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The Four Poster Bed The Ultimate Dream

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Life would be very boring if everybody wanted the same thing, so it is just as well we all have different tastes. The function of a bed could be solved with a mattress on the floor, and in many countries in the world this would be regarded as a luxury. Any culture capable of reading this has progressed from this stage in evolution, although it would be wonderful to eradicate poverty. People want more than a plain bed frame; they want a centrepiece of the room, probably the room in the house where they spend most time, albeit asleep. For many generations, the four-poster bed has been revered as the elite bed, many believing it to be the ultimate possession. Four-poster beds with or without canopies made in wood or metal are still extremely popular, with history playing an important part in how we feel about it.

There are two fields of thought relating to the four-poster bed, that of the British, and the Americans. In the U.K. (and Europe) we consider a four-poster bed to be a bed with four posts, cornice, high headboard and roof, but in the States, I understand this would be called a four-poster canopy bed. In the U.S. a four-poster bed is exactly that, a bed with four posts, no cornice, no roof, just four posts. The tall, elongated posts stand like spires above the rest of the bed, often ending in finials. For obvious reasons, this style is frequently called a pencil bed. We have seen and made a variety of posts for these beds, either slender to give it a Shaker feel, or chunky for a country flavour. The posts can be turned round, left square, but tapering with some shaped features, or octagonal. They can have twists, flutes (dished hollows), or reeds (raised beads), or even inlayed wood down the length of the post. The list for the traditional looking posts is long enough, but if you start to get away from the past, and what's been done before, then a whole new world can open up, it's just a question of what the public will tolerate.

Traditional British four-poster or canopy beds had turned, reeded, fluted or twisted posts, indeed, many were made more ornate with extensive carving added to them. In years gone by, only wealthy noblemen would own such a bed and when he died one of the treasures was the four-poster bed.

It's amazing just how many people love or always wanted a four-poster bed with a full canopy, many feeling it an ambition or dream fulfilled when they finally own one. You will hear comments like, 'I saw one once,' or 'I slept in one, and I've always wanted one ever since.' Many consider the four-poster to be extremely romantic, but it may all come back to fairy tails, and the days of fair maidens, white horses and shiny knights, or were they white knights. Tradition has instilled into many of us to aspire to own a four-poster bed, antique if possible. Failing that, then reproduction is a good alternative, as it is often not as costly, and when you commission a piece of furniture, you get what you want. People at furniture auctions either seem to compromise their wish or wait till next time, whereas asking a furniture maker for something you can have any size, style, wood, colour or carving that you wish.

The more bed you have, the more you can personalise it, and by the time it is complete, you would rarely find two the same. So the four-poster bed is ideal, with a choice of several wood, post and panel designs, carving, finished colour (including paint), and the variety in size and height, four posters are very individual. If you add to that the variety of fabrics, patterns and colours available from which drapes can be made, there is no end to the possibilities. It is not just the look of the bed that is important, but also the feel. The sheets are a critical factor in feeling the quality of your bed, and as you spend a third if your life there, you may as well make it comfortable, so buy good quality linen.

From heavy tapestries draped over deeply carved posts, with linenfold panels and a fully enclosed oak roof, to light silks and lacy dressing an American style pencil bed with no footboard, fine rope twists ending in a finial rather like that of a pawn or bishop in a chess set, the four-poster bed will survive for many more centuries. It is up to us to start looking into the future, moving with the times, developing new styles, dragging the bed by its' posts into the 21st Century, to be held in esteem as the ultimate dream for another 600 years.

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Air Bed Shopping With A Convenience Factor

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Looking to beat the crowds (and prices) that are currently allotted by traditional stores, many people have headed to the internet to make their air bed purchase. While this is a perfectly understandable notion, it is important that consumers are informed of the precautions they should take while shopping online.

First and foremost, air bed shoppers need to be sure they're purchasing from a reputable vendor. Many have been stung (sometimes severely) from not sticking to this rule. While you may be forking over a few more bucks buying from a reputable online vendor, it's truly worth the piece of mind. We recommend checking out Amazon, Target, or QVC. If you unsure about a particular vendor, we suggest heading over to the Better Business Bureau for more information.

Second, online shoppers should conduct adequate research on the bed they plan to purchase before inputting any sort of credit card number. Don't stick to the description and review(s) available on the vendor's site. These might be biased and thus inaccurate. Once you've got a good overall idea on the product, then you can go ahead and either purchase it or scour the net for a new one.

Finally, you should check to see what the final price will come out to. Remember, when your purchase things online, you have to factor in shipping costs. Although air beds aren't very heavy, they can rack up a noticeable shipping bill. Analyze the final cost and see how it compares to the price at a retail store.

We wish those looking to purchase their air beds online the best of luck! If you exercise good judgment, chances are good that your online shopping experience will be pleasant. Review each and every site you visit before purchasing from a specific one. The last thing you want is to get scammed.

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How Can I Get Free Gift Cards

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Merchants want to know what appeals to users and consumers and what does not. But often it is quite difficult for merchants to figure out such information from you, the consumer. So, some merchants decide to approach prospective customers or users to give a candid opinion about their product or service. But like every thing in this universe, nothing comes free! Thus, many merchants offer 'free gift cards' in exchange for you, the customer providing them with your opinions. If approached correctly, this can be a fun and easy way to save some quick cash.

Other times, the merchants simply want to attract new customers and/or leads. One of the easiest ways to do this is to offer a special deal, coupon or discount in the form of a free gift card. This puts the consumer in the driver's seat, as various companies compete with each other to offer more attractive deals.

Now the question about how and where one can get such free gift cards. The best way to get hold of them is online. Companies like Wal-Mart, Burger King, JC Penney, Kmart, Sears, Speedway, Subway and the like frequently give away these gift cards to people for sharing some personal information or signing up for a free trial, subscription or limited offer..

If you search online, you can find websites such as and which provide visitors access to several questionnaires and offers from reliable merchants. Generally the respondents have to answer some simple (and some times complex) questions presented in a questionnaire or quiz format. Once the respondent has successfully answered the given set of questions, he or she is awarded some points. The respondent can thereafter answer some more quizzes like this and keep on accumulating points in his or her account. Once the points cross a certain threshold, they can exchange it for a free gift card from the list provided by the website. for instance offers the respondents 'free gift card' of $10 denomination in lieu of 500 accumulated points and $50 denomination for 2300 points.

Sites like these act as online direct marketers who aggregate advertisers in order to target consumers online. They are reimbursed for their services by being given a percentage of the merchant's sales or other such set criteria. Therefore all three parties benefit from this transaction. The respondent gets his reward 'free gift card', the website gets its commission and the marketer or the trader gets his information and/or lead.

For the first time 'free gift card' hunter, there are however some words advice. Never undervalue the power of 'research'. This can save the free gift card seeker a great deal of time and frustration. Also one needs to be aware of the fine print in the free gift offer terms. And last but not the least - always apply for free gift cards from reputable websites that you are familiar with.

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Air Compressors How To Choose One

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There are three main types of air compressors. Which you need will depend on the air pressure you need and how portable your compressor needs to be.

Reciprocating compressors come in a range from 5 HP to 1000 HP. The smaller compressors are portable, sometimes being mounted on wheels. These may be petrol driven or electrically powered. They compress air by a series of pistons in cylinders. The pistons are driven by a camshaft. Reciprocating compressors are often used in Auto Body Repair shops.

Larger reciprocating compressors are gradually being replaced by simpler rotary screw compressors. A large reciprocating compressor can discharge air at 35 Mpa, more than 5,000 psi.

If you are looking for a compressor for continuous use a rotary screw compressor may be suitable. These compressors use helical screws to compress the gas into a smaller volume. Portable and fixed rotary screw compressors are available. These compressors vary in size from 5 HP to 500 HP. You will find rotary screw compressors that give you a low pressure gas output, or a high pressure output, up to 8 Mpa. These compressors are used to power pneumatic drills when workers are digging up roads and pavements.

For continuous, heavy industrial uses you need a centrifugal compressor. A centrifugal compressor uses a rotating disk with vanes. Output from centrifugal compressors can be as high as 70 Mpa, 10,000 psi. Snow blowing machines use this type of compressor. Superchargers and turbochargers in car engines are centrifugal compressors.

When you buy compressed air for diving the air has been compressed using a three stage, reciprocating compressor. The cylinders in the compressor are ceramic lined, so no lubrication is needed. This avoids the air in the cylinders being contaminated with lubricating oil. If a non-recommended lubricating oil is used it can undergo partial combustion and cause carbon monoxide to enter the air cylinder.

The compressed air is filtered through silica gel to remove water, then through activated charcoal to remove any traces of oil.

Sometimes air from a cheap, low powered compressor will be stored in a bank of large high pressure cylinders. Air from these cylinders is then used to quickly fill diving cylinders. The diving cylinders need to be filled slowly to prevent the compressed air inside them from getting hot. If the gas inside is hot, it will expand and the cylinder maximum pressure will be reached with less air inside. The gas cools and the cylinder may only be half full.

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The Magic Of Digital Photo Frames

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Comparing the past and the present, one can say that technology has really gone very far. From agriculture to transportation to telecommunication to household, technology has improved almost all the things people use, people do and people create. At the heart of it all lies the already seemingly indispensable tool of today's generation - the computer. People now live in an almost computerized and digital world. There are digital washing machines, digital alarm clocks, computerized tubs, digital calculators, digital sunglasses and digital cameras.

In the past, people saw and practiced the printing and developing of pictures or photographs which required several processes. There was a need to use the photo film after which will be soaked into some chemicals and allow them to dry in a black room. This traditional printing was replaced by putting the films into a printing machine. This machine reads the films and prints them. From hours of waiting, this has decreased to minutes. Again, it was replaced by digital camera where printing can be done right in your computer in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is transfer the photos into your computer and print them. Technology didn't stop into improving the science of photography. Now here comes the revolutionary digital photo frame.

What is a digital photo frame? A digital photo frame is a kind of picture frame that displays photos digitally without the need of a printer or computer. The good thing about it is that it can display photos in a TV set.

There are many kinds of digital photo frames. Some can only show pictures in JPEG format but most digital photo frames display the pictures in a slide show. The user may also adjust the time the pictures are shown through its adjustable time interval.

Other digital photo frames support other multimedia content aside from the photographs alone. These special photo frames may show movie clips through the camera's movie mode, MPEG files or even MP3 or MP4 audio files.

Another feature of some digital photo frames is that it can load pictures over the internet using different programs such as RSS and photo sharing. One may easily find sites from the net that offer such programs. Not only pictures are displayed in the digital photo frame, the owner may actually feed texts along with the pictures. This way the viewer may read the description of the photograph.

All digital cameras have memory card but unlike digital cameras where you have to insert the card into some memory card reader or connect the camera into the computer before you can see it and print it, digital photo frames have internal memory slots that stores the pictures. Some frames also have USB connection which makes it easier to transfer the photos. However, there are some digital photo frames with a small memory and cannot be stored with many photo files. This is not a problem because you can buy an external memory which can be attached to the digital photo frame.

The digital photo frames come with a rechargeable battery. So the life of the digital photo frame won't be a problem. It also comes in different sizes. The pixels also vary depending on the size of the images shown. There is a 7 inch or 17.5 cm digital photo frame that shows images of 430 x 234 pixels. There are also smaller types but pictures can't be stretched as much.

A digital photo frame has three main parts. These are the LCD panel, the PCB and the outer frame. There are two types of panel; analog and digital. The panel also comes in different sizes. The main software is found in the PCB which is the heart of the digital photo frame.

The magic of the digital photo frame is indeed amazing. It's as simple as taking a photo, still or moving, switch your memory card to the frame and view them. Now all your wonderful memories will be constantly shown or displayed anywhere you want it to be shown or to be displayed, anywhere in your home, be it on the living room, your wall, bedroom, study room or even in the kitchen with the help of the magical digital photo frame.

Do not worry about the price. It's more affordable than printing hundreds of pictures and buying an ordinary photo frame for each. Imagine how many happy snaps you can put in it - that's a lot! So be reminded of the magic your wedding brings, your graduation, your son's first birthday and even just the magic of a single smile. It will surely brighten and fill your day with the magic it brings. Remember that a single picture paints a thousand faces so how much more with the digital photo frame.

Share the magic to your loved ones. It's a perfect present to your family, friends or to your boss. Treasure every memory you have, cherish every moment you get with the digital photo frame.

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Great Ways To Find Excellent Deals On Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses come in a wide variety of makes and styles. Although one needs to obtain a prescription in order to purchase their contacts, there is a wealth of options available when it comes to purchasing contact lenses. This makes it easier for the individual to find the best deal possible when searching for contact lenses. There are many places where a contact lens wearer can look in order to find their particular make of contact lenses at an extremely reasonable price.

Find Great Deals Online

One way to find a fantastic deal on contact lenses is by searching companies and providers, which sell contact lenses online. In general, all one needs to do is to select their particular type of contact lenses, enter their prescription information so that it can be verified by the company prior to shipping the lenses and pay for the contact lenses. The prices which one will come across online are quite inexpensive when compared with the prices at some retail stores. There are a few different well-known contact lens distributors, such as 1-800 Contacts, which provide an array of choices for contact lens wearers everywhere. If one has access to the Internet, considering purchasing contact lenses online is an extremely beneficial thing to do.

Manufacturers Rebates from the Eye Doctor

Another great way to find an excellent deal on contact lenses is to inquire about possible manufacturers rebates at one's eye doctor's office. Frequently, the optometrist will receive special rebates from various contact lens manufacturers who are trying to get the word out on their contact lens varieties. This will often yield rebates for the patients in the form of $20 and upward in many cases. Checking with the eye doctor for any possible contact lens rebates is another great way to obtain a good deal on the purchase of contacts.

Retail Store Specials

Lastly, one may be able to find a great deal by going to a retail store, which sells eyeglasses and contact lenses. Frequently stores such as these will have seasonal sales where one or more types of contact lenses are on sale to the public. All one needs is a prescription and they are well on their way to obtaining a new pair of contact lenses at a great price.

Contact lenses are a necessary purchase, which do not have to break the bank. By following the aforementioned tips, one may just be able to find the perfect deal on a new pair of contact lenses.

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5 Tips For Fountain Pens Gift Giving

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Fountain pens make great gifts. They're personal, stylish and fun, not to mention very useful in everyday life.

There are so many fine pens to choose from, and you can guarantee personalization by having them engraved. However, because there are a lot of options, choosing the "right" pen for that special person on your gift list can be intimidating. Here are some tips for making it easy and enjoyable instead.

Tip #1: Focus on the other person's preferences, not your own.

If you like the same things, you've got it made. But that's usually not the case. Put yourself in the other person's shoes and you're off to a good start.

Tip #2: What type of writing instrument?

There are four choices: Fountain Pen, Ball Point Pen, Rollerball Pen and Mechanical Pencil. What type is used as an everyday writing instrument? How about for special occasions like signing documents or writing personal correspondence? What is his or her profession? Answering these questions will help you determine the type.

Tip #3: Evaluate a handwriting sample of the person.

This is especially helpful if you're going to pick out a fountain pen. And it's easier than it may sound. For instance, a fine nib is your best bet for smaller writing or writing that has slimmer lines. On the other hand, a medium to broad sized nib works well for writing that's larger and darker. If the sample wasn't written with a fountain pen, it will either confirm or change the decision you made as a result of Tip #2.

Tip #4: Decide how much you want to spend.

This can help you narrow the field and not get too distracted. But give yourself a reasonable range so you'll still have plenty of choices. Sometimes a slightly more expensive writing instrument will make a big difference in quality, performance and appearance.

Tip #5: What's the person's style?

Is he or she traditional, a trendsetter or somewhere in between? Get your clues from personal or business attire, accessories such as watches, jewelry and eyewear, even what the person drives. These answers will help you pick a pen brand, finish, color and more, until you've made your final selection.

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Back In Time With Vintage T Shirts

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Are you one of those people that never throw anything away? If you are then you may be one of the smart ones. There is a new market that has emerged here of late and that market is demanding to have vintage clothing. Actually more to the point they want vintage T-shirts. This is something that has started to boom in recent years as the old style of clothing is starting to make a major come back for the youth of this country. So that means that all of the people in the world that have saved all those old clothes and successfully fought their mothers from throwing them in the donation box may be sitting on a gold mine. Who would have ever thought that some of the horrible things that we used to wear would ever come back into style. It may seem like a nightmare to some but it is a dream come true for many.

The dealers of vintage T-shirts are having a ball with this market. They know that there is a lot of stuff out there that can be sold and that there is even more people that want it. The demand for these items has tripled in the past six months making them one of the most sought after clothing items in the market today. The problem is that there is not a lot of places where one can find such items to resell. In the very beginning of the boom there was more than enough of these vintage T-shirts laying around resale shops the world over, but since the surge there is a shortage as most of the shops now know the value and they are taking advantage of the boom like the rest of the population.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these items then you have paid the price that somebody would want for it. The price range is rather high right now because the demand is so high and the supply so low. There is some hope though that you may be able to pick something like this up without having to pay too high a price. That is if you do not mind wearing something that is not technically vintage but it has all the right looks and such. This is how many of the people are getting around the supply problem and they are making the best of it. This stands to reason because not everyone can afford the price that the vintage T-shirts are commanding right now.

For most the vintage T-shirt is a dream. The most popular styles are the concert T-shirts from the seventies and eighties. The most well known bands are commanding prices of nearly one thousand dollars or more. A record was set recently when an original Rolling Stones concert T-shirt sold for almost ten thousand dollars. This is something that was bound to happen eventually but those of us who were there for these shirts when they were new are no less amazed. This is taking into consideration that some of these clothes were less than ten dollars when they were brand new.

Right now the vintage T-shirts market is very hot. If you are looking for the best deals then you need to get going. These items are flying off the shelves and people are hungry for more. If you happen to find one at a tag sale or what have you then you should certainly pick it up as it may very well be worth it's weight in gold. This is only the beginning and you should hold on to see what the next big thing is.

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History Of Mido Watches

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Talk of vintage watches and one name that springs to the mind immediately is Mido. Mido continues as a strong favorite among the watch collectors of the world today. Mido has been a name to reckon with throughout its history of over 80 years, with watches that are meant for watch connoisseurs and discerning users. It specializes in mid price range watches that offer something special and out of the ordinary. Mido prides itself with making timeless watches.

Mido's history goes back almost 90 years to 1918, when the company was born. Mido was started on November 11, 1918 by George G. Schaeren in Biel, Switzerland. Mido is a Latin term that means measuring. Since its very inception, Mido has been in the forefront of technical innovation and timeless designs.

The next several decades that followed the birth of the company, saw Mido advancing both technologically and aesthetically. While path breaking innovations such as the first automatic watch, the first watch with unbreakable springs, the first center chronograph, the world's most powerful winding mechanism, and the world's smallest ladies' watch hall marked the technological advances, Mido's collaboration with luxury brands threw up unique and attractive designs like the Mido Bugatti.

In 1934, Mido introduced the Multifort model, the first watch in the market to have a self-winding movement. The introduction of this automatic watch for the first time in the market was a major milestone in the history of Mido. The watch was also shock resistant, anti magnetic and water resistant - all firsts at that time. Mido reached yet another milestone in the same year when it introduced watches with unbreakable springs. This was also the first time that any company had introduced such springs in the market.

Mido was the first to introduce center chronograph (a watch with all hands arranged in the center) in the year 1945. In 1954 the company introduced the world's most powerful winding mechanism. In 1967 Mido was recognized as the maker of the world's smallest ladies' watch.

With so many firsts to its credit and a history of innovations, it was small wonder that Mido was in the forefront for a number of decades. Mido's first automatic, anti-magnetic and water resistant watch remained in the forefront for over three decades right through to the sixties. Another model, the Mido Robot was a symbol of robustness in the fifties. So much so that a famous comic strip of the period was dedicated to the Mido Robot and its adventures.

Mido introduced its commander model in 1959. This was a single shell watch, the first of its kind and a novelty at the time. The single shell case revolutionized the industry, and improved the life span of watches significantly. Mido commander has survived to this day, and is among the most highly recognized watches with several individual models. Among the models featured under this range is an 18 karat gold model. The range also includes chronographs and COSC certified chronometers.

In 1970 Mido introduced the Aquadura Crown Sealing system, an innovation that earned a place for it as the king of waterproof watches. The Aquadura crown sealing system uses a natural cork that is treated and shaped to ensure the water resistant characteristics. This is used to seal the crown, which is the part that is most prone to, and affected by, water leakage.

In the nineties, the Mido World Timer was introduced. This was a functional watch that could show the local time at any part of the world. The user had to just bring the concerned city to the 12 o'clock position and press the crown to see the local time in that city.

Mido is today a part of the Swatch group, which is a vibrant organization with over 150 production centers all over the world. Most of the production centers are in Switzerland, with the rest spread over countries like France, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and China. Swatch group also owns brands such as Omega, Longines, Rado, and many more.

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