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Tips For A Relaxing Wedding Day

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Although a lot of wedding magazines and planning books will tell you that the bride needs to relax a lot on the wedding day, let's not forget about the groom either.

Ways to relax when you don't think that you can

The unfortunate part of getting married is that you will be pulled in many different directions on and leading up to the day. Not only will the planning seem to take up your free time, but family member may feel that they need to put in their two cents as well.

The combination can be torture.

But since you've gotten to the actual wedding day without major damage, why not have a little fun? For the women, have a little champagne at the salon when you get your hair done. Joke with your friends and laugh. This is supposed to be a joyous time. And really, anything that you would need to do at this point will be taken care of by someone else.

You just need to get dressed and to the church.

And for the men, why not spend the morning at the golf course with some of your groomsmen? This is the perfect time for you to kick back before you have to get ready. Since getting ready won't be nearly as complicated as your soon-to-bride, why not sleep in too?

Other ideas to relax on your wedding day include joking (at non-serious times) a lot and smiling as much as you can. Funny enough, just the act of smiling triggers a reaction in your brain to relax. Seriously.

Passing the buck

A lot of letting you relax on your wedding day does come down to good planning. If you've delegated and thought of everything, there's no need to worry and you can enjoy the moments as they come.

If something should go wrong (and honestly, something will), don't worry too much about it. Your wedding party and family will want to make sure everything goes smoothly, so if something should happen, enlist one of them to take care of the problem.

This is your wedding day and you want to look happy in your pictures, rather than relieved. Take some time for yourself on the actual day. You can either step out of the room for a moment, or just sit down with a book for a few minutes. Find just five minutes of quiet, and you're sure to have a relaxing wedding day.

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Love Means Appreciating The Whole Person

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Liz was furious. She found herself throwing things into her pocketbook and slamming drawers. "What's his problem?" she fumed. "The rent is late again, and all he says is, 'Don't worry, it'll be okay.' I can't take it anymore! Whether the baby runs a high fever or the electric company wants to turn off the electricity because the bill was misplaced and never paid, all he can say is, 'Don't worry. It'll be fine. Calm down.' When I got married, I thought I would have someone to share my burdens with, not ignore them. Doesn't he CARE?!"

Barry was getting frustrated. "Why does every little thing I say set Michelle off crying?" he wondered. "I was just making a joke. Even my sisters never got insulted the way she does. Why does she have to be so sensitive? Almost every discussion we have about anything serious ends up with her crying, and I'm getting sick and tired of always feeling like the bad guy. This is not what I envisioned when we got married. I've had enough of this!"

Both Liz and Barry seem to have legitimate complaints. Liz's husband, Mike, just shrugs everything off, and Barry's wife Michelle overreacts to every little comment he makes. When it goes on and on, day after day, both Liz and Barry begin to feel frustrated in their marriages. And although they haven't said so - even to themselves - deep down, they are both wondering if they really married the right person.

But before letting matters go any further, both Barry and Liz would be well-advised to turn the clock back to the time when they were still single and searching. Let's do it for them, and see what we find:

Liz was always a somewhat nervous type. Throughout school, she would suffer from headaches whenever she had an exam. When her friends began to receive replies from colleges before she did, she began to call the admissions office twice a day because she was so nervous that something had happened. Liz knew that she was way too anxious about everything, but couldn't seem to control this aspect of her personality.

When Liz met Mike, she was struck by how immediately relaxed she felt in his presence. His calm, easygoing, stress-free personality set her at ease, and she found herself enjoying his company more and more. When they got engaged, she knew that with Mike at her side she would always feel secure that things would work out.

Although Barry loved his parents dearly, he knew that he wanted his home to be somewhat different than the one in which he grew up. For some reason, it always seemed that his mother was not quite in tune with his father. As Barry matured, he realized that while his mother was talented in many areas, she lacked sensitivity. As Barry started to think about marriage, he knew that this quality was high up in his list of priorities. When he met Michelle, the first quality that he noticed was her incredible sensitivity. She seemed to know just what to say to everybody at just the right time. The more Barry got to know Michelle, the more he admired that quality of hers. And when they got engaged, he knew that in Michelle he had found someone who would truly be his partner, with whom he could always share his feelings with and know that she would understand.

So what went wrong?


Yes, nothing. Both Liz and Barry got exactly what they wanted. But there was one small rule that no one told them about. It's a rule that could change their lives, and maybe yours, too:

When you look at a person you have to realize that both what you enjoy and what you don't enjoy are two sides of the same coin.

That bears repeating:

What you enjoy and what you don't enjoy are two sides of the same coin.

It's a cliche but it's true: No one is perfect. Everybody has faults, and more often than not, their faults are nothing more than the flip side of their positive characteristics. That means that some people who tend to be relaxed, calm and stress-free might not be overly concerned about issues that are truly serious and demand attention. And that people who are extremely sensitive to others might be very sensitive themselves, and need to be treated accordingly.

In every relationship - but especially in marriage - it is crucial to learn how to appreciate the whole person, and to accept the fact that those qualities that you admire most in your spouse might have other aspects to them that may not be to your liking, and may require some adjustments. The best adjustment you can make is to refocus your viewing lens.

For Liz, that means focusing on Mike's amazing ability to calm her down and keep her balanced, rather than on those situations in which his easygoing nature seems to be a drawback. For Barry, it means concentrating on Michelle's incredible sensitivity to his feelings while accepting the fact that her own feelings may be fragile and to weigh his words carefully. Mike and Michelle are not off the hook either. If Liz gets upset, Mike can remind himself of that thanks to her they have electricity; Michelle should tell herself that Barry is used to joking, and that if he hurts her feelings it is more than likely unintentional. If each spouse shows the other how much they appreciate him or her as a whole person, they will have imbued their marriages with a staying power that is second to none.

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Non Denominational Or Mixed Religion Weddings How To Make It Happen

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Couples of mixed religions or who come from families that do not have a strong religious background may choose to have either a non-denominational wedding or a wedding that blends two separate religions. This can be tricky however because many religions may not honor or recognize a wedding unless it is performed according to their own unique guidelines. For this reason it is very important to check with potential officiants and church leaders to ensure that your wedding plans will result in a union that is recognized by both churches. This is significant because you would not want to invest time and money on a marriage that will wind up not being recognized by the church and possibly not even recognized by the government. Whether a couple decides to have a non-denominational wedding, incorporate aspects of both religion into a ceremony that will not be recognized by either faith or participate in two separate religious ceremonies, it is important to remember that their love for each other and their love of their faith are equally important.

If both the bride and the groom have very strong faith backgrounds and wish to have their wedding recognized by their respective churches, they may have to take a few extra steps to ensure that their union is recognized by their churches. Sometimes the only way to do this is to have a wedding ceremony in both churches. This may seem like an unnecessary step but one of the defining criteria of having your marriage recognized by your faith, for many religions, is to have your wedding ceremony in the church. It is simply not possible to do this unless the couple takes the extra steps of having two wedding ceremonies to ensure that they will be both be accepted as a married couple into their faiths.

Another alternative to participating in two separate ceremonies in order to have the union recognized by both churches is to have a non-denominational wedding that is only recognized by the government. Couples may choose this option if they do not have the time or money that would be required to have two separate wedding ceremonies. A couple may choose a compromise that results in neither church recognizing the union. The theory behind this type of choice is that the couple decides that their love for each other is strong enough to survive and that they do not need to have the approval of their churches in order to have a successful and lasting marriage.

Still another alternative is to have a non-denominational wedding ceremony at a location in a natural setting. At this type of ceremony the couple has no restrictions and can choose to incorporate either religion into the ceremony in any way that they see fit. They may do this by using traditional prayers and religious songs during the ceremony. While this type of ceremony will not be recognized by the church is does offer the couple the opportunity to incorporate some of the religious traditions of both of their faiths into a beautiful ceremony that successfully blends two religions.

A final alternative is to incorporate one faith fully into the wedding ceremony and incorporate the other faith fully into the wedding reception. This option results in the marriage being recognized by one of the religions but does not allow the other family to feel neglected because their faith is well represented in the traditional activities of the wedding reception. This option is only feasible if the member of the couple who will not have their church recognize the union, is completely accepting and understand of this fact. This is important because the resentment and jealousy that could result from this could be very detrimental to the couple.

Inter-faith couples are on the rise. Years ago it was unheard of to marry someone outside of your faith but this is no longer true and many couples today are inter-faith couples. It is difficult but not impossible to integrate the two faiths in a way that is satisfactory to all of those involved. While the faiths can be blended to create a beautiful wedding, the problem is that many churches will not accept this blended wedding as a union. Sometimes the couple decides that their happiness together is more important than having the church recognize the union so they opt for a non-denominational wedding that is completely devoid of any religious traditions.

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Backyard Honeymoons

(category: Marriage, Word count: 421)
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A small honeymoon budget does not mean you have to sacrifice romance. Nowhere is it written that you must travel to an exotic island and stay in a luxury resort. Maybe your idea of romance is snuggling in the same bedroll while camping out under the stars together.

Who knows? Only the two of you!

For super cheap honeymoons try looking in your own backyard. I don't mean "literally" your backyard, but I would be willing to bet that not far from you, there is a perfect little honeymoon getaway.

* If you are from a small town, go to the city. Enjoy the hospitality of an upscale hotel for a couple of nights. Be pampered!

* If you are from the city, get away from it all to a secluded little bed and breakfast inn on a lake somewhere.

Having traveled Canada and the United States all my life, I can tell you that the entire coastline of our North American continent is wondrous. Whether you are in Alaska, Maine, British Columbia, California or Florida, the beaches are breathtaking. Each has it's own special qualities that make it unique and beautiful.

You may be the type that enjoy polar bears, harp seals and whale watching in Alaska. Perhaps you are the outdoors type. Check out the lazy sea lions and try salmon fishing in British Columbia. While you are there, turn around and look at the mountains! They are amazing! Here in Georgia, you can watch and actually feed the dolphins that frolic in the ocean with you as you swim. If you are lucky, they will let you touch them.

A "beach" doesn't necessarily have to be on the ocean. There are some fabulous lakes that offer spectacular views - The Great Lakes for example.

If you can't get near water, choose a hotel with a great pool.

The point is, depending on your personal style, there is a "beach" for everyone!

Too often we are so busy looking for something better that we miss the obvious beauty right under our noses.

Choose that spot within driving distance from you and go for it! Remember, cheap honeymoons are where you find them. They don't have to cost thousands of dollars to be intimate and romantic.

By the way, while you are honeymooning - tell the world! You will be surprised at how many little perks and extras come your way once people know you are newlyweds! Use it!

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Seeking Love Through Matchmaking For Marriage Relationship Iii

(category: Marriage, Word count: 530)
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Matching tools adopted by matchmakers

We could see what most if not all the matchmakers are basically applying in matching people is the nowadays "scientific" tools.

Following are extracts from some matchmaker sites showing the tools and attributes that are most commonly adopted for matching people seriously seeking love and marriage relationships:

"... is the only relationship site on the web that creates compatible matches based on 29 dimensions scientifically proven to predict happier, healthier relationships. To help you better understand these 29 dimensions, we've grouped them into Core Traits and Vital Attributes. Core Traits are defining aspects of who you are that remain largely unchanged throughout your adult life.

Vital Attributes are based on learning and experience, and are more likely to change based on life events and decisions you make as an adult..."

"...matches you based on compatibility in the most important areas of life - like values, intellect, sense of humor, and 25 other dimensions..."

" proven to be more effective than any relationship tool on the Web. By identifying your traits, we determine your romantic compatibility type and suggest ideal matches for you. And unlike the eHarmony experience, you're free to accept those matches or do your own search based on any criteria you choose..."

"...matchmaking system is based on 30 compatibility factors based on research and long time experience in successful introductions..."

"...matched with individuals that are balanced and counter balanced with your Key Core Compatibility Analysis as well as your physical criteria, personality requirements, hobbies, interests..."

"...who don't have time to meet the 'right' person, nor do they have time to waste with the wrong person. Our Members come to us to find someone that matches their lifestyles, attitudes, values and goals as well as someone matching their physical requirements...

...Life is short - but if you are with the wrong person it is long, very long."

"...matches based upon your desires, goals, motivations and our instincts..."

"...'You', Will be Matched - With People of

Similar Backgrounds, Similar Interests, Similar Values, and Similar Expectations..."

"...who best match your...Values...Lifestyles...Interests...& Goals..."

"...Do you guarantee a 'match'?

No one can predict how a relationship will evolve. Our objective is to connect you with an individual who meets the specific criteria you provide regarding what you are looking for in a lifetime partner (not just someone to 'date'). After the two of you make the first connection, it is up to the two of you to proceed in a manner that is mutually appropriate..."

"...Our culture, interests, political views, career, education, class, religion and income level all indicate compatibility. We match our members with people who share ideas and lifestyle..."

"...Other important factors on which we base our proposals are self-esteem, self-confidence, sex drive, appearance, habits such as smoking/drinking and life style..."

"...a profile based on personal background, relationship history, family values and interests - as well as personality type. A unique Psychographic Matching Process reaches into the basic character and personality traits..."

The phenomenon is overwhelming that almost all people in the matchmaking service industry truly believe compatibility is the golden rule for love and marriage relationships.

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Surviving Infidelity

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Learning about your spouse's affair is one of the most life changing events you'll ever have to cope with. The initial mental and physical pain can be more than most people feel they can bear.

Debbie found that the shock left her feeling completely suicidal, in such an emotional state that she just couldn't see an end to the raging emotions of sheer loathing, humiliation, defeat and despair. She couldn't visualize surviving the infidelity.

"After weeks of trying to come to terms with the shock of my husband confessing to having an affair, I tried to face up to the news and move on with my life but I just couldn't get over the feelings of hate, shock, rage, fear and utter betrayal.

I really hated my husband, the 'other' woman and myself for what had become of our marriage. I found myself wanting to kill him one minute and trying to understand why he had done it the next. I didn't know what to do or where to turn. I had no idea as to whether I wanted to save my marriage or not but I was totally unprepared for life on my own.

I felt so alone, half dead, totally humiliated, defeated and betrayed and found I just couldn't move on without seeking help and learning that there was a way to move forward and get my life and my marriage back on track"

Because of the emotional roller coaster infidelity puts couples through, talking about the details in the early stage only reinforces the negative feelings that they already have. It will not help either the cheater or the cheated partner to cope with the situation nor will it help you move forward.

The first discussion will always be the most difficult one, when it's so easy for things to get totally out of hand. If the marriage is to be saved both partners need to be emotionally prepared, rational and calm. It is unrealistic to expect partners to be able to work together in the early days when neither party is capable of entering into any form of rational discussion.

The cheated partner will want immediate answers to why the affair occurred, if they loved the person they were having an affair with, did it mean anything and how long it had been going on. They will want to know why they weren't enough, was it the only one and will wonder if they can trust their partner again. They need to take control of these emotions before they should enter into any form of discussion and before they can make any progress towards surviving infidelity or even half way consider trying to save the marriage.

Many people go to marriage counselors terrified, not knowing what to do, unable to get the images of their partner in someone else's bed out of their mind, not knowing if their partner still loves them and feeling totally worthless and insecure. They have to get over that initial hurdle before they can move on, start piecing everything together and even consider trying to rebuild the marriage. What is said and done in those early stages is critical to surviving infidelity and will form the foundation of any new relationship which evolves.

Most people do not have the skills to work through their problems without getting emotional and cannot get beyond what has happened in the past so cannot look towards the future. It is so easy in the early discussions, when the most positive work towards recovering the relationship needs to be done, to get sucked into battles over what has happened. It is hard to push emotional feelings to one side and calmly discuss such a betrayal.

However, after the initial shock and once emotions have calmed down the most critcal thing to do is to talk, listen and try and understand what has happened, why it happened and how to move forward. Only after some kind of understanding have occurred can the cheated partner even consider any kind of foregiveness, but if initial contact is controlled, and approached in the right way, not jumping in with all guns blazing, marriages can and often do survive infidelity and become stronger because of it.

That is why spending time learning how to control your emotions and trying to understand the situation from your partner's point of view is vital if you want to save your marriage.

It is during this stage that you will find out why the affair happened, if it meant anything and what problems there were in your relationship. It is not until the all the cards have been laid on the table can couples even begin to try to put right what has gone wrong and move on with their lives.

As with most marital issues communication and understanding is critical to surviving infidelity.

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How To Come Up With Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

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The celebration of each wedding anniversary is associated with gifts made from a different material traditionally or in modern custom. For example, a gift made of paper traditionally and a clock gift in modern custom are often for the first wedding anniversary. Unique anniversary gifts are not limited by the tradition. When it comes to the gift giving, it's the thoughts that is often counted more than gifts themselves.

Because of love it is widely associated with sweet, not only the feeling but sweet candy, there are a large number of Anniversary Gift Ideas including chocolate candy and sugar free candy as core of the presents you can choose from or make with your own hands. Did you know that the 6th Wedding Anniversary was considered traditionally the Candy Anniversary year? Sweet candy was the symbol of the sixth anniversary, although associated to wood today, is being kept as the best time to give candy anniversary gifts to ensure the sweetness of marriage will not be endangered by the seventh year itch. Anniversary gifts for your soul mate or for a couple you appreciate are an appropriate way to express your own sweet affection. When it comes to presents to give your spouse, where your wedding anniversary is the occasion where details count more than the gift itself, and sweet candy can become as valuable as a diamond gift.

Flowers are the gifts that are appropriate for many occasions and celebrations. For celebration of anniversary, different flowers are designated to a specific year and has a specific meaning. Daisy's for the fifth anniversary, Daffodils the tenth anniversary, Roses for the fifteenth, Iris is for the twenty fifth year, Sweet Pea for the thirtieth, Nasturtium the fortieth, and Violets for the Fiftieth wedding anniversary.

The Internet opened a new and convenient way for people to find unique and personalized gifts whether you're looking for sweet chocolate gifts, or sending flowers. For their fifth anniversary in 2002, Carole was in Yorkshire, UK and her boyfriend Vic was in Cambridge, UK. Vic decided to head to the internet. Typing in flower delivery Yorkshire, then florists in Cambridge, Vic found the perfect anniversary flowers for Carole. The flowers can be ordered online from Cambridge, UK or even a florist in Sussex and sent to Yorkshire, UK and would arrive early next morning.

Although men and women have different ideas about what "romantic" means, both know anniversary gifts are important as a way to express how much they care for each other.

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What About A Bachelor Party In Europe

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A strange phenomena seems to be travelling through the ranks of the fresh faced American 'soon to be married' Bachelors. They seem to be catching party fever for their transatlantic cousins in fantastic Britain, and are starting to copy them (and even out do them) in their pursuit of the most liveliest 'bachelors parties'.

If it wasn't already renouned, the fresh faced bachelors of the UK are the world leaders in coordinating pre-wedding parties for the bride and groom to be. Over in the UK, the 'bachelor party' is additional fondly termed the 'stag weekend', which gives some indication that it is not just a one evening affair! It is now part and parcel that any English bachelor party encompasses at least a full weekend (often abroad), and is often even extended out into a full week!

A trip over to Europe is now the general name of the game for most UK stag parties, and with the opening up of Eastern Europe with cheap airlines, there are numerous new hotspots that have been descended upon by UK party animals. With budget prices, stunning girls and an anything goes atmosphere, these new destinations have also been popping up on the radar of cash rich American's, who want to see what they have been missing out on to their transatlantic cousins.

James Baddiley, a director at UK stag weekend organiser, comments: "Eastern Europe has been popular with the UK stag and hen market for several years now, but what we have noticed just recently is that we have been getting a number of enquiries from the US, where Bachelor Parties are considering something a bit unique for their event, and want to get a sample of the Eastern European action, before it gets over run by tourists, and the cities just mirror their western European counterparts. At the moment there is a bit of the Wild West about Eastern European cities, and they are the ultimate destination for a stag weekend. We provide almost every European city and can arrange pretty much anything the discerning guys from the Us want - from flights in MIG's and aerial dog fighting to wild boar hunting.... and a lot additional besides ....... It truly just depends what the group want to do and we can arrange it for them."

On the most popular destinations, James went on to comment "Budapest is exceedingly hot at the moment, and there is always a big demand Prague. There are also lot of new locations that are starting to get pretty big, for example Riga, Tallinn, Krakow and Vilnius".

With cheap transatlantic flights, it now seems that a short trip across the Atlantic is now on the list of ultimate bachelor party destinations, for the additional discerning guys where Las Vegas is just old hat.

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The Secrets Of Russian Brides And Russian Women

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The bride 'russian 'and the bride 'russian order by mail 'limits are very popular search. They searched times ten thousand monthly on the Internet.

Being Russian, with the knowledge of the nature of Russian women and years of experience in dating industry, I 'm able to make some necessary information about Russian brides.

Young married Russian sale by correspondence.

Did you know that the young bride of about 'mail limit 'is misleading and inaccurate nowadays?

More tribute to It with the tradition that the reflection of the true state of affairs. It not a man sees a woman from a photo line Russian bride catalog today and made a proposal to marry tomorrow. No way! Here what bride 'modern Russian 'researcher sale by correspondence. He chose a pretty girl who uses unknown to him a photo album of Russian bride, is it for months, the meeting not once, and learn a lot before it can (or can not) have as a consequence marriage.

Free Russian brides.

Did you know that Russia has a million more women than men?

According to the stat there is a very small chance for women over 30 years of marriage there. Here are various reasons for this: the mortality rate for male professionals working age is high, most of the alcohol abuse men, etc. .. Russian. Here's why Russian women looking for husbands sometimes desperate foreigners.

Young brides are free Russian shown by many agencies marriage on the Internet. You can find addresses free of Russian bride, email and galleries online free young married Russian with the help of search engines.

Beautiful Russian women.

Did you know that the majority of Russian young brides are really beautiful?

The beautiful young Russian woman married with a couple of highly desired by the qualities of men. What does the Russian beauty? The following devices: charming smile, blue eyes, kindness and concern and desire to help, fine paumettes, complection just ... Beth what are the most impressive? Choose drive. Probably, they are a tantalising mix.

Scams Russian women.

Did you know that the people involved in the scam of Russian bride may not be equal and women they may not be Russian? Did you know that only 0.1% of all applicants Russian dating services are involved in the scams Russian bride? 99.9% of young married Russian free sincerely desire to find love and build a family. The rewards to find a beautiful lady Russian compatible are greater than the risks.

Young married Russian hot.

Did you know that a young married Russian women hot and sexy is extremely feminine, passionate, sensual and grateful?

Its sweetness 'romantic 'makes its quest to accomplish and a report affectionate. Sexual relations are not working hard for her. On the other hand, the pleasure and beauty of it to the mutual satisfaction.

Photo of Russian bride.

Did you know that photos Russian bride can be successfully used to verify the identity of the woman ?

Find an agency that delivers flowers and gifts with the confirmation of picture brides pretty simple. Scammers Haine of this, they love the anonymity. Thus not only the fact of delivery will be checked, but also the appearance of the girl , its mailing address and telephone number.

Young Russian brides.

Did you know that young married Russian teens are accepted personals Russian bride freely beginning with the age of 18?

So you can meet young married young Russian from the age of 18 and over.

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