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Seti Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence And The Aliens Conundrum Part Ii

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(1) How can we tell the artificial from the natural? How can we be sure to distinguish Alien artifacts from naturally-occurring objects? How can we tell apart with certainty Alien languages from random noise or other natural signals?

(2) If we have absolutely nothing in common with the Aliens, can we still recognize them as intelligent life forms and maintain an exchange of meaningful information with them?

II. Artificial vs. Natural

"Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine."

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Complexity rises spontaneously in nature through processes such as self-organization. Emergent phenomena are common as are emergent traits, not reducible to basic components, interactions, or properties.

Complexity does not, therefore, imply the existence of a designer or a design. Complexity does not imply the existence of intelligence and sentient beings. On the contrary, complexity usually points towards a natural source and a random origin. Complexity and artificiality are often incompatible.

Artificial designs and objects are found only in unexpected ("unnatural") contexts and environments. Natural objects are totally predictable and expected. Artificial creations are efficient and, therefore, simple and parsimonious. Natural objects and processes are not.

As Seth Shostak notes in his excellent essay, titled "SETI and Intelligent Design", evolution experiments with numerous dead ends before it yields a single adapted biological entity. DNA is far from optimized: it contains inordinate amounts of junk. Our bodies come replete with dysfunctional appendages and redundant organs. Lightning bolts emit energy all over the electromagnetic spectrum. Pulsars and interstellar gas clouds spew radiation over the entire radio spectrum. The energy of the Sun is ubiquitous over the entire optical and thermal range. No intelligent engineer - human or not - would be so wasteful.

Confusing artificiality with complexity is not the only terminological conundrum.

Complexity and simplicity are often, and intuitively, regarded as two extremes of the same continuum, or spectrum. Yet, this may be a simplistic view, indeed.

Simple procedures (codes, programs), in nature as well as in computing, often yield the most complex results. Where does the complexity reside, if not in the simple program that created it? A minimal number of primitive interactions occur in a primordial soup and, presto, life. Was life somehow embedded in the primordial soup all along? Or in the interactions? Or in the combination of substrate and interactions?

Complex processes yield simple products (think about products of thinking such as a newspaper article, or a poem, or manufactured goods such as a sewing thread). What happened to the complexity? Was it somehow reduced, "absorbed, digested, or assimilated"? Is it a general rule that, given sufficient time and resources, the simple can become complex and the complex reduced to the simple? Is it only a matter of computation?

We can resolve these apparent contradictions by closely examining the categories we use.

Perhaps simplicity and complexity are categorical illusions, the outcomes of limitations inherent in our system of symbols (in our language).

We label something "complex" when we use a great number of symbols to describe it. But, surely, the choices we make (regarding the number of symbols we use) teach us nothing about complexity, a real phenomenon!

A straight line can be described with three symbols (A, B, and the distance between them) - or with three billion symbols (a subset of the discrete points which make up the line and their inter-relatedness, their function). But whatever the number of symbols we choose to employ, however complex our level of description, it has nothing to do with the straight line or with its "real world" traits. The straight line is not rendered more (or less) complex or orderly by our choice of level of (meta) description and language elements.

The simple (and ordered) can be regarded as the tip of the complexity iceberg, or as part of a complex, interconnected whole, or hologramically, as encompassing the complex (the same way all particles are contained in all other particles). Still, these models merely reflect choices of descriptive language, with no bearing on reality.

Perhaps complexity and simplicity are not related at all, either quantitatively, or qualitatively. Perhaps complexity is not simply more simplicity. Perhaps there is no organizational principle tying them to one another. Complexity is often an emergent phenomenon, not reducible to simplicity.

The third possibility is that somehow, perhaps through human intervention, complexity yields simplicity and simplicity yields complexity (via pattern identification, the application of rules, classification, and other human pursuits). This dependence on human input would explain the convergence of the behaviors of all complex systems on to a tiny sliver of the state (or phase) space (sort of a mega attractor basin). According to this view, Man is the creator of simplicity and complexity alike but they do have a real and independent existence thereafter (the Copenhagen interpretation of a Quantum Mechanics).

Still, these twin notions of simplicity and complexity give rise to numerous theoretical and philosophical complications.

Consider life.

In human (artificial and intelligent) technology, every thing and every action has a function within a "scheme of things". Goals are set, plans made, designs help to implement the plans.

Not so with life. Living things seem to be prone to disorientated thoughts, or the absorption and processing of absolutely irrelevant and inconsequential data. Moreover, these laboriously accumulated databases vanish instantaneously with death. The organism is akin to a computer which processes data using elaborate software and then turns itself off after 15-80 years, erasing all its work.

Most of us believe that what appears to be meaningless and functionless supports the meaningful and functional and leads to them. The complex and the meaningless (or at least the incomprehensible) always seem to resolve to the simple and the meaningful. Thus, if the complex is meaningless and disordered then order must somehow be connected to meaning and to simplicity (through the principles of organization and interaction).

Moreover, complex systems are inseparable from their environment whose feedback induces their self-organization. Our discrete, observer-observed, approach to the Universe is, thus, deeply inadequate when applied to complex systems. These systems cannot be defined, described, or understood in isolation from their environment. They are one with their surroundings.

Many complex systems display emergent properties. These cannot be predicted even with perfect knowledge about said systems. We can say that the complex systems are creative and intuitive, even when not sentient, or intelligent. Must intuition and creativity be predicated on intelligence, consciousness, or sentience?

Thus, ultimately, complexity touches upon very essential questions of who we, what are we for, how we create, and how we evolve. It is not a simple matter, that...

III. Intersubjectivity and Communications

The act of communication implies that the parties communicating possess some common denominators, share some traits or emotions, and are essentially more or less the same.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1999 edition) defines empathy as:

"The ability to imagine oneself in anther's place and understand the other's feelings, desires, ideas, and actions. It is a term coined in the early 20th century, equivalent to the German Einf

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Producing Energy From Geothermal Resources

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Geothermal energy is a platform tapping the inherent energy found within the Earth. Her is an overview of how the process works from a practical perspective.

Producing Energy From Geothermal Resources

There are several types of energy used in the world that are considered eco-friendly. These energy types include solar, which harnesses the power of the sun, and hydroelectric, which uses the power of water to generate electricity. One often neglected ecologically sound energy source that should be grouped with the others is geothermal energy. Geothermal energy involves using the Earth's own heat to create energy and warmth to be used by people.

Geothermal energy is so named because it derives from the Greek words for "earth heat", "geo" and "therme". Extreme amounts of heat are generated in the Earth's core, which reaches temperatures of up to 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Earth's core then transfers heat to the mantle, a crust of rock surrounding the core. This rock liquefies due to the intense heat becoming magma (molten rock). In this magma layer, water collects in columns or reserves. This trapped water, which can be heated to temperatures of about 700 degrees Fahrenheit, is known as a geothermal reservoir. When engineers want to use geothermal energy, they "tap" in to this geothermal water and use the resulting hot water and steam for various purposes.

Geothermal energy plants work by using the steam resulting from tapping into the geothermal water reservoirs to power turbines. These turbines spin producing electricity which can then be used to power industries or even residential areas. The first geothermically engineered power plant was built in Italy in 1904.

These days, roughly 7000 megawatts of electricity is produced by geothermal power plants per year. Geothermal power plants are located in 21 countries throughout the world. In the United States alone, enough geothermal power is generated per year to be the equivalent to the burning of 60 million barrels of oil, to wit, geothermal energy is a major source of power.

Geothermal energy has been used by cultures throughout history for thousands of years. The process used to harness geothermal energy has always been relatively simple compared to that of other energy processes, and the components used are familiar to everyone. The concept of using super hot water from the Earth's magma layers may seem high tech, but once you have tapped into this resource, it is easy to maintain and use as a continual power source.

The best analogy for geothermal energy production is another alternative energy source. It works in the same way as hydropower. Water is used to spin turbines which produce electricity. In the case of geothermal energy, however, the water comes from the internal chambers of the Earth in, most often, the form of steam.

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So Was He A Hero Or A Traitor

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We build our reality on our beliefs.

And although we don't admit that they are only our beliefs we do set our lives by them. They become us - our reality - and woe to anyone who tries to ridicule or challenge our faith.

Through the recent discovery of certain biblical-like documents, scholars are now toying with the understanding that Judas was the true buddy of Jesus rather than his traitor. According to these writings, Jesus so trusted Judas that he selected him out of all the other apostles to co-ordinate the role and act as a traitor - to fulfil the prophecy.

Will Judas now be declared as a saint and a martyr? If these writings are accepted to be true what will happen to all Christian believers?

Here is another example.

Millions believe that the American astronauts ascended on the moon and returned back. At this point in time, I am not opening the argument of a moon hoax but, what will happen to these millions when in the not too distant future it will be revealed that it was all a hoax?

Both religion and science could create fanatics from their followers. Belief is a very sensitive and dangerous thing. Confusion and chaos are still the price for many a different belief.

Both God and gravity are still a phenomenon. They are both unproven entities and yet man hold on to what he thinks about them as fact. As regards to gravity, man today is still in the dark as he was when he believed that the earth was flat. Here, may I ask, what if all the planets (including our moon) have the same gravitational forces? It is quite a different story when a non-scientist dares to direct reasoned criticism at science - the majority of professional scientists immediately object. I consider myself as another Faraday.

The sad thing is that we are easily entangled into illusions and let these same illusions direct our lives. We should always question certain issues that are coming from the so-called 'reliable' sources (media, government and institutions). There may be hidden agendas behind everything we hear or see - such as marketing issues for purposes beyond our knowing.

To doubt and question is healthy.

It can provide you with an opportunity to explore horizons that previously were inaccessible due to the narrow outlook of the issue.

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The Hoodia Scams Have Lasted Long Enough

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The big news about Hoodia supplements is that almost all Hoodia Gordonii products available today are ineffective - using fake hoodia. A well respected health author claims over 90% of the hoodia gordonii are known to be fake. This data seems to be backed up my major testing facilities who are claiming similar numbers.

So we did some research of our own and there's buzz on a newer Hoodia Gordonii product called Hoodia Prime. We used it on our test subject to see what she would say.

The results aren't what you might think they would be. But more on that in a minute.

When was the last time you stopped and thought about the companies that create the natural health supplements you take? Often times, it is easy to assume that the regulatory forces that ensure our food is safe, our water is clean, and our medications are effective will ensure that everything we put in our bodies is safe and sound. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Industries such as the natural health industry can be harder to regulate and with products like Hoodia Gordonii, which is supposed to be produced almost entirely in South Africa, and the shortcuts and scams that exist are more widely spread than many purchasers realize.

So we tried Hoodia Prime. Our test subject took the suggested dosage. Nothing happened. We continued trying it, still nothing. It sure did seem like this was another hoodia Gordonii product that fell into the scam category.

But then by the end of day two, something happened. Our test subject said she was not hungry for dinner. A fluke? Perhaps. Read on.

The very next day she awoke and again was not at all hungry. This was definitely not the norm for this person, who typically ate a hearty dinner and would almost always eat a breakfast. She took her recommended dosage of two Hoodia Prime capsules in the morning with a glass of orange juice.

Again, throughout the day, no hunger whatsoever. She said she had to literally remind herself to eat, and when she did eat, it was a forced action, only because she knew she had to eat.

This Natures Biology Hoodia Prime was definitely working. But was it real Hoodia or some other ingredient that was causing the appetite suppression? Companies have been known to put other things in their capsules, and we were going to find out if this was the case here.

The lot # on our bottle had been part of a large lot that was independently tested at Alkemists Pharmaceuticals. This company tests the majority of the Hoodia on the market and has found more fakes than you'll find at a plastic surgeons office.

Theses were the three tests performed:

Analysis of Identity and Purity

Analysis of Chromatagraphy

Analysis of Macroscopy and Microscopy

Using these three tests, a company isn't going to fool anybody with any fake Hoodia. There are things they can do to get around each test, but you can't fool all three tests at once.

What we found by reviewing the tests conducted on Hoodia Prime is that it's the real deal. It passed all three rigorous tests without a hiccup, and was proved to be pure South African Hoodia Gordonii. In a world where 9 out of 10 Hoodia Gordonii products are scames, Hoodia Prime stood out and shined.

Not only did it pass the lab tests, but it passed our own test where our very own test subject used the product and verified its effectiveness. Natures Biology, the company that makes Hoodia Prime, also says it conducts its own lab tests at yet an additional lab facility.

So, our hats come off to the folks at Natures Biology for bringing a quality product like Hoodia Prime to the market. Bravo.

Having said that, if you are contemplating any other product other than Hoodia Prime, keep in mind that your Hoodia Gordonii supplement may be packed with things you don't know about. Since Hoodia took off as a weight loss option in recent years, manufacturer have been using it as a front to sell essentially useless products to buyers who don't know any better.

The main concern for many people, especially those who regularly take health supplements, is that they are getting what they paid for. The product needs to be the exact ingredients that are listed on the bottle - this is the very reason that there are laws in place requiring such labeling, to ensure those with allergies and special needs are able to accurately measure what they intake.

Yet, these safety protocols are worthless when manufacturers like those that make counterfeit Hoodia Gordonii lie on their labels and produce products that are full of fillers such as sawdust, random plants from other countries, and cheap ingredients that can by highly allergenic. Not only that, but often times these cheap ingredients will interact with existing medications that a consumer may be taking, causing an increased risk of liver, heart, or brain damage.

So tread carefully before you buy something. Pure Hoodia is certainly effective at appetite control, as proven via our test. But just remember, 9 out of 10 Hoodia Gordonii products are believed to be fake.

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No More Distractions With Noise Reduction Headphones

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The world is a very noisy place with loud, intermittent sounds and constant, droning noises - noise reduction headphones can help you get a little peace amongst the distractions of everyday life. Headphones can block out the myriad of sounds that occur in a variety of setting and are helpful to many different people.

Sleeping - If you have trouble sleeping, noise reduction headphones may aid you in getting some rest. Barking dogs, traffic, and awake family members can contribute to sleepless nights, and for those who are sensitive to noise when they're trying to sleep, noise reduction headphones create a sound-free environment so they can rest.

Playing Music - Musicians often use noise reduction headphones to help them block out sounds that may interfere with them hearing their instrument. Once the background noise is blocked, they are free to concentrate purely on the sounds they are making rather than the sounds around them. This creates an environment of total immersion into their music and allows them to perfect their work without being in a studio.

Autistic Students - Noise reduction headphones can also be used in the classroom to help autistic children. Often classroom environments can be distracting to children with autism. Headphones for the children help teachers instruct each student individually so others aren't confused or distracted by the instructions for the other students.

Studying - Noise reduction headphones are very useful in situations where you need peace and quiet but can't always control the environment. Students who are studying may find noise reduction headphones helpful in blocking out the distracting sounds around them. Headphones create a peaceful world in which they can focus on their work, rather than environmental noises or the sounds of others.

Working - If you work in a cubical or an open-plan office but find yourself regularly distracted by people walking by, phones ringing, others talking, and the general chaos that can be office life, noise reduction headphones can make a difference. They can help you focus on the task at hand rather than everything going on around you which can boost your productivity and the quality of your work.

Noisy Neighbors - Living in an apartment building, condo or townhouse may include noisy neighbors. Depending on the thickness of your walls and ceiling, you may hear your neighbors walking around above, or hear their music or talking. Noise reduction headphones can block these sounds so you can enjoy being at home, even if the neighbors are loud.

These are only a few examples of the sorts of noise disturbances you may come across in daily life. Where once you had no choice but to be distracted, noise reduction headphones put you in control. Never again do you have to experience a sleepless night or a ruined project. Noise reduction headphones can be used to block out the noises around you: voices, car engines, train noises, barking dogs, loud offices, airplane engine noise, city sounds, loud neighbors, etc.

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Air Bag Suspension Technology Replace Mechanical Leaf Springs

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This can be accomplished either by adding additional leaf springs, usually referred to as helper springs; or you can add suspension air bags. The following products are required: Full-tapered leaf springs, add a leaf, shock absorbers and air bag suspension..... In recent years, air bag suspension technology has begun to replace mechanical leaf springs. - Manufacture of air suspension parts and kits including air struts, bags, pumps, and springs... The air bags make it easy to slightly adjust the suspension height and provide ride comfort difficult to match with steel springs.

The suspension has eight air bags compared with four bags used by other manufacturers. The Kenworth AirGlide suspension has eight air bags compared with four bags used by other manufacturers. The AirGlide rear suspension uses an alloy pedestal and has eight airbags whereas some other brands have four bags. That is a stock suspension using an airbag to pre-load the suspension. We stock many different brands of truck air bag suspension. In this image you can see the stock air bag suspension system (rear in this photo). Looking for a truck air bag suspension.

The truck runs excellent and the airbag suspension works perfect. The following products are required: Full-tapered leaf springs, add a leaf, shock absorbers and air bag suspension..... Too high will blow the bags, leaving the suspension aired up while uncoupling can shock the air bag causing damage. Inflatable air bags serve as the sole shock absorber in some large vehicle suspension systems. Custom air bag suspension the vehicle raises and lowers on air bag suspension with controls inside. Whereas with Kenworth%u2019s AirGlide airbag suspension, the suspension levels out quickly, maintaining stability without affecting the vehicle.

Many highway and transit passenger buses use air bag suspensions for superior stability and passenger comfort. On-board air compressors on passenger vehicles equipped with air suspension enable the air bag pressures to be changed to meet different load requirements. The walking-beam suspension causes more dynamic load variation than the air-bag and leaf-spring suspension. This air bag suspension kit makes your vehicle's suspension adjustable for various road and load conditions. Independant rear suspension, full air bags. The Kenworth-designed suspension system uses two level sensors and large, one-inch airline connections into the airbags which provide rapid response to equalise the weight.

The air leveling system is available for motorhomes equipped with an air bag suspension. Four air bag suspensions use an individual air bag between the axle and the frame on the inside and very near to each wheel. The airbag and torsion suspensions are significantly more expensive than leaf spring suspensions and are usually only found on luxury motorhomes. Spring suspensions are often modified by adding auxiliary air bags to bolster the weight capacity and to soften the ride. Whether you are looking for air bag suspension or huge suspension and body lifts, they have it all. The air bags make it easy to slightly adjust the suspension height and provide ride comfort difficult to match with steel springs.

This image shows the front suspension with the air bag removed. Order your air bag suspension kit today! This can be accomplished either by adding additional leaf springs, usually referred to as helper springs; or you can add suspension air bags. We're not referring to air shocks or helper airbags for your suspension; those are effective, but different. District were charges of air bag suspension she. Rest of air bag suspension and a air bag suspension mirror. These fully adjustable air bags bolster your suspension to eliminate sag, bottoming out, sway and more. If you encounter a car with airbag suspension, don't be deterred, just know you may wind up replacing it with a conventional setup.

Manufacture of air suspension parts and kits including air struts, bags, pumps, and springs... Overall the industry has not had much success historically with air bag suspension because of their instability in agitator work. Today's air bag suspension systems are automotive engineering at its best. Is air bag suspension supposed to call public knowledge says i swear. Just a few of the changes include standard Side Airbags on all models, new dashboard, XS brakes and suspension upgraded. Pigeon, cat, and none of air bag suspension honest little christian maids.

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As the horizons of technology expand, the real world is shrinking into a Global Village; Nanotechnology is the new area of interest in technology.

Nanotechnology is an umbrella term that covers many areas of research dealing with objects that are measured in nanometers or billionth of meter. It is a hybrid science combining engineering and chemistry.

The goal of nanotechnology is to manipulate atoms individually and place them in a pattern to produce a desired structure. Nano-sized machines called assemblers, that can be programmed to manipulate atoms and molecules at will, would be used to build consumer goods. Some nanomachines called replicators, would be programmed to build assemblers.

Nanotechnology would enable creation of new generation of computer components with enormous storage capacity. But the greatest impact of nanotechnology could be the medical industry. Patients would drink fluids containing nanorobots programmed to attack and reconstruct the molecular structure of cancer cells and viruses to makes them harmless. Nanorobots could also be programmed to perform delicate surgeries.

For environmental clean-up, airborne nanorobots could be user programmed to rebuild the thinning ozone layer. Contaminants could be automatically removed from water sources, and spill could be cleaned up instantly.

Nanotechnology was first introduced in 1959, in a talk by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, entitled "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom", Feynman proposed using a set of conventional-sized robot arms to construct a replica of themselves, but one-tenth of the original size, then using that new set of arms to manufacture an even smaller set, and so on, until the molecular-scale is reached. if we had many million or billions of such molecular-scale products built from individual molecules - a "bottom-up manufacturing" technique, as opposed to the usual technique of cutting away material until you have a completed component or product -"top-down manufacturing".

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Is Switchgrass A Viable Energy Crop

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Switchgrass has long been a staple crop of farmers. It is used as fodder for farm animals, fuel, and electrical needs, as a buffer strip and soil erosion control.

However, when President Bush introduced The Biofuels Initiative during his 2006 state of the nation address, he moved this native prairie grass' use as an energy crop to the forefront.

The Biofuels Initiative is a critical part of the president's advanced energy initiatives. It seeks to reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil suppliers by more than 75% of oil imports by 2025.

The aim is to accomplish this with the use of non-food based biomass, such as agricultural waste, trees, forest residues, and perennial grasses specifically switchgrass to produce energy fuels.

When distilled switchgrass produces ethanol, an alcohol that fuels vehicles. Currently ethanol is blended at a ratio of 15 percent to 85 percent of gasoline and sold as E-85.

Switchgrass or Tall Panic Grass is a short rhizomatous plant. It is highly adaptable for it can be planted in different parts of the country of varying climate conditions. It is also drought resistant.

From planting to care and harvesting, it costs less energy to produce biofuel from switchgrass.

Harvest semi-annually

Switch is a perennial crop, which means it can be harvested twice a year for close to 10 years, before the crop has to be replanted. It also grows fast, absorbs the solar energy, and turns this energy into cellulose. Ethanol is extracted from the cellulose by means of distillation.

High yield per acre

Results from among 19 BFDP (Bioenergy Feedstock Development Program) research sites on both the Eastern and Central United States have shown that switchgrass can be harvested at 15 tons an acre. When distilled into ethanol, this yields 1,500 gallons of ethanol an acre. When averaged on a six-year basis, this means a yield of 115,000 of gallons of ethanol from each acre.

Cost efficient

Results from a study undertaken by the University of California Berkeley, has found out that it takes more energy to produce gasoline than it does to produce ethanol.

Multiple uses

Expected advances in gasification technologies will yield other useful fuels: diesel fuel, methane gas, and methanol.

Environmentally Friendly

Switchgrass poses no danger to the soil's fertility as it even adds organic matter.

Switchgrass has an intricate system of stems and roots. This system reaches into the deeper parts of the soil to hold on to it, stopping soil erosion.

Switchgrass are reliable buffers. Farmers plant these grasses along wetlands and steambanks to filter out pesticides and to prevent these dangerous chemicals from entering the water supply.

Switchgrass removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and puts these back in the soil. Fossil fuels, on the other hand release huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, increasing air pollution and worsening the greenhouse gas effects.

Financially rewarding

It costs less to grow switchgrass. When you add government tax incentives and grants raising switchgrass will be as profitable as extracting fossil fuels.

These are the present disadvantages of using switchgrass as the main source of biofuels.

The need to improve pretreatment technologies

Current technologies are not efficient in extracting higher yields from switchgrass. R&D efforts should correct this.

The need to allocate land for switchgrass

Is there available agricultural land to plant switchgrass? A system must be set in place to ensure there is land for both switchgrass and food crops.

The use of switchgrass as an energy crop is decidedly viable from the economic, production, and environmental aspects.

However, the success of switchgrass as an energy crop will depend on these key factors: government policies and funding, R&D efforts, technological innovations and vehicle efficiency.

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Clean Sources Of Energy To Avoid Contributing To Global Warming

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Many people wonder what they can do to help dampen the effects of the climate crisis. One method of doing so incorporates the usage of 'clean' energy; that is, energy that does not contribute to the levels of greenhouse gas present in our atmosphere. There are several sources of clean energy, and although it may cost more, the benefit on the planet's ecosystem is well worth the extra money. Commonly known as 'green power', the Environmental Protection Agency has formed a partnership to help encourage the usage of these alternative sources of energy.

Wind energy is one option when it comes to renewable power. Large spinning turbines harvest the movement of the air, and the energy is transferred into an electricity generator for usage in any application. While it's not available everywhere, wind energy represents one of the fastest sectors of growth when it comes to alternative power sources, and it is consequently one of the most widely used alternative sources. As a matter of fact, since the year 2000, the number of wind turbines present in the United States has more than doubled!

Solar power is another significant source of renewable energy. Solar cells known as photovoltaics are placed on sun-catching areas such as the roof of a house. These cells turn light energy into electricity, and enough electric panels can provide power for an entire home, leaving you independent of the energy companies altogether.

Geothermal energy represents a source of energy that is not commonly discussed. Heat from underneath the earth's surface is harvested as steam, which helps to spin a turbine much in the way of wind power. The spinning motion is sent to an electricity generator, and the power can be used in any modern application.

Low impact hydropower represents another significant source of renewable energy. Incorporating the use of a turbine, hydropower is created in streams and rivers which produce enough of a force to properly spin the turbines. Many aspects of hydropower need to be approved to ensure that the turbines do not significantly effect wildlife that may be living in the area where the energy is being harvested. Most hydropower sources do not dam a river up; they operate with the river in free-flow as to minimize the effect on the environment.

While these sources may not be easy to come by, your conscience can be unburdened regarding the climate crisis by switching to one of these environmentally friendly sources of energy. Do your part in helping to change our planet for the better!

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