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Batteryless Flashlights Or Sometimes Known As Forever Flashlights

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As the name suggests a Batteryless Flashlight works without any requirement of batteries. One can also call it as the forever flashlight. These types of flashlights need to be shaken back and forth for few seconds and they will give light for many minutes, sometimes even hours. The main features of these Batteryless Flashlights are

1) Never needs any batteries or bulbs

2) Now with magnet and tether strap

3) Compact and water resistant.

Perhaps the biggest feature is that these flashlights are rechargeable at any time.

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Can Openers A Brief History Lesson

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Many people tend to assume that cans and can openers were invented around the same time, as it is now considered essential to have a can opener in order to open a can. This is not, in fact, the case: cans were invented in the early 19th century, in order to store food for the navy, while can openers weren't invented until a man named Ezra Warner came up with the idea half a decade later. In the meantime, people had to come up with creative ways to open the cans, often using sharp knives, or a hammer and chisel.

The can opener we all know and love today dates back to 1925, although it was only a minor modification to the original 1870 design, adding a jagged edge to the cutting wheel. It is a testament to their utility that the only change since has been the introduction of electric can openers, but electric can openers are still by no means ubiquitous, and it is rare to find a kitchen that doesn't possess a can opener in the classic design

Even though pull-to-open cans were invented 50 years ago, people still open millions of cans every day using can openers, as cans are much cheaper to manufacture when they don't include a ringpull. There is also a certain nostalgia value in opening a can with a can opener if you haven't done it for a while - although it can also be a little dangerous if you cut yourself on the sharp metal edge of the can's top.

However, the classic wheel design is not the only kind of can opener around. Another one that is very common is the P-38 pocket can opener, used in the army and often given out with food aid in the developing world. It is much cheaper to make than a normal can opener, as it uses much less metal, consisting only of a metal blade with a 'hook'. For the experienced, it can even be much faster to use than a normal can opener, and it is certainly easier to carry and store.

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Selecting The Right Nailer For You

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Unlike most tools, nailers are not meant for general purpose use - there is not an all-purpose nailer that you can use with all your jobs. Nailers are meant to carry out specific tasks, so before purchasing a new nailer it's important to understand the jobs for which it will be used.

The types of nailers available are:

- Framing nailers: These are intended to drive bigger (1-1/2? to 4?) box-type nails into larger pieces of wood. These nailers are usually fairly big and heavy and are usually stick-type nail guns, they there are some coil-types available also.

- Finish nailers: These may be also called pin or brad nailers. They are designed for nailing small finish-type nails into small pieces of stock. These nailers are usually smaller and lighter than framing nailers, and they are intended for trim or finishing work. These are usually stick-type nail guns.

- Siding and Roofing nailers: These are intended for the specific task of putting up either siding or roofing. They store large numbers of nails that are designed for the task at hand (siding or roofing). These are usually coil-type nailers.

Once you decide on the sort of nailer you need, some other characteristics that are useful to have and which you should consider are:

- A directional exhaust output. When nails are driven in, air is expelled from the nailer. It's nice to have this adjustment so that this air is not shot into your face.

- A large trigger. If you are going to be working with your nailer in cold weather, you'll want to be wearing gloves. In that case you'll want to have a easy to pull trigger so that you can operate it while wearing gloves.

- A pivot on the air connector . If you move around often with your nailer, this will help reduce the knotting of your air line.

- An easy-to-use depth setting. Nearly all nailers have an adjustment to controlmanage the force with which the nail is put in. Using this adjustment, your nail is not sticking out , or sunk too deep far in. Many nailers need tools, and time, to perform this adjustment, others can be set without using tools and these tend to be quicker to set up. If you suspect you'll need to be changing this setting often, the easier and quicker it is to adjust, the easier it will be to use this nailer.

- If you are planning on delivering a lot of nails, you will want to think about the nail capacity of the nailer as well as the the labor required to load nails into the gun. Buying the correct nailer can save you a lot of time, or cost you a lot of time if you make the wrong choice.

Finally, be sure you look at the reviews for the nailer you are thinking about getting. Researching a tool in a store or on line, it is really tough to be sure how well it will work for you on the job. By consulting the reviews of people that have actually used the nailer, you will get a better feel for how this nailer will work for you.

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An Introduction To Shrink Wrapping Covering Applications As Well As Materials And Machinery

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Shrink wrapping is a particularly well-established form of packaging that has developed over the past four to five decades.

Essentially, material is produced such that molecules are stretched as part of the manufacturing process. When this material is subjected to heat, the elastic memory of the plastic is activated, causing the material to shrink around the product.

This is a traditional division between packaging for transit and packaging for display, whilst the latter has a further division into food and non-food applications.

The key to the application of shrink wrap for transit is cost so that the material and its application provide the lowest cost solution in delivering the product from the manufacturer to the end user.

The conventional definition of a transit wrap involves the use of a sleeve sealer and polyethylene film. An individual or bundled wrap provides the necessary solution of achieving the shipment at the lowest cost.

A typical wrap offers two open sides as a consequence of the use of a sleeve although in certain applications the sleeve may be effectively eliminated by the use of appropriate machinery. Generally, the latter is not a particular requirement.

Polyethylene has the attributes of strength at a certain thickness together with shrink ratios and slip. Accordingly, a user will be able to specify a thickness to provide the necessary pack integrity to the end user and shrink ratios to ensure that the wrap is tight. Slip can be altered to ensure that packs stack appropriately.

There are further benefits of shrink wrap since waste disposal after delivery is relatively insignificant whilst the material has clarity to allow product to be identified. In addition, there are tamper-evidence and moisture-prevention benefits depending on the exact application.

Normal applications involve the collation of products although individual packs are readily benefited from transit wrapping.

The market also offers developments in this area such as coloured and printed films. Polyethylene is not a particularly good medium for product enhancement through printing or pigmentation as it has a naturally soft surface which allows scuffing and dust retention whilst it is also relatively cloudy.

However, polyethylene may frequently offer sufficient optics so that it is acceptable in these applications.

As technology has advanced in this market so have applications crossed over traditional definitions in certain areas.

Consequently, certain transit packs are found using normal display films where the pack and its marketing benefit from the increased investment in a material that offers better optics and machineability.

There are highly specialised display films that are designed to offer the same strength as polyethylene but with far better optics and the marketing benefit is such, in these very specific areas, that the greater film cost can be justified.

Display shrink wrap is traditionally oriented towards non-food point of sale packaging where the principal goal is product enhancement with some limited pack protection through an overall wrap.

The latter is the main distinguishing feature of display packaging, the partial wrap with a sleeve generally found is replaced with a total wrap involving the creation of a two dimensional bag around the product.

Some years ago, the conventional film used for this purpose was PVC - polyvinylchloride with plasticiser; an amorphous crystalline structure.

PVC has largely been replaced by polyolefin shrink film although PVC continues to be offered.

PVC has particular benefits in that it is the easiest of any films to seal and shrink but it suffers from problems on sealing, whilst it also has strength and storage issues.

PVC's sealing temperature is very close to its degradation temperature at which a number of by-products are created. These include very small quantities of hydrogen chloride gas and carbon deposits on the sealer.

The HCL may be dealt with through ventilation. It is to be stressed that all materials should be used with regard to good manufacturing practice and as a consequence, polyolefin films will also require ventilation in the same way. The by-products of combustion should always be considered in relation to the use of any specific machine operator.

Carbon deposits require regular cleaning whilst the presence of HCL will give rise to a need for regular maintenance of the sealer. As polyolefin's have no chlorine, this does not arise with their use.

The plasticiser in PVC will harden in cold conditions and soften in hot conditions and this may well cause strength problems in cold weather and equally machineability problems in hot. Again, as polyolefin material has no plasticiser, these are not issues where this film is concerned.

PVC requires storage at normal room temperature failing which it is likely to start to shrink. Polyolefin will tolerate higher storage temperatures.

The overall machineability of PVC still gives this material some market share but, increasingly, polyolefin has dealt with its lower overall machineability whilst offering the benefits noted above so that it is now by some considerable margin, the principal display material.

Display wrapping involves the creation of a two dimensional bag around the product.

This is conventionally performed using an L Sealer with centre folded film. The sealer allows continuous production of wrapped packs that are then processed through a shrink tunnel.

L sealers are found in a variety of forms - manual, semi and fully automatic. A large part of the manual and semi automatic market has been taken by combined seal and shrink machinery. These machines are commonly referred to as chamber machines.

Fully automatic L sealers have found increasing use as their cost and versatility have improved.

The highest output speeds are offered by flow wrappers using side seal or overlap mechanisms. Nevertheless the common feature of a two dimensional bag remains the principal similarity between all these sealers.

Polyolefin films offer a variety of attributes so that a very large range of applications can be made.

In general, these are not found in food applications although once more, definitions continue to be stretched. Polyolefin is quite well used in certain applications notably pizza and egg wrapping as well as produce packaging. However, a more precise definition might be that polyolefin is not used to extend the shelf life of a food product. This applies generally except where shrink barrier film is used although this latter product is particularly specialised.

Normally, other materials than shrink are used to extend shelf life and as a consequence, shrink is found only in certain food applications although volumes can be significant.

Display applications for polyolefin have almost no limits as materials have been engineered to deal with any given requirement.

Soft shrink as well as perforation and printing are standard offers. At a more specialised level, slip and anti-fog treatments are also available.

There are a few notable ranges of polyolefin shrink film that offer better machineability and performance than the majority of the market and these are particularly distinguished by technical differentiation in manufacturing. These lead to irradiated grades which offer enhanced strength and multi-layer complexes that may be tailored to a particular requirement.

Polyolefin manufacture typically uses three or five layer extrusion and this confers performance benefits as a consequence.

It will be noted that the key to market movement is the development of material to address specific requirements, since its application is relatively uncomplicated.

There is no doubt that polyolefin shrink film will continue to develop so that it addresses even more uses than at present.

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Reviewing The George Foreman Electric Grill

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According to a George Foreman electric grill review by one site reviewer, grilling can't be any easier than with this barbecue grill.

All you have to do to use the George Foreman electric grill, according to this review, is just plug it in and wait ten minutes for its surface to heat up. This electric grill's range has a heat adjustor that lets you set it low to keep food warm all the way up to high to sear steaks.

The surface of this grill is non-stick, so not only do you not have to add any nonstick spray or grease but cleaning is quick and easy. This George Foreman electric grill review also points out the advantages of its subtle sloping, which draw the fat or other disposable liquids into the tray below. The dome is high and the lid vented, both helping to create a circular hot air flow. This gives the grill the added benefit of providing even cooking. This, according to the George Foreman electric grill reviewer, is especially important when preparing a big roast or a whole chicken.

You can put this George Foreman grill on your tabletop or let it stand on its own pedestal. The surface of the grill is approximately six inches high. The pedestal is aptly sturdy although this George Foreman electric grill owner mentioned that the grill did seem a little top heavy. This could be a concern if you have small active children in the area of your grill site. You'll want to keep an eye on it to make sure it is topple-proof.

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Back In Time With Vintage T Shirts

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Are you one of those people that never throw anything away? If you are then you may be one of the smart ones. There is a new market that has emerged here of late and that market is demanding to have vintage clothing. Actually more to the point they want vintage T-shirts. This is something that has started to boom in recent years as the old style of clothing is starting to make a major come back for the youth of this country. So that means that all of the people in the world that have saved all those old clothes and successfully fought their mothers from throwing them in the donation box may be sitting on a gold mine. Who would have ever thought that some of the horrible things that we used to wear would ever come back into style. It may seem like a nightmare to some but it is a dream come true for many.

The dealers of vintage T-shirts are having a ball with this market. They know that there is a lot of stuff out there that can be sold and that there is even more people that want it. The demand for these items has tripled in the past six months making them one of the most sought after clothing items in the market today. The problem is that there is not a lot of places where one can find such items to resell. In the very beginning of the boom there was more than enough of these vintage T-shirts laying around resale shops the world over, but since the surge there is a shortage as most of the shops now know the value and they are taking advantage of the boom like the rest of the population.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these items then you have paid the price that somebody would want for it. The price range is rather high right now because the demand is so high and the supply so low. There is some hope though that you may be able to pick something like this up without having to pay too high a price. That is if you do not mind wearing something that is not technically vintage but it has all the right looks and such. This is how many of the people are getting around the supply problem and they are making the best of it. This stands to reason because not everyone can afford the price that the vintage T-shirts are commanding right now.

For most the vintage T-shirt is a dream. The most popular styles are the concert T-shirts from the seventies and eighties. The most well known bands are commanding prices of nearly one thousand dollars or more. A record was set recently when an original Rolling Stones concert T-shirt sold for almost ten thousand dollars. This is something that was bound to happen eventually but those of us who were there for these shirts when they were new are no less amazed. This is taking into consideration that some of these clothes were less than ten dollars when they were brand new.

Right now the vintage T-shirts market is very hot. If you are looking for the best deals then you need to get going. These items are flying off the shelves and people are hungry for more. If you happen to find one at a tag sale or what have you then you should certainly pick it up as it may very well be worth it's weight in gold. This is only the beginning and you should hold on to see what the next big thing is.

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The Basics Of Binoculars

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Also called field glasses, binoculars are like a couple of telescopes put together and pointed at a similar area. Unlike a monocular, it is easier to perceive depth thanks to the two lenses of binoculars.

Binoculars are not exactly a new invention since man has been using it for the past couple of centuries. When the telescope was invented, people began to look through telescopes mounted side by side.

In the 18th century a prism kind of binoculars came out, enabling greater perception as the eyepieces were spaced wider.

Porro prisms are the most inexpensive types, allowing bright images. These are also precise instruments, since the binoculars are wider, although they also need to be re-aligned.

The roof prism binocular, on the other hand, is an expensive type. It is smaller and narrower, although it losses some of the brightness. However there is no need to realign the binoculars. Optical coating is used for this type of binoculars.

This is a great feature among binoculars, as optical coating helps in creating a brighter image through the reduction in the amount of light reflected. Images are often seen hazy when there is reflected light inside binoculars.

There are also other types of binoculars like general binoculars, which are focused through movement of a round wheel, which in turn focuses both telescopes. More advanced types make use of independent focus; meaning one has to adjust both sides separately.

There are binoculars, which make use of image stabilization technology preventing sudden movement. The binoculars can be turned off or on by the user. High-powered binoculars are also handheld, although the image quality leaves a lot to be desired. The prices are also steep.

In most tourist destinations, binoculars appear in coin-operated machines allowing tourists a more detailed sight of the tourist attractions. Most of these coin-operated binoculars are placed on a pedestal, and they are normally high powered.

Binoculars are also used by military personnel. Military binoculars are hand held, with a magnification of at least 5 to 7 times of the image. The typical military binocular is far tougher and rugged compared to other binoculars. They also boast of other features like the capability to work even when wet and capability of blocking out laser beams

Those who are interested in viewing stars and planets would need an astronomical binocular. Pluto, Uranus, and Eris can be viewed using astronomical binoculars.

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Linear Actuators And Linear Motion

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Mechanical energy is an area of science that is making strides every day. The study of how actuators produce mechanical motion by converting various forms of energy into mechanical energy is a source of great exploration. Science finds new ways to make use of actuators every day including for medical purposes. Many scientists believe that the more they study these seemingly simple machines, the more they will discover ways of helping mankind.

The way in which a linear actuator works is that there is a motor that rotates a drive screw using a synchronous timing belt drive. Some linear actuators can also use a worm gear drive or direct drive. Which ever the choice, the turning of the screw pushes a drive nut along the screw, which in turn pushes the rod out and the rotating the screw in the opposite direction will retract the rod. According to the Association of Sciences, the drive screw is either an ACME or ball thread or is belt-driven which is what gives the machine its motion. A cover tube protects the screw nut from environmental elements and contamination thus allowing for the machines use continually without the chance of it getting gummed up. Radial thrust bearings permit the screw to rotate freely under loaded conditions and gives the linear actuator its strength.

Linear actuators usually serve as part of motion control systems. These days most are run by computers. Control systems, a device that you find linear actuators in, move or control objects. This is made possible by the actuators.

There are various forms of energy that run actuators. These forms of energy include, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical. Linear actuators are used a lot in robotics and factory automation.

Linear motion is when an object moves in a straight line. This is the basic concept that drives the linear actuator. One has to stop and consider when choosing a linear actuator which type they need to fit the purpose of their project. Some things to keep in mind are the speed, stroke length and load rating of the actuator. Programmability of the actuator is also a factor especially when the application will be one that requires specialized detail. A linear actuator can be used in just about any forum. Ask yourself some questions when attempting to choose the right one for your project such as are there particular safety mechanisms required, environmental concerns to be addressed or space issues?

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Top 5 Printers In The Market

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Choosing a printer can at times prove to be a daunting task especially if the shopper happens to be a first time printer buyer. There are various types of printing technologies and each is suited for specific needs. It is important to note one thumb rule when shopping for a printer. For long lasting photographs, an inkjet printer is an absolute must and for producing fast text documents; a laser printer is an ideal choice. With a wide variety of printers available in the market; it is difficult to make a prudent choice. Mentioned below are the top five printers available in the market today.

Brother MFC- 9440CN color laser multifunction

This color laser multifunction printer is ideal for work groups or small offices. Its USP lies in its consistent and fast speed as well as an impressive scan and print quality. It can perform multifunctional tasks and offers advanced features and functions to meet the diverse needs of an office. It also has an Ethernet port at the rear and it can be connected to the computer via a single USB cable. It is compatible with MAC as well as Windows operating systems. It comes with a default 64 MB memory and this can be upgraded up to 576 MB. It has the regular copy features and the can make up to 99 copies at once as well as enlarge and reduce via custom values or present values. Moreover, it comes with enhanced security features. The Settings Lock enables you to set a Pin number and secure your printer from being tampered by a third party.

HP Photosmart A826

This printer is a favorite among people who prefer a great print quality at lightening speed. It comes packed with some fun features like captions and clip art. The menu section is neat and well organized and it also features a user-friendly touch screen and is great for displaying slide shows. Given its size and lack of portability; the printer would be an ideal choice among professional photographers and professional party organizers. The touch screen comes packed with most of its essential features. The set up too is fairly simple. The A826 can easily be set up to print from a PC. Photographs can be viewed as a slideshow and the settings of this can be adjusted to randomize the order, image duration, continuous loop and much more. The A826 offers a wide variety of options when it comes to printing and editing of photographs.

Epson Stylus Pro 3800

This printer offers a fine blend of features, all packed into one machine. This is the least expensive printer available in the Epson's Pro series. Besides offering long lasting prints and an amazing black & white print quality; it also has a wide tonal range and offers an array of paper options. The minimum ink droplet size is 3.5 Pico liters and a max resolution of 2880×1, 440dpi. It can hold 9 cartridges of Epson's Ultra Chrome K3 inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Matte Black, Photo Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, and Light Light Black. It comes with an Ethernet port and can thus be shared on a network. So, it makes an ideal printer for a small office environment. The best part of this printer is that delivers high quality black and white prints. While the neutrality of colors will depend on the type of paper being used; the color fidelity on different paper types is more than impressive.

HP Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-One

This printer comes packed with loads of utilizable features like built-in networking, high quality and speedy prints, a built-in ADF, media card slots, Digital Filing, duplexer and various other office-oriented features. This printer is highly recommended for someone who is looking for an all-in-one functionality. It also offers a wireless print server as well as a Bluetooth adaptor for wireless printing (optional). Be it printing, scanning, copying or faxing; the machine accomplishes it all. Although it is network-ready; the printer can be also connected via a USB. It makes it possible to send and receive both colored as well as black and white fax copies.

This printer offers some highly useful and user-friendly features and offers high quality and speedy prints for just about any print type. It comes network ready with a built-in duplexer as well as a separate photoconductor. This printer is ideal for high volume printing needs and also features an automatic double sided printing. Furthermore; the printer is quite energy efficient and results in lesser material waste. Its toner cartridges have been separated into 2 units. While one piece is the toner; the other piece is the photoconductor. Its print quality is highly impressive and the printer also has an expandable on board memory.

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