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After School Activity For The Hyperactive Child

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ADHD refers to attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder. Most children who

suffer from this disorder suffer from attention problems as well as hyperactivity. Parents of such children are well aware that inattention and hyperactivity continue throughout the day. Keeping such children busy after school hours can be as difficult as keeping them safe during the school day.

The first step while choosing the right after school activity for your child is to understand how ADHD affects him. Is your child interested in sports? Is he put off by the fierce competitiveness, or does he find it hard to get along with teammates? Does your child vocalize his feelings, or is communication a problem?

For a child suffering from ADHD, physical exercise is always beneficial. Exercise takes up the extra energy and helps to stimulate the brain. Team activities teach social skills and discipline. But, if your child shies away from team sports, you may want to look at activities like dancing, cycling, swimming or gymnastics. Martial arts not only teach techniques of self-defense but also teach self-control and patience.

If your child shows aversion to sport and shows inclination towards the fine arts, you may need to look at some other options. Acting classes are a wonderful form of creative exercise. It also provides the child with ample opportunity to develop his social skills. Music, art or dance can help the child to keep himself busy and entertained.

In case the child is not interested in any of the above, you may want him to join a Boy Scouts club or other community oriented clubs that take up social work. Cleaning a park, putting on a show, helping out in an old age home are various activities that may pique your child's interest.

Whatever form of activity you choose, make sure that you monitor your child's progress periodically. If you feel that there is no progress, you may need to change the activity. Anything that increases your child's self-esteem is good. You may enlist the help of the coach or teacher to assess your child's development.

There are certain activities that are detrimental to a child suffering from ADHD. Computer and video games are a definite NO. Since these games need no interaction, children will feel all the more isolated. These children also find it difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad messages. They may therefore show an inclination to stick to messages that are not needed. Games that need the child to sit and wait for his turn patiently tax his patience and will not be a success.

Although you would want these children to be as near to normal as possible, understanding their needs and limits will help you select the right after school activity - one that is fulfilling, tiring as well as challenging.

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Emergency Lesson Plans Real Lifesaving Tools For Teachers

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Everyone gets those situations in life where an emergency has come up, and you don't have the time (or sometimes the ability) to get a good lesson plan in to school for your students. Maybe you have a family emergency or a disrupted travel plan and you just cannot get into school to leave detailed lessons. That is why it is essential for you to have an emergency lesson plan available and handy.

The emergency lesson plan should be able to be used at ANY point in the year. It doesn't have to fit in with what you're currently doing (nor should it - it is to be used when you cannot leave normal sub plans). The lesson should be related to your normal curriculum, but it could be a supplement or an enrichment activity.

Get a folder (or a three-ring binder), and label it appropriately on the outside cover. There are even folders you can purchase (some schools even make these available to teachers) labeled 'sub folder' or 'emergency plans'. Also make sure you have an appropriate spot for your emergency folder on or in your desk area. Some schools will ask you to keep an emergency plan in the office. In either case, make sure it is easily accessible by a substitute teacher.

Think about keeping class activities to 10 to 15 minute increments. This way the sub will have better control of your kids. Students have difficulties adjusting to changes in their routines, and you don't want to have to return to discipline referrals.

Keep the information organized and easily accessible for a sub. Remember, the sub won't know where you normally keep things, and they can't read your mind. Spell out exactly what you want done, where it can be found, and what you want done with it when they're finished.

Make sure you have made enough copies of any worksheets so the sub doesn't have to. And be sure to leave answer keys. Many subs will actually even grade your assignments for you if you ask them in your plans.

Get this done early in the year, and you can save yourself many headaches later, not to mention worries about what will happen in your room if you are unable to be there.


Language Arts: Include short writing activities involving students opinions. Thus they don't have to have 'background' information, and they can write from their own experiences. Parts of speech review can include mad-libs or easy, fun worksheets.

Math: Leave a calculator activity. These could even be puzzles or partner games. Or give review problems.

Science: Copy a science article and have students read carefully and answer questions. Make speculations and use the scientific method. Or have students create the plans for a lab activity.

Reading: Leave students a copy of a short story or article, and questions to answer. You could even set up a 'test-taking' exercise, and discuss appropriate answers and strategies.

Social Studies: Map activities are great for emergency plans. You can even set up a one-day unit on any area/region of the world, including your own town or city.

Everyone gets those situations in life where an emergency has come up, and you don't have the time (or sometimes the ability) to get a good lesson plan in to school for your students. Maybe you have a family emergency or a disrupted travel plan and you just cannot get into school to leave detailed lessons. That is why it is essential for you to have an emergency lesson plan available and handy.

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Burn Fat And Gain Muscle

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Burn fat and gain muscle - it isn't as hard as you might think. You can train your body to burn excess calories instead of storing them as fat, and you can exercise to build up your muscles. With the right techniques, it is easy, so here we show you the best ways to burn fat and build muscle.

Step 1

The very first technique you need to learn in learning how to burn fat and build muscle is to train your body to burn off excess fat. The human body is intelligent to the degree that it watches the calories coming in, and the activity burning them up. It doesn't have any idea what future calorific intake will be, so it tends to store excess calories as fat. Exercise is what your body needs to keep the fat burning off. Simple running, swimming or cycling will stimulate the body to burn off fat.

Step 2

These simple forms of exercise are the best starting point for a system to burn fat and gain muscle. As a complement to this, you will want to start eating as healthy a diet as possible, and you will need to add some resistance training to your program. The most effective form of resistance training is with weights. Weights increase the muscle mass, and this in turn leads to an increase in the speed at which calories are burned. Combine this with the reduced calories from your improved diet, and you should see a dramatic improvement in your health.

Step 3

At this stage, you can increase your food intake. You should see quick results from the previous step, as your muscles get bigger and your waist gets smaller. This is exactly the result you want when you burn fat and gain muscle. Eventually you will reach a stage where your metabolism will be trying to burn off fat and grow muscles, but the difficulty lies in the body's natural tendency to burn muscle. Sometimes when you are hungry on waking, that is a symptom of your body burning muscle instead of fat.

Step 4

As you progress, you will need to step up your cardio and weight training. The weights you use will need to increase in weight constantly, as your body adjusts to each new level. When you can lift a weight for 8 reps with no obvious difficulty, you can then add to the weight and keep the pressure constant. At this stage, you can also add protein supplements. These can help you burn fat and gain muscle by repairing the muscle quickly. Protein is the nutrient which aids muscle repair, and this stimulates growth as your training program continues.

The most crucial step in learning to burn fat and gain muscle is to train your body, first to burn fat, and then to sustain muscle growth. Check out the links below for a free review of the best burn fat and gain muscle guides.

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Teaching Space And The Solar System

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Outer space and the solar system is one of the most interesting topics discussed in school because of the countless colorful heavenly bodies occupying the universe and the idea that there is actually something else outside of our world.

In the few decades since space exploration began, probes have reached the far regions of the solar system. The solar system is the group of celestial bodies, including Earth that orbits around the Milky Way galaxy. Some hundred billion stars can be found in the universe while more than 1,000 comets have been observed regularly through telescopes.

To give this topic a little twist, here are tips to have students "get it."

As introduction to the subject, bring your students out of the classroom (at both daytime and nighttime if it's possible) so they can see what makes up the sky. Explain that the solar system is made up of our sun and all of the heavenly bodies that travel around it. Once they have familiarized themselves to the concept of space and the solar system, you can start moving on.

The ten planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Xena) differ in characteristics. You can use a table to show these differences and characteristics. After showing how each is special from the other, you can let them pick a favorite planet, draw it the way they want it and explain why they chose it from the rest.

For more than 300 years there has been scientific discussions of the events that led to the formation of the solar system. And since it could be quite time-consuming to talk about the theories concerning the origin of life in the solar system, you may use film or other visual presentations as tools to better explain it.

A telescope is another effective device used to magnify or enlarge the image of a distant object. It is a very important tool for astronomers. It enables them to see much farther into space than is possible with the human eye. What you can do is bring a telescope you can share with your students so everyone can have a glimpse on what's out there in space through a very informal activity.

What is space exploration? The age of space exploration began in the sixth decade of the 20th century. Since that time, robot probes and human beings have ventured beyond the limits of the Earth's atmosphere. Today, space explorations include the investigation of celestial objects ranging in size from cosmic dust to the giant planets of the solar system. Because of technology, humans are continuously discovering more about life and forces in space. The possibilities are endless.

Outer space and the solar system may be a very interesting topic but its long history of theoretical and practical developments can fuel a lot of questions. The key to space exploration lay in the production of the rocket engine, which made possible the lofting of objects beyond the Earth's atmosphere. With this subject, remember you are teaching your students that the field of space exploration and the solar system relies heavily on communication and technology.

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Girls Boarding School

(category: K12-Education, Word count: 577)
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Is your girl child feeling pressured in the co-ed classroom environment? Do you want to bring up your child in a healthy all girls' environment? Well then waste no time to admit your girl to a good and reputed girls' boarding school where she will receive the proper training to develop a self-belief that will help her to become tomorrow's leader.

Education is not just attending school and learning facts. Your child should have to develop skills to meet the challenges of the future. A girls' boarding school will give your girl the right environment to learn and grow. Girls in a boarding school find a close-knit community, wide variety of clubs, teams and activities that help to have a proper intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

A girls' boarding school will enable your child to explore the world around her, both inside and out of the classroom. In the classroom they will have sharing and will have an equal exchange of ideas. She will get a competitive environment where she will learn to perform and dominate. In most of the schools the students remain busy on weekdays with their academic schedules, electives, extra curricular activities and evening studies. While on weekends they have a lot of relaxation, weekend trips, recreation and cultural outings.

The resident students and faculty of a girls' boarding school form a community. The resident faculties are the disciplinarians and hand holders of the students. They always keep an eye to the girls, assist and guide them and offer counsel when necessary. They all form a family away from home. Sometimes the schools even take the resident girls to local malls, movie, shopping, amusement park and cultural events.

The girls' boarding schools have lots of activities. What does your girl like? Is she interested in sports? Boarding schools, these days, have their own athletic centers featuring basketball and volleyball courts, fitness centers, aerobics room and also gymnasiums. Each school has a specialized gymnasium director to guide your child. If she is interested in music, there are music departments where she can have training in music. She will also have the opportunity to perform in music ensemble. The girls' boarding schools also guide the students to express themselves artistically. They have special drawing, painting classes to develop their skills in drawing.

When your child is in a girls' boarding school you may wonder whether your child is having proper nutrition. You need not have to worry about your child's diet, as the boarding schools are on a mission to encourage the girls to have a proper and healthy choice regarding their daily menu. The schools promote healthier eating of the students by adding more nutritious and organic foods to their menu.

As girls start growing they may start to become interested in boys. If such happens to your child she will be more concerned about boys than her books. But studying in girls' boarding school will protect your child from the impact of boys. Besides, the girls are not subject to sexual harassment in an all girls environment.

Social and emotional growth of the girls is the motto of the girls' boarding schools. A good girls' boarding school will not only offer your girl child with the support and guidance to develop her intellect, curiosity and creativity but also the school will help your child to build up her self-discipline and decision making skills and abilities.

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San Diego Schools Embrace The No Child Left Behind Program

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The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program is a federal law that governs elementary and secondary education and is funded by Federal Title I. Under the NCLB, school boards must ensure that their high poverty schools meet the educational needs of low-achieving students. The goal is to close the achievement gap between the high and low-performing students.

San Diego Schools are committed to delivering strong standards-based education with programs that are designed to improve student achievement in the gateway skills of reading, writing and mathematics. Along with this commitment, they have embraced the NCLB program, which benefits the San Diego schools and its students as follows:

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Total Gym Workouts

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Total gym workouts are the key to developing and sustaining a healthy and strong body. There is a trend for bodybuilders just to concentrate on one limited area, and miss out on the holistic benefits of full body training. Here, we show you the benefits of a total gym workout.

Phase 1

When you start a total gym workout, you should start by doing cardio work. Warming up is essential for any athletic endeavor, and with bodybuilding, you want to get the limbs loose and the blood pumping. Warming up will also help burn off excess fat. Running is a very common way of warming up, but for something really strenuous try the boxer's training of skipping.

Phase 2

People often start total gym workouts by working the arms or legs, but this really makes little sense. It makes a lot more sense to end your workout with your limbs, as tiring them early will mean that your arms will only be able to handle reduced weights during the rest of your workout, and your legs will not be able to carry you as vigorously around the gym. Working the chest and back first is a much better progression. Try to use dumbbell bench presses to enhance your chest, and if you have a pec deck, use that. It is not so easy to work your back, but you can do lat pull downs and deadlifts if you have access to the right equipment, and these should produce very satisfactory results.

Phase 3

The arms can come next, and this is a favorite area of so many bodybuilders. You can look forward to this part of your total gym workout, as your arms can produce the most visible results from your hard work. Too many people don't consider that there are 3 sets of muscles in the arm, so you need to exercise them all in turn. You can try some dumbbell curls which benefit the biceps, some triceps pulldowns which will build the triceps (hard work!), and then forearms curls and reverse forearm curls to enhance your forearm muscles. If you work this hard, you will see for yourself why this is not a good place to start!

Phase 4

Time now for some leg work. Even with total gym workouts, many people overlook the legs, unless they are competitive bodybuilders. As the legs do a lot of work carrying the rest of your body, they respond well to exercise. Start out by doing squats to build your thighs, and if you try single footed heel raises for your calves you should find them highly effective. The hamstrings are the final part, and although they will be exercised by default during your running and warming up, you can also do some basic leg curls which will increase the effect.

This will show you that total workouts can be simple enough, and not take that much time, and also that working the whole body is far more effective.

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Why You Should Consider Online Tutoring For Your Child

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When most parents hear the word online tutoring, they can't quite envision it, but when students hear the word online tutoring, they are intrigued. Online tutoring allows a tutor and student to communicate from computer to computer. Most online tutoring sessions take place inside an online classroom.

Many online tutoring services offer a whiteboard so words can be written or drawn with the mouse and keyboard. Only the best online tutoring classrooms offer voice over ip. This means both the student and tutor can speak through the computer as long as both have a microphone and speakers.

Once the parent understands the concept of online tutoring, they are often times amazed. Their child can ask any question and the tutor is able to walk the student through the entire problem solving process and help the student to solve each problem. This one on one communication is what most students need to overcome learning obstacles.

In the classroom, most students are left behind if they don't ask specific questions to help them understand what they are learning. Once a student starts falling behind, tutoring must be provided to prevent failing grades. Often times a personal face to face tutor intimidates students and still might not help.

Online tutoring allows any student to get the one on one attention they need without the intimidation factor. Students feel comfortable learning online and the fact that each lesson can be printed is a wonderful study tool.

If you never tried online tutoring, I suggest you give it a try and allow your child to learn online. The cost is usually less than a private tutor and you won't have to drive and worry about scheduling issues. Your child can learn from any computer as long as there is an internet connection.

Go to to learn more about online tutoring and watch a virtual tour inside of our online classroom. All tutors are screened, qualified and ready to help your child get better grades!

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Learning Math With Manipulatives Base Ten Blocks Part Ii

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In part one of this article, you read about representing and adding numbers using base ten blocks. Once these two skills are mastered, it is time to move onto many a child's nightmare: subtraction. Subtraction, as you may have heard, is essentially addition in reverse. It can be an arduous task on paper, but it can be quite easy with base ten blocks.

Recall that there are four different base ten blocks: cubes (ones), rods (tens), flats (hundreds), and blocks (thousands). Groups of ten base ten blocks can be regrouped or traded for equivalent amounts of other base ten blocks; for instance, ten cubes can be traded for one rod because both are worth ten. For subtraction, it is useful to know how to trade down rods, flats, and blocks. Trading down means converting larger place value blocks into smaller place value blocks. For instance, one flat can be traded for ten rods since they are both worth 100.

Before describing the subtraction procedure, let's go over some vocabulary . . .

Minuend - The amount from which you are subtracting.

Subtrahend - The amount that you are subtracting.

Difference - The answer.

In the equation, 234 - 187 = 47, the minuend is 234, the subtrahend is 187, and the difference is 47. Most people don't bother with the terms minuend and subtrahend, but they are useful in describing the subtraction procedure using base ten blocks.

To begin, represent the minuend with base ten blocks. Try to keep the blocks in order from largest to smallest as this will help to transfer knowledge and skills to paper and pencil methods later on. Remove from the minuend piles, enough blocks to represent the subtrahend. If there aren't enough blocks available, trade some of the larger place value blocks until there are enough smaller place value blocks to remove. The resulting piles after the subtrahend is removed represents the difference.

In the example, begin by representing 234 with 2 flats, 3 rods, and 4 cubes. The goal is to remove 187 or 1 flat, 8 rods, and 7 cubes from these piles. Removing one flat is simple enough, but 8 rods and 7 cubes are difficult to remove if there are only 3 rods and 4 cubes! To solve this problem, trade in one flat for 10 rods, and one rod for 10 cubes. The result would be 1 flat, 12 rods, and 14 cubes. Removing the subtrahend - 1 flat, 8 rods, and 7 cubes - at this point would leave no flats, 4 rods, and 7 cubes. The difference is whatever is left after removing the subtrahend, so the difference is 47.

For beginners, it would be wise to start with subtraction that does not require trading. For example 1954 - 1831 would require no trading because there are enough blocks in the minuend to remove the subtrahend. For more advanced students, questions that include zeros can present a bit of a challenge. For example, 4000 - 3657 would require several trading steps all starting with four blocks. has several thousand free math worksheets including subtraction questions with no regrouping (trading). One of the nice features of this website is that answer keys are provided, so students can get feedback on their results.

With enough experience, students learn subtraction on a conceptual level and are better equipped to apply it to pencil and paper methods later on. Students who only learn the paper and pencil method don't always develop a conceptual understanding of subtraction and are less able to identify errors in their work.

Base ten blocks are not limited to just addition and subtraction of whole numbers. In part III of this series, several other uses of base ten blocks will be explored.

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