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Feng Shui Your Web Site

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Less is Good

This relates to the fact that more free space (on a web page) would allow positive energy or ch'i to flow around which then in turn would create a positive environment. Negative ch'i is obtained when the energy stagnates in one area.

To apply this to a page, perhaps more curves could be introduced rather than long straight lines, open spaces with perhaps more use of paragraphs in content and padding around tables.

Navigational links to other pages should be clear, allowing positive energy to flow through the whole site.


Clean crisp colours which are bold will attract a user's attention and should be used around the web page as this helps ch'i to flow. Dark colours or white text on a black background is a definite no no. It's what we've been taught at a young age, inbuilt within our subconscious and for good reason! Dark colours attract negative energy which could result in users staying on the site for a few moments or hastily rushing through the pages.

Calm soothing colours such as blue or white are recommended for large areas of space, whilst colours such as red and orange are regarded as being positive.

Yin and Yang

The balance of Yin and Yang is an important part of Feng Shui studies and can be defined as two opposites such as Male and Female, Young and Old, Inside and Outside etc.,.

So using an example of a web site which is split into two columns and there's content text in one column and graphics in another, perhaps the ideal balance would be to swap some graphics into the text section and likewise some content into the graphics section. It's all about balance.

Implement Google Analytics to check where your visitors are going, where they are clicking and which pages they are leaving from. If applying Feng Shui to your site has helped, I'd love to find out.

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From The School Of Pain To The School Of Vision

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Many, many of us have struggled with some aspect of lack in our lives - not enough time, opportunities, food, well-being, quality relationships, education, money, friends, etc., etc. Whether we realize it or not, we have been using the pain of those "apparent" conditions as a very powerful teacher so that we may learn to know Oneness in God. Rather than allowing Vision to pull us into awareness of how beautiful, powerful, wonderful and holy we are, we have chosen to be pushed into that awareness through pain, believing that we are separate from the Infinite Source of all. Exquisitely tormented by the pain of not enough love, time, money and/or health we have been forced to resort to one or more of the following human solutions to our suffering:

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Law Of Attraction They Are All Making You Poor

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There is one very important step that is often overlooked by most people who are working hard to apply the law of attraction. That step requires that you surround yourself with the sort of people who already have what you are trying to manifest in your life.

Have you ever heard stories or witness people who change dramatically because of the new crowd they were associating with? Perhaps you have noticed yourself developing certain habits after having the company of certain friends. If all your friends complain about money every day you may begin to realize that you have several complaints about money that you previously did not have before. We become like the people we surround our selves with.

I knew a man who was working tirelessly to create financial freedom in his life. He worked diligently with the law of attraction in keeping his thoughts clear and positive as well as to maintain a deep focus on his goals. Each day he was able to see great success until one day he came in contact with an old friend. Within a few short weeks he realized that his new found joy and personal power began to head south and he was feeling very discouraged about life. All his business ventures began to suffer and it seemed every thing around him was about to crash.

After taking sometime to reflect on what had suddenly gone wildly wrong with his life he realize the source of his failing business and personal life. His new friend, although a source of fun was a complete pessimist. Every single time they met his friend complained excessively about everything and doubted everything which seemed to be good. He complained about the economy and he complained about those who had acquired any sort of wealthy.

These conversations began to creep slowly into the mind of the first man and slowly his outlook became tainted by the dim view of reality that his friend was drilling into his head. Although he tried to maintain a brighter outlook his own thoughts were in conflict with the thoughts that his friend was presenting to him.

With law of attraction you manifest what you speak about or focus on with great passion. Often times people do not realize how much time they give to listening to others whose outlook is quite dismal and just how much those dismal thoughts do influence your ability to successfully apply the law of attraction to your success..

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Healing And Prosperity Scriptures Include All Christians

(category: Religion, Word count: 744)
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Deut 8:18 18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. (KJV)

This Scripture was written to and for the Abrahamic Seed Group. When a Gentile accepts Christ as his/her Personal Savior, he/she is immediately grafted into this Abrahamic Seed Group.

Consequently, Gentile Christians are included in the great prosperity promise above. They are now Abraham's Seed by grafting and are entitled to participate in this Abrahamic wealth promise.

Consider the reason given above why God gave us the power to get wealth. He did it in order to establish the Abrahamic Covenant with us also. The word translated "establish" here should have been translated by our English word "continue."

This supernatural power to get wealth is God's sign that we are now supernaturally included in the Covenant with Abraham. Furthermore, this power to get wealth is neither intelligence, ability nor talent.

It is the ability to plant financial seed and reap a financial harvest from it. This is how Abraham amassed wealth. He planted. Then he reaped. This is God's universal Law of Wealth accumulation. We sow. We reap. This is the power to get the wealth in the above Scripture.

Look at the word "strength" in the Scripture below.

Acts 3:6-7 6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. 7 And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ancle bones received strength. (KJV)

The word "strength" above translates a Greek word that is a dead ringer for our English word "steroid." In other words, when Peter commanded healing into this man, it was equivalent to a massive injection of Holy Ghost steroids.

He received strength. He leaped up. He shouted. He walked. He was whole and strong. This belongs to us today also.

Furthermore, this can also be administered the same way today that Peter administered it then. He spoke a command and it was so. The man received Holy Ghost Steroids and was healed. Christians today are also authorized to do this.

Finally, Peter declared that the healing of this man had nothing to do with his holiness or power. In other words, Peter let the World know that he, himself, had nothing to do with this healing. It was all of God, through the use of Jesus' name.

Acts 3:11-13 11And as the lame man which was healed held Peter and John, all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon's, greatly wondering. 12And when Peter saw it, he answered unto the people, Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk? 13The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus; whom ye delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go. (KJV)

In verse 11 above, when the people saw that the lame man was healed, they wondered greatly what had caused it.

In verse 12 above, Peter asked them why they were looking as him and John as though Their own power and holiness had anything to do with healing the man. His meaning Was that neither their power not holiness had anything to do with the man's healing.

In verse 13 above, Peter attributed the healing to the God of the covenant with Abraham. This covenant, of course, included Abraham's Seed Group, beginning with Isaac and Jacob. Christians today are still included in the Abrahamic Seed Group.

Our inclusion into this group is the reason Christians are still authorized to do the same thing today that Peter did and for the same reason. We are included, both in the Abrahamic Seed Group, and in the healing and prosperity aspect of it.

Finally, we see that Peter called upon no committees, held no prayer meetings, asked no man for permission. He just spoke the healing command using Jesus' name and it was done. He was healed. Christians today are also authorized to do this.

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Law Of Attraction These 7 Things Are Holding You Back

(category: Religion, Word count: 624)
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Do you really want to master the law of attraction and get what you want every single time? Of course you do! We all deeply desire to master the law of attraction and to be able to manifest all that we desire.

The truth is law of attraction is your willing servant if only you would treat it as such. Unfortunately we have several things which get in the way of really allowing it to flow into our life and support what we truly want as apposed to what we don't want.

Here are the 7 things which block the flow and hold us back from attracting what we want. The secret in knowing these 7 things is to actually work on eliminating these things from our lives. From there it's all fun and manifesting becomes quite easy.

1) Negative People - We can all attest to have conversations or being in the company of others whose outlook on life can be quite dismal. Its painful to let go of those people as some of those people may very well be family members but truly you know it, the negativity is not unlike having a led ball chained to your ankles.

2) You Limited Beliefs - Yes whatever old believes you hold dear to you may be causing destruction in your life. You have to become aware of what they are in order to move on to a higher energetic flow. Poor limited believes equal a poor limited existence.

3) Dwelling on the Past - There is nothing totally wrong about reminiscing on the past but the danger lies in spending hours upon hours recalling things which are painful, limited and destructive. As you get caught up in the destructive thought pattern it active the law of attraction and once again begin to attract the same old conations to your life.

4) Resentment - This is a great energy leak. It does nothing for you but keep you dwelling on circumstances that are not only in the past but are out of your control. Learn to accept what has happen by seeing the lesson that situation taught you then let it go and move on.

5) Inflexibility - You must stay open in order to allow the law of attraction to work miracles in your life. From the vantage point where you now are you cannot see the path too clearly but your own higher self and the universe as a better gage. Being open allows your desire to come though in wonderful and mysterious ways. Don't worry about the how just focus on the what.

6) Desperately Wanting - Ever notice what is happening to you when you are deeply wanting something? When you feel a great need to have something you are feeling lack, and desperate and needy. As you are experiencing those feelings you are activating the law of attraction to give you more of what you are presently feeling and guess what you will be getting? You will get more opportunity to feel needy, desperate and lacking. Ask yourself how would it feel to now have what I want? That is the feeling that you need to focus upon and feel all the time.

7) Your fears - Your inner fears are all faulty illusions which appear real. You fear what has not yet happen and that is quite damaging to the attraction process. Let go of the fear because really what you fear has not happen and won't happen unless you begin to entertain it in which case you will again be activating the law of attraction to give you those very same situations that you don't want.

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The Best Things That Have Been Culminated

(category: Religion, Word count: 1406)
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Zeal to promote the common good, whether it be by devising anything ourselves, or revising that which hath been laboured by others, deserveth certainly much respect and esteem, but yet findeth but cold entertainment in the world. It is welcomed with suspicion instead of love, and with emulation instead of thanks: and if there be any hole left for cavil to enter, (and cavil, if it do not find a hole, will make one) it is sure to be misconstrued, and in danger to be condemned. This will easily be granted by as many as know story, or have any experience. For, was there ever any- projected, that savoured any way of newness or renewing, but the same endured many a storm of gainsaying, or opposition? A man would think that Civility, wholesome Laws, learning and eloquence, Synods, and Church- maintenance, (that we speak of no more things of this kind) should be as safe as a Sanctuary, and out of shot, as they say, that no man would lift up the heel, no, nor dog move his tongue against the motioners of them. For by the first, we are distinguished from brute beasts lead with sensuality; By the second, we are bridled and restrained from outrageous behaviour, and from doing of injuries, whether by fraud or by violence; By the third, we are enabled to inform and reform others, by the light and feeling that we have attained unto ourselves; Briefly, by the fourth being brought together to a parley face to face, we sooner compose our differences than by writings which are endless; And lastly, that the Church be sufficiently provided for, is so agreeable to good reason and conscience, that those mothers are holden to be less cruel, that kill their children as soon as they are born, than those nursing fathers and mothers (wheresoever they be) that withdraw from them who hang upon their breasts (and upon whose breasts again themselves do hang to receive the Spiritual and sincere milk of the word) livelihood and support fit for their estates. Thus it is apparent, that these things which we speak of, are of most necessary use, and therefore, that none, either without absurdity can speak against them, or without note of wickedness can spurn against them.

Yet for all that, the learned know that certain worthy men [Anacharsis with others] have been brought to untimely death for none other fault, but for seeking to reduce their Countrymen to good order and discipline; and that in some Commonwealths [e.g. Locri] it was made a capital crime, once to motion the making of a new Law for the abrogating of an old, though the same were most pernicious; And that certain [Cato the elder], which would be counted pillars of the State, and patterns of Virtue and Prudence, could not be brought for a long time to give way to good Letters and refined speech, but bare themselves as averse from them, as from rocks or boxes of poison; And fourthly, that he was no babe, but a great clerk [Gregory the Divine], that gave forth (and in writing to remain to posterity) in passion peradventure, but yet he gave forth, that he had not seen any profit to come by any Synod, or meeting of the Clergy, but rather the contrary; And lastly, against Church-maintenance and allowance, in such sort, as the Ambassadors and messengers of the great King of Kings should be furnished, it is not unknown what a fiction or fable (so it is esteemed, and for no better by the reporter himself [Nauclerus], though superstitious) was devised; Namely, that at such a time as the professors and teachers of Christianity in the Church of Rome, then a true Church, were liberally endowed, a voice forsooth was heard from heaven, saying: Now is poison poured down into the Church, etc. Thus not only as oft as we speak, as one saith, but also as oft as we do anything of note or consequence, we subject ourselves to everyone's censure, and happy is he that is least tossed upon tongues; for utterly to escape the snatch of them it is impossible. If any man conceit, that this is the lot and portion of the meaner sort only, and that Princes are privileged by their high estate, he is deceived. "As the sword devoureth as well one as the other," as it is in Samuel [2 Sam 11:25], nay as the great Commander charged his soldiers in a certain battle, to strike at no part of the enemy, but at the face; And as the King of Syria commanded his chief Captains to "fight neither with small nor great, save only against the King of Israel:" [1 Kings 22:31] so it is too true, that Envy striketh most spitefully at the fairest, and at the chiefest. David was a worthy Prince, and no man to be compared to him for his first deeds, and yet for as worthy as act as ever he did (even for bringing back the Ark of God in solemnity) he was scorned and scoffed at by his own wife [2 Sam 6:16]. Solomon was greater than David, though not in virtue, yet in power: and by his power and wisdom he built a Temple to the Lord, such a one as was the glory of the land of Israel, and the wonder of the whole world. But was that his magnificence liked of by all? We doubt it. Otherwise, why do they lay it in his son's dish, and call unto him for easing the burden, "Make", say they, "the grievous servitude of thy father, and his sore yoke, lighter?" [1 Kings 12:4] Belike he had charged them with some levies, and troubled them with some carriages; Hereupon they raise up a tragedy, and wish in their heart the Temple had never been built. So hard a thing it is to please all, even when we please God best, and do seek to approve ourselves to every ones conscience.

If we will descend to later times, we shall find many the like examples of such kind, or rather unkind acceptance. The first Roman Emperor [C. Caesar. Plutarch] did never do a more pleasing deed to the learned, nor more profitable to posterity, for conserving the record of times in true supputation; than when he corrected the Calendar, and ordered the year according to the course of the Sun; and yet this was imputed to him for novelty, and arrogance, and procured to him great obloguy. So the first Christened Emperor [Constantine] (at the least- wise that openly professed the faith himself, and allowed others to do the like) for strengthening the Empire at his great charges, and providing for the Church, as he did, got for his labour the name Pupillus, as who would say, a wasteful Prince, that had need of a Guardian or overseer [Aurel. Victor]. So the best Christened Emperor [Theodosius], for the love that he bare unto peace, thereby to enrich both himself and his subjects, and because he did not see war but find it, was judged to be no man at arms [Zosimus], (though indeed he excelled in feats of chivalry, and showed so much when he was provoked) and condemned for giving himself to his ease, and to his pleasure. To be short, the most learned Emperor of former times [Justinian], (at the least, the greatest politician) what thanks had he for cutting off the superfluities of the laws, and digesting them into some order and method? This, that he had been blotted by some to be an Epitomist, that is, one that extinguishes worthy whole volumes, to bring his abridgments into request. This is the measure that hath been rendered to excellent Princes in former times, even, Cum bene facerent, male audire, For their good deeds to be evil spoken of. Neither is there any likelihood, that envy and malignity died, and were buried with the ancient. No, no, the reproof of Moses taketh hold of most ages; "You are risen up in your fathers' stead, and increase of sinful men." [Num 32:14] "What is that that hath been done? that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the Sun," saith the wiseman: [Ecc 1:9] and S. Stephen, "As your fathers did, so do you." [Acts 7:51]

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Are We Just Physical Beings

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Here's something that I have discovered:

In the presence of a qigong or taiji master, a layperson may feel unusual, often discomforting sensations within their body. Some may feel giddy or develop stomachaches. Yet others may feel heat brewing within them. I know several qi-gong masters, so I am familiar with these sensations. How can somebody without even touching you, cause so much physical sensation in the other? Could it be that somehow these qi-gong experts have around them a formidable but invisible energy field?

So, are we just a body? Metaphysical and esoteric teachings tend to think otherwise. So do I. We are definitely more than a physical body.

The construct of a Being (Human) consisted of more than the mere physical body. Although not complete, the anatomy consists of Subtle Bodies & Chakras.

Subtle Bodies

The subtle bodies are energy vehicles that overlay the physical one. The energy bodies are associated with the various vibrational dimensions. Like the dimensions, the bodies interpenetrate one another and stack up higher and higher in vibration. It seems for every corresponding vibrational range (dimension and sub-dimension) there is an associated body.

From my understanding, the subtle bodies or cognitive vehicles interpret the intention/information/impulse from it's Source. The source is pure awareness, and by down-stepping into various vehicles, its reflections becomes our personality.The sequence of down-stepping, as I understand it, goes something like this:

Pure awareness>>> sensing/feeling (thought without definition)>>> mental thought (images, language) and/or emotions (happiness, anger, fear, etc).

Most human beings are aware primarily of their mental thoughts and emotions, which form their personality. However, as you can see, the real identity of a Being is more than that. A person who is sensitive to the 'sensing/feeling (thought without definition) stage of cognition can be described as being intuitive.


According to Tantric philosophy and Yoga, chakras are energy vortexes or channel wheels in the energy bodies. They are energy centers that process life force energies. Contrary to popular belief, they are not restricted to the teachings of the Buddhist and Hindu Yogis. The shamans of South America knew about them as well. The Taoist tradition also has a system of power points along the Central Channel of the body that nearly corresponds to the location of the chakras.

Each chakra governs a specific area of articulation and expression. Chakras can be under active, overly active or in balance. When in balance and working properly, they allow the person to have healthy self-expression. Chakra also nourishes the surrounding physical organs by supplying energy. So a properly functioning chakra, denotes physical and psychological well-being in the associated areas.

The human energy system is not made solely of chakras and subtle bodies only. Prana or chi which is the universal life force permeates the energy fields. It has been said that meridian and/or nadis carry these chi or prana throughout the energy field.

My conclusion is that we are certainly more vast than what we think we are.

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America Asks More Questions About The Second Coming Of Christ

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Isn't the book of Revelation just so many symbols and thus should not he placed on the level of other clearer messages of the Bible?


The book of Revelation is replete with symbolism; but so is much of the rest of the Bible. We should give no less credence to it than to any other part of the Bible. Symbolisms were used to guide an entire nation of ancient Egyptians and to protect and give hope to generations of Israelites. All of this was done in the very first book of the Bible, so if we are going to lessen the veracity or the practicality of biblical symbols we would have to start at the beginning of the Bible. If we start there, we will find countless other symbols not to trust and in the end we will have chopped up a great deal of Gods word. We don't have the right to remove even one letter from Gods word physically, but we are not to remove it by spiritualizing it or nominalizing it either.

When Egypt was about to undergo one of the worst droughts in its history, Pharaoh had a dream filled with symbolism that deferred the worst from happening. When Joseph interpreted Pharaohs dream he secured a future for his own generation of Israelites. Genesis 41:1f

It might do well to note that the very first recorded prophetic message in the Bible was a dream also filled with symbolism. Genesis 37:5f Joseph's dream of the sun and the moon and the stars would outline the history of his people forever. Why then should it be hard to see Revelation and its symbols as the outline for only one small seven year long period.

The very first prophetic utterance in the Bible is referred to as the Prote-Evangelium, and it uses symbolism. Genesis 3:15 There is where the first promise that Christ would overcome all evil is found.

Highways around the world are covered with universal traffic symbols. Language and lore is embellished with symbols. Theater, television, business, culture, and our own daily conversation are saturated with the use of symbolism. How is it that we have thought God couldn't use symbols to covey part of his message to us, and that it could he trusted. And how is it that those who are so quick to point out that this is the most educated generation in the history of the world, cannot seem to find a way for implicit and explicit teachings in the Bible to co-exist and compliment each other. To persist in this silly fear of the symbol comes under the heading of hypocrisy rather than confusion, if we would he honest enough to admit it.


Aren't many of the pictures and symbols of Revelation much like those of the Old Testament and are they just borrowed from the Old Testament?


I find it hard not to answer this question with a simple yes, but so what, but for the sake of the more serious student of the Bible I will try to address the question in a more persuasive manner. Many New Testament references are made from the Old Testament. Jesus, the apostles and many others referred to the Old Testament scriptures and its symbols.

Have we forgotten that the Bible is to the Christian after all only one book, not two? If God were not so faithful in his revelation to us we might find huge differences between the symbolism of the old and new testament. That would no doubt give rise to another group of people who would argue against the validity of the Bible because of the enormous disparity in the images presented in the Old Testament as compared to those of the New Testament.

Doubters will never be satisfied with anything. Believers are glad that God has given us one comprehensible picture of his intentions in sixty six books, spread out over thousands of years.

This alone is a miracle. When John received the Revelation of Jesus Christ on the Isle of Patmos, we can imagine how relieved he must have felt when he saw it didn't diverge very much from the messages given to Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and others. If it had been that radically different, he may have been inclined to dismiss it as not having come from God in the first place. We can thank God that John knew the voice of his Savior as Jesus promised he would, John 10:27 and he could see its consistency with the rest of the messages given to his predecessors.

I am also thankful that when I saw a vision of the sun darkened and the moon glowing the color of blood, that when I finally saw that description in the Bible it wasn't something unfamiliar or strange. It takes no genius to comprehend that though the symbolism of the New Testament is similar to that of the old, it is only to supplement, advance or further elucidate the message not just to borrow from it. Borrowing from the Bible or any other source to enhance a vision that purportedly came from God would make the messenger not a visionary or prophet but a common liar. The last time I looked, God was still calling only those who are searching for, living for and willing to die for the truth, to become his messengers.

Rev Bresciani is the author of two popular Christian books, one on the second coming of Christ. He has hundreds of articles published both online and in print. Visit the website at

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God Doesn T Care About Creation Science

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How could such a statement be true? How could the creator of all things not really care about His creation?

As a blanket, catch-all statement, it is only partially true. God cares that you recognize Him as the creator. What I'm referring to is the "how" of creation.

As Christians, we all have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides us, convicting us of sin. If our thoughts about the length of creation are not correct, then why hasn't the Holy Spirit convicted us of this sin? Why is it, when I pray for wisdom to understand young earth arguments, God grants me that wisdom? Of course, the flip side of this is equally puzzling. If the length of days of creation are not 24-hours, when why doesn't the Holy Spirit convict the young earth believers that they are wrong?

Could it be that this is not a matter of sin? Could it be that what we think about the "how" of creation is not important to God? It would appear to be the case. God lets us argue these points back and forth, without convicting either side, through the Holy Spirit, that we are wrong. What is important is that we both have Jesus Christ. That really is the only important point from God's perspective.

The words of Leroy Eims, former president of the Navigators, sums it up best. He said;

Can you imagine everything Jesus could have talked to people about? After all, He was the eternal Son of God who knew everything about everything. He could have explained all the scientific wonders of the universe or warned against the various manmade philosophies that would arise over the years-how each of them would lead down a blind alley and leave the followers of those teachings confused and frustrated. But Jesus didn't deal with any of those things. Instead, He focused on what people need most-the good news of salvation. Why? Because unless people hear and respond to the gospel, they are lost and going to a Christless grave (Footnote 1).

I think he is right on target. If it did matter what we thought about creation, God's Spirit would convict us, and steer us to the truth. The only thing that really matters is whether we have Jesus.

All too often, young earth creationists compare old earth creationism to sin, and claim that our path is incorrect, and amounts to cooperation with the devil. Such a claim can be seen in the young earth book, After Eden, by Henry Morris III. On page 174-175, he makes a distinction (one of many throughout the book) that young earth creationists represent "truth," "light," and "wisdom," with the implication that all others are evil deceivers (2 Cor. 11:13-15). Such slanderous words have no basis in fact, and they are not what one would expect from a professing Christian. None of the verses employed by Mr. Morris in this section have anything to do with creation.

As a Progressive Creationist, I fully believe in the inerrant, infallible Word of God, and a literal interpretation of Genesis. Yes, some old earth proponents do not believe in inerrancy, and they need a warning, but Morris makes no distinction.

If God does not care which form of creation you believe in, then Morris claims are empty rhetoric. There is no need for young earth creationists to resort to such tactics. Jesus is what matters...not the "how" of creation. We should busy ourselves in proclaiming Christ...not condemning fellow believers.

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