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Tips For Getting Your Website Listed On Yahoo

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Treat Yahoo as both a directory AND a search engine. Yahoo offers a number of different search results. Part of their search results come from an actual search engine, and some of their results come from human editors, called surfers.

Every Yahoo directory submission is viewed by a person. (Search engines use spiders and indexing software). Admission into the Yahoo directory is entirely at the discretion of the Yahoo surfer viewing your site. That's why the free submission lead time can often be 8-10 weeks, without using the Express Submit service.

Unlike search engine submissions that accept multiple pages from the same site, Yahoo surfers prefer to view your home page, and they will navigate your site from there.

With directories, the site owner selects the most appropriate directory categories for his/her site and writes descriptions that concisely and accurately describe the content of the site. Factors that affect directory placement are selecting the right category and writing a good description.

Always differentiate between the Yahoo search engine and the Yahoo directory whenever you speak to a search engine marketer. The strategies for getting listed in search engines are different from the strategies for getting listed in directories.

Fill out the Forms on Yahoo Exactly as Requested

We know this seems obvious, but some sites don't get listed because the submitters do not follow directions when filling out the forms. When Yahoo asks for a telephone number, give only one telephone number including the area code. When Yahoo asks for a 25-words-or-less description, don't try any fancy word stacking or keyword tricks. Stick to a concise, accurate description of your site's content. Yahoo surfers often change your site description after it's listed in their directory.

Although some fields are optional, try to fill in all of the fields in the form, especially the fields asking your company name, address, and telephone and fax numbers. Yahoo wants to know that you have a legitimate business that will be around in years to come.

Select the Categories (only 3) That You Want to be listed under Very Carefully

To select your categories, type in your selected keywords in a Yahoo query, and study the results. Your site does not belong where you believe your target audience is searching. Your site's actual content should accurately reflect the category or categories you wish to be listed under.

You will probably be listed under the same categories your competitors are listed under. Study your competitors' directory listing. See what their descriptions are, and then modify your site's description to show the Yahoo surfer that you definitely belong in the categories you selected.

If you are a U.S. company, under the category Regional/United States/ in Yahoo, all 50 states are listed. You should include your site in one of the regional categories, if applicable. Don't be surprised that most of your traffic from Yahoo is local. Many customers need to hear your voice or see your face to feel secure about hiring you or your company for a project.

Category listings are also at the discretion of a Yahoo surfer. You need to spend the time selecting your categories and studying your competitors so that you do not get listed under an "undesirable" category.

Have Unique Content and Point This Information Out in Your Submission

A web site is of no value to the Yahoo directory if the site contains the exact same information as other sites in the same categories. So to add value to the Yahoo directory, and to call attention to the unique aspects of your online business, make sure you have unique content on your site.

You can point out any unique content to the Yahoo surfer via your 25-word description or the extra comments field in the submission form.

Get a Virtual Domain Name

Yahoo tends to recognize virtual domains ( over others. Why is this? Yahoo wants to have legitimate organizations and companies in their directory. They do not want a small start-up company that won't be around next year, thus resulting in a dead link to a URL in the directory. A virtual domain shows that you are serious about your business.

Try to Get Listed in One of Yahoo's Regional Directories First

At the bottom of Yahoo's home page are some of Yahoo's regional directories. If you are in one of the regional areas, you can often get your web site listed much faster in the regional directory than in Yahoo's main directory.

Commercial web sites must pay an annual fee of $299 (currently) to be listed in the Yahoo directory. Sometimes, a Yahoo surfer might discover a content-rich commercial site without you ever submitting.

"Design for Speed" (Quotation from a Yahoo Surfer)

Yahoo is looking for sites that download very quickly, preferably within 30 seconds on a dial-up modem.

Of course, exceptions do apply; such as if you are an online video game company and use Shockwave on your site. Then it is understandable that your web site might take longer to download.

Lastly, the rule "Content is King" applies to getting listed in Yahoo. If Yahoo editors don't feel your site looks or sounds like a legitimate business, they don't have to list your site. So make sure your web site is easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to find (on search engines), shows consistency in design and layout, and is quick to download. Above all, have unique content to add value to the Yahoo directory.

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Building Your Website Business With An Seo Professional

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Many people enter into the world of creating an Internet based business on their own. They feel that because they know how to access and undertake some things on the Internet that they know enough to develop an overall Internet business marketing plan. In point of fact, the typical Internet business owner actually does not know all he or she needs to know in regard to Internet marketing and promotion. If you are in the process of starting or creating an Internet based business, you should give serious consideration to employing the services of a SEO professional to aid you in developing your own Internet business marketing plan and program.

Of course, the basic benefit to be realized from using an SEO professional to assist you with the development of an Internet marketing and promotion scheme is experiences. SEO development is something that requires experience in order to be effective. Thus, in your search for an SEO professional, you will want to know precisely what type of experience a particular SEO professional might have before you engage that person to assist you with your business enterprise.

The best way to obtain information about a SEO professional's experience in the business is to obtain references from the professional. Nothing bespeaks a person's abilities - including a SEO professional - than prior clients. By reviewing references you will be able to determine whether a particular SEO professional has the experience, ability and aptitude that will serve you and your business interests.

You may hesitate to hire a SEO professional because you think such a professional will be too expensive. If you are like most business owners, you do try to maintain a strict budget. You try to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

With that said, you should view the hiring of a SEO professional as being an investment in the future of your company or business. By retaining a SEO professional, a qualified SEO professional, you will be able to have developed for your business a marketing scheme that will attract more traffic to your website. More traffic translates into more business. Of course, additional business means increased revenue. And, ultimately, an increase in revenue - obtained without breaking the bank in the process - will mean more profits from your business enterprise in the long run. In short, and as has been mentioned, hiring a SEO professional can be a solid investment for your business.

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Improve The Ranking Of Your Website Hire A Seo Consultant

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method aiming to improve the ranking websites on search engine records. Search Engine Optimization refers to the company of consultants that carries out the optimization promotions and projects of the customers' particular websites.

Search Engine Optimization also a means of promoting your websites and aim for a top ranking on major search engines.

The main goal of SEO is to reach the most research pages in the search engine. It includes the selections of particular words on a particular page. Search engines use different grounds in indexing, but it is expected that it may change. In this way, clients can be satisfied with the results. Many directory-oriented sites by hand, index a website. In this way users will be provided with the best results.

Through the use of engines, clients can find different sites in so many ways. One way is through Advertisement in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs, this requires payment. Another link is through third parties in the search engines. It can also be through organic listings, one example is through the results the search engine presents engine. The most concern of Search Engine Optimization is improvement of the visibilities of a site.

In the organic search results, the highest rankings can provide targeted traffic for a particular site. Targeting can make you spend a lot of money. It is expensive to obtain traffic. In healthy competitions, the price of per click is highly expensive when pay per click or banner advertising is being used. The prize is ranging from cents to ten dollars per click of the user in slightly competitive terms. With the price high, it really counts for websites owners to optimize their sites for organic search.

Most of the sites have identical goals, but not all sites have one particular goal in optimizing their sites for search engines. Sites may be optimized or may seek much traffic to rank the highest in most common search phrase. This is obviously marketing in poor strategy, because produces lots of low-quality explorations that is costing money upon use.

Problems can be encountered in this kinds business. They may use advisers to solve particular problems. This is when SEO consultants join the picture. Websites may need Search Engine Optimization Consultants.

Consultants are the advisers. They are the advisor to technical staff as well as for the users. In computer industry, consultants are always available. They specializes electronic circuit designs, software development and information system analysis. They uses specified functions to which the vendors responses.

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Search Engine Optimisation Black Hat Or White Hat Seo

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If you are looking around for a search engine optimisation company to carry out some SEO work on your website, then make sure you choose the right colour hat. There are a large number of companies that adopt a fast and unethical approach to SEO, known as black hat SEO, while there are a smaller number or companies that implement ethical SEO work, known as white hat SEO. The key to choosing the right colour, which is obviously the white, is as follows...

Before you even think of taking on a search engine optimisation company, the first thing is to shop around and see what is out on the market. The same principles would apply if you were to buy a new computer. You would look at a few models, prices and what each model has to offer. If an SEO company was to offer a service that would guarantee you top ranks, there is a very good chance they are wearing a black hat. No SEO company can guarantee top ranks since they have no direct control over the search engines and their ranking algorithms. They can however mention that top ranks are highly achievable due to their previous success with other clients.

Be sure to look at a companies' portfolio page (if they have one on their website or simply ask them) and carry out some research on their clients. This can be done by looking at the client's website performance within the search engines for the selected keywords they have been optimised for. Another good idea would be to write a courtesy email to the client asking for a reference on the SEO company they have used to optimise their website.

The most important giveaway on a black hat SEO company is the way they would describe their services. If a company cannot go into detail on how they carry out their work (meaning they are very vague), and this involves justifying each step of their work, then it would be best to avoid their services. A proper SEO firm will be more than happy to explain their services in detail and justify their reasons for using such techniques. If you cannot quiet understand the techniques they use then be sure to do some research on the internet and read SEO articles that explain each technique. If you find that their work fits along the lines of your research and that it is all ethical, then they are a company you should put on your list.

A last point to mention, a company should stress the phrase 'patience is the key to success with SEO'. If a company claims that they can achieve results very fast, then it is time to start running. In theory, SEO that is carried out correctly on a website will take time until the results start to show (most cases 3 to 6 months but could be longer).

Would you like to know what could happen to your website if you hire a black hat SEO company, regardless of how big or small your website is in terms of brand recognition? An example would be the story of the BMW German website. They hired a black hat SEO firm to carry out some work on their website and that resulted in their site being banned from the Google ranks. So it is best to do your research on SEO by reading articles such as this one and question a companies approach on search engine optimisation. This will ensure that you have selected the clean white hat and that your website will not be tarnished from the black.

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Search Engine Optimization Seo An Overview

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Run a search on any of the 200 major search engines, and the results will come up in similar orders on quite a few of them. How a website owner/operator gets their website to the top of a list is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Optimizing a website involves many of the same techniques, whether the aim is to optimize for Google adwords, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves or others. There is a list of what not to do as well, and that list is applicable to all engines, as it mostly refers to tricks and hacks unscrupulous designers use to try to trick the engines. These kind of pages generally get removed by automated tools and don't generally last very long, so they are not recommended to bother with.

Website optimization starts with content. If the content is irrelevant, the website will not last long in the rankings, no matter how many keywords are included. The best way to get relevant content is to get an expert to write the content. General content may be more friendly to beginners, but in the search optimization arena, content is what is going to keep readers coming back and webmasters linking to the page. Many search engines use link counters to rank sites. If enough people like and value the site, they will link to it from their own site as an example of expert help for visitors seeking more detailed information than they can provide, or are willing to provide. Often, general-interest sites will link to expert sites, thereby also driving their own traffic up as the initial portal to those expert sites and improving their own rankings in the optimization listings. The quality of the sites linked is also a major factor in the rankings, as quality sites such as Microsoft and Google are going to be more effective "heavy hitters" than a link to Bob's House of Website Optimizing.

When the content is being created, keywords are the "anchors" that search engines hook onto, but just filling your content with keywords risks being dismissed as a spam site, as many spammers merely fill a page with keywords, hoping to hook anyone searching for anything. These kind of pages are usually removed quickly, but they exist nonetheless. Specific keywords are the key-instead of Search Engine, use Search Engine Optimization for Google, or combinations of the key words or phrases. Optimization for Search Engines in one area, then Optimizing for higher Search Engine rankings in another increases the chances of an engine ranking your website content a little higher than it may have otherwise.

The guidelines for content also go for Meta tags such as the title. Title is very important, as it is one of the bigger spots for an engine to catch, as well as the hook that draws a surfer in once the rankings have been displayed. A recommended length is 50-80 characters (including spaces), with keywords located near the beginning in case the window is resized on the screen. A good example would be "Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks for Google", instead of "How to do important SEO for websites."

Search Engine Optimization-what to avoid: Don't use huge strings of keywords without relevant content-you may be labeled as a spammer and blacklisted off the engine(s) you're trying to climb. Stay away from pop-ups, excessive load times (by keeping the page clean and using fast hosting servers), and lots of flash animation, as this takes time to load and also detracts from the readability of the site.

More specific information can be found by typing "Search Engine Optimization" into any major search engine like Google or Yahoo and following the links. Good luck!

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Essential Features That Make Your Advertisement Successful

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Since times immemorial, advertisers, salesman and traders have been trying to induce the public to purchase their products. They tried to write convincing and inspiring texts, to advertise their companies and promote themselves as true, reliable professionals. Advertisement market has been developed and established in order to satisfy the desires of promotion.In today's highly competitive world few of the companies would be able to survive without advertisement. That was certainly true in the past and that is true today, with small rider- it is not enough just to advertise your company in the offline mass media. Every company, whether it is large or small, should advertise itself online as well, for starters internet advertisement, with its instant access, represents one of the best means of communication with their potential customers.

Attentive, attracting and compelling texts are indispensable elements of online advertisement; they should compel the readers to take some actions. However, they should attract the attention of not only readers but major search engines as well. Unless your site has high rankings among search engines, it is not used for full potential. In order to gain their attention your text should be Search Engines Optimized. Search Engines Optimization or SEO copywriting is a process by which the text on your web site is read both by your readers and major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others.

Remember your readers find and discover your site by the search terms they put into search engines box that is why it is necessary to have keywords rich content on the web site. Besides, the content all other elements of your text (such as headlines and description can be optimized as well). Usually several hundreds with one or two words, as the search words, might be enough to get SEO optimized copy. This method allows maintaining high search engine rankings, whereas other methods are less predictable. There are several special search optimization techniques, which allow your site to communicate directly with your visitors. If these techniques are performed correctly your web site will get high rankings within the shortest period of time. However, in order most effective SEO process is performed in conjunction with marketing research in order to make sure that new search optimized texts target those individuals who are really interested in the products and services that you provide.

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A Perfect Technology For Growth

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In online marketing, Google and SEO process are conducted. Now days, this conduct is at first place to divert the visitors passage directing to your passage. SEO Delhi Company e-Fuzion complete the idea about search engine optimization is out of the limit of different article. It may happen that even if you your site is at first place in the Google, very less or almost no hits to your web site. It is because of the matter of keywords chosen in the description of your website. Plenty of big internet marketing companies put their hands up against Google. Google is the only search engine that frequently updates its algorithms and places new challenges in front of these companies. Many websites get affected daily by this attack of Google. SEO Delhi Company e-Fuzion process programmers uses this and verify the significant topic successfully while online practice. Server loges are able to show you the type of phrases used by the visitors to find out your website. Apparently it will help you out to exploit visitor's hits to your site and increase in the rate of conversions. When you optimized your web pages, log files can show you the specific keywords used by visitors for your website i.e. their hit are targeted by the specified keyword. You must be very studies and selective regarding this.

Phrase dictionary of SEO process programmer must be big enough and of new trend because he must know how people go to a definite page using their required phrases. Upgrading the use of these new phrases to SEO Delhi Company e-Fuzion is the best trick. Also you can achieve maximum visitor's hits by creating individual web pages with using all new keyword phrases. It describes your website and purpose of SEO Delhi Company e-Fuzion will get achieved automatically.

Key point is that keep optimizing your pages frequently. The newly optimized pages can obtain better search engine rankings. Make daily tradition of searching your own website purely using unusual phrases.

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Seo Services

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Search engine optimization or SEO refers to optimizing the web pages of a website as per the algorithms so as to achieve high rankings of the website in the various search engines. With the help of search engine optimization, you can place your website in the first few positions in a search engine for a strategically defined set of keywords. The higher the ranking of the website, the better are the chances of increased traffic to it. This leads to more sales and more customers.

SEO is a growing trend in India. With more and more Indian consumers and Indian SEO companies waking up to online marketing and online shopping for products and services, we can expect a major boom in search engine optimization in India few years down the line. For Indian companies, the internet is the greatest boon for marketing and reaching out to potential customers. This is so because the horizons of marketing on the internet are limitless and a company can reach absolutely targeted potential customers all across the world.

SEO has become the most discussed topic in marketing in India, these days. And since no one can ignore the fact that it will be the most important marketing medium, more and more companies are turning towards SEO consultants for SEO services. Through the various SEO services, the companies can promote their websites. This would help them strengthen their online position and presence.

In order to be a successful online company, an Indian company must understand that it is very necessary to allocate a portion of their marketing budget to the promotion of their website if they want to stay ahead in the competition. While a company is investing in advertising in the print or electronic media like the TV, it should also give importance to the online marketing and the promotion of its websites to generate more and more customers. Search engine optimization companies in India like Mosaic service is proving as an effective tool to optimize the website.

The future of marketing in India has immense potentiality for online web marketing and it is through online marketing that one can expect to stay ahead in the competition. As the number of Indian hooked on to the net is increasing at a fast pace, the Indian companies can expect to get their attention more through the search engines than any other medium of communication and this will result in the boom of SEO services in India.

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Beginning Seo For Young Websites

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As websites age, they will naturally gain popularity. For the newly born websites, they are at a slight disadvantage. Fortunately, the SEO playing field is very fair amongst all competitors. Here are some things you can do to spice up the traffic and rankings.

Unique Content

Although I cannot promise anyone, it would make sense that this rule applies in the far future also. The quality of content will almost always have a decent if not huge impact on the ranking of your website. The amount of content matters, but even more so is the relevancy of the content on your website. For low cost ideas, try hiring ghost writers or college students. Some websites only have a message boards loaded with people using it to their advantage. These sites are very lucky to have other people generating content for them for free. Pages with only keywords and no real usable content will often get your website blacklisted. This doesn't mean you have to be a master at writing to develop the content for your site. Not unless the search engines become so sophisticated later on.


Having internal pages linked within your website is a good idea. Linking to other websites won't help your ranking nearly as much as having other websites linking to yours. Some people try to build a community of sites, and have them linked to each other. Others submit their sites to online directories such as Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory Project. This helps your startup site a little bit but not nearly as well as it used to.


Yes! The website address matters more than people think. I'm not talking about the domain name. The chunks of characters after the domain name often contain characters like "?" and "=" for dynamic pages. These characters are not supported by many major search engines and will create difficulty for spiders and bots to crawl through your website.

These are just a few tips to get most people started in marketing their site to the world. The work required is a never ending project since search engines keep updating with more complex search algorithms. When your site grows and surpasses your traffic and ranking expectations, remember, SEO takes more hard work than genius.

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