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Personality Easy Ways To Improve It

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Personality cannot be quantified. Personality can be perceived. Why we are delighted to hear somebody is beyond any scientific explanation. Similarly, why we love seeing some body walk is beyond any science. Personality is a mix of traits that gives a whole impression that can be either attractive or disturbing.

How to improve Personality? Since we judge people with their personality, it is important to find out why a person attracts while another creates negative vibes. Let us begin with posture. Watch yourself in the mirror. Are you keeping a straight body? Watch yourself walking. If you see somebody else walking like that, would you like that? If yes, great, otherwise find out what can be done for improvement. Go through all your normal body movements with a fine comb and bring necessary changes in them to make yourself more attractive.

How about your body maintenance? Do you keep your nails perfectly manicured? Do you look fresh at all the times? What about your hair? Are they healthy? Is your hairstyle enhancing your face value? What about mouth odor and body odor? Make a list and take care of all these aspects.

How about your talking? Your tone, your vocabulary, your choice of words, are they perfect? The way you make sentences, is that appealing? Can you make your voice sound inviting and attractive? Small additions and changes will slowly make big changes in your personality and make you a star.

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Methods Of Self Control

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Before you sleep tonight, ask yourself that are you happy? What is your true calling? Think for a moment and the results will still probably surprise you. In the race to move, ahead in life you have neglected your inner self. You are juggling so many things at once that you have no time to interact with yourself.

You may posses all the ingredients that make you socially successful. However, there is hollowness and emptiness in your life that does not allow you to enjoy life. A spiritual deficit engulfs you because of which you do not have peace and serenity of mind. You spend money and time and travel to distant places to discover the peace of mind. However, the truth is that no one can provide you calmness of mind, the key to controlled mind lies within you.

You seemed to have exchanged your life and true happiness with materialistic accumulations. A person who possesses latest gadget and has designer wardrobes is socially considered successful. An individual today has postponed his living, his priorities includes a high package job, latest car and mobile. However, the irony of your life is that he may own the latest phone but has no time to talk to his family members. You are so busy in your life that with each passing day you are getting trapped and losing on the moments that could provide you true happiness.

You can simplify and add happiness to your life by adopting some techniques. It will improve the quality of your life and provide you peace of mind. Start appreciating the beautiful gifts of nature like rainfall, blooming flowers, sunrise and sunset. Observing them will give you a sense of calmness and you will fell happier. Happiness lies in these little things of life. Stars, dew studded flowers and different shapes of moon teach you a very important and basic lesson in life that nothing stays forever. It is advisable that you learn the lessons from the past and then move ahead. Always focus on your present keeping future in mind. Oscillating between past and present leaves no time to focus on the present.

You should keep experimenting things and never be scared of failure. Failures teach you lessons in life and by experimenting new things; give space to your creativity. This leads to deeper understanding of the self and leads to fresh ideas. Exercising regularly releases the negativity from your body and keeps you healthy. It is advisable that you exercise in the park as keeps you close to the nature and allows you to enjoy the chirping of bird, rising sun and dew studded grass. Because of focusing on the beauties in the surroundings, you become more positive and happy.

Music is a great healer and a stress buster. Listening to music can bring your stress levels and charge you for day. It creates a positive aura around you and keeps you energized. Meditating is a great method that can be used for connecting with your self. It can be done at any corner of your home, you are required to sit cross-legged and eyes close.

It must be done at same time everyday and at same corner. Planning your life on a weekly or monthly basis gives a direction to your life. It helps you in prioritizing your schedule and focusing on important aspects of your life. It is advisable that you break your difficult goals into short-term goals. For instance if you wish to save 10000 dollars annually, break down your saving plan on monthly basis. It will make your saving plan realistic and successful.

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Self Talk

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Self talk is something we all do. We are always explaining things to ourselves, and making comments to ourselves. The question is, what are we saying? What we say to ourselves radically affects the quality of our lives, and our ability to do things effectively.

Are you using positive self-talk or negative self-talk? Below are some of the things that positive and negative people say. Look at the difference, and start talking to yourself in more constructive ways, if you don't already.

Positive Self Talk

Positive people explain bad things by externalizing them ("The weather caused it."). They consider them temporary ("That was a rough couple hours."). They see them as isolated ("THAT part of the plan didn't work, but..."). When they explain good things, they internalize them ("Life is great!"), consider them to be more or less permanent changes ("Now I know how to do this."), and generalize from them ("Things are working out well.").

"I've done well with this."

"This has become a great business to be in."

"I like the way things are going."

"That just went bad due to the weather."

"It was rough for an hour or two."

"The car broke down, but the trip was fun."

Negative Self Talk

Negative people explain bad things by internalizing them ("It's me again."). They consider them permanent ("It's always this way."). They generalize ("Life sucks."). When they explain good things, they externalize them ("That's just lucky."), consider them temporary ("That went well TODAY."), and see them only in a specific context ("At least THIS went right.").

"It's ALWAYS a mess when I meet someone new."

"This party is great, not like mine."

"This is fun for now."

"Well, THAT went okay, I guess."

"I screwed up again."

"This good weather won't last."

If you start explain things to yourself differently, you'll see a difference in your attitude today. Make positive self talk your normal mode of operation, and you'll see a difference in your life. One of the fastest ways to change your experience of life is to change your self talk.

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Obstacles In Building Self Confidence

(category: Self-Improvement, Word count: 735)
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Do you know what's holding your self confidence back? It's great that you have decided to build your self confidence. However, there are a few obstacles that can keep you from achieving your goal.

Most of the time, these obstacles are so obvious that they do not seem like obstacles at all, and all you can see is that your resolve to be self confident is not taking you anywhere.

Therefore, it is important to become aware of these seemingly harmless

obstacles that have all the power to stop you in your path. Let's have a look at what could be the reasons that you are not moving ahead in top gear.

Are You Undisciplined?

Some people simply have the talent to waste a lot of time without realizing it. They lack the self-discipline to stop their actions that waste time. Imagine a situation wherein you have a list of tasks to be completed successfully as a part of your self confidence building program.

However, the moment you enter your home you involuntarily grab the remote and start channel surfing on the idiot box. It's only after an hour that you realize that you have been vegetating in front of the T.V in the time you had scheduled to do other tasks. You realize that you have already disturbed your schedule.

In a self development program, it's you and only you who has the power to change yourself. Nobody will come to monitor your actions and progress. You have to keep a watch on your inner graph and see to it that it goes up! Avoid temptations and stick to your schedule.

Are You Lazy And keep Procrastinating?

Procrastination is one of the greatest and most silent killers of confidence. It does not let you complete your jobs and tasks in time. Things keep mounting and finally you get overwhelmed by all the many things that have piled up and need your attention.

The very basics of building confidence start with listing little things that are doable. You gain more confidence to take on greater tasks and responsibilities by successfully completing the lighter tasks at hand.

However not being prompt and delaying important things till they become

urgent makes you miss the opportunity of working on your confidence and

puts you in danger of falling back again into your earlier cycle, thereby wasting all the effort and energy you had put in to becoming aware of your low confidence trap and getting out of it.

Does Your Old Self Keep Pulling You Back?

Assume. Assume. Assume is the technique here. Assume that you are a

different person with habits you wanted to inculcate.

Imagine the way you would like to be. Imagine a self confident you taking things in your stride. Then try to bring into your daily actions the way you have imagined yourself to be. "I dream by painting. Then I paint my dream" was the technique what the great painter Vincent Van Gogh followed.

Your assumed self will make people react to you in a different way, according to your new self. This will establish your new self to the world and will help you keep up the new self before it becomes a habit - a second nature!

If you behave indecisively and helplessly, you will invoke proportionate

reactions from people around you, thereby reinforcing your previous self. This throws you back again. Remember that you cannot get ahead if you keep looking back. Realize this and stop sliding back.

Don't Copy Self Confidence. Do Not Try To Become Like Someone Else.

One of the greatest mistakes that people make when trying to increase their low self confidence is falling in love with an image of their icon who may be a sport star or a film star or any celebrity and then they try to be like them.

This is one of the greatest mistakes that people can commit when trying in increase their self confidence. You have to be yourself at all costs. Getting inspired is wonderful but merely aping these guys won't take you anywhere.

There is no need for any two people in this universe to be exactly the same. The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else!

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100 Attitude

(category: Self-Improvement, Word count: 626)
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Your attitude will determine a lot, we've all heard the glass half full or glass half empty way off looking at things, both are the same thing, but are vastly different as well. You have the ability to transform your life and reach new heights of success and fulfilment. Whether at this moment in time your attitude is positive, negative or somewhere in the middle you can take control of your life and set yourself free! Everyone has potential, the unfortunate thing is that most people go through life and never realise or take advantage of this!

Firstly you must visualize what you want - you the dreams everyone has - unfortunately most people leave them as just that, dreams. The second thing that you must do is see yourself in your dream environment, and see yourself getting there. I can, I will and when I are the things you must say rather than the negative version I can't, I won't and if I! Don't worry if you fall into a more negative category - the good thing about attitude is that you can learn and train yourself to have a positive one given a bit of time and practice.

You've told yourself that it is going to happen and now must talk about it by doing this you are making yourself accountable and putting yourself under a little pressure to make it happen! If you dream is to be on Millionaire Street and you are currently in debt - you must realise that this dream is not going to happen overnight in may take a few years - you don't go around saying you are going to be a millionaire by next Thursday afternoon in three weeks time! Don't set unrealistic targets otherwise you may put yourself under undue stress and pressure to achieve, which can be detrimental to your cause.

Attitude isn't everything - it is simply the first thing! Remember it's going to be action that actually gets you there and the attitude will determine what pace that will be. You are the architect, the builder and the benefactor of all your life's endeavours. So when something doesn't go your way the first place to look is inwards. You must ask yourself what you could have done differently to have gotten a more favourable result, after this inward analysis is done then you look at some of the external issues that may have been amiss too.

Everyone has their fears; I don't mean things like scared of the dark or spiders etc. I am talking about fears to do with success, for example, it might be something that you haven't learnt to do yet, and you fear that you may fail. Remember that if you don't try you fail anyway, and if you do fail sometimes then success is that much sweeter because you actually had to get over obstacles to get to the end result.

In summary we'll use something interesting to illustrate a point. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, A = 1 and Z = 26 working on that basis we assign a number to each letter of the word attitude and add them up:

A(1) + T(20) + T(20) + I(9) + T(20) + U(21) + D(4) + E(5) = 100 - 100% Attitude!

Having a positive or optimistic attitude helps you to achieve more for yourself than a negative or pessimistic one. Visualise what you want, take action to make it happen, overcome any fears and keep plugging away, remember that tree that you see in your local park didn't get that big overnight. You can learn to train your mind, and over time you will learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude.

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Taking Action To Improve Your Life

(category: Self-Improvement, Word count: 720)
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When we first decide to make positive changes in our lives, we usually underestimate the amount of effort it will take. It's easy to dream and imagine a better life, but we also need to give form to our thoughts with decisive action. And that's where most of us get stuck.

Imagine that you wanted to build a house, and think about the process that needs to be put into place. You'd need to conceive the idea, buy land, draw up plans, order materials, hire professionals to do the tasks you can't, and finally, begin building the house. If you got as far as purchasing the materials and then sat there waiting for them to magically form themselves into a house, you'd be waiting a long time!

We need to use the same process to "build" the lives we want. We need to be clear on what we want (conceive the idea), draw up plans (set goals), and then take action to form our desires in the physical.

What most of us do, however, is say we want to change, but then act in ways that contradict that desire. There can be many reasons for this, such as the lure of old habits, fear, or low self-worth. Until we resolve the underlying issues, we will keep sabotaging our efforts to change.

If this describes you, and you've been struggling to make positive changes in your life and you just can't seem to do it, here is a 3-step plan to help you break through any walls that may be holding you back:

1) Identify and remove blockages. If you consistently avoid taking the actions that will bring about positive change in your life, there is likely something holding you back. It may be an old belief that you're not worthy of a happy life, or fear that you won't be able to handle the new circumstances, or just plain old resistance to change.

If you take some time to explore these feelings, you will be able to work through any limiting beliefs or fears. In fact, don't be surprised if you discover something about yourself that you never knew existed. You can explore your feelings by either writing them out, or speaking them aloud. You might start off with a prompt such as, "I feel afraid of . . ." or "I feel safe with my life the way it is because . . ." Allow your answers to come freely, and work on changing any thoughts or beliefs that will continue to hold you back.

2) Form decisive action steps. Another reason you might resist change is feeling unsure about the actions you need to take to bring it about. If you make a list of very specific steps that you can take daily, you will have a clear roadmap to the outcome you are trying to create. Think about the outcome, and then decide exactly which actions will bring you closer to it. Write them down and review them several times a day to be sure you are on the right track.

3) Make the right decisions. Adapting to change requires consistent decision-making. When you decide to quit smoking, you don't make that decision just once and be done with it. You need to make that decision over and over again as the cravings arise, until you no longer desire to smoke. If you decide to exercise every day, you will need to make that decision again each day, day after day, week after week - even if you don't feel like exercising initially. The same process applies to any changes you are trying to make in your life. Moment to moment, you need to choose the actions that will result in what you are trying to create. In order to do this, you may need to develop a deeper level of awareness about your own actions, especially if you find yourself automatically gravitating toward unproductive actions.

Remember that improvement is a process, and it takes consistent effort and focus. The good news is that once we begin the process, it gets easier every time we choose the right actions. Moment to moment, we do have the power to choose. If we take our time and enjoy the journey, we can't fail.

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Expressing Your Love Through Service

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A client of mine told me that she had been making food for a friend of hers who was very ill. "I find that my heart opens and I feel so happy when I am doing something for someone else. I need to do this more, but I don't know what to do."

Doing service is a powerful way to open the heart and fulfill the soul. Those people who do service know how much joy they receive from giving to others. The more inner work we do to fill ourselves with love, the more our heart overflows to the point where we may feel compelled to help others.

There are many forms of service and we each need to find the way that works best for us. There is no right way. We can serve by helping one person, such as being a Big Brother or Big Sister to a disadvantaged child, or we can be of service by helping whole groups, such as raising funds for environmental projects. We can offer our time building houses for the poor, or we can offer money. We can choose to be of service to people, animals or Mother Earth. Your service may be in being a loving parent to your children, helping a friend in need or being a loving mate who supports the other's highest good in many little ways.

Doing service is a matter of discovering your passion and then offering your time and love. You might have a special interest in protecting the environment, stopping child abuse, helping the homeless or caring for the dying. You might offer service through your creativity, creating beautiful drawings, ceramics or quilts to donate to charitable causes or give as gifts. Tuning in to your feelings of what brings you joy will lead you toward knowing how you want to be of service to others.

Steve discovered his passion for helping the elderly when his father became ill and was in a convalescent home. A hard-driving businessman, Steve was surprised to find how joyous and fulfilled he felt when he visited his father and brought his humor and compassion to the other elderly at the home. Being with the elderly was so satisfying, Steve decided to cut back on his work and spend more time at the home. He had discovered what makes his heart sing.

Toni had always loved animals. One day she discovered that there was a wonderful animal sanctuary not far from her, a place that took in animals no one else wanted. Toni started to volunteer there and found that it brought her great joy to help maintain this loving sanctuary.

Work, too, can be service. When you experience your work as helping people and you love doing it, it is service, whether you are a hairdresser, a teacher, a physician, an auto mechanic, a therapist, an attorney or a bus driver. While you get paid for your time, no one can pay you for the love you put into it. Love is always a gift that comes through you.

In fact, anything you offer that expresses your love is service - your time, creativity, encouragement or a warm and caring smile to a hassled store clerk. Service is not only expressed in specific works but also in your intention in each and every moment. Have you ever smiled at a stranger or offered a compliment just because you noticed something in him or her that caught your eye? When was the last time you said how much you appreciate someone? When your heart is open to others, service can be a way of life.

The practice of service does not have to be done only on an individual level. It is possible for whole families to participate in service projects. Rather than relaxing around the house and watching TV together, you can participate in a local environmental or social project. Families who do service together generally maintain a higher level of values and unity than those who do not create the time for such activities.

Each of us needs to find the service that excites us, enlivens us and fills our heart with joy as we express God's love through our actions. Giving for the pure joy of giving feeds the soul. We love God by loving the children of God and serving them in any way we can. It is through service that we can truly grow spiritually. Through service, we are confronted with our issues and given the opportunity to practice our lovingness and expand beyond what we think our limits are.

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Perfecting The Art Of Attracting

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A great truth of the Universe that many know but few truly understand is that "we bring about, whatever it is we think about." Your thoughts are creating your very reality because your feelings are attracting are creating your thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law. It is unbending in its operation. If used correctly and consciously it can be a blessing, a benefactor a guide and a guardian. However, if used incorrectly it can be a punishing tyrant that brings discord, hurt and pain. When first introduced to this law it is embraced with passion and hopefulness. The knowledge that you have power over your own life is truly exhilarating. However, have you been able to completely utilize this law to your own personal advantage? Have you started to attract to you those things that were out of reach before you knew it? Probably not!

I will set out for you a guide and give you the necessary tools needed to begin reaping the truly wondrous fruits that the Law Of Attraction brings. It is true: You can have anything and everything you have ever wanted but you need the knowledge of how to attain them. you have heard it said that "knowledge is power" but it is only powerful when it is used. Knowledge is useless if it sits in a book that has never been read. Likewise knowledge that is not used is the same as ignorance. So do not just read this article apply the techniques that are given in it. Your life will change dramatically and it will change for the better! If you have tried to use the law Of Attraction before only to experience disappointed or failure take heart. You are about to learn the how to of manifesting. I will show you how to develop key attraction skills. From here you can truly build for yourself a new more successful life.

There are a few key factors that are missing in the normal person's approach to the Law Of Attraction.

1. Most people fail to get specific. They have a vague notion of what they want. For instance "I want to be rich", "I want a new car" or "I want a relationship". What size of house do you want. In what neighbourhood is that house. Is it red brick or painted white? What colour is the carpet etc.? How much money does it take to be rich and you should realise that there is no shortage of new cars but who makes the one you want and what colour does it come in? Be as specific about the outcome as you can be. Fact! - If you get really specific about your outcome (not how you will get it but the thing itself) then the quicker you see results.

2. Many people think they know the best way to manifest their dreams and the best time-frame for it to happen. Leave that up to the Universe. It knows how best to manifest your desires and it knows how to do it a lot faster than you do. Get very specific about your desire, down to intricate details, but be very flexible about the way in which that desire will manifest! Don't say "I want a new house by next week". This is ambiguous and demanding. Be specific about the type of house, its location, colour, dicor, furnishing, number of rooms, gardens etc. Then release the how's and when's and let the Universe deliver it! This does not mean you should not or can not create some kind of plan that will lead to your desire. Having a plan is taking action. Taking action opens up channels of distribution that the Universe can use to deliever your goal. However, not not get caught up in the how's of you dreams. Many people forget what the aim is and end up being far too focused on achieving the plan! Do follow a plan but be open and flexible to change. Your plan is merely a vehicle through which your desire can manifest, it is NOT your goal! Ensure that you are fully open to receiving your goal through whatever channel it may come. The Universe is infinte and there are an infinite number of ways the Universe could send your desire to you.

3. A cause of failure, to achieve results with the Law Of Attraction, for many, lies in the failure to generate the required emotion when visualising, affirming or just thinking about their desire. They have a false belief that by just visualizing for a short time they can magically produce their dreams from thin air. This is not the case! You must evoke the feelings that are associated with your desire. Why do you want that new home? Why do you desire that particular car, in that specific colour? Imagine how it will feel to receive the thing you are asking for and start to feel that way now!

4. You must take some action. Action is necessary. This entire Universal vibrating energy is an 'ocean of motion", "in whiach we live, move and have our being". The world is continually changing on a second by second basis. In order to receive what you want you must change also. You must align yourself with your desire. Take some small steps towards your goal, even if its just test driving that new car or looking for a new home. You are sending out a very strong and clear message to the Universe that you expect to receive what you are asking for. When you receive creative insights about how you might help in the manifestation of your desires act on those inner urges immediately. Now many times in my own life I have developed a plan to achieve, manifest or attract something. Once I have got clear on exactly what I wanted I would begin the manifestation process and start using the Law Of attraction to bring it to me. On every occasion when I have failed to take some action I would not manifest my desire. However, in every occasion when I took, even extremely small steps, towards my goal I received what I had asked for. Many sceptics, that do not believe in the law of Attraction, may say that they only received the thing because they worked so hard to get it and followed their plan. To those people I say this - millions of people set goals but very few of them achieve them! Use the LAw of Attraction and you will see that you reach your goals ALL OF THE TIME. The all occasions "coincidences" would occur that allowed opportunities to fall into my lap and a great many times, when I would be working on a detailed plan to achieve my objective, I would receive the manifestation through a completely unexpected and unrelated source.

Taking action is mostly a sign of faith on your part. You are showing the Universe that you are serious in your intent and you are willing to meet It halfway. So follow the steps above. Put them into practise and take little steps forward everyday and your life will be unrecognisable in the not too distant future.

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The Art Of Listening

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Everyone has a story to tell. However, not everyone may be willing to listen. Sometimes, we are amazed - in an unpleasant way - over the fact that we have not been paying attention to the one speaking to us. At some point along the story, our mind has wandered off, and we only drift back to reality when suddenly asked, "Are you still listening?"

That would be most unfortunate, since next to our visual skills, our ability to listen allows us to reap various benefits. If we listen to our mentor as he shares with us useful thoughts on life, we become good apprentices. If we listen to our professor as he lectures about the day's lesson, we become good students. If we listen to our boss as he explains the rationale of the company's recent policy, we become good employees. If we listen to our parents as they advise us regarding career choices, we become good sons/daughters. If we listen to a friend in dire need of unloading his troubles, we become good friends.

In short, listening is vital in developing good human relationships. To maximize our listening capability, here are a few tips.

1. Focus. It is but a single word, but its message conveys far more. Being focused means paying attention, and a lot of it at that. It means temporarily forgetting about other matters of consequence and lending a few minutes of your time to hear someone speak his mind out. It means giving interest to whatever it is that the speaker might want to say. It is taking his words seriously into consideration in whatever decision we are to make. It is placing his story in the context of his emotions, and trying to understand him within the events occurring in his life.

2. Watch out for non-verbal cues. The message need not always lie on the words, but also in movements that the speaker makes. If we also pay good attention to the speaker's eyes, facial expressions, and gestures, we will be able to receive the message in totality. Moreover, if the speaker realizes that we are sincerely listening, we are boosting his confidence.

3. Be sensitive. A good measure of sensitivity is also essential to maintain enthusiasm in the part of the person speaking. If the person is at the peak of his emotions, do not interrupt. After all, if someone is extremely angry or anguished, it will be a form of catharsis to remain patient until he has calmed down. Unless the person is already causing bodily harm, it will do him well to let him be purged of his bad feelings.

4. Show unconditional openness. We may not always agree with what someone has to say, but being there to listen may be the least we can offer. While we may have different opinions about several issues, keeping our horizons wide is a healthy attitude. With these perspectives in listening, we become open to a world of unlimited learning and diverse experiences.

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