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Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Websites

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There is no question that the advent of the internet as an ecommerce hosting tool has transformed the real estate industry. The internet is a particularly well qualified platform for real estate presentation. Today's large real estate websites will sort available properties by area and then present them with a combination of written information, photos and often video segments. Nationwide firms such as Coldwell Banker operate sites that act as national listing services.

A home buyer can now do his initial research seated in front of a computer terminal. The traditional approach of contacting an agent and having the agent arrange for home viewings that may or may not suit the client is no longer the first step. Today, the home buyer can select a range of houses suitable for viewing on the internet and then have a real estate agent arrange the home visits.

This new reality means that the agent is no longer the client's first contact. For that reason, it is critical that active agents establish an internet presence. If a customer is clicking through homes and finds one of interest, it is important that the listing agent be "clickable" on the same page. Otherwise, the customer may call his friend, the realtor down the street and ask him to step in.

The predominant website host for non-commercial real property is, the site operated by the National Association of Realtors. carries over two million five hundred thousand listings and for many of them, the listing agent has an ad and a web address right along side. Their use of the web is an excellent example of ecommerce hosting: it is a well-formatted marketing and product presentation tool.

A realtor should have a personal website that is the next stop for the potential customer. An innovative realtor will often set up his page so that it provides additional pictures and information about the property. Contact information in the form of phone numbers and an email template are essential: the key is to make it easy for the customer who has found an interesting property to connect with the listing agent.

Nothing will accomplish this more effectively than an attractive, informative website that personalizes the realtor and connects him or her to the property in question. When choosing a hosting company, the realtor should select one that understands the technology behind "virtual tours" and will provide the bandwidth to include them in the website.

Videos of the various rooms in the home are an enormous enhancement of the property presentation. Real estate website hosting can be something of a specialty, so choosing one with the most advanced technology that allows a potential home buyer the chance to 'view' the home online will go a long way in supplementing the sales presentation.

It is important, also, that the realtor's site provide views and information over and above that provided on any national real estate internet listings. The realtor's personal site should be in-depth, personable, and offer the client as many options as possible.

Here, too, the realtor can work with his personal website host to design a site that will lead the potential customer to other listings in the area similar to the one that has been selected. These properties may be listings from other brokers; the idea is to maximize use of internet technology to bring that potential customer into the realtor's fold, regardless of whose listing the customer ultimately chooses to purchase.

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Making Vacation Memorable In The Locations Of Madrid

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When selections are made for the holiday destinations Madrid comes at the top of the list. The beautiful locations of Madrid have got the power to keep any visitor spell bound in any season of the year. It is a place where tourist can hire apartments for their stay. Being one of the major tourist attractions Madrid has a lot to offer for the visitors from any background. For people looking for accommodation for their vacations, Chic Rentals offers an exclusive opportunity to hire an apartment in Madrid to enjoy the place till their saturation.

Madrid reflects the vigor of life with its art galleries, museums, royal palaces and grand Public Square. The believers of lively existence prefer to hire the apartments in Madrid that are located in the city. Walking down in the streets of Madrid casts a charming effect in the mind. Chic Rentals get for you accommodation where you can spend your vacation visiting the enticing locations of Madrid. People having aesthetic bent towards life and who are in deep love with nature will enjoy the landscape in the suburb of Madrid. The natural beauty of the place catches the eyes of the beholders.

Visitor and vacationers always want their trips to be memorable. Hence, to stay and get bewitched by the locations of Madrid, it is better to hire an apartment in Madrid. Chic Rentals is at the service of getting a perfect accommodation for the visitors. Each apartment in Madrid that is considered to hire is selected under the strict criteria of style and comfort.

As a leading service provider of Spain the company makes no compromise with the satisfaction of the customers. The apartments in Madrid can be booked through Chic Rentals by internet or phone. Once the online application form is filled and sent they will fax the details of the apartment after booking it. One of their personnel will at the apartment to receive the guest and provide necessary information regarding the place. The mode of payment has been made easy by allowing credit cards.

Getting an apartment in Madrid is now easy with Chic Rentals. Enjoy life at the locations of Madrid.

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Tips On Hiring A Real Estate Agent And Using The Multiple Listing Service

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MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. You can do a search for MLS.

The MLS is a database - an extremely convenient way to know what properties are for sale at any given moment. This makes it very useful to real estate agents and brokers.

Basically, the MLS is like a huge property warehouse. When a property is available for sale, it enters the warehouse. When it is sold, it leaves the warehouse.

The MLS only contains information since real estate cannot actually be stored in a warehouse. This information comes from the various brokers that exist in the scope of an MLS.

Why the MLS works for home buyers

First of all MLS is very convenient. Buyers can browse through the available properties listed on an MLS.

Using the MLS also does not cost anything. It is a free service that is sponsored by the Realtors advertising their available properties.

Many Options

On the MLS, a buyer is not limited to choosing among a few available properties. Usually, the MLS makes available many available properties that are for sale.

In the olden days, when information was limited, a buyer would only be able to visit a few homes per day. He or she would also need to communicate with the agent for details and such.

With MLS, the buyer can start browsing from the comfort of his or her home. Details regarding the property are also listed there.

Aside from the written details, MLS usually provides pictures of the property. Other advanced MLS implementations even have other surveying tools that help buyers come to decisions regarding their desired property.

Fitting the Bill

MLS also helps the buyer by narrowing down choices to those that fit the buyer's desires. The buyer supplies information on his or her desired property to the MLS site. This information includes desired area, size of property, age, location, and others. The buyer is then given a set of houses that fit that description.


MLS also makes it easier for the buyer to contact the realtor. Details the realtor are listed along with the property to allow straightforward communication between buyer and realtor. For the buyer, this can only mean good things - more choices, better decisions.

Pointers in Hiring an Effective Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a house is a thrilling experience. But connected to this is a stressing and overwhelming job. This calls for a good real estate agent. But what do we need to know about hiring an effective real estate agent.

Verifying the real estate agent's license is very helpful. It pays to be very cautious because this involves the property! This includes his state license in selling a property. Added to this is a doing a short background check on the agent. Ask for the previous estates he sold or acquired for a client. Knowing the training and seminars he'd attended would also give the client a grasp on the abilities of the agent he would be hiring.

Develop a good chemistry with your agent. With the agent knowing what the buyer or seller wants he knows where to start and what to consider. The agent should be able to tell his client the true worth of his property because it is really what is worth and not because he just wanted to lure the client in doing business with him. Meeting up with the agent once in a while so they could keep their clients updated about the property.

In selling a house, the agent acts as the adviser. He gives the owner advice like the asking price of the property and acts as mediator between the buyer and the owner. And in buying a house, the agent acts as the researcher. He also does the leg work and sorting through which properties best suits the need of his client.

The agent should also show an excellent knowledge about the market. This works well for the client because the agent would be able to give the buyer considerable rates especially if he has sold many estates within the area. And in the case of a seller, the agent could offer them a great deal of asking price for the property.

It is also important for the agent to have plans. Find out what the agent plans on how to sell the property or in a buyer's case, see how he plans to help the client in acquiring a new property. Ask him what he plans on doing like will he put up ads for the property (if the client is selling) or would devise house visits on prospective estates (if the client is buying).

Hiring a good agent is easy if the client knows what to look for. Take these easy steps, ask for his credentials, establish a rapport and work with him in doing marketing plans for the property. Surely, the buying or selling an estate would come out as a satisfying experience!

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The Unique Appeal Of French Creole Homes

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French Creole architecture is one of the most prominent building styles of the Old South. This stately form is recognizable on homes of all sizes, and immediately evokes the South's vibrant past. Although it is called "French" Creole, the style draws from a mix of other cultures, including Spanish, African, and Native American.

The French Creole style is most easily distinguished by generous front porch galleries which usually span the length of the house, fronted by light wooden colonettes. What usually makes a French Creole porch stand out is the fact that the building's roof extends all the way across the porch, instead of stopping at the edge of the house and then changing its angle slightly to cover the porch. Most French Creole homes are also built up to avoid seasonal river floodwaters and hurricanes - the main rooms in these homes are placed well above grade, while ground level rooms are used for a variety of non-essential purposes - for this reason, French Creole homes are also known as "tidewater" homes. A broad staircase connects upper floor galleries with the ground level, and acts an extension of the main entrance. French Creole homes are also characterized by heavy timber construction, occasionally with an infill of mud or brick. A unique building material, known as bousillage, was also pioneered in the construction of French Creole homes - it was comprised of moss, animal hair, and mud. Many homes in this style were also distinguished by multiple French doors, and extremely steep angle braces.

There are also a variety of commercial and urban interpretations of the French Creole style. French Creole cottages in downtown New Orleans stand flush with the property and generally have no gallery. Townhouses of this style included a low mezzanine-type storage area known as the entresol between the first and second floor, and a wide carriage passage connecting the street to the building's main courtyard. Many buildings of this type can still be seen in New Orlean's French Quarter.

French Creole homes originated in New Orleans in the early 1700s, and quickly spread across the south as builders looked for a practical yet attractive style for this region's humid subtropical climate. "Creole" refers to a people of mixed French and West Indies or Latin American heritage who live in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Original French Creole homes provide some of the most attractive examples of residential architecture in the South, from small cottages to large plantation estates.

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Following A Builder For Profits An Example

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As the real estate market begins to calm down, many worry about making a profit on their homes. Here's an example of the "follow the builder" profit strategy.

Follow That Builder

In many areas of the country, there are builders who build hundreds of houses each year within a fifty mile radius of each other. They build entire communities, or are one of three to five builders who build entire communities around big employment centers. This is important. Hang with me and you'll find out why.


The first couple I met who worked the pattern I'm talking about did it the first time almost by accident. They bought one of the first houses built in a neighborhood that took about two years to build out. Toward the end of the two year period, they were out for a walk and, on impulse, went into a house under construction that represented a bit of a "move up" from their home. The same builder who had built their home was building it.

The couple went to the sales office of the builder and found out that the house they'd walked through was already under contract. They were shocked to find out the price was $150,000 more than they'd paid for their home! The house was a little larger, but not enough to account for the difference. In fact, they found out their home had increased $100,000 in value.

A Repeatable Pattern

Builders usually have bright, attractive, cheerful, enthusiastic people on their sales forces. These people often have a wealth of knowledge. They know (or can usually find out) which communities the builder has built in, is building in, and maybe even where they're going from there. They know a lot about the pattern of price increases for various models. They have some idea of the speed of build out.

It's also possible to take walks in a builder's neighborhoods and ask people how that builder is to work with, if construction and "punch list" completion are done reasonably and well, and if they'd choose that same builder again under similar circumstances.

If all the information you develop is favorable, you can start to "follow that builder." Builders usually sell the first few houses in a neighborhood for less money than any of the homes subsequently built. They're contracted for before the streets and amenities are complete, and it takes a lot more imagination to see a charming, pleasant neighborhood where now there's only mud and bulldozers.

Follow the builder is a strategy that has been used. If you like a particular builder, you can use the strategy to put serious money in your pocket.

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The Residential Luxury Apartments Ajman Offering Will Target The Mid Range Segment

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The project will fill has been left with the development of so many super Dubai Luxury Apartments. Head of Dubai Real Estate Company, Ajman Investment and Dubai Real Estate.

Second Phase will concentrate on the construction of Towers a world class hotel to be managed by an international Infrastructure Development Ajman, one freehold commercial tower, serviced apartments and a tower for leased apartments.

The UAE's NRI homes UAE, one of the country's leading design consultants, is behind the Ajman master plan. An extensive feasibility study was conducted to asses the NRI homes Dubai residential, and commercial NRI investments Dubai in the UAE.

The towers form the core of the Infrastructure Development Ajman, and we can guarantee that all Luxury Apartments Ajman will have their own balconies. A dedicated Residential Ajman community centre will house leisure facilities for both adults and children,' commented Dabbas. The Ajman Dubai Real Estate community will benefit from gyms, swimming pools, children's playgrounds.

We believe Dubai Property for Sale has huge potential as an affordable place to live for those working in Dubai and as an alternative tourism destination blessed by world wide, clean beaches and a relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle. The company will work in conjunction with the Investment in Dubai Real Estate and Infrastructure Development Ajman, to support the emirate's evolution into quality residential and commercial projects.

We are negotiating with several international Budget Apartments Dubai contractors for all aspects of construction on Ajman.We are concentrating on Dubai Real Estate making sure that a solid foundation is in place so that construction will remain progress so that everything is delivered on time.

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Home Buyers And Sellers Are Going Online

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Technology is changing how Americans buy and sell homes in unexpected ways, including how they work with real estate agents and brokers. That's a key finding of one of the largest surveys of real estate consumers ever conducted.

According to the study, conducted by the National Association of Realtors, nine out of 10 home buyers use a real estate agent in the search process, but use of the Internet to search for a home has risen dramatically over time, from only 2 percent of buyers in 1995 to 77 percent in 2005. The next largest source of information for buyers is a yard sign, mentioned by 71 percent of buyers.

The 2005 National Association of Realtors (NAR) Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, based on more than 7,800 responses to a questionnaire, is the latest in a series of surveys evaluating various characteristics of home buyers and sellers.

NAR President Thomas M. Stevens from Vienna, Va., said the findings underscore the complexity of the home-buying process. "Buyers who use the Internet in searching for a home are more likely to use a real estate agent than non-Internet users, and consumers rely on professionals to provide context, negotiate the transaction and help with the paperwork," said Stevens.

The study also shows that it may pay for a seller to rely on a real estate agent. The median home price for sellers who use an agent is 16 percent higher than the price of a home sold directly by an owner.

The Web site was the most popular Internet resource, used by 54 percent of buyers, followed by multiple listing service (MLS) Web sites, real estate company sites and real estate agent Web sites.

Typical buyers walked through nine properties, searched eight weeks to buy a home and moved 12 miles from their previous residence. Typical sellers placed their home on the market for four weeks, had lived in it for six years, moved 15 miles to their new residence and previously owned three homes.

The most important factor in choosing an agent was reputation, according to 41 percent of home buyers, followed by an agent's knowledge of the neighborhood, 24 percent. Fifty-seven percent of sellers said reputation was the most important factor.

The National Association of Realtors is America's largest trade association, representing more than 1.2 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

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Real Estate Guide To Bluffs Cape Fear North Carolina

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If you are looking for the perfect place to retire or buy a second home, the Bluffs on Cape Fear, North Carolina may be exactly what you want. The Bluffs are near Wilmington, NC in the beautiful coastal area. People have always loved to come to this area because of the stunning natural beauty and the many attractions to suit different interests and tastes.

The Bluffs on Cape Fear is a new community being developed with many exclusive features for the residents. This elite community consists of 600 to 700 acres of rolling tree covered landscape. There will be approximately 700 lots and home sites. It offers natural seclusion for relaxation yet is still close to outside attractions.

The Bluffs on the Cape Fear River

Built on the Cape Fear River, this area is accessible to the Atlantic Ocean and the Intra-Coastal Waterway. It is only 15 miles from downtown Wilmington, NC, and less than an hour from many beaches. It is close to all the attractions available in this great NC coastal region. There is a host of outdoor and indoor activities for the whole family.

Located in Brunswick County, the Bluffs on Cape Fear will be a popular area for the baby boomers in their retirement. Brunswick County has been rated in the top 10 beach vacation spots for families. Activities in the area include hiking, boating, fishing, beaches, and golf. There are museums and fine dining, parks, and shopping for every member of the family.

Amenities for Residents

The Bluffs on Cape Fear will be developed with numerous amenities for everyone to use and enjoy. These will be in addition to the many recreational pleasures available at this river front community. These include a private beach club, boating facilities, nature trails and a swim and tennis center. Also there will be boat and RV storage for the resident's convenience.

There are lots and home sites currently for sale. By buying NC pre-construction, you can reserve your spot now. Your preferred site will be waiting for you when you are ready to build. Because of the high price appreciation in this area, it is the perfect NC investment property. The Bluffs at Wilmington, NC is part of this valuable coastal property.

Invest in Property Now

Now would be the best time to buy property at the Bluffs on Cape Fear. Property values are sure to go up in the years to come and will never be found at these rates again. The potential in this area for expansion and economic growth has hardly been touched. Because of its popularity as a vacation spot, many people are deciding to relocate there. The city of Wilmington, NC has already put plans in motion to expand shopping areas and to put in a new bridge for easier access to beaches.

The scenery at The Bluffs on Cape Fear is spectacular and perfect for a retirement or second home. It is the ideal investment property whether you want to live there now or in the future.

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Why Now Is The Time To Buy Real Estate In Belize

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Last year Belize appointed a new Tourism Minister who is committed to the development and promotion of Belize as a luxury market for private tourism; this fact is the number one force driving massive real estate investment in Belize right now.

While Belize has long been associated with low cost and attractive real estate and has long been considered an affordable overseas destination for British and American tourists and retirees, never before has it sought to so fully embrace its cultural and ecological advantages and build on its reputation as a friendly and relaxed destination to directly target the wealthier tourism market.

Belize is of course already a tourism hotspot with travellers drawn to the beautiful cayes, the beaches, the barrier reef and the flora and fauna...but with the development of a luxury end tourist market place in Belize, the appeal of the country can only rise and rise.

International real estate investors are well aware of this fact and are buying up land and property in Belize to position themselves ahead of the projected upward swing in real estate prices.

Those who are taking advantage of Belize's policy of actively attracting investment today will benefit over the medium term when the country's plans for the development and promotion of the tourism market are fulfilled. In other words, those who buy now stand the very best chance of making maximum profit.

Not only are real estate investors well aware of this fact, a growing number of American baby boomers are too and they are securing their retirement lot now while prices remain attractively low. They know that if they spend the next few years before they retire getting their ideal property built so that it will be fully completed and ready to move into when Belize is well under way with establishing itself as a sophisticated travel destination, they will be moving straight in to a more sophisticated country as a result.

In terms of what will drive residential property prices up in Belize, as more and more people travel to Belize so more and more people will understand the charm and appeal of the country and will wish to set up home or buy a vacation home in Belize. This increase in demand for real estate in Belize will come from an increasingly wealthy section of society if the Tourism Minister's plans for Belize come to fruition and these people will be able to afford to pay more for property and this will sustain price increases. Furthermore any increase in demand naturally pushes property prices up anyway - and in fact this trend has already started in the most attractive coastal resorts in Belize and just highlights the shape of things to come.

Therefore NOW is the time to buy real estate in Belize if an investor wants to get the most for his money whilst buying into the maximum period of growth potential.

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