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Penis Enlargement Surgery A True Horror Story

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Surgery is one of the most controversial approaches to penis enlargement. While it does come with the coveted "mainstream" label, it is by far the most expensive option. Many people think that surgery is less hassle and the bringer of instant results. They should think again. First and foremost, men who have willingly chosen the knife to improve their lives also have to go through a period of exercises designed to help the penis recover. Second, sex is out of the question after surgery. So there's no instant use for instant results. Third, things may go wrong. And if you think that nothing can happen to spoil your attempt to better your sex life, then neither did Charles Lennon, the not so proud owner of a ten-year hard on.

In theory a perpetual hard on may sound fun for certain desperate men who haven't gotten laid in a while, but let me tell you this is not as good as it sounds. Charles Lennon was in his late 50s when he received an implant made of plastic and steel called Dura-II. The device was supposed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction raise their penises for sex and then lower them down afterwards. Problem is Lennon's device remained stuck in the up position. In one short moment of unlucky malfunction, Charles Lennon lost the chance to ride a bike again, hug people, wear tight clothing or go for a swim. He has turned into a recluse who is embarrassed to meet people and is uncomfortable around his own grandchildren.

And the worst part of it is that there is no going back for Charles Lennon. The implant is not working properly and cannot be taken out due to health-related problems that prevent Lennon for going through surgery again. And even if doctors could somehow take the implant out, there is no way Lennon would get an erection because the implant replaced part of the penis tissue. This means that Charles Lennon is stuck with the malfunctioning implant for the rest of his life. While it's true that he had brought the manufacturer before a court and won compensatory payments, money cannot undo the implant, nor fix a man's life.

It's not my intention to imply that surgery is a disaster waiting to happen every time. I'm sure that many people went through penis enlargement surgery and everything was perfect for them. But you have to realize that when things go wrong, there is no turning back. Once the knife goes through the tissue, there is no way to undo the cut and, for good or for worse, you have to live with the consequences. And, as told above, the consequences can sometimes be pretty dire. Permanent erection, irreversible impotence, loss of feeling due to damage sustained by nerves, scars - these are the hazards of a male enhancement technique that is outside your control. Therefore, my advice to all the men considering penis enlargement is: choose carefully.

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Why Should I Choose Sizegenetics

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Traction devices are a common sight on the Internet. They have largely replaced the unsophisticated weights as the penis enlargement device of choice for many customers who are too demanding to be satisfied by weights. Traction devices are competing against pills and exercises for the top spot on the market, which is why many companies are busy launching new products to take advantage of the trend.

But among all the stretching devices to be found on the penis enlargement market, only one stands out from the crowd. SizeGenetics is the original stretching device to hit the market a few years back and spark a trend that still goes on strong. Its success has been copied by many competitors, but it has never been equaled, nor surpassed. SizeGenetics has constantly dominated the market by offering the best quality at a reasonable price, backed by bonuses designed to help customers get the best possible results.

If you are wondering what are the benefits of choosing SizeGenetics, then keep reading and prepare to be amazed. Every customer who buys this excellent product gets more than just a spiffy brand name. SizeGenetics is a traction device bearing the CE symbol of conformity with the quality and safety standards of the European Community and also the coveted type 1 medical device certification. These certificates prove that the SizeGenetics device has been tested and inspected by professionals in order to verify compliance with the safety standards.

The tremendous success of our traction device was made possible by the hard work of a dedicated customer service team that is always ready to answer any questions asked by customers. No topic is too sensitive for our knowledgeable customer service staff, whose activity is supplemented by the customer forums. These forums allow customers to contact each other directly and share their first hand experiences with SizeGenetics.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of SizeGenetics that we are allow all our customers a 6-month return window in case they are not satisfied with the results. You read that right! No puny one week to 10-day return windows, no asking you to try our product for three months and then return it in three months and one day. We know that our product is top quality and very effective, which is why we don't mind to allow the biggest return window in the industry.

Remember that SizeGenetics is more than just a traction device. It is a full system employing a three-way approach to penis enlargement that works much faster than any other. The combined effect of a traction device, penis enlargement pills and penis exercises featured on the Penis Health website is certain to turn any man into a more potent lover in a matter of weeks. This risk-free offer is simply to good to pass.

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The Latest Forms Of Stuttering Treatments

(category: Mens-Issues, Word count: 644)
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If you suffer from the speech impediment known as stuttering, you are not alone. Latest figures suggest that around one percent of the population of England has a stutter or stammer and that the majority of these people are male. In this article I write about the latest stuttering treatments that are available.

I am somebody who had a stutter which originated when I was four years of age. It was to continue to ruin my life for the next eighteen years and had a damaging affect on my self-confidence and self-esteem. I had major problems saying certain words beginning with certain letters and was constantly trying to avoid these type of words.

This is not always easy to do however and I will never forget one particular English lesson when I was around fourteen years of age. I was involved in a class quiz in which we all had to answer simple general knowledge questions. It was a quick fire quiz and as the teacher went around asking each pupil a question in turn, I became more and more nervous. Finally it was my go and I was asked to answer which city was the capital of France. I knew the answer but the demons in my head advised me not to give the answer, as they reminded me that I was unable to say words beginning with p. I was not sure what to do as I could not exactly substitute the word Paris to Lyon. I would do anything to avoid stuttering and stated that I did not know the answer. This was not good as everyone then believed that not only did I have a speech impediment, but that I was also rather stupid.

Ten years ago at the age of twenty-two, I am happy to report that I managed to overcome my own stutter. This was after a year long program of self-help stuttering therapy. This included long periods of observing how good fluent people were talking compared to me and also be reading many self-help type books. These books included areas such as mind over matter, success and positive thinking and were a huge help in improving my whole life.

There are many types of stuttering treatments now available, certainly a lot more than when I had a stutter. There is the normal and traditional speech therapy route. This is where most people start and this type of treatment is of use, however most speech therapists do not believe that you can overcome a stutter, this for me says it all. My answer to them is, have you ever heard of Bruce Willis? I attended speech therapy, however I must admit I did not go to the sessions with the right attitude. I did not believe that they could help me and that their methods of advising me to speak slower and to breathe deeply were floored, as this was not how my friends were talking. I also did not think that they could ever fully understand what I was going through as they have never had a stuttering problem themselves.

The latest stuttering treatments include one-to-one speech courses, group speech courses, self-help ebooks and also self-help dvds. In my opinion the one-to-one speech courses are currently the best option to take and will give you the best chance of attaining fluency. I do understand though that the self-help options can be very appealing to a lot of people, firstly because of the affordability factor and also because of the obvious fact that a lot of people who stutter do not have the confidence to attend a speech course.

More and more people are seeking help to eradicate their stutter and no longer accept second best in their lives.

Good luck in your quest to achieve your goal of fluent speech.

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Treatment Of Prostate Cancer Has Augmented Since The Breach Of The Psa

(category: Mens-Issues, Word count: 273)
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According to the five-year relative survival rate for patients whose cancer is detected whereas still in the general and regional stages is 100%.

Prostate cancer is among the foremost causes of cancer deaths in the male population in the US. The most important dilemma is that the cancer cells in prostate cancer, scarcely answer to radiotherapy or to chemotherapy.

It's newly discovered that virus can help the cancer prostate treatment.

The studies establish that just about 40% out of 20 cancerous prostates detached from patients with certain genetic mutation had the virus. But it possibly will take up till five years to settle on if the virus really causes the cancer.

The virus is strongly associated to one until that time only found in mice. Researchers are not confident how the virus infects people, but mistrust turns to the fact that it may have been conceded on hereditarily for thousand of years.

Also a new study establish that the curry spice Turmeric or curcumin as it is called, when shared with other substances as watercress, winter cress, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, kohlrabi and turnips radically retards the development of cancer tumor in mice.

The most excellent prostate cancer treatment today includes:



"Observant waiting (Observation)

"Hormonal therapy

"Surgical procedure

These options are not listed in any exacting order. The option selected for your best prostate cancer treatment will depend on relatively a lot of factors, together with your age, the segment of your illness and the commendation of your medical doctor.

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Stutter Problem How To Overcome A Stutter

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My name is Stephen Hill, I have overcome a stutter which had affected my life for eighteen years. I now help as many other people who stutter to achieve fluency as I can.

When I had a stutter, I would attend speech therapy, at which I would be told to slow down or to take a deep breath before talking. Other tips were to use costal breathing or to prolong my words.

This did not seem to help me very much and after attending these speech therapy lessons for eighteen years decided it probably never would.

I firmly believed that my own stutter was very much a physcological as well as a physical problem as at times I could talk very well, like for example when I was talking to my girlfriend or when I was talking when I was drunk.

I decided to read a lot of books about positive thinking for example and at the same time started to study how good fluent talkers were speaking compared to me. I was basically trying to re-learn how to speak.

It was hard for me to truly believe I would ever be able to achieve fluency as everyone had always told me that you can not overcome a stutter.

After about a year though I managed to overcome the stutter and then started to help other people to achieve fluency.

I have been helping people now for around eight years and have helped people who stutter from many different countries and backgrounds.

I run stutter speech therapy courses which are held in Birmingham in England. They are one to one courses over three or five days. People leave the course with a booklet which I call the stammering/stuttering course notes and a seventy minute dvd. These act as a reminder of what to do. People are also advised to keep in regular contact with me after the course to ask any questions which may arise and for additional support.

People who are unable to attend the course are able to purchase the course notes and dvd as a form of self help.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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A Man S Guide To The Embarrassment Of Buying Lingerie

(category: Mens-Issues, Word count: 729)
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Lets face it, we men are obsessed with women's bodies and yet if I needed to tell someone the size of her breasts the best I could probably muster would be "just about right" and if she were to ask me right now what her dress size was I would probably mutter that it didn't make her bum look big at all. This is in part due to my ever-present attempt to gain brownie points and not spend the night sleeping in the kitchen with the dog, but it is in one big part due to my ignorance. Ask her what size my waist is and she could tell you without a second's hesitation. It really isn't that difficult to find out this information either and the list of instructions on how to find out would consist solely of:

1 - Open cupboard door.

2 - Remove appropriate garment.

3 - Check label and make mental note of size.

Even my brain could cope with that first thing in the morning but despite telling myself I should do it I never actually remember to. This could partially be because there is something instilled in the back of my brain that tells me the second I remove her bra and start ferreting around inside it, her mother is bound to burst down the front door unannounced and catch me in the act of apparently sniffing, or worse still putting on, her beloved daughter's bra. This really isn't a situation I want to find myself in but if I want to please her (my partner, not her mother) then I should do it. In fact, every man should do it. Go to your wife or girlfriend's closet and find out her bra size. Write it on a piece of paper and secrete it in your wallet if necessary.

Of course, even once I know the size of her bra that doesn't make the actual selection any easier. As a general rule of thumb, I'm led to believe that a black latex nurse's outfit is not considered to be either lingerie or indeed comfortable so I will try to steer clear of that as far as possible, no matter how appealing they look. I will try my utmost to ensure that whatever I buy will not only please me but will make my partner feel sexy as well. This should imply that she will be able to move comfortably and bits don't poke out when she lifts an arm or tries to sit down, or more importantly lie down.

Visiting any shop that has lingerie in is bound to be a big deal the first time I try it but I'm a grown man and I should be able to cope. The sales assistant probably won't think that the stuff I buy is for me unless I say something embarrassingly stupid and wear fake breasts. In fact, there's a very good chance she's dealt with people like me, and people like you, on a fairly regular basis. You know, the kind of person who skulks around by the knickers looking around shiftily and sweating a lot. In fact, come to think of it, it's probably best if I don't do that, and just head straight over to her instead. She will probably be very helpful.

I saw a sign in a lingerie shop that I passed three times the other day and it said they would gift wrap the item. I decided there and then that if I ever built up the courage to go in the shop and actually buy any lingerie, instead of keep walking past it, I would definitely take advantage of that offer. I think being confronted by me carrying a Christmas cracker wrapped present and a proud smile like your son or daughter gets the first time they pee on their own would probably detract from the overall romanticism of the gesture. Besides, I wouldn't have to carry it home in a way that meant others might be able to see what I'd bought.

I can't wait to finally see her wearing the new lingerie I buy. I guess the only thing that's left to do now is actually find out her size and go and buy something appropriate, that is not a latex nurse's outfit.

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Tips For Choosing A Distributor For Amidren

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Are you a man in your 30s or older? At that age, a man should stop taking virility for granted and begin to plan for an eventual decline in testosterone. He will need to be aware that with the decline in the male hormone causes symptoms that will make him feel less vital. It's possible to take action to minimize such symptoms and preserve or restore vigor.

The first step should be learning what symptoms he might encounter. When testosterone wanes, a man may feel tired, depressed, or irritable. Physical symptoms include thinning hair, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, and loss of libido. Fortunately, after decades of studying and helping women with menopausal symptoms, American medicine is now turning to men's symptoms and how they might be alleviated. One recently developed formula is a supplement called Amidren. Amidren is described by its manufacturer as a male hormone modulating formula. Basically, Amidren addresses the deficit in testosterone while balancing other key compounds in the male bloodstream. The result is improved vitality, a boost in metabolism and, consequently, improved mental outlook.

So say you've decided you are experiencing some of the symptoms of male menopause, and you've visited a physician or other health care professional to rule out a more serious physical condition. Your next step is to find a provider of Amidren, and get started restoring your former levels of vim. Like so many products these days, Amidren is available online. What a wonderful time to be a consumer! There are so many advantages to shopping online. Remember those nosy cashiers at your corner pharmacy? You don't have to come face to face with them anymore. It's convenient and easy to place an order online. It's not more expensive. In fact, since you're saving gas, it's probably cheaper. But how do you locate the best purveyor of the product you're interested in, in this case Amidren?

First of all, spend a little time with your search engine doing some research. There are many providers of Amidren, and the prices they offer vary from under $40 for sixty tablets to over $60. Some distributors will offer a discount for large orders. Others offer free shipping as an incentive. Price is one factor you will want to research.

Perhaps more important than price is reliability. You can allay any fears you may have and deal with firmly established, well known retailers like or These companies want to protect their reputation, and will work with you to address any problems you may have with your order.

If you deal with an online distributor that you've never heard of, the first thing to do is make sure the website lists a street address and phone numbers, both local and toll-free. A reputable online drugstore will have pharmacists that you can consult with by phone for free. Steer clear of organizations that only allow customer contact by email, or that only list a P.O. Box for an address.

Do not deal with companies that send unsolicited email to your inbox. Anytime you give out personal financial information on the internet, it should be an exchange that you initiated.

Congratulations on taking control of your current and future health! With a little research, you should be able to find the Amidren distributor that fits your needs.

For additional information about Andropause, treatment options and tips for dealing with it, please visit

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Cialis And Viagra Two Pills Necessary In Our Times

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Two centuries ago, if anybody had proposed or stated that in the future the erectile disorder of men will be taken care of by Cialis and Viagra, probably that that somebody would have been taken for a fool.

Many of us believe that men in the past did not suffer from this disorder. The truth is that this problem existed in the past also, with the exception that, at those times, this disorder was present because of the elder age or simply by accident. In those times, this usen` t to be the most important problem, and because of this, nobody used to make a big fuss about it.

It is true, although, that nowadays this erectile disorder has become more common. And the causes are many: the daily stress, pollution, smoking, an unhealthy alimentation, leading a sedentary life, lack of working out, and these are only a few. In other words, an unhealthy life style leads to a high percent of men who suffer from this disorder.

Until few years ago, these men had no chance to resolve this issue. But there came Viagra, the magic pill. For the men who were destitute until then from a passionate sexual life, that moment meant an utter unlocking from suffering and the re-joining of a normal healthy life. Viagra has changed the lives of many men.

It was enough to take it just a few hours before the sexual performance, and the worries of the men suffering from ED ceased to exist. The only disadvantage to Viagra was that nobody knew for sure when precisely he has to take it. The solution to this problem is that the brand new remedy for ED, in the form of a pill called Cialis appeared on the market. This new magic pill brought about a plus of certainty to men all over the world, being a more evolved viagra. The effect of this pill is that, once taken, lasts up to 36 hours. In this way, men shouldn` t schedule precisely anymore the sexual encounters with their partners.

This pill brought to men suffering from ED the radical change of their life. They can be able to bring again the smile that has been missing for so long upon their loving partners` faces.

Viagra and Cialis gave men back the masculinity, and also the confidence that we all human beings imperiously need. We lives some harsh times, very different in all senses to the past, a century of high speed, where everything evolves very quickly, and where men can not afford "to be less men". So, in times of daily stress and in times when perfection is generally required, the presence of these magic pills is more than necessary.

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Seven Tips For Controlling Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is embarrassing for the man and no fun for the woman. If you're having a bit of a problem going for the long run, here are 7 tips that will help.


Premature ejaculation often results from performance anxiety. Try oral sex, toys, fingers, and passionate kissing to build her passion. If she's sufficiently excited before intercourse she won't need as much time to reach orgasm.

Take care of yourself beforehand

Premature ejaculation sometimes occurs because guys are too fired up. The slightest bit of action sets them off a bit too soon. Relieve some pressure by masturbating before the big event. Not right before because getting erect immediately afterwards might be difficult. A few hours before should do the trick.

Wear a condom

Decreasing sensitivity helps prevent premature ejaculation. One way to make the penis less sensitive is to cover it with a rubber. They're also good for protecting against STDs and unwanted pregnancy, so why not let a rubber help with premature ejaculation, too. Never put on more than one at a time thinking that thicker is better. It's not.

Other desensitizing products

Specially-formulated creams containing topical anesthetics can help numb the penis and put premature ejaculation suffers at ease. Be careful though. Don't accidentally numb your partner without her permission! Once the penis numbs, wash the cream off. Another option is to cover the cream with a condom. Just be sure the cream doesn't contain ingredients that will cause the condom to weaken or break.

Think about something else

Careful with this one! If you think of the wrong thing, premature ejaculation may end up being one of several problems. Self-inflicting pain on another body part, memorizing mathematical equations, or creating images of unattractive women have helped some guys, but results do vary.

Steer clear of alcohol and drugs

Tuning in to your body and feelings can help you control premature ejaculation. When you're in an altered state of mind, tuning in becomes difficult.

Do your homework

Several techniques have been developed that help men control the timing of their ejaculations. Mastering techniques such as the "pinch" method, or the "start-stop" method help men identify and focus on the moments that precede the "point of no return."

Don't give up on sex! These techniques and others have helped many men overcome the embarrassing and frustrating condition called premature ejaculation.

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