design areas outside the purview of web design, where the designers and artists tend to change their style, direction and outlook. In the web design world, we look towards objects, resources and content resulting in profitability as motivating factors for changes in design.

The path breaking truth about websites is that there are no rules for web design, there are only guidelines. Following them or not is up to the web designer, but following certain guidelines to design a money making site would certainly help in the long term.

The main objective of a business website is representation of the company and describing the products and services offered by it on the internet. The website must make sure that enough information in this regard is available. Transparency is another factor while designing a business website. This can be achieved through the "About Us" page which should provide enough information about the management, the objectives, the history and the philosophy of the company represented. Photographs on this page enhance credibility, since they present a crystal clear transparent picture to the visitor which says "we have nothing to hide".

Some designers tend to provide contact information in the "About Us" page, although it is not incorrect, a better and organized method would be the usage of "Contact Us" page. Please make sure the contact us page is simple and short. Many websites have long forms to fill with departmental details and other formalities. Keeping this short would help in two ways - it will not be an irritant to the visitor, the other, the company can avoid getting spurious and incomplete information.

The categories explaining the products and services offered by the company should be complete including pictures of the products if any. Use pictures sparingly lest they distract the user from reading the content. Always keep the content regarding products and services up-to-date thru "news" or the "latest" pages. The news page can be supported by writing relevant press releases rich in keyword content and distributing them to the important press release sites. This will help bring in more traffic to your site at the same time building credibility.

Use the "testimonials" page to put up comments from old customers. This would not only help in pushing your products and services but also in making the customers re visit and make further purchases. This page should convey user concern and should not be a sales pitch.

These are but a few tips to designing a professional business website.

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Pop Up Ads To Be Or Not To Be

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Imagine surfing through the Internet, looking for information, or maybe just sauntering along, clicking upon whatever comes your way, not really paying attention to the content, when your eye is caught by a link to a site that claims to have content that really appeals to you at that very moment. You hopefully click upon the link, curious about what awaits you when suddenly you're hit with one, two, three, four, five pop-up ads and they keep jumping up and hitting you from every corner of the screen. How many times have one of us been attacked by pop-up ads that don't interest us? How many times have the efforts of the advertisers to sell their products ended up in completely ruining the happy and receptive state of mind the user in a stampede of information, hitting too soon, too suddenly and too forcefully for the user to have any favorable impression of the product.

In fact, in many cases it is observed that the content of the pop-up ads isn't even the issue at hand. Pop-up ads by their very nature are irritating and annoying to most users of the Internet. People are not happy at being interrupted while they surf or hunt around for information. However, many site owners and web masters feel compelled to include pop-up ads in their advertising mix in order to generate revenue for slow moving sites.

According to a study conducted by the Bunnyfoot University, "The Efficacy of Pop-ups and the Resulting Effect on Brands" Internet users feel harangues and harassed by pop-up ads. The study revealed that pop-up ads precipitated dislike and annoyance with the pop-up ads and for this reason, with the web site and the site owner as well. Most users do not even wait to see the entire ad; they do not even wait till the entire ad is loaded or till the company or brand logo is displayed. More than half the pop-up ads displayed to the sample group were ignored. There were negative comments about the adverts because the users felt that the ads insulted their intelligence by assuming that they could not locate a certain item on their own. Annoyance at the appearance of the adverts also reflected that the users found them to be irrelevant and obstructive to the content of the site. These viewpoints are the opinions of the sample group selected by Bunnyfoot University to conduct their research however, considering the responses garnered from a multitude of Internet users, these opinions are shared by many users of the Internet who want to be able to view content-rich sites without being disturbed by pop-up ads.

The reasons given by the web masters for using pop-up ads is that they are not quite as repulsive and disagreeable to their users as they are portrayed. Another reason many web masters are not willing to dismiss pop-up ads is because they offer the example of Web giants like Yahoo! and Google Inc. who also offer their users pop-up ads. The site owners cite this precedent as justification for using pop-up ads on their sites. Pop-up ads are a good way to earn revenue on sites that offer quality content. The web site owners believe that they are justified in their bid to earn revenue since most of the information featured on the Internet is free for the user, and most users do not want to pay for the information offered by the content-rich sites. The site owners contest that if the users are allowed to view the content on their sites for free, the least they can do is tolerate a couple a pop-up ads that after all, help to pay for the site' running. Even though most site owners feels justified in displaying pop-up ads on their sites, many other webmasters are resorting to pop-under ads that do not obstruct the user but wait till the user is finished with viewing the information on site. Pop-under ads are not so zealously opposed, they are far more likely to be tolerated and viewed with patience by the user, which is why increasingly more and more web masters are opting for pop-under ads to fund their sites.

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An Internet Marketing Guru S True Story

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Get Gone starts out as jottings of the traumatic few days in the breakdown of a long relationship between two soul mates and lovers. One who dreams and an Internet marketing guru who deals with reality. Get Gone tells of how the desires of one consumed and depleted the other. Get Gone tells of illusions, spirits and black magic. Get Gone spells out the anguish of uncertainty and emptiness. The big difference is that Get Gone has only just started, its already beyond those few days and into even deeper territory. Where emotions are at critical and losses will be huge, and changes are already intensively decisive. This story has much distance to go and captivating pages to produce, into a future you could not even start to imagine and from a past that will spell bind you. Its destined to be a book better than any fiction. They say fact is stranger than fiction, well here is the actual marketing proof.

But most of all, Get Gone tells it as it happens, sometimes minute by anguishing real true minute. This is wilder than any romance, better than any fantasy, more mind blowing than any trip, deeper than any emotion and frightening. And its true as it happens! Episode by unsuspecting episode. There is a mountain to be learnt from this far out experience and a whole lot of very unusual stuff to get used to. But, Get Gone has only just started, the story is developing day by riveting day with who knows what outcome. But it sure is addictive stuff and you never know what is coming next. As an Internet Marketing Viral, it could be pure dynamite.

Its much better than Big Brother or Coronation street or any soap for that matter, this is real unique content, like never before. They didn't have illusions and evil spirits in them now did they? Or the promise of intensive love triangles and passionate affairs destined to be? Or promises of new equally unbelievable adventures in far off places with who knows who? Or even complete disaster!

All emotions laid open to the core and all things are possible with this saga.

Will it all work out? Is there even bigger problems to come? Will there be new loves in the air or deeper despair? Will the Chauffeurs queue up outside? Will independence be found? Will Elizabeth change direction yet again? Will she ever find true happiness? Will torrid love affairs develope? Will a new home be on the horizon? Will the Internet marketing succeed? Will there be even bigger illusions? Will the cleaner be gay? Will new spirits or devils appear? Will he wear a condom? There is so much that will yet happen and even the author knows not will or wont.

This could make make best read of the year on the Internet or even best read of the year, full stop!

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10 Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Website

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If your website traffic has suddenly come to a stand-still, you may need to give your site a marketing jump start. This is really directed towards Information Marketing (one of the best markets around) but can really be applied to anything. Here are a few ways to get your traffic flowing again.

1.Buy hits for your website.

Pay for targeted hits to your web site. You can do what is called "pay per click" advertising. This is where you pay search engines every tine some one clicks on your link for your web site. A great advantage to this is it almost instantly gets you visitors.

2.You can also send out a promotional email to the opt-in email list you SHOULD be creating by offering free reports or courses to your visitors.

3.Pay your competition a flat fee to email your promotional offer to their lists. This is a great way to build relationships with your competitors.

4.You can do what is referred to as a Joint Venture. This is when you pay someone a commission on sales when they email your promotional offer to their email lists.

5.You can pay for advertising on someone else's website by paying a flat fee up front to put an ad, banner or link on the site.

6.You can pay for advertising by offering a commission to your competition or anyone on sales when they put your ad, banner or link on their site.

7.You can submit your website to search engines with your keywords and website description.

8.You can submit your link to other websites, and in return, add them to yours.

9.You can write a free report or course to give away to other websites in your market and allow them to put an affiliate link inside (so they have an incentive to give it away), and give that away for free. If its good information, it will spread like a virus. This marketing concept is known as "viral marketing".

10.If you have good material you can have a nice marketing edge because people will share the website because the enjoyed it. You can also offer affiliate programs so your customers can earn commissions when they refer some one to buy your product .

These should give you some good ideas to get more traffic, and maybe even spark some ideas of your own!

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Internet Business Marketing For Success

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How can a business that is already successful in reaching their local market extend their marketing reach online? The good news is that the traditional offline marketing that has always worked so well will still work at least as effectively to promote your online presence. The other side of the coin is that to promote your business online, the old traditions need some updating to keep up with online marketing best practices.

Any business should already have a marketing plan and objectives from their offline initiatives, so let's jump straight into the technology aspects of online marketing. I generally look at the following things first, because they can be done at very low or no initial cost, and also because subsequent specialist marketing won't be as successful without these things in place. Of course there is a huge amount more to online marketing, the extent of which could easily be justified as a full-time university course. This is the pre-school notes, to help get your site to a starting point on a low budget if you can't quite afford to be calling in the big guns to market your site for you professionally just yet.

1. Site optimization

This is always the place to start, because the effectiveness of everything which follows is often dependent on this being done up front. When I say this, I include great content and intuitive navigation as the basis for everything. Only once your site has been optimized for intelligent visitors should you tweak it for search engines, but never at the expense of the former.

Search engines look at things like keyword density and how specifically a page matches a specific search term. Of course this is extremely over simplistic, but nevertheless a worthwhile starting point. By identifying 10-20 key terms you would like search engines to pick up on, and creating specialised pages with relevant information which utilises those terms in the right way, you will start getting much better results once your site has been indexed.

You will find that it is best to use specialised keyword phrases, for example "precision-engineered bolts" is likely to get better placement than a generic term like "engineering parts". You should also work to create a single page for every key phrase you want picked up on, and include the key phrase in the title, meta tags and use all the words in the body of the page at a high density relative to other words. You should also preferably include the key phrase in the page title, as well as the URL of the page, for example, "". Each page should use a different title, specifically based on the key phrase utilised in that page's content.

Your site should really be developed using XHTML and CSS these days, table-based design has numerous technical problems associated with it, and it results in a lower keyword density than the current standards.

Ideally you should use a content management system which incorporates and facilitates all of the above quickly and effortlessly, such as that provided standard with RealmSurfer sites. This will allow you to manage your own content optimization, with a bit of trial-and-error.

2. Linking and indexing

The next step is to get search engines to start to notice and index your site. Google, for example, won't even look at your site until it has been linked to by at least one other indexed site. Paid inclusion (paying the search engines to index your site on a priority schedule) can be appropriate at this phase if you need to urgently accelerate this process, however it is not always necessary.

Especially useful at this stage can be participating in forums serving your primary target market. This has the dual benefit of creating awareness of your business within communities you would like to reach, and at the same time can help create incoming links to your site, something that search engines pay particular attention to. Ensure that your site details are included as a link in the footer of your posts.

Never use a forum to spam members or submit unsolicited advertising posts - that just has the opposite effect of destroying your business' credibility. Some forums have a separate advertising section in which it may be appropriate to professionally post information about your services and products. Always make sure that your presence represents a valuable contribution to the community. Stay on topic and be professional, helpful and constructive.

Search engines take many factors into consideration when ranking a site. New sites, for example, don't initially fare well, however you will find they will allocate some credibility weighting to you the longer your site is up and running. The biggest factor though, external to the site itself, is the number of inbound (preferably non-reciprocal) links from other sites, and the context and wording of the referring link, as well as the ranking of the referring page, and referring site. The popularity of those sites plays a big role, as well as how high up in the site's own hierarchy the link is. By way of example, a link from counts for much more than a link from a very deeply embedded page like .

3. Implement online marketing partnerships with high-profile online businesses

This is where you can really benefit if implemented successfully. When I was previously running the e-commerce business unit for a large company, rather than pay high-traffic websites to advertise on their sites, which can be very much untargeted, we offered them a percentage of sales. In other words, we provided them with the banners to promote the service, and implemented simple tracking of where our visitors were coming from, and then paid a percentage of the total revenue to the referrer. This resulted in very low marketing costs to us, and the referring sites started placing more and more emphasis on their side to ensure that we got top placement whenever they were low on paid inventory.

Another effective medium-term strategy is to provide content of value to sites which serve your target market. They benefit from your topical content, you benefit from the exposure and links.

4. Dabble in paid keyword advertising

Only at this point should you actually be starting to pay for online advertising. These forms of advertising, however, allow you to specifically target certain people, which means you get a much better return on investment than simply advertising to everyone. This can take some trial and error to find what works best, but the amount you pay should be less than the amount of business you generate, and should normally include full measurement and reports on a reasonably regular basis, preferably online.

For this purpose, I often suggest starting with Google. They are by far the most popular search engine globally, they have a very good reputation, provide reporting online, and are probably the most likely to produce results initially. Yahoo and MSN also have excellent paid link systems, and they keep getting better all the time. The latest offerings from all three are now also starting to allow targeting to specific demographics, a trend that is likely to become the preferred way to target online audiences once the capabilities for this type of targeting matures.

5. Involve an internet marketing specialist

At this point, you should be starting to see some results, and be in a good position to ask some intelligent questions. Preferably deal only with a business that has a good reputation (ask for client contact details so you can find out how effective they are), and has preferably has been around for at least a few years. They should also provide very detailed reports (ask for examples of these up front), and be able to explain in detail how they go about promoting your site, on which sites they do so, the number of views and clickthroughs per site per day, and how effective each promotion was relative to the next. They should also meet with you at least once a month to review successes and failures and involve you in the decision-making process of where next to promote your business. At least monthly, you should be in a position to evaluate your cost per sale for various promotions, and to change your focus accordingly.

Especially be wary of businesses who claim unrealistically quick results, or base their business mainly only on search engine submission, or use deceptive practices to try and "trick" search engines into ranking you higher. These usually at best produce no value, and can in some cases lead to your site being removed or ranked very low by search engines.

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Three Easy Lessons To Take Your Online Marketing To The Next Level

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The common thread? These experiences reinforced several lessons that will help you succeed in attracting the right kinds of clients. Here are ideas and resources to help you take action:

Lesson 1: Be yourself when you market. This is particularly true if you offer a really complex or academic service (like the scientists I mentioned) where it's natural to cite lots of references and sources. Instead of getting caught up in stiff or unnatural language that stands between you and the audience you're trying to connect with, just be yourself. I see a lot of people struggle with this when it comes to writing "copy" for their website, an e-newsletter or sales letter.

In the wise words of my new friend, Fred Gleeck (online marketing genius and co-host of this past weekend's Subscription Website Publishers Association Conference, "Just write the truth. The truth as you see and feel it. People will then feel more comfortable about the copy you write. They may not be able to put their finger on it, but it will be more believable and it will increase sales. Forget the hype and "slightly" untruthful copy. Adopt a writing style that makes sure that what you say and what is ACTUALLY true are in complete harmony." To tap more of Fred's wisdom, visit him at

Lesson 2: If you don't have one, start an e-newsletter TODAY! The key to successful online marketing comes down to one thing: a basic, opt-in e-newsletter. Why? Because you're invited to "touch" your readers regularly with small samples of your thinking. In turn, you invite them to check out more resources on your website. It becomes easy for them to spread the word about you. It's a way to get new contacts from your offline networking into your online marketing system.

A really good e-newsletter, written in your natural voice (see Lesson 1) is the engine that drives your marketing machine. Don't let excuses like "my website's not ready" and "we don't have our editorial calendar planned out" stop you. The point is to start connecting with your target audience at least monthly to build the relationship. My favorite resource for how-to is Debbie Weil at Debbie will get you up and running in no time.

Lesson 3: Nobody cares about you...and here's what to do about it. According to PR expert Paul Hartunian (, nobody cares if you've just released the greatest new service, gotten promoted, hired new staff or spoken at another conference. What they do care about is how you can rock their world. If you start your marketing message with, "We are pleased to announce...," you're dead in the water.

What you need to do is: 1) use a basic template to write press releases that work (Paul has 'em); 2) torture the media by telling them what problems you solve, but not how you solve them (they'll have to call you to find out); 3) develop a simple 3-page media kit for quick follow up (your 1-page press release, a 1-page "so what?" bio, and a 1-page FAQ sheet). The other hot thing that the press likes these days is online media rooms. This is a dedicated place on your website where they can, in one or two easy downloads, check you out and get what they need to write a story about you. An easy way to do this is via the Media Room product at

The 3 easy steps to improve your online marketing efforts?

Step 1: Be yourself when you market.

Step 2: Start an e-newsletter (monthly, at a minimum).

Step 3: Remember that nobody cares about you (only how you can rock their world).

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