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24 Season 2 Dvd Review

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Premiering in November 2001, 24 set the television landscape on fire as one of the best new series and cemented its position as a pop culture phenomenon. Making use of an extremely original plot device, each season follows the exploits of a single day in life of hero Jack Bauer, each of the season's 24 episodes chronicling an hour-long action segment from the day. Kiefer Sutherland plays the part of Jack Bauer, a daring government agent with awesome responsibilities. Each year's episodes are similar to an action-packed Hollywood blockbuser, but they're only a glimpse into a normal day in the life of Jack Bauer...

Season 2 supposedly takes place eighteen months after Jack's big day in Los Angeles. Jack is now dealing with the death of his wife and is estranged from his daughter Kim. As a result, he contemplates retirement. But when President Palmer personally requests his help, Jack agrees to take on a new assignment. In so doing, Jack learns that a Middle-Eastern terrorist group called Second Wave is going to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles in the next 24 hours. Yet again the clock is ticking, and yet again, only Jack Bauer stands in the way of an evil conspiracy reaching its final fruition...

The 24 (Season 2) DVD features a number of breathtaking episodes including the season premiere which begins with President Palmer and his son fishing in an Oregon lake when he's called away for an emergency. Ushered into an underground bunker, he learns of a terrorist plot to set off a nuclear weapon in the Los Angeles area in the next 24 hours. At the CIA's Counter Terrorism Unit, George Mason is ordered to contact Jack Bauer in respect to the case, but it takes the personal appeal of President Palmer to move Jack into action. Meanwhile Kim, working as a housekeeper/nanny, overhears a domestic dispute between her boss and his wife, and she locks herself and the man's daughter in a bedroom. As the episode concludes, Jack learns that the key to uncovering the whereabouts of the nuclear device may lie with a domestic terrorist organization he once infiltrated... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include (#31) in which Jack and Nina set up a sting to see if a contact can lead them to the site of the bomb, and (#46) in which Jack stands on the verge of making a break in the case but has his efforts thwarted by the president's ex-wife, who's involved in the terrorist conspiracy...

Below is a list of episodes included on the 24 (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 25 (12:00 A.M. - 1:00 A.M.) Air Date: 10-29-2002

Episode 26 (1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M.) Air Date: 11-05-2002

Episode 27 (2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.) Air Date: 11-12-2002

Episode 28 (3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.) Air Date: 11-19-2002

Episode 29 (4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.) Air Date: 11-26-2002

Episode 30 (5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.) Air Date: 12-03-2002

Episode 31 (6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.) Air Date: 12-10-2002

Episode 32 (7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.) Air Date: 12-17-2002

Episode 33 (8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.) Air Date: 01-07-2003

Episode 34 (9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.) Air Date: 01-14-2003

Episode 35 (10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.) Air Date: 02-04-2003

Episode 36 (11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.) Air Date: 02-11-2003

Episode 37 (12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.) Air Date: 02-18-2003

Episode 38 (1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.) Air Date: 02-25-2003

Episode 39 (2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.) Air Date: 03-04-2003

Episode 40 (3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.) Air Date: 03-25-2003

Episode 41 (4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.) Air Date: 04-01-2003

Episode 42 (5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.) Air Date: 04-08-2003

Episode 43 (6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.) Air Date: 04-15-2003

Episode 44 (7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.) Air Date: 04-22-2003

Episode 45 (8:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.) Air Date: 04-29-2003

Episode 46 (9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.) Air Date: 05-06-2003

Episode 47 (10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.) Air Date: 05-13-2003

Episode 48 (11:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.) Air Date: 05-20-2003

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Macgyver Season 3 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 480)
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One of the best shows of the 1980s, MacGyver has a dedicated fan base even to this day. Richard Dean Anderson plays the role of MacGyver, a cerebral and charismatic agent of the Phoenix Foundation for Research. A different hero even by the standards of today's TV series, MacGyver had an exaggerated fear of heights. He was also a pacifist who never relied on weapons, but instead on the ability to deploy his brain and think his way out of dangerous situations. MacGyver's boss and best buddy was Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar). Pete regularly sends MacGyver on missions and oftentimes comes to his rescue (mostly in the moments after MacGyver has saved himself and someone else). MacGyver is also often accompanied by his airplane pilot friend Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill) who constantly gets himself and MacGyver into compromised predicaments with his illegal activities and hair-brained schemes. Along with the usual bad guys, archenemy Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) is MacGyver's constant nightmare. With something interesting always in the works, there isn't a boring episode of this fascinating series...

The MacGyver (Season 3) DVD features a number of action-packed episodes including the season premiere "Lost Love" in which a woman from MacGyver's past (a woman he once loved) returns to his life. She also happens to be a known Soviet dissident who begs for his help in aiding her escape from the evil regime. But before MacGyver can help, the KGB kidnaps her and demands a priceless artifact as her ransom, leaving MacGyver as the only man who can save her... Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "The Widowmaker" in which MacGyver mourns the death of his friend at the hands of a former enemy, and "Mask of the Wolf" in which Jack and MacGyver aid in the search for an ancient Indian wolf mask while two mercenaries follow their trail...

Below is a list of episodes included on the MacGyver (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 45 (Lost Love: Part 1) Air Date: 09-21-1987

Episode 46 (Lost Love: Part 2) Air Date: 09-28-1987

Episode 47 (Back from the Dead) Air Date: 10-05-1987

Episode 48 (Ghost Ship) Air Date: 10-19-1987

Episode 49 (Fire and Ice) Air Date: 10-26-1987

Episode 50 (GX-1) Air Date: 11-02-1987

Episode 51 (Jack in the Box) Air Date: 11-09-1987

Episode 52 (The Widowmaker) Air Date: 11-16-1987

Episode 53 (Hell Week) Air Date: 11-23-1987

Episode 54 (Blow Out) Air Date: 12-21-1987

Episode 55 (Kill Zone) Air Date: 01-04-1988

Episode 56 (Early Retirement) Air Date: 01-18-1988

Episode 57 (Thin Ice) Air Date: 02-01-1988

Episode 58 (The Odd Triple) Air Date: 02-29-1988

Episode 59 (The Negotiator) Air Date: 03-07-1988

Episode 60 (The Spoilers) Air Date: 03-14-1988

Episode 61 (Mask of the Wolf) Air Date: 03-28-1988

Episode 62 (Rock the Cradle) Air Date: 04-18-1988

Episode 63 (The Endangered) Air Date: 05-02-1988

Episode 64 (Murderer's Sky) Air Date: 05-09-1988

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Smallville Season 2 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 448)
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One of the WB network's most successful series so far, Smallville centers around the life of a high school-age Clark Kent in the years before he becomes Superman. Tom Welling is cast in the starring role of the teenage Clark Kent, who fled from the destroyed planet of Krypton. Having landed along with his ship in the farming town of Smallville, Clark is raised as a natural son by two locals Martha (Annette O'Toole) and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider). Quite unlike most Superman continuations, the series attributes powers to additional people in the township due the debris associated with Krypton's demolition. As a result, Clark must keep his powers secret from the world while fighting against others who are far more powerful than regular humans. Smallville also gives us a glimpse into the early life friendship between Clark and Superman's archenemy, Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). Additionally, it covers Clark's romance with high school classmates Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). A hybrid science-fiction fantasy and a teenage dramatic series, Smallville is a modern day TV classic...

The Smallville (Season 2) DVD offers a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "Vortex" in which Clark rescues Lana from certain death while Jonathan is buried alive with a obnoxious journalist (who's uncovered the story of Clark's secret powers). Meanwhile, Lex Luthor struggles with his own personal guilt while at the bedside of his critically injured father... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "Red" in which Clark first comes into contact with the dreaded "red kryptonite," prompting a change in his personality and demeanor, and "Rush" in which the entire student body of Clark's high school becomes infected with a "bug" that causes them to participate in outrageously dangerous behavior...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Smallville (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 22 (Vortex) Air Date: 09-24-2002

Episode 23 (Heat) Air Date: 10-01-2002

Episode 24 (Duplicity) Air Date: 10-08-2002

Episode 25 (Red) Air Date: 10-15-2002

Episode 26 (Nocturne) Air Date: 10-22-2002

Episode 27 (Redux) Air Date: 10-29-2002

Episode 28 (Lineage) Air Date: 11-05-2002

Episode 29 (Ryan) Air Date: 11-12-2002

Episode 30 (Dichotic) Air Date: 11-19-2002

Episode 31 (Skinwalker) Air Date: 11-26-2002

Episode 32 (Visage) Air Date: 01-14-2003

Episode 33 (Insurgence) Air Date: 01-21-2003

Episode 34 (Suspect) Air Date: 01-28-2003

Episode 35 (Rush) Air Date: 02-04-2003

Episode 36 (Prodigal) Air Date: 02-11-2003

Episode 37 (Fever) Air Date: 02-18-2003

Episode 38 (Rosetta) Air Date: 02-25-2003

Episode 39 (Visitor) Air Date: 04-15-2003

Episode 40 (Precipice) Air Date: 04-22-2003

Episode 41 (Witness) Air Date: 04-29-2003

Episode 42 (Accelerate) Air Date: 05-06-2003

Episode 43 (Calling) Air Date: 05-13-2003

Episode 44 (Exodus) Air Date: 05-20-2003

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Babylon 5 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 685)
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Nominated for 6 Emmys and 3 Hugo Awards in its five-season run, Babylon 5 changed the landscape of the TV science fiction series genre. Following on the heels of hit series such as Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation, Babylon 5 is unrivaled by any of its peers in its application of special effects. The brainchild of J. Michael Straczynski (writer for such shows as Murder She Wrote and Walker, Texas Ranger), the hour-long sci-fi drama series breaks new ground by deploying a five-season storyline that follows the outline of a traditional novel. As such, Babylon 5 is more like a mini-series that lasts five years instead of the usual three to five nights. And also unlike its predecessors, the series showcases original advanced technologies, believable alien characters (who speak alien and not English), and boasts of superb costume and makeup. Premiering in mid-season 1994, Babylon 5 established a solid audience and continues to inspire new generations of fans via syndicated reruns on cable...

Babylon 5 follows the daily events that transpire on Babylon 5, a five-mile long space station from the year 2258. Built by the Earth Alliance, Babylon 5 orbits a lone planet in interplanetary (neutral) space. The setting for an Earthling military post and a transportation hub for businessmen and general travelers, the space station's primary purpose is to provide a safe haven for the airing of differences between the alien races. Similar in function to the United Nations, Babylon 5 is tasked with preserving the peace between the five primary space-traveling civilizations - the Earth Alliance, the Mimbari Federation, the Centauri Republic, the Narn Regime, and the Vorlon Empire. Headed by Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (Michael O'Hare), and later by Capt. John J. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner), Babylon 5 is home to almost 300,000 humans and their alien counterparts. With so many confined to such a small area, the space station is ripe for internal struggle, racial conflict, regular cast members' personal problems, and showdowns between various political interests. It's this intricate and diverse storyboard, coupled with amazing visual effects, that makes Babylon 5 one of the most successful sci-fi TV shows in recent memory...

The Babylon 5 DVD (Season 1) features a number of exciting episodes including the series premiere "Midnight on the Firing Line" in which the crew of Babylon 5 awake to find that the Narn have launched an attack on a Centauri colony. The event drives a wedge between Londo and G'Kar. Meanwhile, a number of attacks on ships around Babylon 5 by space pirates has become a rampant problem... Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "The War Prayer" in which Babylon 5 is plagued by a racist group of humans who attack and brand alien residents, and "Babylon Squared" in which Babylon 4 reappears in the same coordinates in which it disappeared several years earlier, prompting the crew of Babylon 5 to arrange an evacuation of its predecessor while they try to discover the cause...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Babylon 5 (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Midnight on the Firing Line) Air Date: 01-26-1994

Episode 2 (Soul Hunter) Air Date: 02-02-1994

Episode 3 (Born to the Purple) Air Date: 02-09-1994

Episode 4 (Infection) Air Date: 02-16-1994

Episode 5 (The Parliament of Dreams) Air Date: 02-23-1994

Episode 6 (Mind War) Air Date: 03-02-1994

Episode 7 (The War Prayer) Air Date: 03-09-1994

Episode 8 (And the Sky Full of Stars) Air Date: 03-16-1994

Episode 9 (Deathwalker) Air Date: 04-20-1994

Episode 10 (Believers) Air Date: 04-27-1994

Episode 11 (Survivors) Air Date: 05-04-1994

Episode 12 (By Any Means Necessary) Air Date: 05-11-1994

Episode 13 (Signs and Portents) Air Date: 05-18-1994

Episode 14 (TKO) Air Date: 05-25-1994

Episode 15 (Grail) Air Date: 07-06-1994

Episode 16 (Eyes) Air Date: 07-13-1994

Episode 17 (Legacy) Air Date: 07-20-1994

Episode 18 (A Voice in the Wilderness: Part 1) Air Date: 07-27-1994

Episode 19 (A Voice in the Wilderness: Part 2) Air Date: 08-03-1994

Episode 20 (Babylon Squared) Air Date: 08-10-1994

Episode 21 (The Quality of Mercy) Air Date: 08-17-1994

Episode 22 (Chrysalis) Air Date: 10-26-1994

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The Jeffersons Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 551)
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Nominated for 13 Emmys and 8 Golden Globes, The Jeffersons was a groundbreaking situation comedy that was not only utterly hilarious, but also explored the controversial social issues of its day. Premiering in mid-season 1975, the show was a spin-off of the #1 hit series All In The Family, where main characters George and Louise were the next-door neighbors of Archie and Edith Bunker. During its nine-season run, The Jeffersons spent all but its last season as a Top 25 Nielsen rated show. One of the first sitcoms to center exclusively around the lives of African-Americans, The Jeffersons most likely featured television's first interracial married couple in Tom and Helen Willis. It was this fearless attempt to push the boundaries of the status quo that made the show one of the funniest of its time as well as a valuable resource for American race relations...

The Jeffersons follows the lives of George (Sherman Hemsley) and Louise Jefferson (Isabel Sanford), a middle-aged African-American couple who own a string of successful dry cleaning stores. The windfall generated by their business paves the way for George and Louise to "move on up" into an exclusive Park Avenue apartment. The series is made by Hemsley's portrayal of the stubborn and greedy, yet quite lovable, character of George whose sarcasm and antics are only equaled by the Jeffersons' quick witted live-in maid Florence (Marla Gibbs). A supporting cast composed of omni-present neighbors Tom (Franklin Cover) and Helen Willis (Roxie Roker), the ever-polite Bentley (Paul Benedict), and a tip-grubbing doorman named Ralph (Ned Wertimer) provide for endless sources of irritation and annoyance for George. Throw in George's mother (Zara Cully) and her constant insults of Louise, and The Jeffersons becomes one of the best-written humorous shows of its time...

The Jeffersons DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the series premiere "A Friend in Need" in which the audience meets George and Louise Jefferson as they settle into their brand new Park Avenue apartment. George demands that Louise hire a maid to take care of place, but she refuses because she doesn't want to be bored. Meanwhile, a new friend of Louise has a hard time believing that George could reach such a level of success without compromising his ethics... Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "Lionel the Playboy" in which the Jeffersons' son Lionel starts enjoying the fruits of George's labor and debates dropping out of college, and "Rich Man's Disease" in which George is diagnosed with an ulcer, prompting Louise to try to keep him from getting upset - a near impossible task...

Below is a list of episodes included on The Jeffersons (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (A Friend in Need) Air Date: 01-18-1975

Episode 2 (George's Family Tree) Air Date: 01-25-1975

Episode 3 (Louise Feels Useless) Air Date: 02-01-1975

Episode 4 (Lionel the Playboy) Air Date: 02-08-1975

Episode 5 (Mr. Piano Man) Air Date: 02-15-1975

Episode 6 (George's Skeleton) Air Date: 02-22-1975

Episode 7 (Lionel Cries Uncle) Air Date: 03-01-1975

Episode 8 (Mother Jefferson's Boyfriend) Air Date: 03-08-1975

Episode 9 (Meet the Press) Air Date: 03-15-1975

Episode 10 (Rich Man's Disease) Air Date: 03-22-1975

Episode 11 (Former Neighbors) Air Date: 03-29-1975

Episode 12 (Like Father, Like Son?) Air Date: 04-05-1975

Episode 13 (Jenny's Low) Air Date: 04-12-1975

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Sanford And Son Season 6 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 483)
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One of numerous comedies created in the 1970s by the talented Norman Lear (other hits such as All In The Family, Maude, Good Times, and The Jeffersons come to mind), Sanford And Son received 7 Emmy nominations and 6 Golden Globe nominations for its widely acclaimed humor. Based on the life of Los Angeles junkyard owner Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) and that of his son Lamont (Demond Wilson), the series was one of the first with an entirely African-American cast. Through every episode, Fred manages to insult and offend just about every person, group, race, ideology, etc. The show was such a hit, it stayed in the Nielsen Top Ten for its entire run, excluding its final season...

The Sanford & Son (Season 6) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "The Hawaiian Connection: Part 1? in which three jewel thieves conspire to smuggle some stolen jewels from Hawaii to Los Angeles. When Fred hops a flight to Hawaii to attend a Junkmen of America conference, the thieves plant the jewels on Fred in the hopes of using him as a dupe to carry out their nefarious plan... Other notable episodes from Season 6 include "The Winning Ticket" in which Fred becomes the victim of a con game by a pair of crooks who convince him to run a $500 raffle promotion for Sanford & Son, and "A Matter of Silence" in which Fred nearly goes deaf due to the wax buildup in his ears...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Sanford & Son (Season 6) DVD:

Episode 112 (The Hawaiian Connection: Part 1) Air Date: 09-24-1976

Episode 113 (The Hawaiian Connection: Part 2) Air Date: 09-24-1976

Episode 114 (The Hawaiian Connection: Part 3) Air Date: 10-01-1976

Episode 115 (California Crude) Air Date: 10-08-1976

Episode 116 (The Stakeout) Air Date: 10-15-1976

Episode 117 (I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz) Air Date: 10-22-1976

Episode 118 (The Winning Ticket) Air Date: 11-05-1976

Episode 119 (Committee Man) Air Date: 11-12-1976

Episode 120 (Fred's Extra Job) Air Date: 11-19-1976

Episode 121 (Carol) Air Date: 11-26-1976

Episode 122 (Aunt Esther Has a Baby) Air Date: 12-03-1976

Episode 123 (Here Today, Gone Today) Air Date: 12-07-1976

Episode 124 (Aunt Esther Meets Her Son) Air Date: 12-10-1976

Episode 125 (Sanford and Gong) Air Date: 12-17-1976

Episode 126 (Fred Meets Redd) Air Date: 01-14-1977

Episode 127 (Chinese Torture) Air Date: 01-21-1977

Episode 128 (A Matter of Silence) Air Date: 01-28-1977

Episode 129 (When John Comes Marching Home) Air Date: 02-04-1977

Episode 130 (The Reverend Sanford) Air Date: 02-11-1977

Episode 131 (The Will) Air Date: 02-18-1977

Episode 132 (Fred the Activist) Air Date: 02-25-1977

Episode 133 (The Lucky Streak) Air Date: 03-04-1977

Episode 134 (Funny, You Don't Look It) Air Date: 03-11-1977

Episode 135 (Fred Sings the Blues) Air Date: 03-18-1977

Episode 136 (School Daze) Air Date: 03-25-1977

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Friends Season 3 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 512)
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One of the most popular shows of the 1990s, Friends made the traditional sitcom king of the ratings once again. Of course, Frasier and Seinfeld did their part. Recipient of numerous awards during its long tenure in the Thursday night NBC timeslot, Friends followed the lives of six title characters - Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), and Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). Together, they formed the best six-person comedy team in television history...

The Friends (Season 3) DVD offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere where Chandler gets back together with Janice (Maggie Wheeler), and Janice forces Joey to bond with her. This episode also features Ross's Princess Leia fantasy which Rachel fulfills. Episode 57 features a life-long Thanksgiving football rivalry between Ross and Monica, and in the following episode, Rachel quits her job at Central Perk. When Rachel's new job puts her in constant contact with another man, Ross's jealousy forces her to call for "a break" in their relationship. Distraught, Ross gets drunk and sleeps with Chloe, the copy shop girl Chandler and Joey have been talking about for months. Eventually the news reaches Rachel, and she puts a permanent end to her romantic relationship with Ross...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Friends (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 49 (The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy) Air Date: 09-16-1996

Episode 50 (The One Where No One's Ready) Air Date: 09-26-1996

Episode 51 (The One with the Jam) Air Date: 10-03-1996

Episode 52 (The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel) Air Date: 10-10-1996

Episode 53 (The One with Frank Jr.) Air Date: 10-17-1996

Episode 54 (The One with the Flashback) Air Date: 10-31-1996

Episode 55 (The One with the Race Car Bed) Air Date: 11-07-1996

Episode 56 (The One with the Giant Poking Device) Air Date: 11-14-1996

Episode 57 (The One with the Football) Air Date: 11-21-1996

Episode 58 (The One Where Rachel Quits) Air Date: 12-12-1996

Episode 59 (The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister) Air Date: 01-09-1997

Episode 60 (The One with All the Jealousy) Air Date: 01-16-1997

Episode 61 (The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends) Air Date: 01-30-1997

Episode 62 (The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner) Air Date: 02-06-1997

Episode 63 (The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break) Air Date: 02-13-1997

Episode 64 (The One the Morning After) Air Date: 02-20-1997

Episode 65 (The One without the Ski Trip) Air Date: 03-06-1997

Episode 66 (The One with the Hypnosis Tape) Air Date: 03-13-1997

Episode 67 (The One with the Tiny T-Shirt) Air Date: 03-27-1997

Episode 68 (The One with the Dollhouse) Air Date: 04-10-1997

Episode 69 (The One with a Chick and a Duck) Air Date: 04-17-1997

Episode 70 (The One with the Screamer) Air Date: 04-24-1997

Episode 71 (The One with Ross's Thing) Air Date: 05-01-1997

Episode 72 (The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion) Air Date: 05-08-1997

Episode 73 (The One at the Beach) Air Date: 05-15-1997

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Six Feet Under Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 578)
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Nominated for 39 Emmys and 8 Golden Globes, including 3 (and one win) for Best TV Series - Drama, Six Feet Under is widely considered one of the best dramas currently on television. Creator Alan Ball, Oscar-winning screenwriter for American Beauty, introduces a series known for its darkly comical portrayal of a typical dysfunctional American family attempting to live their lives while running a business that thrives on death. Boasting a catchy main title theme song composed by Thomas Newman (brains behind the scores of Real Genius, Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, Finding Nemo, and many others), Six Feet Under continues the long-running string of critically and popularly acclaimed original drama series created by HBO, following in the footsteps of Oz (1997), Sex And The City (1998), and The Sopranos (1999). Premiering in mid-summer 2001, the series takes a unique look at the highs and lows of life and death, sporting the tagline, "Your whole life is leading up to this..."

Six Feet Under follows the lives of a hardworking American family in Pasadena, California as they deal with the everyday rigors of running their family business - an independent funeral home. Nate and Ruth Fisher (Frances Conroy of The Aviator) operate the business on a daily basis with the aid of their youngest son David (Michael C. Hall), while their daughter Claire (Lauren Ambrose) deals the tribulations of high school life and their eldest son Nate Jr. (Peter Krause) works in an organic grocery store in Seattle. But family affairs take a turn for the worse when Nate Jr.'s latest visit is marked by the tragic death of his father. With the family in mourning, it's soon revealed that the late patriarch left the funeral home to be owned and run jointly by David and Nate Jr. With a massive corporation hounding the family to sell out, coupled with their own personal problems, the Fishers must learn to deal with their grief as well as each other. Well-written and well-cast, Six Feet Under continues to offer some of the most entertaining drama on TV today...

The Six Feet Under DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the series premiere in which viewers learn of the death of Fisher family patriarch Nathaniel Fisher in a tragic auto accident. Eldest son Nate Jr. returns home to help out, while David, who is struggling to deal with his homosexuality, faces difficulty heading up the business. Meanwhile, teenage daughter Claire is searching for her own identity, and Ruth grapples with feelings of guilt over her long-running affair with her hairdresser... Other notable episodes from Season one include "An Open Book" in which David attempts to become deacon at the family church, and "The New Person" in which the Fisher brothers hire a replacement for Rico, the outspoken and unpredictable Angela...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Six Feet Under (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Pilot) Air Date: 06-03-2001

Episode 2 (The Will) Air Date: 06-10-2001

Episode 3 (The Foot) Air Date: 06-17-2001

Episode 4 (Familia) Air Date: 06-24-2001

Episode 5 (An Open Book) Air Date: 07-01-2001

Episode 6 (The Room) Air Date: 07-08-2001

Episode 7 (Brotherhood) Air Date: 07-15-2001

Episode 8 (Crossroads) Air Date: 07-22-2001

Episode 9 (Life's Too Short) Air Date: 07-29-2001

Episode 10 (The New Person) Air Date: 08-05-2001

Episode 11 (The Trip) Air Date: 08-12-2001

Episode 12 (A Private Life) Air Date: 08-19-2001

Episode 13 (Knock, Knock) Air Date: 08-19-2001

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Taxi Season 2 Dvd Review

(category: Movie-Reviews, Word count: 226)
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With its mainstream humor and oddball characters, Taxi is widely regarded as one of the best comedy series ever produced on television. The brainchild of James L. Brooks (creator behind such groundbreaking hits as The Andy Griffith Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Simpsons), Taxi retains a dedicated cult following to this day by means of its widely syndicated reruns. With a star-studding cast, the sitcom introduced most of the world to the talents of such comic superstars as Andy Kaufman, Danny DeVito, Marilou Henner, Tony Danza, and Christopher Lloyd...

The Taxi (Season 2) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "Louie and the Nice Girl" in which Zena (Rhea Pearlman), a woman who refills the vending machines (and a friend of most of the cabbies), reveals to Alex and Elaine that she has a crush on Louie. When the two begin dating, Louie boats of their sexual escapades, but Zena tells the gang that nothing has happened. Confronted, Louie admits that he doesn't know what to do with a "nice girl" like Zena, at least until he learns that Zena might not be the nice girl he once thought... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "Wherefore Art Thou, Bobby?" in which Bobby quits his dream of becoming an actor after a young prot

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