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Sarasota Commissioner Under Fire For 2004 Condo Purchase

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Most people do not realize the sacrifices that local elected officials make when they accept an elected or appointed city position. For instance being a city commissioner guarantees lack of privacy in your personal life, time taken away from family. All this and you are compensated with very low pay. On top of this, there are watchdogs continually searching for breaches of the ethics code. Seasoned politicians know the best rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution. This means that the most innocent of actions will be scrutinized and most of the time interrupted in a negative manner.

Case and point, someone has actually brought to light in a June 5 Herald-Tribune story that in 2004, I repeat in 2004, Sarasota City Commissioner Mary Anne Servian's along with her husband purchased a new Downtown Sarasota condominium. Now it was not the purchase of the condo that is in question. Someone questions whether Servian received special treatment because she along with 20 or 30 other buyers managed to get early reservation for one of the 134 Condos. It is not unusual for developers to offer early reservations on projects.

Of course what has been said is there could be a conflict of interest because she voted approval [along with all other commissioners] of this condo development. And then was granted a reservation. How silly and how petty are these accusations. Now if she received a discount on the purchase price or say extra amenities added to her unit, one could get suspicious, but her pay back was a reservation. I don't think so.

How can we expect good decent people to come into public service when we see such petty scrutiny of their actions? We expect our City government officials to live, work, play and raise their families within our city limits. Who would want to open their family up to such petty scrutiny. It is no wonder less and less people run for public office.

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Hemp And Marijuana Eliminating The Confusion

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"Hemp/industrial hemp" and "marijuana" are two distinct varieties of the same plant species. "Hemp" is a fiber crop. "Marijuana" is a drug crop. However, these definitions have become confused in the last 60 years. Recently, a movement has begun to distinguish the terms again. It is important to understand the history of usage of these terms in order to eliminate the confusion.

1600-1930s Hemp's Long History in North America

The word "hemp" has been in the English language for over 800 years. The word "marijuana" is only 100 years old.

From the first settling of North America until the 1930s, "hemp" was the most common term for Cannabis sativa fiber crops. "Marijuana" was never used to describe hemp fiber crops, which were grown for canvas, rope, fuel oil, and paper. "Hemp" fiber crops were historically low THC and completely non-psychoactive.

1930s-1940s Marijuana tax Act confuses "Hemp" and "Marijuana"

In the 1930s, the psychoactive (high-THC) variety of cannabis sativa, imported from Mexico, became common in the southern U.S. It was called "marijuana", a word popularized through the "Reefer Madness" campaign, to distinguish it from the "hemp" fiber crops (which no one ever smoked).

In 1937, the passage of the Marijuana tax Act hopelessly confused the terms "hemp" and "marijuana". For the first time, Congress defined these distinct varieties of Cannabis sativa as being the same. What had been commonly known as "hemp" was now "marijuana".

1950s "Hemp" Crops Become Extinct

In 1957, the last "hemp" fiber crop was harvested in the U.S. Because low-THC Cannabis sativa fiber crops were now extinct, the word "hemp" dropped out of use and was forgotten.

1960s "Marijuana" Legalization Movement Begins

In the 1960s, the psychoactive variety of cannabis sativa ("marijuana") became popular among the counter-culture. The movement to legalize "marijuana" in the 1960s and 1970s did not use the term "hemp" to describe "marijuana".

1985 "Hemp"/ "Marijuana" Movement Begins

In 1985, the word "hemp" re-surfaced in the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. This book uncovered information that had been lost for almost 40 years about "hemp's" historical uses as a fiber crop. The book also touted "hemp" as a solution to modern environmental problems.

Because The Emperor was targeted at a "marijuana" movement and since it was not widely known that low-THC varieties of hemp existed in Europe and Asia, it was believed that "marijuana" must be legalized to allow industrial uses of "hemp". And because it was the environmentalists and the counter-culture that began promoting hemp as an alternative fiber crop, they were not taken seriously.

1989 European Farmers Grow "Hemp"

In Europe, some countries (like France and Spain) had never stopped producing "hemp". In 1989, the European Economic Community developed rules to govern "hemp" production that applied to all its member countries. The EEC defined registered seed varieties for low THC "hemp" and methods for testing "hemp" for THC content.

1993-1994 England and Canada Grow "Hemp"

In 1993, England officially recognized the difference between "hemp" and "marijuana", to make its farmers competitive in the EEC. In 1994, Canada, seeing competition from Europe, allowed "hemp" production.

1994 Kentucky Appoints "Hemp" Task Force

In November of 1994, the Governor of Kentucky, seeing competition from Canada and Europe, appointed a Task Force to study the commercial possibilities of "hemp" in his state.

1994-1995 "Hemp/Industrial Hemp" Movement Begins in U.S.

For the first time, farmers, manufacturers, processors, and agricultural researchers in North America began to take a serious look at "hemp" as an agricultural crop and alternative fiber. As well, the "hemp" environmentalists within the "marijuana" movement see that registered seed varieties exist to distinguish "hemp" from "marijuana".

This diverse coalition begins using the word "industrial hemp" (or simply "hemp") to refer exclusively to low-THC non-psychoactive varieties of Cannabis sativa. The goal of the "industrial hemp" movement is to allow legitimate production of "hemp" fiber crops and to explore the environmental benefits of "hemp" as an alternative fiber, pulp, and oil source.

Jan. 1995 Colorado Senator Introduces "Hemp " Legislation

In January 1995, Senator Lloyd Casey (D-Northglenn), made Colorado the first state to attempt to define "hemp/industrial hemp" as distinct form "marijuana" when he introduced the Hemp Production Act. Unfortunately, this bill was killed in Committee due to objections from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Oct. 1995 North American Industrial Hemp Council Formed

In October 1995, the steering committee of the North American Industrial Hemp Council made "industrial hemp" an entirely distinct issue, separate from the legalization of "marijuana".

Jan. 1996 Colorado and Vermont Introduce "Hemp" Legislation

Legislators in two states introduced "industrial hemp" legislation, Sen. Lloyd Casey (D) from Colorado and Rep. Fred Maslack (R) from Vermont.

Jan. 1996 Support for "Hemp" Grows

A strong coalition of diverse organizations now supports "Industrial hemp", including:

American Farm Bureau federation (4.6 million member)

Colorado Farm Bureau

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Colorado State Grange

Kentucky Farm Bureau

Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative

Wisconsin Agribusiness Council

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture

International Paper Company

Bolton Emerson Americas

Colorado Environmental Coalition

Oregon Natural Resources Council

HIA (Hemp Industries Association)

North American Industrial Hemp Council

Most, if not all of these groups have specifically stated that they are opposed to the legalization of marijuana. They realize the difference between "hemp/industrial hemp" and "marijuana" and that "hemp/industrial hemp" can be grown safely without affecting "marijuana" laws, production, or use.

Today: Making Progress...

25 of 53 state hemp-related bills introduced since 1995 have passed and overall, 14 states have successfully passed hemp-related legislation. In 2002, hemp bills have been introduced in seven states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia. The CA, HI and WV bills have passed, the NM and VT bills have died in committee, and the AZ and WI bills have been held until 2003.

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The West Should Step Out Of The United Nations

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U.N. requested a cease-fire, without making the distinction between attackers and defenders. Palestine was partitioned in an Israeli State, a Palestinian State and Jerusalem was internationalized . In the end, the aggressors were rewarded.

- In October 1962, with the news of the confirmed photographic evidence of Soviet missile bases in Cuba, President Kennedy started the naval quarantine around Cuba without the potentially time-consuming appeal to the United Nations.

- In the 1970's, Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge leader, killed over 1.7 million of civilians. U.N. secretary General Perez de Quelliar insisted on protecting the Khmer Rouge. Pot was not summond before the tribunal of The Heaghe. The aggression stopped when Vietnam invaded Cambodia, also ignoring the U.N.

The war against Israel:

- In November 1975, the U.N. ruled that Zionism was a form of racism. The U.N. voted 152/1, to call on Israel to rescind a resolution declaring Jerusalem its capital.

- In 1991, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir commissioned an analysis of U.N. voting towards Israel. From 1967 to 1988, the Security Council passed 88 resolutions directly against Israel, zero resolutions criticized or opposed the actions or perceived interests of an Arab state or body, including the PLO. Israel was condemned 49 times, Arab countries however, not once. In the General Assembly, 429 anti-Israel resolutions were passed in that span. Israel was condemned 321 times; Arab nations not once. The term terrorism was never mentionned.

- The U.N. Human Rights Commission now includes Zimbabwe, China, Ukraine, Algeria, Bahrain, Congo, Libya, Sudan, Russia, Syria, Uganda and Vietnam; not exactly good examples of civil liberty. In April 2002, the commission passed a (pro-terrorist) resolution condoning "armed struggle" to establish a Palestinian state.

- "To the Israelis I say: You must end the illegal occupation," Annan said, following a long-standing U.N. agenda. "More urgently, you must stop the bombing of civilian areas, the assassinations, and the unnecessary use of lethal force, the demolitions, and the daily humiliations of ordinary Palestinians." No word was however said about the humiliation of Israelis who hide in their homes in fear of suicide bombers. Annan ignored the action of gunmen that murder five-year old girls in cold blood, and of teenage bombers programmed to indiscriminately kill Jews. The word terrorism or suicide bomber was not even mentioned.

- In Somalia 1993, the U.N. failed to successfully deliver food to starving people in Somalia. Local warlords instead usually seized the food. A US/U.N. attempt to apprehend the warlords seizing these shipments resulted in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu. On October 3, 1993 Somali men, women and children armed with automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades ambushed elite units of the U.S. Army. Approximately 1000 Somali militiamen and civilians lost their lives in the battle, with injuries to another 3000-4000. More definitely, 18 American soldiers died, and 73 were wounded.

- Srebrenica massacre 1993. Dutch U.N. troops stood by when Serbians under General Ratko Mladic slaughtered more than 7000 Muslims Bosnians in Srebrenica. The Dutch troops pulled out and let it happen after refusal of air support by a U.N. General. The enclave was a "safe area" under U.N. protection. The Dutch Government fell about the matter, but at the U.N. there were no resignations.

The conflict escalated and fights in Kosovo and Macedonia followed. President Clinton together with Nato defended the Kosovars against the Serbian army, this time without a U.N. Security Council resolution.

- The U.N. Failed to prevent the 1994 Rwandan genocide, which resulted in the killings of nearly a million people, due to the refusal of the security council members to approve any necessary military action. The violence and its memory continued to affect the countries in the region. Both the First Congo War and Second Congo Wars trace their origins to the genocide, and it continued to be a reference point for the Burundian Civil War.

- Clinton 1996 urged for action on the Iraqi problem, but France, China and Russia blocked decisive action. Richard Butler chief U.N. weapon's inspector, warned several times against Sadam Hussein's ambitions, he was however fired by coffee Anan. Butler was replaced by a weaker figure that showed more respect to the Sadam-regime.

- Concerning the war between Iran and Iraq, the U.N. just made a resolution refraining both countries immediately from any use of force, without ordering Iraq to withdraw his army out of Iran. Although Iraq was undoubtedly the aggressor, U.N.'s moral equivalence made no difference between aggressor and defender.

- Against Saddam's genocide attempt, with Chemical weapons, against the Kurds, The U.N. did nothing; it was the U.S. and the U.K. who defended the Kurds ignoring the U.N.

- 1996, the United Nations Oil-for-Food program, originally conceived as a means of providing humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people, was subverted by Saddam Hussein's regime and manipulated to help prop up the Iraqi dictator. Saddam's dictatorship was able to siphon off an estimated $10 billion from the Oil-for-Food program through oil smuggling and systematic thievery, by demanding illegal payments from companies buying Iraqi oil, and through kickbacks from those selling goods to Iraq, all under the noses of U.N.. The members of the U.N. staff administering the program have been accused of gross incompetence, mismanagement, and complicity with the Iraqi regime in perpetrating the biggest scandal in U.N. history. The former director, Benon Sevan had accepted bribes from the Iraqi regime. Also implicated in the scandal is Kofi Annan's son Kojo Annan, alleged to have illegally procured U.N. Oil-for-Food contracts on behalf of the Swiss company Coctecna.

- U.N. International criminal Court: the Court came into being on April 11, 2002. The first to come under investigation for possible war crimes charges was not Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin or Robert Mugabe, no, unbelievable but true, it was Tony Blair!

- 2001, A few days before Arab terrorists attacked the U.S. on September 11, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan was in Durban, South Africa, to attend a U.N. world conference on racism. An event that showed an undisguised anti-Americanism. Delegates from Arab and Third World dictatorships as well as terrorist states vilified the United States and the West and demanded "reparations" for slavery. Among the nations, demanding slave reparations was Sudan, a nation where slavery is still practiced. The Durban conference was hosted by South African President Thabo Mbeki, a former leader of the African National Congress (ANC), a communist-dominated terrorist group. During the 1980s the ANC slaughtered thousands of black South Africans. Yet, Annan described the ANC's South Africa as "a beacon of enlightenment for the entire world". The only conclusion of the conference was branding Israel a "racist apartheid state guilty of systematic war crimes, acts of genocide, and ethnic cleansing."


The United Nations, an alliance where Syria, one of the main state-sponsors of terrorist organizations is elected to the U.N. security council for a two-year term. Soon resolutions will be approved saying that military aggression only can happen between uniformed opponents, in this way excluding terrorism from the competence of the Council. Systematically, the rules are changed in a way that genocide will be considered as internal affairs of the respective states.

As I already indicated in my previous articles and on my website, I am an advocate of a strong "Western Alliance". The best the West can do is step out of the United Nations and found a new Council, e.g. "The Western Democratic Allied Nations" and actions should be taken independent of the decisions of the U.N. Actions according the principles of the new Council, Democratic decisions, morally well considered, with distinction between aggressor and defender and considering Human Rights. The "war on terror" must be continued resolutely.

Shortly after the Israeli raid on Entebbe, the American President Ford made a wise declaration: "Freedom is a value which must be fought for in every generation".

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How Governments Seek To Get Back Control

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So the UK Government has had its way on banning smoking in all enclosed public places and places of work. This ban was carried through on the grounds of ensuring a safe working environment for all employees across the country. This ban applies everywhere except of course the House of Commons itself. One would presume that this is because it is not open to the public and nobody works there! This is just another example of the hypocrisy of our government; 'Don't do as I do, do as I say'. 'You do not know what is good for you but We do'. You cannot have a wage increase or it must be restricted because it is not good for the economy; however we will vote ourselves a very large increase because we are a special case', and so it goes on.

They also got their own way for the moment on ID cards. Arguments on this have shifted from combating terrorism, to combating illegal immigration to the current one of stopping ID fraud. I actually had no idea that that there were millions of people out there stealing each others identity. I suspect the only people guilty of identity fraud are the members of the government itself as they seem to take on a number of different guises depending upon what they next want to ban or subject us to.

I would suspect that the whole thrust of most of this recent legislation in the western world is an attempt to regain control over the population. In the past if you stepped out of line or had a counter argument you were threatened with hell fire and damnation. With the decline of the Church and its more modern approach this line of control has vanished. With the immediacy of communications around the world we all now know what is going on at any moment in time. Consequently governments have lost control of situations unless you happen to be in China!

There was talk of putting chips into cars so that there movements could be tracked all the time. I do not know why the government just do not forget about ID cards and go the complete step and put chips into all of us. This would act as a means of verifying your identity and have the added advantage of being able to track us and our movements all of the time. Any body visiting the country could have a temporary chip implanted. That way the police would not have to stop you and ask for a card they could simply scan you from a distance and if you happened to be 'chipless' they could lock you up for 90 days.

Strange isn't it that it all started with the banning fox hunting. I periodically feel I have had enough and should move somewhere else, but where do you go? This seems to be like a tidal wave sweeping across the whole of the western world and it is impossible to stop.

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Unicef Gives Hope To People Of Palestine

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Education is the most essential step towards success, its creator and evaluator. There is no development without education and we can see the truth of this statement nowadays. Countries of Euro Union, the USA, China and Japan and many others that are considered post-industrial, know the value of education and their development is very high due to the level of education in each country. Exhausted by wars, revolutions and other acts of violence, countries of the third world do not have the possibility to develop because every other effort made to get out of the gutter of the world unity is met by rebellions and another wave of violence. The "Powder Keg" of the world, the region Gaza is the hottest spot where all of striking news about military and terrorist actions comes from.

According to the information provided by UNICEF there are nearly 70,000 children in the Gaza Strip. This organization held a test to evaluate the education level in Palestine region and results were even below expected. According to the latest statistics the percentage of educated people is 30%. This figure is expected to decrease due to the high death rate. Young people that received education die either of hunger or as victims of action. The UNICEF determines two major reasons for the low percentage: lack of supplies and restriction. Palestine is a Muslim country and the cradle of extremist branches of this religion where some sacred laws exist. One of such laws is prohibition fro ladies and girls to get education. According to Koran a woman is a helping hand beside the husband that has to be the head of family, region and state. Women can not exceed men in power and intelligence. Though those who ignore the law are punished and banished if not assassinated, brave women try to get education in order to get the country out of poverty. Lack of supplies is also a problem. To get proper education young individuals need professionals to maintain the process and necessary equipment to work with. The situation in the country is unstable and there is no building in this strip that has not been damaged by the war. People no longer feel secure and confident. To return hope to homes of Palestinians UN and UNICEF provide Palestine with necessary supplies establishing kits of aid.

People of post-industrial countries do not fully realize that the situation that was created in Palestine is related to them to some extent. Ignorant society makes poor peoples angrier and more hopeless. The tragedy is in front of us and we keep silent hiding behind our daily routine. There is nothing a person can do alone but together we are powerful and it is within our power to help and to support. It is within our power to bring hope into the homes of Palestinians.

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How To Become A Successful Psychopath

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By using mind control can you induce a psychopathology is someone?

Yes, but it will be hardly worth your time. It will take an immense amount of time to do it and pathological obsession is hardly the most "ecological" thing to do to people. It's also very likely that you'll develop someone who you will not want to be around because of the obsessive and irrational behavior to which you contributed.

That said there is no reason you shouldn't create the same psychopathology in yourself. Firstly, you would know exactly what you want and how to measure it. You would be aware of the reasons for doing it. You would also be in complete control of the intensity and direction of your "madness".

Let's begin with an assumption. The assumption being that we are all neurotic in one way or another. Our neurosis can effect us in many ways both to our benefit and to our demise. One the one end of the spectrum a person can be obsessed in doing things perfectly in patterns of three. If each step of the pattern is not perfect or if it is done in less than or more than three nothing will get done. This neurosis can be a huge handicap toward someones success.

On the other hand, let us assume that you are obsessed with the building of a life and lifestyle or accomplishing a great goal. Under those conditions a psychopathology of success would be quite useful.

To do that is quite simple. You must become obsessed.

There are strategies to build that obsession and you must do them religiously and consistently in the same way an athlete trains. You must train your mind, nay, your whole awareness, toward that single end.

Do you wish to be rich, have numerous lovers or gain fame? The first step you must do is clarify your goal in EVERY detail. This means that you must be able quantify your outcome or goal. You must be able to know when you have it. Simply saying "I'll know it when I get it" is not enough. That is not a goal but a feeble wish. A wish will do you nothing.

As part of this strategy take some time to visualized what you want. Write it out in rich detail. Most importantly write out what you will get from having it. Write it out and meditate upon how it will effect all the aspects of your life. The more detail you give it the more you will understand what must be done.

Begin to talk to yourself, mentally at least, in a voice that is strong, supportive, forceful and authoritative. Let your inner voice tell you first that you are blessed by providence to achieve your goal. When you've develop a plan toward your goal have this inner voice command you what to do and remind you of the riches and rewards you will receive.

To develop this psychopathology of success you must regularly put aside time to practice this. Whether it's an hour of daily meditation, while driving in the car or as you awaken in the morning it is this practice that will make the achievement of your goal your destiny.

As you do this something dramatic will happen. You will begin to feel what it is like to have it. That feeling will propel you further. You will begin to see that everything you do has a consequence that can lead you to your goal.

What has been described is the positive strategy of this self created psychopathology. There is also a negative strategy that you can implement if you think you need to, but be warned. By using it it's possible to become so obsessed that it may have adverse consequences in other areas of your life.

This negative side is to create pain, fear and dread of failure. You would have to imagine yourself at a time in the future having not gone after your goal and being lost, destitute and an utter failure in life. Every mistake you would find yourself doing would demand a harsh berating from your inner voice followed by an impassioned plea to do better. You would then, out of both fear of failure and desire for reward, rehearse what you would do next time.

One individual used the image of being chased and beaten by skin heads to keep him moving. He said that it was motivating but frightening as well.

If you combine the positive and negative strategies of this psychopathology of success you would create what is called a propulsion system that drives you like a force of nature to your goal.

As a historical example, for a time in the 20th century the richest man in the world was Howard Hughs. Hughs began life with a single quality that was both a blessing or curse, depending on how you think of it. He was a natural obsessive compulsive. This lead him to great heights and and it also lead him to the pits of despair. For the sake of understanding the psychopathology of success we will focus on his achievements and how he directed himself to accomplish them.

Howard Hughs from an early age had set ambitious goals for himself; movie maker, airplane pilot, business leader. He even had the goal of being one of the wealthiest men in the world.

To accomplish all of these he made them his single focus. Every action and movement was measured by whether or not it would help or hinder him. When his mind was set there was no fear or obstacle that would stop him. Only the progress to his goal mattered.

You, on the other hand, may well hope to accomplish great things but lack the natural obsessive compulsive tendencies of Howard Hughs. This is in fact a good thing because you can now create your compulsion exactly how you would want it.

If you wish to be successful learning persuasion and mind control think of how it will benefit you. Make a habit of thinking about it that borders on the religious. As you fill your mind with information you must also fill your experience with trials and achievements. This means taking what you learn into the real world and practicing them again and again and again, always looking for a better result.

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What Do You Know About Richard M Nixon

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Depending on who we are, how old we are, and where we come from, associations with Richard M. Nixon vary greatly. The best is the SEINFELD episode wherein Elaine tricked into dating a guy because he has the perfect come-on.

He makes bets with total strangers (women he is attracted to) about trivia topics and names that he intentionally gets wrong. In Elaine's case, upon meeting her, he bets with her that Dustin Hoffman was in STAR WARS...then by the end of the show has moved on to Jerry's girlfriend, Nikki (though the freak doesn't know she's Jerry's girlfriend as he hits on her) what the M stands for in Richard M. Nixon.

There is also the brilliant, campy STRIPTEASE performance of Burt Reynolds playing Congressman David Dilbeck, who greases himself up with Vaseline to have his way with a token piece of fresh lint from his fantasy girl, Erin Grant (played by Demi Moore), then is cleaned up and hastened to a stage to speak to a huge group of Christians: as he enters to a standing O he holds both politician hand up in the sign of the V for victory but more looking like the Richard M. Nixon signs of peace. Such are the implications, anyway.

This is the silliest of associations I have with that name, Richard M. Nixon, as I was in high school when the 37th U. S. president was waving his phony peace signs and mumbling as if he had marbles in his mouth that he was "not a crook"

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Gangs The Unrecognized Cults

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On the History channel there is a new series called "Gangland" which covers the history and practices of various gangs The Arian Brotherhood, La Eme, The Hells Angels and The Mongol Nation to name a few. Many of these gangs are "blood in, blood out", meaning one must commit violence to join and must be killed to leave.

After watching a few episodes it became clear what no one else is seeing from these gangs is that they constitute a form of cult. What is unique about this form of cult is their overt willingness to do violence and engage in illegal activity.

What these gangs/cults provide to it's members highlight what a good functional cult should provide:

* A sense of family

* A feeling of uniqueness

* A feeling of superiority

* It gives its members a special place to feel at home within the cult

* Huge amounts of reward in the form of money, drugs, sex and freedom as well as an outlet for them to practice whatever talent they have.

* if the leader gets removed the cult/gang can keep going, and possibly no one feels vulnerable or unworthy just because they are at the bottom of the pyramid within the group.

The main thing that makes these gang/cults different from a religious cult is that the focus is not on God or the Leader but on the gang itself. This creates a powerful sense of brotherly love and comradeship.

The leaders themselves differ from most cult leaders in that their priority of values is not to God, the cause, or spreading the word or even their own ego gratification. Instead they value the protection and comradeship the family gives them. That said they get their personal needs well met.

An act of violence or criminal act does two things to the mind of the member who commits them:

1) It creates a concrete sense of commitment. This is an act that demands absolute commitment which extends itself to group. Afterwards they are well rewarded for "taking care of business" in a celebration of their success. Cult experts call this love bombing.

2) An act of violence also forces them to make a commitment to NOT be part of the rest of society. They are now committing to alienate themselves by their affiliations (the gang) and their actions.

As a side note, It is claimed that there is a "sealing ceremony" within some cults in which a young child is force to witness a murder (which, unbeknown to them, is actually staged) then told they will be killed if they leave the group and that they are accomplices to this murder.

A simple rule within all these gang/cults is "we protect our own". Each member knows that anyone else in the gang will "take a bullet" for him and he will do the same for them.

In order to further bond these people to the group and alienate them from the rest of society they often sport tattoos and wardrobe that proclaim their gang affiliation. This is somewhat reminiscent of how the Mormon "cult" isolated themselves from the rest of society by 1) practicing polygamy and 2) moving from New York to the isolated regions of Utah.

A gang is not something easily joined, one has to be 'Initiated' into the gang, be it elaborate ritual, or simply having the gang members beat the crap out of you for 13 seconds (Why 13 seconds, the timing varies amongst some groups, but one theory is that its for the letter "M" which is the 13th letter of the alphabet, standing for Mexico, something for Latin based gang members). When a person is initiated, they learn the special hand signals and lingo only the gang knows, and in part its identification and helps bring together members into the world of the gang as family and the rest as outsiders. Its an interesting idea to link them to a cult grouping, not many have ventured in that direction intellectually.

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18 Ways To Join The Illuminati

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The idea of a secret cabal of mysterious forces that make up the Illuminati has for some a "romantic" appeal. Granted that appeal may be filled with fear but it's a concept they hold on to in spite of reason.

Most of the Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists (PCT) have a habit of jumping to conclusions based on faulty evidence and reasoning. They are so good at it they could be finalists in the Olympic Conclusion Jumping Event. One of the common errors they make is that of constantly referencing each others works without going further back to find original source material.

But I digress... .

Let's suppose that in spite of reason and logic an Illuminati does exist and you were one of the rare people who wanted to join it. By joining the Illuminati you could build an empire that increased your personal holdings while further subjugating the uninformed masses of humanity.

Let's further assume that you were not born into the so-called "blood lines of the Illuminati" to whom access is most easily granted.

There must be a way to get "in".

Here are 18 things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a part of the Illuminati.

1) Take the long view of things. Be patient. The Illuminati is, if nothing else, patient with their goal of world domination. For the Illuminati nothing is "win or lose". It's a process, a game about collecting more power, money, security and influence.

2) Start your own form of Illuminati group that models everything you know about the so-called "real" Illuminati. Your members should want nothing less that more power, money, control and domination while at the same time making their influence appear invisible.

3) Study up on what the PCT say about The Illuminati and learn as much as you can.

4) Get a degree from Harvard. While there make it your intent to join the Skull and Bones Society or the Pen and Quill.

5) Subtly incorporate Illuminati symbolism in everything that you do. This will include The Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye, the snake swallowing it's tail, the ankh and any variations to them.

6) Join the Masons and aspire up the hierarchy of degrees. As you progress up the Masonic Degree system be on alert for those who might be hiding their secret ambition for world domination.

7) Join any other occult group that has a hierarchy like the Rosicrucian's and work up the degree system within it.

8) Study the "mystery religions" and occult practices.

9) Form a coven or magical group.

10) Strategically find your way into the social circles of the elite. This may be done by joining various boards of directors or volunteer groups. Or by finding people who are 'connected' and working into their social circle.

11) While in these groups cautiously demonstrate a) your ambition and b) your inclination toward the occult.

12) Build a group of "slaves". For legal reasons it's best that these relationships be consensual and from the Dominance/submission community.

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