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Designer Handbags

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With the urban rich adopting the attitude, "have money - will spend," premium luxury brands are making a beeline for the high-end segment. Ladies are increasingly investing in fashion accessories, particularly designer handbags.

With an increase in disposable income, the potential is enormous. The biggest draw, though, is what the industry terms the image factor. Brand image has different connotations for different people. For young, it's being "in"; for the upper middle-class segment, it's creating pockets of wealth in their lives; and for the affluent, it's an assertion of their class.

"When we establish a physical presence in any country, our target is long-term success, and not immediate returns; but we usually develop a strong customer base within a short time," comments Prasanna Bhaskar, Retail Manager, Louis Vuitton. "About 300 Suhali Goat Leather Handbags priced at $2,893.96 were dispatched to a burgeoning market like India, but it turned out to be a gross underestimate of the demand; the entire collection sold out within two months." Bhaskar attributes this to the desire to associate with a well-known, high-end brand.

Another hot seller is a Marc Jacobs Quilted Venetia handbag in vintage-inspired quilted leather. Priced at $1,200.00, the leather is complemented by brass hardware and luxe-suede interiors. The young at heart are snapping up Marc Jacobs Quilted Denim Large Hobo Banana priced at $875.00. Everything about this Italian hobo, from the chunky brass straps to the slant zip pockets, makes it irresistible; the quilted denim is teamed with topstitched leather and signature hardware. Prada Lock Tote is in demand, too, and is characterized by antique leather trim, front flap, signature lock closure, and magnetic-snap front pockets.

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Best Prom Dress

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Prom night is the most exciting night of high school life-and the most looked forward to. It is the night for dressing up in your best attire and creating an impression that would last as long as your childhood memories. Dressing up for the prom night is every girl's dream.

Prom dresses are generally formal party gowns, long and delicately stunning. Prom dresses may be based on the theme of the party or they can just be traditional ball gowns. There is no conventional way to define the "best prom dress". It is the one that would make you feel beautiful and convey the right image-sweet, innocent, sexy or simply stunning. The most popular prom dresses are satin, sequined, vintage fashions, the little black dress, the asymmetrical hem dress, the hanky hem and the classic Cinderella ball gown.

Prom dresses can be bought directly from retail stores or they can be painstakingly and lovingly designed for the best effect. Since it is the last formal occasion in school, most people would not hesitate to spend a bit more on the prom dress. Prom dresses can also be designed professionally to suit the exact body type and measurements. It is very important that the dress fits perfectly. For achieving this, get the exact measurements of your body, especially the bust, waist and hips. You don't have to be a perfect size 10 to look beautiful. There is a dress available for every body from A-type to hourglass.

Color plays a part in the big night, too. Find one that compliments your coloring choosing from slimming muted shades like deep gray, wine, forest green, burgundy, midnight blue and cocoa or choose neutral colors like silver, black, gray, beige, gold and taupe for a flattering look. Long straight cuts and vertical patterns also make the wearer look slim and sexy. The material should skim the body. Clingy material accentuates fuller figures. Also pay attention to accessories since they complete your look.

There are several online outlets that provide beautiful prom dresses. These websites also provide information about choosing the right kind of prom dress and also help to design one. These include dresses from popular designers like Jovani, Riva, Alyce, Mori Lee, Cassandra, Je Matadi, Tiffany and Celebrity.

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Reviewing The George Foreman Electric Grill

(category: Product-Reviews, Word count: 274)
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According to a George Foreman electric grill review by one site reviewer, grilling can't be any easier than with this barbecue grill.

All you have to do to use the George Foreman electric grill, according to this review, is just plug it in and wait ten minutes for its surface to heat up. This electric grill's range has a heat adjustor that lets you set it low to keep food warm all the way up to high to sear steaks.

The surface of this grill is non-stick, so not only do you not have to add any nonstick spray or grease but cleaning is quick and easy. This George Foreman electric grill review also points out the advantages of its subtle sloping, which draw the fat or other disposable liquids into the tray below. The dome is high and the lid vented, both helping to create a circular hot air flow. This gives the grill the added benefit of providing even cooking. This, according to the George Foreman electric grill reviewer, is especially important when preparing a big roast or a whole chicken.

You can put this George Foreman grill on your tabletop or let it stand on its own pedestal. The surface of the grill is approximately six inches high. The pedestal is aptly sturdy although this George Foreman electric grill owner mentioned that the grill did seem a little top heavy. This could be a concern if you have small active children in the area of your grill site. You'll want to keep an eye on it to make sure it is topple-proof.

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A Brief History Of Pocket Watches

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Everything has its beginning. And if you believe that time starts from somewhere, also consider the beginning of time measurements.

Early people have devised a system to tell the exact date. But a device that exactly tells the precise time comes much later. Water clocks, sundials, and candle clocks are the earliest instruments that somehow manage to tell time but accuracy is far from achievable.

In the 13th century, weight-driven clocks were developed. It used gears while hour hand was already used while the minute hand was an indication of luxury and wealth. The weight-driven clocks were publicly displayed on church towers, city halls, and monasteries.

In the 16th century, clocks were produced using spring instead of weight. The portable clocks or the pocket watches were the first timepieces that the public can own. During this time, the only persons who can own them were the rich and owning one signified the status, authority, and wealth of the person. Often, portable watches were placed on the wall of the house. The term "portable" though did not mean it could be carried on your pocket. The term changed its meaning some years later.

The first transportable watches or pocket watches was used also in the 16th century. This time, clocks no longer had to stay at one place. Pocket watches can already be worn around the neck or carried on a pocket. The same era also brought revolution to the development of pocket watches. Mechanisms were introduced to bring time-telling precision. Some packet watches even had an alarm.

The entry of the 17th century made pocket watched even more desirable. The box-like image was removed and was replaced by more rounded and slimmer cases. Clockmakers also became instant artists as they infuse designs and craftsmanship to every pocket watch the made.

When Christian Huygens discovered the law of pendulum, which for your information was different from Galileo's, clock had yet again moved one step further. The law proved to be very helpful in the development of pocket watches.

In the 18th century, pocket watches continued to evolve. This time, jewels were used as bearings. Diamonds became part of some pocket watches that boosted the price of a single pocket watch to the ceiling. Oil was also became part of pocket watches during this period. This was to lubricate and smoothen the movement of the watch's hands. In the second half of the 18th century, pocket watches were produced with three hands. Contrary to the inclusion of the minute hand during the 16th century, second hand made sense since accuracy in telling time was far better.

In the 19th century came the glory days of the packet watches. This era brought the several watchmakers into the picture. Names such as LeCoultre & Cie, Ulysse Nardin, Minerva, Heuer, IWC, and many others were established in this period. The quality of pocket watches became better than ever.

By the turn of the 20th century, certificates were issued to those watchmakers that created precise watches. Unlike the previous years, issuance of certificate became more of a requirement than luxury.

And as the years gone by, the popularity of pocket watches diminished as wristwatches became more popular.

Although pocket watches are not so much used today, it has served as one of the important instruments for several centuries.

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How To Buy A Home Theater

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Everyone has that friend who was pumped about anything that had to do with a home theater system. They are usually tech addicts who always have the latest gadgetry. My friend is riding the home movie theater wave and must have dropped five or six thousand dollars into all of components that he bought for his system. He started even before he had a house and so he had it all set up in his bedroom at his parents. And I've got to hand it to him, his system had some serious power.

The sound from the speakers was big enough that pictures would fall off the walls upstairs if he wasn't careful. Anyway you have to laugh when you hear what he finally did put it in when he got his own place

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Profit Lance Marketing Course Can Change Your Life

(category: Product-Reviews, Word count: 774)
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Profit Lance is a top-grade course for making money

online it's being marketed on the internet at this time.

This program comprises a course of action that takes you

through with the techniques from how to become an online

marketer on the internet. It's an over all program that

what ever you apply it will teach you the right the

skills required to be capable to make money online. The

Profit Lance system comprises an informative program that

teaches folks many various techniques to make a

respectable living when working from home. Delivering a

program that provides you the skills to learned and be

able to become an internet marketer is a great advantage.

This course isn't a get rich system that assures you

wealth when you buy the course. Rather, it's a complete

online marketing program that teaches you the a

assortment of skills that are essential for you in order

to be productive at making money online. It's a

upstanding no-hype product, that presents actual economic

value for the money, and offers material and practical

methods. Profit Lance system will teach you the long term

marketing skills that will assist you to become a winning

marketer on the internet.

I was a bit concerned once I signed on that I'd have to

dish out a lot more money for additional "recommended

products" that different systems say you should purchase

before you even get started. Therefore I was amazed to

discover that Profit Lance offers 15 pre-hosted websites,

individualized for you, to practice everything you pick

up in the program. Nothing else to purchase, no tactics

for them to sell you additional "material". And I was

hooked by the 8 week, no questions money back guarantee.

I believe for the first time I really won't be trying to

get my money back, and I am looking forward to carrying

on my venture in online business.

Profit Lance is an online marketing course. Do you recall

how long it took you to finish the last course you took

in school? I'm certain it didn't take you one day. I can

guarantee it didn't take you one day. It in all

probability took you a couple months to finish. There is

simply too much information to take in for it to be

possible to retain in one day, or even one week. What I'm

attempting to say is that in order to be productive with

Profit Lance, you're going to make time and effort to be

successful. Consider a month or two to learn the course.

Set day-to-day goals for what you what to achieve each

day with the course, and don't forget to use the projects

section of the course to use to practice what you have

studied that day. Take small steps at the start. Acquire

the skills, then let the money follow. I can guarantee if

you do this, you will see results. I can't say how many

times I hear folks grumbling about how they spent the

whole day learning the information in Profit Lance and

still haven't made any money. Well now you know why, and

its up to you how you plan of attack the course.

I extremely urge this to anybody really, particularly a

newcomer. I know the cost might look like a great deal.

Simply this is how I looked at it. I never graduated high

school and, I have no further education. My dream has

always been to own my own business. How come? Because I

prefer to work for myself, and I truly believe I could

make this work. I want to be an affiliate marketer, its

very interesting and scary, and I know I can do this you

can too. I could go away to college and drop a couple of

thousands on a certificate or diploma. Or I could learn

from the Profit Lance course again and again and just pay

a one time fee. I believe I'd love learning from his

course more than going to college. If my review article

doesn't quite have you satisfied then visit the link

below. This is a good thing, Michael did an first-class

job making this program, its well worth checking out.

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Kids Hydration Pack Your Child S Hydrating Habits Start With A Pack Of Goodness

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When it comes to your kids and their physical activities, in most cases we know how important it is to keep children hydrated, and what it takes to prevent them from becoming dehydrated.

The problem that many family members have is finding the right source to allow their child to have access to the necessary amount of water to be consumed throughout their day, and a kids hydration pack just might be the answer and solution you're looking for in a hydration system!

If we don't already know the facts, your kids (including all adults) should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day, and the reason for this is that your children could easily lose up to 2 or more quarts of water daily, and that's under normal activity. Once they get involved in more extreme sports it could much higher.

Staying Hydrated Does Not Mean Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water In One Gulp!

Now when we say drink at least 8 glasses, we mean continuous hydration, which your child should be drinking 8-10 ounces of water at least every 15 minutes during their workout, and another 10-12 ounces right after their activity is completed. While the body needs this constant replenishment, I'm sure you're asking yourself, how do we make sure they follow these necessary guidelines?

It's hard to control what your children are doing when they're not in your presence, and if you remember your childhood like I do, when we were out biking, rollerblading, snowboarding, or any activity that takes our complete attention away for long periods of time, I myself remember many times only drinking water when I was extremely thirsty!

Of course you find out now as an adult that you should have water in your system every 15-20 minutes on average, and always drink water prior to feeling thirsty; but what do we know as kids? All we cared about at the time was having fun, and hoping the activity never ended.

When you're having so much fun, and your child happens to run out of water while mountain biking in the backcountry, as a kid, the last thing they're going to worry about is finding a source of water until they're extremely thirsty, and feel the need to find H2O. At that point, your kids are going into a dehydration stage. I remember carrying my water in a water bottle that ended up always not being enough, and when I finally get to drink out of the bottle it was warm, so I would drink every drop in 15 seconds flat leaving no water for later.

Hydration Packs Are A Convenient Solution For Hydrating Your Kids

Kids hydration these days couldn't be any simpler with a convenient backpack with a hydration system attached. Children are accustomed with some sort of pack for school, and using them for transporting their gear to many of their activities. With common daypacks offering an internal water system that includes an insulated reservoir with easy access through a conveniently attached tube, they can easily keep a necessary amount of water in their bodies throughout the day, and look cool at the same time.

Having the right kids features including the right look, weight, and also proper hydration capacity is important for having overall successful kids packs! It's not only about the hydration features, but these packs must be functional for your child's sport, and look really cool so they can maintain their image. Any of these components are missing, and the backpacks purchased could easily end up in the back of your kid's locker.

Hydration backpacks and many suppliers of these hydration system packs understand the balance of your children's needs, and they have designed the hydration pack to be easily tailored to your kids needs. They are ergonomically designed with proper sternum straps, and proper ventilation for complete comfort, and they have many additional accessory items to accommodate their equipment and gear.

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A Sticky Situation For Do It Yourselfers

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Though people have been stuck on duct tape for decades - using it for everything from short-term home repairs to creative fashion fixes - advances in the tape world are now getting repair gurus out of even stickier situations.

Originally green and called "Duck" tape, this kind of tape was first used by soldiers in World War II for repairs and to keep moisture out of their ammunition cases. After the war, it became known as "duct tape," when people began using it to connect heating and air conditioning ductwork.

Duct tape was credited with saving the lives of three NASA astronauts aboard Apollo 13, and more recently, the Department of Homeland Security recommended using duct tape with plastic to protect against bio-terrorism. A 2002 study showed that duct tape can even be used to treat unsightly warts.

While it's good for a quick fix, consumers find that duct tape needs to be replaced often, particularly on rough, porous or metallic surfaces. But one company recently improved upon this household staple by creating a tape with a double-thick adhesive that sticks to wood, stucco, plaster, brick and metal.

Gorilla Tape, developed by the company that makes the popular Gorilla Glue, also has a unique webbing that makes it stronger than traditional duct tape yet still easy to rip by hand, and an "all weather" shell that allows it to stand up to the toughest elements. Gorilla Tape has a multitude of uses, from sealing leaky hoses to repairing broken lawn furniture to patching holes in convertible tops.

"The fact is that normal duct tape doesn't work well unless the surface is perfectly clean and smooth - something we all know is rarely the case," said Doug Roach, director of product development for Gorilla Glue. "Gorilla Tape simply sticks to things that ordinary duct tape can't stick to."

While duct tape has long been a notable part of American history, recent developments make it certain that the tape will continue to be a part of everyone's toolboxes for years to come.

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Hdtv Or Lcd

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HDTV - The next generation of TV, or the next 8 track cartridge format. That's the important question for anyone looking to invest in a new HDTV television. There have been so many different video, tape and sound system formats that the consumer could be forgiven for cynicism and exercising more than a touch of caution.

The HDTV format has been put together by an industry wide group of US researchers and manufacturers, rather than any one manufacturer. It should not be subject to the inter-manufacturer squabbling that killed the 8-track cartridge or Beta format video recording.

HDTV offers a spectacular combination of color intensity and Dolby Digital surround sound that has impressed most reviewers. Giving cinema-like sound and picture quality.

Gas Plasma HDTV screens offer a higher degree of contrast than the competing LCD flat screen TVs. This means the TV has a visible and bright picture, even in a brightly lit room, no more closing the drapes to watch a football game in the afternoon. The Plasma screen also has a much wider viewing angle, so the whole family can watch from around the room. LCD screens have improved in this regard, but are still limited. The colors on an LCD screen change once you are not directly in front or within 10 degrees of a centre line.

If your new television screen is intended for use as a video game screen as well, then the choice is more difficult. This is because gas plasma screens do suffer from "Burn in". Burn in is where an image that has been displayed for an extended period of time leaves an after-image on the screen even after it is removed. This can be a problem with video gamers because game on-screen control panels tend to be static and would cause "Burn in."

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