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Learn To Play Guitar Using Free Software

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If you want to learn to play guitar for free there's plenty of software available to help you. This article will enable you to define for yourself how to approach learning the guitar and guide you in setting up the time and space necessary to make solid musical progress.

Imagine yourself sitting down to play the guitar. You want to play to your own musical standards and to make music that impresses your audience. You will play from beginning to end without a hitch. Your attention will be on the music, not nervously anticipating the bits that you can "scrape through" when you are alone in your room but could be your undoing in front of an audience.

To learn to play guitar with a high degree of fluency, the first free resource you will need is time. Even if you have a busy daily schedule you can find say, half an hour to set aside to learning guitar. Think about what you do during the day. After dinner for instance, do you sit staring mindlessly at the television? Could you get up a little earlier in the morning to play guitar? Failing to seriously think about when you are going to practice the guitar will make the other elements of your guitar education more difficult.

Once you have worked when you will practice the guitar each day, you can contemplate the basic needs behind learning music. You can see in your imagination how you want to play guitar, so how do you go about getting the music into your head and your fingers?

An essential piece of equipment you need by your side is your guitar tuner. With free guitar tuners available to download, there's no excuse not to be in tune. I recommend the AP Guitar Tuner. It has a great visual guide to make sure you get your guitar in tune with a minimum of fuss.

Whether you already read standard musical notation or you will be using guitar tablature, you need to go to your friendly neighborhood search engine and look for a free music notation program called TablEdit. Guitarists record arrangements of songs using this program and share it with other guitar players on the internet. You download the software in a zip file and install it on your computer.

Now go to your search engine again and type in the name of the song you want to learn followed by "tabledit". If your request is not too obscure, you will get a number of web pages where you can download your song. As an example, type "classical gas tabledit" into a search engine and you will be rewarded with over one-hundred-and-fifty results. The only drawback with the free version of the program is you can't edit and save the music you are learning.

Another free guitar notation program is called Powertab, so if you can't find a Tabledit file for the piece you want, try your search using "power tab".

Now sit down with yourself and let the notation program play the song. Get a good grip on how the song sounds. Then start to learn the notes in whatever size chunks you need. Break it into licks, bars, half bars, whatever, but don't ride over any bits that are difficult for you. The ultimate aim is to perform a series of small movements, each one leading to the next without unnecessary muscular tension.

If you have difficulty with any part of the song, play it slowly several times on your notation program until you can hear it in your head. Then try it slowly on the guitar.

Finally, if you can't find a TablEdit or Powertab arrangement of your song, the latest version or Apple's Quicktime has the ability to slow down any music without altering the pitch. All you need then is a sound file and a tab or sheet music of your piece and you're ready to rock!

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The Revolution Of High Tech Recording Industry

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Today, music is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. This market is hotter for many reasons. First of all, customers' demands and tastes are higher and more diversified than ever. Second, the number of people and companies working in this field are increasing at such a dizzy speed that it creates a very large pool of tough competition, and of course, to survive, they have to be unique and distinguished.

We can list out herewith some relevant industry jobs such as Recording, Radio, Television and other Media, Working live shows and tours, Music Retailing and Instrument Repairing, Education and Instruction and many more. Among them, the recording industry is one that has been applying high-end technologies for many years.

The recording industry commenced at the start of the 20th century, when publishers of sheet music dominated the music business. With a quick development pace, recording industry gradually dominated and controlled the music industry. This is the kind of mass-production copies' business that can fix the price in the market.

To be the priority in the effervescent market of recording, what can they do? - Reducing the price? - Noisy brand-name advertising? - Or investing in technological upgrading of products and services? Of course, though technologies change very fast every day, people still make the choice of high-tech applications as the best way to affirm their positions in the music market.

Regarding recording industry, we consider that this is not only a technical but also a creative career. High-end technology is useful for both sides of this job. Recording engineer definitely must be technically skilled with the equipment. They must manipulate skillfully with all the buttons or knobs to get the correct sound that the artist or the producer want to have. A good microphone is necessary in the first step to begin with the recording process. And then, with the instruments, they find out the expected sounds - not music. The recording engineer, finally, will make the adjustments to enhance the music, morph, add effects... Some years ago, in order to do these steps, they had to resort to many equipment. In this case, the results obtained take a lot of the engineers' time and labor. However, today, thanks to the development of high-end technologies, recording engineer can apply modern equipment to make their work easier and more professional. One simple example, with a PC and some installed music morpher, music editor softwares, they can mix and edit music like a skilled recording engineer.

In the other side of this job, creativity is also very important. Music industry is a very specific one that requires creativity. The recording engineer must have the feeling, the sense of music that can create different and unique sounds that express music in the best way. With the same song recorded by two engineers, we have two ways to express the music which depend on the creativity of the recording workers. The recording engineer can apply some intelligent softwares specialized to perform a good job. Sometimes, just by adding a wave sound, increasing the frequency or reducing the noise of the music, we have colored up the recordings.

More and more recording engineers believe in the important role of high-end technologies for their career. They are willing to spend money on equipment, modern music editor or music morpher softwares to support their work. Some people pay up to thousands of dollars for their recording studios, but some know how to save money. They find out the efficient softwares that can work properly as a mixer, an editor with very competitive price from $30 to $100. They know how to update their "companion" by frequently downloading the latest effects or supporting programs. By this way, high-tech supports for both professional recording studios and some home recording studios.

"A war is happening, not the Iraq war, but the high-tech war". However, we will not perish in this war if we know how to use and control technologies for our purposes. Holding in hand the weapons of music softwares, we will be the unique winner, the best one in the running of entertainment industry, especially recording industry.

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The Evolution Of The Electric Guitar

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References to the guitar more or less in its modern form date back to the 14th century. In its infancy it had four courses of double strings and a rounded body like a gourd or a pumpkin. Its mother would not recognize it today!

Around the sixteenth century the guitar was a popular musical instrument amongst the middle and lower classes of Europe, and as it increased in popularity it began to undergo a change of shape. Luthiers began making instruments with single strings instead of courses and experimented with its form until, by the 19th century, the body of the guitar was made wider, and flattened out. In the twentieth century the wooden tuning pegs which adjusted the tension of the strings were replaced by metal machine heads. Now we have the shape that the modern electric guitar is based on.

The first electric guitars were made in the 1930's in response to a demand from guitarists in bands whose rhythmic stylings could not be heard above the other instruments. The main problem with these electric guitars was that feedback was coming through the amplifier from the vibration of the guitar's body. This challenge began the evolutionary process of the solid body electric guitar.

The early electric guitars had sound holes in the body that were smaller than the sound holes of conventional guitars. In 1924 Lloyd Loar, an engineer with the Gibson factory, used a magnet to change guitar string vibrations into electrical signals, which could be amplified through a speaker. Now it was possible to build guitars that did not possess sound holes but could be heard clearly through an amplifier. Amateur guitar players were able to get their hands on electric guitars through the efforts of Paul Barth, George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker who founded the Electro String Company in 1931. Their guitars resembled steel guitars, and were played in the guitarist's lap using a slide.

Modern electric guitars are made of many thin layers of wood glued together. The top layer is often a more attractive wood to give the guitar a pleasing appearance, and the other layers are of a wood which gives a good tone such as poplar or ash. The use of laminates endows the instrument with the robust body and tonal quality that would be impossible in one piece of wood. The original solid body guitar was however, made from one piece of wood. In 1941 Les Paul turned a railway sleeper into an amplified stringed instrument. He called it "The Log". When production of his instrument began he stayed with the conventional guitar shape to give his market a familiar image to relate to. Les Paul's invention marketed as the Gibson Les Paul is still extremely popular.

In the 1940's, the Fender Broadcaster Electric guitar came into the world. Nobody really noticed until Arthur Smith used a Broadcaster to record "Guitar Boogie" in 1949. After being renamed the Telecaster, it was put on the market in 1950. Another Fender model, the Stratocaster, caught guitarists' attention with its distinctive tone and light weight. It's still the second most popular guitar in the world.

Ibanez, Jackson, Paul Reed Smith, ESP and Yamaha have made solid body electric guitars with original designs, distinctive shapes and new materials mixed with modern technologies to produce more efficient and versatile electric guitars. Today's electric guitars produce tones varying between futuristic music or quasi-acoustic sounds.

In the 1960's, effects boxes introduced fuzz, delay, echo and the wah-wah sound to the arsenal of sounds available to the modern guitarist. A pedal operated by the guitar player's foot turns the effects on or off. Now guitars contain software that lets guitars sound like other types of guitars or reproduce the sound of other musical instruments. With developments like the latest self-tuning guitars, maybe the old joke about a guitarist "phoning in" a solo will become a reality!

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Getting The Right Saw Saw Selection Tips

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Choose a blade size

Saw blades are extremely pricey, the fewer saw blades you buy, the happier your wallet will be. If you plan on buying a miter saw, table saw, a radial arm saw, or some assemblage of these, pick a blade size and stick with it. While there are a variety of sizes available, the most popular and common blade sizes are 12? and 10?. If you stick with the same blade size for all of your saws, you will be able to buy one blade and use it with several saws. In the long run, this will save you hundreds of dollars.

Corded or cordless?

Cordless tool batteries have made remarkable advances over the last several years. Tools that you would think could never be cordless, such as circular saws and miter saws, now offer cordless options. If you are thinking about purchasing a cordless saw and you have, or may have, other cordless tools, consider staying with a single battery/manufacturer system so that you can share batteries amongst all of your tools. Additional batteries are very expensive - it is usually cheaper to get a brand new tool than to purchase replacement batteries. If you buy several tools from the same maker all with the same battery systems, you'll have extra batteries available to finish your task, this can significantly increase the work you can complete.

Before settling on a cordless saw, don't forget that even though cordless technology is very advanced today, battery life may restrict the amount of work you can complete in a single work period. If you're a hobbyist or you don't use your saw for extended periods of time, a cordless saw may be a good solution for you. But if you are a contractor the type who will be cutting wood all day long, you may want to skip cordless technology for tools that draw large amounts of power.

Cordless saws are also more expensive to purchase and maintain. Your cordless saw may last for 10 or 20 years; but the batteries will need to be exchanged several times during that time. In addition to the steeper initial cost of a battery operated saw, you can expect to be spending more money in the future, perhaps repeatedly, as the batteries will need to be replaced eventually.

Do your reading before you buy

Saws are a large investment - they are costly and they get a lot of use on most job sites. Purchasing the right saw is a big deal and even more important is to avoid buying a saw that doesn't work for you. Before buying any saw, always surf the internet for opinions, rankings, and reviews for the kind of saw you are thinking about getting. After using a saw for a week or so, you will form an opinion about the saw. But it is almost impossible to get the correct feel for a saw just by studying the specifications. When you check the web for saw reviews and rankings, you will get the opinions of people who have laid hands on the saw and who have an informed opinion. If people have problems with their expensive new purchases, they're usually more than happy to let other people know if something is not good. Let their bad luck save you from getting stuck with the same bad saw.

Before purchasing any type of large tool, read the user manual first. You can find out a lot about how easy or hard a saw is to use by looking through the manual. If it takes a whole bunch steps and an iterative process to make sure that your saw blade and table are square, you can look forward to spending more time setting up your saw than using it. If you are considering a saw where there are different cutting configurations, check the manual to find out what is involved in changing the configuration. If the process is complicated and not easy to understand, it may be more hassle than it is worth and you will be inclined to just not use your saw this way. Even though the saw has some cool features, if they are too difficult to use, you will not use them. So why pay extra for them? You can flush out a lot of these sorts of issues just buy reading the manual for the saw before you buy it.

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Bass Guitar Tabs And Their Place In The Circle Of Life

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Bass guitar tab is an extremely popular way of writing bass guitar music. If you are interested in becoming a bass guitarist you need to get familiar with bass guitar music by playing the bass lines of some of your favorite songs before you let your inner bass player off the chain. Utilizing this handy tool you can learn how to be the bass player in a band quickly without getting too much into boring theory.

The bass player's job is simply to keep time. Nothing could be easier. Until you try to do it. So what is actually involved? The bass guitar player keeps time by playing a 'bassline' which is usually a rhythmic' sequence of notes. The bass player brings together the rhythmic playing of the drummer with the melodies and chords played by the lead guitarist. Do you need to be a talented musician to do this? Yes you do. The bass guitar player is the guy who switches off his brain and becomes one with the flow of the music. He then switches his brain back on and become the designated driver for the rest of the band.

A novice bass guitarist may not immediately be able to follow (or lead) the rest of the band right from the start. You might need some material to work with while you ease into the job. Bass guitar tab gives the guitar player written directions on what to play to give the bass line to a song. Tablature is a written representation of the strings of the guitar using numbers to show the frets. If you want to learn the bass guitar quickly tab will help you. It is easy to pick up and to remember, and it enables you to learn the riffs and phrases you need to give structure to your band's music.

A bass guitar tab is a picture of the fret board which can be drawn using Notepad on your computer or, if you like, by hand. The frets are numbered on lines representing the guitar strings. If you have a four string bass, the upper string is the G string, next the D string, the A string, and the E string. The numbers below the lines are the frets where the notes are played. If there is zero below the line it means the open string is played. A chord is represented in bass guitar tabs by two numbers, one above the other. Most bass guitar tabs contain a legend which explains any unfamiliar terms.

With the history of rock music going back for generations tabs are available for any song you can think of. The internet is by far the best source for bass guitar tabs. Just do a Google search and you will have more material than you will ever need. All you have to do is learn and practice. Learn and practice your favorite songs first. Bass guitar is not a musical instrument you can approach without passion. Bass guitar riffs can be learnt from tab books but should be played from the heart.

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Premier Online Tool Show For Machining And Manufacturers Resources

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The mission of is to provide manufacturers and distributors with a very affordable 24/7 online industrial trade show booth to exhibit their latest technology and special product offering(s) to a worldwide audience of potential buyers.

All booths are the same size, creating a level playing field for all exhibitors. Cost is kept low because we do not believe it makes sense to recreate your website on ours. Once interested, a buyer can simply link directly from your online tool show booth to your website instantly for additional information or to place an order.

For the buyer, is a user friendly door to a 24/7 accessible marketplace where you can find tooling suppliers of needed new technology that will sharpen your competitive edge or find favorably priced equipment, products, and services for which you presently have a need.

We are providing a GLOBAL, 24/7, industrial tool show to exhibit your product(s) and services so that potential buyers may find your company booth quickly, easily, any most importantly at their convenience, anytime day or night.

We have made it as easy as possible to find exactly what you are looking for. There are multiple searches and indexes to help you quickly navigate to a specific manufacturer, product, or service booth.

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Beginner Kayaker Find The Best Kayak Paddle

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Buying a good paddle is as important as buying a good kayak. There are many different paddles to choose from.

When you are shopping for kayak equipment and accessories, a paddle should be among the first things that you buy. Carlisle kayak paddles are one of the best brands you can get. They are built for several types of kayak adventures. It is easy to find one that works for you.

Recreational Paddles

Carlisle builds recreational paddles in three styles. All three are specifically designed and perfect for recreational use.

The Tripper model is an entry level paddle with a special grip for beginners.

The RS Magic is a standard paddle for recreation. It works for any age and any kayaking skill level and is available in glass or lightweight anodized aluminum.

The RS Magic 2 is made especially for women and children. It is shorter and designed for the average body size. The slightly-spooned design produces smooth and powerful paddling.

White Water Paddles

Magic White Water is Carlisle Designs only whitewater paddle. This paddle is suited for beginners but still strong enough for experts to take into that exciting white water!

All of these various paddle types are perfect for any kayaker. It is easy to find the paddle that is best for your needs right here! Don't forget that the paddles are in some ways more important than the kayak. Without a good paddle, your boat becomes less useful. Good paddles cut the water better so that the kayak is more able to glide smoothly through the water. Get the most from your kayak and make sure that you buy top-notch paddles that your kayak deserves.

Carlisle has built a sleek line of paddles for all levels of boaters and every kind of use. When you buy your kayak, keep in mind how you are planning to use it. You should do the same thing when you are deciding which paddles to buy. This will help you ensure that you get the best paddles for your kayaking style.

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Easy Guitar Tabs

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Guitar tabs are an easy solution for you if you have no idea of how to read sheet music but are constantly bugged by the notion that you want to be a guitarist. Guitar tabs are easy to learn and allow you to begin playing songs right away, even if you are not familiar with them. Once you have bought your first guitar, it is time to begin looking for easy guitar tab versions of some songs to find out what it feels like to be a guitar player. Which songs you need tabs for depends on how you see yourself as a musician. Do you want to play your favorite songs chiefly for your own amusement or do you want to aim your repertoire at a potential audience? Let us look at your audience for a minute. The most popular songs in the world are all from years gone by. If you sit a bunch of people aged between ten and fifty down and play songs at them you will find some universal favorites, and they will all be old songs. If you want to please a random audience, your ultimate goal should be to have about one hundred popular songs ranging from the 1940's to the present, but you could probably narrow the range to just include songs going back to the sixties.

So what are the easiest songs to learn from tabs? What can a beginner guitarist learn quickly without too much trouble? Well, I did a little searching on the internet concerning that question, and I found that "Horse With No Name" contains only two chords, and dead simple ones at that! You could be playing that song in a convincing fashion today! "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" makes use of the chords G D C and Am - all easy chords. Building on chords you have acquired learning these songs, you can go onto "House Of The Rising Sun" which uses Am C D F E and E7. Once you have learnt that, it's only natural to go onto another beautiful song, "California Dreamin'" which has the same chords. If you do not like the idea of beginning your guitar playing with these songs, do an internet search in the country music and blues genres. Actually a working knowledge of twelve bar blues is very useful for a guitar player just starting out.

Now for a short list of songs that are both easy to play and have proven to be popular with audiences of all ages. You can find tab arrangements for these songs by typing the titles into a search engine.

"Angie" by The Rolling Stones

"Blowin' In The Wind" by Bob Dylan

"Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison

"A Day In The Life", "Here, There And Everywhere" and "Hey Jude" by The Beatles

"I Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash

"Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton

"Gloria" by Van Morrison

"Hotel California" by The Eagles

"Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who

"Scarborough Fair" by any number of performers, and

"White Room" by Cream

Once you have some guitar songs under your belt, you could learn more popular favorites that do not fit into the "Easy Guitar Tabs" category. Wilson Pickett's "Dock Of The Bay" and "American Pie" by Don Mclean come to mind. But do not let the tastes of the masses be your only guide. If, for example, you decide you would like to do a folk guitar arrangement of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" then you could use tabs for the original electric guitar version as a basis for your new work. With a bunch of easy guitar tabs at your disposal, the only limits to your musical achievements are your imagination and your audience's supply of tomatoes.

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The Pros Of The Zune Car Charger

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This product, the Zune Car Charger, is also known as the Zune Car Pack, and it runs around $79.99. It has tons of features that will simply dazzle you. Lets get started with that.

First off, I'd like to start off by saying who this is for. This product is for anyone who enjoys listening to music through their mp3 player in their car. Its extremely useful for anyone taking a long road trip and doesn't want to be changing cd's every hour or so. All in all, if you have a zune, a car, and money to spend, then this product will definitely be worth your while.

The great thing about the Zune Car Charger when compared to say an iPod adapter or something of that sort, is that with the iPod adapter you have to change the fm station to the one that you think works best for you, and then you have to change it on the adapter and so forth. But the

Zune product completely eliminates that by having auto-tuning, it will automatically tune itself into the best possible braodcasting station around, thus you will not get the best performance possible, you don't have to do any work to get it. This also allows you to be safer on the roads as you will not have to worry about looking in weird places to adjust the station on your adapter as well as your deck, it simply does it by itself.

Another feature of this Zune Car Charger that is simply amazing is the fact that is charges and can be played at the same time. Although a lot of other adapters do the same, the idea in itself is great.

Not only are you being able to enjoy your mp3 player in the car, listening to whatever you want to listen to, you are getting full advantage of this product by also charging your mp3 player. So, now when you leave your car and you want to take your mp3 player with you, you no longer have to worry about your mp3 player being uncharged for wherever you are going.

The fm part has two different presets for those who are taking a distance trip that will be going from station to station as you travel through cities. This makes it easier on you so you really don't have to deal with all of the busy work just to listen and enjoy your music.

This Zune Car Charger also comes with a dashboard grip pad so that you can place it anywhere on your dashboard without falling or anything. This is definitely helpful for those who don't want to reach all the way down in the corner of the car just to change the song, they can simply grip it within hands reach and it makes it a whole lot easier.

This product is made by Zune, therefore you will know that this product is specifically made for zune mp3 players, so that it is compatible for all zune mp3 players no matter what. How unforunate would it be to buy a car charger and not be compatible with the mp3 player that you are using.

With Zune making this product, you are also ensured quality and reliability. The zune mp3 players are excellent mp3 players that many people are missing out on, and there are also going to be a lot of people missing out on the Zune Car Charger.

But, that just means you are going to be taking full advantage of what Microsoft has offered you. A great mp3 player along with a great accessory to accommodate with it. All in all, this product is an extraodinary product for anyone who loves listening to music in their car, going on a long road trip, or needs a quick charge every now and then on the go.

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